Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 11, 1954 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 11, 1954
Page 7
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iplpf' 1 ^^^ ,1 Hurt, a JAR, M 0 f I t A R K A N S A S of Hits. Herbert Stephens in Mevfns, onday .alter 13, -at four o'« rKohal e j:$.;R. f... Broach. ^frelJ 1 ols 4'mem- e"*iSf flie program - '»*rs. John P VT $J«f_|tf4t'miB*tJn£ of ©»%isdlty»-3ept. If'-, _ Ifc(h6 'club "room. * Hostesses »Tr,tep^urke,,.$fe i'i'a1ntielTlmaI.Mrs. JsjWel - !iw,/vy <^f < < • iftn'v* ^ ••*? 'xUesdayf *'Septern •'-' ''home-'bf Mrs She Ambassador Sunday School Class of the Garrett Memorial dnti?ch wiU'have a monthly meet- ng at Faif I'ark on Tuesday night at ?J30. \WfednesdSy, Sept, 15 -Tlie first regular meeting of the Jterjahd P .T..A, will be held Wed' nesday, September i5, 1054. Wednesday September 15 fewJ&kwood P. T. A. will meet Vedpesday, September 15, at 3 p. *n. -The dxecutiVe board will meet at 2:15 in the school office. All members are urged to be present. The first regular meeting of the Paisley P/T. A. will be Held at the ehbol on Wednesday, at 3 p. m. 'her executive committee will meet at 2:30. "All committee chairmen are .urged to attend the executive committee meeting. Mr. Andy Andrew's, Chairman of the local chap- er of the Polio Foundation, will answer questions concerning polio. following the meeting there'will be a "Get Acquainted" hour, and refreshments will be served. Store Sales Increase { " St.., L0UIS (tff Dcpa^rlmcn store sales in tho eighth fodcra reserve district 'last week totalec If 'feer" cent- more than tho sam V/epk Jast .yeV, due to largo in creases in «the •- St. Louis an E'btiisVllle, £y.," areas St. Louis area s'lowqd a 1 pep- e.ent K*»in and thc> Louisvill a 9 ver cent increase, th ftcaprve' gnpk ot S *MjpjW 1|i 'vr*' " "Wfc. Older Smokers crye Higher Cancer Rate &9 ftb§Eftt E. WASHINGTON (to A govern •ncht researcher said today heavy igarette smokers now 40 years Id liave from S to 15 times great- f a chance than nonnmokers of eveloping lung cancer before they re 80. He is Sidney J. Cutler, Staff tatisticiaii'-al the National Cancer rtstitule 1 at nearby Bethesda, Md.. vho emphasized that nobody has roved cigarettes cause lung can er but added: "It IS fairly Clear that whatever he .casual mechanism, m.qy . be. .5 are more likely to develop ung cancer than hpnsinokers," Cutler's paper Was one of sev- ral, dealing with relationships be- ween cigarette smoking and caner cases, prepared for the International Congress of Pathology, a conference on the causes of disease which is belnis attended by specialists from many parts of the vorld.. The American' Cancer Society announced last June that onr? of its tudiCs showed that cigarette smokers 50 to 70 years old died earlier, in groups that ware studied, than other men. But many scientists have said there la'no con elusive evidence that cigarettes themselves bring on cancer. The tobacco -industry has said more study is needed to determine causes of cancer and hoart dl sbase, and has set up an industry study committe, headed by Dr Clarence Cook Little. Those smoking about one pack a day 49 out of 1,000 will get lung cancer. i i. ._ . TIMBER ..{RUSTLER 1 SAN FRANCISCO (UP) Jack T. Horn. 45. a Tehnmn county Italy's Sexy |tars Cold to Hollywood By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD (If, — This may come as a blow to Hollywood's ego, but Italy's sexy stars are not clarnpring to come here. I gleaned this information from the Italian buauticsMilly who liar, been lured to PolioCited as the Great Leveler ROME !.fl Polio was pictured Saturday, September 11,1954 (Who), Geneva. Switzerland. Dr. Rivers said: . . •Ill is now known that in primitive countries and in populations of low social and economic levels, antibodies against polio appear a an earlier t.ge than in advanced countries and i popuHios- of mgli social and economic levels. Dr. Pyne cited figures showing one of Vitale these shores. But it's only a -temporary stay. She'll probably head right back to hsr homeland. Milly, a wasp-waistecl, curvaceous lovely of 21 years, is ploy- Ing the mother of seven.children opposite Bob Hope in "Eddie and the Seven Littls Foys." "SNOW" FOOLING. IT'S HOT—Ten-year-old Brenda Eyler took advantage of the heat to b'pen her own business (selling snowballs) in Bristol, Tenn. She got the snowballs right out of her mothers freezer, and they were going quickly at Ove cents each. First in line is Jimmy Bush, while brother Chet, 2, waits his turn. LAST •/ t'i- i?4''W«l»gg4Si ^ „* * g—L.^ Triple Program At{ BTTY JANE RHQPIS Alpncj the . . , rancher, sold some timber to a lumber company. ' The federal government charged yesterday's that 238 feet of it, worth $17,729, was on a government forest reserve. Louis reported. Sales were down five per cent in 'Memp'hio, Ten., 1 per cent in Little Rock, Ark , a-icl 6 per cent in eight smaller district cities corpbined. For the last four weks, district Balds equaled thosn in lhf> same 1953, but only the > St? ' School Menu for Week of Sept, 73 All school' cafeterias in Hope School District 1-A will open Monday .September 13th. This will be our first full days schedule in all schools. The menus for all school cafe terias will be published by Friday for 'the following week. Trie prices will be 15c per plate lunch in Ihe grade schools, and 25c per plate lunch in Junior - Senior High School. Extra items c'an be purchased to supplement plate lunches in the Junior - Senior High School Cafeteria. vr,*-., *,FLW*, . 1st Chapter of Serial/ v 'fMANHUNT. IN THE ,",„ AFRICAN BUNGLE" Colpr Cott( is-l^irv riki El W! FOR THE FIRST TIME! " <V THAN Country • TONIGHT ONLY • Bachelor Trial at Halfway Mark SAN ANTONIO, Tex. (UP The government's case attains turn-about POW Claude ,T. Batch elor, accused of conniving with hi Chinese Communist captors ar.c squealing on tellow prisoner," j'eached tho halt-way point today Eight of 16 government wit nesses, most of them fellow POW with Balchelpr in prison cam No. -5 at Pyokdantr, North Korea had- testified in the fencral com martial which began Aug. 30 a Kort Sam Houston. -Army prosecutors said tho "We hope that students and parents will support our school lunch would take up today a charg program. We invite; jtou.;S|li(sit any of the schools a,t any'time"and we your constructive crit- '"- '-- Jo- __enu.for week of September 13th 17th — Junior - Senior High Cafeteria.: '.•;•.'•.'• ••••••. • Monday — Baked Meat Loaf and Vegetable Gravy, Whipped Potatoes, English Peas, Garden^ Salad, Biscuit, Ice Cream, .One-hajf Pint Milk. '-.",' .;.'-"•. :' .,..;.i . Tuesday — Beef and Vegetable Stew (Carrots, Potatoes, Onions, that Batchelor, in a letter to th Winkler County News of Kermi Tex., his hometown, accused th United "Stales, of waging gcrr vfarfare in Koroa. /More 'than .tUrb thirds of reported poliomyelitis cases are-.children under 15 '.years old.; . j :: '- and Celery), Blue ' Cheese Cole Slaw, Lake Beans, Whole Wheat B,read, Peach Cobbler, One-half .ne'sday — .Hot Dbg oh Bun, * ' ~ ' ' )t Salad, Pork (.1^ Cookie, One- DE SCREEN! Foy She play u\ , r-£• i us • v. i IA-w ->-*ti—* — •elatlonship bctwcn infant morlal- . . tolav as the great leveler, attack- relationship bchvcn infant irior =? ing "the hit-host and spavins the'ily and the incidence of Poraly ic lowest of the world's civilizations, j polio. He jaid in primitive coun- Its incidence rises with the ard of living. It seems to thrive where other diseases fail. Where infant morlalityis highest, it is O an immunity against polio. ."Until the infant mortality rate infant mortalityis highest, it is,;" t . "'•".^ h 7.,"; „; nf lowest. It probably will continue tooths, the nc.lc co of advance, along, with "" as here once before 16; piny ith Kirk Douglas in "The I Jup- er." I asked her if she would stay n after the Hope picture. "Perhaps," sho replied, "if some ther pictures come up. Otherwise will go back to Homo." What's this? It isn't Hollywood the nd of opportunity for actresses 10 world over? She indicated oth- rwisc. "I can make inori money in Laly,'' she said. "The tnxes here nke half my salary. I don't know /hat amount I pay in Italy, be ause my father handles the busl- icss matters. But the tax is very ittle." She discussed a report that Halan actresses Rossana Podcsta a'nc Elcanora Rossi-Drajio were being considered for a movio horc will Rosalind Russell. "I doubt if they will come.' Milly remarked. "In Italy, the; are stars. Why should they come icre to piny in ;i picture whore Rosalind Russell is the star? "Take Gina Lollnbrigicla, for example. There is no reason why she should' come to Hollywood.- In It aly, she is the tops. Here, sh would be just another star.'' Why did she come horc for the Hope picture? "Because they sent me the script and I liked it," she replied. "And Bob Hope is such a world-wide favorite that it is bound to do me good.'" Although she is not overwhelmed by Hollywood Milly admitted that she admires American men. "They are very beautiful," she commented. "Of course, we have, andsome men in Italy, to. But here seems to bo so many more : them here." until some dramatic new vaccine brings it io a halt. This phase of one of tho world's problem diseases was presented today to the [inal session of the third International Poliomyelitis Congress. 4 ... mortality rate falls from about SO to 20 then; appears to bo a tendency for the incidence oE polio o increase alarmingly." a drill from an appliance! firm. -- . . ,, • • The burglar then broke into an-. ul signs oJ bringing the dicseaso Qlhcr storc scross the street and icier control. | uscd thc Jril , to op( . n a safe from The characteristics of polio as' wn i c h ] lc t oo i< $260. n unwantcl companion to civil- xation were diseiissr.'d by Dr. Thomas M. Ribers, director of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research in New York and Dr. A. M. M. Payne, of the division of communicable disease services of th World Health Organization ..-.,._ than 1.000 physicians and cijcih lists name from .40 nations ,pn DOUBLE STEAL „ . . ., , DYERSV1LLE, In. (UP) cicntists -^arne from 40 nations on t shol .jff s off oth sides of tho Iron Curtain , d tModav - 0 burKlnr sto lc $37 r o hear reports on now techniques .,..„, r ..l.,. „„ .,,,,,i!!,nnr. firm, nd medicines whirh sho\v hopc- ul signs oJ ta nder control. The office r) thorn is attacked. The Manila agreement called the Southeast Asia Collective Defense Treaty doesn't go as fai as NATO. The eight partners agreed only to "act to meet tin: common danger in accordance' with each member's "constitutiona processes" That looks like a wide open escape hatch. (Presumably this language mean thc American President nncl Con gress and the governments of thi other seven partners would rnaki their own decisions on where ti get into war in Asia. The Manila treaty, signed by lh' eight foreign ministers, won't b in force until all the government ratify it. Secretary of State Dulle could probably set this kind of /; treaty through tho Senate, but no one as strong as NATO. ' • Onlv two of tho Manila signer DIAMOND • • f * • • * • • *'. • Enjoy Our Fine Foods SUNDAY ..!'••" DINNER I* $Bring the family and eat Sunday* Dinner with us. ' Jl Sail us for Reservations. Any* size table reserved. 4 We Specialize In Party Service. Anytime DIAMOND * Cafe & Cafeteria Half "Pint Milk. •'• Extra Items .Daily. '• Menu for week of September 13th _i. i7th — Elementary Schools. j Monday — Baked Meat' Loaf and Vegetable Gravy, Whipped Potatoes, -Garden Salad; , Biscuit, Ice- Gr'eam, One-half-'iPint r ',Milk:.,. „.:. 'Tuesday, — .Beef and .Vegetable Stew (Carrots, 'Potatoes, Onionlj and Celery) Cheese Cole Slaw; Whole-.. Wheat .Bread, 'Applesauce, One-half Pint Milk.. Wednesday — Hot Dog on Bun, Cabbage and Carrot-- Sala,d;*"Pork and Beans, Jello ; a—' ^-'H" fralf Pint oned Mixed Greens, .CarrotjStrips, Corn Bread, Cake .Squares', One- Jeff CHANDLER Maureen O'HARA ALSO • DAVID USFL/NK HIS SCAR MARKED THEM BOTH! • PAUL HENREID 'TH? MAN WHO MURDERED (and Lived to Regret if) Always o Color Cqrtooji >UN. & MON, P v NLupcheon Butand One- Sea- , ,„-, Frew5lf• Fi-ie'd Potatoes, But fifed ,^i)Bft»rand:Carrots, Bread and Butter Sandwich, Fresh Apple One-half. Pink Milk. ' Jfrriday — Cheese Salad Sandwich Pe'ah\it-'B.utter and Honey Sand jvJch', . CSke. Square, One-half Pin Milk.:'-: .''--•,;; . • • ; ' MAI>4'ii ; ?pUNTRY CLUB RDS i /JL MIDNl i TO TWJLITE FIRST ATTRAGJIPN STARTS AT MIDNIGHT ALL THRIl-L SHOW SENSATION new By' JAM E-S •. (VI A PLOW*, WASHINGTON Wr : 4i v gi?e'ement amongrthe United States ncl"" 'seven parlh'ei-s to "defend any ''Com- American for'efglf;-,;fecp also been shruggeciTj This is one agreement' — Pakistan and Thailand are nations on the continent of Asia. Conspicuously absent were India, Burma, Ir.donesin and Ceylon Their absence leaves a large gap in anyarrtmgemcnbj tin: eight part.." ahtlt'c for tho 'military defense bf Southeast Asia. Also absent are Japan, South Korea and the Chinese Nationalists on ..Formosa, although the United States ;ihas special arrangements with;'each'of them. All are tar mori capable of making a military contribution to the new alliance than .is little Thailand. ; These three may be brought 'in later, if 'some ; obstructions ••8Xj£\ overcome. For instance, Britain recognizes the Chinese Communists as the legitimate government of China. With the United States it is -just the other way around. It recognizes only Chiang Kai- shek^ Nationalists on Forrnos.a. ' I'raBtit this • treaty goes . beyond a get MOrC R00lllinjo«r/.omciofjh lotvcost fir plyivood Dlllll' tl} 'ectivenesa depends entirely upon tow well the eight nations which the United Stales,! . fnilitary alliance. It talks of 'inde- pendeiiee~-for peoplqs in the area as soon $s'- possible It promises SCC ' ' ° ntp ,. » es> ' economic "help. In ohort, 'it takes Britain France Australia New, ^ giving the poo- Zealand The Phihnpmcs. Pakistan, ' Southeast Asia some solid Thmlnnd want it to work. Thailand want it to work. It could be stronger. But, if it were, the Senate might balk. It could include more member such, as Japan, Nationalist China, South Korea but they may be added later. First reaction after reading this n<n-eement signed at Manila (Wednesday might be: "We'll see how much it'rrie^ns the first time the Chinese Confyyuinists put it to a test," But tHo^ Chinese may be afraid to tost it tearing that tho •United States might then gp tp war in Asia. ' The agreement will have proved a success if, without a shot being fired it keeps the Communists from aggression. In Europe the Russians have not moved since 1949 when the West ern Allies including the United States, Britain, France set up NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. The 14 NATO 'members are pledged to help one an other automatically'in c&se any of ORSons fo , lining up with the West instead of Red China. oc^Wt'oday-f-sfpF eco, nomical.quality-testqcl ^- fir plywood -and easy- to-follow plans for 8 rooderp ! 'fir plywood built-ins. ' ( REPAIR LOANS available for all types of Home . improvements and repairs. BILL WRAY ' SUPPLY CO. Phone 7-2348 S. Wolniit •»^- THE . , PJCTURE OF OUR TIME! THE MOST HONORED PICTURE OF ALL TIME! • MYRNAUOY • FREDRIC MARCH » DANA ANDREWS t TIRI5A WRIGHT • VIRGINIA MAYO t HAROLD RUSSELL Somuel GoWwyn's "THE BEST YiAR$ OF OURUVBS 11 ,^wUR;piei|l K-r ^Jf' l *f J . } . f r_ SHt'j "•' EXOTIC DANCES! BEAUTIFUL WOMEN! OlAMOROUS, GLORIOUS CIRIS, WODEIS, DANCERS ^ •%<& Off fa $<w* <* ^f I OR 1HI BIGGEST THBILl Of YOUR UK STREETS Wfl» d y HOUYWOOD Alien Electric Co. ANNOUNCES A NEW POLICY! Now you can hqve your Honje Rewired to meet modern conveniences and new fixtures. 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Is mpre than a course In effective speaking, It is training in leadership, human relations, meowy development, and contrcllng worry. Plan now to attend this dinner meeting without pb- llgatlon, For information aboMt ^e Draining ask any graduate. For reservations (which are nece$?ory) call or write TROY MARTIN, f|arlp,w Hotel before noon Monday, September I?, Phone 7-3474, ; Sftftember ? 1,~1?54 M Of | f , ;l A «t ft A N SLONDIE 0*A*K«t MR. BLJMSTEAD. •tHl'S- IS FOR YOU "'''I THIS ISTOPTHEVJILLARPS THEY'RE HAVING A QH, BOY--TURKEY--STUFFED OLIVES-.QVSfER SAUCE IMPORTED CAVIAR FANCY CHEESE lf"M tHIS OOWNpO* KEEt'S WfSfiOAM (TLL T i?a : ADI WASH OUT RUNS WE JUS' SCORED By J. R. WilHoiiH OUT OUR WAY VIC FLINT IF IT WASN'T FER.THAT . / &\Si COMIM' HERE A HALF HOUR BEKORE TIME TO HAUL US BACK, A LOT OF PEOPLE WODLP JUST THINK WE WORK PERTH' J ••<:•; i CITV/ BECAUSE i MAC? DRINK TOO MAN 1 / Answer to Previous Puzzle Asiatic Monarchy ACROSS 1 Asiatjc hiohiarchy 6 Range li Speaker IS Frightens 14 Cloak 15 Small candles 21 Hate 16 Compass point^Z French city : 17 Coat' "part 23 Capable .......... 19 Female saint 24 Pause 40 Excess of 43 Heavy blow (ab.) 27 Steep descent calendar over 44 Irritate 28 Metal lunar mpnjh 46 Variable star. -j 29 Golf mounds 41 It is on the 47 Flag-maker ' 35 Small .fish southern — — ;48 To cut 36 .Qualified of the 50 Males 37 College Himalayas 52 Paving officials 42 Hurl ' substance xv. -.. 8 Native metals 8 Saucy 10 Essential being 12 Harvests 13. Cubic meter 18 Pastry 20 Affirm 20 Desired 22 Vehicle '25 Observe 26 Redact 30 Encourage 31 Weary ' 32 Otherwise 33 Cry,, of bacchanals 34 Seines 35 Sorrowful WASH TUBES 'STOP THAT® BXPIAIM THE^. t, LBW?NEDl THRU THE ANONYMOUS IBtTWtPOTJW SUDDENUV <5Et& ;, ^'^5p5^ 'HEROESAREMAPE-NOT BORM 39 Storm 42 Heart 1 45 Flower part 40 Written form of Mistress 49 Beast 51 Idea 53 Choose 54 Scanty With Major Hoople ' '' OUR BOARDING HOUSE AK)DT THAT ostJAL P|P& eST!/v\ATIN6 W ' 55 English river 56 Expunge DOWN 1 Alaskan city 2 Ages •"•••; HAVS THEM MAIL IT TO ME AT HOME, gOT THAT ADTO- MATICALLV COT^ IT I hi HALF BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES • 3 Window part •'• 4 Pewter coin of Thailand 5 Sprawls 6 Measuring dpvice 7 Heac)* covering CARNIVAL "' By Dick Turner v < i 10 vt.-»«ut"» •> BUGS BUNNY BUGSY'S SfO 1 PACKET >'PACKET} gUT I OUJSHTA SBT'SOW 'BUSINESS OUT O 1 J • LUNCH* AUEY OOP THATlplfKOtJ «f>3%%$%*$$&t{ DIDN ' T f 5H ALU-'T I PUNNO^WELL.AU. THINGS I WWT ABOUJ, <m%m'$i$^ GET WETAK& IDYATHINIKKCONSIPERED.'! L fifaNNVO?^ iSKKtitK'OaFZfir. .. . ^*-^ «.. — V i... n* f, ,•* I t\m .\ il ift> in nr-\ iLA^/^iLir- r r>iir** I I t /^r* i nft'kiOd T. M. nig. 0, S. P.t OH eft. l»54 by NEA 5,^ *i * ** b » rtend f s j ff *^?e high-tpnecj places! 't lisjpn to ordinary ,bper troub!es-l fts to be fancy "•'• m^gp^T* l/f? * ' '/ i! ' '' '•'* ',.''' | , *•*'•-- * - > • ;.i ••,-•. ( ^^^j^^^''^ f ^-^^& : i•: ^Sv; v^iifeBi lf v'> ••:•: ^^^^ SIDEQLANCES By qalbraith «'| don't know why I dieln't have that automatic>ff|Ji|wji ttep installed sooner to break up thOf? ' PIE THI 5TPRY OF MARTHA WAYN| enly nlltbl'Ml at a light npt rep f ht " f'flhl dan?w beautifglly^now can I wMoh tht ^

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