Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 13, 1954 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 13, 1954
Page 2
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Off 1h»'Audit Bureau of Clreulotioni p Rales, {payable In ad^.< l Vartce): or^ler In Hope and nelahborlng iVE"."ZT(?.Zr.''r.',"V' "is'.oo fin r ° Hempstead, Nevada, •toward,' and Miller colin- ' ', V '» -M|J ,' £!MH» " ^ gj thi.*""."'."!"!!"'.'..'."!'.'.'.',"" i '.6o ",V4.%':.' 2.60 ,.>.\'.:.,tt~..i. 4.50 „ „. 1.10 3.25 v.. 6.50 ^± • Representatives: :„• 1602 Sterltlc - _, Tonn.; 505 Texas alias 2, T?xas; 360 N. - ft'Ava.-.SCIilcago 1, III.; 60 E. |N>*r.'YQ'rk 17, N. Y,; 1763 -•*--»-- Detroit 2, 'Mich.; »•-•-•—J-, city 2, Th« 'Xsioclatod Press: qted,Press Is entitled e?(,_ .the use for republlcatlon i ; local J newis printed In this r,i;o»:w«H as all AP news STUS STUDIO my studio 09 S. Elm Street y; Keith' Jewelry Servitti Offered MATTRESS teflovatlofi aid iflner- spring work. Cobb MattreM Co. 818 South Washington. Phone 7-2S22. Mar. 4-tf Funeral Directors HERNDON CORNELIUS BURIAL ASSOCIATION Largest and Oldest in South Arkansas. Call 7-5505 for our agents A23-1 Mo. 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Without slowing or breaking his stride Wes Tancred turned in and opened the door. There were two or three customers in the store, but Fugger was nowhere in sgiht. Tahcred walked through the store and a sudden hush fell in the big room, He climbed the stairs to the balcony and pushed open the door of Fugger's private office. Fugger gave a violent start as he recognized Tancred. "You!" "You're under arrest, Fugger," Tancred said evenly. Sheer rorror spread over Fugger's face. "What are you talking about?" "I'm arresting you for the murder of Luke Miller," Tancred said. "You're coming to jail with me. 1 ' "Ylou're crazy!" Fugger cried hoarsely. "I'd rather kill .'you," Tancred went on, "but Luke Miller wanted things done according lo the law, so come with me." Fugger pushed back his chair and got to his feet. "You'd put me in jail?" Tancred stood aside and gestured to the door. Fugger swayed for moment, then reeled toward the door. He went down the stairs the dor. He went down the stairs, almost stumbling a couple of times. Downstairs the customers and his clerks watched in awe as Jacob Fugger, followed closely by Wes Tancred, walked through the store to the door. On the street people came out of stores, watched as Fugsei 1 shuffled along. As they nenrecl McCoy's Saloon Fuggor's steps faltered. Tancred reached out anc! gave him a shove. FuRger almost fell on his face. Ho cri.ocl out, recovered and almost ran ahead of Tancred. Hong Kong Smith, half-sober, stared at Tancred as he passed. He stopped -and looked at her. She said. "He's in love with Laura Vesser. He ... he hates you." He let out a heavy sigh and opened the door. Lily cried out, "Wes . . .!" He went out. When he came out of the saloon, Tancred saw a knot of Texas man gathered around Hong Kong Smith. It was a quiet group, however. They watched him as he crossed the street, but no one spoke, no one made a mov*. He went on to the courthouse Kinnaird stepped out as he came up. Behind Tancred, down the street, horses came galloping. Kinnaird looking past Tancred, me $10,000 to turn him lose." "He made me an offer once," Tancred said. "He said every man had a price." Klnaird, looking past Tancred, nodded. "They're coming." Tancred stepped aside, made a half turn, so that he was facing Kinnaird and cold look down the street. The rorsemen had come to a halt in front of McSoy's Saloon and were dismounting. Hong Kong Smith and his other group] had merged with them. The augmented orce began to move on foot drag- inally across the street, toward he jail. AMERICAN LEAGUE W L Pet. GB Cleveland New York Chicago Boston Detroit Washington Philadelphia Baltimore 101 40 95 45 8>1 54 C63 76 61 79 60 80 47 94 •17 94 .716 .679 a'A .620 .'153 37 .436 391/2 .429 40'/2 .333 54 .333 54 Yesterday's Results Philadelphia 0, Detroit 5 Cleveland 4, Boston 2 Baltimore 4, Washington 3 New York 8, Chicago 3 Today's Games New York at Chicago Boston at Cleveland Philadelphia at Detroit Washington at Baltimore NATIONAL LEAGUE W L Pet. GB New York x-Milwauke x-Brooklyn Cin. 'hiladelphia t. Louis hicago 'ittsbiirgh The Humming Bees Gospel singers of Texarkana will give a musical program af the Harmony CME Then he turned" to a cowboy. "Get Church Sunday, September 12, at 3 p. m. sponsored by Miss Dartha Faye Walker. The public is invited. i f PIANO tuning repairs,^. Free estimates. Factory ''experience. M. L. 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Call 7-3785. 0-3t give : a- musical program>at Bethel AME Church^Sunclay. iyght. September. 12. The puBiic i^.iiavited. '• &.•}?> ^ // ,'M.r. arid" Mrs'.' V^jlcj^V^ilson and . children have ^retu^rMjd' tq,- v thtsr horjie in Los Ar^g'eifes^.G.alif .'; ; after spending a .few / days / vis^'iiig Mr. Wilk>ii'.s mother, -MEs.. •M / aftna',.Wil- soni and btlier relatives', in^Malvetn. ' ' ' ' ' Mr. and M.rfr.^e.ui'iis Br'ownVahd Mr. and MrSt. 'fehaWld • .Suttoij. of Chicago, III,, .spenra'few days with, Mr. and Mrs. Willie Bra'ndon. and family. They were enroute to Port Authur, Tex,, to visit their father, jMALL inexpensive business,' near Llm Sutton. Hope, (Sol|d Coui-l) Write C. E. Boley. Hope, Ark., Route 4. 10-6t -I a-if marched into the marsh alls office and stopped. Tancred indicated the door leading to the cell in the rear. "Not in there," sobbed Fugger. Tancred opened the door and loved Bugger in violently. Then : turned the key in the dooi\ As he came out of the marshal's ffice, Lee Kinaird came up. So ou've dons it!" .Tancred nodded. "I'll be back n a little while ... to face them." He walked'down the street, cut- ng diagonally across so that hd cached the far sidewalk in front ;.:.-McCoy's Saloon Hong Kong mith stood outside the door. His a'ce wa's- coldly' savage: "You've fc'ol'"ih'^hour/-to. get oui C 'to.w'n,'"' EjBid. Tancxed. "Ypu',ye "" '' ' ' ' ' Philco Air-Conditionen One of Arkaniai' Most Complete TV Repair Shop! ALLEN ELECTRIC CO. 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Then wh; idn't you go away with her? Why id you come back?" "What else could I do, Lily? I couldn't run—any more. A man's got to make a stand somewhere.' "You can't fight them all. There ire too many. They'll shoot yoi down." "I've got Fugger and he givef he order.5. He'll bo the first lie. . .and I think he's afraid t die" He looked at her srarply. " jujst wanted to ask you one qucs- .ion . . . what's happened to Lee Cinnaird?" "What do you moan. Was?" "He's . . different." "Oh, he had a rather hard time of it while you were go'-ie. He m'cstoU Hong. Kunu Smith." •1 know about that. That wouldn't chtuigo him." "Well, maybe he thinks the sit- lation is hopeless . ." Then as XXXVI > Hong Kong Smith walked in ront. At his left worn Manny Har- jending and Dave Helm. On his •ight was Eric Stralemeyer, coat- ess, the cheap, nickel-plated re- •olver conspicuous in is Sinister. Behind the quartet crime the Texas Tien.. Chuck Gorey came around the side of the jail, saw Tancred and stopped. Tancred said. "I thought you night miss it, Gorey.' Sudden iear showed on Corey's ace. He started to back away, jut Tancred halted him. "Stand still." He nodded lo Kinnaird. "Bring out Fugger." Kinnaird waited a brief moment 'I let 'him out the back way." "So ten •• .thousand was your price!" '' " ' io-..,- "No," said .Kinri'airdvi-'.'iIt'JYja's .he money." ,'j ;/( . "Never mind. It's too lat'e'.'"' Ho .took another backward step and Kinnaird moved out of the doorway across from Tancred. A dozen fet away Hong Kong Smith stopped. "Your halt hour's up," he growled. Gil Packard, Prosecutor Glassman,' Judge Kraft and the other men who had called on Tancrec a half hour ago, came around the corner and started across the street. Without looking " at thcm, : '• Tancred said, sharply, "Keep out ol this. It's my fight." 'Eric Stratemeyer pointed. "Is that the gun wih which you killet Sam Older?" "His voice was a taunt, i, "In spite of his faults." Tancrcf said, taking it ' up, "Sam Older never asked for the odds." Stung, Stratemeyer, sneered. Dave Helm said, suddenly, thick ly, "Hong Kong, 1 didn't bargain for this." He took a quick step forward, made a half turn to face the Texas men. "I'll kill the firs man who makes a move . . .". Still sneering, Stratemeyer' hand streaked for his gun. He was fasl, terribly fast, ye nine years ago, Tancred would have beaten him. Stratemeyer' gun was in his hand, spoutinf flame and lead, when Tancred' came up. It was the spread of the draw anc the fast triggering that was so nee essary to a professional Igunfighte of Stratemeyer's .caliber that bea him. He drew fast and he firc fast, but his aim was not tru enough. Ho counted entirely on hi speed. His first bullet mised Tan cred by a hair's breadth and hi recond tore through Tunoved' shirt and barely grazed his skii There was no third bullet, for Tai creel's caught him squarely be Iwecn the eyes. Tancred made his half-swivc- caught Kinnaird with his gu clearing the holster. Kinnaird i that last instant of his life, saw his fate and started to cry out. 07 52 02 54 82 57 67 72 65 72 63 78 59 18 •19 90 .628 '.003 3'/ 2 .590 5 .482 20 .474 21 .463 24 .421 2(H .353 3G x-Not including night game of opt. 10, pending ruling by Na- ional League Presidcn; whethei ame is official). Yesterday's Results Brooklyn 2, Milwauke 1 (.5 inn- ngs, rain) Cincinnati 8, New York 1 Pittsburgh 3, St. Louis 3 Chicago at Philadelphia (ppd, ain) Today's Games Milwauke ' at Brooklyn Cincinnati at New York Chicago at Philadelphia St. Louis at Pittsburgh SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION (Playoffs) Today's Games Atlanta at Memphis New Orleans at Birmingham COTTON STATES LEAGUE. (Playoff) El Dorado at Gronville By The Associated Pres American Association Toledo 11-1, Charleston 0-4 Columbus 3-0, Louisville 0-4 ,Minneapolis 3, Kansas'City 1 ' St.' 1 Paul fl,? Indianapolis 1 ''-'Sioux Cily"''2-4,' J Des-..'-.Moines 0- Oriwtafc.a-7, Lincoln 0-2 JPenver 3, Pueblo 2 - ., Colorado Springs 4, Wichita •! bullet choked' it off. Bobcats Defeat Stamps 25*13 in Opener ' Hope took a 25 to 13 decision over Stamps Yellowjackets last night in 'he opening Jjame o f the season be- ore a fairly large crowd. The Bobcats were. masters in hree quarters and there was little doubt of. the outcome almost from he opening kicltoff. However, vhen the game ended the Yellow- for faculty £ ackets were going strong and had Thompson nanaged to bring their points to ment at a 3. Like most early season games jlay was spotty. The Bobcats were able to move the ball almost any time but penalties cost them Tsuch yardage. Stamps never javc up and wheti the Hope boys et down in the final quarter the isilors played their best. Hope tallied in the opening Uiarter with Bruce Duke going over fro mthe foot line following a sustained drive. That was the scoring in the first period. In the second quarter Roy Mulins, perhaps the best runner on '.he field, took over. He scooted off eft tackle and sprinted 47 yards for paydirt. In the same quarter and on the same play Mullins went 30 yards. A ten yard pass from Sims to Nichols set up Stamps' first tally on the Bobcat five from where Camp plunged over. The half ended with Hope out front 18 to 6. Hope came back in the third quarter with Bruce Duke going clown the middle for 16 yards and aaydirt. Wayne Johnson made the extra point and that ended Hope's scoring. In the final period Stamps started rolling and drove straight down the field for ;i touchdown and also plunged for the extra point. Standouts Marlar, Mullins and Duke. Defensively Nix. Chainbless, Honeycutt, Crawford, Herndon and the ends Hudleston and Rowe. Statistically it was Hope all the way. The Bobcats made 10 first downs to 6; Hope made 306 yards running and completed 3 of 3 passes for 61 yards; Stamps 107 yards, most of it in the final period, 48 from passing. Hope Was penalized 40 yards to 15 for Stamps. Hendrix Endowment Fund Assured CONWAY Iff) Hendrix College is sure to reach the $600.000 goal in its endowment campaign by the end of this year, Campaign Chairman Joe T. Thompson of Little Rock said here yesterday. Thompson said more than $250,000 as ben received in cash and more than -50,000 in pledges are due by the end of the year. Matching funds contributed by the General Education Board of New York a Rockefeller philanthropic agency, will make the $GOO,000 goal. Most of the money will be used for faculty additions and raises. made the ancunce- 1 'Hendrix Emphasis" program al the Arkansas Methodist Pastors School. Canccr is not contagious. Watch Repair Guaranteed Pre- School Special. Bring your watch in Keith's Jewelry For Complete Parts and Service for New Holland Balers and Ford Tractors Phone or Write Fallin Tractor Co. Magnolia, Ark. Pho. 882, 689 & 1140-R Football Bee-T-Mite Settle and Termite Control Service ••"\ Owned and Operated by Guy Grigg Hope, Arkansas Phone 7-3445 109 S. Main All Customers are Insured •[went for his gun fraction of 'an instant after Strat emeyer,, but (he never quite got hi gijji "''out. . Dave Holm's bulle caii'ghl him in the stomach an Harpending folded forward. Hong Kong Smith was suddenl paralyzed. His hands went halfway up and he babbled: "Don't shot don't shot" His lips twisted into a sneer, Dave Helm stepped forward. He thrust out his gun so that the muzzle was almost touching Smith. He said, "Thia is the way I gave it to Luke Miller ..." and pulled the trigger. , Tancred turned on Chuck Gorey. The ex-marshal stood, his mouth wide open in fright, his hand frozen, halfway lo his gun. 'Go ahead, Tancred. Go.rey!" snapped Murder's Okay, but NojFishing,. But Gorey could not move. Than Jacob Fuggtiv hurtled out from between the jail and the adjoining building. There was a gun in his hand. His eyes, the eyes of a madman, were straight ahead. And straight ahead of him, his back turned to Fugger, was Dave Helm. Fugger pulled the trigger. Tancred saw the bullet liit Helm, hurl him forward to his knees. Hi turned his gun on Fugger, but held his fire. Slowly, with great effort and ag ony on his, face, Dnvc Helm twisted around. His gun come up thundered. Fuggev lot out scream and hit the earth. Helm's tortured eyeT mot Tancred's across the distance. "Gooclby, Wesi' IK- choked. Helm's eyes glazed and he fell forward on his face, Not one of the Toxas men drew r. gun. Dave Helm's defection had stopped them. Or, perhaps, they were men, like Helm, who diclr.'t like the odds — if they were against the other man. When Private Detective Jfjm Dwm went flsWue lie WM told by a young man in a speedboat that ,the Ash belonged to » lady who didn't want them cauebt. And then Punn find? th»t this woman was certain someone in her family bad rotten away with murder. And another murder followed, but PwHl made it * point to see that the <rwWy party didn't tet »w»y. Read the story " -" •- ..... '-•• SUSPECT By Hugh UwreneYNtlwn STARTS IN HOPE STAR Arkansas Hi School F6otb a ll By The Associated Press Little Rock 34; Treadwell.-(Memphis) 13 • Van Buren 20; Fort Smith 19 El Dorado 20; Magnolia 7 Crossetl 6; Arkadelphta 0 •• Clarendon 19; Paragould 13 Hope 25; Stamps 13 Camdcn 52; Fairview 0 Springdajc 21; Siloam Springs 0 Rogers G; Bentonvjlle 0 Warren 13; Rison 0 Stuttgart 26. Monlicello 7 Trumann 26; Corning 6 Watson Chapel 19; Eudorai 0 .Pjllell 26; Cabot 12 • Ciarksville 33; Mena 13 DoWitt 20; Helena 0 Blyllie villa'33; O&ceola 7 Waldron 23; Alrna 0 Charleston 26; Lincoln 0 Ozurk 7; Mansflield 6 Ciarksville 33; Mena 13 Hunlsvillc 31; Berryville 0 Harrison 48; Heber Springs 0 Norphlet 27; Horatio 0 BuLiL-o 10, North Little Rock (Sophs) 13 Carlisle 19; Dumas 14 Catholic High (Little Rock) 14; Bauxite G Batesville 45; Mountain Home 0 Fordycu 12; Sheridan 0 Searcy 25; Augusta 0 Foreman 21; Broken Bow, Okla., Hughes 51; Elane 0 Malvern J3; Magnet Cove 7 . De'Quon 46; Hamburg 14 Lewisville 32; Junction City 0 White Hall 19; Strong 0 Nashville 33; Idnbel, Okla., 6 Brinkley 13; Cotton Plant 6 Pig.goU 37; Poeahontas 13 DOS Art 18; DeValls Bluff C Walnut Ridge (i; McCrory 6 (tie) Russell ville 2(3; Paris 7 Conway- 34; Forrest City 14 Holly Grove 27; McGehe 7 Barton 40; Ha/on 0 Benton 7; Smackovpr 6 Mablevale. 12; Bryant 12 (tie) Keiser lo; Shawnoe 0 Fuller (Swet Homo) 12 Fresh Coconut CAKE Prune LAYER CAKE Mince Meat PIES JOE'S CITY BAKERY 216 S. Main sas Schol . for the Deaf Rock) (i Arkan(Litlle SPECIAL VINE RIPENED TOMATOES 4lbs.49c Purina Fed Cadge EGGS.... doz. 39c NEW CROP CANNING or EATING APPLES PLENTY BUTTER BEANS RUSSELL &SON 901 Wesr 3rd Street Tancred cocked ids head to ono side and watched Gil Packard come slowly forward. '"It's over," said Tancrod. ' His eyes went beyond the Texas pien up the street. Far away past Fugger's Store, he saw a swiftly running figure, a girl Be- liind her, at the depot, was the morning train from the east. He thrust the. revolver under his •waistband . and to off the marshal's balge that ho had pined oh less than a half hour ago. "J won't need this any more, he said. Jic tossed it to Gil Packard. Tancred was walking down (\vf street tosvard Laura Vesser who was gominil from the tvain toward him. '••••They met 10 feet from the door of lhe Texas Salon Lily Leeds standing in the opcm doorway, looked at them for a moment, then turned and went into \'M saloon, THi SERVICE-REPfilR Pick-up and Delivery ONE DAY SERVICE Beat the heat,-r have that fan repaired at JOHNSON'S ELECTRIC. We Specialize in Residence and Commercial Wiring JOHNSON ELECTRIC Carl Johnson C. P. Rettig 319 W, 2nd St. Phone 7-2155 HOTEL BARLOW Welcome Tp Our Air Conditioned COFFEE SHOP Hours gre ... 6:30 o. rn. to 2 p. m. 5:30 p. m. to 8 p. m. Open 7 dqys a week Comfortable rooms fpr permanent guests. Rates ypy ?qn qfford. Make your home Qt the §AJRi.QW, •^RfflP i Our Daily Bread liced Thin by The Editor ;.. A MX. H. [It Doesn't [Sense to Anyone But Frenchmen luoted irl: I'd like to see the captain of ship. [Tailor: He's forward, kirl: That's all right. This is a lasure trip. Hope Star 24'hOurS ,..v.... B - v .» - •, Hifh 8? r IxWjl. , ^ : . ^f ^fjgfi 55TH YEAR: VOL. 55 — NO. 280 Star «f H6p* It**, I>«B 1*4* J*rt. II, tttt HOU, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, SEPfiMBEft 13, 1954 M»mh*f; tM At»ela»»d trtti 4 A«4t» •»>*»< A»" N*» >aM Clrel. » MM. tfldto* Mafth II, ll»4 "* This is a caso where Americans well remind Frenchmen: fhat else did you expect? tin the first West German elec- Jn lo be held since France killed Be European Defense Community [an the state of Schleswig-Hol- ein this week-end voted for the ialist party instead of Chancel- "Adenaur's Christian Socialist jiion. In the national election last jar Schleswlg-Holstcin went for jenaur 2 to 1. his is a remarkable turn-about, obviously is interpreted as a tjrman repudiation of Adenaur's land for a united Europe, f And who is lo blame but France? lit was she who suggested, a united [urope and a consolidated Euro. army immediately after World II, and then, when everyone _urope except Italy and herself ad ratified the proposal, talked it „ death. I Now Western Germany has no al- Irnative but to claim her rights a sovereign power—with no com- jiitment to EDC. fAnd the same France which adn't the courage to work with a lerman contingent in an All-Eur- |pe army now must reckon with an med Germany outside the EDC Wreck Kills 4 Cotton Pickers, 20 Are Injured LITTLE ROCK Four were killed and at least 30 injured Tn Howard County Circuit Court Saturday felony charges in. connection with the theft of livestock against two Hempstead boys, Darwin Smith and Joel Osburh, were dismissed, it was announced today by their attorney John L. Wilson. A fine of $100 each was levied aga^ inst the youths on a charge of Ires-passing. early thir morning when a trailer truck loaded with cotton pickers plunged down a 10-foot embank mcnt on state highway 30 neai Kco. A state trooper was injured latei while en route to a Little Rock hospital with six of the injured. Listed as dead on arrival at Unl versily Hospital were four Negroes all of Little Rick: Nathaniel Young, Vila Robinson Henry Frazier and Vera Louise Johnson. Twenty-two injured sre in tlni Felony Charges Are Dismissed Ike Is Told Quemoy Can Be Defended by ELTON C. FAY WASHINGTON I/PI Prtsiden Eisenhower presumably has been advised by the mil'tary that they . - , , ,. .. are confident Quemoy Island could versity Hospital, and eight, oAer be dcfcndod from aliy Red inva EJJ&nework. I ft may spell democracy trench parliamentarians but it cer- Mnly doesn't make sense est of the Western world. to the to the are at Baptist Hospital. The con dition of the injured could not be learned immediately. At one time this morning cials at University Hospital Hint the emergency room was so busy that attendants there could not answer the phone to give out information about the dead and injured. The condition of the injured could not be learned immediately. State Trooper Les Cal'dwell had six injured Negroes in his cat- when h's vehicle was involved in an accident with another car and truck on the Mnion Street bridge in sion attempt with U.S. sea and ai No Specific Decisions on Quemoy Crisis tey MERRIMAN SMITH DENVER (UP) President Eisenhower indicated today that no I specific decisions wore reached in yesterday's unprecedented meeting here of the Natiinal .Security Council for U.S. participation in the Quemoy crisis. Mr, Eisenhower said the Security Council meeting merely amounted to "a consulting together" as to the place of this country in the World today. In a brief statement to report- Slim's BcSrbecii* Cafe Gulfed by Fire Slim's Barbecue cfll*6 ott West Third Street wds gutted by i if 6 about 3 a. m. todaf, the ttfiite Fir6 Department rcporled. Plrerncrt said the blaze had engulfed the ittsldfi of the cafe when they arrived, Origin o£ the blaze 1 could not M detftf • mined. power alone-if there is a politi cal decision for such inlcrvcntior officials attending the season of the Na- • TROUBLE ON THE HORliZON — Nationalist Chinese solo.'e' stands guard near a sandbagged],blockhouse on Quemoy Island, eyeing Communist Chinese territory pokln B skyward at the horizon line The possibility of Red Invasion of the island was high on the agenda of matters discussed, by] President Elsenhower and the National Security Council during their unprecedented meeting at the President's vacation offices at Lowfy Air Force Base, near Denver, Colo. — NEA Telephoto. ' Adenauer Gets Setback in German off . i :i Military unusual Sunday jHurricane [Death Toll Reaches 19 PORTLAND, Maino •Jfl Wasbed- but highways.-railroad tracks and a hi crops lay like a jagged wound to- The day across territory raked by was [death-dealing hurricane Edna from Massachusetts to Nova Scotia. I The cost in lives mounted to 19 13 of them in New England and eight in Maine alone, where autos trapped in road and bridge washouts, by. .streams that , went I wild under a record eight inches Ix-ain, Maine Gov. Burton M. Cross aft- Icr an air survey ret loss there at irnore than seven million dollars on top of 10 million wrought 12 :clays before by hurricane Carol. Cross asked President Eisenhower to declare Maine a major disaster area. ! wo-lhirds if Nova Scotia's four lion dollar apple crop was counted lost. All of Maine's dnRd wore drowning victim. Four persons perished in Massachusetts, one in Connecticut, another in Nova Scotia. Six highway fatalities in N3W York State were attributed to the hurricane. Southern New England, braced for devastation reminiscent of the 1938 hurricane, was spared heavy jcfeperly damage and even in the areas hardest hit water, not wind was blamed for much of the destruction. Telephone lines went out of service on a scale that onpc again saw repair crews had from south ern New ;England into Maine where their task was complicated by road washouts that caused temporary ban on travel by all bu emergency vehicles. tional Security Council are reported to believe that any move by to land oi\ the asiatic Red Chinese forces Quemoy, hall by mainland, out any could help be repelled with- from American ground forces. Secretary back from, of State ' Dulles, the Far East. just told newsmen at Denver yaslerday that Ihe defense of Quemoy. is related Little Rock. One report said that others were j taken to hospitals in private automobiles and the court of injured may not be complate. State Trooper William Rider, who j sg . d took five victims to UniversHy ^ , mtary chiefs to decide Hospital, gave this account of th.e recommend whflthep ctteltlvi . wreck: The cotton pickers truck, driven by M. C. Buchanan, u Negro, met a hay truck in a to the defense of Formosa and is being "studied in tha light." Stopping at Denver to report to President Eisenhower and the National Security ,Council, Dullos is primarily up to the na- and recommend whether etteltivi: pro tertion of Formosa requires U.S truckload of headed south Buchanan said narrow bridge, cotton pickers toward Keo. he pulled his truck far to the .right side of the bridge to avoid the hay truck, He told officers that his truck ran off the road onto the shoulder after passing over the bridge. • , Buchanan said, he .tripd to..whip the truck back onto the pavement defense of Quemoy. 'If a derision should be ma,rle to d^nd Quemoy, Pentagon strat egists : would rely on the gunfire and planes of the big 7th Flee and the fighters and figlifer-bomb crs of the Air Forca. The objestive would be to; crush he transportation and air arm o a Red invasion fleet before i jlcLrcgch the shores o| the^NjB tio^aTlst-he'ia'."isfands," not to" at \JK bUt the truck jackrk'.ufcd and careened to the left side of the road and plunged down a 10-foot embankment. The truck turned over ul stopped upright. The injured at University Hos- ital arc: Carmelia Bledsoe, Alabama Hes- r, Evelyn Harry, Maryu Matchcll, imon McCoy. Bcatrics Rus&ell, George Branch. 'Saniclla Newsom. ames Allen, Ester Freeman, Bet ic Walker, McKinley Buchanan, am ones. Elmore Harris. Willie 'rimble Johnny Harris E. Inora lode, Dave Robinson, Adam Mathew, Barbara Williams, Beatrice Imore. All live in Little Rock Most of 1hc injured are bclievec o be Negroes. However, one man, Brance, definitely has been dentified as a whito man. Six of the eight at Baptist Hos pital have been identified. They arc: John H. Smith Jlorncr Lee ncy, Wilbur E. Answerson' Continued on Page Two More Arrests Likely in 'Hot Goods' Ring ,cmpt to match " the' Communis trop' manpower in invastion beac! battle. The United States learne in Korea of; the vast and cost! commitment of ground 'force need cd to fight Red China's hordes o infantry. However, some of the other du advantages of the Korean can paign might attend any .action fo the defense, of Qucmiy if the dec sion were made to confine it solel to offensive fighting. crs today, Mr. Elsenhower conceded the Security Council was unprecedented but that it also wns "very natural." ."I have not mot with the coun- cl'l for more than two weeks," the President's statement said. ."While it happened that yeslculay SecrC' tnry (of State John Foster) Dulles reached here on hi» way back from the PnlHpplncs where he had been conducting difficult no- By DANIEL DE LUCE KIEL, Germany (/P) A. tfpUtical riptide menaced Chancellor Kon> lad Adenauer and hte nro-Amcrl can foreign policy to^sy ds his Socialist toes merged as the strongest party in a Itc/ State election. fotialiohs. "We met us together Although the coalition by in order that all of could nnvfo the berte- " « V H'E" KNOWS "CAROL" VISIJED NEXT DOOR — Constable Sebas'tlzuvZocco, of Old Saybrook, Conn., boards up windows of his_ • "cbttii'geF^OrearHanihipck Beach-Hn anticipation of the arriV^ viciouV Hurricane "Edna." "Carol," the storm which rece fit of his observations and the details of his report. No specific decisions were advanced for action. II was merely a consulting together as .to the place of the United- States in the world today, in that particular area, that troubled areas of ths Western Pacific." Mr. Eisenhower said that during the vita 1 3-Vi-hour meeting, the first the Security Council ever has held oatslde Washington, this nation's policies in ' certain fields were re-affirmed. "These aie, of course, to defend the vital interests of the U.S. wherever they mar arise, to make better partners of old friend s, t and to get new friends wherevc^ 1 we can,'* the President's statement said. "And of course where our vital interests demand it • to support them in their security and in their own interests," Mr. Eisenhower iruide^he brtcl statement jjersonalfy to newsmen Parliament. Campaigning vco Hurricane. , spread death and destruction In New England, blew out lower part of house at right', and moved it from Its foundation. — NEA Telephoto. Adenauer's Chvlstlart Democratic Union appeared sure tot , HWdlh^ control of the government In the Soviet Zone" fvonttrr state 1 if SchlcswlR-Holstdin, the Socialists' 12,000 Vote le'ad In yesterdays b«l* loling was seen as fc cleVreutS exposure of tHe old 16ader^ "suddenly dwindling popularity. [•;. The rural state-called~the', ''poor house of the Bonn Republic'/re* buffed the 78-year-qld Chancellor's plea for a vote il (ib'nfideriCe 'In electing its new Lant'a£ s(State v _ ,._.„._..«, for oveVture's \ to Russia to unify East ' and'; west Germany, the Socialists o\ltscored the Christian De'rmSiirats JriVthe same state that rfccbi'ded'.tha,'CDU a 2-1 margin over its avch'^r'"" 1 last year when Adenauer was elected Chancellor. In ' today's f inaj _count, , the CDU trailed the Socialist's* SB^STO^to 398,798. ;. • ^'t The CDU's vote washout Almost in half from its 1953 peak 637,570 in SchleSwig-HoUtem* Socialists picked up " over last Adenauer .. r , ternatlonal prestigc'^iw in this st^te-Rridajr in ^ Gen. Ralpft W, today that Sen, .foseijh thy (R'WisJ);had; seen> explanation of .the ress case bWore' ^ iri general about t it» 4 /' Zwlckef told, the," censure 6on\mitttie Counselor John G, McCarthy'a plaining the" Uon and bccurredi ~.*.-*-, — t ^—— -^ McCarthy ;begah the^Fetv Ihg in - Kewark.' at "wmeli Zwicker , . World War qrjV "Vzwteker* tolclaVV letter irqrjv Arrnyj5ocr T. StevensTdurinf .ihe|^ Of/ the ,F ?e b.yif h%y|l ^- Bqfore' * . u Cort and W. H. A. Scheniker Succumbs in ; Local Hospital William H. A. Sclmeiker, aged G7, a native of Germany, died Saturday September 11, in a' local hospital. Mr. Schneiker h3s lived in the United States for 50 years and had been in the hotel business in Hope sinco Pentecostal Meet at Prescott Planned A Pentecostal revival starts Wednesday, September 15, in City park of Prescott with services at 7:45. The meeting is sponsored by the United Pentecostal Church of Laneburg and doing the preaching will be the Rev. Harlon Wicker of Laneburg and the Rev. R. C. Hall Sr. of NORTH LITTLE ROCK (#>) Mor arrests are expected this week i f connection with a "hot goods Uttle Rock, ring which already has sent thre men including a North Littl Rock policeman to jail. .[^Prosecuting Attorney Tom Bownie said additional assets wer expected to follow on charges of receiving stolen goods. Downie said about $13,000 in merchandise had disappeared over a period of several weeks from the May Supply Co. in Liltlfi Rock. Downie said the goods were sold.U,ave ' dreams. Sydney ' to North Little Rock businessmen has a "drep.mopoliij." at cut rate prices. ' Charged in connection with the 1928. He is survived by a son, Mike ot Hope, three daughters, Elsie .and Frances of Hope and Mrs. D. L. LaRue of Glen wood; three sisters and three brothers, all of Germany. Funeral services were held at the First'Methodist Church at 2 p. m. Monday by the Rev. Virgil Keeley. Burial was in Rose Hill Cemetery in charge of Herndon-Cornelius, Active' pallbearers: Arthur Taylor, Frank Trimble, Austin Hutson Roy Anderson, Sid McMath and' Joe Hutson. . Injuries Prove Fatal to Herman Lee McMillan Injuries suffered when a liorsf fell with him September 8, proved atal to Herman Lee MrMillna. 37. csiclent of Hope Route Four, who died in a local hospital about 8:3(1 3. m. -Saturday. • ; Mr. McMillan, a stockman of the Proving Ground ariia, sustained a severe head injury while working with livestock near O?a'n. Funeral services were held at 4 m. Sunday at Oakcrest Chapel and burial was in Snell Cemetery of Emmet. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Rennie McMillan, : two daughters Carolyn Lee arid Shirley Sue, his father. George McMillan, of Hope, 'Dream' City Expected to Cost $175,000,000 and to take 30 Months to Complete By HAU BOYLE NEW YORK •suburban cojnmunity of 6,000 mod Oft Most people j evalely priced homes. It will b M. Siegel'completely self-sustaining, havin of the surnmer w ficos at the M Lowry . Hou Air Force year's total-of '357,W8j ? fooisVlo.M^WfM* ' , doscribc4 .NATO menjJ>e*shUi, Base administration building. 2nd Escape Captured at Harrisburg HAHRISBURG, <ffl The second of three prisoners who escaped the Poinsett County jail here last week surrendered at nearby Harrisburg Corner early this morning. Ninteen-year-old Keeneth Dale Spoon surrendered about 2 a. m; to officers who had established a roadblock at the community,, "between here and Marked Tree. Stil) at largeand believed tobe armed-is Kenneth Sullens, 32, one of three men charged with the S3.010 robbery of a Siore at Maik- slugged Taylor ed Tree last June, threw him out Sailor Held in Brutal Death of Teacher WALNUT RIDGE, i/W Police are holding a 20-year-old AWOL sailor in connection Mth the death as his new, goas.'- ' But ,as he tl -tallcc'cl .with, Foreign Scerctary, Anthony in Bonn yesterday en .finding some way of rearing W.est ;Getmwy despite. Iho French scuttling^, the European Defense 1 CpmmUrtUy, ,*he voters of this ' state Bhoycd 'thcitv mounting disconte'nt. ' The ^Socialists ele-Hea 20 > lag candidates to,, the CjDU's.19 m direct contests. But, a a Walnut who was of J, Kenneth Taylor, Ridge school teacher, beaten to death for $!), Sheriff D, S. (Rosie) Poley Identified the arrested man as Rudy Thomas Hickman, adopted son. of John Thomas Hiokroan of Little Hock. Folcy said Hickman led police to the battored body of Taylor The sheriff said Hickman told him he with a of the pistol and car after After questioning two sisters, Mrs. Joe Daughtery morning, police saM of Hope, Mrs. Ray McWilliams oC Hope and three brothers, Lloyd, Howard and J. D. McMillan, all of Hope. Spoon Sullen - « • ^app • earance of the merchandise •e Joe D. Carroll, p. veteran of 12 years with the North Little Kick Police Dept; John White, operator of a Little Rock house wrecking company, and Mack Browning, nightwatchman ! May Supply Co- ST. SMITH MAN Hugo Sell- That's a dream city. At 39 Sifigel says he is now ready to make his-dream city come true at a cost of $175.000.000. He and a group of 16 syndicate teammates figure that with that Siegel has assembled 2.000 acres sum of. money they can find wha£ -W e they believs will be America's fii-st thoroughly planned It will be called modern c Suffolk Ci ity. Political Eyes FocusonVdte in Maine By BIUL LANGZETTE.L PORTLAND, Maine W Hurri cane-battered Maine ballots today in an election watched nationally for possible. influences on the make-up of the next Congress. At stake, in Republican eyes, is continuation of 20 years' control of all top offices in Maine, cmd . a chance to point the way to GOP victories in the 47 states voting in this may be on his way to .Memphis, Spoon, Sullens and Stanley Miles, a< 45-year-old trusty, escaped from the Poinsett County jail Wednesday morning while tho jailer's wife was the only porpon on duty. Milea surrendered Hint night in the aron norl'i of Harrisburg where a posse was hunting the its won industries schools, church j November. and shopping centers. j Democrats insist the issue "The New York area is one isn't the greatest reservoirs workmen in the world,' of skilled said Siegel. "And most of them would, accept Jess pay and save money at that if they could work close to their homes and avo»4 cornmut? gin into the city.'' ' Siegel's scientifically planned isn't just a drafting board LITTLE ROCiC (if) dev of Fort Smith has been cted president of j,he Arkansas Credit Bureaus. • Other officers elected at the convention h°i' e include Ml?s Ophelia Bishop of El Pprado, vice 4ent, and Miss Winter, of Harrison, secretary-trcasurejr poard members are WUUanA Aren,cJt of LitUe Rock, Vl' b W> o| Fa/«ttev4tei fir for its site near yaphank, at tlio project.'He went int oreal estate heographical "heart ; of Long Island,. selling at the age of 19, pioneered ••-•••- "-- - • Jn the building anc) management of suburban shoppinn conters. In the last 5 years he has had a big hand in real estate transactions to- talling $800,000,000. H.e has had his ups and riowns m the business. Shortly before going into the army during the second world war fre talked a plumb, ing supply company into taking 11 old Manhattan brownstone houses pff his hands for tlaO.pOO- "Th.ey cUd, me % faypv at some 56 miles, frQm New York City! "I have been working on this for more than 6 years," said Siegel quietly, "and when I have finished it, I don't care what happens to me afterwards. "The men who ave in this with, me need mon.ey like I need hair and I don't need hair. But it's j\9t a philanthropy. Jt's jiut a mixture of good business and goad it) an he election's efforts elsewhere but 'what's best for Maino." They've called for en end to "20 years of one-party government. " Generally fajr wheathcr fas forecast, but hurricai'te JEdna, which ranked the state's most populous areas Saturday, is expected to cut the total tote, In 1950, the last 'off year," 240,187 ballots were! cast, Deputy Sheriff Bur! Bavnett said that young Spoon was brought to Harrlsburg Corner this morning by his (Spoon's) mother, Mrs. Ownie Moore, The deputy said Spooin told him he left Sullens about midnight and went to his mother's house near the community. The deputy quoted Spoon as say ing that when iie left Sullens the escapee remarked that he was going to cavch "a- fast freight to Michigan." Spoon told police that Sullens is armed with a butcher knife an; ice pick, Put no gun. Officers have renewed their search for Sullens, aided by blood hounds being brought in from Os ceola. The polls must close by 7 although vote-counting p.m., can starl at 5 p. m., jjr» communities with fewer than 300 people.. Shpver Springs Asks Help on Cemetery Persons interested j tt th.e Shover Springs Cemetery a,re asHed to send, donations Jor cje^n4ng the epnaeteyy to Bob OtweU, Hal BY- 1 0. Thefts Probed by City Police Two thefts were reported ti City police over the weekend, on 1 a watch stolen frprn a house at 80 S. Main street, and a suitcase eon tajning men's clothing was loote at the old Frisco C investigating. TV COURSE IN PIANO MADISON, ' W»s , (UP) Th University of Wisconsin plans I offer a • nuw television course lo adults vyho want to learn to the pjanp. 4". the student needs, " Ji aylor had picked him up on the ighway. Hickman was anested :n Blylher ille. The owner of a rooming ouso where Hickman spent the ight reported to police that ad passed a bad chock earlier, fficers anbworlng the call found lood-slaini-d clothos and Taylpr's allet in Hickman' room. They picked up Hickman Continued on Page Two in \41L V**' v**»»f *•**«*•• wF"f-n -rr i ' 'f f iJl_ system alloting 40 per csnt .of the Parliament's 09' seats on a proportional basis gave the rival, partio.8 a final total of 2S seats each. ' The Refugee* party wpn IQsei the Free Demderats P, and' the remaining 4 went to the 'SHE b\op formed by the German pnity and the Schleswig-Holstein community, J.cTPrte^W Dies at Home in Fulton J. C, Pate, age 74, Fulton for many years;- urday. September 11. " ' He is survived by his wife. . Sally Pate, one spn, Ra)ph pf Tex* as City and a daughter, " J - ""'" Anderson of Fulton. Funeral services, Herndon-QornoUus wore held at 4 Fulton. BurJo) Gardens of v <j JT / w,. *am nmm f to Fire Mia f if l rfc 3 All Around the Town •y Thf itif You think the school Athletic De- ailment made a lot of money off he Stamps game? .... there were ,884 paid admissions (917 adults vhich bi ought in $917. 767 sUl- dents at 40 cenls svluch brought 308.80 and 200 season book tickets, at 85 cents or $170) foy a combined ptal of $1,393,80. that's fine >ut the expenses ran like this help (ticket t-eUers etc, $81,50.) Officials $115, sales tax $27-87 and $500 guarantee to Stamps s high because Stamps comes every year, . . , total expenses 37 which subtracted from the total akp, leaves the department with $ prpM of $729.43 . . . line, bHt the department is in debt to the tUHe ............... .............. obsfs:pvers'believe"|he""iapbc?tp gp offensively with/ the of $94Q4 which has _ , , over several years- , . . PAly W$ day's, §t«r, attendancp can'keep the fufl letic program #9ln.tj, Those who saw toe opening ca test are fivctty well pieced, plenty of wistWes Jlfep lining up offsides b«£ remember ttieir first |a,me. ,,.004' me HWJC P^naUH jhp spore shjouj more onesided p s thfl |gW5B n.pver gpt kis, ^ 4qww a,, pie 1 , ip$$ ttp cmarter and Stanuie sjatfftdxi -*fi *? |ng nor the reception P| Huddtes,t9J) , , Standout, Co* find, ,Pat4 , and and

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