Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 23, 1896 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, October 23, 1896
Page 2
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< J V ") 1) V, Men are often, • than they act. They know how to bo liuppy but sometimes luvy are mis. erable. They know Stlicrc is no happiness ? worth the name Avith- out health : yet they neglect health. They allow dyspepsia and biliousness and constipation to pfel ' a hold on them and make life Avretched. Those tlircc complaints usually come to- Rethur. Constipation aff-cu the stmiiacli and liver. That Urines on bilious attacks and Jndis'eMtkm, headaehesi, n;utiH.-a, i!i?..;i- ness, etuixr :;eus;:tions of weakness aim p-il- citation. Vmir nerves are ini!'inr.i-,v. >'"'.n nysu-m is stiicsish. You lose jiml'.ilitm. The t'iict is yniir whole conitilutior. i< K:;ir; Flpwly undermined. \Vliat you need is jJt. Pierce':; I'loasant Pellets. Tlii-vciirucoi-.stipntion, dyspepMn nnil Oil- lousrie;.-'. in the on'.y.Mirc, peniiancut Avay. • There is imlliincr violent or irritating aboat • them tliey work mildly though quickly. Tliey tonu ami stlrciiitlliuii tliu bowels u> carrv on their futictiuiis jialui-ally. llu-y jTCKlly s'.iaiiila!^ the. Kuw of bile from tho liver "aiid t'.ie digestive juice* of-tlic s'.uai• ach. You tlcm'L become a. slave to littii use as Avilli oilier pills. They make you ly.c- . tilar and then you can leave tl the dilTeretic^ between l}r. Pierco's Plenum PC!lets ai-.<l the poniethinrr "just as good, which n sli:-.vji dm-fist ti'hs to sub.-iXi'.ute. Don't let him do so with you. *f vouwant to kcspyoitr ImiHli And sti?ncrtli •ithbul cour.uUiiiff OIL- doctor so oilen. llic bcs, .* tliiiiLV vnu c.-in (lovstownic ^•^•'L ^} to I he" World's DNpclivini .S'- •' -."5- Meiiiral Ass'XiKilioii. il'.ii- tiilo, N". V,, I'or n copy of Dr. Pierce'* &"e:it l-.uuk, llic 1 People's C'M:uitoii Sonsi Mt-ilical A<lvi:<cr." Seiul 21 jnc-CL-ut s-UiiiiM to cove: cot of mnilin:.' only. 11 it ;i brfre book of ioo.S piiitrr,. \v:th over ,-oo iUnstrutioiis, 1C is the same bookoM\-hich 6So,dco copies were sold nl $[.10 each. The only ilil- IcrX-ncc is in the biiuliiit;, wliicli in the fi'te edition iflof stcoiifr.iiiiinilla p.ipcr. There is no other inch complete family doctoi book in the KiiRlish l.-iiiRuaije. It is n veritable »edic.-,l library, complete in one volume, henil now heforc atf -*«.- Ki'.-en away. They are Roins atTrauiillA- llicri-fore, do not clclav seiiiliui; in- •»«fi.iW»if in V.MIU of wic. Vlieabovegeueroia ' iL'xd to 500,000 copie* . . BIGGEST LOCOMOTIVE IN WEST. It !• Now Bolnj; Glvon n Trial on the ]>onVi-i- iind Klo <ir:kntle, Tlie lai'S'Cst locomotive ever operated In tho west, n.nd cm* of the largest in the Unitccl Statt-s, pulled out from the Union depot at DcrjA-cr, Col., the ofJier day for 1'tieblo on its trial run. The train consisted o! -15 cars ami AV;IS about 1,500 feet long. • The Ave.i^lit of the engine prope.r, Avith two g-mifjcs of Av:Um-, is 75 ion'.s, ami tba.t of the tank fully equipped -IS loii!i. 'J'he. tank \\»K a capacity of 5,000 j /;"illon« and thn coal caparil.y is I:: , tons. Tills Avoiiid pC-rmit a. trip to I T'ncblo ami returr.---'IO miles—\vithotit j rc.pleiiishiiit;' the fuel or water .-nip- j I 1 '.'•'• • ! It is e.stiir.aled tliat llic cng'inc will make Ti miles- a.u lioirr uni!t-.r :uiy but the niov.t. (-xt.i-aordina.ry eircuinst.'incc.s. I" it meets tho expectation* of 'llcr.ry Selilv.oUs, Kiiperiiileni'Ie.nt of niolive. power, l.y whom it Avas planned, the t\vee:i j.ienver ami .Pueblo will be reduced lo a.-mile a minute. ,\ DEPEW TO BE [•:i-.;r:)i,-<-i:H-nt to JJir.n Collins i'ra<:l,i- rally .\i:know!uil^i-il liy Frlvuds. The en:>-a'->-emeiH of Miss Uditii Col- A~ WORN-OUT FAD. ,- • . '®pi-i'i)ip JIcd'FctoeV "Blood-Purifiers" anil "Toai'tos" oai Old-Fashioned' ; Iiloa. I'ui-o Ibloml, strong uci-ves <uul mns- clw. jliran liienlLhy llos-li cam o.nly conn- froiM wliolcsouio food woll discwtiMl. -Blooil i>uritioTS > 'tvud ''wi-vc tonics" d-> not roach. th« o:mse of the mischief. The s-'tomaeh is i'lio r-0'I'J'c to bo l.joketl al'tcr. 11 ie s,a.i'ost anil surest \vmy re cure a:ny farm of ii;di,i;psl:io:i. i.-s to '::\}<f .•iTU-r o.'veh'inosil soiii'e''h:MMule.ss projui- i-.'itliHi vh'irh will nl' -i'tsclj: digest food. '.rhe'.M! is a.:i exce.Hp.nit jiroparntioii of llvis 'liind i.'oni:po.seil of vegcftibie cs- 's i' nvcs, pure prpsin, Gulden Seal .'unl fruit sails. siiHl ii;t:no of S'hi.'i.rt's an,l ihcso .lablel- assist diivs'Hoa f-li-oy wfl't- digest I forc it Iras time by (ImrKlsts Dysvi'Si-i- T;i.blet.- l.-vUon- aflw meals wmidei-fully beca.i:s.- 'lio I'ooil .proiniit.ly b"c- to i'efii:c:it a.ni.1 sour anil the \veak stomach relieveil a.iul as- si si; Ml in iliis way soon Incomes strong ami vigorous n-saiai. - •Sti'rart's D.v.S'pO'psi'a 'J : aAildls arc sivpiv riov to any secret psitcjTt mcil'k-ir.os be- Tin's ami Cliiiiineey ililehell Df.piv.v in cause you know what you arc takir.K no'.v pi'aeli,';;lly ajkno\vledg ; eil by thei;' j j.rr(o yoiu 1 stojnach. They arc sold by clni?g!st.s e.very\\'hevo at f>0 cenits per •RBPU/BTJECUN ETTE 001. 24. Foil- ;iT>ovp occn'sticm the W nuikc rate of $1.11 for round trip, tickets limitwl rotiirnin? 'to Oct. 25Ui.—C. G. XcwcJl, A. 0. U. W^ • Jlouday, Oct.. 2Glli, tlioro wi^l be a special train to EvnnsvMle. leaving Waito;u<h sb:;hion n 110:34 p. in., .-irriviJifr at KviiasTlHe at. T a, nl. Oct. 27th. Fan; ?3,00 for round trip. Train loaves re- Oi?L 2Sth. at 2 p. m.-tf. G. frirmls. The v.-cvlcliiif; may lx> iou';ed for in 'Xovcmb<-r. it Avill be cele.brated at S:. llarthoh-JniC'VV^ church. An inlimata friend of Miss Collins on this, side of the water has just received a letter from lu:r. She Is now in Jliis- sia, but will rc.-K.-h Paris about October 7. The.re she v.'ill join. Mrs. Clarence Collins, her stcp-nio-ther. It is said that Mrs. Collins has been Kupcrinlcr.d- ing- the makin;;- of the trousseau ordered for the brine-elect. M'iss Collins Avill reach New York the latter part of October. She. lias been the guest, for some time of rrince and Princess De.m- idolf at'Kieff. _, Vit:i!lt7 of <;prms. :. • Wi> somerims Iliink it is Avonderful that p-c'i-n-.s should retain tlicir vitality during tlie enld of severe v.-inTcr, but- Avbat are we to think v, p hcu told that thev will live litidev any conditions lov ".fin.'! years'.' (.lerms four.il in dust in the eraeks of the interior of the pyramids. Avhieli lit',vo been sealed up since the time of the Pliaroaiis,./rrow and •.ru ;;:roii'4'li ilu-iv various transfni-ma- !!(ii!s Avlii-ii tiiev come in cor.tact Avith Write Stuart Co,, Marshall, Midi., for book on- iSl.wnach diseases. ft 'Ivas li«n. ilociiled in UtaJi i.lra.t ;ui alliV'ii wnswiiTD who Jian'ri-es si. citizen her- Kel'f, 'ii'iTcl if h'er 'hiiis.ba.nd dies aud site r.lre-.ui marries ,-ui aSHy)'. sbe Irccoimas 11,11 alien msa-'ii. Th.is Is 'tho ruling of fl:R S'ta.te"'.* attoi'iiey 1,'eji'CraJ. Old people who TcrjniTe medicine 'to rcgulKite the bowels -aj.itl kidneys will fiad .tihc true vem-cdy in Elccta'ic Bitters. niiils metliciiie doo.« not sDi'iBula.tc aiiid contains no whiskey Jior odh.or tnitoxl- e.iu't, 'but aiots -.is .1. ton;;'C '.".nd aittura.lJve. It acts T.T'Jrt'ly on tJio stom.n:ch -ami •bowels, •fwldiiiuy.sh'custli Mid Riving tone to tho oi's:nis. rJiei-c'by .aiding XiU-uro 1'U. the iicrCorraance of fche t'uuc- •JLoiis. " K-lcob.-ic Bitters i-s flm cxeollcnt svi>pcit:iKC!r a:rjd nifds digestion. Oild people find i't just exactly what they nee-el. .Price fifty c«its and rriio-dollsir per bot- t:'.n ;i;t B. 3'\ Kees-li.ng's dru;; store. [T' S NOT STRANGE That people -prefer to buy clieap, HOT CHEAP GOODS but BEST GOODS CHEAP. It shows their common sense and in this instance their appreciation ol their i'uck. Merchandise disaster, Bankruptcy to the Merchant, means Juc&. reduced prices, about HALF EEGULAE, PEACES to the consumer, Such is the case with the OTTO KRAUS stock. The G othing and Shoes were the best the qua'ity and variety immense. It would be strange considering the hard times if the peop e did not buy staple goods appraised and so,dat about 50c onthedoilar. A, G. JENKINES, Assignee iiiier i;-r in'rsoni.s ; .a ol' (TrM't Bvitiiiu 1 1'nJt.cd f;i> i.s nnreli In-i'SiM' Ih.-iii !•.< com- sii|)]iosed. It iiicltidrs OGO.OOO in iW'.d. :550,000 in Wn>s :illd 2:30.0(10 Lt yot: have evor SCCE a little child in the agony of summer compltUnt, you can realize the danger of the trouble »nd appreciate the value of instantau- «.-ons relief always afforded by DoWltt's Colic & Cholera Cure. For dysentery •ad diarrhoea It Is a reliable remedy. We could not afford to recommend this 'Ma a cure unless It were a eure.—Jno. M. .Johnston. BtTGKLEN'S ARNICA SALVE. Tie Best Salve In the world for cuts, bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever oores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns and all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles, or no pny required. It Is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price 25 cents pur box. For sale by B. P. Keee- Unj. If your children arc subject to croup -watch for .the first symptom of the disease—hoarseness. It Chamberlain's Ooujrh Remedy Is jj-ireu tia soon as the child becomes hoarse It -will prevent the Attack. Even after the eroupy- conffh has appeared the attack can always be prevented by giving tills remedy. It is also invaluable for colds aad •whooping cou^'h. Fot sale by B. F. Keesling-, drusRlst. 1 Theories of cure may lie discussed at lenglfi by physicians, out the sutferers want quick relief; and One Minnt? Cough Cure will fflve 'It to them.' A '•afe cnre for children. It Is "the only harm-less remedy that produces Immediate results."—Jno. M.' Johnston. Poison Ivy, Insect bites, bruises, icalde, burns, are quickly cured by De- Wltfs Witch Hazel Salvo, the great pile core.—Jno. M. Johnston. R ICH RED BLOOD 1 fho foundation of good hwUth. That is why Hood's Sarsaparllla, the One True Blood Puriflor, gives HEALTH. Two wtsiltliy Hedwws of ow'owii- all t'lrat 1-eniaiin.s of c.l.oii.1; town of Hive an- BE CONVBNiCED. Oa receipt of tea cents, casili or stamps, a generous sample will be mailed of the most popular Catarrh and Hay Fever'Cure (Ely's Cream Balm) snUiei'Cnt to d-omoTistrate MS great TOCa-it, Full size. 50c. EffJY BKOTHERS, 5G Wanren St., New York City. .Catarrh caused difficulty in speak-Lng amd to a great extent iloss of hearing. By tlie use of Ely's Cream Balm dropping of mucus "has ceased, voice aind Sbearlng hare greatly Improved.-—J. W. Davidson, Aittorney-at-Law, Mon- moivth. 111. It doeflo"; matter much whether sick headache, biliousness, Indlgestloa and cons<-jpation are caused by neglect or by unavoidable-' circumstances; He- Witt's Little Early Risers will speed!!} cure them all.—Jno. M. .TohnstOL. "Boys will be boys," but you can't afford to lose any of thom.,.Be ready for the green npple season by having DeWitt's Colic '& Cholera Cure 1n the 1 ise.—.T no. M. Johnston. The whole system Is drained and ondermmed by Indolent ulcers and open aores. DoWltt's . Witch Hazpl Salve upeedily ueals them. It Is the best pile cure .known.—Jno. M. Johnston. TWO LIVES SAVED. ... Mi-y. Phocsbo 'IMvu'inn*, of .Tun-t'lhon Cityi M .,-ivms told by IK.-.': 'anators siio -had ConiiSii-niiil-ioii iind Unit. Ill-.cre \v-.n.s .no i'.ojio I'ov 'h'Of, liut tAA - o hottlcs of Df. Iviiig's SIMV DisccTcay complol.cly c-".red hot" :tnd slie «iys It' saved T;ev Jifr-. Jlr. Xlioni!!iiv-E'fr.=:OTS. 130 riorida St., Snin. Frai'.ciscO, suir^i^j i'roin a arcn.dful cold', :iip|.>ro i :i.c3j«'iig Ccnissimip- ticfn, ti'icd AviitlicAit result ovcrytliinK else jlibciii bo-iiglvt ouo Iwbtfe o^f Dr. Ki-ug'-s XCTV Discovory :m<l in* two week Aras cm-eel. He is n:rturn.lly thankful, 'It -is sneli results o-f Arliicli those arc santplos, itlinit .prove 1'lie-\von- Oierfull efficacy oC tli'i's modiciae In Cotig'ins niLul Colds. Free trti! 'bottles >at B. P..KccsltD.jr' i s •drus store, Resu- ];iir si/.c TiOc a.au ?i. .A woman of. Florence, llo-..'roecmtlj Wircul^acd ']*r tlrnn,k<!ii husilKiml flint sbe would so wMi- Wm ;uid get OTC-IT 'ti'ine 'ho did.. She stuck to •word once !u)d. her 'UnsJ):i.nid !«=< l n drop 'Since. • A PAWIIAL BLOCADH ,o>f itlhe main nA-cuitio for osaipe oif refuse tlio Juiiman «ys*tam ft ubtcrly sub-of •rcerulaiiitiy among the' oilier Ldt iswistijKiitioin. became- cht-oinilc, ^m'd, 'lean-ling' 'tiro 'imraenen.t danger of liin.fl'nimfB'.i.tiion OL" tlae -bowels 'jura! ifhicii- ito'toft obstoucttoa oecndne, jaundice te almost certaiin to cusuo, tlhe 'liilvor 'is liafblie to 'beeoim.0 1 engorged, 'ifh'c blood -niml urine are pol-soocfi by the bile, 'which' also viltiiatx>s the jui.cos or 1(1 I'D- sfomaiL-li, oth(M- uuiiajipy coii- 'foHow. Djostcttcn-'s. Sioma.cli Biiibtors 'ai pvS'nio tonite cltwirtjivo, prc- vcnits OL- romwlios tihoso reisiii'.ts lUid Chair cause, ns ittve case may re-quire.. mind ii(s also Kigmrnlliy cfHea«i'oiis in OTer- foraJBg flaitnlonco, 'beaint.biiml'a.ud -rntl- na -ivaffl as comiHtipaitiwl acuioa of TI: re-aews jwrre power, *lus aipijcitl'iite, steij's 'Hws .proof ocwily decay, a-clicn'OS 'flic in- o'f sigo, aired Is .TI. 'hicw.ltliy Mai!> a day's -work Is lost by sick -caused by Indigestion and gtomach troubles. 'DeWItt'a Little Early Risers are the most- effectual pill for overcoming such', dlffleultlws.-^uo. M. Jobnaton. • Catarrh is • a constitutional disease and roqulres a.coiiBWtatlOTnH:;remedy; .Wae Hood's Sas-Bapmi'lla, wlblch..puri- fies the blood..' ••.•:• Don't trifle away tirae when you "lave 1 cholera inorliua or 'diarrhoea. 71ght:, them in the beginning wK'h -DeWltt^. Colic £. Choicra Cure. Yon don't have to wait for results. Tlwy are instantaneous and. It lea.v.es the .bowels ;!n healthy conditlon.-Jco, M. Johnston. Wb«n Baby w»s nli:k, wijravo hoi- Castorl*. Whoa she was-1 Child. «hii'uri«d.*or Costorlfc Then cfio bcj. ; nino'j}i-«i »hi> i,-!m • i».ui ClilUlnjii'. "1:-.' i--,'"-*UH"n ' WESLEY IN SAVANNAH. Tho Ohuroh in Which Ho Proaehod la Still Standing 1 . For Two Yearn tho I<~«u:ulur of* Mot l,lve<l In Aivorlcii :IK » sri«slon: IJow Ho K»tulilihlicil'tho Fi Sim<l:iy Seliool, The clfiirch in which John Wesley, the founder of ilfthodisci. j)rco.ehed for nOiiTly t.wo years, and ia which he oi 1 - ganixed the .first, Knmiay school, is yet standin,-!' in 'Savannah, (In. • Jfc is-oiu- of many i:ite:-oM, ; n;.;- relics tliat recall old colonial days in the quaint Cicorjj'ian city. Here the severe t.c.adu'T of -the KiS'hU'cnth r.enl.ury taiigiit iht; teneUs o'f Hie'Anii-lifan fair'l! before Iw .led the V'.'a.y for tiie growth o-f wlia.t, is now 1,ho s'i'eond larp-est body o.f (Jliri.sl i:i.ns in. .Amerieu, v.'ii'ix :L uic-in- bcrsliip-of •..(lOO.OOO. Christ church, as it is calk-d to-day. llank.s .lolinsO'ii .sniii;.re at tin: foot of 'Hull street. This bjiildin;;' is the inotli'jr of the lOpiseo'pal communion in l.Ieorjria. The parish was founded soon after i.he SL»f.tleit)c-n't, ot Sav.-iinrjh. hi 1733. Tin- edifice •wa« be.'fu.:: in .17-13, but. not completed until several years, r.fler, when the biiildius' ^"iLs arl^ed to and im- .proved. The founder of Hie church Wits llcv, Ht'.nry riurbert, who came from li'jfT- land with Oen. .lame.s Os'lelhorpe, the founder of the .Georgia eolony. John Wesley siieeoided .ile.rbert iu 1i;:;, r i as rector of the eliurch. where he remained until his return TO Mnjrland two yeurs later. His austere opinions, ascetic ha.bils aad severe discipliuj. 1 wej'o distasteful to his communicants. As the great refoniier said on his reUirn honie, "he preached not as he oug-lit but as he was ab!i-." The results of his work were not altogether sueccss- •fnl. which, was tho cause of the abandonment of his American mission.' It wa.s in this chiH'eh that. .Tohn Wesley established the first, Snr.day school, nearly 50 years before Herbert llajkcs, who is regarded a.s the Jbunder of the ilrsT, Sunday school in Kng-lsnd. opened his f-eiiool ut (Jloiiccstcr. Anion^ tlie duties imposed upon 1h(M 1 om]!Hii!i.ea;n1.s Of (.hrist. clnirch ».t that 1 !av was i-Or.i- iiiilsalory iifcteiidanec of their children at Sunday sehooi. ^vllieh \va« held twice a wee-'!;. The children wero a.rranjfe;! in ela.'-.si's. as is the custom at present." a;ul -ho tca'the.ra were i;r,id a salary of a shilling 1 i: weelc. JJach scholar wns Jfoi-r'ill twins, 'with tlieir magic lanterns and bicyeles. With some members of the cong-ruga- tion the reverend twins found favor; with other members their awakening: : :/" ." r ~*"'. -'T^-i.'r';" 1 ':'.'! J i.;.-.;...-:' .<:-£l?;:Xijifi >> •',;; ,-.; ;:.;:,: ;>:,:;fftf eoni]ji'ilt'<> to ' SAVANNAII. r.ni ;;t Jea-st 011.5 vc-rsc nntl j-eeite (he s;inieat t'he chis:' iiieel-iliS'f:. It. is toii.l of ,Ioh:i V.'cslcy rh:u during- his rectorate at fctv.i;!na.li he adopted :; uuirji'ie Kciieim,' to i.eiu-li his Sujulay scl-.ool jinpils Uie silliiifn; of vanity. .•Vj]K>iii4' his pupils were many who h;id to (,'a barefoot, froiv hieJ; oC inojicy to buv shoes. Those, v, ho wore .shoes ••;.;ii;::ted ifte less fo-rttin:i.'U\ \\>s!ey was i .((iiiel; to grn?p the sii-untioii, and at tho ncNt- cla^s mecMnj* he appeared in biu'e. feet'.. Hf 'was indiltcrent to tlie »i s Vis:iUoii ho e:-eri.te(l by this odd k-sson, biit eoijtimied 1o contliiet his.ehiw urcet- ingK in b;:re feet, un!.il the fiistidio-.is pupils lilcewise u.bnudoned tlieir »hoes r.-il :; toekiTi I-;;,, :ind coa.°ed tanntin tlinir uompaiKons. The interior o{ Christ church is in- tcrcslbfr- 'Wie chancel .railing-, table nml stalls are ha.iul.saniely earved an tique oa-k, and the let-torn and fonta.ro \corks ot art. Its exterior is of a.Koinan Ionic type, and imposing in appearance. '. • ' VERY MEAN INDEED. I "DROTJIUn STANVi'OOD HAS REI PKXTED." ! mctiioiis >\'( i j-(! deemed sonu^vhut out of i order. 11. is due. tho twins to ?:iy Unit they ci-ouu'fl n .sensation at least. Ainoiiff tliu nicmberS of tlie congrecfa- tion of (Irnco uhiircli \vho opposed vhe twins and (heir cvanffrlistie t-fforts was ex-Alderman K. \Y. SUinwcod, of the Thjrlcentli Avard. A fcAv d;iy.s n-jro th«' twins received ;i elicclc on the l-'irsfc n.ilionu.l lj:ink for $2.1 incased in the followinpf note: Jly Dearly Ec-loved Tv.-ins: I fr-ol Occply pained that in the past I have boon oppOKOd to your cltorts. To .itonc for my sinful ways I inclose you a circle for fSS. E. W. STAXWOGD. It AVK« therefore only natural that the twins; AVCTC surprised, ]2ach seized one CIK! of ihe clieolc and looked at the Jig-urcs upon it. Puilsing their eyes to the xenitlr lliey cxclajjned in mingled ostonishuicnt and surprise: "TAvcnry-iive dollars!" So pleased nnd so surprised \vere they that they told llev. W. C. irc> : .T.ul, pastor of the ehnreh. Rev. JIivMeKaul looked at the slip of paper for a moment and then Kaid: "*erhnps the check is bogus." The parry went direr;! ly to the home O'f Mr. St.'inwood. TJic cx-uldermiin received them cordially and asked them to be seated. They sat down and began in choni.s,: "U't: were so glad to reeci*e your let- tor." "My letter?" returned Stamvood in surprise. "And your check.'' added the twins. . "My L-hcpk?. I do not n:-.dorsi:a:i<i you." Tho letter ;ir(l chock were then shown to the i-x-ald'crr.inn. "is that not your signature?" asked the- pair. ".It i.s not," answered Stauwcud. For the third linu 1 four eyes were raised to 1hi" ceil-inc;', aril Iwp roiees, -tilled Avilh fi-ripf and d^L'.iinointment, sen!, forlh this incbncholy i-ry: "It is l.-o.cu:;!" • The rpu-stion nov,- T.irri:.lp\-ii-.g the moral tAvii-.K" is: Yriw p(.-:-j,L".i-am.l the diaboiica! p!ol? IVh.i raised their ho])es only to das-'li tiu'in down in frug 1 men l.s? Two bicycles, m aimed each liy 'a moral -v.-i:i, are spinnin.^- over the v-.'est .side, inouirin;!- for the forgvr. As yet nothing has developed. LIKES THE TELEPHONE. That Tired Feeling Makes you sccnv "all broken up," ivlth- out life, ambition, energy or appetite, It is oltcn the forerunner of serious illness, or the accompaniment of nervous troubles. It is a positive proof of tbin, weak, impure blood; for, if the blood is rich, red, vitalised and vigorous, it imparts life and energy to every nerve, org.-m and tissue of the body. The necessity of taking Hood's Sarsaparilla for that tired feeling i'3 therefore apparent to every one, and the gpod it will do you beyond question, Kcmembcr L'lirej;dtiorato Sinnor Saniln Bogus Check to T'*o Evrtngoliats. ; • The Moi-rill tw.ins, :i couple, o'fcccen- tric. evang-e'lists', Avbo comliine preaching, imi8-ie : huiteni displays .qnd bicycle riding 1 , a.re on the Aval-path after some unrcgenerate party, who has sent them a bog'us check, and furthermore, as it were, buried a. hatchet for and .taken in. vain the name of a, dis- ting-nialied Chicng-o citizen. According- to the Inter. Ocean i*was like this: 3!cv. W. C. JiIcNan), pastor.oC Grace Baptist church, corner of Kedxic and Fulton streets,' concluded about a couple of months ago that his cong-re- g-ation. needed some waking'-np, some revival, so to spQnk. so lie hired. Hie SICK Positively cured by tliese Little Pills. They nlro relieve Distresa from Dyspepsia, Indigestion and Too Hearty Eating. A perfect renicdy. for Dizziness, Nausea, • Drowsiness, Bad Taste in the Mouth, Coated Tongue Painin the.Side, TORPID LIVER.' They -Regulate the Bowels. Purely Vegetable. Small PHI. Small Dose. ; Small Price. An Intiiui: Ui'C.', It to Co.-nsnmii His Wife.-. The Indians .of the far northwest, like most, others of their raee, aro superstitious and' much afraid of. d roams: btit their contact Avith a. very pro- prc.Hsivo community of Avhi.te people, has familiari/,c<l them with some of the mechanical appliances of an advanced civilization, even, while they remain wider tho influence of their old superstitious notions. Tbe Spokane. Spokosuian-lveviiiw tells the .story of: an incident iu the courthouse there Avhich aptly illustrates this £act. A Key. Perie Indian, Wc-la-Kowit by name, wa.s suramoned as a \vjtn-css at a reasiit session of the United States court at Spokane. We-la-Kowit had to AT THE TELEPHONE. wait some'lime for his uirn to give his testimony, and went-out into the-corridor and lay down. Soon he fell asleep. In his sleep lie dreamed of liis wife and children. Just, what, he dreamed does not. appear, but. tJic drenm was so vivid that, the. Indian was seized on. awaking wit.U the fact, that somethjng- was ha.ppcniiifT to bis family, who wen: in Lewiston, l.daho, 300 miles away. \Vc-l:i-Kowit rose "without -delay and soufrbt His Jon^-distJinee telephone in t.he'courtbouse. ' His wife was',itapl.ie.e, in Lowistou where, a telephone was ac-' cessiblc. • H'a eallcci up Lewiston with good, vigorous "licl'ios" in the Eng-lish lang-u'rifre n.n<l succeeded in inducing' t!l0 operatoi- in .that city -to sommori. Ill's. We-Ja-Kowis to the ijsstrumcnt, .' She ean:e. and then the xi.w of Indian- Ens'lish cea.?ed. A Ions'.and aiTection- nte "u-a-wa" beffan in the Xiz Perec toiig'tic—which tong-ue perhaps the telephone );ad never .before..transmitted, if, indeed, it had over transmitted any lu.njrun.rjc-. na.tive to tbo soil of the United States. J At last the talk- ended an'd We- la-Kow.it bur.;! «p thE transmitter." The regular operator, who hatl heard. this "wa-\va'.'. but could..understand, no word pi!' ir, could 1 n'ot restrain her ctiri- ositv to know whethex Uie Indian's dreum had been a "warning." "Mrs. Kowit all rirrlit?" she asked. The Indian nodded;his hend. .' ' ..-. "The little Kowits all rifflit?" "All 'all rifrht," answered the Indian. "Me heap.glad." . . . . ; Sarsaparilla Istlie bcst^lvi f:ict the One True Blood Purifier. ff - .. T-\*II curo1ivt:ri]ls,c:isyiotake v tlOOU S Pi I IS easy to operate. 25 cents. THE Muosoo Tfpewfiief Is a Good Machine. 4 lilgb standard of excellence. Man? -users ot tbe "Munson" consider It THE iBEST. You will find it a valuable asslstsut In, jour or- . (Ice. Address for particulars THE MUNSON TYPEWRITER CO- 2iO-24*.'WcHt I^kc St.. Chicago, III. Greatest Discovery or the Cenmry. ' Dr. ToaRise'n NEW UK11IIDY tCTl AJr CHlairrli, AsUiuns !ln<J a!1 Pnlmonary Diseases. It lias no equal »« Sick and Nervo , . fl'e annunllv from tbe- above nnuiuc i'.ioeapus. w ">' ralf'-i 1 anil die, when Mp«ica:wJ Air Is -!?nariateee, to cure. you. iiK Co., , Ind., TJ. S. A. Tlie Logansprt Humane Society (JKCORPOEATEB.) For the Prevention of Cruelty to ' Women Children and Animals E.S. Ricc—Frc*. Gno. W. Wjiltcrs— Sec. .J ,T. Hil(lc1>r:inilt— Trpas. W. JC. Uishop— Hunuvno Officer, E.' S. Rice. J. C. HarMer. F, C. Coolbough Hoo W 'Walters, J- J- HUdelirandt, Pe«k<?il .Tustlcs. isaah Adams. 5IK..W. D. F.ratt 3frs. .7. N. NetT. Telephone So. 30. Resort f ases ot cruelty to Seeretnrj. . TIMETABLES. -'•-):;ii^7',v.s.r.-.''i .•strir.i ^ Leave for Chlcnpo 3:15uir; 5:00am; ]:)opm- 2-uOp m;4^0rm \rrlve fromCbtoigo 12^0am; 12:00 p in; I:OU p nu 2-10 pni; 0:15 p in, leave for BradfOid 1:00 n m; 7:50 a in; 2:15 p nip Arrive fr- m'Sfadford S:00 a m; 12ii5 p in: J :IO p m, Lenve for EHiicr 8:00 n in; S:SO h m; 2:05 j> m. Arrive from Kffner 1-.45 a m; 1:051> m; *i* P m. Leave lor Bicumoad 1:05 um;6:45am;lJ.Opro; Arrive")roni'Vclimond 2;55 a m;llK)0.im; JSO- • pm:H£0 pm. ' Leave for Louisville 12:55 «.m; l;0j p m. Arrive from Louisville BKK ti m; 1 £5 p m. WEST BOUND. " :;;-,. 5 iocn' FrelKlit. uccom dally ei SDn.ClaiO p ni 3 ,st. Louis limited dallj, 'old no. 43'.. „ 1034 p m. 1 J'usl MB« daily. 'Old uo47'-~« ----- -•- I'' ' £m 7 Knnsns City pxpress-dallj 'o!« no 4V_ b-.lo p m- 5 ''ac express dailj ex fcun 'old no <5'...10:19 a m ^o. EAST BOTJTTO. ....-.'..-' 2 N 'S A Boston Urn d dally ^Olil no 42., 2rfl a m, (I Fust insll diiltj 1 . -n:d.no 4U...-.;.........':'rfS a m 4 AUautlc Urn daily, ex ion J .oW.ao 14.. -i:,>2 p m H Local tit. A ccoro.-dn!!j ex-SOn.: ....... Ii 50 p IK BEL RIVER DIVISION, . ' WEST BOUND. N'o S5 arrlvi- ...-»..- .............. • ........ — •• NoSTarrlvo .................................... BAST BOUND. No 31! leave... ......... . ........... •-• ....... ,Vo8i iffltva ....................... : ....lOiW'a m ... 2 35 p m, lfM5 a m .... 331) p m' TKAINS LEAVE LOGANSPORT. IXD. -.. FOR THE .NORTH, . , No 6 i ' SUoseph, datlj ei Snnd!iy.,..in^l a m. No U for St Joseph, dally ex Sund.iy..... 0:15 a m No 8 ex Sunday for Sout/i send 8 35 p m No S baj.tlirongli parlor car, Indiiuiapollsto SOUTH No 13 lins throuxh parlor car, indIanapoll»TlaColl;ix. o 13 'dally except Sunday.:......,.., ........ $:55 p m • Ji-or conipl«t» time card, givlnv all tralna and BUtloM, »nd for full Information «* to r«,te§, through cam, etc.. address , ' j. cT EDGE WORTH, Agent. Lcganiport, Ind. Or EJ. X Ford. G«n»rai A«rat, Bt Loutt, Mft . .•'.-• '•'•:':\5.t--Mi-::s.i" : !.-::•. i&'i^i'^Z-'Z'^

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