Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 14, 1954 · Page 11
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 11

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, September 14, 1954
Page 11
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H l A ft , H O P fc , ARKANSAS Tuesdoy, September 14, 1954 ftt A.'Hunter, Sid ..yil&SdUch'No elty fjtyttrity}-49.04 cash swc Schools Play Saturday By OE BENHAM Associated Press staff « Southwest Conference f coaches were putl'iit* omphasison what's in ihe player'" head rather than how hard it is Tiiosclay as football season teafns. oponent neared for final At College Station, Texas A&M Coach Paul (Beui') Brynnt an- nouficed there would bo no more Contact Work for his manpower- shy team before HP, Saturday niqhl Tho men. Smallest sqund in tho conference. debut against Texas Tech, were down to 35 down with injuries in last Saturday's intrasquad cia.'.h. Fullback Viae Taylor, feuad Low Harpnld, Tiackle Jean fearras and Halfback Sanirny Burk have been hurt, and Halfback Gordon Kellogg rnissert Monday's U'prkout duo to illness. Punt return and kicl'.off drills dt-e still being operated under game conditions at 'Rice as the Owls point toward thoir Saturday night opener "with Floridn. Left Ha)fback George Robinson was still missing from tho University of Texas strfrtlrm lineup Mo day but running mnlo Delnno \Vo- mack was back in aclion. Both were hurt last week. Robinson received a'neck injury find Womack a jarred head. She Longhorns co- champions .of the conference, face Louisiana Slate tSalurc!a;/.. A non-contact/ drill fit Texas Christian University fofilurod pass SURPRISE 'PACKAGE' SWEETWATER. Tex., (UP) Hancher W.B. Wctw.'l, - Sr. 'kind of surprised" when he reached ir,l:> a cattle feed and grasped a grown snake. : 'I pinched him pretty good." Wetsel said, and then pulled Ihe DID NEITHER MEMPHIS, Tenn.. thorities investigating (UP) Aua collision Look- Signal decided lha drivers apparently failed to cither. yesterday i yesterday at the corner of i sa;k..of ou t a nd Signal decided the < 'GRAVE ERROR' non-poisonous chicken snake out of I Rio DE .TANER1O, (UP) A the sack nnd filled It. CAN'T WIN PITTSBURGH. After reporting lo police that nn unidentified girl swiped his $loO stickpin. William McNulty. 52. decided to do a lillle sleuthing on his own. "While McNulty '-.vas trying to trace the jjirl, two men darted up behind him dragged him out to a doorway and seltle his $1,000 ring 72 watch and $<i in cash. family court judg.'J yesterday ruled I against a husband who refused to [support his wife because she quit her job after marrying .him. In ordering Silvio Pcixolo to contribute to ihe support of his wife. Mirtela and their child, the judge said it was a "grave error with evil consequences" for n married woman to work. >^**JfiaT"l * * "XV "- , tfct f V . lij * . X <%F^£.4MM« *TM,*tlt4«>*iflrf after the rnnouncernonl that end Paul Kennon o£ ShrevepoH will not be ablf to play this week. Kennon '.*as hurt last Saturday in an intra-squad game. Coaches reported they wows cutting down on the length of drills and tramming the amount of scrimmaging their loams were doing. Lengthening injury lists rom last week's heavy drills offense arul defense preparation for the Frogs' first game with Kansas Saturday. Ronald Clink- scald and Charles Curtis, cpntin- •used their batlle for ihe starling quarterback post wth sharp work in the aerial session Johnny Crouch impressed Conch Abo Martin with his receiving. Sophomore Bobby Jones and senior Frank Peschel were groiricd as replacements lor injured Doyloi The United Stales produced a record of 80,151,893 tons of finished steel 1953. voted to situations and plays with in the opponents' territory. Th- Mustangs are Doing sharpened by Coach Chalmer (Woody) Woodard for a Friday night intrasquad game. Starfish pull oyster shells apart, using suction cups on starfish a'rms and then " turn themselves inside out to absorb the flesh of the oyster. If You Want To SHRINK PILES Use Clinic • Approved Way t When you use nil ointment for noil- surgical treatment of piles, be sur« you get one that is actually approved by a clinic that works with pile case* all the time. Famous Thorriton Minor Clinic's ointment is the result of medical and surgical study of mote than 7fi,000 cases. Thousands have found it possible to defer surgery indefinitely by itsing Thornton-Minor a itch-soothing, cooling formula — btr cause Thornton Minor Clinic's vast experience has shown what drugs work best and how they should b» rorhpounded. It's the next .thing to haying a special clinic prescription for your own cftse—so, get Thornton .Minor Clinic tile Ointment or Suppositories, $1 at your druggist's now! aiism, plays n7pj»rt in <he artistic ,"worl<" of ZVt- llne' Grimes, right,'* as slstfer Babett, '4, obligirigly v face Tor the frarrife, 'They entered as "The Artist were blamed'for tho lighter schcd- Taylor in Monday workouts at ules. Baylor. Billy iiooper.is 'expected to. get the starting quarterback's post Saturday against Houston, bul Defending Cotton Bowl Champion Rice abandoned its two-a-day drill chedule after four players came ye^oWVhrllllne'Grimes, rlgmvas slstfer'Babett, '4, obligingly i. loans her prfetiy facpTor the frarrife, "They entered as "The Arlisi ' and.'Hisrl :J oFtr&U 1 ''at'ttie tiny tols' parade opening the Essex, -I .* -, • 'i- '"' RnoTnrifl 'fnriilVnl"W&eR'. 'ST. LOUIS NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111. JJFJ • Hogs 10,500; moderately ac- tfv,e; barrows nhi giltslSO ' ' Ib. Son, U{> 50-75 lower; lighted weights and s'ows 25 to mostly 50 llwer; choice 200-260 Ib. mostly 20.50; several hundred head 20,00; few early .sale's down to 20 25 ;> several lot<) choice No.' Is! and 2s'20,76; 30 head hC'at 20.85; 170-190 b 2000-25; 150- ior r . 4,7 TJ ' ld.(K20.00'; "l2-l'40 Ib. liJly ( jiV'.5' 18,50; sows 400 Ib. ' down "jfc, 17.50-J9.25; heavier sows 15.00, "17.00; boars 1'1,00-in.jO, eluding arguments of the ID'^4 law. This means that, incread of giv-' tig Its opinion ap, expected early this 'fall, the appeals' court may not be'able to hand down an o::in- on before the end of the year. That.'', wouldn't leave iho. .Supreme 2qurt much time for before June of 1955. a decision a shoulder injury will keep Tray lor on the sidelines. The Bears'spent th3 rest of Monday's workout d o f e ,1 d i n i; against probable. Houston Stragegy. Arkansas and Southern Methodist, whicli open laler than the rest of the schools, worked on .passing and scoring plays. its de- Southern Methodist gave backs a workout with a drill NOTICE We are happy to announce to our many friends and customers that U.L. SMITH is now with us. He invites you to visit him at ... POD'S ESSQ SERVieENTER 4Q1 E. 3rd Street ALLEN C C ANNOUNCES A NEW POLICY! Now you can have your Home Rewired to'meet modern conveniences and new fixtures. All on 12 Easy Payments No Carrying Charge-10% Down Payment Balance Monthly . "Cattle, 6,000; calves ? fa ' h ' 1 > r a ' ctivc ' on 1700; opejv and |jahd tunrj 1 i ; »For- . Jcmand a support-, in§, factor. in steady to strpng nrlces; high, choice ad low prime yearling' steers 2575, several loads ' 'and 'iois' eopd aiid chojce!'22.00- 25,2£; medium (Jtinlity^ replace- fneh't stQers r l>.75;,'cows utility and commercial, 12.5P; few, ajt ,13.00; ( ifveolers s\ lial bulls, at t: octtv'e; , slrong jartncrs IQ; bull's and •13.50; snn- ,and cljolca few' high, * ' 8.'0p-ll 50; good s- ,10.00-20.00; a and pric 21.00, 22',OQi 'comrnqrciol, and sod vt-al- Fate o,f Red Goose Awaits '56 Decision By JAMES MARLOW WASHINGTON M The government had hjjped^ to cook the Communist party's etoose by next spring. 1 Now it haf. to' ii^ht another fire! This delays perhaps un- tii 1956 a final decision on the fate ,'o? the gapse. " The timetable wns upset late yesterday bjj the Unjted Sta,tqs Court of Appeals here when Jt ordered new arguments in the government's efforts to make the party register as'a Russian agent. This makes it virtually impossible for the Supreme Court to get the case in time to give its opinion In 1955. In 1950, Congress passed the Internal Security Act in a move to fo^'oe the Commanisls to stop posing as an Amciican political party and admit they are Riibsian ANOTHER AUTO EXPERT GOES ALL OUT FOR MERCURY. "In readability we rale this car any mits .T.« Sheep '-2,300; no early sales spvipYiV"?*'?; ' a <?cd shpep openios steady - v Daughter DWQS 3,00-4,00; ' ,3.00, W bMvftl j$: 140,00 mz'swys l. • «) motor tools by If- the registering party as'- .such, conceded by NEW YORK CP 1 Selected in- jrjustribls llpiVd the 'stock market upward today,' ifV moderately, nc« Cv trading. 'Bui several Important '' Qilsi motors', chemicals, airlines and radio-television, st'oplcs cleveop- et demand, ''in -Rlc aftejjnon, dea- . $oih stees, o'lrcralts and ppor ¥rilnlng' ipsxlcs' tyre gener- ai order stocks were regualr. • ly lower," Raro'adsr~utnilles ant » *s,lpw nnd'cnuUons tho irtewjing. tovjj^ WfUvJty picked -up^ss" tno session i»ro. greesqd. /Losses^yere ?T)osty t frae- vc- per- passi may, gss were EXTRA thief', who 1 Btpjp Vci;npn -The slat- Ipn wagpn,'y,esterai\y abp'napnefl it i._ _..-_-7i i. .._.*... «. t^ttr ' Klrt^Vo fvf\rf\ Jtj" great lia'ste a few'blocks from the bocJ? seat of the stotipn 'wagon" ( 'waX 'ji lpf.al "rcsidentie; Ivers is on undertaker,« UNJU8UAI. VANCOUVER. B.C.. <UP> The registration that it wt.s a foreign agfint," it could forego, any claim to .roosts in this country or to any sizable native support. ' So the party could be expected to fight tlint 1950 Iriw to a finish. The law itself anticipated =uch a fjght and provided for it. This was the simetable; Sept. 23, 1050 The act, passed on that dale, instrup.toct the government to create the Subversive Activities Control Bqard. It was the creation of this hoard which set in "motion the machinery for all that' followed. Nov. 22, 1950, J. Howard Me- Qrath, then attorpey general, asked the SACB to declare the party a Russian agent and order it, to register. The SACB could not do -that without 'public hearings \4here the party • could defend it- aelf. April 23, 195J Tfce SACB hearings opened." They lasted until July 1, 19'52 14 months, and 1 day k s/ Throughout tlrn^' time 'gov- l'rrt,ment awj party iQwytt s' argued. The board heard' 22 government witnesses, some of them. ex-Corn- munists, and' 3 witnesses for the party. There were almost three million word^ pf tostimpny. April 20, 1953 The SAC$, aft- ep reflecting on tho testimoiiy for D months and 19 days issued n report in which it "called JOE WHERRY-AUTO AGE "Power packed and with an excellent (ball-joint) suspension system adapted from last year's surprising Lincoln, the 195-1 Mercury is.likely lo show . car huyeis in the medium price class somelhing new in drhing pleasure. The new Merc is a spiiited automobile." And this auto expert is not alone in his praise. In report after report in the automotive press, Mercury .has been getting, and continues to get, rave reviews. It's a car to reckon with if you're out to get the most for your money. • CO-OD 0?o|venor 'lingers placed n notice *te*a Vpcal newspaper yesterday the party a Moscow agent and ordered its registration The party asked the U.S. Court stating Thst the *'rim practice ot of- Appeals to throw out this order. he season" would bo. belU in trip " --- J "-- - 1 —'- '•••*—-''Hard of Hearing Club hall." peace, 'pivll A.,13. Bright vg. Everett Jt argued the whgio business the 1950 act, the boaid, the findings, the order WOIP uncpnstitu- " J, 4 Apdl the court heard arguments frorn the government and party lawyers. It was expected to give Us verdict 'this full. No matter what the verdict the Ipsing side — the government or the part wpujd appeal to the Supreme Court tor a final decision. But Congress put sand Jn the machinery, jn the rush before his summer it passed Jaw affecting the Commit- Hist party drastically. It is a vague law, hastily thrown togelh- e,r, Government [uywers are still trying tp. figure out exactly what It means &nd how they can use It. other thtnjis. It says the party shall be deprived ot HS rights, privileges and 6 MORE REASONS WHY WIRCURY IS THi HOTTIST CAR IN RECENT YEARS I You get an entirely new IfiJ-horsepowqr * ovorheai) valve V-8 \villi more advanced features than any oilier engine in its field. You enjoy power that's smoother, quieter, more responsive. O You gel stay-in-style beauty—a clean, *" fresh, out-of-tlic-futiire design that helps protect your investment. Q You arc offered a complete lino of far- advanced power features that aid your driving: optional po\yer steering, power brakes, a 4-way power seat, and power window lifts for all 4 windows. / .You get tin? acjvantages of high hpvse. power without sacrificing economy. A unique 4-bwel carburetor operates on " 2 barrels for thriftier normal driving' and switches "vacu.umatically" to 4 - barrels when full reserve, power is needed for quicker, safer passing. I? You can have no-shift driving at its smoothest, jprore« best—optional Merc- 0-Malic Drive. Z Yoifget a. car with high resale value, '"* According'to authorilutive reports,-Mercury leads its-Held .for lop resale value, The, Communist party's lawyers bapfc into xUe C«*urt ot Ap- wliiph \\$& thsir their ar«u< last sprjpg, giid s.ni(j somo. been pdfied the and IT PAYS TO OWN A miss the big t9l«Yl»t<>n hit, 'TOASf^FlrhJl TOWN" WP %4 9HiUv^n. imRWRY T .QF THE TOWN" WitfJ £4 9wlUvi|n. 8HH<l*y eve THE RECORD PROVES IT evening, 6:00 to 7;op. Ration KCMP-TV, Chunn?l § THE TRADING POST 321 Hope/Ark. ,, ,';• /-, 4S-B-- • ^'U-.-. Tuesday, September 14, 1954 HOPE STAR, HOPt, ARKANSAS SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M, and 4 P. M. Calendar Tuesday, Sept. 14 The Ambassador Sunday School Jlass of the Garrett Memorial bhurch will have a monthly meeting at Fair Park on Tuesday night it 7:30. ' year can be made. There will bo an inspection tour of the new grade school. The Kevins P. T A. will noia iis d wag at first meeting on Thursday night Hollywood. ' *ie Green Lasctcr Home.Demon- stration Club will have a call iceling at Ihc home of Mrs. Sam Ingland on Tuesday night at 7:30. ill. members are urged to be present. Ginger's Young DOROTHY DIX Husband Signs Movie Contract By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD Jacques Bergerac, a handsome Basque from Biarritz has had two awakenings in his young life. Ane cam* The Blevins P. T. A. will hold its tat 17 when he saw Paris for the Wednesday, Sept. 15 The first regular meeting of the Garland P .T. A. will be hold Wcd- csday, September 15, 1054. ft-ookwood P. T. A. will meet Vednesday, September 15, at 3 p. i. The cxcculive board will meet it 2:15 in the school office. All numbers arc urged lo be present. The first regular meeting of Ihe paisley P. T. A. will be held al.lhc ,-chool on Wednesday, at 3 p. m. The executive committee will meet bt 2:30. All committee chairmen tire urged lo attend Ihc excculive EoAnitlee meeting. Mr. Andy An- Hrews, chairman of the local chap- [cr of the Polio Foundation, will inswer questions concerning polio. 'ollowing the meeting there will c a "Get Acquainted" hour, and feCreshments will be served. Oglcsby P. T. A. will meet Wed- Jnesday at : J , p. m. The executive aboard will moot al 2 p. m. September 16, at 7:30 p. m. All parents, teachers, and natrons are urged to attend this meeting. Hope Chapter 328 Order of the Eastern Star will meet Thursday, September 16, at 7:30 p. m. Friday September 17 John Cain Chapter of the D. A. R. members arc urged lo attend the Caddo District of the Arkansas Society of the D. A. R. Friday, September 17, at 10 o'clock in the Barlow Hole! at Malvern. A luncheon will follow the meeting. Plans tor Ihc stale conference will be formulated at Ibis meeting. The Caddo 26 when visited Hollywood. Bolh cvcnls have had n profound influence on his life. He lold e aboul them as we lunched in a Sunset Strip cafe. "I had lived all my life in Biarritz which is a very quiet town," ho oxfclaincd, "eycept for the two months of year when the inlcrnational set make it their re- sorl. Otherwise I had seen little of litt;. "I was just a boy when I went il&Sae Garland jlcommitlec wi' Music - Her Master Dear Miss Dix: My wife, Rosalie, left me two months ago after four years of marriage. She is 22, I am 28. We have no chldren and never had a home of our own. We lived with her people who have been trying right along to separate us; they did not like me. After Rosalie left, I, of course, returned to my own family. Our Chief difficulty has been that she wanted a career while I wauled a family. She is a talented musician and wanted lo conlinuc study- ng, but 1 insisted she give it up because i thought she'd soon lire of lessons anyway. Now Ihe only condilion on which she'll come back to me is that I let her continue music lessons. Although I love her dearly. I can't consent lo Ihis ar- rangcinenl as I think she should be continuing dependence that sPon becomes chronic. You would probably overcoming most of her opposition if you'd promise her a good home of her own. One responsibility will soon make her willing to as P. T. A. Executive will meet Wednesday September 15, at 2:15 p. m. The ?. T. A. will mod at 3 p. m. A program on "Safety 11 \yill be present led. Thursday September 16 The Fulton Hose Garden Club ||will have its annual luncheon at one ( o'clock Thursday, September 16, Hat Cox's Cafo in Fulton. . District will be in charge of the conference. Sunday September 19 A revival meeting at the White Oak Grove Baptist Church at DeAnn Community will begin Sunday, September 19. There will be two services daily - the morning worship beginning at 10:30. and the evening service at 7:30 p. m. The Rev. A. T. Suskey, an outstanding speaker will assist the Rev. Homer Henry in conducting tho meeting. The public is invited. Wednesday September 29 All members of the Hope Federation of Garden Clubs will meet for the annual fall luncheon September 29, at Hotel Barlow at 12:30. «w»y lo Paris for college;. What an awakening! Such excitement! I aclud in plays whenever I could. I Ri-iidualcd in lav/ when I was 21 and left Tor rny year in Ihc Army. "When I returned to Paris, it was nol lo be a lawyer. I gave up Die law lo become an aclor. 1 acted in many classic plays, like Molierc and Victor Hugo." Bergerac traveled with the crowd. One night ho #ent to a party'at the Left Bank place of a Bohemian friend. There hf; met the American movie slar, Ginger Rogers. They were olhcr. After a Parisian whirl, Gingei had to leave for a Hollywooc movie. Bergerac said ho would join her later. He said if he liked America r:nd could find work in soon prob- DAR Names Committee •Chairmen When the Arkansas Society, Daughters of the American Revol- Music, Miss Hildergard Smith Little Rock, Americanism, Mrs. Berry Hesterly, Present, A|proved Schools, Miss Ruth Beffl, Little Rock, Conservation, Miss Lily Peter. Marvell, Correct Use 61 the Flag, Mrs.'t). fe. Wntson, Ham* burg. D. A. R, Good Citizen, Mrs, ^t. bcfense, Mfs^sSlfeHt Village. <"-* f * * CJvfi Itelehs*J£M*'S Wtf , , BiJtffe itdST P* MrS* SatrtUeT F» 8w| Prograftir Mf£ ^jJB^ R., Mrg. £eft}< n j$fc devoting her time lo u family. sume others, such as the care of children. You must also bear in mind. Monty, that when a girl has a definite gift, as Rosalie has, it has been given t ohcr by God to use, There's no reason why your wife should give up hor music completely. There arc church choirs, civic groups, community choral of dramatic groups, that would welcome her talent. Using it in the right way will make her a better wife and mother. Don't be jealous of her gift, help her put it to good use. Hollywood, perhaps Six days after no arrived in Mary Jane O'Dell Celebrates Birthday On Saturday, September 11. Mary Jane O'Dell was honored on her sixth birthday with a party given t the home of her grandmother, . Mrs. O'Dull and Mrs. .1. Leland ^avender, assisted hy a Rebecca O'Dell and June Flowers, served ice Anior - Senior High School P. T. A. will meet Thursday at 3:30 p. m. in the Junior High Auditorium. JIM I UJU1 tl LU1<J J. 1 iw »» <_». .i f »"- • I StllCl. JOU L Lii^ ov-i *f •• " a~ ream and cake to David Jones, c;il i c d for me to play a French Twilie Hunt, Sandra Todd, J. L'Hman which I am, So I didn't But and Lavender, Jr., Thomas Lav- j both ol - us hope we can go our owi ender, Sandra Ward, Mary Lou w()ys professionally.' „ r _.-! A »-.ii<-\"lj-l V-tt\\\t* rt i-! ~4;:i lt«n The Spring Hill P. T. A. will meet Thursday, .September • 16, at 7:30 p. m. Everyone is urged to attend this meeting, so that plans for the Hollywood, he was signed to an MGM contract. He still couldn't speak English. He and Ginger were married in Palm Springs. At the end of his first year here, no made an extensive screen test with Jano Powell. The bosses felt he niH-ded a year's more seasoning with the English language. He quit to be a free-lancer. Hia first moviu was .made ;n England, MONTY Compromise Demanded Answer: When stubborn pride meets implacable resistance, the rcsulls are apl lo be irreconcilable differences. Neither you nor your wife is prepared to give an inch to resolve your problem, yet it appears thai you .love each other and both would welcome a reconciliation. Primarily, your need is for a Ihird parly to help you reach a compromise. Consult a marriage counselor who will set you on the right path. ' You neglected to give a reason for not setting up your own home. Was it because your wife wished to live with her people, because you couldn't afford a home for her, or because you welcomed the lack of rcsponsibilily provided by living in someone else's house? If you were at fault in not selling up a domicile for Rosalie, . you can'l blame her for not wanting to begin Dear Miss Dix: Two years ago 1 broke off with a girl 1 had dalcd for several months. I was just loo young lo realize whal a fine person she was. Now thai I know what I gave up, I am very sorry, nnd though I have tried to dale her several limes she seems complolely uninlcresled in me. I'm sure she's afraid of a recurrence of Ihc early affair. I'm 20 years old and she's y attached lo one of the children, aclually ignoring the others to court favor from her. lib wahts to akc her for a few wtcks and 1 don't mow whether to let her go or nol. 'R. R. Answer: I would strongly advise against permitting one child to go for n visit from which the others are excluded. You will find II difficult 'enough lo raise four children without a father's care. If there is dissension among the youngsters, it would make your task much harder. 18. M. S. Write Dorothy Dix for free leaflet D-2, "Divorces -.Separations.' In all cases,, be sure to enclose n stamped, self-addret,scd envelope and send request to her,- : carc of this newspaper. (Released by The Bell Syndicate Inc.) Answer: You arc still very young and it won't hurt a bit if your wooing is prolonged. If you like the girl so much, be as friendly and pleasant as she'll permit and I'm sure your persistence will win out even- lually. LJlil 11 It: lit: i ntL iiu i> VVMH »•*«»£» vu ...^ (-,-... .--- - „ ^ her family. There are muny, many He is permitted to sec the children bjections to young 'folks 'setting up UJWWtlUItO L' J J*- ILI11 ta J-VJ4tVi3 iJ\.H.Il»(3 »•• f ** " •".' i ousekecping under parental voofs er refused him visiting privileges, nd one of the major ones .is the!The trouble is that he is particular- L IHC IHMUU »J1 1,1-1 f^inii-*^.'- -T 11VS1 IHOVlli \Vil3 .Ji..ivi>- *.* r.-" flrs. John O'Dell. 502 Soulb llervey. |. 1Ilcl nc co .slarrcd with Ginger in i'ist of Fate." ••I didn't want it that way, he said. "Bui'the script was good and Main & Country Club Rds. • OPEN 6:30 SHOW STARTS 7:15 • Tonight & Wednesday • F-I-R-S-T Hope Showing! all Disney's All Live-Action Thriller! Rebel... Lover... Outlaw! RICHARD TODD • GLYNIS JOHNS ' . AN DUO-RADIO PICTUB6 Always a Color Cartoon BY REFRIGERATION _reen, Leonard Arnold, Robert, Polk and Johnny O'Dell. Games were played and favors were given the guests. W- S. C. S. Meets Monday The Woman's Society of Christian Service of the First Methodist Church met Monday afternoon at 4 o'clock at the church. The meeting was opened with a song, "Jesus Calls Us," followed by the Lord's Prayer repeated in unison. Mrs. R. L. Broach gave the dc votional. She discussed some of ihe temptations which await average people in average silualions. She used the 15th verse of the 17th chapter of John as the scripture reading. Mrs. Ralph Routon brought a beautiful memorial on Mrs. N. P. O'Neal. It was announced that a gift in memory of Mrs. O'Neal was sent by the society lo the Student [ Loan Fund. Mrs. Broach, 'vice-president, conducted the business meeting. Mrs. Jack Gardner, secretary, road Ihe minutes which were approved. During the business session, the group voted to change the time of meeting lo 3 p. m. during Ihc winter months. Mrs. L. B. Tooley announced lhal a missionary instilute would be held in the First Methodist Church pr Texarkana, on Friday,' September 17, at 3 p. m. Dr. Charles Perrill, a medical missionary to India, will be the speaker, Mrs. George Murphy asked those members who had not made a con- tribulion to the offering made to Holding Institule during Ihe study on "Spanish Speaking Americans" ujb I-H unjoaiwn*»**j • Bi-rgerac still has a noticeabl accent, but is complolely under itandablc. "No matter how hard A'ork I will always have this much accent," he said. "Look at Charle Boyer; he still spealvs .with an ac cent, though he has been in tin country 20 years." grow about Denr Miss Dix: I am a divorcee with four children whose ages range fvom 1 to 12. My ox-husband remarried shortly after the divorce; at my convenience, but I have nev Lehman Auto Supply 215 S.. Main . Hope Phone 7-273 Call or Write Perry Henley : for Home Demonstration Uaugluers UL me r\im;m'«» i •v"""* J u. A, it* ijrooa ^IIIAKUJ ivua, IT. ution hold their Fall Board Meet- IE Barkharn, Arkadelphia. D. A. JR. - - -•-- --.«--—«-"— *•"•- wj-* ing in Little Rock Sepemtber 16, the new Regent, Miss Ruth Massey, will announce the following State Chairman; American Indians, Mrs. John W. Edrington. Osccola, American rtagaaine Subscription. MiSs — ludolph, Little Rock. D. A. R, Ma- azine Advertising. Mrs. J. F, Maier, Sr., Hot Springs. D. A. H, Museum, Miss Marie Lloyd, tat- 6 i Rock. D. A. R. Student Loan Fund< Mrs. L. M. Hawkins.'Little tdck. Genealogical Records, Mi's. \V , Brown, LllU«f Rock. Junior Am rican Citizens, Miss Virginia Mill* *mc Bluff. Junior Membership, Mrs. J. Ncal Payne, Marked, Ttco, Membership, Mrs. H. C. McKlnncy, SI Dorado. Motions, Mrs. Goo. A. Russ, Elircka Springs. National Spriflgs. wings. , , , w Radio 'antf fefelfli ttraflt Taylor, J<"* il portation. MH. M, Hock. Mrs. J^ gel in^urhome u*A Built- Ins 'HAVI NEW FLAP , See UB todny—for cco» i ttomlcal.qimlity-leatad — fir plywood and cnsy- to-follow plans for 8 modern 'fir plywood built-ins. REPAIR LOANS •available for all'lypes of Home Improvements,and repairs. BILLWRAY SUPPLY CO; Phone 7-2348 S. Walnut ^^ j ! V Prepared ao3 '•the •' Dail American farmers 350 different crops. — FEATURE TIMES — 2:00 - 4:21 • 6:38 - 9:00 to do so at this meeting. Each circle leader g.ave her report, and the circle count was taken with Circle 4 winning the count. 75' members and one guest were present. , Mrs. Ralph Routon, a member of Circle 4, had charge of the program and presented Mrs. John .Vescy who gave an article by Bishop Arthur J. Moore entilled "Melhodisls of Korea." The meeting was closed with the W. S. C. S. benediction. Unity Baptist Senior Ladies Auxiliary Meets There were 13 members present at the Unity Baptist Senior Ladies Auxiliary meeting on Monday, • September 13. The opening song was led by Mrs. John Bill Jordan, accompanied by Mrs. Howard Collier. Mrs, Tom Anderson led the group in prayer. The devotional, given by Mrs. Ada Crane, was taken from the seventh chapter of Malthew. Mrs. Frank Malone read a poem entitled "Without Jesus." Prayer was then led' by Mrs. Collier. Elder Howard White, pastor of the church, taught the lesson. Mrs. Sinclair gave a report on the last •neeting and Elder White dismissed ;he group. IMRIUTO »S^^ THOUSAND MEMORABIE MOMENTS JENNIFER JONES'GREGORY PECK-JOSEPH GOTTEN • HERBUtT MARSHALL- ItUlAJi GlSH WAlUR HUSFQH CHARLES EICrJl'SD d br KING VIPO» • A Srlinick R«-1*1 to i* PLUS: NEWS & TOM AND JERRY CARTOON WED. &"f HURS* i'DPUBU FEATURE-f E ACTION! RQMANCI! HILARITY! POLP AND FRANK qs its Title! . m ou. HARLEM GIQBETROTTERS ClARK Coming and Going Capt. and Mrs. Earl Montgomery :>f Law ton, Ol:la., were overnight Juests ol his parents, Mr. and Mrs. b. B. Montgomery, while enroute .o their home. Capt. and Mrs. Mon- .(jomery were called to Ihe bedside n' Mrs. Montgomery's mother who s iil in Shreveport, La. Jimmy Branch and "David Mc- Konzit- lei'l Monday for Memphis, wheru they will attend Soulhwes- ,er University. Hospital Notes Julia Chester Admitted: Mrs. Wesley E. Ninemire, Hope, Mrs. S. L. Matlison, Houston, Mr. N. A. Goss, Hope, Mrs. Forrest Loutennie, Memphis, Tenn., Mrs. C. L. Faught, Rt. 4, Hope, Birdie Mae Thomas, Hope, Discharged: Mr. C. A. Williams, Hope, Mrs. Fay Hammons, Hope, Mr. Rufus B. Rosenbaum, FuUpn, Mrs. Kelson Foster, Hope, Sarah Carrington, Washington, Mrs. Raymond Johnson, Fulton, Mrs. Charles F. Tittle and son, Texarkana, Mrs. J. H. Rhodes, Magnolia, Sar ah Jones, Hope. j Mr. and Mrs. Wesley E. Nine [mire, Hope, have a daughter born 11:44 p. m. Saturday. Admitted: Mrs. S. H. Battle. Hopi. Miss Judy Watkins, Hope, Mrs. M D. Fricks Saratoga, Discharged: Mrs. Margaret Me Donald. Nashville. Mrs. Charle " ' • bpjy, Hope, "- In fine-car feature after feature, Ford's faijout front in its field. Only Ford gives you styling that will stay in style . . . new Ball-Joint ride , and handling . . . high-spirited V-8 "Go" »v**^«> roughest roads and car "feel" far )onger, Ford is the daily (?flf in | V-8 engine, tfo 130-li.p, T Ford offers this? V-8 '?Go' It's no wonder so many people are swinging over to Ford! Ford offers more fine-car features than any other low-priced car. You can see Ford's the leader in "looks." With its long, low, clean-cut lines/Ford's the acknowledged trend-setter in the industry. A»4 Ford has interior luxury to match, with the latest in modern fabrics ,, . the handsomest }n trim. And Ford acts the leader, too. Biding |in| handling are always smoother, easier 'b^, cause of Ford's revolutionary Ball-Join^ i Front Suspension (exclusive to Ford in its field) that cushions the bumps of eye» % You may ch.Qpse torn naaatona: Fojcdowjatfp;D Conventional Driv^'Fo ing ease and ple|»aur^ ^ojt uw,p«*k|^ Ford as More people are trying Ford ,, t More people are buying HOPE^AlIJtf i MWt^.^ u..'^ '.^ i^ ] •', ty %^ ^ %

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