Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 22, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 22, 1896
Page 5
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Celebrated STIFF, SOFT AND SILK. Fall and Winter Styles. DEWENTER iiiiaiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiamacM*^**™* ~" YOU DON'T WANT A SUIT Unless it fits, neither do you want to pay double its' value, If I make your clothes, I make them fit, but I don't charge fancy prices Suits to order from $20.00 up, HARRY Q TUCKER The Pearl Street Tailor. THE F1RS1 nATlONAL BANK -OF• LOGANSPORT. . INDIANA. CAPITAL $a50,ooo. Ju J. Murdock, Pres. W. W. J. P. Brookmeyer. A««t. Ca»h. DIRECTOH3: w. B. Brlngbnrs;, W. T. . Bftr.klns In ni: Us Departments promptly «nt) carefully done. i,i.«i/i.r« Safety to Customers and StockhoWem Strong Reserve Fund maintained. CATARRH ForV ^ protec Wo B o«ltlvt>ly»tatoth«t not mercury or liny otlie. Injurioiw Urvi«. o ui.a au.e.l. IT WILL CURE. : ^M^XWnru^SS^^i* Sump o» .10=, by u sill. Father "I can't tell n. He," Bldwell's Ciindy Kitchen 314 .FeMl street, is making and selling chocolate nougats of all itovora at 25 cents .1 pound tne same price for the flwrt ftnlt Md nn bonboDS. Fine butter seoteh, tames bnd roust ,p3annt candy, made every d»y. ^Vr, OCTTOBEB 22, 1890. Cr«aro Jars, l'c each, ait Fotey's. •Bnrgmiltifl In watclites.— Ben Martin. Outfng aalffhts stoirts, 45c, oesl'giiee'& enile. Attend Wtiglnfc & Bud-de's orpentas today at 321 Pearl street. Sou^eolra to 'ttll lady callers at opening of Wnl'gttvt & Buddy's comfeotlon«7 3t«K, 321 Pearl street • ffh» Pharos to Its editorial columns lost eventns quotes from the Ctolciigo •Reicord poU whlcllii It tas denounced as fraiudulenit. ThrfM« Khe sort of authority it uses -when 'it suits i*» pin-pose. It quotes Ltncota •n-hcn LJncobi spoke at a time whan silver was more ralu- able than gold at 1C to 1. Its whole canvimi£n' is one ctf deception. AMxlnlley Escort Guards, attoutiofl! You arc ordered to meet at the rlak'at 7:15 o'clock sihnuT), In lull walTopni. T. KNIGHT, Sec'y. Awarded Highest Honors— World's Fair. BEVERIDQE TONIGHT. A Noted Orator and Logician to Speak at the Rink. .Tlit; Him A. .1. Be-veriilpre, one o£ tlie •most jitotetl "sllver-tonpu'Cd" OKI tors oC tlie •couiitiry, i« to speak at tUe riol; tomttglrt. There should <be a .ga-oat big crowd out, for 111'. Bevea-kise will en- terbiliu .nine people thorousttily. He is of the 'Class o'f .speakers to -\\-Jileh flic IToii. .Tolmi I*. Irteh'antl our oivm. '-Bob" IiiusoiisoH 'bolouj?, and Jiis tlonnouce Is only ixiiiaiUetl by Ws logic. These two -\v-lll oaterhiin all cliiswes. PULLING A DOG'S TEETH. Uoi)ti:itV Experience In Removing Toott from a Canine. "I have never been called to pull a flop's teot.li but once," volunteered u well-known dentist, reports the Washington Star. "Had I known for what pui-pose I was needed I would not have responded, but l>einff o:l tlio ground I was too nervy to rul'u.so. The cusc was that of a do? 1 helonging- to'the wife of a Michigan senator. She- hnd several nice do^s of fancy breeds, nod I noticed that on'e of them acted strimgcly. . The telephone directory of that day had my nanio well up on top iu the list of dentists, and I presume that is why I was called. It is no unusual thing- for dentists to be called to Uic houses of patient!! who arc siclc or otherwise unable to go to the dentist, and I packed up a.' few necessaries and started. I was met at the door by the lady, who spoke of tie, sufferings of Madge. I took it that Madge was either a child or a favored servant, and tripped as softly as I conld upstairs to the room to which I was directed. I noticed there were two or three little pug dogs in the room, but did not dream that Madge was ono of them. In a few Moments the lady came i;p and picking up the dog spoke sympathetically of .Madge's sufferings. I was in for it, and in a short time hnd a towel tied in. Madge's mouth, and the next thing Madge knew Bhe was three teeth short, I was asked my fee, but as I had never performed such .a service for money I. did .not know exactly what to charge. I made It three dollars and was paid. Sinco then when I am called by telephone I ask something about the work to be done, lor, unless it is ray 'own dog, I prefer, to be excused from the work.' An Odd EORlith Vllluf e. Bucktand-on-the-Moor, n, secluded village. of Devonshire, England, has no public .house, parson, policemen or paupers. The squire owns all! tie land. The farms nre small, but profitable. The .form laborers live in the squire's cottag-ea. "Whom they fall sick the pquire pays their wagas as usual, and when they ore too old to work any more they are eon.tinued on the pay list, and 'potter about, doing what they pluase. Attorney General Ketcham Talk* on the Issues. THE RINK CROWDED To Hear the Distinguished Orator • .—Some of the Points. G iiniurci !• W, A. P<WDIR MOST PERFECT MADE. Cream of Tartar Powder. Free ia, Alum or any other adulterant; 40 Yeats the Stan<J«d. E CHAINS Oil? GOLD. Not a grain of silver, Tvt-uuiry-threo of gold, Miivkes :M honest doll-fir. So I've <>'Pt b«iu 'told. . Litlile 'Willie Bryan . e ;m> hcwst. d-oTliin: Out. oC fi'f-ly cents. 'FH'ity < i eiiits o£ s'J.vi>r. Not tuialher cent, - ifcikn n,n 'honest dollar By skimp of government. jiist wu ounce, ol sl • TaJceii from the m ; 3ne, ., • Made b.v Brj-am woirjli a- . Dollair t^-emb'-^tno. . ... Take somo-p-aliKJol.' silver Amd gralms of Brjipm's sand, M-nike an hoEOSit' diol'kar, "TwUl n-ever .lenK-e -tihe land. '.i-owd lu-s-t rtglrt Hit the rlavk. After iHio sloe dub hind rendered. two so'loo Ltoivs. >M!i-. IS. T. aieCoiiiiittll ii).rwliK:ei1 l.iiu iliistiiiKnisliixl speaker rl ln n few Itrief but fliivpropriiUe ronwafc. 'Sir. Kofa-hji'in s:i:W lie 'tuon-glit it well itlwu L'lu) r>«H>lc should Hinders tsuid -tliie great question. which d'liv-.klew the two poliiti- cai iwu'ties. "Two parties nre very nec- ess:uy, oaic -to .ndmlhiiis-tor 'the government,, and OTIC to watch juid friticifie tf 10 pa,nl:,v in -power. I 'th.Imk i t well r.im tho DemowaitLc iisirty be 't)Uc one -left to tto the -criiti'diwinK nmd wateuiinig. •Tiro Governor oiC itlils 'great , Sfcvtn do(.-s wronji whcu ho doroiwices those wlio owl. -him iin the lilg-n. positlo-w -In •which lie is bPOTiise -tihey -sstaii.il on Doinoariilifc iirhiftiflos airifl not on Dem- oer.Tt.lic i>li).tiPoi'm». This grertt country for whiieh so many inert gave up their -lives •belauds (to iittl of us- When Mr. Bry-iui sa.ys Wi'at -Ixs te Inviull-nK tilie 'enemy's country' when. lie vlsMis .1 country ftuvonuble to McKlnlo-y, lie Is aiTirytoiS class ngntoft class. "Last rammer, while' on- my vncn.- itton, I attended the Chicago couv-tWiUon a nil there sfiiw -the men.' who taxi been Iwulevs o.f tlie Democra-tic parity, who •lifid st'ood by t'he party itliirmigli sun- s-liilno aiid sal-orm, complctcHy nviistered out of tlie army of Deroomits ami ip their pin co, saw Al'tsrcld, Hie nuarclilet, TUlim-nn with Ills pitchfork,, and -Tones of ArtiiJiisas wHih Ids plam-tMtioin yhip." T'ho speaker -then took up the p-la.tform ad-opted 'by -tihn,t coawomittoro, mentfO'ii- •inir'tho plunk which referred to Hue Supreme com* first. He -con-<.lem.ru>il the !W.-tio;n tflkcnvby the coixvcnitiion. on that subject, and sn-ld Bn- coincln-sion. "Vic iliold our prospcirMy, our 'liberty -niiid onr .li-vcs siilbject -to that court. The a.cH'on takem in tlilis m.alitpi- was luwifrlut on pnt!«!ly bj-'l'hc sand-ins of Th-e Federal troops 'to Chicago dwtins -tine strike in the jauimmcr of JS9-1 Wl-tti-orat the con- ROiiitoT Governor Alts*l, and I li'a.ve spokcm in llm-co a^aiin-sl; Cro-ver Clcwhiiml, I co nun and Ms >]ioBe,v in- repraaM to Illiiis ra-a-bter." TIcn-fl Jf-r. Kotch'a.iu took occasion- to mrarl.iw.n -the St. Louks Pop-uJiist convention wluich. n'doiitcd -i •pla.iiform rarer- ^ in? jrovciriim'cin-t ow-nwship o'f railroads and .to'lecrai'li ]i;n.es. lie said Wi-at ho diduM: kno-w 1»w .iit was Iin Tj(M?a:ispt>rt, but -tli'a t dowiii- to I.nd'ia,n'a.poTis ffliey S 'h'atl trouble wlHlii tB-s posi- , h.I-s clerks, -the U. S, mai-sli:i3s who worketl into po-li.lics ^ivd had to be rcnroTCd, a.nfl 'ItonsQut th'.at.l^woiilO be- a. 'bi> job to reimov-e nil the railroad eniiployes 'amid tele.?rapli mem w»n- a.n ,'id m i iiilis-fci-a'ti-o'n eta used. "APtw ClCTcila:iid (had beeai e.lectcd; rtml the -Sowa-te and Houso were; both Democraliic -and the -biis pamic came, the Democrats foiund Hint they could never ugato face itiho pRoiple oa any '1s- snie it'luat they ihatl-cver advocated lamd expect to wJn, so tlie Western states ®timck up a flii-rtatlon with the Smith- cwv states on (the- five s'ilvej: Issue, wh-i'ch 1 deveiloi>ed .Into, a courtsWip at the Oh'lcago -and S-t IjOTila coayoDHons, ami wow W. J. Brj'ain, proposes to com- mtt lilgaimj' -by -•mai-ryinK tlite New Bng- lairtd ibaiiiker «nd ithe Georgia steeof." Mr. Kefcclinm Wneai. took up the act ot '73. 'He said .that ait that-tCrne severa! cif the -prewinit <flnam.i*ins of free sJlTer were to the Scma-te and lini the House aiul made «*> fitfht fl-gaitmst the hi w, .but •favored It nmcl voted for it. '•Htid -W, tnkcin tliemi tw-efflty-tliree years to tocate tlie disease la -tli-is conn-. try? The disease never T>roKe o.ut Ain- lill the Deanocratlc party bi-oke in. Before 1S73 'we tad about 21 cents per cap!i6tv of -silver. At in-esant we lua-ve .aiboiit .f7.14 of .silver pea- capita. "Miifit'Mve'TM'tea '-Stateft sail on. a wWe s«a oif sipeiculatlom Wii-th nio -rud- but silvcir mine owners and no ss excejut 1ihe men. wJi'o -ate b.ur- wli'th 'debts? Tho Tlnil.fced States say il3iat 1m-o Um«? -t\vo ma.ke five, but .i",vo times 1nvo ma'ko fcwr tlie worln over. "Wtoi Graait was iianimeriii^ a^ay -:it I-'otorsbii:!'? and whc'ia Sherman was ttelrtiug: his way to t-lno sea, tilio soWIei-s bpcame dSshttu'toned becnmse tine men on Wall s-tireet were speciiilatinK M fjold, -a.nd tlte. Comgrcss 1'iicm in session •tlioiwrliit Co puss a.la.w maklns'tnu spec- ul.itlo.ii -on gold a misaemoanw. Gola. -imm.edli3iitoJy. .'went wp swul '..lin a-fe-w days aa'd i3iat.sst.iiTC CMHSI«SS wjis glad 1.0 rcjpeal ^te-litw. • .. ,, " v "I bc4icve tliiat this nia.tiom cam go to '•n. Kfflver sbi'Bidard, -but look -at .the'panic 'tlin-t tJiei-e would .iboi Tlvo life .Insurance titia't'you •ha've'beon'parai-s m.fot : Wie past 'years 1'or the., future support off yam wives and faitnll-ies would Ds paJtl off in ch-eaip money," : •Mr. Ketohwm • spalie of rlio'p-rospMH j under Haiirflsoa'-e adnnindstratloii' atid referred to t'lw 'benefits gained- from. .tl* mt^^^itf^^ '^--^ . No matter how Large the stock SOME PARTS SELL OUT first as everything goes out and NOTHING COMES IN, if you delay your purchase you may miss just what yov want the most and PAY DOUBLE ELSEWHERE. We are closing cut some departments as clean as a whistle, others are full to overflowing. You are unlucky if your wants are to be supplied from the SHORT DEPARTMENT* the contrary if from a full department, UNDERSTAND, YOU GET TWICE AS MUCH FOR YOUR MONEY HERE AS ELSEWHERE. ALBERT Q. JENKINES, Assignee. rodprixrilJy treaties that were m effect a t .tlwvt time. "What we need," iuc sakl, ".to 'restorc.prosperity, is confldeaee. It [i marrtmt can- 'be -su-re tfhat be can scttl, JIK wJM -Vuy. Ka iwiniuiracturcr has confldpuce ,tliat 'He oan . sell ins -goods >at a pi-offlt, he will open, tons fcic- tory." Mr. Ivetcliam is a very onter- g talker omd held 1ihe closest at- dm' of Ills audience during Hie en- tl'i-e ia*lress. .He was frequently i-h- by;.aipplausc. LADIES AS HUS1CIANS. The. Clara ; Schumann Orchestra Delights a Good Audience. J,a*dies.iniajni;ipulaited inst.niinc.uts of •miiuy 'kiinds .last .ulgdi-t .before a good 'and ai>preel)i.ti.uKaudiirQix.ce,'atKl dttHght-.. ful results. -were attained. This Is- what .all wilio abtandcx.1 tho ooirccrt of the Clawi SclnnnwiiniB- Indies' oreliesitira.at .tho : -Baptist clwrc'h would assert if asked to 'express an. oaiin-ion. on tho sub- Jcdt. •Opctflnjr, -as iTSiia.1, wi'tih a iwairclj, Sousa'« 'MtirriH? "Kinpr Cotton," the graceful ipenfanmcTS .g)a-vo their Inearcrs iii-uc'h- to .marvel over nyul l-'ilw rJ-easnro in. • The scconid immiTbov, Supp's ove-rhue. 'Toct'iind POTsauit 1 ," was pivcii will .a Ihilsili that -some tBunnbcrs following kicked ,n. slijjht desrco. . Mfiss JIarIc DcKou.nUiinc, inczxo so- pra.no', S:I.HS oasi'Jy sweetly 'and almost Gounod's ".Teovcl Song." "Faust." To a recall she acqul- 1 esc«l w-Jth .1 simp'e b.'ililtid.- "Now Was I Wi-on .?'•'" Tina 4'miwi:Ti.-ir ifi-gibt operas Iwng-liTCd •aii-d tuneful-, "Olii;m6s of Novinifndy," '.•iniid "Ermine,'.' were old.fricuds on- the well selected and popular program, ujicl •tl»e-or.ga'niza..tionis-usta.incd its promises. during.' their rcnd-i Uwn. Miss Stab Alva Messenger, Uuu-pist. sfeUftfuUy and w-ith the art at 'a trafocd .i^rfoormer, made lih'e greait hn-.i-i> stag tliroug'li laic queci swing of the "Mazcuvelwi; Espagnol.i," To an' ant-ore slw repltol wiUlu "Old Moliodl<?«," closing wrlith "Old- Kentucky Honiie." . Tlie giitoip was "Thunder and Llglit- •iDingj' .given.- wJIWi! energy and steHa-r execution, Jlmsfca- Obaiiies jVr-tli^ir Ijerwis gavci."The -Newsboys Death" unusuni truthfulness considering Ms ev-ldemtyouttti. • He was applauded, and gave "A 'Pircrtest" i-n children veto. " Miss jessto D. Lewis,' fluito virbuoso, .played ito good advantage her first mmm ; be4' i « l -' toalialllt ' and ' djfflcu;lt ^^ tton, "Poi)Jfla''Bwwn.oui l a;" l>y Pppp. Her eincoin;,!, '"Jjaslt 'R«»e o'f Summer," was .appreciated,, Imt tbero wis a lack of 'M* left n slight dissaitis- Agalii ,3Ii«s -DelfoaitttiaiiiOi, iitocady a fa.'voj*te, samg ItWs tlmo • a Spam-ten 'sons, ."Ebtudton-Mlrai," aoiid' the sliakl'-ag cnstaindts'-.mnde tlie Mghlt -rael ; od-y very usmsgestjlve:. TJw singer, is on. artist, She ~ wins again twxrreti. ".Tolly F<il- .laws," descriptive 1 of. a -nfeliit O-B 'the 'rounds; with (the -boys, was given by the orchiositi-a'.wltliL. spinit. Tilie close .was "PStamtotioii Dances," by Odeffl. The people WM-O wot entirely tliirougrh. llsten- jiiig^.-tlranffh aUVero satfefial that tii-cy had' ttte worth of theif -ruonnej-. Tho .Y-: M. O. A., under whose aiusivl- «es th-e MtonCa'm-mojut was givcM, rca- lixcd a. small sum oa Hie ven'Aire. The orcli-estif.a goes, to Mon-tlcolto (Yam here. d(?.?on-c « sustn.toed ii The Darlington, Wls;. Journal, says editorially of -a popular patent medicine: "We know from, experience that Cbamberlaioi's CoHc, Cholera and '-.Diarrhoea Remedy, Is all .that is. claimed for it, as oil two occasions it stopped excruciating paras aud possibly saved us from an untimely grave. We would: not rest easy over night. without It to the house,'.' This remedy. undoubtedly- saves more pain amd suffering than any other medicine In the world -Every family should keep it iu .'tlie. house for it Is sure to be needed 'sooner, or later. For sale by B. F. Recalling,, druggist. Hear Beveridge at the £ tonight. ''. 1 '• • ' - • • • I propose making a specialty of Bosks ag strengthening my line at every opportunity. I have a choice collection of Standard Publications and adding to «t daily. Any book not in stock will be ordered av no extra expense to purchaser, The following list comprises a few now on hand. THE CHILD AVORJ-iD—By James Wbiteouib Riley (Rilej's latest. Just from publishers) A GUEST. AT THE LUDLOW and other stories-By Bill TTye. (Just published) Bill Nyes Remarks; A Window in Thrums by J. M. Bam>: TJ.e Goldet Fleece, by Julian Hawthorne; The Murder of Deiicia, by Marie Corell*; Early Life of Abraham Lincoln, by Tarbell & Davis; Street Types of Great American Cities, by Prauiz; Sir*George Tressady, by Mrs Humphrey Ward; A Lady of Quality, by Francis Hodgson Burnett; Mrs Cliffs Ya«ht, by Frank R. Stockton; The Three. Burglars, "By Frank R..S(ockton; Love Son^s of Childhood, Song and Other Verse, Second Book of Tales and The House by Eugene Field; Tlie Herb Moon by John Oliver Robbtrt; Vawdere Undert,tudy by. James Kapp Reeve; An Original Belle by E. P. Roe; The Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane; Stephen the Soldier of the Grose by Kingaley; Rhymes of Our Planet'by Will Carleton; The Jieart of the Princes n Osra by Anthony Hope; Cycling for Health and Pleasure by Luther H. Porter; The Sorrows^of Satan by llarie Corelli. JUVENILE ; Home Occupations for Little Children by Kathcrine Bewbe; Tw > Little Pil-rirns Progress by Francis Hodgson Burnett: Beatiiul Jo« oy Marshal). Saunders; Tho Little Lame Prince by Miss Mulock; The Story of Patsy bjr Kate Douglass Wiggin; A Short Cruise by James Otis. C. W. GRAVES Successor to W. T. GIFFE, 413 Broadway. We Are Too Busy to Talk Politics In our advertisements, but we really think our stock is 16 to i better than any other in the City. We have everything that is desirable in Suitings, Overcoatings, Trouserings And sell at the very lowest prices consistent witii best garments. Carl W. Keller Tailor and Draper. 9SSS -5--—-B!—H!—-Hr» Don't Forget Us- 311 flarket Street. We Save You noney and . You Get the Best. . Try our Ladies $2.60 shoes they are perfect fitting, Up-to-Date style and for wear they cannot be beat. Ladies' Dress Shoes for - - 08c Boys' School Shoes for - - »c Girls' Fine School Shoes for WE FIX THE SEAHS . . . ' '• " p tha we can't (Jo. E. M. Walden & Company 315 Fourth Street. ~ fly New-Goods. Are here. 0*11 and examine them be- forebuying, AL. YOUNG ThePractical Pearl Street tailor •

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