Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 13, 1954 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 13, 1954
Page 10
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HOPE, ARKANSAS Monday, September 13, 19S4 ' tiVet tHe TfanHees to, C l h^t'fri 1 .alfn6st|.'in irf- je/i'hui'dre* - for 3 Cnsr»y tM^'S WJtlhv ^iW 1 lft ' ' "' •" ellnch tor the , fcfciitrlnfi. l gl *hc aette'fou^ttched 'Robin Syi« l^a^lJ'' Victory teAjSkftfJ >n*pped'Wa*. W' M ' y ^ iT ^ climbed' * "* Iffi!^ • Least likely to succeed-sas a tourist area—might be the snap judgment applied to Northeast Arkansas, Butith«:record.continues to show that nothing could be fattJier from'.tHe truth. The, transformation taking of the imagination and-drive behind the planning in this,•section. The cabins and other attractions' being crta'ted; ah Hatdy, clpse by the Missouri border is, '., 4Xtiflcting*folk8;ft;om 1 a,8 faraway as Tennessee to this, newest.Arkansas resort. Inland deep sea fishing for. alligator garV(2) is awakening, the sleepy lower White apdjSf. Brand's River delta.areas to an awareness of an^attractjion wJJich cquid;li»r& thousands of adyen,- ' ture hungry fishermen to; Northeast Arkansas,' werei .the sport to be adequately publicised. The duck hunters would'conie too (-3). And-the-oceanBiof-cot-- ton bolls' which whiten the landscape for miles around; are "atmosphere" and'and "color" which the Yankee.' with hiBcdollars'.will'travel-milespOUt-of. his w.ay to see.. Spice, the, scene, with white; pillared manorial; homes such as exist in;Mississippi and Crittenden counties, and there exists an attraction for all, America,.to be told, of. Since all roads here, lead to Little Rock, the nex.t step is, to, play up such at, tractions as the Territorial Capitol (4), authentic remainder from frontier days, : preserved almost mi.- racufously in the very -center of bustling commercialism in the heart of-the city. No doubt about it. It takes a second look but Northeast Arkansas has "it". Artanui Publicity, and Information Department Sailor Held in Continued trorn Page One downtown Blytheville i\ short time later. Jiickman led police to tho body in n soybean field 15 miles south of. Walnut Ridge en Highway 67. the discovery ended n scr.rch by more than 800 volunteers. The search was organized when Taylor's blood-spattered car was found abandoned on Highway 18 hear Blythaville yesterday morning. Foley "said Hlckrhaa told him this story.t ' ''*lf K !' ! lil Taylor p'cked Up Hickman near ArJr., where he was hitchhiking. After Taylor had given about ciaht miles. Hickman said, he hit Taylor with a .38 caliber pistol and robbed him of $9. He tossed the body from the car, he said. Foley quoted Hickman as say inn Taylor was alive when he threw him out of the car. Hick.mah. said he dove Taylo's ca until it an out of gas; Then he abandoned it. Ho snont the night in a rooming house in Blyth.e- ville, he ['.aid. Foley said he thought robbery the only motive. "No charges had been filed last night. Hickman was being held in the Craighead County jail in Jones- Behind-Scenes in School By ED ATLANTA (UP) scho.pl classrooms Mixed public in segregated boro. In Little Rock Hickman's par- California Girl Is Miss |l|p^l|p^ ff^l / ' ' %'*-" "•_ r-V/.-i; > 4 "V" >, * ,," -""hi/ ' *;'''* "" ,'< v Monday, September 13,1954 >^^" H ~^ E ^Fgp I "*' HOP6 STAR, MOPE, ARKANSAS "VS*895*r ' %< "*ft states became a week old at sent tered points along the South 1 .? "border" today and there had ieen no reported "incHents." But:the week was marked by 3ehind-the-scenes jonfcrMiccs and court skirmishes in those stales nnd jy hew steps in Georgia and Mississippi toward abolishing public chools, if necessary, to prevent •acial mingling. In a Georgia Democratic 'iri- nnry voters chose hs next Giver- nor Marvin Griffin, a down-tho- ine supporter of the so-called "private school" plan, of outgoing Gov. rfermnn Talmadge. Constitutional Rroumlwork for the. plan., goes, bc-j 'ore Georgia voters in Novermber schools in Georgia. Talmadge said last night on NBC-TV's "Youth.Wants to Know" program that "no force whatever could compel" admission of Ne- of reconstruction" of the South following the war between the states. In a special session of the Mississippi .legislature the House adopted a similar constitutional amendment proposal last week and today sent it to the Senate, which is expected to have it ready for a popular vote next December. Meanwhile, a historic classroom intergation got its limited start in slates alon.a the fringe of the segregation belt in Missouri, Ar- -••—- — • , -, „>,_,,* v, Pr kansas, West Virginia, Maryland We right now, is modest about her ATLANTIC CITY.. N.J. W A long-stemmed beauty from California, in the crown and robes of a 'quen, embarks on. a year-long whirlwind tour as the 1955 Miss America. Ninteen-ycar-old Lee Ann Meri- wother of San Francisco, who SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A, M, and 4 P. M, wants to be an actress and says there's no special boy friend in her ahd Delaware without, any ported friction amon» pupil 1. Deeper in he South groups of Negro parents were turned away figure. But the pageant judges, who selected her from among 4H other t . charmers Saturday night, w&rc when they demanded use of white | more enthusiastic over Loe '_ s __ m ^f; schools at Hut chins, Tex., Montgomery, Ala., nnd Baton Rouge. La. urements which shape up this way; Bust 34'4 waist 23 and hips 35, [roes and whites He said he saw ever to be- : gained in the same "nothing what-j except trouble fit •Vi in. * " $Ti. ,LOJU,'S .LIVESTOCK NATI6NAL STOCKYARDS, i< "Hogs' 10.,pOO.; active; choice 200r2GOi Ib.. '21.00-,25; with ' 21.00 roost t freely paid/pr'ce; Ipad. choice No, 2 and 2 21,35; ^ati load, around 2.70, Ib, 20,'v5-'*180.*190^1b. 1 20:50-75;" fi&yy; 2Jip,Qr, I5pa70, Ib, v l9»25 r -20.50; ) 12Q'140,' Ib ' 17,71719.; so*iv.s ' 40 Ib. down LOO-18.5Q; fetty 19.75; heavier sows, lfi.5QiJj.50;, bpars, 3.00-16,50. Gdttlfi ",000; calves 2$0p; Pho» 6e k4nd§ above 1,10,0 Ib. nvererage and some' ayer'age' a,ivl ttlRh." choice yeanlings findlg aopc[ ( demand * al steady, prices; ( a Wv/ sajfes gort and, choipa about steady* at 2p.OO- 24,o"0| avej'iOge, and MiJh choice lots 5,5Q; t he.lfej.'H and v nixed y'oflrllfjg^ 'in hbpral supply, sojrie. goqd, and chpice, 21.00-24,00; abput steady cows openjnfv steady; few utility, and' cgmmcrcjul 0,QO-l2,pQ canep and,, cntter^ ^00-9,00; buy iinchanged; utility and eomnl^r 2^0043(50; earner, one! cuttcp ^.OO^U.pft; r VjQakffi* op r anJni '', ,'sfaugjger calye i 3 < lp f libora r finding Jit^le ^e v ma« choice , andprjmjq \ s 315'OP'22,00; god and> Choice ( l"£00 2flfppj22,00; good; ^nd^ i'sb^c'•- 15,Qp-20.00; commercial" an;J Sheep *2,500: weak* to 50, lower i ,88rtegf lW> (to," prlin^j ?,OQ^J'.pCT'' fcarly ' ier in, Ica'dfiiisbip re y^jyjng betwee majpr d^visjpns. f As a,usi)fl] tlw^t, pjices seldom sJldjyqlced more'than* 1" to'2 points, but , a f^w issuer Bushed up Tg-ading cajne (to 1 an' 1 estimated J.9Q9.000 ?hayes. pill and, coppeva wisre early in^tho se«s$o^ the art matots took and Vi weye. up at pfh,ejs $$9$, Ste). oeUyeen gaJners were Sen. H. Alex. 'Smith. (R., N.J.)/ asked .'the Senate to form a bipartisan commission, ot three. Repub- ^Heans and three Democrats, With Vice President Richard Hixon as chairman, to study, the ^ McCarthy, controversy. They i would itepprt their< findings to the Senate by Feb. I, 1955. I current > recejptya 22j dirties 20 ' Checks' 20,'. in the CHICAGO' WtA sharp break soybeans upset the rest of^ '-—'- market on the Board of today, Charleston Schools Admit 11 Negroes FORT SMITH (/P) — EleveniNe- groes have been attending school with: white children in Charleston, Aik.,^ s,incp,' August 23, -Jhe president of the' Charleston School Board ^ias announced. 'H. M. Orsburn said the move was. made in order to save spending "a lot of money on. Negro schools." , The Charleston school board president said that the integration of white arid Negro students had proceeded quietly ahd "thnigs seem to be working .out, fine." ' Last Friday, five Negro. girls enrolled at Fayetteville High School and at that time they,, were believed: to be the first Negrops ev.er to register at a white, school: in the Confederate South. At that time, it was. not; generally known, that Charleston, hqd.. al-, ready, desegregated; itS: stu,dent£, Earlier, Charleston officials had icfused to comment. >. ' • The eleven N.egr.o.qs a.re, goinjj V t0, school with some 6QQ white chil- dien, One' of the eleven is.in.high school. ....." "We put it up to'the taxRayers on a money-saving ba,sls," Qrs^urn said, "for if the integration hadn't taken place, we would have had : to spend a lot of money on Negro schools," He said the sayings to the, school "hoard would amount to about $4,.500 this school year, mainly iri tuition and transportation of Ne.gro 'students to Fort Smith,, schools, One minister in Charleston said Detective L. L, GranCord smashed the back window of- the Negro's cnts said he had been absent with- its anti-se out leave from the Navy base at would be Treasure Island, Calif., about, four we have weeks. Hickman-'s father said he youth had been in the Navy about three and a half' years. Taylor, the son. of Mr. and Mrs. Johnson Taylor of .Clarksville. Ark., kansas had taught science courses at Walnut Hidge High School nine years. He also was,superintended of transportation for Walnut Ridge public schools. He was a graduate of The Col lege of the, Ozarks at Centerville. lege of the Ozaks at Claksville. Gun Battle Fails to Halt Suspect LITTLE ROCK !:TV A running- gun battle in the west end ofj Little : Rock last night failed to halt a Negro believed to be the man. who raped a 21-year-old white Little-Rock divorcee-shortly after Saturday midnight. The woman told police the Ne- PTO called her several times yesterday, offering to meet her and Return her purse which he had stolen. .Police went-'to . the rendezvous, but the Negro outraced them on Highway 10 and Mississippi Ave. and perhaps bloodshed. 4 ' from such a move. Any alteiVipc for '.he Supreme Court to implement its its anti-segregation ruling, -he said, the known jt dreadful thing since tho period car with a blast from a shotgun after the Negro fired at police twice. After checking the license number of the car, police last night surrounded the home o£ the car's owner. He did not arrive. ALLEN LECTRIC CO. ANNOUNCES A NEW POLICY! Now you coh have your Home Rewired to meet modern conveniences and new fixtures. All on 12 Easy Payments No Carrying Charge-10% Down Payment Balance Monthly Calendar Monday September 13 On Monday night at 7:30 a col for — sound motion picture will be i shown at the Hope Gospel Taber- Inacle. The name of the film is "Shelter in the Cumberland" with Mrs. Gordon Kling, the former Re- |j|ina Basye in the cast. No admission charge. .Tuesday,,Sept. 14 The Lilac Garden Club of DeAnn will have its first meeting of this season on Tuesday, Sept. 14, at 2 p. m. in the club room. Hostesses • will he Mrs. James Burke, Mrs. Curltun Samuel and Mrs. Jewel Burke. nesday, September 15, 1954. Brookwood P. T. A. v/ill meet Vednesday, September 15, at 3 p. The executive board will meet t 2:15 in the school office. All nembers are urged to be present. The first regular meeting of the aislcy P. T, A. will be held at the chool on Wednesday, at 3 p. m. 'he executive committee will meet t 2:30. All committee chairmen re urged to attend the executive ommittce meeting. Mr. Andy Ajv rcws, chairman of the local chap cr of the Polio Foundation, will nswer questions concerning polio, ''ollowing the meeting there will e a "Get Acquainted" hour, and efrcsluneiits will be served. Hospital Insurance Now Available Inspect Policy FREE Kansas City, Mo. — Both men and women 60 to 85 arc now eligible for hospitalizution insurance — offered through a reliable well- established firm. The cost is .only a few cents: a day. Why borrow money, use up savings, or rely on others if hospitalized? Let this policy help you be independent. It covers both accident and .s'ickness. You need send ,no .money now. Policy will be sent for free inspection. No obligation — no agent will call. Just mail, postcard or letter, (giving age) to Old American Insurance Co., Dept. H-903B, Kansas City 5, Mo. Sept. 7, 1954 NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC Every minute you are driving your car on the Street or Highways you are faced, with a speed, or some other sign that was placed there for your protection. The Policeman is there to see that the law is enforced and we urge you to cooperate with us. All schools are now opening, and we sincerely hope that you will use every precaution possible, for the life you save may be yours or your childs. Yours, respectfully, Hope Police Department C. E. Baker, Chief * ,Mclrose Home Demonstration club will meet Tuesday, Scptom ber M. at 1:30 in ihe home of Mrs. Jewel Still, with Mrs. H. 15. Patterson as co-hostess. Chapter AE of the P. E. O. will resume activities for the year with a luncheon meeting at one o'clock on Tuesday, September 14, at the home of Mrs. Herbert Stephens in Blevins. •The Ambassador Sunday School Class of the Garrelt Memorial Church will have a monthly meeting at Fair Park on Tuesday night at" 7:30. The Green Laseter Home Demon stration Club 'will have a cnl meeting at the home ot Mrs. Sam England on Tuesday night at 7:30, All members are urged to be pre Wednesday, Sept. ,15 The first, regular meeting of the Garland P .T. A. will bo held Wed- Here's what they say when they drive the INTERNATIONAL -•"STEERING IS REAUY A CINCH!" . September soybeas fell 10 cents the 4aily limit, at one time. Other months sank several cets. U wab the Qiprkev's fh.st rxshpose to la.st government crop repou bosti^ estimated .soybeans pro du.c,tjoi> from the montgb eaiher estjnjaite, Selling in soybea r was itesi- fJe4 by trade reports about 500,- jQQO to 750.00P buihtU qf new ciop beans had. been purchased on a at Decntur oven the "GREAT ACCELERATION ' AND PERFORMANCE!" "NEW QUIET, COMFORT!".. "HANDLES MORE LIKE AN AUTOMOBILE!" 'EASIEST HANDLING PICKUP I'VE EVER DRIVEN!" Pacify, ,9;arrlye weeked, moved higher m early dealings and »ye alsq was up. Corn and oate. l\owevev, had a lower tred fr«m the start Noiway bought 120,000 bushels of Amen-JD cprn. WheaJ closed iy 9 to 1 lower* apHmembeF' 13fli5^, cirn 2!i-2 IpWtr, September $l,eSM>-V4, oats ihat "there isn't much talk about 'the matter." ' "Two Catholic school^ one in Pans and a girls acaderrjy in Fort. Smith, also announced' the. enrollment of Negro students, It was the first time at the Fort Smith school —St. Josepji'.s,—w.here.two Negro students enrolled. The Paris Catholic school previously had accepted Negroes. to^ver, SOYBEANS September .$1.44 -. to JO cents lower, binned as an Air Force, foins engine C124 G)obemaster, It crashed. about a half; mile fj-om Tculfc base, 9QO miles south of the North Pole, whils making an emergency, land ing. The plane carried, a, cyew of eight. All were k-illfidi in addition to two passengers, Piva passun- fi ei>i > Cftna,diaji civilians survived with major injuries. released tho names of members immediately. five crew 10 Killed in Massachusetts Plane Crash , Air supplies with. t»e hw* ias»ti Pilot Major fjovvard W. Pbelps 36, next of kin, wife. Beatrice J4»> Vie Phelps, 3-B, Hayes St,, Wes over Air Torce Ba^e, Pholps for merly lived q,t Jopljn. Mo., he has a Urothor. aiclyird y, CaRt. Boston T- ler Jr,, 33, nej^t of kh}-. Haz,^ ham jMil)er %l %PWn({ St., Westover. Qo-pjJot Capt .Carrie aiio as, wife,, Qaistapce Main & Country Club Rds. • FINAL NITE • THE BEST LOVED PICTURE OF OUR TIME! THE MOST HONORED PICTURE OF ALL TIME! • MYRNA LOY e FREDRIC MARCH « DANA ANDREWS Samuel Goldwyn's "THE BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES" Note: Due to the length of this Picture, the Feature will be shown Only Once Tonight. Show Begins . . 7:30 Feature Starts . 8:00 Also: Woody Woodpecker • TUES. & WED. • FIRST Hope Showing THE HIGHLAND ROCUEjj; Oglcsby P. T. A. will meet Wcd- icsday at 3 p. m. The executive oard will meet at 2 p. m. Thursday September 16 The Fulton Rose Garden Club vill have its annual luncheon tit one o'clock Thursday, September 10, at Cox's Cafe in Fulton. Junior - Senior High School P. . A. will meet Thursday at 3:30 5. m. in the Junior High Auditor- urn. Duplicate Bridge Club To Meet Tonight The Hope Duplicate Bridge Club A'ill meet tonight at 7:30 in the Ca- holic Parrish Hall. This girl is happily anticipating her fall shopping expedition, in •which she'll focus her attention on one or two new fall hats. Attracted to this season's hat colors and shapes, she knows her hair must be in perfect condition to wear them. While shampoo- ting her hair, she lathers it several times in order to remove all traces of dust and dandruff from the scalp (left). After drying it thoroughly, she provides the scalp with essential stimulation by massaging it with her fingertips again (center) when it's dry, She also knows that frequent, daily brushings are the best way to distribute the scalp's oils throughout her hair. To keep her hair in place during hat-selecting sessions, and to add highlights, she uses a lanolin-base, odorless hair spray (right). DOROTHY DIX Social Void Denr Miss Dix: Two years ago I married Eric and we came to his home city. I had been under the impression that he was well liked and had many friends. Much to my ement I discovered this was Junior Waodman's Circle .Elects Officers The Hope Junior Woodsman's lircle met at 10 a. m. Saturday in the W. O. W. Hall to elect officers. Mrs. Nettie Wiggins, supervisor, Mrs. Pat Fnris, assistant .supervisor, and Miss Lucille Walls, state I not so. He seems to have no friends manager, were present 10 help'at all. At least he has never invited conduct the meeting. : anyone to visit us and never men-t- Jackie Simpson was elected pre- ions social contacts, Since I always siclent; Sara Ellis, vice-president; had friends, and enjoyed entertain- Patsy Maxwell, first vice-president: ,ing, I miss this part of my old life. Barbara Powell, second vice-presi-! Sometimes I wonder f there's some- dent; JoAnn David, chaplain; Fayo! thing in his past that keeps people Willis, secretary; Jo Turnage. at-i away.'It certainly is monotonous tendant; Janie May, assistant attendant; color girl. Sharon Fnris; first team girls, Mary Wilson and Margaret Ellis; team .members,] being alone together all the time. ELLEN L. Stimulte Contacts Answer: Look back to the time of Norma Jean David, Jo Ellen Barr. your wedding. Did you receive any congratulatory cards, or wedding Mary Jane Wilson. Pamela Faris. Linda Brannan. The group decided to meet on presents from your husband's friends? Here was a good chance to them out every night, but'there is a middle course, .the happy medium which, as in most things, is the ideal road. Neither the extreme o£ a friendless life, nor that ot hectic social whirl is recommended. Social Arbiter Since it is usually the-lady of the house who is social arbiter, it's up to you to draw your husband out of his shell, to bring new people into your home and to make the result enjoyable to everyone. Yoiu hospitality will make you desirable as a friend, your personality; will make people want to know you better. . You are in a good-sized busy city with every possible opportunity of. meeting people and developing the friendship of those you'd like as Tne group decided to meet on irienas: nei-e was a guuu uiitmue iu *- - church the first Saturday of every month:judge his popularity. At the time a ° ;J, a ^ tv ri rives ' at 10 a. m. A social will be held.of your arrival in this city, either part of your life. Join the orgam hurch, n the charity drives that follow take parE the third Saturday in every month. Visitors, Thelda Dean Tonncmak- er, Helen Adcock' and Ann Whitten were introduced. Musical chairs was played with the prize being won by Thelda Ton- ncmaker. After the games, refreshments were served. Fireman's Auxiliary Will Meet Tonight There will be a meeting of tho Fireman's Auxiliary tonight (Monday) at 7 o'clock at the home of Mrs. Carroll Yocum, lf>(Hi South Pine. The Tcxarkana Auxiliary will be special guests. Goodwin Family Has Picnic At Fair Park A family picnic was held Wednesday night at Fair Park in honor of Mrs. Tom Goodwill on .her (i5th birthday. Those attending were Mr. and Mrs. Tom Goodwin, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Goodwin'and family, Mr. and Mrs. Garland Goodwin and family, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Goodwin, Jr., and Gary, Aubrey Goodwin, Mr. and Mrs. Dail Evans and family, Mr. and Mrs. Gillis Spen- |cer and family, all of Rosston; you or your husband should have contacted these people in an effort to 'keep whatever friendships he had. At best, however, their number was probably few and the intensity of their friendship feeble. It's clearly up to you, Ellen, to get out and give your little household some social standing. Everyotie needs friends, most people want them and young couples, in particular, should establish themselves in the community. The loneliness that is bound to accompany social isolation can bring unhappincss to any household. Men, as a rule, need a bit of prodding toward social activity must of them are quite content to spend the evening with a newspaper television and a cold drink. Of course, this is preferable to having TOMORROW IS THE LAST DAY - FEATURES — 2:00 — 4:21 — 6:38 — 9:06 BY REFRIGERATION THRILL TO ITS THOUSAND MOStABLE MOMENTS ON GIANT WIDE SCRiEN! Look at ail these International ONE HUNDRED features! New Ecpupmy SilveF Oianiond Engine. New high turbu- len.ce pistons, high velocity manifolding. Short stroke, low-friction design. 104 hp., 7.0.1 compression ratio. New Transmission for greatly improved acceleration. New shifting mechanism for easy, finder-tip shifting. New highrffltjp.Stfisrinawakes turning, parking a cinch! N«w 9*9\s»f.i haver largest effective, lining area of any truck in the lo\vst-priced field! N«w Comfort. New soft-action springs, Soft-pedal clutch. Fan>ous insulated Comfo-Vision cab. N«w Uw Pfitel The new INTERNATIONAL ONE HUNDRED- is priced right down with the lowest! GVW rajtjyg, 4,200-4,600 Ibs. 115-inch wheelbase. We honestly believe the new INTERNATIONAL ONE HUNDRED is today's ioesib pickup truck buy, We think you wi}l top, onge ypu clrive it» We think you'll be as enthusiastic as those who have bought the ONE HUNDRED-and that you'll want to own it, too, When you do, you'll get used to operating on a moneyrsaving budget. For the pew best buy in the lowest-priced field, come in and take your "Drive-it-to-believe-it" test, today! TOL-E-TEX COMPANY IA5T THIRP STRIET HOPi, ARKANSAS Mr. and Mrs. Paul 'Gentry' and family of Dallas, Tex.; Mr. and Mrs. Arl Fincher and Jeanetle, Mr and Mrs. Carl Goodwin and Autrey, all of Hope; Joe Fincher, Miss Bit ly Joan Olwcll, Miss Alice Gentry Miss Janice Brockmun and Miss Peggy Brown. Business Woman's Circle To Meet Tonight (Monday) at 7:45 the >ach other around the year,.try to make the acquaintance of your'htys- jand's business associates and heir wives. If Eric views your pro-, jram with : consternation, remind ilm that he osves something to the community' and church; too, that a wider social circle will help him in business, that his 'present monotonous routine will make bin* old before his time. He just needs a bit of shaking up. Too Late To Change Dear Miss Dix: For over 40 years I have tried to get my husband to give me an allowance each week. He can well afford it and I am not unreasonable. However, whenever 1 bring up the subject he gets so cranky 1 give, in for the sake of peace. At present I am led up with his altitude about money. Do you think I am crazy in expecting a change now'.' Answer: Each time you gave in you weakened your chance of ulti- male success and put victory that much farther off. After letting your husband get away with his miserliness for so lo.ng, change will difficult to effect. I doubt if, after so long a time, either you or he will reform. Mrs, Tucker's Contest Open to Public A contest that will bring extra money more than $1,000 to sortie entrants - to all churches compet- ng has just been announced by Mrs Tucker's Foods, inc, according to Roy Sewell, vice president During the period of this contest — September 16 to November 30, inclusive — Mis Tuckci will pay churches 6 cents for each Meado- lake Margarine carton cm) flap scaring the Tested and Guaranteed Seal which they send lo her at Shcrtrian, Texas. Mrs. Tucker, in addition, explains Jewell, is giving identical prizes for ;wo groups: (1) First, second and third priics for churches with J50 01 fcwct member 1 ! sending tn the most Mcadolakd Margarine carton cud flaps; and (2) First, second and third piizcs foi chinches with more than 250 members sending In the most Mcadolitkc Margarine cud flaps There Will be two $1,000 fiist Ucs, two $500 second piifccs and eight $250 (Jihd pi ucs. Entiy blanks Cor churches may be obtained from this newspaper. 01 by willing Mis Tucker's Foods, Inc.. Sherman, Texas. "Church members, everywhere tuc uified," says Sewell, "to help their church Win extra money by collecting for it as many Mcadolako Margarine end flaps as possible bo- fore the contest ends on November 30." toe* last night hautect it tfas&t A celved a bifeghctfti "fli vrtrfnan who feckless drlvtf whd dbwn aitd did&'t b»t»et$j when foe hit a opened sate tell truck. New York St&tt! than two million gasoline taxes. One death was lls 1 ^ and a consktlctiott $0 Pme Bluft tit injuries when he fell into a Top Radio Programs NEW YORK Ml Selected pro grams tonight radio: NBC G Hollywood Bowl Concert, Lily Pons; 7 Don Vorhees concert; 7:SO Band of America; CBS 6 Meet Corliss Archer; G:30 Talent Scouts: 7 Gun Smoke 'Mild Mannered Man." ABC 0 Henry Taylor Tall;; 7 Cnvmorala Music. MBS 0:30 Under Arrest, "Overtime Parking;" Roundup. 7:30 Reporters' Six Persons Die Violently after in his search and his tactics? He might. McCarthy is an aggressive man... Apparently- It's part of his philosophy of conduct. Ho told the Watkins committee: "Let's not be puny." McCarthy's critic::, inside and outside the Senate, would hardly be .silenced by clearance of, McCarthy in this episode. No, doubt they him. would continue to gun for Business Woman's Circle of the First Baptist Church will meet in the home of Mrs. Arch Moore, 11G' West Avenue C. Births Mr. and Mrs.. Jack W. Strickland ot. Chicago, announce the biv- Ih of a daughter, Pamela, on September 10, 1954. The maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Forrest IVIiddlebrooks of Columbus. Paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Strickland of Hope. Dear Miss Dix: A young man was recently transferred from our of fice to a branch in another city. I have been sending him cards for Christmas and while on vacation for the past few years, but now I don't have his address. Would it be all right for me to ask for his new address when he conies here to make his monthly report? JENNY Answer: There's no reason why you can't ask him, but I think the effort is wasted. If he likes you. he'll make a move to write, or how some interest when he's In our office. PINT-SIZE PICKET — ard Walsh, 10 months, was one of the small fry on the picket line at a Cleveland, Ohio, factory strike. They marched with their mothers and dads. Richard is probably the youngest picket in Cleveland history; Censure Study of McCartKy Nearing Close By JAMES MARLOW WASHINGTON W) Sen. McCarthy nears the end of the first act in one of the most important, it' not the most colorful, dramas of. his life: His struggle to keep the Senate from 'censuring him. There are throe ai!ts in this drama: Act 1: For two weeks a special six-man committee has considered charges by, Sens. Flanders (R- IVIr. and Mrs. John Paul Urban of Houston, announce tlio birth of a son, John Paul, Jr. on Monday, September G. Coming and Going Beih Bridget's, Charlotte Tarpley, Nannette Williams, Sydney McMath, Albert Graves, Jr., Benjanin Newborn and Billy Gentry oft today for Conway where they wi'll be students at Henclrix Col- ego. TBWtSCS Starring JENNIFER JONES GREGORY PECK JOSEPH COTTJEN C E S f0it Slandurti uf I/IL- K/N(? VIDOR 1, T©M tf J1RRY CARTOON 8, UTi NIW5 OF THI PAY Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Strickland left Sunday for Chicago for a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Jack Strickland and baby girl, Pamela. Miss Jean Hill and John Honea of Little Rock were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Willis Honea. Hospital Notes Branch Admitted: Mrs. F. F. Foster Rt 2, Hope. Julia Chester Admitted: 'Mrs. J. H. Rhodes Magnolia, Hope. Mrs. Kelson 'Foster Discharged; Mv- John H- Purtle «t. 2, Hope, Ann Jewel "•""-- SQU gnd goAj Rtyfa Boyle VI), ID-Ark) Morse (Ind-Ore, Fulbright that his official 'conduct over the years call:-, for cen- Contlnued from Page One ime," he S'aid, "because if any- The committee's public hearings may end today ->r tomorrow. The Wisconsin .Republican as in other Senate inquiries involving hjm, has been the central figure. But he didn't Uoininalf' t be-so' hearings. The chairman, Sen. Wnlkins (IV Utah), ha;-; Uepl, him • rigidly in check. Act 2: Once the public hoariitss end Wqtkins committee goes into private conferences to decide what lo do next. It can turn over to tho I'ull Sonata n simo'Uj i hiding of facts, without recommendations. II'. thai happens, il is doubtful the full Senate will return bcforo UK; Nov. 2 eoii'-jrestiioiial elections What tcccs him ir the Senate censures nirn? He would suftar no tangible damage in the sense i of losing his R^natP •'"it nr the chai'-piansijip of his Investigating subcommittee he'd keep both. Neither • is at stake. Any damage he suffered, and it might be enough to ruin his career, would be in the minds of others. Next to urueatnig him, censure is the -.strongest condemnation the Senate can inflict on u member. His foes and his critics would, no doubt, never let the recollection of censure die although, since he doesn't stand for relection until 1936, McCarthy by distinguished work might offset the Senate rebuke before that, But in that case he would have an uphill struggle against the verdict of his Ovvn colleagues — whereas now Jic is just a man replying to critics. And the injury to McCarthy's own influence might not' be inconsiderable. He is fluent, in speech and action driving hard, He is what he is, and he got whore he is became of his unique composition as a man. But how effective! could he hope to be again if, before acting or speaking, he had to stop and nink: Will this give my enimies mmunition that might lead lo omo now action by the Senate? 'hat wouldn't be the sqme Mcarthy. For a long time after censure e could hardly 'iclp bning self- onscious since ho would bear a ubhc mark, and all oyc.i would be matching lo see if ho had changed is ways or wai> persisting in the- ,'ays that got him censured. By The Associated Press Two week ' end deaths f a brutal slaying nnd the aeaUVoI joung mother Who dlod of she suffered last Wednesday brought Arkansas' violent death tpll to six for. the week that ended Sunday midnight, The battered body of .T. Kenneth Taylor, 31, a Walnut Hidgc Hii?h school teacher was found Sunday in n field about 13 miles south of Walnut KHge. Officers weii'e" led lo the body by Rudy Thomas Hick- ninn, an Atv'OL smlor, who told police he haci pistol-whipped the victim. i , Mrs. Calvin Boone, ?.2, of 'Van Buren died at a, Fort Smith hospital of i injuries she rcoived Wednesday in a cur-tiain accident at Van Buren. Tlu- , accident already had claimed tho lite of her 18-month-old son, Tony., Two other persons also died, tn traffic mishaps during the week. Daily Lunc Negle s ct of PILES !<> RISKY Business! Let This Free Book Tell You What To Do About Them This book explains* how ipany dan- berous effects ofjiiles, fistuK rec- pften fe , tal and colonic disorders be averted or corrected — ev0n after neglect, eVen after ..incorrect treatment. Address, Thornton &^ Minor Hospital, Suite ,910, Oil E.^ Linwood, Kansab City 0,.Mp. j, i hing happened to me I didn't want "> vi.lc on McCarthy. U could-wait.- ny wife and kids stuck with the! It would have the rest of Novern- iii|« tlioKO old lier-and most of DocomlxT to unt. Or, tho Watkins committee could louses. But now I kind tit wish hey hadn't done me tho favor, 'he houses today are worth a mil- ion dollars." Siegel now feels that real ost.'ile n old cities is stagnant and static, and that the best investments are in the outlying suburban areas. "The modern indu.svial plants in ;he suburbs don't look like a factory, and they don't create slum areas," he said. "They are built to resemble a high schol, and they are well landscaped and have plenty of iight and. air." Five years ago, Siegel said, the project of building a complete new city would have besu rejected as fantastic. Today businessmen want to rent space in jour shopping center before ypu cm build H What used to be fantastic is n**w accepted as commonplace." . < Siegel expects Vi Start building his dream (,on?m\mUy in the f prlng I'ocommend con.suru to the Sunute. If that w ; .u' doao .suftic-icnlly I'ai tilioad of Nov. 2, tlie full 'Senate wouldn't have much excuse S<n not returning to volo before election, day. Over tlie weekend some of Me Carthy's friends reportedly suid he expected a bad report card Iron the Watkins committee and, in Older to prepare foi what luy ahead would do no cross-country cam paigning before election day. Act'-3': The full Senate, or those it ta months. who showed up, would go inlJ ses bion and lengthy debate to consul er the evidence or tho recommun dations' of the Walking committe McCarthy anc} his Senate iricride would light. If the. Senate refused to censur him, McCaithy coul'4 lake it a vindication of his conduct «ver th p-isit four years since he beparo famous hunting for ppmr«kWists, ^fe Your. J.OH|N; ; EER Equipni^rf "" See Us For '•' ' '•'•','' GENUINE JOHN mm& $ PARTS and QUALITY SERVICED Nashville RAYUTUT SPEAK EFFECTS OVERCOME FEAR DEVELOP POISE « -PREPARE FOR LEADERSHIP" YOU 'MK INVITED To Attend a Free Demonstration Meeting l • i of the DALE CARNEGIK C0URSB ' iu Effective Speetkins tfttd Human Relrtiow , 4 At The FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH Fellowship Hsll, Men^ffy, ,§ ( ot7;OOP, M. Things the D»l» ff f "Sell" Yourself and Y?DT Idm i will hear friends af: JWf. h , V W urs

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