Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 14, 1954 · Page 16
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 16

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 14, 1954
Page 16
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"' fefcif •» si« 4.^1? «Jic...tL' jg.i,.t ..-.., .1. StAK, tt&M, I Tuesday, September 1.4, 1954 HO ft StAR, HAM, ARKANSAS Lott Sdc 6Bav< 'ore for tort- i,' IffteBuiaf .of skip- i\\6 bne-d<ay rat*, „ ..... dlly.tldssifled advertising cony -• ' uhHI 5 p> rrt; for libwtriB day. reserve Ih6 right to dveftltewMt* of* «on, ohd to r«i«t tub* \*tt»n, uS« Or en* word. [ur-> t pro RSr , * Jh -Want Afli Urilew - to, -our ottentlon tSn of od^nd JH*n IE; »?Vu5k< ldoltd January, li, 1»2» afternoon' by , COi «nl tUIha iit StrMl ror *? PublUMr *, ; Managing Editor r > ,. - DaVti, • Adv*rtltl«« Mandgw • gi W. <Holmer, 'M&h. "Supt,-* - trad a«f«icond' elosi matter •! st' Office, ot Hope,- Arkattiai, t if J Marth 3, 1897... oft he-Audit Bureau, of •'Iption Rolbs (payable In ad' 1 ' ^ .yancelu, s.^ „ „,„ jfccarrlir In 1 ' Hope ,and "neighboring . .. .25 !$.,,.,' ........ .^ ...... 13.00 frtall ^Ih 'Hempslead,'- Nevada/' erte,. Howard,-; ond- Miller- coun- > «««.'..> << " '. " ' ' BR .00 ..;.;..', ........ . ........ 1 .60 -V .............. «.. 2.60 J.,. ........ , ......... 4.50 > 'IT.<..*..•« '.10 ». 3.25 .'• ....... 6.50 13.00 Repreientatlvei'i ,'Tenn.; ,'5Q5»-Texos " - * 360 sW 1763. 4 M < dry 2, ' Press Is entitled ex,. use for republlcatlon IS %a'!rtows printed In this B»STU,PJO , fflid spring «iroftt..Cobb ^Attr 816 Sotilli wmhiuitofj., MM. 4-W Co. HOME INSURANCE , . , AMBULANCE Nt> i^HAZEL , . , ^HONfi t-2123 AD-1 Mo. T# ,. fitmtAL ASSOCIATION ahd .cJldest in Stttitfi Call 7-fiSOS fof«ot)lf agents A23-1 Mo. For Sale Plenty of USED TIR P E IARGAINS Exceptional values In 2 USED DETROIT JEWEL GAS RANGES , Fully guaranteed OkldhBrnd Tire & Sufjply Wonted 0 BOYS to deliver heralds on "Duel In The Sun" starting Sun\day dt'the Saenger. Contact Saenger "Manager, 6-tf SMALL,inexpensive business, near /Hope, (Sold Court) Write C. E JQoley. Hope, Ark., Route 4. , i '.'„ . 10-6t COUPLB-tO live on farm and tend llock. Good proposition r^, dependable party. See -nard Ck Wright, 1V4 miles South For Rent 1 3 room apartment Private bath, rent reasonable 1311 W. Avenue B. Phone 7-3696 10-t FOUR,room,furnished apartment 712 E. Third. Phone 7-2329. 11-3 UNFURNISHED apartment, 3 lar "gVrooms, .and )5ath. T Private en -trances. Phone 7-2890 afier 5:3 11 p. *«l. ' 13-3 T' * ^ . -_j. L _-_,-n-- . —.-^-r.!.- 33|REE room " apartment, 'nicely Jurnlshed. Bills paid. 204, Bonner FURNISHED house and furnished apartment. Apply Mjddlebrook Groceryj or*phone 7-3791. 14-3 Wonted to Buy * Ifi4fl Ford, tteturn to West, 310 S. Wasfcrrigtbtt lo¥ reward. lS-6t Notice FOtf Imprinted CBrisfmrts See Lois M:. PUrlell at Hazel's Sesiuty Sndp or Call 7-2158. 11-dt Tfte Community Of bMntf llfmrto Mill lt Hick* Fuheral Horn* Anhual meeting of the Negro talc Home Demonstration Coun- il was held at Shorter College in ..ittle Ro6k on September 1. The Ollowirlg delegates attended; Mrs, PearleJid Cheatham, Morris ill Community; Mrs. Georgia iVenitherspoon; Columbus; Mrs. Ihoda Jbrfeis, Mrs. Ola Briggs and rtrs. QUcen ' E, Johnson of McCas- <1U; Mt's. Dodle Colbert, Antioch; Mrs'. Mae B. Muldrow, McNata; .Irs, Deliaf, Colston, Washington; Wrs. Lcatha Lawson,'Emmet; Mrs. S. M. Mofa'n, .Gui'dbh and Mrs. Far- lla Smith. The meeting was enjoy- dd by all. The Golden Stars of Antioch will [ive a musical program at BecBee WemoHal C-ME Church Sunday night, SeiDternber 19, Rev. Rhone is pastor. Sgt. and Mrs. Clifford Piggce and 'amily of Tacoma, .Wash , are visiting :Mr. an;l Mrs. F. N, Piggee and Mrs Icloha: Holmes. Friends. of Mrs Burdia M. Thomas will i egret to know that she is ill in a local hospital. Rent 'or Buy:" * Building suitable John Deere Implement business. Ray Utley, Nashville, Ark. ll-3t Leaders in the Major Leagues By Trie Associated Piv.ss AMFilfcAN LEAGUE Battlpo (350 bnta) Cleveland, .340; IvKnoso, Chicago, .327; Noren New Yolk, 325; Fox Chicago 322; Borra, New York; .310 (Williams'Boston, 341-343 at batsV , ; Runs Baited In— Bern Now York, 115; Doby, Cleveland, 114; Minoso, Chicago 10!); Jensen Boston^ 108; Rosen ' CU'voland and Mantle, New. Yprk,-»lQO. > .; ...... Runs' Dohyi -Clevolnnd, Avila, Notre Dame, Oklahoma Top GridPoH By JOHN NEW JJORK l/P) Just likn las'. fall when Notre Darno sejueeaed out a close decision over Oklahoma in tHeir opening football battle, the Fighting Irish woro voted .the No. 1 college football team of 1954 in the annual pre-s^ason Associated Press poll toay. Oklahoma's Soonar's received the largest number of first place votcfsi 14 to 52 for Notre JJijme, hut the Irish got lil more points. On the basis of 10 points for first, fj for second, 8 for third, . etc., Notre Dame received 1,443 points arid Oklahoma 1,431. A total of 171 aport.3 writers am! sportscasters voted in the nationwide poll, which will be followed by the weky AP noli after 'the pigskin season opens Saturday. Maryland, voted the No. 1 tcnm at the end of the lO.i.'i season nnly to be shut out 7-0 by Oklahoma in the Miami Orange Bowli Was ranked No. 3 in Hi 3 pro-season calculations. The Terrapins got .-13 firsts and 910 points to beat • but Texas, with 10 first;? and ' 834 points. . ; ' The ratings will fjet a quick test Notre Dame opens its season Sept. 25 with Texts, while tvcj weeks later Oklahoma and Texas do battle. Maryland opens with Kentucky Saturday, then meets U. C. L; A. Oct. 1. Oklahoma also invades the West- Coast to play California, ranked No. 12 in the pfe-season dope, this Saturday. The top 10 teams, with first place votes in . parentheses, and total points, based on 10 for first, 9 for second, 8 for third etc; Points -.'. 1. Notre Dame (, r )2i 1.443 2. Oklahoma (74 1,431 3. Maryland <13> 910 4. Texas (10) 834 5. Illinois (2 811 6. Michigan State (7) GIG 7. Georgia Tech (5) 558 8..'U.C.L.A. (1) 548 9. Wisconsin (1) 3B3 10; Mississippi (2) 303 Second Ten 11. Iowa (1) 355 12. California 241 13. Army 196 14. Alabama 155 15. Duke (2) 11(1 16. Rice 91 17. U.S.C. 89 18. Oregon 93 19. Texas Tech 3 4 20. Ohio State (11) 32 treet Found Tailor Shop - STRAY yearling in my pasture. Owner, can get same by identifying and paying for ad and fee-d. 0, C, RObins, Ozan, Ark. 13-2t 30; Williams, Boston and Mantle New York 27; Jensen, Boston ahd Sievers, Washington 2.4 Stolen Bases — Jensen, Boston; 21; Minoso, Chicago and Cabos, Philadelphia, 17; Fox. Chicago 1G Rivera Chicago and Busby Washington, 15. Pltc"lna(12 decisions) Consun- Business Opportunity MAN and wife to collect established routes in Hope, Prescott, pnd fiurdbn. Car necessary. Good commission. See Mr. Anderson nt The Oaks, Monday through Thursday, . 13-5t Philco Air-Conditioneri One of Arkansas' Mott /« .- Complete TV Repair Shopt ALLEN ELECTRIC CO. Phone 7-262& * 114 8, Elm / gra, Chicago, 16-3, Cleveland 12-3 .842; .800: Fellor, Lemon Braves Launch Drive Against Leading Giants By EAftL WRIGHT United Press Sport? Writer The Milwaukee Braves who KENYA'S KID GUARDIANS - Bnush Col Arthur young, Kenya's police commissioner, inspects two young members of the Police Boys' Brigade,, at,Wajir.: The new policemen are sons of sergeants in- the Kenya police force. .toy QAYLC TAL»07. iSAN ANTONIO, Tex. WOnc of Hie manifestation of nature peculiar to the American scene is the football luncheon club, Whose spav- in.ed' and windblown members gath- <j?r once each week during the open on football coaches to diag- the previus Saturday's game permit their captive enter to t)?y to explain why bis ends didn't Jet down the field' under ynipts. .'Normally such clubs composed of bankers and we I wash tycon.s fm- the lost part, are b;isc.-d in cities which are the sites of mak- or football factories. The president ojl the school NATIONAL LEAGUE New York Brooklyn Milwaukee Cincinnati Philadelphia Cleveland, 22-0, .735; GH, New York 18-6, .750; Lfjnit New .York 13-4 .750. Strikeouts . T-urley, Baltimore 173; Wynn, Cleveland. 147; Trucks, Chicago, Pierce Chicago 122. 130, Harf-han, Chicago §7We»t PUS 90PY SHOP atermelon S- CURVE 3rd (6 Shover SLAUGHTERING Beef cut «»nd wrapped for deep freeze. Beef for Deep Freeze 25 to 35 pents. Ralph Monfgomery MM. • - - Rhone 7-3361 * £.>; Nmltvr* 110 f , MATTRESSES r M adp Mo lnntr»wlB| C». P»y DAVIS NATIONAL LEAGUE Battlna v'35Q at hats) Snider, Brooklyn .342; Mays, New York 1^ Musial St. Louis ,3'io; Kluszewski, Cincinnati, New York, 332. Runs Batted in ,833; Mueller Kluszesvski Cincinnati, 132; Snider, Brooklyn 132; Musial St. Louis 122; Hodges Ennis, Philadel- Kiiiszewski Cin Brooklyn phia 111, Hoe' Runs — cinnati, '48; Hodges Brooklyn and Mays, New York, 39; Snider HUNTING SEASON Is just around the corner. Get your GUNS Now. Western Auto Associate Store Tlo&'s Service %vWtW« 9 CARS qnd TRUCKS CLOUSE REFRIGERATION SERVICE PHONE 7-3369 ; ^.^ Large Enough to Serve Youl Small Eneugh to Know Youl FaagY. WRPWS Hqve Yonr Cor PAINTED NOW! Er:, $35.00 While you are having your car painted we can do that work on your motor, brakes or body work. Expert "mechanics always available. Success of Porkers Rests With the Ends By RAY STEPHENS FAYETTEVILLE, (/P) — Any sue cess enjoyed by Arkansas Razorbacks this fall rest to a groat extent with their ends. That's the major reason behind the general feeling that once more the ax hangs low over the Porkers. Without r. pair of capable ends. Coach Bowden Wyntt's single wins attack is certain to find slow going. So far, the practice sessions, have failed to uncover any wing men of the caliber usually employed by Southwest Conference members. There are only etglrf end's iff the Porker camp, and jivst four of them are likely to see'aetipn this fall. The most gUiring weakness; at the positions is the result of'iij^^j perience. However, it's unlike^ that even more playing time.' : \i(ill produce from among the current crop an adequate replacement for Floyd Sagely, last year's aw-conference end, '',-(. Wyatt probably will open the; season with Walt Matthews and Jerry McFadden in the sta'rtiiTg rolls ' at ends. Both were scjuadrnen on last year's varsity but neither saw much duty. McFadden's major drawback is lack of speed. He also hasn't shown well as a pess receiver. There's a possibility that ho will be replaced before the season end by Br. liaVer v.hn played the Arkansas fro-;hrnen in 195V before entering military service. question might feel that his particular coach is slightly sub-human and long desperately to dispense with his servic'es but lie-will in all probably keep it to Himself. But once let that local "first down" club decido . that it has a clinker on its hands and you're Jobking at 'a coach who's in trouble. Coaches who have undergone tlV'3 treat- rhfnt and given up the profession in?' favor of soethlng less . wear- in'jf; have written of their experiences in bitter dvilail so, it is with the keen emo- of an ^explorer who has just dujg up a pharoaTi's pleasuie jacht that,, we can report the discovery of$a football :eating and oratorical club'-.'which doesn't even have a coach to knaw on,- but which gath- ers'itself together just for the .pure hell of it, and because it loves St. Louis in Chicago Pittsburgh W L 89 53 86 57 , . 34 57 30 74 63 74 65 77 59 85 50 93 Pet. GB .627 60 .595 \\' 2 .40.3 30>-'> .479 21 .458 34 .410 31 whipped Pliilndelphi-Vs Robin Roberts and Curt Simmons in their last two stars,one a last-ditch bid for thy Nations!' League fla« tonight agiiiftst . tile front-running New York :Giants^ancl S;il Maglic at the P'oip..Grpvinds. n'iit The BrrtVes, who havo shown more, bounce than tha livoly ball this year, warmed Up for the three- game Aeries by defeating Simmons Monday night, 7-4. Th; "victory left Milwaukee 4-w, games; bpHind the Giants and ont behind the runner-up Brooklyn , Dodgers'. Mil- watike has 13 more games, Now York' 12, an Bro.oiclyh.il. Johnny Antonelli. tho left hander he Giants obtained- from the 3raves, steadied the woary Ni»W York pitching staff for the Mil- vaukce invasion by posting a ive hit. 1-0 afternoon victory over the St. Louis'Cardinals The Giants :ained a half-game on the kilo Dodgers. In the only other major lonpxio 'ame Monday, (tin Pittsburgh Pirates scored a 6-3" night victory over the Cincinnati Rtidlegs. A crowd of 1.148 the smallest night attendance in Forbes Field history saw left haikler Dick Littlefield win his own game when lie singled to score Jerry Lynch with the decisive run in the eighth inning. Manager Charley Grimm, will trying to get a pennant for Milwaukee fans who set a National League attendance for the second straight year in 1054, promised the Giants a good tussle. "Certainly we can catcii Ihem.' Grimm said "I'm going to throw, my- best at them. If they lick us, Deaths Over the Nation By The Associated Press BEVE'SLY SILLS. Cant. Mrs. Fred Astaire, 46, wife of the famed dancer. Died Monday. NORWALK, Conn. — James Scripps Both 06, former Detroit engineer, artist arm writer, son. of George G. Booth and former director and president of the Detroit News. Born in Detroit. Died Monday. LIBERTY. N.Y. Otto Hiliig, 78, a portrait photographer for more than. 50 years and 'who ;in 1931' hired a-pilot to-fly'Him across (|f the Atlantic' in a single nhgihe plane for fun. Born in Germany Died Sunday. •JACKSONVILLE , Fin.-John O. Bichn, ••- 79, fornsr director Of fi- twjncse for South Dakota. Born in' ' Sardinia, 1 Ohio. Died Sunday. Yesterday Results New Yor!t 1, St. Louis.0 Milwaukee 7, Philadelphia 4 Pittsburgh 6, Cincinnati 5 .Only games scheduled Today's Ga'mes Cincinnati at Brooklyn (nighf) Milwaukee at Ney York (night) St. :Louis at Philadelphia (night) Chicago night' at'-.--' PiU.sburgh (2-twi- AMERICAN LEAGUE :This organization Is the San An- Cleveland... ew- York hie a go etrpit los'tbn Washington alHmore hiladelphia ,,'V/ L 104' 4d Eel-., GB' :.728 tqnio more Quarterback Club. It has than 400 members wit a Baker, stands six, two aivv weighs 190, is described by Wyatt as a "pleasant surprise." The Scarqy product sat out spring' practice with injuries, but he hn^ shown great improvement tins fallj Baker is faster ' and heavier McFaddan. Third in the running for waiting list. Each member pays in advance, in a kip -su, for the privileee nf sitting down cnce a week for 15 weeks each fall and \yondering what he !s going to see and hear. All he knows for certain is that it will have to do with fot- ball, and -he is : Happy. (There is no major football school closer than the Univorsity of Texas and that is .more than 80 miles away, The club's nominal toastmaster and guiding spirit is Har- Cjld Scher.witz who for going on |8 years has been the sports editor c}f -the San Antonio Light. I Trie principal characteristic of iTuarterbacR Club \vhich now is in its seventh lively yeai% is the (act that, under the Seherwitz influence, it has pi-oveil that football i>a'ri be fun. That was. of course he original purpose of the game liii'few are old' ehoii-jh to .recall it 'Pfiey say tha't scarcely a fan 'eaves a nuarterbacjc luncheon will fhe heartburn no matter how his own particular Southwest Confer pnce ieam came out the previous Saturday. •i Mostly tlie club fonlures one o 'the seven conference coaches at it: weekly meeting. They are happy to answer a .schenwitz summons we hear because the'-e are J7 higl schols within the city 'and iis on IXTRA SPECIAL thatf \ thti strong side end position is Franci^ Mazzanti. a 190 pound junior show? Cd " at Arkansas unsolicited ancl won his scholarship on the practice field. Now, he is probably the best end on the squad. A 181-pound junior, Matthews doe's everything well and hard to improve. He wcin the start' ing nod at weak-side; end on his pass-catching ability. Strong competition for Matthews will be provided by Olan Burns Brooklyn, 38; Sauer, Chicago. 3jf. Stolen Bases Brviton, Mjlwiju virons, and all cf the turn ou football playears who iglit prov useful. 0h/ the Monday, aCter the con fer-erice race closed last year, a] seven head coaches showed up a the QXiariferbacH Club at one tie Each was given" a gift watch, i seat and- a personal microphone and. then was encuraged by tlv toastmaster to say anything tha came into his mind about his sh fellpw conches. and- Uw race jus ended. ','J only wish you- could hav heard It," says Schorwitz, happily kee 33; Fondy Chicago 20; Temple, Cincinnati and Mon, St. Louis 17;, Mathvws Milwaukee, Ashbu.rrj, Philadelphia and Jablonski, St. Louis, 9. Pitchlnq (12 decision?) Antonelli, New York, 21-5, ,5iQ8; • L.oe"s. Brooklyn, 18-4, /T05; Nuchal}, Cincinnati and Wijhelro JJew York, 10.4 ,714; Magho, Now Yor&, Oysters live by, pumping sea wa ter Jn' and out oi' th'eir shells am filtering out microscopic plant and lite. a 185-pound sophomore from Va Buren. Burns, he stands six foo two inches had demonstrated ade ability as "a pass receive Js an especially talented de ve player, fhe third man at weak-side en is Ted Suutev. another sophomor who hasn't played up to par o defense. believes that the ends tjie team"? weakest positions, bot pn, Defense and "A» \ ve 95 43 .663 8'/a 91' 54 04 79 03 79 01 8,'i 48 !>G 43 9G .(128 13 %. .440 39'/, .444 40 .427 42'/2 .333 56 .333 56 Yesterday's Results (No games Scheduled' Today's Games Washington at Cleveland (night) New Yoric at Detroit Philadelphia at Chicago ..night' Boston at Baltimore (night 1 SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION (Playoffs) Atlanta 3, Memphis 2 (Atlanta Wins series: 4 to 2) New Orleans.0, Birmingham 2 (New Orleans wins series 4 to 2) Today's Games (No games scheduled. Final ound begins Wednesday) they've licked our befit." Charley's . "host" means Gen Conlcy (14-8) will duel Ma«lie (1'3-G) toni-jht. Tomorrow after non Grimm plans to start his lef handed ace, Warren Spahn (19-11: and Manager Leo 1054 victor j against only five defeats enablec .Durocher to vest his wear; relief pitchers for the firs time in a week. The victory wlso bolstered a team '.vhi hasn't been able to wiln two in row for nearly two weeks ancl Giants officials befiin acceplinf World Scries ticket, orders today Mays and Dusty Rhodes gay Antonelli the only run he needed ii the first inning' against the Card V7illie's high fly dropped close t .the right, field .line'for a doubl and Rhodes scored him with single. Mays' double was his 32nc extra base hit of the season, break ing the club record set oy Me Ott in . 1939..'-_'' ;• • :'.- : 'Milwaukee led 3-3 when 'De Crandall ntai'ted a- four-run 'splurg at Philadelphia wi'.h a double,- hi .ired hit of the game. Andy Patk sacrificed Crandal! to third an was safe at first when Simmon made a late throw to third tryin to get Crandall. Johnny Loga walked to fill the bases. A h batsman and another walk force in .two runs and brought Stev Ridzik to Simmons' relief, B i 1 Bruton then single have Milwav kee's final two runs. Dave Jil who relieved starter im Wison i the fourth, served a two-run home to Smoky Burgess in the ninth a he bosted his record to 9-6. Washington is at Cleveland, Ne\ York at Detroit, Philadelphia at Chicago and Boston at Baltimore as what is left in the American League race resumes today -with the Indians neding only . three victories to clinch the flag. Watch Repair Guaranteed Pre- School Special. Bring your watch in KeitliVJewelry For Complete Parts and Service for New Holland Balers and Ford Tractors Phone or Write Fallin Tractor Co. Magnolia, Ark. Pho. 882, 689 & 1140-R Bee-T-Mite Bettle and Termite Control Service Owned and Operated by Guy Grigg Hope, Arkansas . Phone 7-3445 109 S. Main All Customers are Insured' Fresh Coctirfuf -.., CAKE , Prune LAtER CAKt Mince Meat PIES JOE'S BAKERY 216 S. Main Third Escapee Is Recaptured MARKED TREE (TIP) The ast of- thre perisotier? who es- capel the Poirtsett County jail ast week was captured near hero ast night. Kenneth Suilens, 32, surrendered jfveekly when officers surprised iim as he walked out of a swamp and onto a railroad trestle. Sul- ens was armed with a tucohr cniife and an ice pike but put up B fight. "..;.'". -"•"--. • .- ; -Sullens and^ .two others,Stanley ifeiles and Kenneth Dale Spon, escaped from the couty jail at Hari'isburg, Ark., last Wednesday, teles was captured shortly after the break and Spon was arrested yesterday. Anti-Snakebite serum is based oh the blood of horses which have been injected With snake venom unt ithley can stand several hundred times the normally fatal dose. F%»its Last Night i By T!i3 Assoclate'd Press Brooklyn Franldo Ryff, 139'/3, I>few York, outpointed Ralph Du- jias, 137'/2 New Orleans li ' New' York Bobby Jones. 153, Oakland, Calif. ovitppinted Jiy Martinez 152, Glendale, A"z-. }0 Los Angeles Laurb Salas 1?0 Mexico, stopped Alex Fibres J26»/ 2 , Phoenix, Ari/.., 2 ; STEVENSON BACKER LONPON, (irp)Brltisli Novelist .B. priestly said at his 60th Birthday dinner in the' Porcheste Hotel last night: "H I had my time again I woull not cross the road to help any politician alive get anything he wajjtedwith tho possible exception of Mr. Adlai Stevenson." QUALiTY FARM EQUIPMENT Parts & Service NASHVILLE DISTRIBUTING CO, Phpne ff 4 NASHVII.LE, ARK. VINE R|PENED TOMATOIS 4 Ibs. 49c Purina Fed Cadge EGGS.... doz. 39c NEW CROP CANNINO or EATING APPLES PLENTY BUTTER BEANS RUSSELL &SON 901 West 3rd Street Pick-up and Delivery ONI PAY SERVICE Beat the heat — have that' at JOHNSON'S We Spe^iqlize in Residence and fojriinercial ELECTRIC Carl Jphn$Qn 319 W. 2n$i C, F, Phone 7t216 ^university ol Teyss engineers report that a survey shows the largest number pjf Texans are most at n degvee?. Fabren- piev ceftt humidity in HOTEL BARLOW Welcome' To Our Air Conditioned COFFEE SHOP Hours qre . , • 6:30 q, m.Jft£ p. If Chick Y«i«» OtAMt IKI WHAT DID' IT WAS RIGHT AH-HERE ITKf WHAT DID f I DIDM'T LOSE Y ' VOU LOSE? ) HERE ON THIS TABLE VWlTHTHIS OTHER STUFF 1 FOUND IT ALMOST WENt FURIOUS 1 KNEW I WUZ BACK HERE AT MADAME KANtEUU'S By J. R. Wllllomi OUT OUR WAY VIC FLIN-r THAT'S GOOD \ I Vs/HA-T'5 TH' WITH BROTHER'S WITH TH' RUBBER- r BUMPERS OW. ' -*? - V-) POR A HIT/ f i' '"- " IV WHV DON'T •& ^^ / \ TH' FOOL. TRIAL UfOUT tWAt Dramatic Director PON'TTKV V , TOM. THIS te iNSfec') eor \ H#>.& AURBAP . VIC VT TO- ) BEEN PLlNT.lS WITH MS. )\^ S TO CAfffcV JTUS.' SCAMTS IT TO Xv'--^ b wfev MUCH ! ACROSS 6 Sea nymph ' 1 Dramatic ' TPercher director; * Age A Charles — ~ ?-Gypsy • THiisprbducer ^husband and host of 9 10 Zoologic , radio— , ', ending 13 Form a notion H Ireland 14 Satiric 12 Lool£ over 15 Sanaing ' 19 Apostle (ab.) ' niachlhfe 21 Said . nac 30 Ba v a rian rlver45 Tibetan priest 1$ Italian 22 Cylindrical ^ c u - d 46 , ^ dow s gift ' rj condiment 23 Bedded down., 3? ^ 4 4? g ' 8n 38 * lv «- = ur «nts : hay ' 'WASH TUBES 40 Egyptian . 4,9 Anger. ; 26 Afrlckh river sun god 50 Wand . i : Fbced"salary ?7^Kihd of type 41 Circle parts ; 52 Seine - -' sa y '(ab.)- 42Irish.fuel 53Recent (comb. 29Challerige 43To be (Fr.) ; form); Oriental' : "giilttir- rvliOivIVI^hTHB- <S»»6ffl!l« WHfeN THE PU^B BMOKEPl TAUtC WITH P^ FOR A LANPIN& APPROACH t \TH6' PlL<Jf-/''ft(B^ HE FELL AfiWM&T A CKWE'v^L. ^T l^OGTOR MO HIT-HI5- MEN>1 SPEEDBOW RlfiHTf CMLEP! FRWO .V BAPLY IfOJUPEP , : performers Cheer ! 3'5 Weary 36 Strike out , Jft Venerate Disparage 4.1 Mimic 44 Knock 45 Type or boat 48 Withdraw .51 Natural 54 Vegetable * 55 Supposed' 56 Chargers 57 European ', '. ermines_' With Major Hoople OUR BOARDING HOUSE 6SADY JUSTICE DEMANDS TH AT^> I.-SPLIT THAT *l,000 VJITH TVM1SS5/ -fMAT I.AMDAPT6R MARTHA OF-vg®^^^)™™^**- OF THE y\rU\\^>,j£Kf l vv'~]} I ucu UeU ' k\Wr A X'LL HAVS A. W^L \ BAO DEAU MeRe^soP^V ll^e^Lt-/ BOOTi AND HER BUDDIES 4A^BHr^r^ Fall to hit ~Jk Jewish month 3 City in Nevada i 4 Small" child i. 6Follower ' CARNIVL By Dick Turner BUGS BUNNY By Herihberqei FUNNY BUSINESS • -w " »o- ' *fp,?'"Ms '•^m^^smm '"" I,'., ,' ', -f'A ''a^ittisSfe^B v,u ,^i,^.?mimm&m ALLEY OOP ,".,THE OLD TIME" , OH;NQDBCAR,VVEVE- BEHN HAVItvlS < WELCOME \VVA5 SQME TECHNICS TO THINK YOU P 05CAR.' JL FORGOTTEN DIFFICULTIES, DLJE TO OVERLOADING T. M. Hi*. U. S. P«t. OH Copr. 1954 b> NEA Sirylcl •'One thing's for swre, friend—it ain't the living it was before Little League baseball 1 " T M «•« U S fat Olf^. _ Cop. ^Mb"'*'"' 1 "' 1 " ' SIDE GLANCES By Golbroith V- "(Vyaiter. that's a real wallop you put in this WEETIE PIE By Nadine Selror iinfc T J iff.«/« .*•*.& ^SJ^lPSra^ft'^SS^Pa? PRISCILLA'S POP COME NOVV, PRISCIUL.A. 1 WHO THI STORY OF MARTHA WAYNI no.mertnftw w)ld

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