Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 23, 1896 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, October 23, 1896
Page 1
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THE JOTJRN VOL. XXL tOGANSPOET INDIANA, FRIDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 23,1896: NO. 254 Dollars or Friendshijp Cast -Friendship and Prejudice aside this War Come down to the Progressive Store-the Standard for 30 years and see howifoolish you've been for not coming before. Every article we handle is Standard but we have many Bargains in every department. W* arc d.spJayJnR hundreds of Handsome Wraps. *»™*£°™ ™ ^: styles of Beaver, Kersey and Boucle Jackets, 2fe«v Sleeve* New Shield Front*, Bouole Pleated Backs, elegantly .uacle from superb cloth, worth much more, but they go here at JJ^.^B ,$7.00, $(!.. r »0, $5,00 and • New Cloth Capes in all the New EHeoH* up Iroin $2.75 We Display this week choice of 25 Piecc^all wool Novelty Good. In all the New Effects, 33 inches w.de aod exceed ingly handsome for BSc and CLEVELAND HEARD. Delivers an Address at Celebration at Princeton University, Influence of Universities and Colleges Intelligent Patriotism H'S Theme. on -411 Bmdway. ' 3M FMrtte Street Agents for Butterlck's Prttterns, We Are Too Busy to Talk Politics In our advertisements, but we r*My™* ^ ^ is i6to i better than any other .in the City. We have everything that is desirable in Suitings, Overcoatings, Trouserings And sell at the very lowest prices consistent with best garments. Carl W. Keller Princeton, N. J., .Oct. 22.-The ses- iHii-ccnteoninl anniversary of the gl-nnthig- of tlie flnst charter of the College of New Jersey was celebrated Thursday morning in Alexander hall. This is anniversary day proper in the cejkbration programme, and many istiiig-uished men who had been uii- ble to attend the other-exercises of the 'Ncjui-ientenninl were present Xhurfi- ly. Alexander linll was crowded to its tiriost capacity by tliose eager to do oinagc to Princelon university in tne tn,or of her glory and also to hear the dnress of President Cleveland. Alter In; academic procession hati filed into lu- huilding,'pmyer was offorfd by ;uv. Dr. Theodore Cuyler,'of Brook-, yn Dr 1'a.tton, in making tlie anounceinen: of the university title, poke of the pleasure it gave tlie trusts that no change in the charter o£ he college had been maile necessary n changing the corporate name. He aid: • -From this moment; what- has here- ofore be-on known as the College : pi sow Jersey will be known in the future. .s-Vri-nc':ton university." 1'rnnldcnt Clovftliind'H Aildresn. President Cleveland was introduced nrl took the platform amid a tumult, of cheers and enthusiasm. No more-, iftirty welcome could possibly have men accorded anyone than was given to his. excellency. He spoke a* follows-. "Mr President and Indies and Gentle- i-n- To-day, while nil of us warmly share ho Renerol enthusiasm and felicitation which pervades this assemblage. Ian-iinure KI various suceestlons and meanings a^umea romlnSncoInoUr respective field,, of m^nta vision dependent upon the r re- atlon to our experience and condition. Those chawed with the management-ami Jircctlon of the educational advantages of this noble Institution most plainly sue. with well-earned satisfaction, proofs of i'.s crowth and usefulness and .Its enhanced opportunities for dolns good. The graduate, of Princeton'sees llrst the evidence ot n E -eater Klory and .prestige that have come his alma mater and the addecI honoi Tailor and Draper. Honey Saved 311 Harket Street Men's Overcoats and Ulsters $3.50, $4 and Upwards Youths Overcoat and Ulsters $,.50, $3 and Upwards Children's Overcoats $2,50 and Upwards above Statement mi-plies «Uh equal forceto ;', and CShil-dren'a -Suiittags. Good, oiirlnstrtutlonsof nignerccrucation'anatneir , EratlxmtesarellttetUoi-endertoourpcople In the enforcement of those Immutable truths and fundamental principles which are related to our national condition, but should csver be dragged Into the Held of political ulrlfo nor impressed Into the service of partisan contention. When the excitement bf party warfare presses dangerously near our national aafcRiiards 1 would- )mve the Intelligent conservatism of our \inlvernlUtes and colleges warn the contestants In impressive tones against the perils of a breac* impossible to repair. A»k-.(l to Sound mi Aliirm. "When popular discontent and passion aro atlmulated by the arts of aeslgnlns partisans to a pitch perilously near to class hatred or sectional anpcr I would have our universities and colleges sound the alarm In the name of American brotherhood and fraternal dependence. W lien the attempt IB made to delude the people Into the belief that their suirracos-cini chanpro the operation of natural laws, I would have our. universities and -colleges pro- Claim that those laws are Inexorable ana far removed from political control. When i Hellish interest seeks undue private benefit throut-h governmental .aid and public •olaces are claimed as reward of party ' Service, 1 would have our universities and colleKes persuade the people to a re- HnQulshment of the demand for party 1 spoils and exhort them to a disinterested and patriotic love 'of their government for its own sake and because In Its true adjustment and unpcrvcrled operation it secures to evcrycltlzcil his Just share- of the safety u.nd prosperity It holds In store for all." At the conclusion ol! President Cleveland's address, the audience joined in .the 'singing; Of "America," after which the!'benediction was pronounced by •'Uishop Satterlee, of Washington, D, C. VISITORS ¥ Alal.-L \JJ-VKJ* Six Delegations Pay Their Respects to' Maj, McEinley. The Republican- Candidate for President Talks on Financial Tariff Question**. INDIANA Told in Brief by Dispatches'- Various Localities. Princeton university. ••But there are others here, not of the family of Princeton, wh.o see, with an Interest not to be outdone, the signs of her cannot resist the tram of - espoclally reminds me of the promise or, Rational safety and the guaranty of he, rmanence of our free Institutions whlcji. aTand ou\ht to radiate from the ^n.ver Bltles and colleges scattered throu b hout ""•Obviously a government resting upon the will and universal suffrage of the p»- plo has no anchorage except In the people s McuS Suits the $4.00 upwards "","''."."' 3.5O upwards or 2.OO upwards will uot rip, at 5O cents. Men's Clay Worsted Suits best in city at - - $7-50 Men's All-Wool Pants --------, . -s t • v Full '.ane of Hate, Capsand Furnishing Goods, as lo.w a* any Eo'od'nor hide his talents In a napkin, . out recreancy to a trust. In a nation like ours, charged with the care of numerous and widely varied Interests, a spirit of con- Lrvatomand toleration Is absolutely es- •ential, A collegiate training, the study of principles unvexed by distracting and misleading Influences and a correct apprehension of the theories upon which our republic is established, ought to constitute lor the college graduate a constant monitor, warning against popular rashness and ""The"' character of our Institutions and our national B elf-lnteresur<;qulre that a recline of sincere brotherhood and a disposition to unite in mutual endeavor should rervado 'our people. Our scheme of government in its beginning was based upon this sentiment and its Interruption has nover ?"lled and can never fall to |rk-vous- Ty menace our national health.- Who can- fetter caution against passion and bitterness than those who know by .thought and study their.baneful consequences and who are themselves within the noble brotherhood of™ Igher education? There are natural laws and economic truths which command implicit obedience and which should IHaTterably Vfix the. bounds of wholesome, jopular discussion' and the limits of pollt- ,cal strife. ' ' ' " Government Not ft cm, Maker. The activity of our people and their restless desire to gather to themselves special benefits .and advantages lead .-to the KrowLh of an unconfesscd tendency to re- Sard their government as the River of prl- u" C adminisl'raUo 1 n 00 a3 U t > h" distributors Ol!,';, * _. . _ .a «»,.*.ni-TTif>-Mt Thnnf> wnfv .TAKES ANOTHER BIG DROP. December When* Ki'cliiies Vour unit Throe l>unrtcr Out*. v-.oago, Oct. 23.—Dollar wheat was further oil' by several .degrees Thursday 'morning, than it was Wednesday. The rapidity with which prices gll'Jc.d dovvmvm-d at the opening of the mir.'ket Thursday was quite as great ns thut attending- any stage of the advance. It was not all "long" wheat tliat.cnnu: cut but the greater portion of it rcpix-.-«?nt- ed;.thfi pyramids and holdings of people who until Wednesday had every fail-h in the value of th.i cereal. Commission men-nve not governed by sentiment, however, and as stop loss orders were 'reached the wheat was promptly • : th,rown on the market. The bears (ire recovering from -the',stunned condition into which they'were-thrown vh-n prices were risinfr, and, finding the :n:\i- Uet now vulnerable, are pursuing rg- gresaive tactics. • . .Some of the. wealthiest of the l.xill professionals are reputed not to nnve sold.nny wheat as yet. If this is_inic iti.hut adds to the weakness of the silua- tion. Shrewd guessers, nevertheless, beliove that even the prime movers in the-bull market, which has justcometo. grief, have disposed of'the greater portion of their holdings. Xhe lur.t half hour was one ot p_n°- icljyV sellvig. The Sun Francisco roar- •Uet -open-cl in a condHion of collapse awl no further incentive-was : needed to- urffc holders in this market to a 'sensibility of the danger. From 73%c to> 71'/ 4 c the pnce wos of l.ghtn.ng silted. Trading was in a confused •state and the same prices were not nuotable.in different portions of the »it 4.slight recovery took place when the panic came to Q pause, 71%c being reocLd on- the rally. Then the cx- oitcin*nt wan resumed and-millions-of bushels were poured on the market , nt anything purchasers would r>ay. In less than three minutes December was .itSoV,e nnd weak beyond conception. .'V-he close brought relief to_panic- stricken operators, but there was npth- .jng to convey hope, of better things Friday. December elosed at 70;/,c, a loss of 4%c for the day. St Louis, Oct. 22—In the lost IS minutes of trading the wheat pit was the center of a howling mob. The bears were in control -and'hammerct the December option down by Jumps of V c to %c until it had reached 73c. It ^covered slightly, but closed at 73V s c, n. decline 9f 3%'c from the opening Canton, O., Oct. 22.—Six detegalkms were scheduled for Canton Thursday, one of which had alraady arrived-, been addressed liy Maj McKislcy a.nd rt»- purted before 11 o'clock. The first delegation was from Crcston, Way BO coim- 1y, 0. It came at 10:30- and numbered about 300. The spokesman was Ire Kichiu-ds. who addressed Ma j.McKinley at very considerable length, reviewing all of the issues of This and sevea-ul. other campaigns, M.nj. McKi nicy's response was brief and happy.. B-s spoli-.- on the twin issues of ;,i-ote«tjoa and' sound money. He-said: "I see you have not lost your earnestness, and enthusiasm for the great doctrines of the republican party. We cannot by legislation in t-his country make values: we cannot by any Ic-gerdcmaln of Hnance- make something out of nothing. The- only way lo set wealth Is by labor, anj- anybody who teaches any other doctrine is a false teacher and not the friend of Arhi-1-ica.n citizenship or of our American homes Then- ia no sucli ihlns as creating wealth by the mere breath o£ congress. Congress can do a good many things, but it cannot make you rich or the country rich by debasing the money of the country ' b Tlilerjm Behlml Bunt. Kokoroo, Jnd., Oct. 22.—The wott« gang of tUimes that ever infested northern Indiana arc 7iow in jail. Two week* ngo Gus I-'reeroau, the leader, was shot at the Flora fair while robbing a farmer. :.nd the gang, which scattered when Freeman vs»a roovtally wounded, ha» bee.n. captured. They are Ida Clevcnger, an 13-year-old girl, who divided honor* with Gws Freeman in leading the outlawry; John Clevcjiger, "Buck" Gibb«, "Chick" Doll and Lee Bard. The officers say they have in the last three years stolen more than 5,000 chicken* and a number of horses and cattle, betides committing numerous burglaries. Freeman, who is 20 years old and ha» served one term in prison, is still alive, but is given up- 1o d'ie by tk« county physician. ^^__ ' ricli iiy uciju.tsiiife i- 111 - »»««<"-j "* - • -ind it cannot make tho country rich by Blvln:' us' dollars that are only worth B^ cents each and stamping- them dolUrs. Now, congress can help the country; but It must be by wise legislation, carir.B for the products, the labor, the farms and the , anufHcture of our own people by i^o- tectln E them against the P"ducts olpo*- nle livlnK in other lands. If you are a. farmer what you want llrst 13 good crops. T e-Ma'tion cannot help you to them. You know in order to get good crops you have to sow, and then you must Have God ~ sunshine and lain, anU a cheap dollar will never help your crops any. You have to toll IUB as hard for a pood a8 a poor crop. N ?ow afte, you have a good crop, then you ™nt' a good*market. You have that to the ™^*M™?™^?™**»™*' Anderson, Ind.. Oct, 22.-Xhe Bryan dav celebration her« closed wivh a cutting affray in which five m?n were stabbed, the- wounds of two beiag serious. Joliu snd William Gipe are old soldiers. They went to liear Bryan lu the evening- w.Hh gold! rilibons on tbero. Three unknown nicn appraic-hed tha Cipes and coinmaudeci them to take off the ribbons. Tley re-fused to doucvand the three attempted to lake them ofl by main force. The Gipes resisted, ana. finally i::e three pulled knives and began catting. The Gipes. also drew knives, but were worsted in the encounter. Although the other three men. were badly wounded, they managed ta escape. Jolm GLpe is in a serious coa- ^ 3 ^^ c r^gS J. D. Ferguson & Jenks 822 Market Street. fly New Goods Are here. C««1V and examine them be fore buying, « AL. YOtJNQ ThePractical Pearl Street Tailor. , called tlnrfiVnitv to Htudy, the mission, of. our. fnstmulons and who-in the light of history havo learned tho-danger to a people, ot their neglect oC the patriotic care they owe, the national life Intrusted to their keeping, Ihould be well fitted to constantly admonish their fellow-citiwrns that the use-, fulness ana benetlcenco of their plan pt ; government can only bo preserve*! throurt',. thalr unselfish and lovlnp support and their contented willingness to accept. In full re* turn the peace, protection and opportunity.- •which.lt impartlany bestows. , ; :.;..-• r-. "Not more surely, flo the rules at hon--. •Mtv and good faith flx the standard of In-, dividual character In a community thafl; So these same rules determine the chajr-, icter and standing: of a nation In the world; of civilization.. Neither the glitter : of it«. Sower nor the tinsel of Its commercial prosperity, nor the gaudy show of its. peo- nle'a wofflth can conceal the cankering rust of national dishonesty and .coyer the meanness of national bad faith. A constant stream of thoughtful, educated men Should.come trom our universities tmd-col* 16BC3 preaching national honor ond integrity and teaching that a beli«f In the neces- glty of'national obedience to the law* of God is not born, of superstition. , i ; "I do not forget the practical rtecessltypf political parties nor do. I deny, .their?-**- ilrability. I recognize wholesome;.4!«« ; - encea of opinion touching Icfttlmtto.KWt- e?nmental policies, and would by no means control or limit the .utmost freedom In their Stocuwlon. I have only attempted to BUK- irut the imDortant oatrlotlc service which Minn., Oct. 23.—Wheat wn~ n"ain very weak and declined rap- -.jtUv -in tne mornhiff, closing 4%c under Wedncsdny. OlTeriugs were heavy but nobody was found who wonted wheat .even at the heavy decline. The market iV exceedingly'weak. .-Will Swear for 3lr». Cuntlo. io.ulon, Oct.-22.-Jfr. Lewis Woill, u wuto.li manufncturcr of Hatton Garden wlio is one of the sureties of Mr. nnd Jf.rs -W M. Castle, of San Franeiseo.iow .nt liberty under i;«,000 bail, peiidinfr : their trial on November 3 upon chcrge of shoplifting-, said to n reporter Thnrs- °T)'r G forgo Henry Savage, one of the accusca of havlne stolen, b«t she c-ouldnot tell why she had done so." '• Emuiizilemont J» Chftrsed. New Whataom,-Wash., Oct. 22.-On the evidence revealed by an expert examination-of the books of thePugct Sound Loan and Trust and Banking company, which suspended a few Sooth, ago, Will A. Langdon, formerly bookkeeper of the bank, has been arrested, at -Moscow, Idaho, on a charge of embezzlement. The expert's report i, -aid to show astonishing irregnlari- t'ies .reflecting eeriously on certain for- m'ei- officials of_the_inistitution. Butler stiJOTlAKl Up. KlSKaU^'^e-ch^sofB,^ ,,n,l the Republican College league, an.. i^=»-5 Medina county. The delegation v enthusiastic one and gave Maj. Kinley a rousing recepf.on lose to speajv". DECISION FOR AMERICANS. Amcrlc,.,. ro»HO M .o,^I^Sum,,a Sl.ort.ly to Apin,Samoo. Oct. 7, via San Francises fiJt"" -Chief Justice Me has rendere n ct ' oj>'_Chicf Justice We hasrenderei d'-ei'sioii in favor of t,he plaintifts u ;,,e ea.se of Xeylan & Hobte, of San Francisco, -s. Harris ;,nd othe.,, of Kcw /oaJmid, for ptysse-ss.on of ih.> prorerty -niumonly. called the Poly- lu.s in lands of Samoa.. The total claim , lra V,,.nted.lo $662.582. The defendant , vcrCK ,ven,unl:il November to pay tn, am ount. but it is not bel.eved th ±££ .snss-isrs. rs^r.-S-^— : ; land, which will nearly equal 1-hosc of Sreat Bri'ain^in^ thescj^lands. OOOH io confer with Minister Hiwcm. San Francisco, DM.' 2S.-The corro- spoudcut of the press at Honohi-u, under date of the 16th of October, «>-*• "Foreign Jlinister Cooper will leave: for Vancouver and «he east on the 24th to confer withMinistcr Hatch at^ashmp- ton early in December. Hie nature of this mission U not known. Kileau vo.- is in renewed activity. Washington, Oct. 22,-;All was quiet nt politicfll headquarters in this city toreaoon The presence of •r.nursuuv iv.i&i«w". — — - A populist Chairman Butler.at the head- qu,irt«rs of that organization is still lacking ; 6wing- to his recent Unpleasant bicycle experiences. :.'.',.-..; \rreitcd on Charge of lareeny. Chicago, Oct. 22.-Eichard Houlihan, wbc is wanted in New York on a charge of larceny, was arrested here Wednesday night. He admitted his identity, but declared that he is not guilty of a real estate-swindle, by means of which, according to the-Mew \'oik authorities, he obtained possession of the money in dispute. . _^ Steamer Sank »nd crew I,o»t.' London, Oct. 22.—A dispatch from Aden says that the small British steamer Tuna, Capt. -Peter*, ha. <be«n wrecked oft Zeyla in a cyclone in the UuW of. Aden. Her crew wa* toil. Kl«pc« wtth- a S<r*ool ClrU Torre Haute, Ind, Oct. 22—H. H. Brown, of Fair-Grange post office, new Charleston, 111, was »t potice headquarters looting for his d»uphte.r>or». He said she h»d eloped with a young wan named "Cush" .-imea. N«*« waa attend iug school this fall, hot "^ **" cided to have the young man rather than an education and Wednesday when they met near Fair Grange NOT» ffi«- posed of bcr schoo) books »»d come to Terre Haute with James. They -weut to the comity clerk's office, but were refused a license because the young l«oy was but JT years old. . There is no lr«» of them. . To Reclaim Swmnp I*m»i. Michigan City. Ind.. Oct. 22.—A meeting of the stockholders;of the two Kan- Xahee fiver improvement associations has been called to meet at Sao Pierre. Starke co.unly. Oct.'31. at which tim«, plans will le discussed for the joint cooperation of the two organizations in the work of draining the Kankakee vai-' )ey Capital has been enlisted to undertake the girfautie project for settlement of 300,000 ;-cres of land in Illinois ana Indiana. Club Mn«t I>»T. Valparaiso, Ind., Oct. 22.—Special Judge Burson refused to reduce the assessments of the Tolleston club, M. T. Hart and John G. Ksrle; of Chicago, in the famous Jarnke ditch case, lr«n> Lake county, which is to connect Littl« Calumet with Big Calumet. The plan . ;s to reclaim thousands of ocresof land, costing $100,000. They took an appeal <o the supreme court. PentccO«l»l Bund In Session. Decatur, Ind., Oct. 22.-Th« regular state meeting of the Pentecostal band now being held at Bluffton will continue the rest of the week. Member* of this sect are present from Ohio and Indiana. During the meetings member* of the band go inlo a trance and remain that wnyduring the entire service. Hortei) and Cropt Horned. Fowler, Ind., Oct. 22.—Ed Cyr, a farmer living four miles cast of here, lost six head of horses, T2 tons of hay, 2,500 bushels of oats, his barn and a number. of farming implement by fire. Loss, $3,500; insured for $1.800. Spoutuncduo Combustion Ca«»« » Fir*. Michigan City, Jnd., Oct. as—The plant of the Summit Refrigerator com- i,nnv burned Thursday morning. LOBB, $20.000; insurance,.?9,000. Spontane- oiis'combustion wos the cause. Think HO W»« a Noted Crlmliiftl. Trcntou, N- J, Oct. 22.r-Wcdncsday ni"-VLt the police obtained information Icidin" them to the belief thut Georp« Kesllcr, the AVYalfieia (0.) sonrnamta- list who walked from a Ivew lorjc express ,'lraiu r.ear this city about » n-i'i-k ago and who subsequently died Jvom his injurits, was a noted criminaU Tlv\v declare that in his effects they found green goods circulars al- drcsscd to George Trainor, No. 233 East Tenth street, New \ork, Th » name was iils» engravc<l on the watcl which was found on the man. Student Die. ot Hl« Injorlci Clevelnnd, 0., Oct. 22.—Joseph Lnpi- nek living here, was a student m the Western .Reserve academy at Hudson. Lr.Pt -Monday he left home to take the •ra'm for school. That afternoon he wt.* found in East Madison avenue with his skull fractured. Ins satchel containing books torn open and. the- contents vcnttered about. He was carried hom<'. He was unconscious up to Thursday corning, when Ue died. There are no clews to his assailant!. f LnpineV was 20 years old. Trenton, A'. J-, Oct. 22-—The Union Supar Reilniiig company, of Cainacn. 'ms filed articles of incorporation with Ihe. secretary of «t«te., The oaplt.ll

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