Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 11, 1954 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Saturday, September 11, 1954
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^^f^TW^^ 1 . * f " HOM ITAft, , ARKANSAS f ' te Hope Bobcat , S«pf, 10 ^Stftmps,.,. . , Her*! Sipt. 17 DeQucen . . . Here 5*" i* * f ^**^*^ - -it*iH*\t f\? ».«•*>« . A«,«_J ^ f Sept. 24 Smackover . . There '- (fir- OPENING GAME -;-y.7V _>;' it i 1 TdriflyceV. .$. 1* Here . f.ftfj *i~ H f *>-, *' 1't.rt"' - -V K , >~r . 4<fc>.' 8 ; Crossett.. v . There iSiH^rS^Tdirvi^wf; ./I,- Here i - t '' '" Gurdon' .*«"". -. There i'j&ci. i^Cdmden-.'. . •jHefe ,/ 5 Magnolia .. .Here i ~ * t id . Here .__.. . , . There i • > ,n^ „ <»' i ov. 25 Nashville ... There TONIGHT FRIDAY 8 P.M. BOBCATS" . f - v :--; : L* i? -as if *• t' . ,. . ... ($• *• ,t" >^ ^ l^^^y^Vr § ) *VV*dB(M- <5 / -r|f ARTING LINEUPS >peif't^j?"""'"'"' ".'' "" -...-* -Stomps i|vVRbwe5 " ; UE. ?....."Galloway 140 trWord •.:.,/ LT.. .-... Phillips 180 ihambless' LG Mitchell T45 ,lj<%V r -'-.- -.v-C .Bonds 180 r^erhdon'.' • • RG j-joneycgtt ,.RT Hycjdlestdn.,,........ RE .. Johnson , QB .. Mdrlar ... ,.:....„ , .HB , "YELLOW JACKETS" James 147 Saucer 220 ..... Nicholas 145 Simms 155 , McDonald 155 Camp 175 5 .;.,,.•./..'• ^jChqstain 176 LETS GO OUT TONIGHT AND SUPPORT THE COACHES AND BOBCATS < ' WE ARE 100%-BEAT STAMPS TONIGHT Rephdn-'spepr. Storev~ r; Foster's FamHy"'SH"be ;Stbr« - Sacnger & Drive In Theatres Owen's Deportment Store f 9<eT$ Esso'Servicenter Barry's Gro. & Mkt. Mid South Cotton & Supply r£ -- y --- w --'lceli Produce „' Montgomery Oro, & Mjrt. ' i>> v > i > Bros Dept, Store Bros, Feeders Supply Co, Gift Shop *!*t''^''fei§M w?iT ,. i,i',% ;4; t>| l 'vg^Fii^ 1 ! ^r &" ^, A h4 **, ', 1..39.. j_t«* First Natonal Bank Burke's Shoe Store Home Furnishing Co, Hope Transfer Co. Hope Basket Co. Hope Builders Supply Co. Cox Bros. Foundry & Machine Co., Scott Stores Morgan & Lindsey Crow-Burlingame Co. Norman Moore, Distributor pities Service Products Stewart's Jewelry Store Bert Retfig Nash Rotors Tol*l*T«x Co, i. J, Whitman, Distributor Lewis-McUrty, Inc. Tire Shop Johnson Printing Co. Young Chevrolet Co. White's Cafe Garrett's Shoe Shop City & Ideal Cleaners l Ward&Son J. P. Cook Auto Machine Co. Crescent Drug Store Gunter Lumber Co, Davis Furniture Co, The Fashion Shoppe PJwnkeft-Jarrell Grocer Co, Cifies Service Station Grpver Thompson Oakcrest Chapel/ Inc. OenxWsstbrook, Mgp. Wm, M. Duckett Seers Catalog Sales Office Shipley Studio King's Drive-In Laha Cleaners Hall-McNeiU's Diamond Cafe Southwest Wood Products Hope Auto Co. Graydon Anthony Lumber Co. Hope Coca .Cola Bottling Co. AHeri Electric Co, Lieblong Insurance & Realty Co, James Cleaners Herndon-Corneiius Funeral Home Trading Post Bruner-lvory Handle Co. Collier Tire & Battery Co, Western Auto Associate Store Walton^ Gulf Service THE BOBCATS - ATTEND EVERY GAME!! Si. .&,.*_ Our Doily Bread Sliced Thin by The Editdr H* Wathburft Chiggers, Bad Habits end Some Overtones On the Art of Snoring Here are two editorials from tier Southern newspapers: HIGGER8 (Henderson (Ky) Gleaner Journal) GKiggers are a sinful thing, and .o'rpe to think of it, they're some- tiling like sin. They do slip up on You forget about them and tlieir existence. Then suddenly they're onto you. And they spread. If you catch them early, you save Yourself a lot of agony. Sin's like t, or bad habits, which lead to nful ones. If you apply chloroform tight away maybe you can stop the pest dead in his tracks. If you pet things go, you're in for it. Lots of folks can tell you what to |fflo to get chiggcrs into control. :fooh't scratch, they say. It only rfitatcs and spreads the things. | Don't scratch a bad habit cither. ijTJiat way you're just teasing it •[along. Don't rationalize by saying peijBryono else is doing it, it's just [mat not everyone is caught at it. |l Scratching at it only spreads it, | remember. Best to get after those pesky things — chiggers and habits — immediately. Best to be firm and decisive, and not to let them get an upper hand. Best to apply the Cure at the proper spot where the pest is at work. Best not to follow in his wake and try to stop him after sfcme people dust with sulphui before going where chiggers are ilikely to be found. You can dusl your soul with prayer, so's to protect you against the possibility [of* an attack from a bad habit. Some wrap rags around ankles and wrists and soak the rags in kerosene. . You can wrap rags around your behaviour patterns by channeling yourself into healthful ivities, out-of-door recreational Star this afternoon, i0M|nt, 'vnA*toa*i*'*i-? day a flltte *&»ief ttfa^MWHa?^ and tonight, } , * ^A 1 55THYEAR: VOL. 55 — NO. 279 Star «f H6f>« tM, >«si Conielldated lin. It, 192* HOPE, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 11 1954 M*mb*r: th« AtioelaUd Pitta I Audit BttWM W A*. Nrt Paid Clfel. I MM. trtdllia Match II, 1*14 — »* PRICE Sc,C( pursuits, and regular attendance at church and Sunday school. After an attack of chiggers has set in many people scrub with yellow soap and apply ointments £rid salves. There are salves and 1 ointments for sick souls, too, and most of them are manufactured in a place calle'd a Christian Work- Generals Called in by Senate Censure Group By JACK BELL WASHINGTON ;.T) Senate in vestigators beckoned two generals toward the witness stand today as they sought to button up their inquiry on censure .charges against Sen. McCarthy (R-Wis.). Brig. Geri. Rnlph W. Zwicker, who three senators have charged was "abused" by McCarthy, was ready to testify as the committee met in a Saturday session aimed at driving as close as possible to a windup of the public hearings. Retried Maj. Gen. Kirkc B. Lawton, who McCarthy has contended was "broken" as commander of Ft. Monmouth, N. J.. for cooperating with the Wisconsin senator's investigations subcommittee, also was in line to testify possibly to counter rome of Zwicker's'state- ments. McCarthy was still, undergoing cross-examination when the com- mitte recessed yesterday and ii was not clear whether he would be recalled at the outset today, or whether he would give way to the other witncscs. Guy do Furia, assistant connse' to the special committe loking into censure charges against McCarthy, said in an interview he was only a fifth of the way through his cross-examination of , the Wisconsin Republican. Sen. Edwin C. Johnson (D-Colo), committe vice chairman, sajid Zwicker and Lawton may not get on the stand until Monday, but Edward Bennett Williams, McCarthy's lawyei, contended the hearings could be ended today if the committewoul d sit long enough. Roy M. Cohn, who until lie resigned recently was chief ,iv,unscl of McCarthy's investigations" sub- committe, also HERE'S HOW—Mrs. Mamie Eisenhower gets some construction advice from Oveta Gulp Hobby, secretary of health, education and welfare, at the Eisenhower farm in Gettysburg, Pa. Wives of cabinet officials toured the farm while Ike and his cabinet met at nearby Camp David, Md. Left to right are: Mrs. Eisenhower, Mrs. Herbert Brownell, wife of the attorney general; Mrs. Hobby, Mrs. George Humphrey, wife of the secretary of the treasury. Woman at right is unidentified. shop. While you're scratching those little red bugs, give a thought to thBJ thought. Chiggers, like habits, and .babbits, like chiggers, can-be handled if treated .with, the, proper respect for the harm that lies inhpr- etit within them if allowed to get the upper hand. SIGN OF AFFECTION? (N. O. Times-Picayune) And now comes a glibly ingenious explanation designed to take the stigma off snoring by endowing" it \vjjyi. chivalrous overtones. A British physician, reassuring the ladies that snoring on the part of their soulmates may be merely a sign of affection, opined as follows: "Snoring may be based on race memory. Atavistically, the male rita'de the noises at night to keep marauders from the den." "Thus," a Glasgow, Scotland dispatch, quotes him, "a wife kept awake by assorted .grunts, groans, wlKstles and snorts from her ever- stigations has been summoned by the special group. He said in Chicago yesterday he would be glad to appear. Cohn said he is due to report Sunday -to Rosier Air Force Base, Biloxi, Miss., for two weeks of training., He is a first lieutentnat in the New York National Guard. ' The committo already has indicated it will call James N. Juliana, a member of the investigations subcommitte staff. Boy Scouts Committee Plans Program Piney Woods .District Committee met First Methodist Church, Hope, this week with the following present: Donald Nunn and Hollis Galloway from Stamps, Arkansas, Chester Anderson, Fulton, Arkansas Claude Byre!, Haskell' Jones, Clifford Franks, Al Page, Ray Turner, .Clyde Coffee, from Hope, Ark., and \V. H. Randow Scout Executive, Texarkana. : Mr. Nunn, district chairman, was in; charge of the meeting. Invocation was given by Clifford Franks'. First, discussion • was units due tq re-register in Piney "Woods District for he'month of October. macle that these, could be. re-regis- .Qred in the mpn.th.;of October. '.''.•< /.Second; DiscuissiOri was' the big point of busjries^T-io,? the' mee.tijjg "''"" hi the loving spouse, might be encouraged tq,regard snoring as a sign of deep affection." Curbing our lively skepticism that such Runyonesque dialogue emerged from a learned British physician in Glasgow, we have this question: How does he know that the snoring is not merely some atavistic, subconscious rebellion against the marital state? Who can sag the spouse is not expressing stfDtle disapproval of his everloving (to quote the medico), or giving the nocturnal raspberry to her relatives? With all due respect to the erudition of the physician, we fear he is leaping to conclusions. The throwback spouse might be voicing his phonetical opinion on any number of subjects. That is, il snoring is to be classed as a form j"- OJU expression. Girl Bullfighter to Get Well DEL RIO, Tex, (IP) — Girl bullfighter Pat McCormick's doctor said today she will be in the hospital for "quite a spell." The 24-year-old matadora was goreS last Sunday when she turned her back on a bull in the ring at Final Round in Beauty Contest By JAMES F. TOMLINSON ATLANTIC CITY, N. J. (/P) — Fitly beautiful girls today entered the last round of competition to pick the fairest of them all Miss America of 1955. While the judges went into a liuddle to total up the points gained by the lovely contestants in preliminary battles, the girls aimed for hat final mixture of beauty anl talent which would gain the coveted title for one of them and gain her over $50,000 in awards. Seven attractive gals are leading the field at this point, victors in bathing suit and talon contess. But other points in evening gown competition, not yet announced, may place other girls in the select circle of ' 10 semifinalists tonight The judges, faced with the difficult choice of narrowing the field will leave only five finalists and then late tonight one of them will be chosen as Miss America, sue- ceding EvjJyn Ay of Kphrata, Pa The anual pagenat. which has ben beset by ill weather since it opened in a rainstorm last Tuesday night, was slated to go on even if hurricane Edna damaged the shore. Convention Hall, which the selections are made, is .situated away from the oceajn front. Acuna, Mexico, in the traditional stunt of bravery. Although it is now believed she will recover, her physician said her conditjfjn still must garded as critical. JUICK THINKgR St. JOSEPH, Mo. be re- fast thinking attendant at the Jesse James service station foiled holdup early today, """ men came 'in, one pulling on Ivan Scroggins demand jng money. Bcroggin? hesitated a, and came up with the right an swe'r. He told the bandits the had been robbed just a few mto ute§ earlier and tiist the law,' Wftfi oo the wey out t<? investigate. are -Troop 70, Stamps and, P,ack '69, '' ewisville. ?fncy r 'Woods'' .District.. Prospective, lew sponsors were listed and the Committee said that Packs could }c placed in Brookwood Elemeri ,ary School, Garland riBtem'entary School and Oglesby Elemerittftfy'Sc :iool. '*•:',:-. • Troop possible sponsors could be Litons ! Club; Kiwanis Club, Firs 3:-iptist Church, First Presbyterian Church, First Churnh of Christ anr V. F. W. The Committee as a whole studied the situation and best gooc :olnt of discussion was brought, as low to stimulate interest through these institutions. The committee discussed the to ;ether plan and each member, war assigned a institution and woulc contact and secure a minimum o five top flight rrwn to attend the together meeting October 4th a the First Presbyterian Church, 7:3<J p. m. This was decided] as the nox Committee meeting; date' .--" Members from out lying area? were also urged to cring their re presentativcs who are interested in new units lo this meeting. Men as signed institutions are as follows Al Page, Lions Club; Clifford Franks, Kiwanis Club and Metho dist Church, Clyde Coffee, Firs Baptist Church; Haskell Jones First Presbyterian Chuveh; Claude Byrd, V. F. W. and Church of Christ; Chester Ande'.son, Delegation from Fulton; and Hollis Gullo- way, Delegation from Stamps. District Chairman, Donnlcl Nunn will contact all tho other towns in Tabernacle to ShowFilm on Religion At 7:30 p. m. Monday night, Sept 13 the film "Shelter In The Cum aerlands" will be shown at the Tab ernacle. This is a 1G milimeter Sound Mo ,ion Picture in beautiful color telling the story of the World Famous 'Galile'an Children's Home in Ken tucky, land was produced just re cently>by Gospel Films, Inc. Mrs. Gordon Kling, formerly Mis Regina Basye is a member of the cast, ; ahd plays the part of a tuber culor, mountain widowed mothe whose children ; find refuge in tb Galilean Children's Home. The public is cordially invited t see and hear this film. Admissior free. Idna raged northward along the ,tlantic Cofast today and at 7 a.m ( DT was reported 135 miles south- bt of Atlantic City, N. J. It was bhcdulcd to rip past the eastern rp of hcavily-populared Long Island ft about three hours and smash qrthward 'oward New England. 4The Washington Weather Bureau aid much of Suffolk County on \c island would be hit by winds 1 hurricane and gale force, as all pastal areas from Virginia to vljaine grimly awaited the whims £ the unpredictable Edna. •Edna, more powerful than dis .strous Hurricane Carol, was re- lorted moving north-northeast at .bout HO miles an hour. The hurri ane's 124 mph core was expected o blast southeastern New Eng- and before non today. Winds i ompanying the bis blow extended 50 miles cast and 0 miles west jf its center, with gales spreading ut in a radius of some 200 miles Boston's weather forecaster, who ast night urged parts of Massaclw setts, Connecticut and Rhode Is- :on^Gets in Act to Get Drouth Hay By United Press 'The g'p;v,ei;iipp and two guberna toriaT nominees weret fMl in th act today :n the attenfpt to" secui i;, tLr.out'l« * fTt ^ « more federal aid ffii; stricken Arkansas farmers 1 . 1 Republican Nomine Pratt Rcmmel hinted that he was "verj very close" to securing more he] from federal agriculture oflicia ancl indicated that an "importer anouhccment" might be forti coming later. His brother and campaign mai ager, Roland Rommel, made a sim ilar statement. He-..said the Republican cam was "the first to make any a tempt" to secure aid from tt national Republican administra tion. "The others (Gov.-Francis Che ry and Democratic Nominee O val E. Faubus) got wind of it, an now they'r-i trying to take the ba and run away with it," the campaign manater sfdd. "But we have been in close contact with the department of agriculture and we are very close to getting what wo want and need, for Arkansas." Meanwhile, Faubus returned to Arkansas last night from Washington where he conferred with Agriculture Department officials. Ac- Hurricane Heads for Coast of New England By RAY KOHN NEW YORK <m Hurricane and to take .ions against immediate precau abnormally high If You Ever Hear Statement: rvMohey Isn't Everything/It Won't Come From the Rich tides and hurricane winds," today extended hurricane warnings 'north of Portland to Easlport" n Maine. By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK -VD — Sidewalk scrawlings of a Pavement Plato: One of the most commonly used observations in the English language is the saying, "Money isn't everything." But, pddly, I have very rarely heard a rich man make this remark, and I can't recall ever having heard a rich woman say it. Wpmcn generally have a greater respect fpr the power of money than men do,. probably because lor centuries they had a harder time getting hold of any. There are millipns pf husbands who, as a matter of principle, wpuld never think of gping thtpugh their wives' purses pr handbags But if any married woman told me that never in her lifetime had she secretly searched the pockets of her husband's trousers. I wpuld put her down as a brazen liar. Nor do I believe there ever lived n mother who didn't.'at one time or anpther, explore tho pockets ol her son's clothing. Men's pockets are an irresistible challenge to a v/omari's curiosity. Yet few feminine idiosyncrasies exasperate a man more than this one. He doesn't feel he should have to padlock his pants and can'I un dot-stand, anyway, the mysterious ascination his ppckets hold for The Boston Bureau added, it will hit the Connecticut-Rhode Island coast line a few hours after daybreak." \\ The' N.ew York Weather Bureau said tpday:, '''It seems | quite certain that the New, 1 York (City, .area and northern New Jersey will have winds "no higher than'strongj tp pccasionally gale force." '•'-', However, the Bureau sail winds' 'clc^se to hurricane force" would strike the eastern end of Lpng. IS' land. 'New Enelanders still are digging outVof the debris caused by Hurricane . Car.ol.,;which '. .took. 68 Uv.es and *c'aUsed' millions of dollars 'of prpperty damage Aug.. 31. . But mOre warning has been prp- vided against the onslaught ol Edna, 'the season'.-? fifth Atlantic hurricane, and all East Cast communities have ben digging in. To the south, Delaware coast * idents were still evacuating their homes as the mjglity tropica.; storm churned Baiwiward. Once I asked a lady if she had any explanation for this old fcmi nine trait, and she said: "Certainly. Any waoman knpws the easiest way tp find out wha s pn her husband's mind is tp see what he has in his ppckets. Maybe ypu think your wifi dpesn't do this. Put a mouse traj in ypur pocket every night anc see. It'tan even b?t but that within ' , .,-,.i; of Guatemala in Mexico By JACK RUTUEDGE MEXICO CITY Ml — Ex-Presi dont Jucobo Arbenz Guzman 'o Guatemala flew into Mexican exile today as threatening crowds 'irst, ivife. his mother, and later his . a week ;your wife J^vill be complain 100,000 Re r v - —ru for Invasion HBy 8PENCBR M008A QUEMOY (ff) I have on army of 100,000 RUBsla equipped s&ldlefs up of them Korean ' W r at based within SO mltea of Chinese Nationalists ' !siani5Kwl« just off the Red-held '»ftltt%ia However, the commander 30,000 Nationaustldef day he doubts that risk, an Invasion* Which has beer» the "vest pocket wat" 'slhtfe s A group of 20 Chinese " elgn newsmen flew herd peh yesterdfey'% a^one which was prolonged rf , a " plane trouble. ' . f , ^ 44 ,The newsmen watfihed'NatlS 1st big 'guns, bombard'jthe-.ima.in a few miles 1 to the Wesi,-\evfe LEGAL TlFF-City 'council in Los Angeles, Calils, is-checkin* the-law books to see.whether they can, cancel the" ,$IQ,000 contract lor this'statue designed' lor their* new police building. Bernard Rosenthil wifs^cbmrv missioned to do v the" statue'.two years ago. Councilman,Harold Harby .said . the modAuistic , itatue, symbpllc ol'tKe typical 'American 1 famlir'tmder poljc* protection,^! '.'Just^uMk.''\ "~. ' A" '*£*• ' ' *" ^ "'''' * - Nationalist " warplanes" a cross Formosft ' bombs ( on, Amoy. bases for -the sixth The Nationalist try In' Taipeh^ again teamed up'*wl hammer, artUlery-; posUlo whlqh tije , barded Quernoy ' ing pf'a, brmse_., „, We live "in i an : age>;that crave security*- 1 but the'' 1 giftsatest feling; of security I know-Bav'to lie in * a •"""'"•'"Bt,.njgW!.-ahd look, outsat .lni«-"5ii'^M?,i»i. HcrVitninff V «J> Qr /..,'* Benton Police % i _*&*' , V special com planes >"- i --- J1 -*-'"*'* army' land, Ampy, ^Sn4 des racks 'at White StOtte*! Returning .. '.'.'. smoke rolling ,1$?, the Amoy area, said. In six tionalist 1 challenged' The warmwed at, night. Mid look, out- a .^fol'dht; .4o^J5§uffinfiC!r .lightni; ajrtdi'tfite stPiyjn.\A*JlyH9!luro<JitS/ci .lightning 'eryi .,, are tugging -;atl l theV*j&o,t anchors like maddqned;'elepKa^tl^jn chains. But you areS'lhsidpVs.nujjj and saf^, '.Hp, the h&^rt'^corc- by the f'o'l^rt-.f nt :v f vin v inrv fivpr J .tho RimeVal-'joir of^Vjp"toj?y iemqnt's. *- v ._ -• s ^ .;-• ' 0 In .a.^gcojr v "' to e it Is foolish ct fpleasUres, th, v J^hq rajiztjtion vtliflt!- every hell ' ' was Sen. J. William ivho joined with Faubus in asking more aid at the Washington conferences. Fulbright and Faubus arrived in Fayetteville by plane and the Democratic gubernatorial nominee was expected to return to his Little Rock headquarters today. Rote Consultant Fees Approved LITTLE ROCK (ff)— Fees total ing $6,000 for rato consultants f. be used in tjie fight against the Arkansas Power and Light Co. application for a rate increase were approved yesterday by state officials. Gov. Cherry and Finance Director Frank Storey approved the fes. According to state law "properly' authorized protestsnts to rate applicants" may have the use of the state funds. V'" tome ^ «m W...- uu.w- ^w ,., ... . the District and huvo them bnrifi „„/ 0 ™ T urm: c..,,K,.-«v,f their delegates. With all these possible representatives of various civic organizations and churches, Scouting should reach almost everyone in the Piney Woods District. Prospective units, Scout Troop and Pack in the negro schools are now underway and H. M. Smith is in charge of registering those units wlith the help of W. V. Rutherford, principal, II. C. Yerger High School. The next order of business was reported on training by Chester Anderson. He stated that several that needed to complete *lv.; Basic Course and after the October. 4lh meeting the training committee will have an opportunity to offer the. men for training during the month' of November. Last point of business Ray Turner emphasized the fact that the Caddo Area Council this, year plans to have a man serving each District. He reports a good group of men heading up the various communities and emphasized that the Piney Woods District would havp U, S, to Pay Half of Freight oh Hay LITTLE ROCK tt» -- The federal government lias allotted $500,000 for payment of half the cobt of transporting hay for winter feed for Ai'kan>as drouth-stricken livestock. An agreement with the govern- yesterday by 6ev, CJieryy, to go all out to ii enough funds to secure a man to work on Piney Woods only. Masons to Confer Degree Tuesday Whitficld Lodge No. 239 will confer a Masters degree Tuesday night Sept. 14, at 7 p. m. All masons are requested to attend. Refreshments will be served, screamed "Assassins! Criminals Genocides!" at his departure from his homeland. The chief of Guatemala's oustec pro-Communist regime landed here before dawn in n special Mexican plane. He was accompanied by his wife, their two young sons and 17 of his supporters. All had been refuges, with hundreds of ethers, in the Mexican embassy in Guatemala since the forces of Lt. Col. Carlos Castillo Armas forced Arbanz out of office June 27. Castillo, now Guatemala's president, finally granted the refuges safe conduct permits out of the | country in accordance with the traditional Latin-American right of political asylum. But the new Guatemalan regime announced it would seek the extradition of those wanted for numerous murders, tortures and other crimes it has laid to the former government. has' its o'uncq of heaven, every hc'aVeh" its 'pound of : hell. '.'"Nb" polished phrases by literary writers can equal in aptnuss or homely warmth the country folk sayings of America's past. My favorite, common in rural sections of Missouri, . is the expression often used by a guest to show his appreciation to a hostess who nas gone to unusual trouble to fix a fine meal: "My you certainly did put the big pot in the little one!" The other day at a drugstore lunch counter I overheard one , that to rne, at least,' was new. One girl, discussing a chronic grlpper, said to her friend, "Oh him! He'd find something to complain about even with a loaf of bread under his arm." ^ BENTON (UP) — Saline'cottnty and Benton city officers began was shot-do aged >1r« Ampy,'j< r Tho' waves ol "' Two Escapees Still at Large HARRISBURG, (UP^ Two of three men who escaped Wednesday from Poinsett comity jail here wer.e still at largo today. They are Kenneth Sullens, 32, and Tells of Death Threat From Reds FORT SHERIDAN, 111. (UP) Lt. Col. Harry Flouting, on trial for alleged collaboration with his Red captors in Korea, once was threatened with death for resist- Kenneth Dale Spoon, 19. The third ing them, a defense witness testi- man, Stanley Miles, 45, was can fied. tured soon after the me,n sawed their way to freedom. Officers have maintained road blocks in the area, arc guarding banks at Weiner and Tyronza, and were concentrating their search to day in a small area four miles north of Here. Slate police in Litle Rock said that the men were still free early today. Open Air Meet on Old 67, West The Rev. Luther Volenline will hold an open air meeting a mile out on old Highway 67, west, stait- ing Monday night, Sept. 13 and continuing through Sept. ?3, Singing be j» Of Edward |(ay, Maj. Clifford Allen, 34 Fort MacArthur Calif, testified yester day that both he ancl Fleming were threatened by Col. Kim head of prispn camp No. 12 at Pyongyang Alien said Kim pointed a pistol a them and said: "I'm gping o shoot you dead because you're influencing others against us." Allen testified that Kim was angered because he and Fleming refused to write "an article which they learned later, the Gpmmu- nists wanted to use at the Korean peace conference. Allen testified that Fleming "showed a lot ol spunk" in demanding of the Communist^ moiv lod anj} medicine |p r the said hj(m. Red Cross Drive Director Named ST. LOUIS — (fP) Eldridge Jones Butler of Forrest City, Ark., has jeen named vice chairman for Ar- onsas in the 1955 Red Cross Fund campaign. Butler's appointment was announced here by Stanley C. Allyn, national fund chairman. An active Red Cross worker for many years, Butler will represent the national chairman in Arkansas and help the 79 Reel Cross chapters in the state to put over the organization's program. Butler is a former* state senator from Lee and St. Francis Counties. U.S. Population Is 162,670,000 WASHINGTON ,J#I The Census Bureau today estimated the nation's population on Aug. 1 at 162,670,000, including armed forces overseas. That was a growth of 2,732,000 of 1.7 per cent, in a year and 7.6 per cent, greater than on April 1, 1950, the date pjf the las^ census-. b.urglarics*!H nine places ol bust- ne/ss yesterday and la'st ** night. _ One pr .mpre 1 thieves i rilled cash drawers in five offices,' including three in the Saline County court house, between 12 noon and 12:40 p. m., yesterday, and broke into four , ,biisincss establishments last night. The ; take was estimated at $85,50iandua ; ;qitanlity of cigarettes and merchandise. Sheriff Pat Berry said that in every instance of yesterday's daylight robberies, the doors of the, qf- iices were fastened with' tumble/ locks and that the thieves must have opened them with keys. In no cases were the doors or windows forced. The burglars operating last night, he said, forced open windows to gain admittance to the business establishments. ' t ' Berry said that because of the ;ime element, it would have been imppssible fpr the daylight jobs .0 have been done by one person, 'Benton Police Chief Millard Crow joined Berry in questjpning two •nen today, and officers were hold' ing three others lor investigation, John Brown, the courthouse custodian, reported that he talked with a man leaving one of ,the courthouse offices during the period the robberies took place. Officers said that employes in the various offices were put lunch from abput noon until "12;4Q p. m. ' ' The offices victimized in the daylight rpbberie?; Benton Chamber ol Comrrterce. Mrs. H, E. Cox, secretary, $43 Jn petty cash fund taken. Generral offices Ipr three C.J.Q, Steelworkers unions, Mrs, Gladys Cox, secretary, no money taken but records disturbed in search for money, Office pf County Woman Killed in Car Wreck Alice W- PatPS, today by 911 Hilled automobile that failed to m<ike a curve al high speed and Sliced through g, corner pf her home, Charles Q. , driver, was unhurt His car Jefl the highway, m ttje hwe $jQ aud c§m.e^to »?b9tt-fft yenr-pld $)an&Si^i^|ialt thn ffr«t tlmn'siilMferl'ftXfiaM: thejirst.time] * ' M \ i ' '•7 l "- 1 ^-'i^V^i 1 ^f^-J?SW granted» ,sovisreign;tvpfg Young, ?U.5P in half <jQl}0rj »n4 quarters taken, $6 in nicies dimes left. Cash drawer h ai1 " '-reed wen, ,' '' Offie.e of county health John Burger, $J7 in Jujids taken, j s< Office pf -Saline Coignjy, ross, in .eouvthouae, Mrs^ Rhodes, secretary, files but nothing takoi). ' , The business gladzed last Four-Stat e Street, ci|arettc^ tt'K.^*'m$jim idly oehind,^?ilSlplft _."^V9«|«i

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