Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 15, 1954 · Page 14
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 14

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 15, 1954
Page 14
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y^V^yi^, ''488BWW"* 1 * '» < < 4* %1 affiBtei^&^slii--^ I ITAt, MOM, ARKANSAS -J rtt- M, > USS . J t „ V s . * \: 1 * 5A i '- • Gulf announces < ' i • . ' . " ', : ' i - ' completely new and different K" Now—Gulf refines out the "dirty-burning tail-end" of ;gasoline—the No. 1 troublemaker jn high-compression engines. Result: a cleaner-burning super-fuel that gives you thousands of extra miles of full engine power..«free from knock or pre-ignition. Starting with your first tankful/ this new, super-refined, super-poweree|;:j fuel will give you these immediate and lasting benefits: , ',,,;-v;'j' ^ More complete engine.protection than .so-called ."mivacle-^d^i* v ^ live" gasolines. Why? Because Gulf refines out the "dirty-burning tail-* end" of gasoline, the No. 1 troublemaker in high-compression engines-^'; and then treats this new Super-Refined NO-NOX to give it a complete^" range of protective properties. It protects eoery part it touches against' harmful deposits—carbon, rust, gum. . • ..;v ^ Extra gas mileage. Why? Because new NO-NOX is specially blended^, tpr the short-trip, : stop-and-go driving motorists do most. ;. ^ No knock, no pre-ignition —even in today's super-compression eii* ; gines. Why? Because the anti-knock power of new Gulf NO-NOX has been, stepped up to an all-time high. , . •• . . t ^ Stall-proof smoothness —no.more worries about carburetor icing in chilly weather, or vapor lock on warm days. Instant starts, too—and fast,~' fuel-saving warm-up. Proof: Instead of trying to fight trQublemaking deposits with so-called "miracle-additives"—inside yo«r engine—Gulf believes in preventing them from forming in the first place. That's why Gulf, in making new Super-Refined NO-NOX, refines out the carbon - forming, "dirty- burning tail-end"—more than a cupful in every gallon. Just look at the plates the Gulf scientist is holding in the unretouched photo above and see what a difference Gulf super refining makes! 'A Road tests show: New Gulf No-Nox actually makes cars perform better than new... even after 15,000 miles! TRUE! Under all conditions—Gulf test cars showed: Higher-thanrnew horse-! power! Better-than-new on gasoline mi/cage.' And not a single trace of carbon knock or pre-ignition at any time, even on the steepest mountain grades! £T « ' \ kf *p i^ !$' *! 1 ^ . L'fi > COMPLETELY NEW! SUPER-REFINED &•?„. & •rf" i'\; ?<v I* v,, fe' m i^ - > - • - •• t ' f |< w*/ f i t»»W' 'Uj , <^\ }'• • ' _____'* ' ' ' • ••''• • New Gull No-Nox |i,li;lllr mm ' mF mto m m m m i^ m m •• "^ mm THE HIGH-EFFICIENCY GASOLINE .i-^f/C?, 1 * Our Daily Bread Sliced Thin by the Editor Alox. H. Wathburn Put Your Car in Stock Show Motorcade; It Runs Next Wednesday ji Quoted An American and a Dutchman were talking. "What does your flag look like?" the American asked. "It has three stripes, red, white, and blue," the Dutchman said. "We say over here they have a connection with our taxes. We get red when we talk about them, white when we get our tax bills, and we pay until we are blue in the face." fa, "That's just how it is in Ameri- fl«," the American said, "except we see stars, too." Every year about a week before the Third District Livestock Show Hope assembles an automobile caravan and spends a day touring • the main towns and counties of the area. It is one of tho most important promotions!.; behind the district t show—and there is more need for united local support of the caravan year than ever before. The tour will be held next Wednesday, September 22. Report to Herbert Burns if you can make a car available for the day. Mr. Burns is chairman of tho tour committee, a division of the Retail Merchants Committee, of Hope Chamber of Commerce, headed by . Corbin Foster. / There is an obligation on the host city to make the District Stock Show as attractive and as nearly ^elf-sustaining as possible. A good ^show arid a big attendance not only guarantees the future of the expo sitibn itself but will help mightily to improve the morale ot the whole .area in. this year of drouth damage^ .'.:-•••;.•;>;;... /: • Your! editor went along on last year's motorcade, made pictures, and found it an. altogether happy event—as did .everyone else. Why not try it yourself this time? ' Call Herbert Burns and make, your available. Do it today. 4-H Youths of County Win at Texarkana ^Junior Champion Jersey Female Award of the 4-State F^ir at •Texar* kana went to a 4-H Club senior heifer owned and exhibited by Don Ray Brown of Spring Hill. The selection was made by Dr. O. T. Stallcup, University of Arkansas Dairy Department'judge of the dairy show. Spirited competetiOn from entries owned by Tall Timbers Dairy of Little -Rock and Diamond Grove Dairy of Ft. Worth was enr MM^tffMW ^^^^^^^^^H ' ^^^Kd^fc, .g|^^|^»^^^ .^^B^^^ WfeATHEft Wftt pcrature changes, V 55TH YEAR: VOL. 55 — NO. 283 Star of Hop» IMS, Press 1»» CbrtiolidoKtd Jan. It, 19iV HOPE, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 16,1954 M*mt*r.< 1M A««el«id Prttj I, Audit !«»•*• »» (6lMi>t«>l<MI» At. Ntt Paid Clrtl. } Mat. Ending M«rth tl, 1*14 *>* PRICE &3 The FEDERAL BUDGET ruts 19S4 Two Women Slayers Escape in Alabama MT. VfiRNON. Ala. 1*1 — Two Negro women convicted of murder, and described by authorities «s "very dattgerous." escaped last night from the State Negro KoS- 1-ital for the Insane. 1 Mattie Jones Smarr, 27, was sentenced to die in the electric chair for killing (he 6-year-old child of a relative in 1052 to Cover up the kidnaping of another child. She was also ndctod for slayng two other chldren of the same kinsman. She was declared insane and her death sentence was comuted by Gov. Gordon Persons. Lois Wright, 33, in 1950 for murder. was sentenced .* "A* Eden Trying to Sell Franc e on Pact Plan PARIS Premier Sept. 16, Ins French Pierre Mcndcs-France ^. •'Hempstead County 4-H Club boys showed their Jersey entries to top honors in the Junior Division of the 4-States Show with the Junior Champion heifer of young Brown receiving the American Jersey cattle award as Jersey Champion of the entire Jersey Show, In the Junior Jersey heifer class, Don Ray exhibited his entries to first and second place; Gilbert • s ,J5rown, Jr., of Spring Hill exhibit- "jpi' the third place individual; and Charles "Butch" 3eck of Shover Springs the fourth place. Don Ray said today that a nine-power conference to try to solve the German defense nnd restoration of sovereignty issues will be held in London, probably Sept. 27. Ho made this .statement after concluding talks with British Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden on the British plan to substitute a revised Brussels pact plan for the dead European Defense Community treaty. Eden said after his talk with the premier "we both are well satisfied with the discussions we had together." He declined further comment when asked if that meant full agreement. Both men were smiling when ,they left the < premier's office at the iorei§n r m{nfi,lry. A communique is 'expected soon. A nine-power conference would include the> six original E.D.C. signatories, France, West Germany, Italy, Belgium, The Netherlands, and Luxembourg, plua Britain, the United Statss and Canada. Eden outlined his plan to include Germany and Italy in an expanded Western union pact to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization's min isterial council. Details of this secret session were not disclosed. The British foreign secretary, on tho last leg of his calls at various West European capitals, then met' again with French Premier Pierre Mendes-France, who had listened to Eden at the NATO meeting. Reliable informants said that the difficulties between Eden and Mendes-Frcricfe centers on the British proposal to include a rearmed West Germany in NATO after the 1948 Brussels' pact has 1955 ESTIMATE—This chart released by the Budget Bureau relating the review of the .1955 budget depicts expenditures and re-" celpts for fiscal years 1953 and 1954 a.ld the current estimate-for , 1955 which 'shows an estimated expenditure of 64 billions wlthVre- ceipts totalling 59.3 billions. (NEA Telephoto) ROBBERY SCENE—A : lpne -gunman walked tlnto ; the branch office of the Bank of New Mexico' in Albuquerque Tuesday, held a gun on the'manager, robbed the batik of $111,168 and then locked the employes In the vault. Bank Manager Adriano Saladar and Sadie Renfro examine the empty, safe in the.bank's;vault'. Robbery Is believed to be the first in'Albuquerque's history. (NEA Telephoto) Congressional Control Fight Is Underway showed his Junior Jersey bull calf b een expanded and altered from to Junior division champion and Charles Beck showed his bull calf entry to second place in the Junior Division. An aged Jersey cow owned by Don Ray was shown through first place in her class and a senior hei- ' fer shown by young Beck was shown plain was to get French a five-nation to a seven-nation pact. In last night's talks the French premier reportedly insisted again upon guarantees and strict limitations over the quailly and quantity of German rearmament of the campaign Scout Fund DriveStarts October 12 The Caddo Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America called together its steering committee for the 1954 Boy Scout finance campaign Tuesday night to brief key personnel on the organization anc promotion of the campaign. The 'campaign will be held in Two leading GOP campaigners'three of the four districts of the The By WILLIAM M. BATES WASHINGTON (UP) fight for control of the 84th Congress is off to a roaring start with Republicans warning that a Democratic win will "sabotage" the Eisenhower amipistration which Democrats suy has flopped. Vice President Richard Nixon and House Speaker seph W. Martin, Jr. hit trail yesterday Equal Partner Status, Dulles Tells Germans BOJfN, Germany (,fl Secretary of State Dulles declared here today 'an alternative must be found" to jring West Germany as an equol partner into the Western alliance. Arriving by plane for emergency consultations in Germany and Britain the America diplomatic chief was greeted Adeauer arranged for AHonnncr. Adenauer arranged for almost immediate private discussions with liirtvjh search of a substitute for the dead European Defense Community treaty. The talks with Dulles will be decisive for Ge'rrpany's fate, the 78-vear-old Chanc'ellor has told deputies before departing for the airport from a pailiamentary debate. In the debate, Socialists were attacking his government for what they called its "system of secret decisions.' 1 Dulles made it clear in a statement at the airport that he was interested perhaps more in what Adenauer has to say than in any idea he may be bringing with nim. Dulles commented, for example, that Adenauer's, government, "has consistently, ^followed such enlight- policiesMh'atv ite. vfows must Meet to Plan Distribution of Drouth Hay Acting swiftly with an announcement that Hempstead and other counties in this area have been added to the drouth disaster list, the FHA has called a nine county meeting here Friday of supervisors and committees to set up the drou_- th feed program, it was announced by Bill Rinehart, County Supervisor. Counties involved Include Hempstead, Clark, Columbia, Lafayette, Little River, Millor, Nevada, Ouachita and Union. The purpose of the conference is to Inform the groups just how to handle the drouth feed program. Applications will be taken Monday at the County Agents oftice> the ASC or tho FHA office. Farmers and stockmen seeking feed through the program should contact one of the aboVo listed offices as soon as possible. Rail way May Put TV to Good Use LOS ANGELES l.« The &hit'rt< ern Pacifi-i Is testing use of television as an aid to railroad freight yard operations. Two TV cameras have fceeh Installed atop the general yafdhias- tcr's tower 00 fort above *h* yard, along San Fernando Road. One has a Wide lens; the other a telescopic lens. A viewer at the desk of terminal Superintendent G. J, Matt gives him a wide picture of car movement, make-up of trains and switching , operations in the 40 track yard. At the press of a button he can get a closcup of operations 2,000 feet away. ' Jttcnist Ch their shelling of a held Island Jrf ' tha , 3StT miles Mth'' o* ftb tlonaiist authorities said 1 - The . Nfttlorifitl Jffl said Red artillerymen oh < " " Loans Under New Act New Available ^ ' W. M. Reinhardt, County super- ^ispj'-Appraiser for the farmers lome Administration in this couh- y, said today that applications may now be filled for loans under the new Soil and Water Conservation joan Program which includes both water facilities and soil cOpserva- ion work as authorized by ^'Public <aw 597, 83rd Congress, •# Mr. Reinh'ardt said that-Soil and water conservation loans; will be made from funds • supplied by private lenders and i insured by the Government, or from iynds appro- Adenauer, European y, an 'avocate, of thanked Dulles , , for coming in the present crisis and said -'it does seem that the best Europeans United States." come from the ' third place in her class in the open competition. Jesse' Duckett of Hope has two Hereford fat calves entered in the fat calf show which will be judged today by Dr. S. E. McCraine, sociate Professor of Animal As- Industry at Louisiana State University. County Agent Oliver L. Adams is i very much pleased with the work 1 ' of the 4-H Club boys from Hemp- (,'rtftead County. Adams says the boys exhibiting at Texarkana will take part in the Third District Show at Hope September 27 through October 2 and in the Arkansas Slate Show at Little Rock October 4-9th. jected the European Defense Community treaty, MOP to Cut Off ^Passenger No. 3 '•- JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. tf) Missouri Pacific RaiU'oad received Missouri authority today to save $350,000 a year by cutting off one southbound passenger train a day put of St. Louis to the Arkansas line. The train vyould bo No, 3. leaving St, Louis a? JO a.m., and av rivjng at Popular Bluff at 3: 10 p.m. he schedule may bs eliminated it. 25 under the State Public "•vice Commission''! order. The commission said their still ould be five passenger trains a day south, Jfrpm St. Louis «md there approval. assembly spark their party's bid to retain and expand its present slender Eden will report back to Prime Minister Churchill in London to hold on Congress. Although the official Democrat- j£' Caddo Area Council, beginning the October'12, to raise about $35,000 to L for the 1955 operating budget. The Texarkana district, which is supported by the Community Chest, will not participate in the drive. The purpose of Tuesday's meet- av - * J. , . t -- , t morrow and also confer with Dul- ic campaign senJotf is -scheduled ing was to train the steering com- les, whose trip to Germany was for a party rally at Indianapolis mittee of the Sulphur, Cossatot ' ' regarded by the French as a' snub ' f'.r»>'iy and Siiiurday, 10f>2 and Piney Woods districts .of the . to thorn because the assembly ro- presidential Candidate Adeali Council so that they can in turn, By CARL HARTMAN PARIS (/P) British Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden pressed his efforts further today to seil with a blistering attack on first GOP administration in 20 years. Both Nixon and Martin bore down on the theme that a Democratic victory at tha polls on prohensive France on his plnn iorJNov. 2 would wreck President Ei aiavenson warmed up last night train the community steering com...,.,. ,.„...:..._.. ..,--,. .„ thcjmittees to be set up in the many, 0(1 communities in the three districts. District training sessions were scheduled; September 22, at Hope, for the Piney Woods district which' covers Hempstead, Howard, Lafayette and Nevada counties; Sop. Continued on Page Two' Continued on Page Four rearming Germany in the cause of jsenhower's program, And both tember 23, in Douglasville', for the Sulphur district which covers Bowie arid Cass counties; September 28, in Do Queen, for the Cossa- tot district which covers Little River and Sevier counties. The district chairmen are W. T. Meredith of Atlanta, Sulphur district; Ray Turner of Hope, Piney Woods district; and George Locke of De Queen, Cossatot district. These men are on the council Doctor and Patient Se<em to Be Almost in the Same Boat, Both Are in Bad Shape By SAUU PETT (For Hal Boy(e) NEW YORK (fP) It is of r course a}so is bus service jtj the . Mis- s,9»rj Pacific tp ehe«ge the stop geljeduje p| 9$ least an* pf ' ' fljUSSPger ru^s | the sign of an mNr.ature mind. Don't you agree doctor? 53ut then my mind has always run in that direction. Every time just a second, I want to turn and get more qomfortabie on this couch every time some problem comes UP. I immediately begin .imagining ,the , most dramatic solution possible. And inability to face reality, to accept the world the way it is? Yes,. I nuUe agree. Thav's been my trouble. FPF example, what other erown man would have the same .reactton tp the cjay's news? dollar corporation. Both' men battle for the stockholders' votes. Each fails to get a decisive majority. The tension rises. How do you settle this? Outside silhoueted ' against a harvest moon, a lonely farm boy play a hauntng tuni? of his own making on a re-| l read that LOUJS Wotfscn is Faubus Delays Making His Appointments LITTLE ROCK (IP) Orval Faubus, Democratic nominee, fa he'll take "as much time as is .available to make up my mind before announcing any political appointments." Faubus said he had made no decisions or commitments. .;, ~.'-' "I might make acommlttment , today and regret it three months lat"r," he said. The gubernatorial nominee told a press conference yesterday it might be January before' he an< nounccd any appointments. Of Course, Faubus must be elected at the Nov. 2 general election before he will bo Jn a position to make any appointments, Faubus see mo d unconcerned about his Republican opposition and said ."we'll await developments" when ask.xl whether he planned an active campaign. He said ho didn't care to comment on 'the question "nre you worried about the threat of Little Rock Mayor Pratt Rcfinmcl?" Turning to tho question of the coming Democratic Stnt-3 convention, Sept. 33-24, hp snicl ho didn't know of "any controversial matters" and believed there.- would be no fights over "party loyalty." Names of persons who will head committees and hold other official positions were announced by Faubus. Bill Enfield of Benlon was named convention secretary; Mrs. Charles Metzler of Jonesboin and Laud Payne of Piggott W ere appointed assistant secretaries. steering committee with Raymond Stugrt, B. H. Hudspeth and O. L- Fisher, General chairman of the campaign is Hollis Smith of De Queen. It is hoped that tb,e funds raised this fall will enable the councjl to *»* showdown. The, first ace wins Montgomery Ward See what I mean doctor? Totally unrealistic. The last time the auto workers in Detroit demanded a pay raise, I immediately savj a titanic, struggle in the malyng. Collective bargaining failed- The strike deadline ready to battle Seweil Av- came eJP5e,r% The spectre «?f closed fry foir the contrpj p| Montgomery factories, stilled assembly My IPQkl} Up R* the an4 more than a 1,QUO,QPO jobless swkto . -Jw Veterans' Classes at Yerger Shop Korean Veterans interested in attending adult education courses asked to meet in the Verger's trade Thursday at 7 p'clpck. or register with G. Three Killed in Building FLORA, TU- Iff) Three persons were killed and two others were buried under dehrj-j in the cpllapse of on ancient -Irug store building in dpwntown Flora yesterday, An adjoining brick building caved in while the 4%-hour rescue operations were in progress, nar rowly missing some of the workers digging through the rubbb for vie tims. Killed were Carroll Th«nas, 18 and Jerry Savages IP, fountaii boys, and Leonard Leak, 34, a carpenter who was Iayin4 a new fjoor in the BO.year-ol.l two-story building. John Throgmorton, co-owner pj the drug 7fl-year-oJ( stPje, was Crapped jn tke- debris tor half an 45, wee not hurt, pecil pew CrazyWorker Shot to Death at Little Rock LITTLE ROCK,<W 'Shouting "come and get me. J want to 'die," a crazed carpenter pushed, a woman hostage at gun point onto her front ,porch - then stepped through tho door to his death in the hail of bullets from an off-duty policeman's gut). J. B. Long 42,, v an escapee frorn. tho Arkansas State Mental Hospital yesterday Seld, Mrs. A, D. Lynn capUvejln^heT home while he deliberated^ hist next "move and repreadedly t'shoute'd to police: "You'll have, to r?othe get me, I want! to die'.?,' I dpix't want, to gp backs.to that* lie-p^eo." Mr,?. Lynn/sald, '& foit sorry for him;and trle^fto.f^ilk him into giving up hjs guri?lltold him that was^better '^than death, ,;but"-' (; Ue Ailing Til Nationalist I By WILLIAM MILLEI* island about allst defenders' silenced th Military sj&kesmW '" Communst motor Juiiks Island several times' re apparently \stepped; tJ&V Jesteda <* wou ldn't' k ^ ,. ,\ , , . ^i oft 'lii? ( way from h'ls ward; ,ib* the'sibarbejr,, shop when, he *the 'Ifrie' Ind escaped. " ' ing ;$s "sholfUlved free'dom. he" ter- the appropriated ftirjds are auth- prized. Tp.be eligible fpr soil and water conservation loans, Mr. Reinhardt, stated that a farmer must have sufficient experience or training to indicate that he has a reasonable prospect of conducting successful operations, and be unable to obtain necessary credit ; on reasonable terms and conditions from private and cooperative sources. Loans may be made to individuals and to nonprofit associations, such as incorporated water association, mutual water and drainage companies, irrigation and , drainage districts and soil conservation districts when they are unable to obtain adequate credit elsewhere and moot certain other conditions. Mr. Reinhardt advised that loans will bear interest at the rate of 5 percent and will be scheduled for repayment within the shortest period consistent with the ability of the borrower to rfpay. No loan will be scheduled for repayment over a period which exceeds the useful life of the improvement or tho security, whichever is less. Loans ma.de to individuals in no case will exceed 20 years. In certainijustiable cases loans to associations may be amor* tized up to 40 years, The Supervisor stated that borrowers will be required to refinance the unpaid balance on loans when they are able to obtain loans at reasonable rates and terms from other sources. Mr. Reinhardt further stated that loan funds may be used to pay the cash costs for materials, equipment and services directly related to the application or establishment of measures for soil conservation, water development, conservation and use. and drainage. This will include the construction and repair of. terraces dikes, ditches, ponds and tanks, the establishment and Continued on Page Four rorised De/|Vin WesCfeittle Jlopk by bJ-an$pSgV .n"4U)br.1rUl& g took; the rlflq; t 'in":|he neighbor^ IT home. ' p' at for, "unlike QUemoy'tO(th$i ITt— * _. * ill «* _. ^ f ,_* *? WH^-'"! i 'MWropp-_ , bases'ynfShanghai.v' *&A> Tacnlif/ >.»-«-•.»--..<-'&* last, ' '"* down*' 1 t * M wi», were/l !»',« .... v ., t to the 'house and latched the -screen ' ' door, 'and he left. Long -^walked a block , and " entered the home of Mrs4 E. I. Pol? lard Jr., who was bathing her six- months-old son Robert. A five-year- old daughter, Linda also in the house. Mrs. Pollard said Ann, was she realized Long was from the state hospital H& told her he was running away and asked if she could help him,' hide him. Linda Ann started crying, W Mrs. Pollard said she quieted the child and begged. Long'to leave,' Mrs. Pollard said Long wa,s asking if che had a car hq,,couW make a get-away in -as he was leaving out the iron^ door. She said he lost his balance stumbled outside and, she slammed the door and locked it. Long l<?ft. Though police were * all ' over the area by now, Lonfi kept (flitting from house to hpuse. " • He walked another block to t\\9 home- of Mrs. J.' H, Pltfee, "told her he would the police or asked for a cigarette, which she gave him, Entering the hom'e of Mr?. Effle Callihan, he said; "I won't hur.t you, I* just, "can't go back to that lie'plaeo,' / He left after Mrs. Cqllihan gavB him a bottle of wntfir. ' Long found Mrs, Lynn If)-her backyard and ordered her into tfte house. He asked if she knew any-one who owned a car, "I need a car to get away," he said. •, Mrs. Lynn said she began dialing the telephone but Long suddenly jerked the receiver from her hand"I've phanged my mind," he lc-14 her, A neighbor, A, Lewi;?, had heard the commotion m tho yard and Continued on Page fpur ,i •• ' either be shot by kill himself, and that'" Chinese ^ ileiic plane • All Around the Town Th* itsr tt*ff State Health Department's stat-iperj,s pick .t istics department show a total of 30 babies born in Hempstead County during the past month, representing some 1.8 boya and 14 girls . , , , there were Q white, boys and 7 Ne^ro boys and 9 5 white Negro girls. With fo,ptbalj starting it Is interesting to npite th$i f " Pprkers avu playing football. . , , jQhn Hpfi«ran, Fred «x- , Torji Gerlingtqfli nod Campbell with, ^he Chicago g WcHan and Pat gummer'all with GrWfini Floyd »»m,s; PJvucjj Fofte uud Buddy with Witt) $0 Q. Lyndon Pate made one pf those touchdowns eeajjjst Stamp; wa s Credited, t« ' Arkansas Sta^e Sa^fi and fish' Commission has. et in. Hempstead an.4 as a deer this territory ii'efr'seiTj'Ar _, ( ,. finite perM to h.un,tjn^-- <}eer> . the area inyolyeqi jjK starting at aHttcUQft and ' " ' '" is^ ., citteeplf ,,_ w* gerrru^ ?Mps>$to ' AjJ9k.Jpp|J licj.a.nn,-"--- 5 '-^ tpx}e*|i _ tjonarj^ftl been $C$|i£o.; fetari*** SwSiS^rc,™ tawf^f^vwp $$m$F n JjsRvfr' ""•••" •$*..-• yrr

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