Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on February 17, 1926 · Page 7
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 7

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 17, 1926
Page 7
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:J-.,- ' WEDNESDAY EVENING OaklanD Crfbtme FEBRUARY 17. 1923 HI mo OPERA SINGERS THRILL AUDIENC E HERE avalleria Rusticana' and T Pagliacci' Win Un-6linted Plaudits.' Br ANTIIONY F. MOITOHET. A music menu of double suste nance, ample In Its caloric quan tlty and quality' to' satisfy the most avid lyrical appetite, was offered by the San Carlo Opera company's ensemble last evening at the Audi torlum theater with the presenta tion of "Cavallerla Rusticana" and TPagllaccl." r Mascagnl and oncavallo at their best, these operas of shorter length, which will carry their com posers' fame when it is forgotten they achieved anything else, make up a balanced program which in vites and yet defies comparisons, If Cavallerla offers the 'delightful "Siclltana"- serenade, the spirited whip song "11 Cavallo Bcalpita," the equally brisk drinking song "Brindlsl.'l the fervid duets of San tuzza and Turiddu and Santuzza and Alfio. and the Inimitable Instrumental gem, the "Intermezzo," Pagliacci has its incomparable "Prelude" and "Vesti la giubba." the lament of Canio, which closes the first act. . The double bill, too, offered the better opportunity of appraising the vocal range of the Ban Carlo organization, since only one of the artists, Guiseppe Interrante, appeared In both operas. INTETtnANTE IS POPtTLAR. Iast night's audience could not bave been given too much Inter-tVStta.. As Alfio he covered him- eif with glory In Cavallerla ana v.-- h. hnned for more, wnicn i v.n. 4ninded about every body Judging from the plaudits, could not but regret that bis part In Pagliacci. that of Silvio, did not ..ii fnr unvthin more extendea hi. hrlftf tfiiet with Nedda, r..r,f i. hnritone of power, and sang Alfio with great vigor. His interpretation or "u javauo wai-pita" was particularly brilliant, and ku nAt "Art essi no DBruujiu iti Santuzza. sung by Natalia De San . a triumDh. De Santis. a so prano whose voice has Just the tinge to effect the tragic note re- . , a l V... "Mil amrea. also ewi hi wuo. No, Turiddu," with Franco Tafuro, tenor. Schalker made an effective Lola, and Philine Falco nleaslne as Mama Lucia. The ntira comDanv displayed an in tensity of feeling throughout that made the opera or unuorm quai-itv. The raver note with which 'wMflncarni relieves the somber 1 strain was capably Injected by . .' the chorus Cavallerla. as last night's Bar Carlo cast sings it would succeed or fail as an entity, not In spots, and it certainly did not fall or even waver last night. FORCED TO REPEAT. Perhaps it was because Caval lerla was so well rounded arid, despite its tragic theme,, had so much elan, that Pagliacci seemed to lack the same uniformify. Pagliacci , climbed to heights, especially when prolonged applause and "vivas!" greeted Tonio's "Prelude" and -orced Emllio Ghirardinl to repeat "the latter part of it; and also with ' Xudovico Tomarchio'a singing of Canio's "Vest! la glubba." which brought a series of curtain calls that bordored closely on an ovation. Olga Kargau. who played Nedda. Is a soprano whose voice is mellow In its sweetness, lis oeauiy ana range were amply demonstrated in the "Che volo d'anelli" aria, and It blended delightfully with Inter ranee's In their "Nulla scordal!' duet, which had beautiful and rraceful sweep. Francesco Curcl am BeDDO. The chorus of the bells, "Coro dell eampane," or "ding dons' song was well done in ensemble, one of the tunes that linger. Carlo Peronl conducted both ' operas and was given generous ap plause, especially tor me ibw mezjo" In Cavallerla. Name Change Asked To Avoid Confusion Anthony 8. Gulart of Centervtlle U willing to assume his own obll-cations but not of those with similar name so he has petitioned the superior court to change It to Gilbert. He savs confusion with others of the same name In the community In which he lives ha been caused at the bank, merchandise stores, oil companies and with produce buyers. Gulart aaya his father Is dead and his nearest rel ative are married elstere. Rabbi Coffee Talks To Kiwanis Club CAN LEANDRO. Teh. IT. Rabbi Rudolph Coffee, of Oakland, addressed the Ban Leandro club at their luncheon this week on "Is the World Oettlng Better." He based bts.talk on the lives of Ahraham Lincoln end George Washington. Charles Way played several cornet solo. R. W. Gredel and A. C Jensen were In -eharre. ACTO TIIIKF KEXTEXCKD. Probation for Robert lurrhr. charged under the alias vf fieri Wlleon. was revoked and be was eentenoed to Fan Q jentln by Judge 8. Church. The tetlmony of a eounty ncepltal eurte that Murphy waa victim or tuberculosis railed to save him. The report of L O. Com Dion, rrcbstlna officer, re vealed that Murphy waa oa three rears probation for auto tbert wnea be stole another car July II last. Bride of Star MRS. ERNIE NEVERS. formerly Mi Mary Elizabeth Heagerty of Oakland, i credited with directing Ernie's latest "trick play," for While friends awaited them I today at " Del Monte, the , great grid star "missed all tacklers" and eluded his "opponents." i imi m 1 1 mm mi nr 'hiiiiit - E RN ENEVERSAND WIFEMIXSIGNALS Todd to Be Speaker At Oakland Schools Harry L. Todd of San .Francisco will speak at Washington's Birthday exercises at three Oakland schools next Friday. He will appear under the auspices of the Better Citizens' Association, composed of alumni. Todd will speak at the Roosevelt, Fremont and Oakland hlifh schools. DODGE RICE PLAY Star Athlete and Mary Eliza-beth Heagerty in Surprise Ceremony. Ernie Nevers, giant fullbaclt and captain of the 1925 Stanford varsity football team and All-Ameri-can fullback, -pulled a trick play on his friends today when a welcome had been planned for Nevers and his bride, formerly Miss Mary Elizabeth Hagerty of Oakland. 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E asiern Outfitting Co. 617 Fourteenth Street Brrkrtrr Serrenteni s Jeffereea Creve OAKLAND Siotlto rune Fill ytTir crank cu with faraTdth car will b smooth at Ilk both for running and stopping welcome on the first lap Of their honeymoon tour, following the wedding ceremony at. Ban Fran- cisco last night, Ernie and his bride eluded all "tacklers" and are now headed for an unknown' and unguarded goal, according to word that reached Eastbay admirers. The blond idol of the gridiron, "pulled . a sneak play," and was married last night In San Francisco to Miss Mary Elizabeth Heagerty. 18-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Heagerty, of 1400 East Fourteenth street. Nevers, sensational AU-Amerl- , r can fullback, quit Stanford university at the end of last semester to play professional football, and later was signed with the St. Louis Browns to play professional baseball. He-soon must Join the latter In training camp In Florida. Yesterday he and his bride-to-be discussed hla impending departure and elected to advance the wedding date two months and go together. Late yesterday afternoon Nevers and his attorney. De Lancy Smith, obtained a marriage license In San Francisco, and then telephoned for Father Joseph McGlave of St. Patrick's church of San Jose. The priest motored to San Francisco, where the ceremony waa performed. Mrs. W. J. Fitzgerald waa selected to attend the bride, the cere-mpny taking place In the,. Fita-gerald home at 299 Pennsylvania street. Nevers' best man was a fraternity brother. Clifford Morrill. Junior student In Stanford university. ' Friends of both families were notified in time for them to attend the wedding at 5:30 o'clock. Because she' was so. happy "she wanted everybody to know it,' the bride could not forbear to pause in the Informal wedding procession to Indulge In a few spirited steps of the Charleston, while the bridegroom, best man and priest waited. The romance of Nevers and Miss Heagerty had Its Inception last summer when they met at the Russian River during the school vaca-tlo nperlod. They became engaged at the end of the season, and planned their wedding to take place the coming summer. Masons Will Hear Talk oh Washington Harry L. Todd will give an illustrated lecture tomorrow evening at the Mason lo Temple, Twelfth and Washington streets. -Hla subject will be "Washington, the Man and the Mason." There will also be a one-hour musical program, in which some of the best-known artists of the 'bny cities will par ticlpate. This affair la being pon sored by Verba Buena Lodge of Masons. i , , Broadway San Pablo Sixteenth St Formerly KAHN'S Oakland Lakeside One ' ' All Winter coats grouped for clearaway Thursday Three special prices make it Well Worth your while to huy for now and next winter 15 All Winter- coats sell at one of these three prices. Coats that earlier in the season sold for sometimes double and triple the present markings bring with them lavish savings. Rich coats that show fur collars, cuffs, borders and tabs in straight, flare and semi-flared styles, bring opportunity. Look over these E. F. SCHLESINGER & EONS. 35 materials: Needlepoint, carmine, veloria, American pinpoint and suedine. Examine these colors: Cuckoo, queenbird green, tanager, gracklehead and black. Inspect the furs: Fox, wolf, skunk, squirrel, nutria, toxine and moufflon then select your coat from sizes 14 to 46. Second Floor 55 5-piece Italiaii style dining set theVnaller dining-room .65 Gracefully adapted for theVfnaller dining-room I .L I . ; L ? ana ror me moderate income, inis sci consuls jl of table, one host chair and three side chairs, onp - seat construcnon, upnoisterea in tapestry enriches the stately chairs, while the 42-45-inch table extends to an ample 6 feet. B. F. SCHLESINGKR SONS. Fourth Floor 43 Chiropodist Dr. Robbins, a graduate chiropodist, gives treatment to both men and women in her newly and modernly installed office on the fourth floor. Public phones As an added convenience to Schlesinger shoppers, 12 new phones have been added to the other services of the store. Six are situated near the stairs on the mam floor and six on the second in the restroom. 3-piece living room suite fof 3 final days home-furnishing sale Just a few of these underpriced sets to be sold, which unite the comfort and durability worthy jl costlier sets. The frames of hardwood, the 2f ""50 Nachman spring cushions and the upholstery of 3 3 taupe, blue, beaver and mulberry velour, insures harmony and long life with budget terms. B. F. SCHLESINGER SONS. Fourth Floor a.s I 56aj rT Tl 0J Wrought iron furniture Special purchase arrives for February Sale Delayed by the storm, thn at tail reached port to delight Oakland with their Italian grace. They gie that touch to the library, living or sunroom so different and so charmingly new. Tables in variety Coffee tables, plate gUtt tors, pastel flowers. $10.45 to $29.50. Console tables with handled gists tops for coffee, save at $45. Occasional tables with marUe tof, hand wrought bane are $37.50. Tilt-lop tsblt with hardwood tops for a myriad vsrs are $14.50. End tables in ci.armin enmbtnarioe f iron and Lardwood. $8.95. " Ferncrv unrrinl i - - $2.95 $5.50 $7.50 V"irJi bowls of ro tTjt3i tnfaj and tisBx-Tocgh( bawa, eotiJrg is l?Ur far tS gr-sf fr-m. r. crr rr -!-") A for. !U4 )- f : . ;,," ., -r -Ml-M-- i, --t"tif fiin i n i m i i ii - - ' . i 1 i j I5H I7? 195? . 5? 95 j i - B. s- i.t a: mm A special purchase 60 Bridge & floor lamps i r Our idra to-male this aa event truly remarkable becomes real in light of the price that prevail. Jut think of finditg the tnort graceful standards topped with lavish conceptions of Georgette and silk for prices so conducive la sating: prices, indeed, that bear favorable com-parion. Best of aU only one cf a kind makes then individual I t? Bridge lamps complete $9.85 and $15.85 Hanrtofuotia cecahtaatioM of silli and Ceergfttes, aotM wiih double frirr and grrld lace becoate special at &e cr poces. Cc4ored ataadards ef the Bewest tjr Rcsaa iroa. Floor lamps complete 5175. $19.85, S23& $275 Cracrfi.1. srl.lc fiH,ti of RatAaa troa 7 vJJ t!nCirf ar.adea ef G-fT and sfk i 2V llli. mi ;;v.,r i -2 ', i o!t rxi colors la a&atca and beawtry arUabc ss'ericci. rteV Drft Ttwi Floor e i a'l --' M eM ee i T-" t Tt f try -tr v. r A 0

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