Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 15, 1954 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 15, 1954
Page 9
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$2s' |t ! ' ^^V^" 1 "*.J3 iX»UjJLJii3i^«*jfi . - . i , I A R, HOP fc, ARKANSAS Wednesday, IS, 1§§4 ^V^x^w v tfe' -Ij lorket fitld fllflefent t* meet the - r is-being introduced jr. the heW . . gauon— to p-JWduce as lift* ; .gasoline fehd*5&f e^itfa ,t ^f of the, hew Superitteftned Boyle tests Whe'fe the fuel actual' ffffte, itffid iteUhe onl^ way to y, determine US perform' '", - Mr. Whit'•* ? ( •> flirt the ctttlre trip, on LVtfnOcarnlulated a ....^^erleneed even a singld !%lM'',<fBTf1ibrf<khdcK bir pro- ~i$aiWtie steepest ftiotiri- Alette' end Of the test, •ming bdtter _ l0-*the com- I enginee'rs. w ,-,,_.,«/upo'ri' additives feHj'pfoWd'mfcklng • deposits, --jui;y|(ite*ee|edtin producing a MJelftfiei>'jM : eVe«ts .the exces- ^ , iffl fortnlhg in the ^ ce f'M^4 !ii MV, Whitman. 'CrWiifcft fSJfiJ •«.« Ji.,u *ji . £oi*«ra'sli0rt»trlpf *Mr,mosT divers do 1 ^(fne^An'tMnocfc powef ypWfip ydn'aMlme 400,OOpioOO' on the ;pe»WJt the production ._ . newspaper ad- eam'paigris in,the history ""' "isti>y;* will, tell the „„«.,—.-76? about Qulf's new Mne4;'gasollne, A series qf, "•iftfcejtoBaipftr) *4dver- 1 .fee..followed by half ;iqll months. >., and, outdoor iSBW^r -T, r . iir ;:•';• ., yph --o-"--r»" -n- - terms H&' 1 ^Ox cortcft Srtd (or' and , Manager F-rdnli. " Sinro-' tedmtng k'ihe GHicago 'uV qUib" iri ' dim ost counted more «todi»rfcp In ' y cn»v ' " 'their con- 5,fJwyoJa;ppeai'c4' detor- ,S p H^iStt*y . <Jfi .• J_,.* e, $yai9 ,oK thp<:<Jther ofi „ var ..AS'o«\ combination foi' •^.- i - • ~ • wj^wenj-grs of eyeglas- aBSlJffi^ wCTtV''i!V. iii'i"'.li" TJ« r ff&ft icrorCo. fro* Page Ofl« talkfef. tt« liked foofl, liquor, late houfii and th6 ladles. In fnct, tho Story is that It was p. girl v,ho tifdught him to desrruclfon, but 1 Bm Mot too sure about that. He Jiad a perfect facade for his job. As a nevcspSpefitnn, and a very presentable one, he had entree everywhere* As a Gcfman, he was highly, pc^soria grata with Japan- cs'e officials. ' i important, IIP hnd hecomo a pet of tHp German .Embassy*. In part, tftis *as becoiKo of his biii- liatit focot-d in Woi-ld War I. Ho Came thr&ugh Covered with tned- tils. and 1hc f old Oermaii af-my was something less than; lavish v»Hh them He became a cose confidante of German ambassador in Tokyo so much so thnt when World Wat* It started, the nmbns- sddor made him tho Embassy press officer' In that post, he had access to the Nasiis' top secreU. He was equally Well fixed for gelling Ihfoimnllon about Japan. Orte of hir, lieuloriants h.id been the private secretary to Ihc prime minister. get h)s irtfoi mrtlioti to Moscow, SoVg 1 ? Used aP tho ti'ick^, fHe mltirofllm messagis in cigarettes, etc* After 1hfi war Ktarted, he be" gari ttansrhitling over a ,p6rtable i'ttdid.' Japan's seorftt police the dreaded "Kempei Tai" — knew a 'spy was operating somewhere In the country, fiut, evidently Richard Sorgo", c correspondent and war hero, ,was the 1 fast man they sils- p'ectedC ' , t , ,, Then the break came. After Peafl- Harbor. Sorgo re- cfucsted a" t^aVi'sfer. He told the Kremlin his usefulness in Japan wk's endfecl. Apparehlly, he never 'got an nnswer. V/hy, nobody kriows. So weht a brlliant, if twisted, man. He once told me he felt deeny, ' that "something" Was needed to bi-eak the recurring cycle of wflr in western Eufope. He didn't say what it \vtis. Apparently, he tlio'iight communism was IHe answer. I wonder whether he Would still think so. ' MARKETS Giants AN But Have Pennant in Pocket L * By ED CORRIGAN Associated Press Sports Writer As the Ivfatjonal League,pennant Chase rushed to a climax, it be('amp more and more evident 1 today tha| the* three-game Broo^yi TJew York* series nex* w0ek<wOuld »«Mfj the winner, Milwaukee ;foj* all intents • and purposes, is out ot the'runnihg. The Giants tqok qare o( (hat littlo item last night with a 2-1 victory o^er Ufe B'raves, with r !2 games to play, tb,e- Braves m'o five and a h'aji back, a virtually, insurmount- iblf> margin. . . Tne Giants still lead'the firooks t>y three and l .n half games. "Either of course, , could fiol'.npso before ne.xt Monday when the set gets under way in Ebbels Field, but at tho rate the two hnvo been going, that's hardly lively, If the Braves win tl\c next two from the Giants they could help the Bro9k, , cause., Frpni .there, qn, the Giants play s,l* gtfmes ' in a with one club the Phillies. fit, LOUIS LlVESf66l< NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111 If* Hogs fi.SflOf rtodei atcly *(e live; barrows and gilU 'i50-75 lower; weights under UJO Ib. mostly 50 Off; sows 35-50 lower; choice 200-260 Ib. 19.75-20.00; 19.73 moH freely pa price; 170-lflO ib. 19.3075; 150-170 Ib. 18.50-19.50- 120-140 Ib. 17.0M8.00;. sows 400 ib down Il2"5'10!00; mostly 18 ITi down heavier sows lOD^lO.f.'i; hoars 11.50- 10.SO. ' Cattle 4,500; calVos 1,200; several loads steers fi-.l'y .steady '. at 23.00-25.50; helfern &i1d mixed yeaVffngs' opening steady; #oiVi and chbic* 20;00-?:i 50 good tle- mjand 'for* 'Utility and rJmcfciaf cotvA' at stronV pi'icel, mo^lly b'f>0 ilSO; few* 'at 13.0&:' cmihei-5 'and cutters mostly steady at 0.00-5).00; bulls and Vdalei-s stoa'dy: utility and commercial bull:? 12.00-13.50: canrier and cutter but 1 !! a.00-11.on; few high 'choice and rimo venires' 21.00-22.00; good and choice 16.00- 20.00J eomcrcial and low good 12.00'1C.OO. • Shep 1,000'; market' not fully established: few early salts choice lo low prime spring lambs weak to 50 loWfir at 19.50-30.00. rent checks 22: dirties 19.5; NEW YORK COTtON NEW YORK W Cotton futures displayed rarly strnn.qth today on comission liouse and trade demand, with hearly October atltl December futures reached new seasonal bights. Late afternoon'prices Wefe 50 cents a b;ile higher to o cehls lovV' or than the previous close, dct. S4.71, Dec. 35,08 and March 3n.37. Three Americans Continued from JE*age morhing." Applegalo said they were asked 'stupid and bewildering" ques-. Ions constantly. One of Hie question 1 ? the Reds asked Applegale wss if ha believed the Communist Chinese could capture Formosa. 'I said they can't," Apnlepale GRAIN AND PROVISIONS hinese People's Navy they couldn't oven find it (Formosa). That was the wrong answer." CHICAGO, Most grains cased on the Board of Trac'c toddy but rye once aynin forged into new seasonal hieh ground. A firm trend early quickly faded but losses never became very large. In addition to rye, September soybeans showed flashes of strength and other months of this coniodity fluctuated nervously in sympathy with September. Wheat closed -i'/t lo\Ver, September: $2.JSc-'/i, corn ,Vi lower to '/ 4 : higher, September" $l',63Va. onts lower to '/s &hi.Khcr, September 75%-, rye Vi-1 hlylier. September $1.49',^, soybeans. ! a ,lov/nr to • 1% higher, September $2.91$2.91. Wheat: None. Corn No. !j yi--l- low 1.62U; No. 1 v;liile 1.65. Oats: No, 1 -mixed 73. Soybeans: None. Barley nominal: Malting- choice 140-50; malting ogid 1 31-39; foccl 1.00-20. NEW YORK STOCKS New .: YORK Iffl Tho stock market •• Inched higher today with volume about two million shares. Copper mining issues were: generally in demand. There wjs also selected strength among oils, chemicals and retail chains. However steels and aircrafts tfiidod to decline and motors, utilities and railroads were mixe^. Ampng the risers were U. S. Harvester,- United, Aircraft', ~7,^n- ith, American Tcltphonc, Amov'c.m Smelting, DuPont, Wc.Uing nouse Lower "/ere Bethlehem Steel, Goodyear Tire, Sear-, Roebuck, Douglas Aircraft, Boeinc;, Inlet- national Telephone, American Tobacco and Sinclair Oil. JBrookZlyn kept in the<j'ace last. ''<*ty wi*h n 4-0 triumph over the" Cincinnati iRedlegs behind the fine pitphing of Johnn/ Pndves. In "me'an, nothing" National Leaga° gameSj the St. LOUJS Cardinals oe- feated the PhilUeb, 3-2, and the Chicago - Cubs arid Pittsburgh Pirates split « doubleheador, The Cubs wop the lirst, 9-2 and the Pirates the. nightcap. 4-0. In, the, Ameripan League, where it's all over buf the shouting, the magic number for the Cleveland Indians became ''3" when they turned back Washington, 5-2, Any combination of two Cleveland victories or iwo losses by the New York Yankees and the Indians aie the rjew league, champions. The Yanks, meaUwhile, conttn- POULTRY AND PRODUCE CHICAGO Iff) Live poultry stofdy; receipts 1,103 coops (yesterday '883 coops, 201.34.1 ibs. f.o.b; paying prices unchanged lo 1 -higher; heavy hens 1").!5-20; light liens 13-14; fryers and broilers 2730; old roosters 13.5 14; cnijonettes 31-33. Butter steady to.'firm; receipts 830,682; -wholesale buying prices unchanged'to J A higher; 33 score AA 58; 92 A 57.75; 00 B 55; 89 C 53.5; cars: 90 B 55 5; 89 C 4 Eggs tops firms; balanco steady: receipts 8 ,154; wholesale buying prices unchanged to 3 higher; US large whites 43; mixed 395; U.S mediums 25; U.S. standards cur- ^jP^jtll was 86:50' NOW $6940 !T'.7wds 25.9§ 'NOW $ai,17 , was, 26/88 NOW $21,94 i NOW Now .WQft&88 NOW $5,00 lfi!\>«* ( t , 10% OFF ued. to play it out by crushing Detroit, il-0. Baltimore boat Boston, 3-1, and Philadelphia shut out Chicago, 1-0, in other American League action.' The Giants" had their trouble"; whipping the Braves, who had a 1-0 lead going into tha seventh inning. Don Mueller stinted with a^ single. Dusty Rhodes walked and both advanced on a \\ild pitch. Willie Mays was passed intentionally to load the b'ase.s. That was all for Gene Conlcy, who had been pitching .well.'Cl'ot Nichols replaced Con'.cy and on his first pitch Bobby Hoffman pinch hitting for Henry fhompscn pingled Mueller homo. Rhodes, who collided with Brave Shortstop Johnny Logan on the busep'ath, was out at the plate, Sal.Mag.lle started for the Giants end wa,s replaced by Hoyt Wilhelm in the eighth. The reliever got credit for the triumpy. Podres tossed u three-hitter at the Redlegs to lead the BI-OOKS to $>e}r sixth straight victory.' Thy Brooks collected nine- hits ' : inelud 'ig Carl FUrJUo's , I'/th home y ie season. • , i Red Shcoendienst and Rip Re- pulslti hit successive home inns in the eighth inning to break up a tie ball game anl give the Cards weir victory over the Phils. The Yanks rolled up 10 hits Against the Tigers mil plajcd as though they still wan? in tl>e thick of the pennant racf. Tom Mjigan hurled the shutout and Ed RoUn- son end Bob Cerv knocked in all the runs. Robinson -sent six across PMe with a sing'e, doubls h.ome lun and JJeiv sent five with 9 pair of home runs. M9Vl° n n»ade Hls Jebut .^KCr pf th,e White So\, but it 'as in9V(Si5{clOus as AinoUi Porto ""-*•— tossed 9 Jour-hitter in out o£ j r * J i fetf-^SfejUfe-^i'- thg . \ was tho big man ;' triumph Ho sot the a paltry five Sen, Upton Most Notable Casualty By f his Associated Pf«s<j J5 H en. Robert W. tip- amp.ihiro was the Republican ton' of New friost notable casualty yesterday as ••• pfirhai-y •warrnufjs in nine states produced party candidates for the November elections. Otherwise, cottgrflfssotiHl inctifn- bents 'weathered tiv's pfelhviihiiry sklrmishing'the . biggest bach of primaries this year. Voters in New itr.mpshlre, Now York! Vermont, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Colofatlo. tJtah. Minnesota and nominees for Washington five Senate picked and 92 House seats, for six governorships nnd a host of other stats and local offices. The vbto Was reported light in several states. The selection of candidates, for the Nov. ?, balloting will be completed later this month' with n primary in Rhode faland and. conventions in New York State. Upton, YO. was defeated by Veteran U.S. Rep. Norris Cotton: 34. ' sold, "From what I've seen o£ the in a three-way' race for the .GOP The first home of sugar cane is uncertain but many students believe it first appeared.in India. nomination to servo. 'the last two years of' the late Sen. Chfirles \V. Tobey's six-year term, Runniritf third Was Wesley Powell, a 37- year-dld attorney who four- yaars ago ca'me c.losc to unseating Toboy in the primary. In recent years, Heridfix-Ouachita dame Rescheduled . OUachlta college football game schedtiled for Wednesday, Nov. 24< has been re-scheduled for Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 25. M. L. McAlister Arkansas colnmissianeJ' Intercollegiate on the 1 worthless checks "bcceuse I could not make a living after the GOP came into power." Craighead county officers said the 54-year-old man told them that he, kept a record nf all bad check, cashed because he wanted to' pay it back some day. Officers said they found check stubs and ledger books thnt shower) 951 checks ence, anncmncbd today. Blames GOP for His Predicament JONESBORO, OTI A in an who was '.Wrested here Apparently has Wade a career out of crfslilng Confor-; cashed since December 1952 The checks, ranging in amount from $1 to $42 totals $9,000. Deputy Sheriff Jack Williams arrested the man Moiulay in connection with the pa;sin.'* of a bad check fijr $5.63 at Monette, Ark. Later, police officeis said they. fbuncLethe check stubi and ledger j Republican nomination has meant election in.New Hampshire. Upton, wild has been serving under appointment since Tobcy',s death. last year, W-IK the second U. S. senator to suffer defeat in a primary test this year.' Tho other was Sen. Alton Lonnon (D-NCi. Six House incumbents also have 1 been beaten in bids for renomina- tion. . In another conlusl that drew national attention, former Democratic Rep. John A. Carroll, 53, won his party's nomination for the Senate from Colorado. He downed Mayor Quigg Newton of Denver Carroll formerly was an advisor to President Truman. Ha will face Lt. GOV. Gordon Allot!, who was unopposed for the GOP Senate nomination, . • • books in the man's car. Police spid the man admitted that the stubs and ledger books represented worthless checks cashed. Tliey quoted the man as saying he "wanted to pny it back some day." Police identified the man ns Roger Hind, 54, of Thayer, Mo., Only Aspirin At Its Best ALLEN ELECTRIC CO. ANNOUNCES A NEW POLICY!' Now you can Have your Hortie Rewired Jo meet modem conveniences and new fixtures. All on 12 Easy Payments No Carrying Charge-10% Down Payment- Balance Monthly WEST BROS. 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(flveryonc is urged to attend this nierl.iiiK, so thai plans for the ypar can bn made. There will be an inspection tour of the new grade Isclioul. Tlic ttliwins P. T. A. will hold its i liVst meeting cm Thursday night ptember Hi, at 7:30 p. m. All parents, U-a'chcrs, 1 nnd patrons are III .Main & Country Club Rds. •• FINAL NITE • THE HIGHLAND ROGUE ><° Plus a Good Color Cartoon « Thurs. -• Fri. irgcd to attend this meeting. LOOK! LOOK! LOOK A DOUBLE FEATURE AND BARGAIN NIGHT TOO! A WHOLE CARLOAD FOR ONLY . . . 50c * HIT NO. 1 • 9 ANN SHERIDAN e STERLING HAYDEN "TAKE. ME TO TOWN" TECHNICOLOR • ' HIT NO. 2 • BASIL RATH BONE NIGEL BRUCE "SHERLOCK HOLMES FACES DEATH" Always a Color Cartoon Friday September 17 John Cain Chapter of the D. A. R. members arc urged to attend the 'addo District ,;of the Arkansas Society of the D. ; A. R. Friday, Sep;ember 17,. at 10 o'clock in. tly? Barlow Hotel at Malvcrn, A ilurfqheon will.folloyv the. meeting. Planfe'-for Lhe slate conference will he fdrfnul- latcd at this mcctiiiK- Tlic Cadtln District will bo in charge of thu conference. Sunday Scplernhcr 19 A revival meeting at the White Oak Grove Baptist Church at DcAun Community will bcfiin Sunday, September )!). There will be two .services daily - the morning, worship beginning at lOtliO. and the even ing service at 7:30 p. in. The Rev. A. T. Suskey, nn on Island ing s|)i?.a- ker will assist Hie Rev. Homer Henry in'conducting tho'meeting. The public is. invited. Eden to Paris Contmuea rrom Page One b r i n g i n g West Germany into NATO. Sources in London said that if Mendes-France accepts the British plan, even only partially, Eden intends to call a conference in London around the end of the month to work out details of, the new alliance. It would : be attended by the seven prospective Allies, plus the United States' and Canada. American sources iri Paris be lieved it likely Eden already had sounded out the U.Si government on his plans and that he'probably w.as given to understand clearly that the United Stales Would not support any new devices to keep West Germany out of NATO. In Washington last night. an informed source said U.S. Secretary of Sta tcDullcs was to London, and perhaps to Bonn., too, to, survey thu situation personally. Third District Show Attraction the home of MrS. A. P. Jones with eight members *nd Miss ioretta The American -Legion Auxiliary will meet in the home of Mrs.' E. P. O'Neal at 307 South Hervey, Mopday, September 20 at 7:45 p. m. Top Radio Programs NEW YORK (/P> — Selected radio niKfiiins tohlRlit. 'NBC 6:30 Bill Cullcri Quiz- 7 iGroucho Marx 7:30 Bill Story '"I'liti Jackson. Mich., Hiol." CBS —5 Tennessee Ernie; 0 FBI Drama, "Lucky .Smi'th;" 7 Crime Plinin. "Death in the Rain;" ABC — G Jack Gregson Hour; 7:3u Whiteman Varieties. MBS 0 Squad Koom; 7:30 Theater, "The Criminal.'' Wednesday September 29 All members of the Hope Federation of Garden Clubs will meet for the annual fall luncheon September 29,'at Hotel Barlow at 12:30. Births Mr. and Mrs. Harry Seago of Tulsa, Okla., announce the arrival of a daughter, Martha Ellen, born September 10th. Mr. nnd Mrs. Fred Yachtsmen on Grand Lake, Colo., sny theirs is the nation's highest an choragc — 8,309 feet above-sea level. McClennahah, tending. coitnty agent, at- Mrs. Jones gave the devotional talk followed with Sdrlfrture readings and the Lords Player repealed; in unison. During the business session conducted by the president, Mrs. Altn Wells, firtal plahS for the clubs booth at the Nevada County {air were discussed. Miss McClentiahan gave & demonstration on "tJehtai Health," A sandwich course Was enjoyed during the social hour, from La Mesa, California they have beefi at fte bedside , their father, -MY. I. S. Ctiftotd, who has beeft seriously iiVtHey were guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Hilton Ingram nhd were joined there by Mrs. Minnie Lou Grissim" and Mrs. Voyae Mae Cox 6f Seattle, Wash, and Seaman First Class Fletcher Clifford, who had just retained from duty in Japan. — - - — Jewell Roberts ot Gurdon was a Saturday visitor in Prescott. E. S. A. 'Lunehe&h Members of the fi. S. A. sorority began the fall activities' Withi a luncheon oh Friday In the home ot Mrs. J. B. Franks with Mrs. C. R. 3ray and, Mrs. Dudley Rouse Co- bstesses.' A clever fall atrAngemtnt of eaves, Mrries and cotton flanked yellow candles centered th> hlns table. Tlic members, Mrs. John PHt- isn, Mrs. J. It. Bcmts, Mrs. Carl Jalryinple, Mrs. E. Adam, Mrs. Bob Reynolds, Mrs. C. P. Arnold, r., Mrs. J. V..McMaheti, Mrs. J. '. Worthlngton, Mrs. 'Adam Guthie Jr., Mrs. J6e Grarie.. Mrs. Frank laltom Jr., and Mrs. Gene Hale, vbrc seated 4t small tables and heir •places we. re marked with car books! " ' ' " ' • After the business conducted b'y he president, Mrs. Reynolds, Mrs, Crane and"-Mrs. Gulhrie wore pri^ stinted cqrSages fashionbd of ratters and were' horiored With a pink and'blue shower.- • Laseler of Little- Rock, are the maternal grandparents, and .Webb Laseter, Sr., of Hope, is the paler- great grandfather. You'll enjoy our delicious SALADS SEA FOODS FISH Prepared and serVed , .. the way you like ' them. Daily Lunches 50c and 75c DIAMOND CAFE & CAFETERIA BY REFRIGERATION TODAY AND THURSDAY LOOK AT THIS DOUBLE FEATURE THIS ONE STARTS AT: 3:43 & 7:13 Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs. Marty Filogamo ind son, Marty, Jr., left Tuesday or Hampton, New Hampshire, to visit Mr. and Mrs. Peter Filogamo. Hospital Notes Julia Chester Admitted: Mrs. James Cearley 3 atmos. • • . Discharged: Mrs. Forrest H. Lou- .ennie, Memphis, Tenn. Mr. and Mrs. James Cearley, Pal- IOG, have a son born at 1:40 a. m. Tuesday. ... , ..... . '••';•„ iv .'.'. V/.-.vi'-li - r 'IV ;Branch . ';.•'.;.' . ; ?-< Admitted: Mr, M. H.- Wineberry, Hope. . v _.: Discharged: Miss Judy Watkins 3ope. •: Friday Sejtember -17 ; ,^:. . . ^'| The Caddo District of Arkansas lociety, D. A.' R. will hold a meet- ng, in the 'Barlow Hotel at Mai* vern, Friday morning at 10 o'clock. The meeting vvill.be followed by a uncheon.- All members, .are; urged.; ,o attend, ' ••• : '•'. .-:. . J •.. •; .-' • ti -• .'i •: • 'fat get inyo, t rhomc,ntt> low-cost fir plywood BUIlt" HAVI i K!RK DOUGLAS and INTRODUCING DANY ROBIN !Ac SEE THIS FEATURE AT: 2:22 - 5:52'- 9:22 ' » SPLIT-SECOND ACTION! « HEART-WARMING ROMANCE! » RIB-TICKLING HILARITY HEW PLANS See us today—for. ecp- i nomical,quality-tested fir plywood and easy- to-follow plans for 8 mbd6r» fir plywood built-ina. REPAIR LOANS available for all types of Home Improvements and repairs. BILL WRAY SUPPLY CO. Phone 7-2348 S. Walnut G!llette',a.n;d Richards When the Third Dlst'rlcti/L'ivestock Show opens here Set- tember 27 one of the feature 'a'bts. of the. stage show, "Slat's* in.. Review-" will be'the team : of BoSj Gillette..and Shirley Rlchatds. a couple' which dances for fun. Th[s comedy-dance team is only one of .many attractions which .w!l,l,(jlay the first' three nights of the six-day show. . •' '.•' •-. • ' , PRESCOTT NEWS Thursday September 16 .. The choir- oC .the Presbyteriap Ihurch will pvactice Thursday 6v"r ning at 7 o'clock. .; .. ,; Mrs. .Imon Gee^ ••• '- 1 Hostess To Canast^ ClUb Mrs. Irrion Gee was hostess to the 1950 Canasta Club at her home on Thursday, afternoon. ' • Dainty .arrangements of vcfbenn and xennias decoiatt'd the ip'om arranged for the players. High score; hunors were won 1 by Mrs: C\-G.;Guidon. A delectable j,alad course ,wa urved! to Mrs E. M. Shaip, ^Mr.13 ttomei- 'Ward, Mis. Fred Powell Mrs.'j. B. Hesteily, Mrs. J. C."'Mar sh, Mrs.. H.'J. Wilson, Mrs. Jin Yancey'and' Mrs. Golden. Mrs. A. : P. Jones | Hostess To Center^.H. D. Club " • The September" mdetlng of th' Center -Home Demonstration Chi was held r on Friday afternoon,ir Mr. and Mrs. Horace CotUngham of kittle Rock have returned to their horrte after a weeks visit with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer .. ...—_. ents, Mb ftfldittti&fift i ~-*.2ife. Miss O£al Daniel the Matlotk, DIARI G6I Fail, n PERCY Mil Mr. and Mrs-'Sam^Gantche and Mrs. Nick Peters' ihave returned YAII MAYHAVE 1 I UU PIN-WORMS ( AND NOT KNOW.IT! ' , g f nfl t tor- Wt»l itch *rf «(PU nil- Fidcrtlnr, Billing tale ^ifini <>f Pm-WirnU . . . \\t\l p»i'a^itei thut pf ^ical «*PPM» ^»y irifent cue vut B/ fi'rrji Hit ft persons txutniiifU, Entltc f«tntlif« may be victim* and not knuw It. •i'g get I'm <lt PIn-Wprlny. these p^Pli uiimt not only bo killed, but killed In Ui'elSiEP intestine where tlioy live, and multiply. Tliat'n ex- «clb what J*>iie'« I'-W titbit U do ...and help's Imyr Ihpy do^ti TiVat-a oclentint coating car- rlei the tnhltH'. Inlo <he Iwwi>l» he- fore Ihev dli "wlvf. Vlirn- J*yn«'ii inndfin, mMllrally-upploved in- eieillent KAe* liiihf tt) wnrU-W/» J'in-Wornm gukfely and easily. Don't take <,lmncei wilti this ilanKProuB, highly contagious con» dition. At the flrtt sl«n of Pin- ' Worrat, ask youv drueiclst for the small, eosj-to'-taketuhleu perfected by famous Dr. D. Jayne t Son. «peoi»li«t8 in worn remeaiu for over 100 ye*rg. t JAYME for "•IGGEST LITTU STOfci RAND Genuine mocCftjin Ucelcss ilip-on with Hand-sewn front $8.95 In black leather, brown leather, white buck and blue suede. " Get your tickets to the "STARS IN REVUE'/" F Am IL Y H* • • •+* •-, •*., ,%-T- «*,'Where Good Shoes ore Pitted Cor 113 E. Snd Corbin Foster "T*?-' 7T SH&T' PANE CLflRK ,as the lighting, loung CAN'T SLEEP Bec«v..*9. ef Acid Stpmpch? Po Thi$ — Try this simple modern way t.p avoid sleepless nights 4»e to ex' cess stomach, acid, Just t^ke l ; or 1 2 Tunis as a "nightcap" before you go to bed. Countless thousartds who do this have discovered they fallasleepfasterT-feelmuchfreshejr mornings. Always keep Turns handy to counteract sour stomach, gas, heartburn—day or night. Get a roll of Turn* right now, fo fconomicql—pn'y 10^ " f«" : ; Save 10%-For 5 Da$3 Only ! . Sale of Rugs^Carpet^Tads-Tufeiaa^ to S^rci^y; : . -.'.'.:. i f " '' .' ' v " • ,' ' "• **^ > t* •' *',''' '••'...- ' . " ; - ; •'•'.' '. '. ,0".fv " "'-' ' J , "' Now is the time to buy the rugs and carpeting'}ydu^aljjd, to;b*aufefy Jtovf^. During Wards big 5-day Rug Sale you can save 10% or ^0/9 pji okir'ttSifttiu?J)i, carpets and pads. You^ll iind long-wearing broadl'ObHA'ia Woftl, cfrttSii 6r<\^&61- rayon blend, along with! durable stair carpets in'a ya'tjdty el colo/$ifji^<pAwrjil. •See actual samples of these rugs at our Catalog Oflici. Ask kkeut om Monthly Payment Plan and order your cirpet tod«ly ,., *al« andi Saturday. TONELLE AXMINSTER. More than 5,790 lulls per sq, ft, e{ Iongw»»rin4 W6A1 «»d earj>?» *iy*L 6 patterns. Widths 27-in., ?•«./ 1^-ft., 9. x. 12-ft. rug. 9-ft,'width run. ft,...WAS 7,25..MOW 6.50 DURMONT AXMINSTER, 4,700 lulls ol wool and carpel Rayon p«'r «q. ft. * paHirn*. Widfti ?-<t., 12-ft., 9 x 12 it. rug. 9-ft. width per run. it WAS S.9S. ,NOW 9.33 EMPIRE AXMINSTER. Thickly-woven with tightly-curled twist background. Wool and rayon, 3 patterns. Widths 27-in., 9-ft., 12-ft., 15-fL 9-if. width per run. It .'-. WAS 8.60. .NOW 7.70 ' CIMARA WILTON All wool, needle-point effect. Sturdy loop* wov»n in 3 lev«ls. 4 color*. Widthi 27.-in., 9-ft., 12-ft., IB-It. 9-ft. width per run. ft ' .'WAS 9.25. .NOW 8,25 MANOR HALL WILTON. All wool. Luxurious hand-carved effect. 'D«»p, v«lv«ly U»f d*«lgn. Widthi 27-in., 9-ft., 12-ft., 15-it. 9-ft. width per run', ft .-.,..1..,.WAS 11.90,,NOW 10.2S EMPRESS All wool Wilton broadloom. Sculplured effect. Choice of 3 l»»rt celor*. Widtjw 9-ft. and •12-ft. 9-ft. widlhperrun.lt.. ., .' WAS 7.4S..HJOW 6.70 TWISTETTE Best quality twist carpet, longweanng all wool. Choice of 6 color*. Width* 27-in.,,9-ft., ! 12-ft., 15-ft. 9-ft. width per rj|n. it...;.;.. ;.'..,;.: WAS 10.93. .NOW 9.83 ' TRENDTWIST. Wool and carpet Acetate blend. Closely woven/ iongWejring, Choice of 5 golow. 'Widths 27-in., 9-ft., 12-ft., 18-11. 9-ft,'width per run. ft......,..,,,..,,.. WAS 7.45., NOW 6.70 CORDETTE BROADLOOM., Rich tree-bark texture of wool and ca.rpet r»yoo loop pllt, 9 colors, . Widths 27-in., 9-ft., 12-it., l?-ft. 9-ft. width per run. it .' WAS 8,SO.,NOW 7.60 SURBANA. Pre-shrunk all pollon loop pile, tightly-woven. Long «fapl» eollon yarni lor durability, 9 colors.. Widths 9-ft. and 12-it. 9-ft. width per run. II ,..' WAS ,4.88. .NOW 4-43 SUNGLOW All cotton cul pile, dense and velvety, Color-toil, pre-»hrunk, Choio* pf 6 tfolpt*. Wi4U»l SMt. and 12-ft. 9-it. widihmrun.fi ,,..'..., WAS 3.9Q,,N9W ~ *~ do not include transportation SHOP BY CATALOG-IT'S EASY, .ECONOMICAL tewis-McLdrty's , We have complimentary tickeWto,<the;llWj!| IN REVUE" During the TKlrd Qisjr'jcf Uj$»to ch^vu \n t^ionA Sept. 27 thHi'Qef/2 : *'&r$ 212 South Hope< Ark. Phone i ...t- i -••"' ' rr - v ' ft , <*?*£' ' ^&k£l-W" Broken sizes in lengths. 'RegulgV *• + T. Imtm jf j *

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