Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 22, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 22, 1896
Page 6
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' 1 ' •'* '""'''' 1 ' J ''• ALONE AT For a Year a Woman. Seeks Relief Without Success, but It Finally- Comes at Last. Another Case of Nerve Exhaustion Cited, Which was Cured fo a Similar Way by a Ne?ve Food. MfeKED EOBBE Kill a Farmer in Ohio and Eansaok His House, Probably Fatal Injuries Inflicted Upon the. Wife, Who Comes to Her Husband's Aid. fromi!teCouritr-JTrra!il,$(triinr.ii;Mic!i. ! Jltrnld could rr.idily lie-.IOTP tliO mniiy re. „. , . , . . , . ' porr.-i ol' w.imlcrfii! CUM-, i-llbd-i'd liy tlm Tn«t wo know not wl.nt :i iKiy nuiy Drills f ' mtnt ] vrfu ] ;„„] popular ivniciliul iigent. Al- .i&rth is an old mliigu a:ui n tr.u: .-me. To-day idim^-ji j[ri. Woluott is sixty-two years of anr skies nro bright" im<l sunny; i'ealtb, strcnijtli and tu-livily. W reckon K!,'!'. iind IIIIB sulltTi'il mi ri-:ulily pr...s(rni': 11 youira-r uii tlwt might person, she ^. ...... „ ..... ,, ......... ,.,,,,,,.,. ,,v .. , eeraUilcntly on tho I'liturv ami lily our pluiis looked well inul ln'iirly, mill wivo ovidenco accordingly, but when that lo-moiTii-,\-.voim-s | of stivjifitli uid activity ui. usual iorhcrasrc. •we may he stricken suddenly down by (he _ .tmiiiiry in; tln> two _ drugstores in the -\tl- _,_ __ iauil of disease, and, lie on a Wl of r.uilurin, ind sorrow. live near by brought, -forth thu iiilbrmntion lli'iil. tlie csiS'2 of >lr«i. Wolofilt was well known Every day we sec illualrulions nl'-llijs fact, tliruii.urlioul; chut Motion, and was considered wnoni; the friends in our own circle. To-duy ! n rciiiiu-kiible oure. Koth (Irujwisls reported •they are well and utrMijj and -iro pursuing that there mis it steady demand lor Dr. Mil- liiuus' I'ink Pills fur Pule People. l*rom tin' 2£?piLbltcaii t Harbor Springs, Mich, One of tiiic lending viliwiis of Northern Mirliiui") i» Mr. George W. Childs, who hn» ... ..,, . . niadf"himself iiunons ua a 1 successful hotel Jeoves the victim more helpless or hopeless malinger at the populnr summer resort, J!ay oCultimate relict than tluit kuown as paralysis, , View. When Mr. Childs first arrhed at 'their daily labors; to-morrow tlie nf)liutin u aand of disease or dciil.lt has brought them down to helpless illncsN or Ihc/jruvc. Among the many ills that-aftlict lunnaiiity, ami onu that baflles the highest medical skill of the present day, none is more feared and none i Jeovc .... ...... Sometimes it creeps gradually over the •rictiiu, perceptibly closing its ever tightening coils from day to day nnd again U comes like a Jiglitning Hash, and the once strong man Or woman "is more helpless thun a child. Such was the case with Mrs. Iluth Wolcott, time V.'MS rather up-hill business, mid he hurt ' tho wifcofltcv. II. 15. Wolcott, nn esteemed i to work ni:;hl nnd duy to make boll) eiida View, some years iigo, tlie resort 'business ot" Northern'Jlii'liigiin was still in its infancy. With the little money lie Iind ho purchased llic Buy View House, but running a hold in this part of the country at that minister of the gospel. living on their handsome iiiriu u few n\ile.-< from the thriving .little town of iilancLurd, Isabella County, Uichieun. While attending tx> 'nor daily d'-.tlea the nftncl of tlmt dreiul disease., punilysiis, mw .laid hfMivily upon her, uriil u'liL-n shu was ilone at her'fireside. '. In conversation wit.li n Coiiri?-r-J:[fraleL .'representative, who luul ln':u-fl "t her sevcro aase and cure, 6he snoUc u* follows: "Tlie stroke curae on ono duy shortly after dinner. The men had just gone out on thu iiirni to •»ork in the fields, and I was ironing. All iit-on<<e I felt a Hiush over my brain liko nil rtloctric shock and Noiiicthing that m-nn-d Jifco a .bend of perspii'ni-ion si-enii-il to run dorai m-y loft lower limb into my sime. I nut doWn for a moment and then, fecliiic; better, *eyum«;d my ironing. Ag^in, in u tinv min- ntcs, there "came another"tlu:<h o"l'er my head, " \Vhe« I ciuno to Buy View I wna n stroll 1 .:, robust mail, but. close rontinemeiit to my i.inlii'5- us nitiiinger of the holel nnd UK: amount ot' hard Itibnr I wns noiiiptvllccl to do, s-'oon told mi UK!anil 1 wustsiUwi to my bed. ' : I immediately liegim.doctoring but the physicians uimsul'lcd iH<l me no" good, and I r,:ii'l out muiiy Imrd-eArncd dollurs iu do«tor bills. " My nervous system was completely nliiyeil out, I sufii-red severe pains in- tho lie.id and hnd no appetite. Finally I told my wife (lint I had determined to sell out und leave the country, thinking that a i-li:ui<;i! of climate might be beneficial. But in tlio midst of my eull'eriiigs, like the sunshine Unit breaks through n dnrk cloud, a messenger came from heaven, so to spc.ik. While I wns perusing my morning piiper I -d to prli'.ncc at an article speaking of Clevelund, 0., Oi;t.':U,—A special to •the press from Fremont, O., .s:iys: Masked robbers tillered the hoii'itf of U'illinm Bitlte, west of 1'rcinont, Ti.ie.s- day liig'ht at 7:.'if) untl niui'dej.-nd Jlitke. bi-utiilly attnclted Mrs. Ilitke nml run- sacked the house. Bitke is a prominent funnIT nnd ail producer and grenernlly keeps consider- nble money in Uic lionse, which is located on an isolated part oJ! his farm. At the hour mentioned two masked men ealled'ut the resilience, nnd, with drawn revolvers, demanded money. VVit.hoi.it giving' Bil'ke time to comply with tlteir demand.- 1 the robbers opcneC lire on him nnd shot iiim th.roiiyh the brenst, killing him instniitly. Mrs. Bitke ai.tempted to defend her hnsbaml. niul "was shot in the right nnn, and w.hfn she tried'to i-scape wns beaten on the head with revolvers in the hands of the murderous robbers, nnd is now in a precarious condition. The house wns ransacked from top to bottom, but the robbers secured only an old silver watch, failing to find a li'.rg-e sum of money. Sheriff Sleswman uiitl the Fremont, of- licers >\ere not noliflcd until Wednesday morning, when ti pnss»' of men at (inec .went to the vicinity :uit1 scoured the nciBfhboriii{» wnods uiirl eonnU-y. Mrs. iiitke is unable to give an accurate .descriplion of the robbers. Bitke Tuesday roceiveil several hundred dollars frnin I In?-'sale of oil and the robbers evidently knew of this and were after it. Gladness Comes W ith u buUer iindorsl-aiidiiiy' of tliu tr.'iiiisiei.il, na-tiii'O of the numy pliys- ;ju.l ills, whioli vani,ih before proper ci- •/orts— gentle efforts— plctv<anv. efl : brts— rig'hlly directed. There is comfort, in the knowledge. thu.t so intmy form:; of siukncss arc luit. ilue to uny uctu:i.l ili«- ea.se, btit shuply to a constipated condition of the- systirji, \vhiuh tbo ple:iK;uit family laxative, Syrup of Fiy.s. promptly removes. That is why it is tin; only remedy with mill ions »f families;, and is everywhere c.stecincd so ?iigli3y by nil who, value- jfood licnlt 1 !. Its bunoliuial oft'ects are due to the 1'uet, tlint it is tlie one remedy which promotes jnteriiul cleanliness witbont 'dubilitatinj; the orpriins on which it ;;-cfs. ]t is therefore all important,, in order to get. its beneficial effects, to note when you purchase, that you lu-ve. the ffemiiiu: ;u-ti- elo, which is 'manufactured, by Uic California. Fig: Syrup Co. only and sold by all rcputa.We druggists. " If in the enjoyment of good health. aud the system is rog'uhir, laxnti-.'os w other rum'edics a,ro then not needed. If afflicted wil/h any ;u;ti.ia,l discuso, one be commended t-o the most skillful SIXTY.SIX BOILED EGGS. Dero.nrod In a Kinele Slttlug by • New Vork llcttlnir Crunk. Joseph Brown and Jaeob Schott, of New York, had un egg-eating 1 match the other day on a wnger. "I'll eat 'em soft boiled," said lirown. "I'll eat 'em scrambled," .said Sehott. They ate steadily for hnif nn hour; ...... ... ..., , . spe •md again there was-the peculiar (.'.-nsntion | Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People. o£something running down my side. Then 11 saw that they were said to cure exactly I Jcnew that something serious was about to happen and I made haste .to reach ji bed, Tvhcrc I fell, under the influence of paralysis, After I hud laid there for a few minute* my hnsband came in and, ncif. seeing me where li had been working, he looked for me aad found me lying helpless. _">[y speech was not nft'ecteci, nnd I to!d Mm what WIIH the matter. A doctor was at once sent for to the village of Hlanchard. a wh:tt seeiuf.l to ail me—shattered nerve« and sick lieadiiehes. "1 told.iuy wife about my discovery but she said it would only be another useless expenditure. I, however, thought 'nothing ventured, nothing gained,' and determined to have a liax, as they cost' only 50 cents. By the thne J had taken half the box I. felt much relieved, und then I knew thr.t I had struck a remedy much better than aphysic- ftw miles away, and he came out to the | i:iu and certainly a good deal cheaper, farm in about three hours, but he could not] "After F ibad' used the whole box afford me any relief. This was three years ago—in April, 1892—tlmt I suffered from .... _ able to leave my bed. I persevered in taking them and when thp fourth box was gone this stroke of paralysis, ft nfiectral my left i 1 VTC.C iw vo\i see me cow—a perfectly well side iind rendered me helpless. For n year! man. To T>.r. Williams' Pink Pills I owe this I haJ skilled medical attend-! my life and I wish I could sing their praises ,1... ,!.!.._ .._ -i •- tliroushout tiie land tlmt all might know tho life-giving power of these little pellets. Certainly suffering humanity hits hnd no better friend than Dr.'Wiliiiuns' Pink Pills." ' Dr. Williams' Pink Pills contain, in a condensed form, jll the elements necessary to give new life mid richness" to tho blood and restore shattered nerves. They are an unfailing upe. cih'u for such diseases »s locomotor ataxiii, piir- tinl jiarnlysis, St. Vitos" dance, sciatica, ueu- nilgiu, rheumatism, nervous headache, the after effect of l:t jjrippe, palpitation of the ! hi'iirt, pule aiul sallow complexions, all forms : of weakness eil.licr in male or female. Pink ance, Usin£ amonc; other things an electric buttery, but it all aid me no good. "At this time I read in a paper about Dr. WJlliams' Pink Pills, nnd they were also ^commended to me by.fionie of my friends, who had heard of the miiny cures that they fcud eflectcd in cases like mine. Aiier I hud been tnkin.i; them for about two weeks I be- gtta to feel better and have continued to •teadily improve. The paralysis was so hud that I could not walk around the house, but .had to be lifted about. My left arm was al.io entirely helpless. I am now able to walk sround and net out to call on my friends und BELIEVE MR. CASTLE INNOCENT. DefenBo of -1lfr». Cani.li 1 Will ito Itlnntul [rr«Kiiii:isil>iUl;y. London, Oi:t. ^3. — Solicitor Abrahams, rj' the United Sfiites embassy, was hosioged AVedin'srlay iiKji-ning by reporter:; who were tMidenvoriiijr to obtain tlie address of Mr. and -Mrs. \V. M. Castle, of San Franeiseo, . who wore committed for trial Tuesday on a charge of shoplifting and liberated on £•10,0(10 bail, pending the coining up o'( their case in the Clerkenu-cll seKdons on November S. 1YI r. Alii-alianis refused to distOo'se the -whereabouts of the Castles, though he admitted that they were in London. The solicitor snid that Mr. Cfistle. was absolutely innovont iirtd'tlint justice required his acquitta,]. Mrs. Castle, he Haiti, was very niiu't broken down by her ordeal. IIiv defense, Mr. Abrnhiim.s intimati.'d, wo.uld j be mental irrespoi'sibility, owing- tc her j sufferings froni troubles peculiar to fe- j male.s. He, did not appear, to be over- j confident of tho *uccuss of the defense , physicians, but if in need of a laxative. One .should. h;u*c the best, und with the well-informed everywhere, Syrup of Figs stands liip;liest :ind is most largely used and gives inostg-enoral satisfaction. in securing Mrs.. Cnst le's nequittal Storks ,Soh( at Auction. New York, Oct. 21,—Two hundred shares of Diamond Match stock u.nd IOC shares of iS'ew York Biticuit stock, vvliieh had been -hyjiotlK'ealed, were sold hy A. H. ilullerifc Son, auctioneers, At th« NB\V York real estate salesroom, \Vediu'sday. 'Die Jtatch stock broug-lit 100 and the Biscuit stock 5-1. Both lots were, taken by one purchaser, who refused to give his name. It was snid'that lie had made the loans on tho stock and that they were sold on his order. Mode iiallot at lliirvunl. Boston, Oct. Jil.—At the close of the second duy of tho mock ballot for president at Harvard C'J7 votes had been cnst as follows: For Melvinley arid irobort, fjSli; for 1'alnier and Kuckncr, 130; for Bryan and Sewall, '41. The polls were closed .Wednesday night. Buffalo, N. V., Oct. 2.1.—Almost the entire business portion of tho Village of Lancaster was burned Wednesday jno:-ni7)g. Tho total loss is $50,000, pal. daily covered by inRiirnnee. erit Made nnd Merit Maintains theconfldence o( the people in Hood's Sarsnparilla. I'a medicine cures you when sick; if it make* wonderful cures every where, then beyond all quest ion tbnt mcdieirjcpossesses merit. "I'LL GIVE IN," CRIED WliOWN. then they rested, Brown with a record o£ '10 and Schot.t with 40. At the end of ]i minui.es they resumed eating and kept it up for ail- other hour. "I'll give in," cried Brown. He had eaten Cli to Schott's CO. "I ivill pay for ihe eggs," said Jirown. "And I," remarked SeJiott, pocketing the stakes, "will never look a chicken in the face again." That is just the truth about Hood's Sar- gaparilla. We know it possesses merit because it cures, nor, once or twice or a hundred ',ime.i, Tout in thousands and thousands of cases. We know ic cures, absolutely, permanently, when all others fail to do any good whatever. We repeat Hood's Sarsaparilla Is the best—In fact the One True Blood Purifier. ., j, r-»-«l cure nausea, Indigestion, HOOd S PIUS biliousness, ascents. • PREPARE FOR ROYAL WEDDING. : neighbors, find nm no well thut I can -get j Pills are .sold by nil dealers, or will be sent around very well. J used twenty boxes ot post paid on receipt of price, 50 cents a box, ,. . , ---d in As Mrs. Wolcott concluded the recital of I hulk or by the 100), by addressing Dr. Wjl. nitive of The Courier-. Hams' Medicine Compiuiy, Schenectady, N.Y Pink Pills. As Mrs. •Her trouble the reprcsentat !or-fix boxes ffrr$2.S) (they are never sold in THE WEEKLY CINCINNATI The Weekly Edition of the CINCINNATI COMIIERCIAL TRIBUNE GAZEHE ONLY CENTS' CarUnle'ln Ktutueky. Wushington, Oct; "1.—SecroUiry Cnr- lio'e left herent 2:20 Wednesday afternoon over the Chesapeake <fe Ohio railroad for Covington, Ky. .He will make the first of iive speeches in the Kentucky campaign at Covington Thursday Jiight, October 22, He "'ill return to Washington October.31 and will not ?vott in-the presidential election on No- n^ vember .'). He is nrconipanicd on his i P , a ]ly, trip by Mrs. Carlisle and his private | secretary, Mr. B. II. W. Van Senden. i Chtirt'li nnd MiiHonlu Temple Burned. .Laurel, Md., Oct. 21.—The First Bap tist church and the Masonic _ Temple were burned Tuesday night. Loss, $10,000; -insurance, $0,000. The fire started- in the vestry of the church' near tho roof, and is supposed to have been of incendiary ori/fin. It Ktron^th and Hex In Royalty. is noted that the women, cf the family of Europe are, on theater- stronger, mentally nnd the men. TflE MARKETS. GotR A I'oHtpoaeiucnt. London, Oct. 21.—Lady Tina Scott, ngainst whom the Qld Bailey prajad jury Tuesday returned n true bill for 'having' criminally libeled her son-in- liuv, Karl .Russell,'made* application ihroug-h counsel Wednesday morninff for a postponement of her trial in 01- ! der to obtuiu time to consider what pu- sition the defense would take. The prosecution assented to the postponement, and the trial wns put off one month. . Grain, 1'rovJnloiirt. Kto. Chicago, Oct. 21. FLOUR— Moderate demand and easier, Quotable, as follows: Winter— Patents, J3.80l6H.00: straights, JJ.6003.80: clears, $2.511 @3.10; seconds. J1.S5P2.10; low grades, $1.75*3 2,00. Sprint,--— Patents, $4,OOS>4.M; straights, $3.5203.50; bakers', $2.CO®3.00; low grades, JJ.EO@1.75; Red Dog, $1.3001.50: Rye, $2.203 2.40; WHEAT— Unsettled and lower. October, December, 76%@77%c; May, SOft PutH U»ck for Rcpuln. . Nj&w York, Oct. 21. — The French steamer Alesia, Capt. Volntt, which sailed from this port .October 15 lor lf>c~:~No. 2 White, Naples, returned during: Tuesday.night RYE—Was weaker and anchored in tlie North river. On Saturday last, when the Alesia was nbout 460 miles out from Sandy Hook, she brolcc a piston rod and Cnpt. Valatt decided to jjut back for. repairs. The Alesia had aboard 150 passengers, who will be forwarded by another line. CORN— Weak! No. 2 and ISO, 2 Yellow about I'/.c under December. December, 24%<8>25%c; May, 2SVl@Z8%c. OATS— Active and lower. No. 2 cash, 18M;c; December, lS@19c; Ifay, 21V4@22c. Samples lower. No Grade, 13<g>;6c; No. 8, No. 3 White; lS@21c; No. 2, ' and lower. No. 2 December de- A YEAR ! Over One Hundred Years a Family! Favorite. The Weekly Commercial Gazf>tte contai <s sixty:four oolunms . every week.- Ir, gives the news of tho world in| the Most Complete . Shape; the Choicest Miseelliinof'US Re»din£ iind the Bnst Stories and Literary Matter that brain can produce atad that money can buy. The Weekly Commercial Gazette Is printed every Tuesday inorninff and mailed to any p»rt of the Uulted States or Canada at FIFTY CENTS A YEAK. ! . SAMPLE COPIES FREES. "STThe DAILY COMMERCIAL TRIBUNE is unrivaled as a JfewB- paper, and its growing popularity throughout- the Central States is attested by its increanlDg safts Issued Daily and Sunday. Every Postmaster is con-idered an agent. Address THE COMMERCIAL TRIBUNE CO. Send For Terms. CINCINNATI, OHIO. New'Sound Slgn'ilf)-ft>r Sou. Ottawa, Ont., Oct. 21v-Information lias been received by the government -that the board of trade in London'hns decided tn reduce the proposed new, sound signal at sea from nine" to" live, thereby simplifying navigation. The new rules will go into effect, as nil the great powers have signified their assent. ~" Ludy I'Jrgttlno Injured on Her Wheel. .' Halifax, N. S., Oct. 2 L.~Lady JSrskaie, the wife of Vice Admirni Sir j. Erskine, while rifling- a bicycle along- Bmns^ ink street Wednesday, was thrown-from tion, fairly active; weak. December, 83% her wheel by a horse that was led sud' ] .©S4y 2 c; May, 85%®87M;c, __ cash, 3Sc, and No. 8. livery, 40 : !4c; May, 45c. BAR~LEY— Was very easy tor common grades, steady for the better Roods. Common feed Barley, 25S2Cc; very poor, 24c: malting, common to good, iG&fB^c, and choice to fancy, 30©37c. ' MESS PORK— Market moderately active, and prices lower. Quotations ranged at JG.97M:(Jj!7,lX> for cash; I6.97«@".00 for Oc.to- ber; yi.'M'A&TM for December, and ?7.S5@ S.OO for January. LARD— Trading fairly active and pricea lower. Quotations ranged at $4.200-1.30 for cash; M.17'/j®4'.27% for October,- $4.20@4.30 for December, and-$4.40@4.50 for January. BUTTKR— Market firm at 3@19c for creameries, and 9@17c for dairies. LIVE POULTRY— Quiet. Turkeys, S3 9c; Chickens, G',-i©5c; DucUs, IK&Se per pound; Geese, per dozen, $4.00@6.50. WHISKY-Steady on the basis of 51.13 for hlgiiwlr.c-. New York, Oct. 21. FLOUR— Firm, unchanged. WHEAT— Opened heavy and declined with the west and on free llquida- rrhn-'tMrt llclcnc, Fl:tnc<;e of J'rincc of Xa- plos, Itoconii'H 11 Culholic. Komc,0ut.21.—The Italian royal yacht Savoia, willi the prince.of.Xapies, crown prince of Jlaly; IVinces.s llolenc of j.iuntenck'TO, his fin-ncoo, and tiieinein- ters of thi; I'l'.ig-ning- faiijily of MonU*- ref>'ro on board, arrived ;U Uiiri \Vcdues- ilny. The royal couple; are en roule for Uonie, where llic man-iag'e of ihe iiviiice of Naples to Princess ]-le!cne will tak-> place on October £•!-. The party were welcomed at IJari with great entbuai- in. The ceremony of. the formal reception into tin; Catholic church of Princess Uelene oi' Montenegro, as a. prerequisite of her coming marriage to the prince ol Naples, crown prince ot! Italy, was performed in the Church of St. Nicholas ut Bari Wednesday. The princess was somewhat fatigued as the result of her voyage to Bnri on board the Italian royal yacht Bavoia, the weather having been stormy, but her magujficent physique enabled her to go through the ceremony without the Blig-htest sign of flagging. The weather was stormy, rain falling incessantly, but the streets were filled with people and enormous crowds gathered in the vicinity of the.church and cheered the princess and the prince of Naples when they entered the edifice and ag-ain when they left it. After the ceremony the royal party proceeded, to the Savoia, oil board of which they recinbarked and sailed en route for this ciiy. They are expected to arrive here sonic time Thursday. EX-GOV. FLOWER IN THE WEST. FASHIONS CHANGE BUT POZZONP5 Complexion POWDER REMAINS ALWAYS TUX: SAME. The finest, purest and most beautifying I toilet powder ^ver mode. It is sooth- injr, hculinir, healthful and harmlcue: ami when nghtlv :-»ed IS 1> VISIBLE. It you have never LriC'J POZZONI'S vou do not know what an ID (COMPI.KXION POWDER ij. II IS SOLD EVERYWHERE. Dr. Hobbs is Your Little Liver' .Liver? i actpently yet promptly on the Liver, i Stomach and Bowels. They dispel Sick Headaches, I-cvctB and Colds; cltanse the system thoroughly; cure Imbitual cohiiLip.-itiou. They are sugar-coated, don't gripe, very small but preat in results. Jiecommcnded by Physicians ' and Druggists. I'.oljbi Ilnrd/ Co, CUHf *** Sw Fruelno, ' For Sale in I.OGANSPORT, IND., by ( cn Fislicr, ,,u Fourlh St.,.ind John F. , Cou'son, }Oj Market Si. "WHERE DIRT GATHERS, WASTE RULES." ' GREAT SAVING RESULTS FROM THE USE OF' denly shying and striking her, .She struck the-ground with'much forc^; and sustained a sprained nnkle and injury to her. side. CORN—Moderately active and steady, lower: following the west. No. 2, Mlnneapolla Minneapolis, Minn., Oct. 23.—The total registration of Minneapolis to'dnte is 37,833, with one: dny remalninsr for registration. It is thought that the final figures wijl be over 50,000. Two years ngo the registration was 4C.S76. The vote of the state is estimated s't 325,000,. un increase of 45,000 in two years. . '• .' -.. Ill Health Causes » Suicide. Washington, Pa., Oct. -21. — George Godfrey, proprietor of a confectionery store and restaurant on South Main. Btreet, committed suicide .in his' loed- room Wednesday morning, by shooting- 'S314c; October, 30V4c; December, Sl}i©32%c: May, 3d%ig!35c. OATS— No. 2 dull, weaker. Western, 21Q Sic: Dscember, 23^c; May, 20@2C!4c. • PORK— Quiet. New Mess, »8.50@9.25. LARD— Easy. Steam Rendered, H.65. BUTTER— Plrm. Western Dairy, 8®12o; do. Creamery, 12'/4@20c; do. Factory, 70 Elglns, 20c; Imitation Creamery, 100 , CHEESE— Quiet and steady. PartSklmi, 8%@5%o; Full Skims, 2@2'/ic. BGGS^Cholce steady. Western, 1«H0 18c. ' . live Stock. Chicago,. Oct. 21. CATTLE — Market for beat steady; others "lOc lower: Fair to Best Beeves. tS.«>®5.10: . Stockers and Feeders, J2,40<3 .8,70; Mixed Cows and Bulls, J1.2CS'3.25; -Texas, -(2.5003.10. . . • • .: . HOGS— Market steady to a sliade higher. Light, »3.1G@3.G6: Rough ;PackliiK, himself -in the head wJtb'.B'revolver; 111 j 3.15;.Mixed and Butchers', 13.iGQi3.65; Heavy health is supposed to have caused the. . Packing and Shipping:, *3.20©3.60; Piss,>2.2S act. O8.4S. To Make HII Kxtvnilo^i JSpocclnnakiiiff TouX of. Iowa anil Minnesota. Chicago, Oct. 21.—Ex-Gov, Koswell P. Flower, of New Vork, left this city Wednesday noon in President K. K. Cable.'x private car for an extended tour through Iowa and Minnesota, •speaking in the interests of the Palmer nnd Buckner campaign. Among tho party who accompanied Gov, Flower were Hon. W. S. Forman, Mrs. Flower nnd Mrs. C. V. Holman, of Maine. The itinerary for the tour after leaving Gaiesburg, where cx-Gov. Flower nnd Mr. -Forman spoke Wednesday evening, includes su.ch points as .Burlington, Cedar Kapids nnd Keokuk in Iowa; and St. Cloud, Ouluth nnd St. Paul in Minnesota. It is possible that the journey may be extended for a flying visit to Omaha und Topcka, as the governor lins been inundated with telegrams soliciting him to speak ot both of these points. Houor Helton'* Memory. London, Oct. 21.— The Kelson column in Trafalgar square was almost completely covered Wednesday morning with floral anchors, wreaths, etc., which were 1 more numerous Wednesday than upon .any previous anniversary of the battle of Trafalgar. Two of the floral offerings came from Toronto,. Ont., and the others weie th-_> gfii'ts of officers md men attached to several British war ships and the various branches of -.the . j\avy league, all of whom are descendants .of those who took part, in the battle of Trafalgar. Thousands of persons surrounded the monument 'throughout the day and admired its decorations. A professional burglar in Berlin, found a new and original way of adding to the ordinary profits of his profession. After each burglary-he sent-a full account of •it to one ot thedaily newspapers, and for this lie received payment in the usual way. But he tried his plan once too often. The editor pot suspicious, and gave information to the police, who soon found how this amateur reporter was able to beat all rivals in the way of early Information. Greatest Discovery or foe 19th Century. • Dr. ToBirae'i OTW BKMKUT Medicated Air For the CUM of Catarrh, Aatliinft. • and all . Pnlinonarj DIseauM, R ha« no eyual for Sick and N'ervniu Hud- cbo, 1.000.000 oeoplt ,jte annuallp from tb« above named diaeaMi. Wi;y iwffer anil file; when Medicated Air U flew CAT"cOA'" i?narinteet to cjre 700, <t Drug Co., Htchmond, Ind., 0.- 8. 1. LUDD POISON [liar/ BLOOD 1-OISON Primarj, 8 ?ury t homoT ty. If yon prcf»t tooone hero «r» tract to par railroad fareand bptcl oil ln.wxf , It we f nil to cure. If you b»vc ukc.i met- t ioilidi? potaKh, and etfll bavo aches and jalns, M ucousl'atchei In roo'utlt, Sont Throat, ?iuiplcn. Copper Colored Spt>tp» Ulcers on •icy part oi tho body. Hair or Kyehrowfl tfrlllnf tat, Tit is ttiie Secondary liLOOD 1'OISO* ,-c pnarantco to cure. We solicit tho moitt obitk jato cafes and challenco tho world for m aisr. ivo. lannotcwrc. This dlssa»o bns aliran ^Jljlodiho skill ot the mogtcmineutiiliyil* lull:;. 8t{!00,OCO cnpftal behind 1 our uucondi* Without A Rival. As a positive cure for sprains^bruises, and pains of all kinds, Salvation Oil has no equal. Mrs. Frank Juif, 518 Gratiot Avo., Detroit, Mich., writes: "I used' Salvation Oil in my family andean say it lias.no rival as a liniment; it .^certainly cures paius. I sprained my "hkle and it cure<l me and since tlien.I..have always uscil it for any pam* and bruises." Salvation Oil is sold for only 25 cents. No other. remedy willdo the work as promptly. ' " ». F. K -"iJinc, LOCANSPORT. IND D. LBLEWER, M»nu'«:tnrer of Ladies' Fine 163 State Street, The Leading Fur Establishment In Chicago for Hiah Grade Furs. Artistic . \Vorkmanshlp.uj Remodeling Seal Garments at very moderate charges. • • • ' Goods sent ou approval. Corrcspon- dence solicited.-

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