Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 22, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 22, 1896
Page 8
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Always Lead, Never Folio* ==TH1S- Our First Grand Fall Opening Sale Will Be Continued All Next Week. To nccomrucUat, the p«y day eubtomew who haven't had an opportunity to get .some of their man, bargains jtfixt- -week will bo special dress Roods and cloak week. POPULISTS Will Not Consent to Be* trayal of Their Cause. SO-CALLED FUSION It is Not Our Fault Ladies black kersey cape, a beauty, only Ladies'-handsome double cape, boucle or Kersey cloth only Ladies heavy all wool cheviot Jackets, only DRESS GOODS Double width illuminated. Persian effects, only 40 inch black silk and wool Secilleon, only 19-inch all silk velvets worth $1.00 yard, only $1.48 3 75 3.48 9cyd 26cyd 58cyd A'id lua-.y bargains we haven't space to mention, Remember this sale lusts all next week. GOLDEN RULE lie Globe _. ... . . . .... . Is Denounced—Have Not Withdrawn Their County Ticket. $10.00 SUITS If you have been paying too much for your clothing, liats and furnishings 'heretofore, but you need not do it-any longer. We told you in -'Hie -l>egi'nniu'g that we Intended .selling clothing cheaper Uliiain It 'has bean solil Imretoforc, and If you mil caill and see what we are do-, ing, aud get our prices, you will not woaider at t-he'busincss \ve are doing. Ask -some ojio iili-i) I: -has been- here—they won't be hard to find—what the XKW AND UP-TO-DATE CLOTHING HOUSE Is doing. It takes dashing .•Mid ihnstl-img to pluck trade from old line competition; that is what we have done, and .ire .still in the fray -to maiaiain the victory. MEN'S SUITS At fl.'O -.-i7Ml, $3.00. The ?5.00 suits come in blade Cheviots also. Men's all wool suits ..t $7.50; in fills line you find puwerf.nl values, other -houses' price, $3.0.00. In (air house mean- tiie same .suits, only beUor Piiting. made and trimmed, 'LiKit the cheap tailors charge you $13.00 for. Nor Will They Support the Dem- J 'ROY'S ocratic Ticket. | We Have Won The Hearts of The People. The-Globe WILL HELP r EM Chairman Manna Offers Assistance jfs already rccogii-iy.ed as Log a us port's most foremost Men's and Boys' j ^ ^fitters. We arc deeply grateful for the unbounded appreciation of our of- , n Unearthinj , Alleged Cases of oy (lie public. We shall endeavor to always merit the esteem- and cou- llilV .fU- 1 /1 **- . » i V «----»"-— ' „ wiiTi whiicli our fellow citizens have s;i abundantly honored us. { IB testimony of a-ar gratitude and to thoroi'ghly introduce our iiuest grades of equal to «astom made Garments, we offer tn follows Men's Plaid Sutls $800 fewest novelty All Wool Cheviot* This peerless offer JH for one week •nly beginning tomorrow anil end- Corner 4th and flarket. These Suit-s are AH Wool, Winter weight, made up by Artist Tailors Men's Plaid Sulis >.oo Fashions' Craz". Perfect Fitting, ,Every element of fineness that noes into highest ^rade cut-to order Garments is in these •suits. There here Black and Blue Men's Beaver Overcoats !$5 All Wool Black & Fancy Cheviots Hen's Suits. Overcoats, wa-nrainited to fit, to w*ar and to hold color. Well let you »c Die Judge of their;-ralue. patrons, amd duplicated flit ttbe prices nowhere on this plan<jt. We warrant them fast colors. 5"o delight the Boys aud their Mothers we will sell Knee Pants at 15 Cents •wrtia good weight, neat patterns, for boys' aged 4 to 14. The Globe "Coercion." War is to the Kniffc From Now 'Till the End; If Globe [be Globe Corner Fourth and Market Streets. PROTECT YOUR EYES. The rllrchberg Optical Co., The well-Known Specialists of *•>•• \M--I mvt vcnm' D. A. HVU Kits agent for their celebrated Spectacles and Eye ttlasiea, every p»lt guaranteed. ' D. A. HAUK hss co; : >pletr« assortment und Inrltco all to »;itl«fr t-Demsmvus of the grew, sniwrlorlsj of tliose gooSsover anr raanutaotared, at tbe store of D. A; 'lAOK, Sole asent lor LognnspoitInd. No P«ddlera Supplied. $2O.OO Will Buy a Good Winter Suit OF- W. D. CRAIG. .j«6 Broadway, Second Floor. S<jo onr lenity ipfpea.—Foloy. Attoid W^^Rl^t & Budde'3 opening '(today a.t 32t Fleiiii-1 street. CbQdrcn's oig'h't "pants 45c, omtfaig jrtcht sblrts samo price .—A. G, Jem- Uooa, >a9sl6n«<?. Soovonlra. .to all ItaOy cailoi-s «t open<i^ of Wniiglrt & Buddy's confectionery atone, 321 Pearl street. . • Mis. AMred Porter of Ollntoa town- xllefl nt 7:30"o'olocik yesterday g, at She age of 45, after auffer- ^•ottneVtinw-wittnsthina-. The ru- mend -will -be^'fuiaottn'ced 'later. A BRYAN' DAY IXOIDBKT. ' Am iniclto).t of Bryaui day here Was just come ito tiro oar oC tlie initoiic. 'In l:ho proparati'oa for the diiwior nit-Judge Oykcmrai's rosldence, Jin nrrangteff tlie liouselwl'il -fiiniii ture, n MtHlo cliiid caUed_ iitterini-oii 'to ii bust oC Clcreland, and to sonic iva-y cousoiwis Urat it was ou-t o,C -place asked; "W'teiit are you going :to do with thiat?" "I'll lix tliat," said Judge Dykemaiii, and goJmg into tht yaj-d lie pot a ImiteJiet ani-J chopped Olcn-etoniVs ih-cail off. After dinner Judge Dykeraa-n exhl'blited the bust to j Mr. Bryoni and tlie guosls, wnd told what lie l»ad done. -"This Is ClevelaJKl Cour years ago," saild Judge Dj'k'pnian, paliiidlitg to'tho bust, 'to.nd tMs -Is Clovc- 1'aiad today," llftilng tOio Iread from Its nesting place om tiho broken bust Tdie guests, including Mr. Bryan, laughed lieim-.tlly wt 1ihe humor. A DBFECmiVB FLUE. ' No. 2 flre -company; was cailled to the corner of Ninth and North streets last might about J0:30 o'clock to extinguish a flre started in the resWeaice occupied J by 0. M. MltohelL It -was probably dne to n defective flue. TJio' fire d^d but illttto damaige, bvi. Hhe house TVBS. con- slderaiblj' torn uip: by the firemen.' In theJr nttemiptB. to. get at flho blaze. Special to The Jourawil: Chicago, Oct. 21-.—Cha-touaw Hanwi of -tlw RepuWtemi Naitiiooall CMiiirnitteo todii-y put flift-cnil ^o the 'clKU'^e made •by" Bryoiii mswuipr-i'irs tiiviit-employe-s aiv.- bciinj? coerced :iut.o Hie support o£ Me- KiiiiiVey for ithe ca.u*e of Sqwul-Money. Mft\ ri)iinn:i.Js<rUeO a statement tilisi-t -IJic cutii-e iiMchlneiy-aC 'la-is ctmrniillitiiH! te :rt .-iO disposal of any one for the iinw- ocubiwof Any ein.pJciyoir sitspeot'iMl ol attemptimg to coiTce'ani-'oruplO'yc, a.™1 tliuiit the coiuim-lttjcc-.v.-ssld, co-operate iviltili the Deni'ocral-te NatJona:! comin!i- tee i).ii iprotecttog employes-En-the fren •and wrefettered! exorcise, of their fran, chise. He flfco s:iys tliaf if ChiaJii'msiii ..Tones or MT. Bh-a-n km-ow or licnl 1ii- fariwutiion at wny time of the. codflon of employes -they ware ,-e<iiially piilty •\vJfch the employei-s in.-not repomtlittg tut- nwifcter to -tlie -auohodties, -so taat tik- coerctag parties could be punished nn- : der (the tow, • Jnformiation was received' at Bepub- Hicain Nnitlonni Uwswlqutirters-• today to tile -effect tlvat voters intending to support Bryan were applying to rallrorods for tiianspoptaititou- to their homos, and -that ithey are ustnK the .letterheads of the RepuWlcaa National commlbtec 01 •Republican: state Ccjmtr.'iJ.- cc-mjntttiees .Lin molding sucl» opplioaiBloos.- -.Request to majle by Hbe -Republieam National •cammMtoe -tbat persons receWng aj.ipli- ca-tioas for transportaftloji shall be upon tltoelr guard, a,nd that the: clialrm-eia of Stalto nmd County EepU'WHeaai-foramit- itces »bali not wii-h great eftrauicm lu cttnsMcrJng tine rnttlter of nippHcatlons J!or transpofrtntton. _ ... P. M. Arbhua-, oC Ctevelarud, :Oh-to, n.l tlie Jieaxlof tlio I-nitoiru'iiitlonal Bi-o'thii-t- hood ot Loconnotiive Biig'to'eea-s,. has •written a latter, ia wlrfeli 'he saj-s Wait lie iierei' signed suny resoluiticuv OT pt- •titiO'n to Congn-cst; or r ajiy document 3m favor of tlie free cotonge of silver; tihnt 'he Is jiot'hi favor of fa-ee coinage-ot silver, ifim! thinit lie wHl vote for Mc- Ki-n-ley regaird'lese of -\vta't 'be -may luirve dome or said J;n Hie past • Hon. "Wun. R. Morrison, of Illitaals, prceidonit of -the Interstate Commerce iConitnissioai -«;t W-as'htogcon, -D: -O.y ta? wnlttcH a letter, which Is'to'.be mndo public. In which l;ie jirrai-gns. Gpvemot A'ltgeld in 1 the .severest terms.-,conflinii- tag Ml of the charges' made . n-galnst Attgeld by cx-Congressmoia-.: Ponanau, i1!h>e -prescoit eaindidafce fen" Governor of Wnois. Tlia?iotbcr'is' ful'l'ofacmsatlon. jai atatemienita affiectiinB:t!lie.lnitegrlty ot AltgeW^ omd will nvake thousands of votes for .Sound Money-nmd^iMcKIntej-. Morrison is one oOithe iaost tofluentlal Democrats of itifc state. -.-:-->'.'• A 'telegram- fxpin-iBoston atotes .thait Samuel C. ; Pressl'ey 'maikea «ffldaylt that the Colorado .letter beaMmg nls n-ame'anid •nllegilm^; that MJ-i-'Haama hod said that If McKiuley!ls:'«teotieia;1ibe TJ. S army win be oalairgied to 250,000 m"en, Is a forgery list -to Tim Advajicc, iihi? 1'cjpuliwt oi-giim in tliii.s coiui'ly, IIBIS sou'sslit to lAirn llix: vrttes oiC Ithi! p:i.rly over to Dwnouracy. In Us fcist itisue it. pu.blKlM.iJ a card I'roin C'li:i'inn:iiii Brmvn Jittemiitin.g to create l-lie iliii^ression ithat f3i-e POO.MI- lli-S't coiiiiiliy ticl;et lia'd not bcca cerU- Jiod, "IT;<,I -\vo-uld uwt appear on flic ballot This \vas iuo-t flic fact, ;is tlie. fcl- lorraig coinnra-ii-icji'ttoa slRned by men •\\-lio :ire inoniibore ol' the Populist coun- ;iy Centirail coiwm-i'ttoe Aviil slimv. Tlw DHi.ines siittjie-hed are Chose OiC the Icad- •io]W I'opiiiliW'ts i';ii tJ)e coum-ly, -anil the feicte.lih.cy state shtow t'luo rnitli. The p.ol)iiiilht ii-.-n-ty. ,-is ;i party, foijls Hint it luis 'been, .seriously iiijurcd by the a.ttmnipls to- -tuo'ii it over to Democracy . The .sciniiiiiiii.'-nt -to gon«-a.l Hiat t'lic Ije- tiuy.'iJ islwill ive dii'iioiirnceil -iJi Illie jixosc eiuplwfclc intiJMior. TJi-e. Pfljiaiili«ts licivo cviied, tuc cour- •t.'eey of .Toiir-nnl space for a sltitumont of uhu fafits as they ;ive in tlie folloiv- idiK saitcineiil. in reply to Mr. Brown's Ciurd to the Ad vain ce : •"EdiifsM- .To,iiini7ii: Mi\ Brown .-sriij-s flh.-il) all n •iineet'Liig at the cnuTin-ittec of said- Popu- * 4 * it -vras decided * * * :, rite Pomili.s't tjckei: and one vote- -as ba tliiiu-lisi would best ailvjiinoe OUT lulerests. "Fii-si-.— A. .majorM-y of fl;os-o jH-eswiit.' oir leffall'y j-eprcscutied, voted act to. \vMidivL-u- tine founty ticket. .••S«ond.— Those favo^rius wit3nlTOw- ill Iwul forfeited :«li rijilit to partifipnte in tins proc:i>et1iiinss of Hie iiKsoWiiiR. by ciiiwitas: <iccl:mi-ns alleRbuite to, tuid also tlKfita- 'iji,t<Mi-|iitu]. Ip support t'lje candi- d';i,('c« of 'tlift DcJuocriLtio p.-is'-ty. "Tili-ircl. — Such o£ ttie iiomiiiiecs of t'Jie rwple's ]iarty «*• fliithilrw from "tlie iiic-ke',, did *o— cin-pliaHcwiIy decJ.n.rinR lilaeir i.ntml'i-0'iJ— lin 1'nvor of .th-o caroli- for I'U-e ssi-nue olllce on the -Deino- itlcko-t. • .— A mei-jori-ty of -those pros- <?n:t anncl lefiM-Ky ncpa-fse.rJtcd envpbiati.tal- ly <k'-ny tire -po-xv-CJ- ivj: HJC Ccmtral con> nvilttee to in any way vwul-o tine work un-'/sscit «siile -tlie iwoccwli-nRS .of fho iibiminati u-g c-cnuvc-iiitioiu. "Xh'e sense o-f Uic in;i.jo.i-iiy oC t'lie conuiulttee vas entirely averse to auj iu-tei-.f-creiice witli' the work of the -nony liiM'tiiivp: caiiveiitiora held July 25flh. Bj- •ji'Howi.iip the tic-ket to i-siamd any v-oter could vote as 'lie desired, or in- the l:)n- gwi.ffe ol' Brown's address, "Every one •use lirts own judgment.' With, the People's party ticket out of the field Po-pn- •I'Jshs 'wmild 'be iira<*icalUy dlsf ramcWeed or 'be forced ito vote one or -the oth>er oil it'h-e <M flrauds. Brown's address (?) say,*, 'It mns decided to wittidraw our ticket 1 a favor of mo -party.' Mi". Rwvn most seriously mii9-.«tat<!S the facts, wWcli were as follows: "(Vv)— 0. E. Garter's motion isrid, 'Withdraw tlte connty ticket a.ud get oirt o-f Dlrc way of liho Dom'ocrats who w<?ire 'bcairiug nil -the expense of tlie -cairapaigj]. , • • • "(b)— Ed .Flory odlwed 1h-a sa:mo sciiti- inant-, "(<:)— 'VVii'K C. Eiiynwt, eandMate for Surveyoir, decll-inod -in favor of the De'iu- ooKitic csun-diidiute 'for lie .uecas tlio office.' "(•<!)— Roibcirt. Gu-thrie did JIIOT wiimt to steUHl to t'lis way of the elecfioai of any free salver mam, JMuV- «^s lie knew lit Wi'nuseK co-uld not be clocked' withdrew Mil -fsn-o-r of tire Democn.-a.tac noml- JUCC.' ' v Does Mr.- Brwv-a -expect his sstate- uwnt wiH bo '.accoiited as 'true in tlie -face of tliK«-e facts?' "MT. Brown says, 'Brynm. wi-H be ci)e<3tod * * * a.nd we will get at least a pa:rt of what, we the] have been worlains for.' Well, if It is tlie destruc- tliom ami tTissolottan of PoiniWsim mwl the success «f the Domocmtic party, tta-o Js just a 'toire posslbllliity tliat. you may succeed, Mr. Brown. "Brat to 3bow you tlioit there is lannj a slip 'twixt tine cup and the lip,' we 1)0)? to -say tbait the county tick-et lias •been filed.' It Is in tlie flcld. It wJU not- be withdrawn. Your course, and tat of your co^worlters, to 'She intended destruction of PaH-iotlc Populism, may act as a •booiwiraing 'to you- At toost > It ml-g'lrt he.l:p to elect tlie men you seek to defeat. , -"Oli, ino,.Ja-. Browfl.; you can't really m«aa ittittt 'we' ought Carter «ie- election) to reorganize all -along the. line. 1 •yiou certainly don't think you caa fool ns all tl«s time! Bewlly now, Mr Ages J fo 1-.I years, from fl.OO and upwards. KNEE PANTS from 2~> cents up. BOY'S LONG PANTS SUITS. .•?•].dO and up: ii-pcs l ; l-to 10 years. MEN'S WORKING SHIRTS. 25c ajid up. Tlie best uulaundried shirt in Ix)ff;iiisi>ort for tlu money, :J5c CJicli, or 3 for ?1.00. EXTJIA HE.VVY WORKING 1'AXTS. from 75c up. ONE PRICE ONLY. To one a.nd all, and that the lowest v to be found'anywhere. •Call nnd set our prices. :-: THE HUB :=: Bcrwanger Bros & Co., Successors to HARRY FRANK THIS 15 YOURS. We want you to understand that ;ire running this laundry for you that your wishes are to be regarded every particular. We will give yo just exactly whait yon want if we find out what that 1s. Perhaps you lieve that it is impossible .to have yon laundry work liandled without irrltt tion and annoyance. We are sure the you are mistaken. May we have * opportunity of demonstrating it? HADLEY BROS. Eoccesnore to Campbell Bros. Brawn, don'it you think you onjjht to drop your oilicbl title of din,irni;wi? Bc*n is onumjili. "A. B. KEErORT,, "I. .T. BAKER. ,. "T. B. ROGERS. i "I. NOEL, ; ' ' , '-E. NOEL, i -w. IT. KOON'SK, • i . ' "GEO. SCHARFl-V FOK M' Geoirjria Pojiuiists W-JI1 vote to Defeat • Democran-y. Tlie foMom'hiK Associated Presas dispatch sihows -the tiction Populists- nre , Gai, October 21.—A born-b- ehell was exploded, in political circles (here today toy the making public of a -letter -from Dr. W. H. Felton, Populist for elector. wMwlr.nvimg his from the ticket and pledging Ills j support to McKiuley. Dr. Felton was nit one time a member of Congress from the Sevemtih district, niid lias long been conspicuous in Georgia politics. "His -course 1s construed by many as iiiidi'enttnp that there will be a general defection! to McKMcy from the Populist rsvalcs to Georgia on account of the treatment of the Populists at the taindb of the Democratic State commlUec.. A. J. BEVERIDQE COMING. Thursday Night at the Rink, Indiana's Gifted Orator. "Therefore, -I reconim'caid to the dron. and teachers of tbe public i of Indiana- that Friday, October 30, set apart for this purpose, and eaicourageiuemit be given to the pis JUg of trees, «hrubs and vines, many of tlie sclwoi yards of the St may be beautified and robbed of ' Beautiful lessons am the uivrfoldiaig of leaf blossoms, "'ad from the olniildreaj••-: observing the day encouragement •be gi,™n to the general public to bea| Itify arnil adorn tliedr homes, and " clieck gdVen to the careless ax reckdess destruction of the fo growth of our State," Superintendent of PuWiic Instruct Geeitimg lias issued a pamphlet taiaing an outline oif sutoible prog for the observance of tlie day schools of our State. Thursday night at the rink another oxcellentt speech -for Sound Afouey and McKinleyism will bo heard, the orator being tliialt aible yoiing lawyer, oud far- famed spenter, A. J. BcverMge, whose eloquence is-a ;', r rcn.t factor tn:s year 'In I-udfana's figJit Thoso who in'i'ss this address will' rogret it, and tlio«o who aibtend-will • IM.VC ,reason for self-eon- gratuliation. It. is said Mr. Bcveridgc surpasses himself this year. Thursday iiiffbit at the rink, rernemtier the date, and that ladles are welcome as 'usual. Miss Louise Wiiuquist, a.sed 21, di| yesterdiay moruln;? at 4 o'clock of phoid fever a *the 'home of her Cat on tlie old Bakeir fairitt, south of th« i fa;ir ground. Tlie deceased had sicis: for many weel«. -The timp for 1 funeral will be announced later. Souvenirs to all lady callers at . Ing of Wrigilit & Budde's comfectloi store, 321 Pearl street. -Nig-ht pants for clilldren,' 45c at assignee sale. TALKING PRICE THE PILLING PRICE! MAKE BUSINESS GOOD AT BROADWAY. • • * Women's nice seamless rubbers, n| and pointed toes, new '90 Price ...... ..... .-v*v. ........ • * * Women's storm seamless rubberi.ij good" as some ask 50c for. Price ---- $j * ARBOR DAY PROCLAMATION. S • '•<,,'. One Issued by the Governor Naming October 3oth. Governor Matthews yeederdny issued a proclamation for tlie observance of Artoor Day, whicli occurs ori' Friday, October 30. It reads as follows: "It has ^become a 'beautiful and gwnv- Snig ouetoiu to many of tbe Stoites of, .the Umton to oppotot a day for .the planting of trees by the children of «he scihool^awJ other oKtizeas. This day 'bas become bnown «« Arbor Day. Women's Arctics, nice good value at ?l. Our price Women's kid button shoes, p«l| tip, nice pointed toes, medium Prk* ............... • .......... Women's satin calf button 8hoc* good serviceable winter shoe. Pri* 6 Women's V4ci kid button shoes, ent leather tips, nice dress Price ........ . ............... Infant's embroldeired leather sins, Just the thing for th« little < Price ..... ..• .............. ..... Men's rubber overshoea, nice goods; a bargain. Price ...... ....-J3 Also please see onr line of floe ' shoes. The moat stylish and be»t| ting goods ever bron*lit to Line W. Pilling, 412 Broadway.

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