Winston-Salem Journal from Winston-Salem, North Carolina on November 12, 1903 · Page 1
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Winston-Salem Journal from Winston-Salem, North Carolina · Page 1

Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 12, 1903
Page 1
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v - em 5 Vol. VIII, No. 161. WINSTON-SALEM, N. C, THURSDAY MORNING. NOVEMBER 12, 1903. Price, Two Cents. $1,000 TO PRESIDENT PALMER Makes a Statement Which is Warmly Denounced. LATTERY BILL DISCUSSED Stockholders of the 'N. C it Midland Railroad Declare 2 1-2 PER CENT DIVIDEND 1 " "If. www i Al the Annui! Meetin Held Hera, $29,000 Net Earnings of the load lor Past Year. , At the annual meeting of the stock liold6ri of the North Carolina Midland Railroad held here yesterday a divi dend ot 2,'g per cent on the capital toik was neclarad. The jet earnings of the road for the past year were tobiid to be 129,000, after the interest ou bond had been pairi aud all inoi dental expenses have been settled lh city of Wiutton owniugg $40,000 worth of shares in th- road will 'eoeive aa hex abate fl.OOO, Davie County owning the same amount ot took will leceive a like amount. The atuck ii practically owned by the Southern Railway though there rre a few private stockholder besides Winston, DaTie Cnbnty, Monresville, whinii owns stock to t'u amoaut of $8,800 and Coddle Creek towushi $5,400. The lololwing ware elected to constitute the board ot directors: U.B.Eaton, II. E. Fries, K.J Reynolds, M. B. ttailey. J. W. Fries, P. II. Haie, an1 G. W Hinshaw of Winston; J. W. uannon, of Concord. A .i..E.r and i Dr. J. R. MoClellau, of Mooresviile; F M Johneoo aud W. A. Bailey of Davie Comity; A B. Andrews, of Raleigh In tlie furore the mayor of t' e oity will be one of the direotors beoose of the stock owned by the city. Air. A. L,euzer was ohoien by the board to draw resolutions of respect to the life ot Rev. W. O. Wilson ol Mooksville, a director of the road for CLore t'au 25 yuan. A onpy ot tb lelsolatious will bespread upon the records of the meeting and one ae t to the widow at Mocksville. Th se of the executive comrrfttee are U. W Hoitishaw A. B. Andrews vaud A Lazoer. xne roai was aeciaren to be in ex-cellei t condition. Col A. B. Andre who cuKie up in his private rar to at tend tl.e nieetmg spent the day here. 'f -It i 3 V'. , i v!)1 A) X I V ', v. - 11 w, , ! t r. t . i "' -V "vV". ., ... ' " ;. v.' v T-'T OLD TOWN CIIURCH-Where Sesqui Centennial Will be Held on Friday. SESQUI-CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION 150TH ANNIVERSARY Of the Founding of Bethabara The Most Important Church Event for Many Years. At tracting World-Wide Attention. the eoiUl of SUOAL EVENT. Marriage of One of Salem's Popolai Daughters November 26. The hethrnthal of Mlsg (Jeorigft Righrs of riuletn to Di. Eflrd ot South Carolina wkh announced at an eutfi-taimuent giveu by Mrs. Dr. Sieweis, in her honor a few davs hko and wa alo annrini.ced in these oolarns at the time, invitations to the wedding are now oat and read as follows': Mr. aud Mrs George lianas Rightn request the honor ot yoor presence nt the uiarriMge of their daughter, Ceor-gia unnstatce and Dr. Lester Julian Efird, Wbrtnesdiiv afternoon, Nov 25, 1903, t 3 o'clock. First Baplits Choroh. Winston Salem, N. O.i Mis Kighra after (rradoating at the Salem Academy was for a number of ye h tuember of the faonlty. Sue is prominent in social oiroles in both the Twin Cites. Dr. EUrd, for a number of years a The oelebratlou of the Sflqul-Cen (emiial to he hell at Behabara Fiidsy at t'ie Home Churoh Saturday and Sunday and tluoi.gliout the Southern Moravian Province Tuesday ia ex citing widespread interest. Dr. Ole- wel is in reciept of many loiters of oor.gratnlati jus npon this gieat celebration from all over the United States, Great Britain and Germany It ia a faot that Bxthahara and points i'l it immediate vicinity are ot more lute rent, historically than any other poiutx in the Srate. These poiuts of iuteret aud events centering around tliem were never folly recognized by the people ot tl.e State nntll the organization of .lie Wa'hoviu llintoricil S. ciety. Sinoe tntuj t Ijh pabtiahing ot interdicting pampl.lets ot information aud dates nud a complete hitorr ot Wuoliovia in North Carolina" by Dr. Clewell has awkened the people to he importance, historic ally of tills fid iiionity Great pieprations have ben maoe to make this the rnott im- portaut celebration held in tin State for many years. The old town of Bethabara, has in a tense been com- peltely rebuilt by the establishing of slii8 marking the streets and the sites of all the buildings whioh were originally there. The place of the hut where the flisf settlers 160 years ago took op their abde is marked by a huge bonlder of granite on wtiioh Is ioscribed the D mes of the original twelve settlers. The old fort which daring the French and I.idian war sheltered refugees from tne country for 100 miffs around is outlined by granite pillars showing the exant situation and siza. The mill stone of tl.e old mill w liioh practically fed the western part of the State for a nmnber of years has been found add made into a rnonq went ou which is inscribed a history of the fort. In faot so completely has the town been marked out as it originally stood b; these pillars and monuments that one in passing through is strangely impressed with an Indescribable feeling as if in the midst of a spectre city. " It was through this towo in 1781 that Cornwallis passed with 7,000 soldiers and encamped clone by. Two years later President George Washing ton wfcg a visitor to the town and ei-pressed himself well plenHed witu the xtordy and valiant settlers. It is in commemoration ot the founding of this settlement, takiug snch sn important place in history tha the exercises on Friday will be devoted, together with the dedication Statement ol Palmer was to the Effect Tha' Amount be Paid -War Veterans Would be $31,000,000 Inst .""I.OOO. 3pecial to Journal: Havana, Not 11. -The question of a lotteiy in connection with t.A army ton bill was the subject cf a heated dlscossiou yesterday in t'e Sentte. Sneator Dolgado, the a-luor of the let err bill, replying to President Palma'n statement that war veterans' would aooept the proceeds of the loan as foil satisfaction of their ultima, warmly denonuoed that utateui lit and said that uo one who applauded the President's assurances during his recent tour of the country uspected that tbe amount to be paid to the veterans would bo reduced to $35,600,000 from 135.000,000, the toll amount ot the veterans' claims. Snnntor Detaadc insisted on the necessity of pitssng the lottery bill in o;dei to adquately compensate ths Cnbans who had tonght for the independence of the country. DYNAMITERS AT WORK of the monuments and the deeds of the settlers. The importane of the oelebratlou is attested by the Southern Railway ooneenting to ran a speoial tralu with a teating oapaoity of 800 peopl) to Bethabara. Tbe train will leave Win ston al 9 a. m. returning from Betha bara at 6 p. m with a round trip fare of 35 cents. Saturday the lloraviau liutorloa Society will have a publio meeting iu the Home Charoh. Rev. Paul de HohwHnitz of Bethle hem, Pa., will be the speaker. Sev eral papers ot interest will also be read. Sunday the member ot the different ohurohee ot the Southern province nuuibmog about $5,000 will be iuVit ed to attend the speoial services at the Home Church. The last of the series of services will be held Tue day, Nov. ,17, at 3 o clock, this being the exuot day aud hour w hen the first settlers entered Bethabara. At this hour every oliuroh of the province will be open tor services and every mem ber, no matter where at, will devote the hour to quiet spiritual devotion servies at this hour will conclude the most important church ocoasion for many years and will constitute an important fact in history. resident of Wiufton is a nephew of J, O. itnd F. B. Eflid and is now building op a fine medical practice at Lees' Title, i. C. I -' ' ' ' j - " jl'v " j i, ... Hi 1 .' ' An ' f A Pho'o Showing the Progress Made on the New Depot. substantial As will be eeen by the above p'crnre the progrees r,n the new Union Pas aenger Htatinu is being made in a fai'ly satii-faftory roauner, and the portion of the walls which have been erecied, bltbough not much more than the foundation, give a faint idea of a beautiful and Etiuoture this will be. The contractors are very well pleas fd with the war the work is advan ciug anl promm even more rapid work. FRAUD CHARGED Warrant Issued Against Squire A. B. Settau of Asheville. special to Journal: Onarlotte, N. O,. Nov. 11. A special to Chronicle from Asheville says: A wairaut has been sworn out against Squire A. B. Sitton of Henderson oouoty by the Pristine Petrified Phenomenon Company, charging fcftton with obtaining money under false pretenses aud with fraud. The Pris tine Petrified Phenonmeuou Company kuowo as the owners of the Peirified man, last spring paid Sitton $3,600 fur the enriosity which Sitton claimed wan found on his farm in Henderson county Recently W. P. Brown, attorney tor thf- company, discovered evidenoe which it is claimed led to the exposure of the thing ai- a take and the company has broht criminal action. YELLOW FEVER CASES In TexasNew Cases 20; Deaths 5; Total Cases 768. Special to Journal: Laredo, Tex., Not. 11. The racial yellow fever bulletin issued last night is as follows: New oases 20 deaths 5. total cases to date 768, total deaths 77. Three new cases have been discover ed at the Gannel coal mines, making the total number there 11. Two deaths from yellow fever occurred at Mintr Monday makiug a total of ten deaths. Portion of a River House Blown Down. podEn to Journal: Trinidad. Gil., Nov. 11. Dynamite was exploded yasterday mornlug nu iter tne electric light power house at Hastings, 30 miles north of Trinidad. One oorner of the house was blown out bnt the ruaohinery was not darn aged to any great extent. Although information ii meager, it is under stood that the dynamite was not plao nd enrreotly and a a oonsequenoa very little damage wad done. At strikers' Headquarters it is claimed that the dynamiting was riot done by strikers and that the purpose probubly wag to have militia ordered to the camp. It was rumored here that the floperiutenrient of the Hastings mine had been shot aud seriously injured but this ooold not be verified. DRIED UP, CARD OP THA A KS. I sincerely thank all those who in anv way helped us in our affliction, which came npon us through th death of my husband, J. K. Pfohl. and may God bless you for your kind sympathy. Mrs. J. K.PfoM Baptist revival. The meeting at the North Winston Bitptit Cliapel continues to grow in interest, the reivie lat night was conducted by Fred N. Day, who preached a very touching sermon, from Matt. B:33, "8e"k ye first the kingdom of God." Mr. Day pltad with his hearers to make God aud his righteousness their first ohoioe. The meeting will eontlnue throuKh the week. Tonight the Jolly Boys' League will aMeud in a body at which tim they will be favored with a selection by the League quartette. Tne pjbiic I is requested to wttendrthese meeting. Coffee Was Drying up Her Blood. "Coffee had the peculiar effect ou me of thiokening the blood and levelling it in quality, iu other words dry ing it up" says a jonug lady of Hiiel ton, Neh., "and so long as I used the ling, coffee, I had terriflo headnohes frequently accomiHknied by Hour Ktau aoh and a very bad breath. 'My condition was serious and I knew something had to be done so I deoided to quit coffee; drink Postum. "A few days after I quit drinking uufTud and i.hiftcd to Postum I fell much better an l c;i;Liuned to improve on the Postnn nutil I am i:o? entire ly free from headaohes, and stomach trouble and stoadily gaining in flush and health and fuel happy and full of rioh, pure blood. ' My parents were ailing as long as they were ooftee drinkeis. They were oertaiuly great oolfue fiends and oalimed that they could not get or (fee strong enough for them and my father in particnlar was a rcgnlar s aye to ci. See, drinking many cu; ot it daily although he had teirini hnaduoiies about once a weeH, w hite my mother complained ot her liver and took diff erent liver rtiiueniew out ail to no avail. "Then I peisuaded flinin t ci'iit oofl'te and drink Potuni Fond i:u:Tee untl the result was all that I nad'hoj.ed for aud both are if.w hearty i-c.iers and are strong nud well I knov i f many other oases where liux itT cntfee and dink'ng I'osru.i hus result td in wonderful chai-K' in I pnlili.' Na'"e giveu by P torn Co., 'Battle (5reek, Midi, Look in ench pHrkae for a copy i f the Ltmous little bork, "The Road to WellvilK" ' ' i-

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