The Twin-City Daily Sentinel from Winston-Salem, North Carolina on July 6, 1911 · Page 6
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The Twin-City Daily Sentinel from Winston-Salem, North Carolina · Page 6

Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 6, 1911
Page 6
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Q, . S3EB TWIN-CTT? DULY SENTINEE, WIKST0!T-fl3XEit, NORTH ClECnIKIS Thursday evening, july . tncrri 11 -outfielder joins rwms -m TuiiS Error were Responsible (or practically all of the runt made by the Twin and Patriot yesterday after nook. Swindell, la the eighth, lifted one of MorrUsey's drop over the left fll4 fence Just to have it said that one. score waa earned. Tb gam was lifeless. Both team exhfblted 111 eject of hard work ou Tuesday. Stewart waa the fielding atar, After error ' by Gates and Clapcy, la the eighth, frame, the vial-tort landed on Swindell and their him counted for ttKge talllea. The hot I -ore tan me atory: Ofeensberef AB R Rlckard. cf 5 I Doyle. 2b 4 o rulfar, b ' s Dealt, lb 3 0 Clapp. If 3 0 Corwln, rf i 0 Carroll, is v. 4 1 H PO 1 1 3 IS 1 wa. c , Mousey, Tttla.: .4 .4 .34 S I 24 14 3 Twins: , Cle&ens. If .. OHalloran, lb. Clatcy,A . . 8ehnroaar, lb Gatag, 3b .. Spacer, rt .. Edwards, .. Stewart, cf .. SwtidelL p .. AB ..3 ..3 H PO 1 1 0 3 0 2 2 0, 1 0 1 1 Totals.. ..30 5 6 27 11 2 Sobrt by Innings: R H E Patriot 000 000 0303 8 3 Twtjfrs .... .003 000 11 5 6 2 8(nimary Two baae hit, Corwln; Stewart, Clemen. Carroll, Ware; home run, Swindell; bane, on ball, of Morrlssey 4, of Swindell 3; atrttck out by Morriaaey J, by Swindell 3; wild,' pith Morriaaey; atolen bases, aHaltpran, .Clemens, Rlckard; double flay, QTjAlloran to pchuraaker; left a bases, Patriots 7. Twin 4; first' bait on errors, Patriot 1, Twin 1. lime, 1.55-Umplre, Mr. Leibrloh. Attendance, 750. PPABTAN WIN OUT OVER ' FLOWER! AND RIDQtWAV. SPARTANBURG, July . Spartan-bur won the laat gam of the aerie front Greenville. Both teams played fast, anappy ball and Wagnon wg the atar of ' the ' game, accepting six chances, getting two hits and stealing two base. The parting' played er-rorleee ball. More by Inning: ' R II K Oreenvlll . . .010 001 0103 I $ Spartanburg . .011 010 20 5 6 Summary Two base hit, , Wagnon'. Three-kase bits: Wagnon, (Sharp (2. Sacrifice Hits: Hoey. Goodman. Laval Baae on balls; Off Ferrell 2; off Flowers, 3. Hit by pitched ball, Goodman. Stolen base: Sharp. Laval (2), Wagnon (2 If Totman. Left on banes; Greenville ; Spartanburg First baae on erore; Greenville 4. Hlta: Off Flowers, 6 In 6 23 Innings; off Rldgeway; 1 In 1-3 fnnlng. Time. 115 Umpire, Nugent Attendance, 450. CHARLOTTE WINS AND ' ; . v : . kelly, props back; ANDERSON. July t'4ta free hitting contest between both parties of a seesaw game, Charlotte won out from Anderson, and alo climbed from the cellar tojfca discomfiture of their nearest competitor Blanton, a new pitcher tor Anderson; waa forced to withdraw after the: third Inning, being, -stung severely by the buzzing Hornets. Twenty-seven hits, 12 of which were registered by Charlotte, weretnade In the course of the affair. - Score by Innings: K it K Anderson . . . .100 070 00210 15 7 Charlotte" . ? . .014 000 24011 12 2 Summary Two-base bits: Yount, J. 8ALLOWNE88 This disorder ! due to a torpid liver involving the stomach nd bowels. To correct the trouble take : ..hCD a., .; LIVER REGULATOR v Artiw Wttmifi tone w ' "WlitS the cotnpleilon it aallow and i of vertigo dktag Ding of rising If are Irn With (wind inkbe ) need . 'i ' Bimiaona The llyer is l the uble aril when ine i nothing xnfr effective. Simmon. LlverlReguIalpr quickly restore soaiut, hrilthy col- ditions in the UverV stomach anV bowels; weetena theXbreih, ,hclp digestion and bring back the raddy hue of health to the comp4iion. , oM ty Oatlir. Pik tarn aackaia, t.00. &Ca,rYptltUlds,Bl. 7 yon ha abaii gers) orl sfco and yonfc bbwV Uver RegWoA caase vi au ue iri liTerUatfaiflt.tbr a Kelly. Taylor, Carman. 2. Three-baae alts: McCoy. Carman. Brannon. Home rant; McCoy, YounL SacrlOce hlta: J. Kelly. McMilliau. Coutta. Base on balla: OS Hankie. 3; off Btantou. 2: off Graham. 1. Struck out: By Hankie. 1; by Blanton. 1; by Urahaaa. Z. Wild pitch. Blanton. Hit by pitched ball: Hankie. Stolen baae: Hankie. Kelly, J. Left ou banes: Charlotte. I; Auderaon. S. Time: I hour. Umpire: Sheealey and Haye. Attendance: J'. BASEBALL RESULTS. American League. Washington 7; ttoaton 2. Philadelphia 8; New York 9. Chicago-1: Detroit 8. St. Louia 7; Cleveland 11, National League. Huston Brooklyn 3. St. luia 3: Pittshnrg 6. Kim game: New York 4; Philadelphia 6. Second game: New York 10; Philadelphia 1. South Atlantic League. Jacksonville 1; Savannah 3. Columbus 8; Charleston, 5. Albany 1; Columbia 0. Macon 6; Augusta 2. Southarn League. Memphis 0; Chattanooga 4. Nashville 1; Atlanta 8. Montgomery 7; Hirmlugham 2. Mobile-New Orleans postponed; wet grounda. American Association. St. Paul .': Mlnneapolla 6. Indianapolis .; Columbus 7. Milwaukee 3; Kansas City fl. . Toledo 4; IjOulsvllle' 9. v " Eaatarn League. Montreal 5; Buffalo 9. Providence 3; Baltimore 12. Toronto .; Rochester 2. Jersey City 7; 'Newark 3. Virginia League. Ttanvllle-Norfolk wet grounds. Petersburg 5; Richmond 4. Lynchburg 8; Roanoke 8. Carolina League. Winston 5; Oreenaboro 3. Greenville 3: Spartanburg ,V Charlotte 11; Anderson 10. Tldtwater League. Elizabeth City 2; Suffolk 3. Norfolk 0; Old Point 2. Jtrtsmontb a; Newport News 1. 8TANDINO OF THE CLUBS Carolina League. Won. Iost. Winston 41 IS Gretnsboro K 24 Oreenvllle 26 34 Spartanburg 2" 33 Charlotte 2fi 33 Anderson 25 34 PC .C9." .583 .43J .431 .426 .424 Virginia League. Oll. I,08t. ffsorfolk .. P.C. :is 3S 32 32 31 27 .10 31 32 32 40' 'Koanoke . . Petersburg Lynchburg .53 S .508 .inn -.432 Richmond Danville 24 .3 American League, Won. Lost. PC. .670. .671 ,53; .521 .514 .471 .361 .261 Dttrolt 48 Philadelphia 47 New York 37 Chicago . . .... . . 34 tloston 36 Cleveland '.. ....... 34 Washington 2C St. Louia 18 2.1 23 32 31 34 41) 46 51 National League. Won. Lost. P.C. .620 ,18 .606 .585 .657 -.426 .377 .22& Philadelphia 44 27 Chicago 42 26 New York ...... IS 28 Pittsburg -39 SO St. lAuis .. . 39 .11 Cincinnati ........ 29 39 Brooklyn 28 43 Boston .... ., . . 16 ' 54 , TALKING ABOUT THE TWINS. Greensboro New. ' ' t Winston has about killed all Interest In this league In so far as the championship h Involved. There some hope In the Knowledge that Swindell won t be dowji here next year. The closest we cninp to getting a game from Winstoji wn a 0 ream and Winston worked about la uch a way that the got the bes of that dream. The difference In the Twit) a and Patriots f no more than one should expect between team that I In and one that I out of the salary limit. Out of tue last nine y.ame with Winston we have won - one. That's why our percentage has dropped below the 600 mark. ( The ability or the Twins, coupled with their experience, couldn't havtc been bought by any other man In tbe world beside Clancy, for $1,200 per.: Anyway. we have not anything eflse In this league beat to a fragile t nA the Winston team haan't got any lna- lnesa nere, nonow. . , If Winston Is Inside the satarvllmlt tbe rest of the club owners are poor bargainers when It come to buying ball players. This league was rocking nn nrt. ty weir until Winston w.ade no her mind that she Just had fa hav. a 'tien. nant.' , f There )g something dlspoeltion of that t),ow SwinUell. Some folks -will say 'noaBiaht t. tw.i. ter word. ' Jim Kelly has Dr',miu,i ki. 1 , . . - - ' ' turns IV wind up In second nine u n..K... Frank Doyle hant yet decided that second place hy his oftly aim. . . i i 11 Rood as there la In this league, but whnf fi,,.. h- fellow ajot when Swindell Is wor king against arewaboroT .. ' Men's lilksHbse In Fduof the Mc tractKeNewSJ iruiMul bile 20c the Pal Many other equally as great! Truthful Sale. m.f iif m f ' jljiwj.i M 4 A m a-vajajajliiawail DOPE t'ome on, Creensboro. The cellulites are with us. Had you observed our standing? Joyner'a subject Is "explanation." Both teams made some costly hobbles. And Jtjji name sir! la Archie 'Aaronson, Kelly "and his crew arrived at 11:30 today. lid,the baseball bonds carry, too, MIllerT A Greetsboro paper Is calling for more rooU'rs. To be exact we are Just 102 "pints" to the good. Gutea says lie touched Ills man at third ull right. ''Red" Stewurt's work was the feature y.ettterday. Ty Cobb drove in five of Detroit's eight runs yesterday. The "faat" ball la sMIl playing smash with pitchers' records. Joyner is still preaching from the same old text "salary limit." The Charlotte directors have de elded to strengthen their team. , It is whispered that Clancy Is lri search of other worlds to conquer. The Charlotte News wants to exchange the Hornela for a good "pos aunt dog. Charlotte didn't tarry long In the cold, cold cellur. Luck broke with Cross. Greensboro's "Deacon" reminds us of a "back number" or one of the "has beens." Here's a Ix't that Lave Cross won't have his hidctuirters In Charlotte next Rummer. The result of the bond election In Clcirlotte is taken to a new and bfftter bull team. The "Big Boy" decided to make his 'Vailing and election" sure by smash Itng Out a home run. These are strenuous days for the Twins two Kanies Tuesday and a double-header this afternoon. And .Detroit didn't like seconO honors either, so she proceeded to swap K)hitions with Philadelphia. Guess' we'd talk about the -weather and salnries, too, if we werp in the same fix as Greensboro and Charlotte. Thp tu.'n irampM TiipriInv rnnw near putting the Twins and Patriots to the bad. The boys played sluggishly yes terday. It Is, apparent that if Doyle doesn't get some twlrlera he will drop several more games not necessarily to the Twins either. A Charlotte cartoonist has drawn a plaiture of a ball player (supposod to he Cross) knocked out. The title la "Who Threw the Brick?" "iTnnasror .lennltiff ' nnd Pitcher SijnitnoTB. of Detroit team, have been suapunded as a result of their argument with his umpa ou Tuesday. Shop for Men" SuccKSQlMo J. II. Woidnrff ini Co. Som hem Pure - Tiiinpad ccordion Foiii'-ln-Hil)ula. Hs ha:x, wears like t on. 1 months' . Beau- Wear, $1.50, $2,0 tiful assortment llors. That Zephyr-vrfciglfcl Unde wear goes a long wjsyAlo make the weather coor. Cm plenty full for all flgnres , and sizes. Longs and Shorts. -. -yOGIJE! fff $sto j 1. . X. I UlOir n ltii III Bob Carter, the ex-manager of thel Twins, in the game at Charleston Tuesday. Secured three hits 4a three times at bat. stole three bases and acored twice. ' ilorrisey tried to smile when Swindell got his homer, but he said naughty words to the "Hig Boy" when he ran over to first and cut the "Deacon" out of a hit. Where are you going, Clancy We propound this query for the dope men In Greensboro, Charlotte, Greenville, Spartanburg and Anderson. Please answer by return mail. Ma!gei ger Doyle openly confesses thatbe misses Togo Hentley, the mull who won many games for the triots with his sock before he de- arted to faster company. Mr. Leibrich likes our new southpaw, Mr. Hartfraufdt, and sayst. that with proper coaching Clancy iiould have no trouble in making another sale before the aeason closes. I'mplre Ntment officiated to the satisfaction of both sides. He is a good umpire, Charlotte to the contrary notwithstanding. Greenville Piedmont. Talk about the Twins playing the winners of the Virginia pennant why they are too tame for Clancy. He might be Induced to entertuin the winner of the rag In the Southern Leaeue. Doyle kicked strenuously on two rulings of hla umps. The first was calling Clemens' two-basger over third fair and calling Corwln out at third when he attempted to atretch a two- bagger for an extra base. The race juat now is a pretty one between four of the clubs. Laval says he will be satisfied to close out at second and would accept third place. Would like to know how much is required to please the other five managers. A 'Hebrew ha joined the Twins. His name la Archie Aaronson and he arrived this morning from Philadelphia and may be In the game thl afternoon. Archie Is an outfielder and may tak.' Spencer's job In right garden, the latter being scheduled to return to his home at Albany, X. Y. Aaron says he pluyed with llartfrandt, our young southpaw, this spring. Billy Laval makes another announcement that Joe McCarthy, who played flfrt base for Anderson last season, but who has been playing with the Augusta and Charleston teams of the South Atlantic League this season, hud been signed for the Spartanburg club and would. report to that city at once, and play tst base. Laval stated that he would go to the outfield and thut Totman would probabtjj be turned loose. f Of course, Winston hns practically cinched the pennant. No qualification at all would be needed for that statement but for the fact that unprecedented and unaccountable slumps have befallen leading clubs in the history of the game and the unexpected has happened. In this instance, It is not at all likely. The only fluht is between 'four trailing teams, to pick one of which as the most contendable factor Is like banging away In the dark Charlotte Observer. Why is it Greensboro people do not root? There isn't a town in the league where people's mouths follow the nature of clams as they do Here. Twenty-five Winston people can come down here any day and out-root a thousand Greensboro people-with crowd of thousands yester day several good plays by local men went by without even a good woro or a single hand clap, tms snouin uni he. Prnbablv if vou will show the team that you are behind thtyn and really care something anout me result of the game they will do better. GreensboTottecord. 3 She Didn't Appreciate. When a married woman is the hrst dressed woman in the neighborhood; when her home Is elegantly furnish- ,Hi when her husband shows her the courtesy he should display towards a society belle, should she not at least appreciate It enough to cook her husband's meals? Clarence C. Frederick's or Denver, thlnka a wife should. Imt sava hla wife 'ion't do it. and not only fails to come through with' his three meals a day, but calls him hateful names and has sweethearts.. A divorce Is scheduled for Clarence O. Frederick and wife. A Peek Into His Pocket would show the box of Bucklen's Arnica Salve that E. S. Loper, a carpen ter, of Marilla, N. Y., always carries. 'I have never had a cut, wound, buise, or sore it would not soon heal," he writes. Greatest healer of burns, boils, scalds,. chapped hands and lips, fever-sores, skin-eruptions, eczema, corns' and piles. 25c at P. A. Thompson. Parson' Poem a Gem. From Rev, H. Stubenvoil, lAillison, Ta., in praise of Dr. Ring's Xew lfe PlHs. "They're such a health n ecessity. In every home these pills should be. If other kinds' you've tried In vain. 1'SE 'DR. K UNITS And be well again. Only 25c at P. A. Thompson's. West(ndies baskets and , refreshments on sale this evening by the iieaners" on Mrs. H. A. Pfohl'S lawn. Benefit church Improvement fund. v Let Your Vacation Trip Bein At Our All the coo li shirts and ne with s ftcollars silk ha nose, nndias fortable Adle get acquainte ATTEMPT AT ART FRAUD. Custodian Approached by Men Posing as Buelow and Morgan. LOX1HIN, July 6. The Morning leader's Home correspondent telegraphs: "Canon Casinl, of the Church of St. Francis Puntremolt, Tuscany, has been denounced to tli crown prosecutor on a-charge of conniving at an attempt to snuiKiile out of the country a bas-relief of the Madonna and chil.l attributed to Agnestino Ihiccle, a Florentine sculptor of the fifteenth century, and wortli $:u,nun. "The canon confessed that one night two gentlemen, describing themselve as Prince von 'Buelow and Pierpont Morgan, called and offered $I0,OtM) for the bas-relief. The canon accepted. and caused a perfect Imitation bas- relief to be made to substitute for the genuine one; but when the moment came for substitution the canon, who had received $"(10 on account, refused to consent." The frequent visits of the strangers aroused the suspicions of the police and led to the discovery of Ihe at tempt. QUARREL BETWEEN HU6BAND AND WIFE. "Marriage," said the man, "is a mis- '"'ffray TfsCorse,'' salil his wife. "It's a crime." "Why should n chap marry," the man cried, "when, by jingo! he cun buy a talking parrot For $:?" "Five dollars!" exclaimed his wif . j "Well, that Is another example of the tternai inequality ot tue. sexes. "Inequality of the sexes? How so?" said he. "Vou men," she replied, "('an buy a parrot for $5, whiie we women can't get a bear anywhere fur less tliau a hundred or more." "THE WESTERN GIRL" AT TRADE STREET AIRDOME TONIGHT. "The Western Girl." a comedy dram.? of the far west, was the offering of l lie Davls-tioodwin Co., last night and lu-iived to lie one. in the best nets seen at the popular summer theatre In some time. The, same play will lx presented tonight nnd tho big comedy. "My rnele From New York," will iw ihe liill for Friday night. Hester Francis' specialty makes a hit with the older heads as Well na the children. The pictures were ex-cepi tonally good last night. In Pittsburg. "In case of special sales to make them effective, Ihe news must lie pull-lislied in large space the afternoon he-fore." JOS. iHO.MK CO. 1L Who FRFF Two Tickcls t0 Atlantic City and . 1VCIU111 II IUU UUt99 "WHO IS WHO" Watch Store iimer furnishinirsilfhletic under- length drawers, negligee shirts t chest way happy. y UUU GOV. WILSON AND THE CHEWING OF TOBACCO. 'A queer case of newspaper .misrepresentation comes from Wo Hi row Wilson, who describing an address he had made in the .North, said: "And I added for the purose of relieving the tedium of a somewhat dry address that whatever might bft said of the chewing 0f tobacco it had at least this advantage, thut it gave a man time to think between sentences. Now that rart of my address, was the only part that was published the next morning in the New Yoik Sun om' it was headed, "Advocates ( hewing of Tohucco.' 'I'.ut it didn't stop there. The advocacy of tobacco (hewing, by the president of u great unlversily, was too interesting an itm of news, to escape tile ey,s of newspapermen throughout the country. The story traveled across the country, growing as it went, until I got a copy of a newspaper .uhlishe;! in North Dakota containing at least a column explaining what had by that time Jie-come my theory tha' chewing tobacco hied statesmen, and on the following day the same 'Kiper printed a column of interviews with local politicians, who had been asked whether they chewed tobacco or not, and point-, ed out, by way of bolstering up my sr. -posed theory, that those who didn't 1::h1 neve! nnrmnUd to anything. And : linle while later the American To-i i o . Comnany published a photographic reproduction of the original item "in the N York Sun with ita advertisements of chewing tobacco." At The r Trade Street AIR Program Changes To atchwash ties, lisle and , buJrnot least, a cool, com- Summer suit. Come in, Go M M WCiU To t)wner ot Autos. AH owners of automobile nr n vehicles .will take notice that tlies men in going to or from a tire, i-the right of way over all strewn iDoroiigniares oi me city. (The city will not lie held r. 'siwrji for "any damage done to piopem lrsons in getting in the way of' tire nnnnratim. All drivers of the firo di-iamJ have been Instructed to use the uttt precaution in the matter. n ih not wish to cripple anybody, nor they wish to be crippled. F. C. MEINUNC, R. L. HOPPER. Chiefs Salem and Winston Fire Depaj ments. HOT WEATHER HURTS THE SK Poisonous perspiration rait rashes; hives, blotches,, pimples a prickly serious Tof w en the beginning ibles. ' the poison rntiM appH soltKVm known as 1. IM I brfKczcnia li. D ,-1n 1 1 . OH bottles, ! is geitl for 2.ic to proV low give 'oh enow he vt-y fait ii soott Ulf- itt.llHril skl . , ... nothing We vo ties of 1 he Vffi(leriiil proa J.. fori.e know ths brings instant relief for all kind skin trouble. Owens Drug Co. Forget it. You have some gossin to Nj Forget it. A scandal never pays freielit forget It. A hundred hos have been wrung by evil stories ri have, surunii: if vou ve another your tongue, forget it! Walt Mad DOME iwiiyiiiy shawi: :PDescripfi nr11v Mom e qtm thAtt anditai Isvycaa b. i TONIGHT "Veejn Girl" 1 x and Friday Is Who" eetkel. X , -1-

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