Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 22, 1896 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 22, 1896
Page 2
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,5<>o 317,500 $17,500 Be Wise, Be Prudent, Be Economical This our Nineteenth Annual October sale is given to raise the above amount in cash by November 1st to pay our fan bills which are now due. Thestrongest part of our advertisements is their fulfillment, which has forced our recognition as genuine bargain givers for past nineteen "years. Don't wait, but come at once, as this SALE NOW GOING ON. • • • ' The First Callers Always Recure the Choice. SPARKLING DRESS GOODS BARGAINS $1.20 Efl'dfk BroeiHleil 'JVUlVta 20 inches wide, tins sUe 7uC $1.00 Fniille PrauK-Uso Black Silk, this sale 53c | 100 One lot fancy Olihia Silks, fur this saao —a UBdorsclliiiK is Mlliiijr In tilifc depart- inenit, and irs no wonder! TOifcak of it! Novelty DITSS poods -worth $1.33. tills s«iU» 73c Novelty Dress goods-, the 73 cent quality, onily -4Sc 50 pieces nil wood novelties, clien-p ;vt J& cants, tills sale 2~ic 30 (pieces 30 inch nil wool Serge,. flictfp at -IS cents tluls sale 23c: Ciish'iaei'e, 25 coot qtmilty, . ...13c ies 20 oent Scoitcli plaids, . oiniliy lOc 2,~) pieces 30-Juicl) Serges, worth 15 ceiiits, -t'hlis snle. 1 5c 2,"< pitiees 10 cent Plaids, only Oc •.-,. ).A good OSc 11-4 -Spread, oml-y (!Dc 0-4 ex-tnt heavy inartcttdied sheeting, LINENS AND DOMESTICS IIL spite Of -the advance -they tower thum over. C4 iaicli. Wejvched Danmsk, COc qival- , itty, only 37V.C 'Xiurkey Bed 0aiUKi.sk, 23c .quality, ' ' only 12%: Bleached a,ml checrked Ccasli, per yard only 3c 1000 fiuicy piUow covers only lOc, 13c fancy Tickings 24c 3M;C, 4c, 4%c,-5c Tihoso :i only Standard Prints.. 44 urobleiiehed Muslin, per yard are | .only *<= 4-4 'blcoc'lied MnsCta, per ynird duly 4M>c •worth. 22i£c iK'ir yd., 'tMs sale. .10 2-3 0-4 extra heavy bleached Sheoli'ng, . .ISc JJ.Mdies' Ouei'ta Unio-n Suits worth LADIES AND GENTS . I ?J , ttaa sale J& FURNISHINGS ChWrenis' Camels Hair Underwear onJy ...'.....: Dress Ginghams, per ya,rd. .• '. DC ' value Stiraw Ti'elciiiiig 1 .. .. 3c per 'yd upwards [Gents' N«? Gent's ffliuoy front Shirts, extra . .4Sc A good Cotton Ftannol, per yard... 4c Dark Outing Haimd, £1-010. .C'/iC yd up G 10 ™ 1 ^ Exitra S-lilir-ttoff, per yai-d' 5c. G<>n ' s -..,..,. . • pair, wort'h double the auiouut. Bod Comforts ait. .25c, 40c 75c, and .ft Large size Blankets, per pair 43o 5-lb >Stnraley Blankets, only ..32.03 Extra all'Woott Blfliakets, unimfttcha- ible, only ; ?3 per pair. Slii-rts, only 35c .Union. Su'.ts $1.2." Imdenvoar, oralj 1 . .50c suit /, Hose, 3c, 5c, Sc, jin.d lOc a Gents* fleece iliaiod Socks, omly....l3c I-Iuskilng Gloves COc Ladiies' ileece -lined Ribbe<.l Vests, ^'jjly 13c Uaiioii Suits 35c .!3c amd upw.mls- One Jot ladies' 'fancy Hose worth $1.25,'?] .50, to dose a-t COc- One lot of fancy Hose worth 75c to close at 25c a pair Extra fine wool Hose. 50c kimJ, only 23c- A good 25c fl-eeced Hose, tlias snlo. .13c- A gvxid 15c seamless Hose, only 9e Misses wool Hose 15c- Miisses' and Childreas' fleece lined Hose, 20c quality, only lOc- CAPES JACKTES AND READY MADE GARMENTS Underselling and np-to-date styles have added many new customers to our new Cloak Department. If you haven't visited this: new Department, do so at once. It will pay you. "We keep them guessing How we do it, But we do it." Department A Double Cape (like cut to left) made of Black Cheviot, upper Cape trimmed svith three rows of Braid and Electric Seal Fur. 27 inches long, full sweep. Regular price, $4.98, ' this sale.. .$2.48, This Cape (see cut to right) is made of fine Silk Plush 30 inches long by 142 inches sweep, fine satin lining, Thibet Fur trimming. $18 Cape, this ?ale $9.98. 20 tadli Beaver Cloth. Jackets, new front, new sleeve, only ...... . . .$2.91 2G iiKfli 'hoary Bouele Jacket, Sa-ti-u • ' faced -n-ciU worth $7.50, thfe sale ?4.98 500 (Kersey and roueli effect) .Tack ois, some I'toed 'throughout, otliors satin fmieed, dionip 'at $15.0, this sole ............ . ..... ; 300 of tilie best jackets ever sluwvn in tliis city, 'have boon considered cheap .'Vt .?]2.30, 'tails sale on.ly . . .S7.-IS Child reu'« Tim aind- N'ii.vy Jackets trimmed in liral'd, chea.p . •at $4.50, now oiiifly ............. ?2.4S Stop togthink! No one can accomplish the impossible. There is but one BEST, nothing can be better. we are that one. Look here before you buy. CARPETS AND DRAPERIES ?™;, Straw Mattings, Sc per yard and upwards. Shades with Spring Roller, 50 doz. Wrappers* from 75c upwards.. 50 doz. Knit Skirts,, this sale 48c. 50 doz. Children's Tarn. O'Shanters from 18c- upwards. 100 dozen. Fedora -Hats for Ladies, at 48c, 69c and 98c, worth 98c; and $1.50. There is but one CHEAPEST,. GEO. W. SEYBOLD & BROS THE DOUBLE TJR'.ADB PALACE. 3(9 and 321 Market Street, , . Loganspcrt, Ir ciana. REMEMBER FKEE LESSONS IN ART EMBROIDERY THIS WEEK. IS IT CURABLE 1 A Question OCtcn. Asked -Ivy OUrose Af- Is ai strained jdiutt ciiraMe? Is loom Inflamimaitiop cm'ablc? .Of course, 1C piwponly troaltod. So is .pfflos. Pewiple off to. toecorne 'afflicted with piles •aaid «sk soane "cha-ooDc" who hns ah\-ay« persisted In the wrong ti-eat- nteaiit cifld uaiturally ihe discouwugcs ,ttiem by iteUtot llhenii ithtet tlheiir case They to toon -dliscouragie others, nin<l thus a disease that ean in erory case by cairef tfl ami skHfifuH Onaodillng 16 aHowed. to *aip *bo energy of itlhousamds who mjglht *re« themsdlves of the tremble In a few days. •Pfyirannilld Pile Cure wiE cure the most aiggniavated case o*f licmioiTlioi'ds ID an .wfltonteMivgly sQiWt itJmo. It relleye,? the congested .parts, . reduces th« tu- Htois togtamfflyno nnaJtlter Jiow large, nOlayis the tafliammattan mmd stops the ndh'tog or HxShtag lot once. Thoiwands who 'had resorted to expensive smrgtlical tremtraeHt have t)een cured iby Itih'e Pyratmid PHe Onro In a mimlber of iasttuaees i>ersoais who had Bpemt momith'S ilm »a liosr^itoil iKnder a pile HpocliaUlst. It is >a a-emedy tliint mone need fewx ti> ojpply ovoni 'to- tluo most nggi-avmtetl,. swollen' ami -InHaimed -liomowrttoidail tumors. If ymi inire- afflicted ^fltlh *Ms stubborn, dfecase yon can ranstor it anO mostor it q-wlckJy. IUh'is ronnydy i.s rat> lo>ns?ca - nin experiment, 'but a mertlcal COTtalmity. It Is mamiiCactured "by the .r>j-raim!id Bros •'• Co., «f Ailbi'ori; 'MicOi. " • , , Dinjgfflste seiE.at at 30,cents per box. It Is becoii^iinjr mho mosft pormJar pile <jin-e -thiH country (has erer bnowa and tlrnggisits everywihiere oi'e ordering . It for thelitr cn^toraters. . , The Yellowstone peysors are repottted •to be gTaduaEy lessoning In activity. 8ALM P»vethegreat merit of Hood's Sarsaparilla. Hood's Sarsaparilla sells because it .Accomplishes.GREAT CURES. It is alleged .that nil tlfe freight room from Boston to tlio Uml'ted Ivimgdora on the regular limes 'Jiias bcea fciken up to'Ja.iminii'y 1st. • "Boys will be boys," but you can't ifford to lose any of them. Be ready for the green apple season by. having DeWltt's Colic & Cholera Cure In the 1 • ise.—Jno. M. Johnston. . iWesIt India negroes are to 'be the subjects of the experiments of all English .society which wJslies to transfer them to British CeBtral America. OJhe whole (system to drained and undermined by Indolent ulcera and open •ores. DeWItfs .Witch Hazel' Salve ipeedlly heals them. It Is the best pile sure known.—Jno. M. Johnston, Queen Victoria now rules 367,000,000 million people, a, greater numlUer than has ever .before actoowledged the sov- •relenty of oJitflner a king, queen or emperor. Poison Ivy, Insect bites, bruises, icalde, burns, are quickly cured by De- WItfs Witch Hazei Salve, the great pile cure.—Jno. M. Johnston. Tiro Trninisrvanl has decided .tSrait all newspaper arU'elcs of a poli'tlea.! or personal nature must beaa- the .fall name and adress 'of Ulie writer. Pa-wfessor ,T;nmcs H.-White <tf .Archl- ibald, Pa., Iras secured a TCi'd'lct of ,?l',200 npaiinst Anthony KlmUack; a di-uggfet of the same place, for giving Mm .saltpeter instead of op.sjo.ni salts. If you have ever seen a little child In the agony of summer complaint, you can realize the danger of the trouble »nd appreciate the value of instantan- «>u8 relief always afforded by DeWltt's. Oollc ; & Cholera Cure. For dysentery •nd diarrhoea It ,1» a reliable remedy. We'could not afford to recommend this u a cure miless It were a cure.—Jno. M. Johnston. Food 'Is served in one oC thie London restaurants oni electrically heated plates, ;so thtot the guests can eat leisurely and still have the viands warm wntH tlie close of the meal. BUOKLEN'S ARNICA SALVE. The Best Salve In the world for cuta, bruises, sores', ulcers, saii rheura, fever Bores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns and all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles, or no pay required. It Is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price 2B cents per box. For sale by B. F. Kees- Une. Theories of cure may he discussed at length by physicians, out the sufferers want quick relief; . and One Mlniit? Bongh Cure will give It to them. A lafe cure for children. It Is "the only nannies* remedy that produces Immedl- «te reflttlte."-Jno. M. Johnston. More thiam Ihalf the world's production of quinine fls dJaposed of. ia the United States. ..••'. The French people still flgiht.an average of 4,000 duels 8. year. " . iilois "bave already occurred in several! 1 parts of northern and 1 centra] India on, account of the fai'hiro of the harvest, Thore ils'no 1 'hope of rain •there mow and prices are. raising. is the day of antl-tlJa, and antl- •thut, but what .people need most nowadays Is, the antl-blllpus medicine, Sim- moms Liver Regulator, the King 01 Utver MedJ|dnes, and "better than pills. "I -have used no other antl-blllous rem-. 'edy for 6lx years 'and know from experience that for-ladles of a. constipated haWt nothing equate it"—Laura V. Cra4g, Ellaabury, Fla. :•• HOUJMSX SI/EBBIXG CAKS TO CALIFORNIA DAILY. Every day to the year Tourist Sleeping cars ore rua througJi from Chicago to Cfllltorala vfa the Chicago, Union Pacific & -North-Western Ltoe (Chiow> & North-Westorn, .Uniom Paefflc and Southern Pacific R'ys). Only.?i6 foi- completely equipped double berth; from Chicago to the Pacific coast. For tickets amd full .Information apply to agents ofi connecting limes or address W. B. Kalskern, G. P. & T. A., Chicago & North-Western R'y, Chicago.. TWO LIVE1S SAVED. •Mirk Pltoebe Hhtomais, of Juilcf.on Cllty, M ..wais.'frodid Tjy 'her doators siie tad Oomsomptloni nn'd thait •tfliei'e was mo Mope for toer, but two bottles of Dr. King's Wow Bilseofvery eomplotely^ cured ter wind she says It saved her fflife. Mr. Thomiasi Elgigers, 139 Florida St., iSami-Firainctoco, suffered • f««n a drenidfiiV cold, a/ppiroa.eM:ne tion, trtod wllttout result elise''1ihBni (booieliit one Ixxtitite of Dr. Ktng's Niaw Discovery and In two wieeJc wiais cured. He Us raatumlly thankful, It 'is sucih resiiitis of which these are samples, itliat .prove tlie •won-- d'erf ul efficacy of tWCs mediciae " In' GoragSft aintl Colds. Free •H-tal 'bottles at B. F. Keesltag''S dirwg stove. Rcgu- A .plan 1 Js under consideration ia Se- d'allla, Mo., for getting together and formiing.an org'.inii^ation of all the men' now IWIng. to Pettin coun.tr, who voted for John C. F-remorat, the firs6 RepubU- con prosJdonitlal.ca.ndW.'abD, in, 1S5G, or for Lincoln, im 'CO or 'G4. . An iinswrauce coropaiiy for- recom- pensling! the damngc done <by . moths tas iboeni -formed. . Thfe colored Baptist ichurch 1 of Cart'h- nge, Mo.,' lias been padlocked-'.by Gen- «rai. Jaciksomi who toae.a; mortgage on- It. . Wnn Baby w*i ilck,' wo g»»e Wbmriievai iCUild. .hocrlsd 'or.CMtorifc WbniidKt became Mim, Rhn climg- to CastorU. , " l " c»«*thin» Coeton* A PAR/TIAL' BLOCADB of iUhe inato a vcamue for escape oiC refuse' firoin Hie hoimaiii system is utterly sub- vensiye of regulaarLty .among the otlier •organs. '-IJ«t co<astJpa;tioin< become chronllc, «n!d, loaivilng tire Immenent dlanger of Saflaim;miatioa of 13ie Iwwels fliad t'lieir ttotall obstntctiow ocouring, Jaunidiloo ds almost eea - taiiD to ensue, the Itrcr to Ddalble -to 'become engorged, ithie blood au/d uri.ae aire poiisoned. by flie bBe, wlilloh ajiso vStilates tufe juices of thte stomaicb, «md olthor unliiappy con- soqueiwes foOlfflow; Hoatelter's Stomadi Bllfttars a prime toflto alteniitdive, pre- venltB or iwmiollbs these results and their cause, «B itlhe case may require, amd' Us at» slgnaillff efflinidloiis ia overcoming flatulence, neniPtburn, and vari- nible aa,wicill as consWipaited' action of tlhlo bowiete. It iPemews nwve poiwer, Improvea Ithc iftppatifflte, stars the pro- gi-ess of ea'uAy diecay, reO!l«v«9 the in- firmliltiles of «g«, aod is a 'hieailthy 'aiipetdzer. • AiTangemcJi'te for tlie training o£ British (infantry mext winter GWJ to be on. a more elaborate scale than usual, and especM promiinenco is to be given •to- Jong distance O.LD PJ50PLE. .Old people who require medicine to •uognllalde the bowels aold kidneys will flu'd-the tnie remedy in Elccta-lc Bitters. IlUis medlciiu* docs -net stimulate and 'no wMskey inor oliber intoxl- 'but acts ns a toniiw aukl alterative. It atits miiadly on the stomactt and .bowels, oMiing strength: and- .giving tone' ito .the organs., thereby. aiding Mititre In thfiiperfornxaince of Uhe ftmc- .ttoinis. Bleetrte Bitters- 'is wn excellent ind aiids digestion. Old people 'flmfl Jt'jiiat exactly What they need. Price -fifty cents and oae dollar per bottle oit B.- F. Keesltng's. dnig store. Don't trifle away time, when you ?iave cholera morbus or diarrhr/ea. Fight them In the begtontns with DeWitt's Qollc & Choiera.pure, You don't, bare to wait for result They are instantaneous and It leaves; the bowel* In healthy 6oBdlti6n;^-Jno; M. Johniton. The famous trams-continental via the Chicago, Union Pacific & North- Western) line, leaves Chicago at 6 p.. ro. every day to the year via fie Chicago &. NorUh-Western R'y, and makes- fc« trip to California in only three- days. Double drawing room. Sleeping; care, Buffet, Smoking and Library cairs, dining oars and 1 free reclining, chair care are features of the perfect train. Agents of canneettas lines selli tickets Yta, The Chicago & North-western R'y. lEuotrated pampMets aod full informartlon wUll be fxirnlBhed on- appHcalUow to W. B. Kntekech, G. P.. & T. A., OMoago, 111: If your children are subject to croup- watch for the first symptom ol the disease-hoarseness. If Chamnerlaln's- CSough Remedy is given an isoon as the child becomes hoarse it will prevent, the attack. Even after tue cronpy cough has appeared the'attack can always be prevented by giving this remedy. It Is also Invaluable for colds andi , whooping cough. Pot sale by B. F. KeeslW, druggist. IppSONA;Lt/Y CONDUCTED EX- CURSTOXS TO CALIFORNIA. Via the, Chicago, Unloni Pacific & Nwth-Western line leave Chicago every -Thursday. Com-tortaible Tourist Sleeping Caa-s, low rotes, quickest time- am d the best of wxc nrnd «jlrten.t!on v are- .•Mlvnintascs secured by those who join those excursions. For full pai"t5culars. apply to your newest ticket agent or- nddress W. B. Kniskenv, G. P. £ T. A,, vi&igo & North-Western R'y, Chicago, 111. MSEASES OP THE SR1N. The intense itching and 'emorting iud- dent to eczema, tetter, salt-rliewu, nnd other diseases of the skin is instantly allavcd by applving Chamberlain's Eye nnd Skin Ointment: Many very bad ccses liavc been, jermanently cured by it- It is. equally jfficient for itching piles and a favorite rcm- idy for sore nipples; chaiiped I'ands <*«• )laims irost bites n» d "ironic sore eyes.. For sale by:druggifts.nt-2> cents j«r box.

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