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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 13

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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D. m. KPO, KGO, KFRC, PI 7 to 7:80 m. News broadcast. Silent night.

TOMORROW. 4 to p. oi. Women'! hour; 7 to 7:30 p. m.

News broadcast. 8 to 9:30 p. m. Program broad KNX, KOA, KPO. KGO.

cast through the courtesy of the KZM, KFUS, KOA, IFon Honor company. The fans who listen In pn meetings of the Protective Order of Lake Merrltt Ducks, broadcast KSU wnnrt TTTJrt vr.iur 8:30 to 10:30 p. ra. Athens Ath 'Our Aim Is to Train Each letio Club orchestra. Justice Department Sues KFUU, KFUS), 'KNX, Beginning of Campaign for Edifice Recalled by Superintendent.

Citizen to Serve Self, Says School Head. 7:00 p. KRE, Charging Station Steals v' Length. KGO fewral EWotrle 161 Utten 8:00 KGO. KTAB, 6:30 p.

to Boys." over KLX every -Monday night, have a new question to answer. In response to a query- made by Professor I. Knowitt. at the meeting last Monday night, the members of the radio audience are sending in a variety of explanations as. to why ducks, fly.

Here is an explanation offered by Emile A. Pierre, 128. Kemp, ton avenue: "If a duck did not fly. kKFBC, KRIS, KFUU, 6:55 p. m.

News Items, weather nnnrom iriimr' KNX, JtSLi. ttoa T-rtrk Win TP OROVILLE, Feb. Complete investigation into Butte county taxes, and especially into county assessments, local and district schools and roads, is to be made by a county committee of the Butte county farm bureau, according to announcement by A. L. Chaffln, president of that organization.

Committee members named are: Mrs. W. W. Green, Biggs; Miss Mat tie Lund, county tax collector E. PHilborn, Wyandotte; A.

A. Gengler, Central House; W. O. Cop-pernol, Manzanita; John Bllle. Paradise; George T.

Meeker, Chico; A. L. Chaffln, Pentz; II. A. Rodney, Durham.

Sub-committees will aid in the investigation in every part of the county. The movement, Chaffln announces, is not an aggressive one aimed to antagonize county officials, but rather for the purpose of satisfying a public demand in rural communities for enlightenment on the question of Spolal The Oakland TRIBUNE 8t? 8 A crowd that packed the little building to the doors attended the dedication of the Parker school. 1 three-act com- d. m. the solution of the problem, "Why do ducks I would say that if they sat On top of the water all the time they would get water-logged and sink.

But if you were referring to the Order of Lake Merritt Ducks, would say that I guess some of you- have reason for flying at the-end of your wife's rolling pin. My husband -often takes wings and flies at the end of mine, and he is not a duck, either." Here is another answer to the question. It is from Helen jGuInas-so, 63 Yosemite avenue: Her letter says in part: "I am answering your question of 'Why do ducks They fly because they can't stay down." Yens, Jappy, Ling, Big Duck Royle, Tony, Minnie and the professor have all come in for mention in various letters which have been received by the ducks this week. ahhijnuton Feb. 11 Confiscation the radio apparatus of KFRC, KFWM, KFUU, KNX, KSL.

9:0 p. m. KGO, KPO, KTAB, KFRC, KFWM, KFUU. 10 p. to i m.

Dance music. TOMORROW. aumron as well as the Imposition of a fine of 1500 on Its 8:30, a. m. Health train- Mie would have to live oh land or in owners is the penalty that may" be I to, pep paid by that station should It be taIk- 11:80 a.

m. Luncheon 9 :80 p. KGO, KPO, KRH, KTAB, KFRC, KFUU, concert. round guilty of "ether piracy" as is alleged in thes uitb rought by the 10:00 p. m.

KPO, KRBJ, KGO, KFWI, KNX. 10:30 p. m. KPO, KRE, KGO, aepariment or justice, which is to i nupn lime, 12:30 p. nu Weather reports.

1:30 m. Stock-reports. 8 p. m. "Lincoln in Literature." 4 tq 6:30 p.

m. Goncert orchestra. the water. Now, if a duck lived in the water all the. time, he would be a fish, and therefore not a duck.

Now, their, if a duck lived 'on land and did nqt fly, be would be an animal and not a duck. Therefore, a duck must fly to be a duck." Here Is the solution offered by Mrs. M. L. Oakland: "In answer to your request for eonie up for trial in Chicago Parker avenue near Ritchie 1 1 Tuesday night.

Calvs L. Bowles, secretary of the Consolidated clubs and past president of the Parker avenue Improvement club, presided over the ceremonies. Bowles introduced Commissioner w. J. SAN Feb.

11. Will C. Wood, state superintendent of public instruction, speaking at the dedication of the Edwin Markham health cottage by the San Jose State Teachers' college here yesterday, defined California's educational system as "The aim to train all human beings who are of being trained so as to erlable each to serve himself and his community to the. fullest and best advantage." Wood, during the course of his address, said "If the schoel system does not spend money to teach the citizens to enjoy life, more money will have to be spent In other ways later. "You must realize that we are facing the problem of leisure for the, first time in our history, and the youth of today is the first generation to have leisure," the educator said, "and this leisure is the danger zone of American life today.

"The need to fill this time, to As the case against WJAZ la the 11:00 p. KGO, KFWI, 11:30 p. m. KGO. KFWL 12 to 1 a.

m. KGO. lTAt) 0AKXAHD first of its kind to be filed against IV 1 rDfUik At. BapHet Cbonk t40 latter OAKXANB a oroaoxastlng station, it is believed that a Judgment against the station will be victory enough for the KFUU Xatthiwioi Kotas JaaUra rovernment ana will serve as a I 8 to 9 p. program.

h', TOMORROW. "i 9 a. m. Prayer 12 1 p. m.i Lunchepn concert.

if precedent in determining the rights of the department of commerce to regulate broadcasting. The government will press for conviction of the owners of WJAZ, specifically accused of broadcasting 6:30 pt m. Children's hour. 7:15. p.

m. News events 8 p. m. Orchestral music. 9 to 10 p.

m. Hawaiian, music. TOMORROW. 10:45 to 11:45 a. m.

Concert SCOUTS TO GIVE PAGEANT SERIES Mooreneaa, su- perintendent KFUS Co. The OAKLAND t6 Meter. Ilw Goipel Badia Schools Fred M. Ti a fxt t. a in 6 p.

Children's program. 6:16 m. Bible reading. 6:30 to 7 p. Vesper service.

OAKLAND KFWM ucational Sooia4y on a wave length not assigned to It, under the provisions of the radio legislation of 1912, which forbids any transmission of radio signals without written permission from ZU7 jaetera if' board of education, Mrs. P. J. Kramer, and Mrs. F.

II. Burck-halter, also of the board -of' educa 8 to 9:30 p. m. Musical selections. KPO 8 A If IHANCISCO Eal.

AM Metera lectures. the department of commerce. The law provides further that assign ments of wave lengths shall be in tion: K. K. Kan- BESKELET aWrkalar Daily Gaaatta (61 atatan.

KRE cluded in the written permit as issued by the secretary of commerce. 23rd and Valdez Streets PHONE: GLENCOURT 870-871 Philco Warehouse Stock For Alameda and Contra Costa Counties 6:15 p. m. Children's hour. 6:15 p.

m. Stock quotations 6:30 p. m. "Ye Towne Cryer." 6:40 p. ni.

Concert. 7 p. selections. 8 p. m.

Vocal solos, music 9 D. m. Musical nrnrmni miar- Despite the suit brought against dall, president of the Parker Ave- bowles nue Improvement bev. j. b.

oee. club; Lewis B. Avery, assistant superintendent of schools; Rev. J. it-for illegally operating on a wave length other than that given it.

Spectacular pageants will be features of the boy scout circus at the Oakland AuSitorlum tomorrow and Saturday nights, announced by Scout Executive Homer J. Bemiss. The largest of these will be the pageant of the nations where nearly a score of nationalities will be represented with correct costumes and flags. The scouts carrying thes? nationality roles will be seated on the stage at the west end of the arena, each wearing the peculiar clothes of the country he represents. Above the group will be a huge American flag, guarded 7 m.

Current news. 8 p. m. Studio program. 10 to 11 p.

m. Dance program. TOMORROW. 7:30 a. m.

Good thought service. 11:15 a. m. Physical exercises. WJAZ is continuing its broadcast tet.

On a wave length reserved by the I 1" to 11 p. m. Dance music. department for Canadian broad- iubukhuw. teach peojrle to enjoy life, will, if it does not revolutionize education, at least extend' it.

We. must have a longer, school That longer day should be filled with academic work, but with worthwhile activities. The boy or girl whose leisure hours are filled with constructive activity has little time to get into mischief. You say this will cost a lot of money. It will, but It is cheaper in the long run to do constructive work in the -building of youth than to do rehabilitation work afterwards." The new Edwin Markham health cottage is located on the same lot as the old home, of the post at 430 South Eighth street.

It is built to accommodate fourteen patients from the Teachers' College at one time, and represents an outlay of $12,000. Sodality to Give Concert Tomorrow The Young Ladies' Sodality of St. Anthony's parish will give a benefit concert and entertainment casting, it was learned today and lo ay aozen exer- wlll continue to do so until a court in. in -v. KFWI BAN FBANCIS0O Kadio Entertainmanta lac.

886 Metera ruling against the owners has been 10:35 a. m'. Market reports, obtained. .12 noon Time signal. Scriature 10 p.

m. to 12 Dance music. Should the Zenith Radio corpora- reading. tlon, owner of WJAZ, prove the 12j5 p. m.

Talks from club by. three boys typifying America. right to use a "free ether" it would P. m. Orchestral ninaln Another pageant feature will be mean that all of the 500-odd 6:30 to 6 p.

m. Children's hour. that called "Yesterday and Tomor row," showing the Indian, the west 1 broadcasters of the United States would have the right to operate at any time they might see fit and on ern pioneer and the modern boy KFBK 8ACRA1LEHT0 Baor'amanto Baa 848 Metera scout as the three outstanding mer racuopo any wave length. (OopTrifht, 1986, (7 Conaolldated Praia Aain.) stages in the development of America. B.

Orr and Mrs. Vandemark, principal of the Bchool. Superintendent Hunter recalled the day, two years ago, when Bowles, then president of the Parker Avenue finst came to him aid urged a school in his district. Hunter expressed himself as highly pleased that when the school opened its doors two. weeks ago, 183 pupils applied for admittance.

Musical entertainment was provided at the dedication by the 1 1 6:30 p. m. Children's program. 6:30 p. m.

Reports, announcements. 6:35 p. m. "30 minutes before the mike." 7 p. m.

"Answers to Radio Queries." 8 p. m. Popular studio program. 8:30 to 10 p. m.

Dance music TOMORROW. 6:30 to 8 a. m. Physical culture course. 12 noon Inspirational The circus will call forth all of Oakland's 3000 scouts and those 7:80 Pv m.

Children's program. 7:45 p. m. Classical program. 8:30 p.

Dance music. :30 p. m. Those musical fellowa 10 p. m.

Closing announcements. 'Spend Day Across from nearby councils, it was announced by Bemiss. Every scout. house current Bay Is S. P.

Slogan wearing his uniform, will take part "Spend the Day Across the Bay' in tne grana opening pageant. KFI ros jjroznj vie C. Anthony, 488 MaUw Is the" slogan of an intensive "get which will consist of a spectacular parade about the arena floor. This event will be followed by a KHJ XOS AHOELEI 1st Ansalet Timet 40 Katert 6 p. m.

Nightly doings. 6:15 p. m. Seeing California. 6:30 p.

m. Vest pocket program. 6:45 p. to. Radiotorlal period.

7 P. m. Musical urno-ram acquainted" campaign launched today by the Southern Pacific in San Francisco, according to F. S. McGlnnls, passenger traffic manager of the company.

Large advertisements calling attention to the many points of Interest and beauty on this side of tomorrow night at St. Anthony's hall. East Sixteenth avenue. Funds obtained will be donated to the new parochial school fund, Mrs. Leo Hanly announced today.

Father Patrick Keating will direct the play," "Not a Man in the House," as one feature of the program. The following young women of the series of acts calling for strength, skill and cleverness, in which the scouts will be the sole participants. Hundreds of clowns made up after the best circus manner will be one of the leading events. There will be tumbling, lumping. 6:30 p.

m. Children's program. 7:45 p. m. "Care of the Body." 8 to 10 p.

m. Studio program, TOMORROW. p. m. Dance muslo.

2:39 to 3:30 p. m. Musical I Ji I 8 p. m. Orchestral selections.

9 p. m. Musical program. 10 p. m.

Vocal and piano solos. TOMORROW. 5:80 p. m. Orchestral muslo.

FRED M. HUNTER. the bay will appear each week: in W. J. MOOREHEAD.

Lockwood Boys San Francisco newspapers. Auto- band and by children of the moblllsts wilt be urged to come Parker school. running, pyramid building, bridge building and many stunts calculated to demonstrate dramatically how boy scout training works out iKJR EATTH 884 katon EITHER orBOTHl JOETXAKD Kornlnf Oraf onlas 491 Vetera KGW VETERANS TO PLAT WHIST. The members of Oakland Chap across the bay to visit Lake Mer-rltt, the Alaska fishing fleet, Cha-bot Observatory, University of Call-fornia and the bay regidn in in development oi me young. 8 D.

m. Weather. "The Box Of ter No. 7 Disabled American Vet fice." 6 p. m.

Dinner concert. 7:30 p. m. Weather, police, mar "We desire to foster the growing scirit of appreciation and coopera im circus is 10 oe larger ana more complete than last year, and from now on will be vcoutdom's outstanding annual event, it was said. A portion of the printed program Is to be devoted to ex- I I 1 1 ket reports, news.

7:45 p. m. Lecture. TOMORROW. 7 p.

m. Studio program. 8:30 p. m. Orchestral music.

10:30 p. m. to 12 Order of Bats. TOMORROW. 10:30 a.

m. Music, educational Philco Socket Power eliminates all batteries on any set. Full-Wave therefore HUM-FREE No tubes-no acid no water to add. Just plug into lamp socket or into receptacle on Socket Power Socket Power supplies direct cur-rent for circuit or storage-battery tube sets. Use in combination with Socket Power It enables you to control Power, power and the radio set itself all by the snap of the one Socket Power switch.

i 1 Socket Power "AB" has both "AM and power built into one cabinet for all 3-volt (dry.cell) tube sets, including Super -heterodynes. Also controlled by one switch. Sold and demonstrated by leading radio and music stores and by Philco Diamond Grid Battery Dealers. Philadelphia Storage Battery Company Philadelphia San Iranoiio. Offlc tit Fremont St.

Phone Davprt 1110 tion among the cities bordering the parish are assist-MRS. LEO hamlet. lug in the entertainment, Kathleen Corrigan, Gertrude Dppxv. leen Murphy, Amelia Dias, Kath erine Kennedy. Margaret niiinony, Dorothy Moffitt, Florence Matthews.

Helen Gilardin, Viola Pur-cell, Agnes Sweeney and Mrs. Hanly. erans of the World War, will hold a whist party at Hermann Sons' hall, 1125 West street, Friday evening, to raise money for the purchase of a player piano for the disabled women at the government hospital at Llvermore. 7:15 a. m.

Physical culture exercises. 9:45 a. m. The Town Crier, trnuslc. talks.

bay," said McGlnnls. "Many Ban Francisco residents never cross the bay. They do not know how easy and convenient a trip it is for the 1:30 p. m. Matinee program.

8 p. m. Time signals. 6:40 to 6 p. m.

Closing quotations. weatner, news. 12:30 to 1:30 p. m. Concert.

and to a plea for the chest drive, which opens February 23. automobillst. nor how many Inter- esting and delightful places there are to be enjoyed in the of CHICAGO'S BUDGET. GRAVE NEWS. CHICAGO.

Feb. 11. The city of LONDON. English labor lead a pleasant afternoon's drive." Convict Leads Radio Chicago will spend J183.4-42.31S ers complain that Germany Is 'dumnlmr" cheaD tombstones Into during 1926. according to the budget Great Britain.

appropriated by the city council Sunday School Class This is -approximately $8,000,000 In private family, board optional, see Classified "To Let." more than was spent In 1925. I iSU I ATLANTA. Feb. 11 W) Ben Gibbons, a prisoner at the Atlanta federal penitentiary, has been elected president of a radio Sunday school class organized by the Baptist tabernacle here. everyone who listens in to the SOCKET POWERS program of the Agoga class 01 the tabernacle has been enrolled as a member of the radio class.

Gibbons Is said to have been converted to Christianity by listening in to the Agoga programs over the radio. He is a patient in the prison hospital. Morgan Blake, sports editor of the Atlanta Journal, Is teacher of the class and the programs are broadcast over SB. Radio Stimulates Vhilcm le Wmkm mhn bW mfi wpeckrfy iTaWam m4irafnfa tH vwa kca mod bow foch 1 Pauat eMOPettffaWneS ayleMOOaM)nB MKMeTX MOT ISW Use of Corn Diet MS MOINES; Feb. 11.

Of) Radio is credited In Iowa with changing the human 'diet. Station WHO revealed that after a few weeks campaign radio in lateiiTiwa I I an tltll issssiS. Ill bebalf of the use of corn sugar ana other corn products, some 10.000 requests for recipes for preparing food with tnese proouois were received. The station obtained a skilled SIMILAR TV I 1 1 1 1 dietitian who compiled a pamphlet on corn product recipes. The cam-cairn was In the Interest of In- II creased consumption of corn aa an aid In relieving the surplus.

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