Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 22, 1896 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 22, 1896
Page 4
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oi Gray's CORNER. .vita tall and winter underwear, he has ;MW cornered the largest lot of under••www ever brought to Logansport at hard times prices for, cash. These ftods are direct from the factories acd .if the best values iu nil lines for ladies, f«nta ah'! children; go and investigate ind It will uot take you long to decide where to buy your underwear. DAILY r»b)l»h(xl every day In tho weok (except *""iiday) by tho Losansport Journal Company. W. B. WRIGHT : Presidem A. HARDY Vice President B. W. GRAVES Secretary 1. B. BOYER Treasurer Price per-Annum H-JJ rrlce par Month *> Official Paper of City and County, (••tered as second-cla«s mall-matter at »m transport Post Office, February i. :>•_>, IS'JG. REPUBLICAN TICKET. For President,. WILLIAM McKINLEY, JR.. For VIce-PreBldent. A. HOBART of New Jer»ey. , of Ohio. For Governor,. A. MOUNT of Montgomery Co. For Lieutenant Governor. If. I. HAGGARD, ot Tlppoeanoe County For Secretary of State. WILLIAM D. OWEN, of Caii County. . For Auditor of State. A1UJRICUS C. DAILEY of Boone County For Treasurer of Btate. J SCHOLZ, of Vanderburg County 'y or Attorney General. M A. KETCHAM of Marlon Co. T»r Reporter of Supreme Conn, ARLES F. REMY o£ Bartholomew Co, |Bu5erlntendcnt of Public Instruction. M GEETING, of Harrison Count. • " For State Statistical •L. J. THOMPSON. 'Of Shelby County, TOT Judge of the Appellate Court. First District. ••rOODFORD ROBINSON, of Gibson C«. Second District. W E HENLEY, of Rush County. Third District D W COMSTOCK of Wayne County. ' Fourth District. JAMES B. BLACK, of Marlon County. • •*•*" y lft h District. TJ. Z. WILEY, of Bonton County. H. G. THAyl ? K? CHASM?.' JONES. For Congress, •; W. STBELE. . For Joint Representative, LA.M T. W1.L.SUN, of Cuss Cour .•m.LIA.31 •Mr B«proscntntiVL-—CHARLES B nty. 9»r Treasuro F. KEES-I. ., ADAM3. r Burveyor-A. B. »ODIX »»r Coron&r— DR. J. A. DOWNEY. . V«r ABsessor-JOSKPH BARR. ', Kr Commissioner, First .Dlstrlct-JOHN r, Third Dlstrlot-ABRA- EAil SHIDELER. COMPARE THEM 'The Republican party Is uureserv- '••' titty tor sound money. It. caused the .•oaetmeLt of the law providing f.or the • winmptlon of specie payments In 1879; •tace then evtry dollar has been as • .good as cold. '.'" "We are unalterably opposed to ''•wrery measure cnlculatea to debase •nr currency or Inij/alr the : credit of • t»nr country. We are therefore opposed '«• the free coinage of silver except by International agreement with the lead- A> 'tag commercial nations of the world, ' Which we pledge ourselves to promote, .«nd until then 8uch gold standard must *• preserved. "All our. silver and paper, currency . *»nrt be, maintained at parity with (old, and we.fayor oil measures de. ttffutA to maintain Ini loiabiy the obligation* of the United States and all onr money, whether coin or paper, at the : fment standard, tbe standard of the •Mt enlightened nations of the earth." — Bejrabllcan platform. ; . . . . 'i "We demand the free and unlimited Coinage of both gold and silver at the frecent legal ratio of 16 to J, without "• waiting for the aid or consent of any . «ther nation. We demand that the -standard silver dollar shall be a fnll ,;|»gal tender, equally with gold, for all 4«bta, public and private, and we fav- <U such legislation as will prevent the ..^demonetization of any kind of legal •-'tender money by private contract."— .Democratic platform. "We demand free and unlimited coinage of silver and gold at the pres- •ttt legal ratio of 16 to 1."— Populist • platform, 1802., "We hold to the use of both gold arid .•liver as the standard money of the .'•• ctautry, and to the coinage of both . fold and silver, without discriminating ...against either metal or cnarge for mintage, but the dollar unit of coinage •;.. »t both metals must be of equal Intrln- lie and exchangeable value or be ad' lotted through international agree• nnent or by snch safeguards of legls- , latlon as shall Insure the maintenance •f the parity of the two metals anil the ,„ «<]ual power of every dollar at all times In the markets and In payment of debt, and w demand that all paper onrrency •nail be tept at par wlth-.and redeemable In such coin. WE MUST INSIST UPON THIS POLICY AS ES,--', JPBCIALLT NECESSARY FOR THE j>RpTECTION «P THE FARMERS AND LABORING CLASSES, THE • V»1RST AND MOST DEFENSELESS VICTIMS OF UNSTABLE MONEY .AND A FLUCTUATING OUR- Democratic platform, 1892. ; FB.flE OOONAGE TODAY. For all the legitimate purposes of tha free co.-iiiA.se advocates there -.-Is free coinage today. A Mexican; dofflar, dwl.v staniiped by tihe Mexican government, i»f wlik-li :Hie free col-nn-pre advocates tiling so 'in-iich, Wi'll pass hi this country as ia Mexico, at its bullloai value. If thiis is tlie WJiy to get moro money in (:tr.(;ula:l:i'o>nj let tihe niiMlMinaiTe mini; o-wnei-.s wh'o are iiwiiuipitlaiu'njr Ui ; !« frof: L-oiii'iisi 1 .-ifhwiie take- t.'lvelr -s'llvor^lo .Atexicu. linvo it -CMiineil. aiul lirluj back fur drctliltttJlon. it will IKISS rirfhr. It. wi'll -in-ci-eatfe Ilieper ciiiilta a* nnw-li a-s free cnhva.se In this co-wi.ir.v \vutilit, and all flu; avwHWS for gvltinz It inU) 'the 'hands o.f t.lio people nr;: i.qiia.lly opwi. Tlie silver mine uivne:- can 'luilkl his "biff factories" with- It. ca.n "opi-.n up 'business" with 1 It, ami tl'.e i)lilianl:li.ro-pJsl:. lie of 't'lie mighty Mberalily in. words ami the niight.v upon 1 lie streets for the poor, victim* of "per wipita" stringemcT. The jiroposiiioii Is witlioirt fJinlt Jc will )iu>i't e-ve.ry -dwiMMUl 1 of the free coinage advocate except one, «-nd t'hat is bliat It .s-ltall lie made lejriil teu.ilor. Ami die fact tlvat silver is not coined in Mexico, -Is .not put in circulation, does not conic 'into the liaml-s of every iiMin who ^nunts ai doUwtr AvltJiout e-ani- dn?r it. answers every argument of (lie frt-e coinage advocate-. As -far sis tho legal tender featna-e Is concerned, isonie Domocfatie iiapers by amending tlio Obtonso platfoirai- so.that It doos no-t apply to existing contracts make this cruise of -little inipoTta.iico. No raaai- will object to taik-tog a Mexican dollar in return for t'he Mexicaii dollar ho loaned., Cns'tom m-nlces Hie- legal tender and if money is worth 1 Us wetg'lLt, amd is not too -bulky and to convenient, dt. will be freely ta-keii at. Its wortii. TJi-ei-e J-s not ia ba.nik or. a biisi-" ness Itouso In Logan-siport that would not take Mexicnin silver dollars at t'lieir real vailue to any sums, and mosit or thoin would -be glad of tho opportunity. Thej 1 would cv.on sipn a petiition to t'lic silver mine owfcots to take their silver to Mexico, luive it coined Jind .start a few millions ia tire way t'Uicy are going to get it into the liamds of the -peo- ^ilfi—\rlricli, 'by the way, is still, a. st- (M't-t—risrh-t here 'in L-os-a.n-s.povt, it' II. would (lo any good. If there is any way lo pla-w money in t'be ha.iuls ol' those who have it. n-ot n'.nd wiho Iftive'aoUilns lo ^-ivenu rflituvn for it, tl.'c silver mine owners iiaro t'hc opportunity right now. A.iid if lli-ey only wlslt to put it ill cirenl'ulion in roturn ror labor -and material, and fa-mi products, -the mar- loots arc open. Can it be that t.lio real iaitCJit is nut plain 1 ? Tho Chicago platform did uot exempt oxi'Stiiiig coiilracts and the iiopi: of tlie sliver .mine OAvncrs is tl'vat under free coinage fifty cents' worth of silver, -in being appointed by -law ro do t:hc duty oC a dollar, will to some extent -rise- in value. They w^uit silver to rise, if-onily a fe\v.ceiits. Thay will not coin any more tliau they .are taking to Mexico- .nisi coiinn-g now for use in this country. It is a, apccul-ation wutih them, pure and siimp:e, and Hie scheme fantnins -not one thing Jin aniy way -becohcfal 'to t'lic fnrnier or the GOt'TOG'ETHEB Council net in Regular Session Last Night. A Small Grist of Business Speedily Attended to. 'i fr \f Boy's Clothing The'iirst roal-fur-sure coiwidJ ir.cut- •jti^'tlw.1: iKis -been he-Id for row weolw wn.s .flia:t of'lsisl uJylut A.inl sit tliat. flicre wcis niMli'iiu,!,' of ve,ry presslms iin- jHivkma-e. to jitlaul to. AM o-f 'liliu niei!i- l.iui-s vcre inx'SC-uTt oxeept M'ayor 'Me- .Kee, -and 1-Ve.sideii-t HadN»y preskleil over 't'iic nicotine. A rcsoliiitio-n. l'o,r the iui.pn)vc.n>an,t of. such portions o-f Erie ,-ive.nue us rr- ina.iu-s uni nip roved was inti-of'tuced, and wheni ft was found -Uwi'l: the property of aiU residents iidoing ailio lime had bi-wi .inn-proved, aiml btaat lilaiit po'i'tlon •which wiiii -still imiUnfelced belonfrs to .non-residwuts, flic resolution , i>n<?seil Tho pe.ti.tion of A. J, Mu.rchK.-k for annexation of his second additlwu, to the- cl'ly Wfls road ivml lUe prayer- 1 was : But witli it -nil they admit a, panic that -\vM wreck oVCry buildto? and loan association, foreclose every mortgage on default of ii-nst .payment of interest, stop every factory wheel and starve thousands. Senator Teller .fixes the perloxl for -recovery from this nt twenty years, but It wiill 'be u case vary miich ii!ko the man who. taught 'his horse to live on shavings. Just as it learned it died. . aihere should 'be no votes caist for such a monstrous pa-oposition. Free coinage at Itfyj to 1 whien *ne market ratio was 1C to 1 'could not succeed. How much more impossible Is tne/prea- cnt proposition with the ratio 32 to 1 ? IT IS NOT AT ALL PROBABLE THAT THE NEXT HOUSE WILL HAVE A MAJORITY FAVORABLE TO THE FREE COINiAGB OF SILVER AT A RATIO OF 16 TO 3. WHEN IT BECOMES A DEMONSTRATED FACT THAT THERE IS KO DANGER OF THIS COUNTRY ADOPTING THE SILVER STANDARD IN CONDUCTING THE BUSINESS OF THE COUNTRY 1 , PROSPERITY WILL GOME AGAIN AJMD, WITH LOWER TAXES ON THE NECESSARIES OF LIFE, EVERY KIND OF BUSINESS WILL, BOOM AGAIN.—Plbaros editorial, March 12, 180C. " ,Tho Populists ask Hio couintcsy ot space in Tlie Jounrtvl columns tills luorni'nj; to expose tlie. attempted betrayal or'their party. The privilege is cheerfully granted.' 'No more sTianne- ful 'betrayal 'hus-over characterized In- dtaaa politics.' The iinea woo succeeded in getting to ft'ho front by pretended loyalty "have'advocated surrender to Democracy- Tlie rank and <JJe resent this In emphatic language. The Democrats 'openly boast-taut their, vote of two years ago will -bo augmented by the 712. Populists, but it remains :to be seen, -whether Brown and Garter can deliver the goads they-liave promised. The reports of the various captain*- 1 of -tiro fire staitioiii'S were received and- tiled. ';' ' 'Jllio redout-of tbe olork. ol' Mil* E'l-i?L'l,ric Lflgblt dejMWtunenit was submitted mid- referred to ithe, Finance committee.' The report slioiws that toe receipts- or tho department for tone ntontJi'of Sep- toniber were $1,107.78, mid the report of 'the dark slwws thnit thare was-.expanded the sum of $2,208.05. wihich -leaves the ne-t eosit for .the month-. ?1»100.27. , '. , . -' T.te 'ma.titer of due repair of'the gutters on the Xo'itth side of Spear' stireet, east of Ninth -street, was called to the attention of rJie Street Commissioner; TUie iwipoTt of the City Cleric for Clio mouitli of September was referred tu lilio Finamice committee. The 'accep'tsiince oC the conditions bj wiliieh the city agrees to vacate tiiu Bth'lKiK of Canal street, be-tw-ec.il the West line of Third street nnd Uie East lii.no of the alley between lots tivree and four in lihe original plat o.i: the city, for il'he -bone-fit of the F. C. C. & St. L. railway, was filed w.i!th Wio couiu-eil a.nd ordered referred to the Street (.•oinwittoe ai:rd .the Ci'ly.-Attorney. The peti-IJuji of .foilni K. 13iia-n.es tlwU he be allowed to r-:r!«> 'the grade o'l' tho ewa-lk MI. Erii: jivoinie, parallel wil'h hlis.- bitiM-iing :;lt i'h.o corner Oif Market street -a-ud' E-ric uivomie, was resferrnl to lilte Street committee. The report Mid' pa-rtial estimate of. .tliic City Engineer on tlie improvement O.L si.u -alley on Ninth street, between Us'li-cr 'street a:ud Erie 'avenme; 'niK'il 1 01 the alley cm Uglier street, -between Fifteenth- a,ml 'Sixtecui'tili stvcars. .was a.p- proved :vnd idhe estimates, .$-.10.00 and i;;22.2ri rcsiKyet.iivo.ly. wore allowed to Woldon "SVcbstor, -t'lie contractor. Tho roport of Chief Sellers of the" Fire department, being a showling of the. depar-irrneitit from March' 4, 1800, tu (September 4, 1SOO, was refill -.'ui;d ordered placed on file. TJi.e eld maiilto.r of <rhe sewer- under tho Vaw-dali-a -ra.tiroad on Sycamore street was again brought up, am.! the Sewer cormulttpie, a,nd -the City 'Attorney and tlie Olty OivM Engineer were ordered to bake «ucli! action.. as is your boy needs a New Suit or Overcoat. Our Store is just the place for Thrifty Parents to have them we! I clad, Our disp ay of Boys' C othing Exceeds anything we have ever provided for the younger generation. The; Very Latest in Beautiful jobds And Newest colorings. Every part of these Garments Challenges Critical Examination. Whenever hard wear is necessary you will find safety and strength, the prices are 50c to $2. per suit lowor than you can buy same quality for elsewhere. WM. GRACE & CO. The White House Clothiers and Furnishers 316 Market Street. 'cereniowy of -the' Rtenan Catfliollt was .promooinecd to the presence of a. large aiuim-bcr of relatives arid Hiiemte of the t'oatracttinp parties. XiuimQd'iatcly -foJloming tlje ceremony a. reception. -'was hela at the liomo of tiro toride's parejite, sowbh. oif the city. at •nih.tdi fifty gu-ests were present. A 'wedding dto.ner Avas .served whi'dli partook of tihe natin'o of a feast. The pioora is a prosperous business lunn'of Daytwi', Ohio, and iis well and favorably laiOAva to ninny fricmdis In fh'Ls -city. H'is bride is tiro 'youngest daughter oif .Toha iirad Mrs. Soy-bold, Kivl tas a... host ol" friends In the city where sHie l»is been a favorite m social circles. She eoimcs from- o-nc of Cass county's rojn-tsenta-tivo ranrjios. a'nd is the eliiTcnth child wliom Mr. aincl Mrs.- Seybold bare had the pleasure of sec- tog launclied oil a. happy -nKitrimoiuia; voyage. . Mr. '.1114. Mrs. Gl ' i:lb lert Ofl Ul '° lllW " jiigiht traiu for Da.ytoii. iflio jrroo-m 'J)«v- 'jirjr p.repared -tii-eir iiO'ir.c bc-foa-e t:i'kin-? 1-o'kiiiweM a life partner. Tlie Journal aelviiowlcdKos i'Jic rcocliji.t o-f a liaud- box of wcddiaiis «ifcc, a-ral in rejoins the raaniy friends o:C Mr. ami Mns. Grills la coiigralulntioiis and bret wishes for a prosperuiis .111 d ha.j;i- py f.wture. 'hapi>j' couple arrived in this city Tuesday nig-hit, and went at once to their hoimo previously prepared, on. Hi« iXm-tliiside.' The groom IB a trusted em- ploye at tihe Hoiwe Plow-liamdie vrorliisi nnd 'hJs bride is .-a cousin ot Mrs. Wil- Itoni- G-rlmer. Mere Beveridge at rink tonight. TJie a-inilc wlM bo well warmed and lighted this ovaniilr.i£, so t'hiit tiicra need be no fear of discunrfort from tlie cool niir or di.m light. OWNS AN ENTIRE ISLAND. Henry Menier Ila» Bought ADtlcoita aod 1« a Fainooi Yachtanuin. - . For 800,000 francs M. Henri Menier, tho chocolate king 1 of the world, has recently purchased the island of jVnti- costi, in tho Gulf of St. Lawrence, ETV! proposes to enjoy the remainder of his Jife in cruising in the waters round about. Jr. Menier is one of the foremost yachtsmen of France and an amateur Arctic explorer of no mean ability. In addition to owning one of the finest steam yachts of tine world, M. Menier is third vice president of the Tnion des Yachts FrancaJs, which is tbe royal yacht squadron of France. M. Menier, it is said, is on his way to Canada now on his bij auxiliary yacht silTOmvairy, rich cut glass ;HN! Vallcda, -which has erroneously been deemed weee'saniry (to -provide "a 1 'sufficient otHbleit at pttowa stredt, ->\*iliere If. Is claimed the outlet Is obstructed.' ; ' . The following dalms were nllowd: : ' STREET DE'Pu\iRT|lIEiNT; -••- ••• PAJ- roll ............... .... ...$107.50 Corydon, work ........ . "30.36 Buirik-er, ivork ...... . . ; -75.24 A-lanao R-tehett, work ... — "... 13.90 Mtclmel Na,vJBi AMoxk. ...... ... .•"•55.80 Z. AY- Drlltit, eraval ........... •'.'•• 70.00. D.D.Dykemian, rdayline- pui£ters 104.00 At the 'home of die bride's parents, SO AVakun-srton street. Wost,sidc, yesterday at -liig-li 110011, Mr. Herbert Tin- cent nnd liiss Lilliic Harris were uni[- cd Sin marriage, tins Rev. C. B. Wellborn promouHci'ftjr the words that bound the civil contract. A number oif knnicd.'ate firi raids and near rehitives oC the con- tKicti-ns (parties witnessed film core- moiiiy, . -JjiuiKiheon was served to the guests and Mr. arid Mrs. Vincccit were escorted to Hie Pfliiihawllo station- at 1 o'clock, ; tltey -boarded tlie train for Indi- thoir future lioinc. ' Tho -bride is the daughter of GOOI-SL- F; and Jlrs. Hwrri*, and Is a onanning woman i,u ailil that wort- implies. The . for wfddirgs, at Ben. .TI-IE OLiDEST SPORT. ]iunt:n^ and Fiyliiiij; Vt'crp'ij<.'niii* of Livp- .lliiooil lo Primitive Man. Somebody has n.slied .which is Ihe uid'ost/ .sport ar.d starlcd a dLscussi-in that lias already put liiio antiquity o£ ganuis licj'ontl tlic.niiildl^ agii?. Hunting- and fifrhi iiijf M'cri; primitive mau's chief ouuiipations, s:ij-s tlie New York Payroll .'....... " -31.50- E, S. Rice & Sow, supplies.; 18.08: A. B. Keeport & Oo v supplies... ' 2.SC. FIK/B DHPA'TMCMENT. • ' ' •' Cant. .Uoi. 'IteJ. Co., 'phiones 2-23 cxtnai work...... 1^06 JIGIH/T. DEPAiRT/MENT. Pay ii-oli ' •• •• 47 -°° Amaican Cajr.b'ow Co., supplies. 71.37 Stnmidai-d. OU Co., oil...... 7.01 Gaoerall Electric Co., suppllos-.. 414,25 Cant. On. Tel. Co., 'phone 2.25 A. B. ICeeport, supplies.: fio Ci-tiy Hremsarar, Crelgh't -:. '-'2.30: WOJRKIS •Miscellamooits ........ ..... : • . 2C0.70 PlOMQE ' -Pay real..' _ 'Weiilh'one rental ............. 1-85 .Tames O'Donitnein, patrol wagon . 30.00 ,T. R. .Woltoiw & Co., .photos ---- IJog. & Wffib. V*il. Gas Co., gas. .. 1-PO William MoKee,,Ji.sst. C. E,... MdTiotfco -Bobee,- assit-'O. B.... Telephone, ei.ty offices'.....'... 12.00. IS'.OO- groom fe in- business to Indianapolis, niid le commended 1>y all who know | him ns a man. wortby oif .the prize 'He ha s wom. The Journal Jal'ns in. con. gratutotioms to Mi 1 ..and Mrs. Vincent, 'ond^the best of wishes for a happy fu- tiire.-' Tbp.se, ns eivilixytion clevelopc;!, were gradually converted from being 1 means of livelihood in.to pastimes, liu-t it is impossible to tell cxnctly when the chanjre took place, for it is not even yet complete, and what is sport" to the squire and amateur is necessary work to the gamekeeper o.ud professional soldier. Nimrod, Ifoaili's greait-Sfrar.clson, was p. "mighty hunter before the Lord," and as he was a "Eligibly one in the earth" he probably hunted for pleasure, is the oldest reco-rd of a sport. The stj'.g" and its kind, which mal\e 1hc greatest demand cm the sldll and ondtirance of the hunter, would probably be the first animal pursued for pleasure. To hunt Hie lion was kingly sport ji-om the earliest tinics. ' Tlie Egyptian monume.nts show that all kinds of hunting, as well its fowling, were followed for pleasure. .TheOlym- pic games were proba.bly the oldest athletic sports and their origin is lost in antiquity. They are said to celebrate Jupiter's defeat of tlie Titans, • referred to in some of the Canadian papers as an nrmcd cruiser. M. Henri Mcnier, cm account of his esploraijons in northern latitudes, is known in France as their Arctic yachtsman. Tie began yachting by the purchase, of the pretty 17-1-ton steam yacht Elspcth, which he renamed Surirclla., nearly 20 years ago. In 1SS-1 he fook a- vo3 - ag-c in her to Cosstniitinoplc and went the round of the Black sea. In the summer o-f ISSj he visited the Arctic regions, puttiDg- in a.t Spitsbergen and reaching a latitude of 79 degress north. Ficding (he SurircIJa was too smnll for long voyages, ho purchased the steam yacht Nubicnix?, 57j .tons, from M. E. Blanc and renamed 'her tlie Valleda, The Vallcda is ,'i.n auxiliary steel steam yacht, 375 feet long, £7 f'cot 2 inches beam, 13 feet 7 inches draught, and waa built by C. JOtchcIl & Co., of JCcwcasUe, in 1SS1, and is rated 100 Al at Lloyds. In her Jf. ilenjt-r .went to Canada and then to Spitsbergen again, where he This j managed to shoot at a polar bear. His. visit to Canada subsequently resulted', in" the purchase of the.island of Anti- costi, wbica he is turning' into a giant game preserve. If. Menier, in addition, to.being a great sportsman, is an. enthusiastic photographer, and the Valleda. is fitted with aclark room and every, appliance for the purpose. . His collection of photographs is said to bo remarkable, but is only shown on rareoc- cosions. . Tuesday evening at -ffli* -home of tut; 'twlde's'parents a.t Delaware, Ohio, ax 8 o'cflock, James Wiltert 'Swipart of this city and Mtss Mary Ell7/a-beth 'Crhmifwd,. dauighter wf JoM juud Mrs. were 'maiTied in the eaec of a. feiv limnedtote friends «ind five relatives of the famiJyaf the brido. : Mi.ss-M-8ggle Swigart «nd Professor' S. A.' Humter of 'Uliis city were- of riie -guests. • A weddli'nR sui^iper was served, following TOh-ich the bridal parry took tili-e .liraJini f-or Colu'mlbus, Ohio, where they yls/ited frionds yestca-dny. Tney will arrive home today and wffl bo greeted by a crowd of friends nt tlie 'station, who will iwako Ulic-in feel welcome 'home. tihe 'Iwme o-f the groom'-s parents tiliis •eventing. The "at-'hiome'' cards ure not yet out, but lit turvderstood tlimt. Mr. and fS-Irs. SwJgartAviiU be at' 'home tff t,helr •Irioii'ds wi'lHiiii a. slioa-t tijn<> In a cozy UttTe bird's Mcst of their own choosing. Will .-S.wlgairt .noctls.no. in.U'odnc'tioi;j to Logfl.uspo.rt people. He is « steady, conservative young ma,ii. -wlio 'ha« -won place iln the liiisin'Css world, and has a. "host of -friends both in a business and social rn'iy. His -bride .w<ns fovraer- ly a teacher of steno-graiyiiy to tiho Ml- chlael'a Bustness. uuiveBslty, and i-s also'.well known and as well liked In a large circle Of acqua-IinitoMces here. The Journal extends 'hiearty congratulations and besit wishes to Mr. and Mrs. STW . GB.ILLS-SEYBOLD. Ycstcirttay -mcn^niIin.R at 8 o'clock, at the St. Vtocont de -Paul churcli; Miv James GrtHs and: Miss Claiw'Seybold ^ero united to miardag«,,th i e very Rev. Father Cfflmplon.offlclating.'-.SIr..Don- nls Grond'n of Payton,-'OWo,-iuiid Miss.frf On last Monday, at flhc.clty of Ohl- 'Ger.ti-ulde Murpihy attended; th'a,toljapl>pa«Cs. Mr. Charles Tucker and Miss couple..ftt-the fllta^ and^ the impresslve'jBerfchii Murphy w«re married.. T^ie CAUGHT THE BOYS' FANCY, They Thought the Frotty Uirl Who Bought a Paper All Right. | A young woman: stood at the corner . of Halstcd street and Archer avenue waiting- for a downtown, oar. She bad a refined, sweet face, her brown hair was parted over a smooth forehead and a pair of wonderfully expressive and beau tif ul blue eyes. Her dress was elegant, but modest, and seeing 1 her in that locality one instantly thought of sweet cliarity, says the Chicago Chronicle. Two ragged. little newsboys came up to tbe corner nnd gazed at her .in frnnli admiration.. Their look was returned with one of kind interest, and the girl bought a paper from each of them. Oust then her car came, and with a smile she left the corner. "Ain't she a beauty?" asked one of the bovs, while the other sang in n clear, pretty \ : oice: "She may flirt with another, but I'm sure she loves me." A middle-aged motherly-looking wov:'.-an. who had watched the affair, asked: "Do you menu mcV'.' as she bought a. pnpor, she could not .afford two. "Oh, no," answered the singer, "the VlKgraccd Kantian Officer!. | Eleven officers of the Bielogrod I drogoonsliavebeenreduced totheranks, and one lieutenant dismissed from the army for their share in a disgraceful riot at Mcjibujie, inPodolia. Lieut. Bakounine, while drunk, grossly insulted and struck some Jewish civilians who were sitting quietly in a wine shop. After protesting for awhile they gave him a sonnd thrashing, whereupon he went to the barracks, got together some other officers and 150 dragoons, and art out to avenge tihe honor of the regiment. The wine shop and the adjacent house* were sacked and set on fire, a number of Jewish houses and shops were pillaged, and five Jews killed and thirty seriously injured. As the colonel of the reg-iraent did 'not think tb« incident worth reporting the czar has ordered him to be placed on the retired list. , 'V Electrical.DlnturbdnccB line] Cyclone*. Much attention has been directed lately to the increased activity of electrical phenomena of the atmosphere which accompany cyclones. Tn this connection M. .Joubcrt, director of the Tour de St. Jacques, was asked if he had noticed any electric changes in the atmosphere before the recent cyclone broke Over Paris, to which he-replied that this question was an exceedingly interesting oue, and that prior to the cyclone he had atlempled to use the said the ' telephone in the tower, but so great ! was electrical disturbance that ho coBld ! motherly woman. , •^Vo:.l," called both boys,a.sl.]»ey went; not touch the insu-urocnts. on. "you're ;:.!) right, too." ' I . It "Iiil;c» I-ilm Hotter. A cycler is r.o cooler because he ride* a wheel l.nowii ns an "ice. wa;ron." An Eloquent Speaker at the rink-tonight. Highest of. all in Leavening, Strength.—Latest U. S, Gov't Report. ABSOLUTELY PUBE

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