Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 15, 1954 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, September 15, 1954
Page 3
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WUr-fWri-," T? ' r " - Vii j^'^iTFg/j* <•' "*' •-- \ ;,>:. t s ; „ _.. -< j - -, - MOM STAft, HOFB, ARKANSAS Tueiday, Septefftfee*- 14, Boyle Continued frott P&g e On* there are only four types of women he should go back to kindersarl.wi and get a post-graduate cduca- |Uon." wrote one, "Every woman is a different type." PRESCOTT NEWS Rainbow Garden Club Meets serve on the float committee. Dewey Stripling, program ehair- The Rainbow Garden Club met'man, introduced Walter Hirst, Asoh Wednesday evening at the picnic sistant post master, who gave an ground at the home of Mrs. Ellis interesting and informative talk on Nineteen mothers wrote in offer| stewart president, for a business!"Pastor Service. ing to divorce their husbands or| meetlng witn Mrs Gene Lec and | otnei . g uests included Rev. W. D. neighbors' daughter , , , or thing | MJ . S G ar i an( j ^ ore hostesses. j Golden and Bill Gordon who were If they proved unsatisfactory Dave, they their fil<!CCS ' for the fair were 'also discussed. ,_, ,. i Plans were made for the clubs guests of Bryan Ritchie. said they could recommend ' float for lhc Annual County Fair — — daughters , . or their parat j 0 an d xiowers arrangements Most of the letters, hnwever, Were from the girls themselves From Maine to California the burden of their song was the same: 'I am not beautiful but everybody says 1 am attractive • although I can't se where. I can cook and sew and I earn my own way in the world, but I ncvar meet 'anybody who is looking for tho right girl. Every bum I meet is looking for Hie wrong kind of girl." Several notes cams from men. At the close of the meeting ice cream and cake were served to Mrs. Howard Graham, Mrs. Nat Wooslcy, Mrs. D. W. Durham, Mrs. Roy Duke, and Mrs. Watson Ward. Walter Hlrat .Lions Club Speaker / Prescott Lions Club held their regular weekly luncheon meeting Thursday at the-Lawson Hotel with the president.Carroll Bratlon pre- uwvt-xui iiirb^o gallic liuf'.l nidi. * * A man of 70 suggested that Dr.vr j siain S at thc business session at come to the Ozarks as the girls which tirnc J )lans wcl-c formulated there were real virile and hardy f° r lne clubs float for the fair par'- adc. Wallace Sage, Paul Heilt, and Dcwcy Stripling were appointed to Robert Freese demonstrates a ?rJter,,,whleh ls>ready to serve composers, arrangers, usic>iJf inters'with legible scores much faster than ith,'jS ,$W.. The compact unit, Invented by Robert Francisco, Calif., has 33 keys,and all the essential characters for musical notation. SUSPECT Lawrence Nelson C«Ci"i)hl I'M by Hugh Lowitnct Nelwo, PUttllinleJ li| NEA S«>k>, Inc. *• j - r k , . . ., Detective forma, dear." returned from "°» c ^ hin S moie, Is requ.jr.t- "Maybe you can tell me what i'i "to 'act J> ln £ronl ° r a11 lho rncn>8 n: '(jot mother-in-law. Wister, :• anything to the t - wlon. Jim Dunn 6f the t'raf- * ^ , \Vestwcodj and '.rnountains on "il$M,hV< bride. He felt •'^"^/'the rest of his her., -fiuilt on , a ,. t .M^oxtfiiK only fivo toast-colored sandals fjqece coat, ' perfectly Skjrt'-pf- Navaio yaliow and ;pe,a5a'nt . blouse ' with and yejlpw a -w <?w - 'the pyclets .4ecK,/She showed-no fw? ^j» hasty,;;job> she- had Unrooting,' their .belongings *— -- 1 — -••'• 'sn.ej-lmd only ... over the 'Njjnoy, , would Jim smiled, what the imes stands for" "Certainly. It stands for Juniper. From thc old Juniper mine above Fairplay. Grandpa, or great-grandpa if you waul to be completely accurate, swindled somebody out of i the Juniper claim and started the Carlson fortunes.' And just to tie things up neatly, the willow switch, which now rates newspaper articles as the Carlson Conscience, was cut from the creek-bank on the claim." "Must be pretty'well dried up by j*now, Oh, I get'it," he went on cjuickly as his wife smiled. "So is the Carlson conscience—with a little c" "Right. But go on with your part," Jim chuckled, then sobered instantly, launched Into thc facts gathered from his telephone talk. "A man, a Gregory Stonom<m, was found dead beside thc swimming pool of the Carlson place in San Francisco. Fractured skull. There were two used highball glasses on a nearby table. The man's fingerprints were on both glasses, and only, his. The death was investigated by the San Francisco police with Captain Steve Johnson himself taking charge, You've heard You're "from climbing the hills.' Another fellow In Flint. Mich., said held found and married a wonderful girl while driving a beat-up 194!) Chovrnlt. He offered to trade this "good luck car for Daves Cadillac, plus "a couple of thousand dollars to boot, I though*, thc most interesting letter came from a female who said Dave didn't interest her at all but she sure would like to nuzzle up to his parrot. It was signed "sincerely a parakeet. Dave himself VPH Virginia, them rea-iiy in a David "Heft; but he may not come \5own your chimney-was snowed down with so many proposals one girl from California even mailed her fathers Dun '& Bradstreet rating he finally sent -me a one word telegram 1 . "Help:" Personally girls!, Id concentrate on the boy next door. Somctmes n guy whos near and OjsarmiP.;? is bolter than prince charming fnr away. • After going through his flood of mail Dave • still isif: sure he's Among those who attended the Prcscott-Bearden football game in Bearden Thursday night were Mr. and Mrs. Bill Ward, Mrs. Bill Dail, Mrs. T. U.-Moberg, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Scott, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hobey, Mr. anrl Mrs. Trosie Formby, Mrs. lloyd Arnold, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Woowlcy, Dr. and Mrs. D. R. Moscloy, Mr. and Mrs. Jesr, Hays, Mrs. Clive McClelland, Dr. and Mrs. Jack Harrcll. Mr. and Mrs. Dick Bright, Percy Moss, Miss Margaret Johnson, Gene Lcc, BJu Avcry. Rev. and Mrs. W. D. Golden. Charles Yarbrough left last week attend omy. Kemper's Military Ac ad Mr. and 'Mrs. Gordon Danner accompanied Pvt. Joe Don Danner to Fort Lewis, Washington on Thursday. Pvt. Danner will sail soon for duty in Japan. Mr. and Mrs. Grisham have been recent visitors in Baton Rouge. Miss Hazel Matlock has returned from Corpus Christi, Texas where she was the guest of relatives. Mr. and Mrs. H. H. McKcnzic were Thursday visitors ill Hot Springs. Mr. and Mrs. 11. E. Dorris have had as their guests, Mrs. Idcll Crank and Mrs. Helen Stuart of Longview. Jimmy Cole, who has spent thc sUnimur in Houston, Texas, arrived Thursday for a visit with his parents, Mr. anil Mrs. J. A. Coie, before reporting tor induction. Mrs. C. D. McSwaln and Miss Ann McSwain motored to Little for Bounevillc, Mo. where lie will!Rock Thursday where Ihcy mot Mrs. W. P. Combs and daughter, Jan, who were returning from a months stay in Guam. They will be joined this week by Lt. Combs and after a visit in the McSwain home, will go to El Dorado to reside. day where Southern Arkansas Bap' tist leaders are planning a sufn,mcr encampment ,site. Hershel Johnson has returned to Shreveport after spending the weekend with relatives. Mrs. C. A. Haynes has returned from Houston where she has been the guest of her daughter, Mrs. Ray Rome and family. Mrs. O. J. Stephcnson.has returned to Conway after a visit with relatives. Rev. Wesley Lindsey attended a. conference a I Lonsdalc on Thurs Sleepless? —because of Acid Stomach? Eat 1 or 2 Turns at bedtime—to neutralize acid fast! Still only TUMS FOR THI TUMMY T. V. Charlie by "Vic" Cobb O. K. Charley! Let's give that guy a good job . . . You know we guarantee all our work. COBB'S Radio & TV Service Phone 7-2598 found the right j?irL Maybe IIP needs tims to think it over . .He says himself maybe that's true •He's been thinkiiif- about one letter I relayed to him. The girl wrote: "If your friend -has all that money, and is worried over whether the girl he finally marries ically loves him for hinislef alone well, how will he ever really know?" of him" "Prpbably," Nancy said. always 'talking 'about cops. Oh, I know. He's the one you met at Hoi'soshoe Lake 'here in Colorado" "Right. At any rate, the investigation brought out no facts thut \yerO , inconsistent with the death b'oing 'due to a drunken fall." 1 "If. the, San Francisco police are satisfied, so am I. I suppose your client told you this" , "I -phoned Captain Johnson." ' "You don't trust this Mrs. Kit Carlson" "No reason I shouldn't," Jim said. He amended the statement. "Or maybe there is one reason. Miss Wister doesn't like her." They started up the Turkey CrQek grade before she spoke-. ''Jim, Miss Wister is in love with you, isn't she" . Dunn almost missed the first hairpin turn, "For hpo,ve,n's sake! Nflncy, «re you .going to be the kind of wife who thinks all wo'mon are after her husband" "Of course," Nancy said placidly, "It compensates for qriy doubts any sanity in tyin« myself Top Radio Programs "NEW YORK iff) Selected' pro' grams tonight: NBC 6 It happens to You, "Like Father. Not Son"; 0:30 Dragnet, new time; 8:30 Listen to Wasliingtin. .CBS 5.30 Choraliers; 0:30 Stop the Music; 7:30 Amos and Andy Records, . . ABC 5:30 , Silver Eagle; 7 Town Meeting "Business Men in History.". . . MBS G:30'Highigh Adventure;- 7:30 The• Search. "Premature Babies." t V 8 t fr-flmod -'Whip lha.t q one mn«," Jim said, "that's a confusud. Bui don't t, J3ut to got baqk t(J San Frun- '^cb Tho dpath was finally writ- ft ^lown us ncckU-ntnl. Th%,wan, ^'Ogory Stonymun, \\fys Qi^ployed its n, sarrtxiiu-r ou the, est|ito. I fejgs tint's nbout all," .,', i^pon't 'tit, |lke thut," Nan'ojj said 1{ he »fas a "inrctenyr, wjijt wns 10 'jloing at the swiinn\ui^ pool Al(id.f»'hy the used elassess,siih 4 e evidence of some sort of I guppoae this gardener was hand- J. Hiltpn Carlson." "Let's see if 1 can spell it' out for: myself," Nancy said slowly. "Scandal and .gossip about Mrs. Kit. She hires us to gel some dirt on her ..mother-in-law. A counteroffensive obviously. Are Mrs. Kit and her new husband separated" 'INot to my knowledge," Jim said. "They weren't together in the office, but he's in the back- grouncflat least. No. I'd say mama- in-law is just doing her best to break things up. Must be that, or wo wouldn't have been hired to—" "Spy" Nancy suggested. She waited a moment for Jim to express his dislike of thc word. When hd kept still, she went on, "Of course Mrs. Hilton may be protecting her son from a murderess." "Happy thought," Jim admitted. "We have a lot of things to find out." • • . ' l;)U!ji: "Some mess," Nancy said. "If'there wasn't'a mess," Dunn said carcfullly, -"clients wouldn't bother hiring a private detective. Incidentally, did I tell you we're supposed to be caretakers And that mnybe you'll find a Cow little things to do around the house for Mrs. Kit" "Oh,, brother," Nancy said. "Now that really sounds good! A cpminuulion of our honeymoon, you siiid." "Don't be like thnt," Jim said. It sounrlecl rather a weak remark, oven to him. lie blow 'the hqrn on a blind 'curve, kept blowing it just for a break in that line of talk, Nancy pulled ins hand away at last. "I. suppose the whole Carlson tribe is waiting i'or us" "Well, no, 1 Jim admitted. "Yeg. Unfortunately Jqr our cl^nt. Partlcuarly since gvc eliewt w$s alone jn tlw house at the twiH. 41one. that is, wU h one vitally important exceptipn. Mrs, Qel^tj-ap, the cook. She swore that Mrs. Kit h«4 npj, ten h,er rooms had not gone swimming, hated swimming fact, ap(d never went near thc njng PQ9J- Captain Johnson 't, breaH^b,or ^tq^" , a peasant mess," yojj •-'• in SP j 8 ipt what "- * 1 "We're supposed to drive to Creek Junction, a little place on a side highway. Wu pick up keys there. Our client 'bought' a place this afternoon. A place-adjoining, or a part of the Carlson estate. But look at the papers. They're all there in the glove compartment." Nancy pulled open the compartment. The envelope of papers was weighted down by Jim's bolstered .45. "Can't carry it any more," Jim reminded. "A new state law prohibits private operatives from carrying concealed weapons." Nancy had tho papers out, was using thc dash light for a quick study. "Plenty of instructions," she admitted. "And a deed, Jim. In the name of Mrs. Gelstrap." "The. cook in the casci" Jim salt} needlessly. "And the previous owner, J. Carlson,, Something's wrong In Addition to Saving Time . .-•'. and Saving Money . . . You Receive a Valuable S&H Green Stamp With Every Dime Spent at Piggly And don't forget- you get DOUBLE S&H Green Stamps Wednesday. SHORTENING 3 ^ 751 HI-C STOKLEYS CREAM STYLE — GOLDEN 46 Oz. Can 303 Can IVORY SOAP 2 "sr 27c GI-ADIOLA CAKE 3 Pkg. IVORY SOAP 2 r s 15c IVORY SOAP 4 p ir' 22c Ivory Flakes 30c Large Pkg. IVORY SNOW 30c Large Pkg. BEST PRODUCE IN TOWN RED Potatoes CELLO Bag SUNKIST Lb, CAMAY SOAP 2 Reg. Bars LAVA SOAP mm Pars ' mK^^ w TIDE OXYDOL CHEER DREFT JOY SPIC & SPAN P&G SOAP LO P?£ 30c Large 3Q C 30c 30c Large Pkg. Large Pkg. Large Bottle ^ ag . 25c 2 For 17c CAMAY SOAP DUZ large Pkg. 30c WI RI§IRY ; IJ^JJSWT TO>W¥'T BEST ME>TT IN TOWN MAPLECREST WILSON'S FAMILY STYLE THICK SLICED 2 Lb. Pkg. irade A A f 1 o"^ 1.39 ARMOUR'S ^W |^P |^Pfl^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^K ^^ ^^^^ Our Doily I Bread f Sliced Thin by The Editor j ;;... ^Alexi H» Wa»hbufrt The Twin Cities of Texarkana Fall Out on Water Question JEugene Hart, 11-year-old Brooklyn boy who stowed away on the Jijftier United States for a free round- 1 ffip between New York and London, had his day on television when he got home. That there was a certain amount of stage-management can be deduc* ed'frpm the fact that Mamma Hart is a receptionist for a New-York advertising agency. Anyway, the Hart brat got up before the TV cameras and told a coast-to-coast audience that the reason he ran away from home was tecause his grandmother, with vhorri he and Mamma live, threw Star &h6w6fS lid fWUnVrestf Btt Expetirneht cftffly at 8. 6. m. , High 97, Lew 55TH YEAR: VOL. 55 — NO. 282 Star •» H«t* tit*, toil 1*4J mv MOPE, ARKANSAS* WtDNlSDAY, SiPT EM§tR IS, 1944 ! 1M AMotloUd Pnto t, MM •««•*• Av. N«* MM Clrel. 1 Mot, tndlftft Marth II, Hempstead Is' Declared Drouth Eden to Paris to Seek f rend Attitude on New Pact Plan; Dulles to Germany for Talks By CARL HARTMAN ; a knife at him. Mamma shook the story-teller I hard—but it wasn't until the next day's newspapers came out that a startled audience learned the knife was only a rubber plaything. Mr. Eugene Hart, 11, had most Americans on his side when lie stole aboard the big ship and copped a free ride to see the world. ' But after that knife story, told t fore utter strangers, we now ow 'Gene for just what he is— A spoiled brat. WASHINGTON W) Thirty additional Arkansas counties have been declared drought disaster areas by Secretary of Agriculture Benson bringing to 07 the total counties so designated. • • Only one of that stales 75 counties Arkansas County has not applied for federal drought aid. Benson also designated 03 counties as drought areas in five other states Colorado. Missouri. Oklahoma, Texas and Wyoming. He made no announcement regarding pleas for aid for Mississippi or Tennessee. The nswly declared drought counties in Arkansas are: fey DONALD J, GONZAUES WASHINGTON (U1?) -•<- Secre , tary: of State John foster Dulles will fly tonight to Germany and With Rome-tackled: Paris today in half of the Churchill governments , on . will fly directly Bonn, new e urc oe nian in Vn\M W P «it German 'capital of West Germany, for taiKS plan to enlist west uerman j- it nnra n Arinnniier. troops in the defense of Western Europe. with Chancellor Jtonrad He'' wiU leave tonight at ;j 6 ™ p .' ' '«M • n P- m. EDT and is expected : to Eden expressed confidence >" « £ rr i ve , !n Bonn at 2:30 p.,m., _ t —^__ _ u i. it. .% I I**. *-. ••*/! TJ^f Q»inVl • w * * t . •""»••«• •*•*"• f - •.-, . statement that he and French Premier. Pierre Merides-Frarice, who met him at La Bourget Air- Bonn time tomorrow. ; ;, After''talking with the W6st German leader he will fly ;' j;to were raised by- the death .of the European Defense -.Community treaty last month at -.the;hands., of' the French National " Asked Minister Winston Churchill and F$reign Minister Anthony Eden. 7 -'., •''". Dulles will leave • London F.rl- . day. night and fly home .to the c$p- Hope and Nashville and DeQueen can recess their slugging match over Millwesd dam and enjoy a laugh over 'a strictly home-town fight on the water question in the- twin cities of Texarkana. Texarkana is two political entities, one in Texas and the other in Arkansas—but one water system # rves both. The Texas side, reckoning on a time when the twin cilios will have a water crisis of their own, wants to arrange for a pipeline to either Texarkana reservoir on Sulphur river or to Red river. But the Arkansas side, according to the vote of its city council this week, says it'll play the situation just as it is—meaning, no doubt, it won't cross any bridge until the river has run dry. ^Texarkana. is proving to the rest Of us that the only thing worse than a city short of water is two cities with a state line down their middle. Ashley, Bradley, Calhoun. Chicot, j visited Clark, Cleveland, Columbia, Cross,'" Dallas, Des-ha, Drew Hempstead, Jackson, Jefferson, Lafayette, Lee Lincoln, Little • River, Lonoke, Miller, Monroe, Nevada; Ouachita, Phillips, Poinsett, Prairie, Pulaski. St. Francis, Union and Woodruff. Arkansas counties'asking for aid, but still not eligible are Clay, Craighead, Crittenden, Green, Lawrence, Mississippi and Kan- riolph. on. .t en- McCuistion Warns of •Court Cases LITTLE ROCK (/P) Ed McCuistion, assistant''st'ate education com- missionnr for instruntipnal services, yesterday called upon the Supreme Court to "remand its pending school cases back to the districts Involved." ' (: -'i? McCuistion said that such action Would "give us time to work this thing but" with grass .roots'demo- ^j^acy and it will' work out better 'than you think." The educator warned that an attempt to put an end to segregation "too fast" might force the South to "give up and stnrt over again." , "School districts should plan their programs on the basis of what both white and Negro patrons want," McCuistian said. .McCuislion said lie was "encouraged" by tho display of co- €perativo planning he had seen uring speaking engagements at churches, schools meetings and civic clubs. He said he had talked with more <han : j ..OOO persons during the past 90 days. - . "The co-operative attitude of Negro parents who honestly are seeking better education facilities lor their children will gain more than all the court sutlK brought by loud rablerousers who are trying ;6 win a place in the sun for „ icmselves or some political organization," he said. B&PW Club of Prescott in 10th Year The Prescott B. & P. W. Club al its regular meeting Tuesday night had a celebration of its tenth anniversary. The Club was formed ten years ago with 20 charter members Miss Marguerite Burt now of Lit tie Rock was the first: President Mrs. Marie Chamberlain* president presided over the meeting and the welcome" address tcf the -Hope Arkadelphia and Presqott Club with their guests. M,is5 Claric Cannon of. Hope gave' th^Tfesponse ance torth Atlantic -.-•;Treaty .on, Eden\repUe4>' Organiza- i'led will be H. Struve Hensel, as- of . Defense. to the critical situation over arming Western Germany re and , .,-,.- .. „ ^ . . . , t iHiil*»*fi tf^.ofcv<i»* *^ •*•» «.. — ..„ .-.--"I think that'What Miava soid-iS' th(J quest i on O f the free German nough." ,;.-, :-,' ;- : .-- •'•.-• His .statement' recalled that he .ad been in sey.er.ali;cnpitols. and hat in reaching Paris:, he felt -he vas almost at hpmc.V DR, DOLPH CAMP. Dr.DolphCamp to Lead Stocks Show Parade Leading the annual Third Dlstric . . Livestock Show parade here Thurs government's sovereignty. ./|<_ day> September 30, at 3'p. m. will The- fast-ilying secretary :i [Oi fae Dr Dolph Can;lpf president.-b state, who arrived .here only Mon- S( $ uthern statc College of Magnolia day morning from a Far Eas.tetn .,. wag announced today by the Par . . 'trip Where he negotiated "All free Europe is In. one sense g ou theast Asian defense treaty, horhe," he saidi He said he had found agreement • (also will be accompanied-by: Livingston T. Merchant, assist- verywhero .aftd he was certain ha an t Secretary of State; , Robert Bowie, head of the State Depart:, policy planning ' staff; <3b- .vould find agreement in .France, oo. He recalled that he an d |Jlltl-v ^ ,,„„„., ^— „ _.—. j Mendes-Fiance had'i solved other. jj urn Kidd, officer in charge 'Vof difficult problems together, ap-| German political affairs; Ben Darently referring to their cootfera-, Moore, head of the department's ion, at the Geneva Conference, vhere an armistice was devised :o end the fighting in ^Indochina. Eden chatted smilingly with European regional affairs; and Hod O'Connor, special assistant to Dulles. The secretary's radio-TV Three Americans Released by Chinese Describe Horrible 18 Months in Bug-Infested Jail 'llLHNvJv Jn.V_/iNvr \*J J ***•* v?t tneriein war correspondent t and .young U.S. merchant sea -dap- ain returned to freedom and day- Ight today from in months in dark, bed-bug infested jail cells in ted China. The three former United Press Correspondent Richard Applegate, International News Set-vice Writer Donald Dixon and Capt. Ben Krasner said their Communist captors 1. Never permitted thm to see daylight during the entire year and one-half of tholr captivity. ; 2, Never permitted them to communicate and did not even indicate to'any of them whether the others f Fewer'Duck Hunters WASHINGTON, (UP) The fish and wildlife service reported today that the sale of duck stamps, Itt Arkansas for the 1053«S4 season was 45,625 below the number sbld for the 1932-53 season. The total sold during the fiscal year ending last June 30 was 25,460,' compared with 61,091 at the same time last year. « The service said that for 1he 48 state, Alaska, the distant of Cal- umbla, Hawaii, Puerto .Rico ' and the Philatelic agency in Washing* ton, D. C., this year's total was u»ii» :;.*.K& Million Ac Mendes-France as they ( walked to t j onw j se report tonight (8:45 p. their cars. , EDT) on the new Southeast Asi| The foreign secretary headed Defense Treaty was recorded a^_ first to the British Embassy and filmed this morning for delivery then, within a-few minutes, to the tonight, French Foreign Ministry. to begin talks with Mondesi-Fiance. Since his departure from London Saturday,, Eden has won quick and hopeful support for his plan from the leader? of -Weit. Germany.' , . ftajy and the Benelux trio-Belgium ^Netherlands and Lfotembqjfrg Miss Bnr£ was the guest speake and gave the purpose of the B. & P. W. Club as well as the objec tives as they are- being achieved Then she told of, "What the Pres cott Club had done to promote Bus iness & Professional Women in th past ten years." Mrs. Dudley Gordon presented dinner music with Conrad White singing solo numbers. Those present from the Hope B. & P. W. Club were, Miss Rosa Harrie, President, Miss Clarice- Cannon, Mrs. Louise Griffin, State Pro : gram Co-ordinator, Mrs. Doris Dunn, Mrs: LiaVeta MoQser, Mrs. Martha Stephenson, Miss Elsie Gentry, Mrs, Hazel Adams, Mrs. Camille Thompson and Mrs. Nona Cofield. Mrs. Eileen Johnson, Sou- question mark. As a replacement for EDC's? qne- uniform, pix,n 3 t i 6 n European Army, the British propose to ! link a rearmed Wdst Germany a. n d Italy to the Brussels iriutual defense pact signed in 1943 by Britain, France and the three Benelux nations. The expanded alliance presumably would operate under the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, which- has taken over, the military phases of the. Brussels pact, f he big problem appeared to be .whether France . .whose' ParJi&meni voted, more than two years ;ago against admitting Germany jnto NATO —now;.would accept such an • arrangement;' • ' The British plans for its expan sion reportedly call, for' each na /. .. * » • - . thwest District Chairman of Texar-i tibn.' to retain its tirtna nation kana was present. There were 95 members and iuests there to help celebrate their ;enth anniversary. Ii . . forces, rather, than EDC s ,poolmt under a' supranational orgamza tion to which so many Frenchmen objected. The British plan also would permit the extension . to West Germany oi Nato's joint lnte~ Mrs. Ida Cook, 97, Dies Near Columbus TJ • • •. . „ , , m tal organization. EDC did not pro Mrs. Ida Mary Cook, aged 97, a vide tnat _ i . national planning, training and supply programs. The British scheme offers a so lution to one Freribh demand — that Britain associate her^etf equally with France as a balanc to West Germany in the cintinen native of ;Alaba'rria', died'Tuesday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. T. F Edwards of near Columbus. She is survived by one son, S. D. Cook of Shreveport. ' Funeral services, in charge of Herndon-Cornelius Funeral Home, will be held at the El Dorado Methodist Church Thursday at 2 p. m. Traffic Violations Continue to Plague Police A.three-way accident, theft of mo « ey and continued traffic violations i schoel zones were reported by City Police today, At Elm and Sixth yesterday an auto driven by Robert Jackson \vas stopped .in accordance with a traffic sign when another car driven by N. P. Nichols and a pulpwood truck driven by Luther Morrison ran into the car. Only minor damage resulted, Carlton King told officers some- pne had taken between ?6 and $8, <||from his drivein on Third Street quiet-spoken intelligence agents After his meetings with Mendes France, Eden.will outline the re suits of his tour tomorrow at special meeting of the, ] NATO Council. It was considered likely he woul find little serjous. opposition —ex cept possibly from France — I Continued on Page Three This Is the Story of a Spy Who Served Russia Well But He Too Was Expendable 1000 Acres Burned Over dn Tuesday ade 'Committee. Leading the parade is an anmia hon'or bestowed .on some outstand ing citizen of Arkansas. Frank Douglas, Hope druggist, is this year's parade chairman.'His police committee includes Milton Hosier, Clarence Baker, Jimmie Cook, Guy Downing, Jack . Brown and R. H. Tong. Band Chairman is Thomas Cannon and Floats -'chairman is Mrs. Virginia-Hosmer who will have the aid of Clyde Coffee and Ben Owen. Frank King and Bill Mudgctt arc in charge of commercial floats. Roundup Club activities arc in charge of Arch Wylie, T. S. Cornelus, Guy Downing, Jimmy Cook and Bud Collier, /Automobiles, -Kinard--Young .and Ray Turner while the sr.hool committee is in charge, of James H. Jones, Emil Kaden-and^Odus Harvey, j ^Publicity is in charge of the stafte were alive. 3. Bombarded thorn .with "stupid and bewildering questions," especially about American "germ warfare" in Korea and about their | "invasion" of Chinese territorial waters and Insisted on phoney 'confessions." 4. Gave them fair food but little water and no cigarels or other "luxuries." The three showed the effects of their long Imprisonment principally in loss of weight, tattered and dirty clothing, impressive crops of whiskers and hands that-shook''as LITTLE ROCK Nearly hoiisahd acres of forest.land were urned over in thc state yesterday and the state forester ""said today hat the situation was again "crit- cal." State 'Forester Fred Lang said all but a few of the 33 fires ex inguished yesterday were in south Arkansas. He said a drop in -.the lumidity of-18 per-cent accounted or the sudden rash of fires. Forest fires in Arkansas had dropped off after the Labor Day veekend. Monday marked the first day of relatively heavy fire-fighting after the holidays.. with a total of 469 acres of timber land jurned over. By mid-morning today, one smal fire in the Kl Dorado area had been reported, and a forester was dis patched to . another spot in the same area to ,'check out" a smoke report. One of the larges; fires yester day was near the Crossroads coin munity near Sheridan, where thr state foresters reported 200 acre of woodland scorched. The Gran Count National Guavd, high schoo students from Traskwood and Shei lean and lumber company em- ployes helped state forester fight, the blaze. of KXABe?and,thejaUr. , '•f i' they accepted from friends who greeted th2m here the fiist cigarettes they had tasted in 18 months. They came across the Red Chinese frontier to freedom at 2.40 p. m. (1:40 a. m. EDT a little more than three days after the Red Chinese had announced they were being "expelled" from China. Almost 50 newsmen were waiting on the steps cf the Peninsula hotel when the throe men arrived in the'American consul's autonio- bile. Dixon of New York, said that for 18-months he did not see daylight or have any exercise. Applegate, of Medford, Ore., nnd Krasner of New York, reported similar treatment. • ' , t They said they were- never' allowed ]a H.goj ov\l of'build ings <>un- 2,271,000 stamps, or more than 25,000 below last year's sale. Atomic Expert Resigns, Tells of Stockpile By MARVIN L. ARROWSMITH DENVER (S\ Dr., Henry -. D. Smyth resigned from the Atomic Energy Commission today and' declared ,the United States .stockpile of hydrogen and atomto bomb as 1 sures free world .retaliation -ot 'overwhelming power',' against any enemy attack. President Eisenhower '.'vei7 reluctantly" accepted the resignation of Smyth,' who cast the on'y dissenting vote last June when the, commission refused .to lift.Dr. J. Robert Oppenhelmer's , suspension from access to secret atomic ",data? The summer White ' House ' announced Elsenhower' is . Willard Frank "Libby, ''" of Agriculture •Bewom.toc government .resttiettenSX < upwards of 40 million^ land in •' ' Thc verted from, such wheat, tottonj ct . .. tobacco by government'; ments. "* ,. ^ / f Under What' had strictest crop, history Benson several; m Issued orders aeek* JU ' tl hese diverted , acres 't '-i crops like,. ,The-K Ideas surpluses. in. other ' rre.npt ih«9ver,' But today ;Hh", news conference- that ,farr be -* 1 seed . . Bensonf'saidj.this controls 'Vvfu's^njad of » reasons,^ inelitt VY<uJ-t*i w * * «>*"*• J*MWWJ* iT"* ' ***^* p r * University of Chipagb atomic .scientist, to succeed Smyth,; on the AEC effective Sept.'ISOi v ',„ t , .» In resigning, Smyth wrote Eiscnhower: ,'I hope atomic weapons wi}l con; tinue to act-as deterrents '-'-—•* But if ' more price * flexible* 6fj$24| "blindfolded. """ •"«.Applegate appeared pale "and 1 stbckpile we 'have prcpafedTwoyld J_-., urt '^ l^ln Mnt«vi4-¥>v fivhn "tllA^L^fAlfc weary but had lost none of his tense of flurnor, ' ,' "We must have been somewhere," he said to Dixon and Krasnor as they spotted the cone- spondents. Applegate said the crewmen of thc Chinese gunboat that seized his yacht on March 21, l'953 were the'" most incompetent bunch of, dummies I have ever seen," "You can say that for me, too," Dixon said. Applegate, who did most of the talking, said the Red Chinese came aboard his yacht. "Kert," about five miles off British-held Lantao island and told Ihem they $4 Billion Deficit Is Foreseen By FRANK O'BRIEN ' WASHINGTON • • W)' The -• -. 'Eisenhower administration ..has. boosted the deficit it forses for •• this fiscal year to nearlv 4 billion -dollars ven while slashing a new 3 -billon from major security .programs.'/ But it has upped planned ^outlays in . a dozen civilian. ..fields;--where ..,.,—. . they could be a spur tp'prdduc'tion were intruding in Chinese waters, and employment;'. . : i, : " Thpv pnnsitlar a]1 watei ' s be ' v The annual' revision; of •"Kpeud.Jng an.d income estimates for the ; ciir ove'rwHelmlng power," ,' ,Smyth 56, the onl7>urre|»|- r ,., ber'of the five-man AEC u with v scientific backgouhd,;' has/^vcd since President Truman'tappoif»ted him May 31, 1949,'to a'.tefcn expiring Vune 30, 1956,' ! , , - 'V He plans to return to Princeton University, where he w ( as chairman of the physics department and on the 'faculty from 1924 ' to 1949. ' ' '< ' In accepting Smyth's reslgjja- tion, Eisenhower wrote him '/ex^ pressing "my warm regard l antj best wishes" and said: ^ By REUMAN MORIN (For Hal Boyle) NEW YORK (/Pi — One of those and local drivers continued to run stop signs in school zones with several having to post bonds this mor- nJng. WOMAN SMITH. '.« Mrs. j. w. Hendrkkson of Conway has been elected to a third term as district oame in the other day to ask me pome questions about an old friend. •FVO.- hear the name, Richard Sorge? Richard Sorge was a spy a Communist spy, a true enius in that desperate trade For my money, he was the greatest of them all a man who vance information Ji arbor. about Pearl ftill be operating . Some U. S. missionary of the Noith ArkansasImade Mata Hari look h'ks a little District of the Na?arene Church here. Other officers ejected were: Mrs. G. E. Hawkins of Bentonville, vice president of tho society; Mrs. R. H. J^oe?ch oi Conway, cor- Qf Mrs. , treasurer; Mrs. Ro^d, Haiipock pf jonesbpro, Mf ew, girl playing cops and-robbers. got his hands on two oi the moot vital pieces of information in the history of our time, ansl succeeded jn transmitting them to the Kremlin. One was Hitler's intention to tear up the nonaggregelon treaty. with Russia and iauncn his attack Jn June 18-10, Sorge had the correct date and some. of the troip Ho had previously orgaiuzcd and was directing an espionage network 6peratnJ| all' through thn Far East. It tnere and intelligence People fear so, Thrpugh his agent*-, many pf them in very high Places. Sorge reached (nto every, chancellery from Japan to Java. He, fcftew borne of the deepest secrets of the great powers. Nobody ever, sprvpd, the Reds better -<-ev9n against his own country. Richard Sorge wan a German. I knew him in Tokyo as a fellow correspondent. That was toqre- Jy part o fh|§ "cover." of course. although he actually worked t the job. He never }et QQ the extent of his Information, hut he must Mrs. L C.Moses, BO, Providence , Resident/Dies Mrs. L. C. Moses, aged 80, lifelong resident of Providence Community near Patmos, died Tuesday at the home of a daughter in Shreveport, La. She is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Alice Huckabee of Shreveport, Mrs. Joe Hollis of Patmos, two sons R. E. Moses of Shreveport and O. C, Moses of Snyder, Texas, a sister, Mrs. Vic Foster of Hope and a brother, E. W. Powell of Hope. Funeral services will be held at 4- o.-m. Thursday at Mt. Nebo Church. The body will lie in state at Smith Funeral Chapel, Lewisville, until the funeral. Lemley Orders Mental Test LITTLE RQCR W Mrs. Koula Marina Mallores of Hammond. I"-d., yesferday was ordered to undergo a mental examination after her ap pearance in Federal Court here The order w^s i$su<-4 by Ftdera. Judge Harry J, L,emley. Mrs, MaJJores was accused o lying befojvj the grand juiy invesll gating James Oscar Gayte w h (, now face§ trial under the &fann The other was Japan's time- ha4 many a rest of v»s. laugh at the Jfe ma4e a • wonderful compan- wn, Apt. She Is charged with perjUiy The M a W Act iorbids inters t a t transportation of women for » moral purposes. Mrs. Mallores, who was taken tc a jail cell after the court room , wW (?e removed to rent fiscal year which' began'July 1, was made public last night, 'indicating these over-all.changes': Total spending was deduced' from the $65,600,000,000 planned; when President Eisenhower submitted the fiscal 1955 budget to Congress last January to a new estimate of 64 billions. This compares with of *"7 fiOO.OOn.OOO : in the liscal year which 1 ' ended June 30, Tho • rstlmate of net biirlset ro- eipts was cut from $63,700,000 ti January to $59,300.000. Prin- iple factors' contributing . to . the eduction were congressional tnx uts, bigeer-thnn expected refunds, .nd a sharp drop in corporation ax payments. Collections'last fis- al year came to $04,500,000,000. Since the $3,400,000,000 dip in ex- uected revenues outwelslitcd tho 11,600,000,000 cut in spending, the administration's estimate : of its probable deficit at the enc} of the iscal year rose from $2,000.000,000 predicted in January to $4,700,000,100. In fiscal 1951, rc'J ink spend- ng came to 3 billions. . However, Secretary pf the Treas- n-y Humphrey told ;i news, conference the administration would try every day, every week and every -nonth" to chop spending where it would hurt neither defense nor the economy, And W. J.'MCNci!, assistant secretary of defense nnd chief fiscal officer of the Pentagon, jtp|d news-- inen that despite the new reduction in defense spending, ' 'industry would get about twice the: volume of defense contracts this year thet it received last year- This action, by putting an increased flow of defense contracts in the pipeline, would tend to spur production and employment. Secretary Humphrey Said, "we "They consider all waters between Hong Kong and Macao as Chinese," Applegale said, Chinese crewmen aboard the "Kert," which was on n shakedown cruise, tried to explain to the Communists that the yacht was in international waters but the Reds ordered them to pull into Lapseimei. Applegatn said the wind prevented them from sailing and the Communists towed tiicm into Lap- seimei and then took them to Canton where they were placed in solitary confinement in private homes for six and one-half months. t The three men did not see each other again until this morning when they were put aboard a train at Canton. "We were not allowed to communicate with each other," Applegate said. "I didn't know Dixon and Krasner were alive until this I W1SUUH UIIU 9CUUJ, , . I am sincerely grateful' for all that you hove 'done' in the sorV', ice of your government.' ' ' '' , "In that service you IJvp. every reasop for prlde,,and pqrspnal satisfaction, You hfive adyimped the security of the nation;' you,,h, ave - contrlbuted to development, 'of r a new source of power of epoqhal significance to the, future of mankind ..." ' •' Smyth was one of the principal scientists connected with early atomic bomb research. He \yr9te an 1945 report detailing development of the A-b/Jmb. He " has called for worldwide cpntrql of atomic weapons and for freer release of alomip information not connected with tho bomb, ' Libby, picked by Ejsonhower to succeed Smyth, is a professor of chemistry at tho University of Chicago and is associated with Us Institute for Nuc)ear Studies, His home is (n Chicago He is'8 W' tlve of Grand Valley, Colo, Llbby's recess appointment is subject to Senate confirmation after Congress reconvenes• in, Jan* tqur 3 »u>pis t !*WP ym*ai ^ou^d^sfe Continued on Page Two luary. All Around the Town Th« ittr •»•« C. J. Edyyards,pf,the Cr' communityMtss'a j?ear,tHa which w i_ i _ .. j_.> « svn i»i 4-V\it« TJAHI'. . _ TrlG :he service witjj 30 mpnth? blooming again year, are seeking more defense for less money, rather thnn changing the statp ol ( our defenses," Evening Shade Singing Sep tree shed its leaves about a month ago and still has from 12 to 15 grpwn pears on it, hut it has start* ed blooming there has bee*) oo r*in in the area far several months. t ,' '..'''"• as a membsy Base Supply Division . , « ?Lt, James D. McCargo, son of M "'. W$ Mrs, Perry % McC^rgo p$ Badc^W,, J§ t?Wng ppeoisl training $ Forfc Bending, Ga. , . he is a former Hops football, stav Wig won r " foster 'and famjly whose .tue Cafe was gutted by" fire highly'cojnm'mded the FJre Department, telephone operators end neighbors for the way in which they responded when the fire was discovered, *pptbajl,. basketball Ouachita, where he ^r«|d||ajtedi JP53. . , , ho served as coach at Ow' Jhe service. A-lc Joseph V. WiUet, ?on Q| and Mrs. J. L. Willett of «OPe ginning services wW he h,ei4 at gvenU>g Baptist i? Route Thr.ee, is now in Tokyo, an after spending some tVm 'm With the Fleet in Korea, , , The dar technician has been in the,se^ vice (One? 1951 . . , . S,-Sgt, WiWa-TO £tete - - • 5 on pf Mr. and Mrs. W. "" ";, j»a.8 sryivsd.JWW &|tsr It" Sfinp KHrper,; N, J,». felt few Charles purgess Garrftt, ifogii of - U. G, ' . , assumed duties .as 'a gra4ifa eistant at Agricultural A*M J aoj Master-'s ""^ ffiyfWTJs'r.* ^»Jte$]p IfaJ ,jTomte.tAlitn tQ^ ' : L.BTTL.6C

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