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The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana • 2

Kalispell, Montana
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TWO III1C DAILY INI I ill LAKE KALISI'ELL MONTANA WI DNESDAV I 19 IO LEGAL NOTICES notkt to credi tg Oil a hr II I i i ii i of I'olicu he It al )i in homo I In i I lt System zed IN A TOUGH SPOT will BUALO BLOCK Tonight Only LIVESTOCK MARKET he CP) his in Kal 150 21)0 Cayuse Prairie a champion in SELECTED SHORT SUBJECTS UNERALS ROXY MAN ABOUT MANHATTAN of 111 I Io Shirley Jean Sky is She Limit: fcr Thrills in This One! quite the The gamblers' paradise that: even the law touch! fW' Rob pcoplc sit out on the decks of their barges dancing to music from I SELECTED SHORT SUBJECTS at Great alls STILL GOLD IN YUKON STREAMS he has It's GangGncTs New est Cleverest Racket! I ami Zi in is' it be 1 he He Io He be Phom 146 Hoed Wat TROUBLE BREWING IN BALKAN STATES comaiinp contuin it io houhl never WITH SAVINGS YEAR ATER YEAR WILLIAM KING VET UTAH SOLON SHOVED TO SIDE TONIGHT ONLY OJ ARMSTRONG JA HILLER OWEN A50RRIS woman wan i 1 1 hi I i lb I mi licin Im rd of I liinlr villo 1 irst Botanical Garden John Bartram the famous bota nist established the first beta 1 1 im I garden in America nt Kingsessmg Edge played nine holes on the in 4 'I and has played vote for governor' Newell 11 Banin' MEMBER ASSOCIATED PRESS The Associated Tress is exclusively entitled to the use for re publication of all news dispatches credited to it or not other wise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein hay com She Is her irst Arc Lights The first arc lights for public street lighting were made by Charles Brush and were used in the public square in Cleveland Ohio April 29 1879 their radios or phonographs Here is a wife hanging oyt the wash there is a young man in dungarees courting his girl on the deck of a half rotten tug It is a picturesque and at times a ro mantic aspect of waterfront life afterward where WHERE YOU AN!) SERVICE MEET Wc Specialize in All Styles of llaii Cuttin others on charge sit ion Soviet July Lundeen and Love Klamath alls Ore and Mrs' Nellie Wilson of Enid Oklahoma A nephew It Chambers of 'Piper City 111 has been here in charge of Mr Love's affairs all residents and! to cooperate bringing the course out Edge says he still likes lived in ti had 1 1 1 i A I I wr iiriii al I he Rev girls proved themselves and hostesses and every enjoyed Hie evening the gubernatorial ernor Henry convention and generally regarded Hon candidate The Democratic in 487 precincts: G69 Ora Bundy 2987 Ira A Hug gins 3661 Maw McConkie 5920 Moyle 9G27 gubernatorial vo Java Natives The native' of Java arc divided into throe groups: Javanese Sun dancso mid Madurese All are of Malay stock MAN ADMITS SLAYING AN EXPECTANT MOTHER genl and control I Manley various Jiquor departments I costs mid diim but "How to Hold a Husband'' in one easy to talre lesson! RD8ERT COOTE V1RUIR VALE EMMA DUNN ELAINI SHEPARD) RKO RADIO Pktur 21 years Shortly moved to Spokane made his home since He was accompanied here son Phillip and expressed that he could not stay longer ispel) to renew old acquaintances Mr and Mrs Kauffman and children spent 'J hursday and riday home Dining the World war about 058000 individuals served in American forces to the government alter the occupation oi Bessiii abia in Antiseptic Barber Shop nder Conrad Bank Corner 4 the1 three ami hustled them a car One iron Guardfist Helena Appointment of Dr ert Dunn as a field man in Ing Montana cattle for disease was announced here by Dr Cronon inspector in charge for the II Bureau of Animal Husbandry uunn lormeriy eiigagvu in in spection work at the South St By GEORGE TUCKER NEW YORK Tallulah Bankhead whose pop is Speaker Bankhead of Ala bama has bought a new home in Rockland county New York This has become prime territory for many of best known people including Jim Whittaker composer and author the was once married to Ina Claire) William Vogt Helen Hayes (whose brick walled home is a landmark for passing motor ists) Milton Caniff the artist ranchot Tone and Burgess Mere dith The Meredith place is com manded by a couple of artificial cannon inspired no doubt by the fact that it overlooks the ground where the battle of Stony Point was fought Vogt is a fa mous fisherman who has written books on the subject and among his friends and fishing companions was the Indian Two Guns White Calf whose face is on the buffalo nickel When Whittaker was writing drama criticisms for a New York paper he sent Broadway into hys terics on one occasion by writing thusly: I married Ina Claire a year ago she told me she was an actress There was noth ing in her performance at the Empire Theater last night to bear out this mid wo: liiibhnnd Alahema nmi llm Inl 1 I 2 old so'i v' il hcy 2 2 moiil olil y'lili will) home Woo I senvi oi: i ndeen AB AM I'OtIR laying: von L'ike this funk a try from the railroad' the courthouse down Main If it can negotiate that stretch there a thing in rance and feeder heifers G75 7' mon to medium 50 Giio and feeder heifers 5511 700 good calves 900 1050 medium to heavy 00 8 5o Bogs salable 203 25c lower Good to choice 100 225 lbs 7 mi smooth over 230 lbs G50 smooth heavy 525 light light 1 30 1 55 lbs 51)0 sows 400 500 I coders st ock ers and underweights 6 lit) Sheep "'liable 182 25c higher Good to choice spring lambs 7 Odegard Raymond Bank last Sun day returning law enforcement procedures home by way of Logan Pass price control Dileil I Nonlnmi Ibis III day of I 9 10 AMBROIIE SI' RE I At i orimy for I it iom reyh Sparkling and Uproarious the Laughter Hit cf the Seasen I Shirley Jean Heuscher was taken'to he hospital in Kalispell Tuesday i suffering with much improved at this tune anil is thought an operation may avoided Kauffman drove to Troy Tues day to bring home Jake HeuscherIo Im with Ills fnmilv diirini' tho ill I III Paul Aldine and Mnnnnn Knnff 1110 I man Arthur lloylman and Paul Van deveer comprised a party that en i he i oyeii iisiiing nip up ice nniiin i ork last week end They were success! ii I fishermen Miss Nellie Redtingshafer lici'ii calling on friends in the inanity the past few days leaving Saturday to take up teaching duties at Nelson Mont The Creston 4 club girls enter tained their parents at a banquet at the 11 Cari' home Saturday even in good cooks one present Le Roy Henrickson attended fair at Alissoula last Saturday went with a A group i of last week at the Joe i Iler 'near Svetov lake was the Methodist church During service Mrs Owen Morris sang solo selections accompanied at organ by Mrs Carlson riends acting as pall bearers were Bernard Robert alkner alk ner Caswell A Casey and Levi Gauslad Interment was made in Conrad Memorial cemetery Obituary Madison (Mail) Love was born March 23 1856 at Macon City Mis souri He giew to manhood there and was married at Norbone Mo Oct 23 1 885 Io Miss Alice (j White Mr Love learned the plumbing at Kirksville Mo ami moved Kalispell soon after bis marriage engaged in business here which continued until recently Mrs Li died in ebruary of this year Air stroke August 19 September 1 1910 years uneral services lor Madison Love were held Tuesday afternoon at 2 at the Waggoner and Camp 1 Io re establish order Hungary might' take the opportunity to seize all of Transylvania Hundreds of thousands ol Hungarian troops already are massed along the frontier ready to march into the ceded northern por tion tomorrow Anxious eyes also were cast to ward the new northern frontier fac ing Soviet Rltssia where a border clash ten days ago was report) to have brought Red aiiuy forces onto Rumanian soil our top ranking Rumanian gen erals were among those reported ar rested and charged with plotting Um1 abortive coup directed Carol's lile Three men who broke through a guard 'of soldiers participated In the shooting Many shots were fired in the grounds before soldiers overpow ered the away in mid one palace guard were reported' wounded I The president cited ulvames cored by the association the difference between tfte Kalispell Imt c'inl ionml of fodnv and that of vnnrs neo while he was a Spokane Wash Cattle salatde 4 1 4 Choice grain ted steers 925 1025 good to choice 25 900 good 800 50 medium 50 8 00 good to choice grain fed heilers 825 925 good grass 700 50 medium 625 700 gooil to choice cows 5 5 1) 2 5 medium 425 500 bulls good nimity 575 651 common to medium 450 550 cutter and canner 300 400 good to choice feeder 95H 11OO medium to heavy 600 I Ihi' neilci' to the said Ad in inist rat lx a' the oijjco of Ambrose Alemmro In K'l I l'lp'd I in the (lotinly of lat head Slab' cf Mon In the same Lo iu't I he plum for I he trnim i't ion of Hie of said er tide Love suffered a mid passed away at the age of 74 He is survived ItA'I I'H omnior Itv CHl'Cler In ritv Knlinell Itm nee nuuillii liv limit SYili) net yeni'i tftilM) for six months S25 for three months Uniiadinii snbscrlp boaid thins (msiiige Im lulled per jenr fl lOO I Ims and tateq Il is verify this but there is said to be a sort of of mountaineers in Rockland county who have hibernated there out of touch almost with civilization since tlie Revolution ary war They were pacifists or deserters and retreated into an obscure mountain valley rather than shoulder arms against the British A storekeeper who Is in touch Al xia Texan Sept 4 rA 1 1 i 15 wli i cm rlml rural reiitc for a 'paper cdtnit led' car ly loihiy Arrlntiint cltli Marvin Wooftm raid that killml an ex a cln nt nod her a ml bi dy nt I Im ide of a road King' Carol of Rumania is in a tough spot ami it will la: surprising if there is not an eruption in (he Balkan states which may change the whole picture of the European war Threatened by the axis powers his government chose what overhead it evidently considered as the less of two evils and ceded a large n'enter net profim but added: portion of Transylvania to 1 lutigarv with the promise that ll lllP lue "uitts upon merca: pllg etlirns Iront the state liquor tru mn if Hnm i im In 4 hn ev i tl it 1 1 I I i I bounu uviuonun on nv nwum uun in i ugmzvu control lb p'l 1 1 1 1 IP III He is now con fronted with an uprising by the people who' returns nmant increarmg are dissatislied With the government's decision and are express 'inn and incremed intr it bv tnkinir not shots (hirnl anil 'iHeiniifs sii zn foie nit'tins some sides that phone ami radio communications ami to blow tip oil storage tanks The situation there must be extremely lense for it de 1 velops that the former premier Antonescii has been locked in its Uriel existence up for safety for some time lagainst permitting politics to inter llis only course now seems Io be to try to restore order leic witl1 lll'Pbrtmeiitai operations and to this end lie has made Ins toughest military leader prc vat havc alwavs produced cor mier and a new cabinet will be formed jruption and always he oh If he is able to cow the public he may be able to make roved good is promise to Hitler and Mussolini 11' not Rumania may! Mote than 350 delegates (roni 25 iiLt ni uiy 01 which operate ale liquor systems on a monopoly! 1 I piui minimi 10 momjum vveie lor the convention Oil icers heiv addition to Man tracks to ley were Dr II A Boardman of street Maine It Kelley of West Vir appendicitis She cm in is: ioners adminirtr'i otln delegates from 1 7 1 your duty as I'cspoti ilde (Continued rom Page 1) Utah congiessman over four oppon ents for Hie Republican nomination tor governor Reeil Sloven Lake City burinesnman was end place in early returns 'Die six man hatth' on the cratic side developed into a contest Maw who lost ill i mH in 11 tn 1 1 Blood in the 1 930 I Henry J) Moyle the administra go 1he way ol other small nations in Europe and come under the domination ol the dictators However this is something Hitler want just now All his forces are needed in the battle against England and if he had to put down an uprising in Rumania it would add greatly to ins dtilicu 1 1 ies Even if he should be successful in ibis he wniihl Dill hnv lD iiJu in il Oriin De Mass of lolro't I ha will stop it tor the Rumanian people evidently would not oopcrate in pro Aiieh and 1 A of Helena I 1 1 noiui ftr parents homesteaded during the wheat oil and other supplies which the German all vW presidents itemy Jogen ne I)rin(viP ilI)( 11(! grpw up atmies need so badly It may not be fully realized yet Imt SaU City treasyrer wa elucalPl ia mniersville and of his greatest problems will be to enforce cooperation in con 1 KPcle 01 'G' Kalispell schools He graduated quered countries They are very likely to adopt Mahatma i'Zn Kalispetr schools in 1898 He A 1 11 inpton ol irginia chairman ol the 1 v)) r' Gcvtmv inl ivis Ghandi plan ol passive resistance executive committee and Rov At i i ii 1 1 cum iw mu mii 'u tlvhrhl AhdLI 41 I I I I I I I i I I I I I 1 I I I I I I III 1 1 (t HITS IiJlrl ffiir nrnri mm in it 1 ad Before Manley spoke this 'morning the delegates were wcl Lomed to Montana by (lov Roy Ayi it a i 4 1 1 1 4i I I utl HU 1111)147 i I I I I I 1 1 1)11 I 4 wvt lion uond it question of ponsibilit ol stato UWCK con I hi hi (d I I lS tx 1 1 I I I 11 I I I 4')I4L4' UIIIII'IL'1 JU 4 1 1 I I 4 I 4 ban again device' 1 lie Ottawa (49 Meh still by liis lii'othors and Yukon streams for gold Dining the Gland Love of Spur Texas fecal year ended March 31 pioduc Love of Dover Okla Mrs Hon was 108078 ounces the Canad Sl Raul Sept i of the up again and again against evilfc of our III I 1 1 1 1 4 mn com I stoekers ilcath today iu with them once told me that they have changed little since those days They wear homespun gar ments They have no cars no electricity They live unto them selves in tlieir mountain fastness They farm a little hunt and fish Every week or so one of tlieir number goes at night to the store to make arrangements for such purchases as they must have This storekeeper who operates a sort of country cross roads commis sary about 25 miles from Man hattan is the only they deal with COME of the best informal rna 2 rine photography in the world is being done by people who live on tugboats in the Hudson River There are quite a number of New Yorkers some poor and almost poverty stricken others well off who compose a sort of floating community along the Manhattan waterfront Their craft ranges from houseboats to old abandoned barges But all or most have cameras They are able to obtain intimate views of ships and wa terfront scenes that are unspoiled by the professional of posed pictures Today for in stance three battleships of the Navy are lying at anchor below the George Washington Bridge' Off to one side is the hull of an old whaler There are shad dories and oil barges There are the arrested barks of warring na tions riveted to their slips unable to move Now that the nights are warm THE DAILY INTER LAKECAUTION IS URGED 1 Siu iirjiiiiri)1) ly DiAI ONE THE BEST kaiisi eli MONTANA VU LUL1 1 AVL with JANE WYMAN GILBERT ROLAND JOHN LITEL ROGER PRYOR Directed by GEORGE AMY A WARNER BROS A irst Let I Picture Screen Play by Robert Kent rom an Idea by Martin Mooney (Cmitiniicil from I) nwakblieil today by explosion: on oulskil'tH llnconfii'iiicil riqiorln were spread that imide Io blow Htornge depots of troops Jiad fii'lds Soldiers Ibuglit with an ai'nicit band which had seized the radio via tion on the outskirts of nucha rem The men finally fled Into 1 lie woods only to imrrender later Antonescu was field lor' slionid bt used for champion sovrnl weeks in the monastery Willi and Mr able to ev'ici control and ou must accept this 1 1 that least small Dei cent of the revenue 1 reived liv tmi1 sf Jes I'huh 1 Im v'lle 01110 a 1 1 1 I la ve! ages hould Im 'ln'! HCU11 I'oi' a program of intclli an 78 which rein unable education and wllh of six strokes mnitli lol her Tiled Urn Adminh'1 ml i ix of I hl' near Cor oi Willi'im ox alecomo'd to iho creditor! pf mill all pernon 1 I'li via' clnlmn "tiinnl tin nald do 'illind io exhibit ih' with meoritary voi efi era wjlhin four ENTIU'ID IN KALISPELL IICE IS HE OXD CLASS Jl4'1 li ri ni qi 1 i 1 I v' I Bernard Alanley ol' l)es Moines piesidviil of the group unp I 1 1 ien i is of tlie National Alcoholic I Control itssorini hm lodnv 1 'O' 5 to employ caution in conliol of liquor Iconda Copper Mminr company weir be here today for eonf'ciemo with Bidb re official of the compmiv The indidrial leaders several day here ami in conferring with local ITieial present fear that should the king tail inspoitino company proper! ic Kelley has been lake and Bobbin" al lalh an attempt had been up Homo petroleum 'rlennn Large reinforcemenis liei'ii rent Io tlie oil jzz Ala by her brmhiT William (loldi who liver in Mexia A great quest ion appeared io 1 1 4 if 1 1 1 1 I 1 I HV 44 4 II44 VN )in turned Carol to the tnrone ten yirn ago would remain faithliil to him Behind the situation was the ever 4 I 4 the lathead anil he spoke of le ter Edge of Spokane foimeri lathead resident and one of the outstanding trial lawyers in the Pa cific Northwest arid ihost famous the mil one arm go! I'ers Sunday stopped off in Kalispell and played a round on the municipal golf course im coeipieieei ol mo game I'llgO asrei'tod that Im could lumoflv In an nddiess piepannl for the 1(C(nn ttl( IH (( ()(1 (()US 1S i as ociat ion thiid annual convention jejnpr ()IIP of )f jllost ami which opened tbilay Alanley told liq intere ting courses he has ever played on believe Hint with xuih a fine course and the facilities ol'I'ered in your l'ilgo cliilihouse the Kali'cll About that time visiting in Kalispell was being demonstrated here to show what was in the World war A group of local men were discussing the np pe'iiance of the tank when the late William Brennan after listening to the pro: an cons and the abil ity summarized the case by I JU II I I and give it a JVC XUUVU I'uc I tion was 108078 ounces the Canad Hmnni Smith Nevada Mo Eugene ian Mines and Resources Department I I rejmrted almost a half century of continuous operation the famous placer fields of the Klondike still have bold bearing reserves of a magnitude that assures more years of the department says I Pan rocker and sluicimr methods however have given way to huge1)r' i4 1 1 ia si vitv li jciiij ui ur let i i vukcm iu vx operators are working over the old Mb'1' yards will have headquai tmS Klondike diggings 20948 Oscar Tho Republican gubernatorial vote in 487 precincts: Holton 9180 Brae 1:61) Lee 5745 William Lowe 1 145 Stevens 7803 or congress in the 1'irst district the smit which Murdock left to bid for the senate Waller Granger a member of the public service com mission liad command of file Demo 1 Cl title list and LeRoy Young ()g den attorney was well ahead in tlm Republican race but neither seemed due to escape a run off I The totals in 202 of 488 district: I were Democratic: David 11 Calder when this reporter sets 4029 Va) Cowles 2922 ran iou capture 3 floating ein owles 5511 Granger 7G87 jg paradise that jiejniDiican in neiui' Taylor 1930 Arthur Woolley I 3120 Young G2G3 In the second distiict where Rep Will Robinson is unopposed for ihii democratic nomination A Sher man Christenson young attor ney led on the basis of 190 dis tricts of the 347 Imt also was threat ened with a run off 'Die vote was Horace Beck 1383 Christenson 3515 Don Mack Dalton lG5l Vetterli 2224 Alonzo son 1044 i was scheduled for this afternoon Albright chairman of Hie Ala 1 bama Alcohol Beverage Gout) I Infllvl fri Ifj'lil flirt I IfH 1 rt 41 l( ll' VV 1 1 1 1 1 i A Montana frontier dance for tonight Mr and Mrs diy Seniim I topics slated for dificussioli Evelyn and honoied in I I (I drove In I ii i i ninni nui ceiemomes pl( ini'ludo id'oi icing pro day and spent the I 1 I grn nif 2 1 others and Butte Mont Sept 4 Kelley of the board Woolon milled I hat Reeri on no reason for I he rhool The long arm of the bist rsilay a 1 1 iirnvc ifu I imliro wia rf 1 I ht'1 par a 72 ly paralyzed however by mifion wklo KELLEY AND DOBBINS commended effort: of aio especially fortunate toiallwny strikes and communication CONERRING IN BUTTE to reduce a capable man in cluigu breakdowns as bls embittered sub cl your course as Tom Mr j(Ptl continued to demonstrate Edge stated is well known gainst tho Axis dictated ceding of yi'oithern 1 rnnsylvania to Hungary IVfiiiltl 1 i flirt i zirn nr ii nil i in this nira for gulf enthusiasts him in fullest some of the ing to Senator Iwere killed Saturday in the crash ot I an airliner in iVrginia a ml iTd MV tk I 1 IL 8 11 I WWM T1 mu Ml 1 My ffaaa 7 i I I I WM iuV II gg wit Ji iiilm mo Bh 1 1 1 HQ 7 Bm mi 1 MM Ma 7 nB 1 I 1 1 juY: ww a 4OW I I wMT I 1 12 I 11 RTflki Jh'? jr 1 III V'.

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