Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on February 17, 1925 · Page 3
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 3

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 17, 1925
Page 3
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B TUESDAY EVENING QaklanD Cribmu FEBRUARY 17, 1925 I it ,M K' !:5 'B l-'t s w It IK w t 14 8 x-eavEHHon in OF TESTIFIES IN SUGAR BATTLE Walter F. Frear Called to Stand in Harjtfeld Suit After Trent Testimony. RAN. FRANCISCO, Fob. 17. Walter F. Vrenr, formrr governor of Hawaii, tviih railed to tho wlt-ri'" "l!int1-affTt1fryiiPn the retirement of niehani II. Trent after 40 flays nf testimony In the litigation over the Hark field sugar properties. i M-iir was eounHei lor me lmi-j tlnghnm organization that nought i V reorganize the affairs of thej lierman rompany durliiK the war. Trent's banking house In Honolulu was the repository for the alien property custodian during the war. and he haJ n prominent part In the reorganization of the !lael-tleld interests ln",to American Far-tore, Ine., after the Dillingham organization had reai'ed to function. Stockholders in the HacUtield enmpanv are suing Trent and a Yap Dime Weighs 60 Pounds, Value Less Than Nothing RELATES! TRIPLE T RAGEDY TOKYO, Fejj. 17. Folk down Yap Island way1 never throw nway their money. The reason probably is because it would break a haninior-thrower'a back even to lift a dime. A Yap dollar, the biggest and moat worthless roin in the world, Is now on exhibition In Tokyo. It is a nvnt little roin. five feet three inches wide In one dlrer-tion. four feet three inches in another and about six .nches thick. It is chiseled out of limestone and has a hole in the center. It would make good as a. grindstone on any lowt farm. It weighs about 500 pounds. When a Yap' or whatever a residenVoi! Yap Island is called w-ftnts to spend a dollar ho gets a few friends to help him, runs a polo through the center of his stone "buck" and rolls away with his money. If he has any change coming the friends (01110 in handy to help him carry it home; for a Yap dime, although only a small affair, is apt to prove a. hit cumbersome if one has to curry It far. , Oil ROAD Mrs. Ronk Says Montgomery Killings Came on Eve of Reconciliation Plan. Accuses Baron This is BARONESS JOHANNA VON STUR. who filed suit in Chcago asking divorce from her titled Austrian spouse. She says he gave her 23 cents while she was starving in Vienna. P & A photo. 'JUDGE THREATENS TO ASK PROBE III CASE 1 group of wealthy sugar men of Ran Francisco ami Honolulu for J 1 0. -000,000, alleging that their property was sold o competitors with Mich a hiss under the trading with the enemy act. Spring, 1925 Silk Dresses of Greatest Appeal 25 ' and $29 ST For Evening Dinner Dancing Afternoon Street and Sport Wear li Chiffon Lace Printed Crepes Mat Crepes Satins Smarl styles, delightful color combinations and Wonderful fabrics. Slips slip" llll'lr Baronet Radium 1 rtio Costume for slrniplit line frorkx. made in simple tailored r the -.iaii Satins SANTA ROSA. Feb. 17. Details of the double homicide and suicide which closed the lives of Mrs. Ruth Montgomery, Verner Ronk, and Samuel R. Montgomery, wealthy San Francisco automobile dealer, were related today by Mrs. Ronk in the hospital where she is recovering from a bullet wound In- ; flicted by the crazed husband. j Mrs. Ronk said the shooting on ' the Sonoma highway near here Sunday came just before a reconciliation between Montgomery Jam! his wife was to have been effected- j Husband and wife, with their , at- ; torneys, were to have met j ester- : day for the purpose of settling the J differences which had separated ; thf m. she said. "Mrs. Montgomery hail separated j from her husband and was visit- , ing with my husband and me, said Mrs. Ronk. "We were returning from our ranch at Wildwood Sunday afternoon where the shooting had oerurred. Mr. Montgomery had visited our home in the morning- and had quarreled with his wife because she would not re turn to him then. "Just as we were approaching Santa Rosa in our automobile we heard a machine coming from the rear. Montgomery drove alongside and crowded our. machine to the j side of the road. He jumped to our j machine, tore back the curtains and shot anil killed his wife. My j husband cried out, 'What's the matter." Instantly Montgomery turned the revolver on him. When I cried out he went around the machine, dragged me out and shot me. "He was just going to shoot me again when I defied him. lie lowered the nun, sat down and cried. Then he heard someone coming ami placed the gun to his head ami shot himself." A coroner's Jury last night returned a verdict of doublu liomi-1 ide anil suicide. .Montgomery has a 1 2;ar-old daughter by a former marriage who is 'mm- living with her grandmother in J."S A ng'des. it"1- '3 f Vf , v v& 1 Daughter Tells Story of Turning Property Over to Salesman. ii p hump nni ipv U. u. fiiimd rULIul uinQDirc i rflniic IVimilliILd LLflUuL ' I (,H-tiiinr slip inadr in simide tailored tli correct frocks: $4.50 $3.95 Tricosham $2.95 Lingette $1.95 517 Fourteenth Street to wear Wife Denies Love for Rival in Cross-Suit Denial that she is in love with Claude Va nl'a'.ten and has .expressed ad r sir to marry him and have- hi mailujit br children si i hi'V will not remember then father, is made by Mis. Rnsulma Nulls In an nni-.vtT In the rros.-t-complaii.t Tiled by the husban-l. Robert A Ni.-lii". Mrs. NiiI.is f'r.-l filed suit for divorce eh.ucim. In r husband with violent races during which be would strike h. r. Itoth are asking tisiodv f i li children. Rnbert, 4. and lie-sie, and the wilr wants Jl'iU a month in: nit' n- ame.. Women Voters Plan Benefit Card Party A St. l'atrirl.V lav pa i t '. a eeommoil if ine 111 be g.ven ill the i i t Hot. I l.ii land T'le 1 7 under t he ailpb es land I.eaL'iie of Woi benelit card , n guests iv l.all-oom d..y. Much ef the (:il(-' in X'oters. b. BY ASSOCTATFD PRFSS ! LEASED WIRE TO TRIBUNE I Ci:KVA, Feb. 17. The "Cnlted ! States was again the center of dls-.' cussinn today at the meeting of i the League of Nations committeH j on disari'i;i,;neVit", called to decide i whether the time had arrived to ! convene ,n international confer-j ence on control of private manu-f 'ciiire of arms. The discus-don was the result of a statement made hist night by , Ronald .McNeill lliitish iimler-scrrctar.v for foreign affairs, at a .secret session The statement was not given to the I-ress, but according to reports obtained through conference delegates its purport was that It would be Impossible to negotiate an ef-; fertive convention without tho nol- ' lal.ni ntion of such a bin producing- ai d exportii.ar country as th I'n. K.d Slates; furthermore, that be (McNeill) was afraid that tho legislation of some of the indi-sidual states of the American I'n-ion would not permit the I'nlted States gov , rriineiit to Join in the Ceneva program for control of the pri.itii manufacture of arms. l.eon .loiihau.x, the French labor, leader, referring to McNeill s stato-menr, si, no'.r.dy. nanro th. I nit'd states to change :tn con-' st:tution: all tlist was desired was j mat tno .American "If the further testimony to be presented to me next week bears i out1 the hearing: today I shall call this matter to the attention of the : district attorney," said Superior Judge fleorge Samuels today in i commenting on the hearing held before him for the appointment of a guardian for Anna Dutton, an alleged incompetent, person. Two petitions for appointment are on file. In the f'rst, filed by her attorney, (',. Bradford, the litank of Italy is sought as the ! guardian nf the property, which is ! understood to total about $15,000. In the second, which was filed by jher father. Charles Dutton,- the 'court is-asked to name-the Mercantile Tr,ust Company. I The. daughter's petition charges her father with attempting to 'coerce her, with, usurping' rights over her property, with frightening and attempting to Intimidate her. twith assuming e threatening attitude, and with threatening to sell j ber home, at 1 733 Hearst avenue, was th father's petition and i affidavit which brought Into the , rase the element which Judge , Samuels threatens to have Invest!- j gated. The father contends that ; his only attitude has been that of, exercising1 a restraining Influence j upon the daughter to keep her from wasting her property. j stock pntfiiAsi: Tom. In support of this contention : Miss Dutton was placed on the j stand and testified that some time : ago a stock salesman called at her , house and persuaded her to subscribe for a considerable block of stock In the Citizens' Mortgage CVmpany. Dater he returned and! she signed still another application for stock in the same company. ' : She also testified that three weeks) nfter their firHt meeting she pave ' the sales-man a power of attorney to manage her property affairs. ' The result of this, the court was told partly by the witness and partly by Attorney Klmer K. N'ich- c lis, who appeared for the father., that the man placed a mortgage of $.i:,l'fi tin the home, np plied a tart of the money on the stock sales and kept more than $1000 for his , personal us. Miss Dutton received no receipt or other acknowledg- i rnent of this loan, she testified, j She said that she gave the sales- , man the money because he told her ' he had to have it to keep out of , jaii. : SAI.KS.MAV rFX'r.KF.I GONE. The girl's father testified that this affair cost her In the neighborhood of $2060, as she traded some valuable sugar stock for other stocks which the salesman persuaded her to invest in.. Dutton also declared that the only talk of the sale of the home was his offer to purchas it with the understanding that his daughter' should have a home with him throughout her life without further cost to her Nichols stated that the salesman U a stranger in Berkeley and that he has since disappeared, after promising; to go to his "home in the north" and there secure funds.' government i to reimburse Miss Dutton. Nothing; hand in col- has been he:". .-oni nun since nis it, f o'b l u inn Hiiut- Fo uii, (...., i. . ... juugo Minui'H continued ine Mrs. J. Waiter Scott has he. n ap-, pointed tlniiiii.'tn of the general committee on arrangements by, Mrs I'. C. Turner, president. A-i'. sting Mrs. Scott will be Mi'--. Thomas A. Crellm. Mi s.- Char'es Leonard Smith, Mrs. Thomas .Mitchell Viler. Within .1 few! days the complete personnel of nil COI ltl s i' be .1 ' Monday for fur- T TITT TT TT '.T TT T.-TT TT Vp TT TTTT TJ TT Vr TT 7T ; rvr' 7 u it snoiint hold out its hand in col la boi ation. i departure. .bin ui ttnlv n, .i i..i ney, Chris . u 1 i nr . . ; , ..... , i , . , . , ,, ., . i mailer uuui ne.L iiiiiiiii in nil irieji it i ,. ,, , , . it twr m nriiu;. oKiig an international conference i to this end until the conclusion of C A Uhitnhpr P the conference fo H, i , W nliaiZeT UlCS traffic in iiiii.k, !.. I... held in No vote was taken, question was judgi d so se-i one that th commiitee- ouni-il of thn League --. uhich forms a part of the an.ent commission, decided private mcctint; this n.d eiubavor to find May. The lloUS i of the Nation: disarm t i hold .., f tet noon a Mdution - Man Says Wife Made Him Wcllflo wer After Long Illness I". A. WhltaUer. Oakland real t tte man, lie, this neirninu at I l-'aidoln. bosiiltal foUowinir a long "f ! Illness- Born at Homestead, van in, in is;;;. Whit-ik west and for n n i::,b, had large ca;t nil, n t.in.i and t't.ih. to ( i.i k la ml and state business. Whit.ikrr is In I"": rllterrd Benni'Nl-r moved of years i in Mon- h came the real rur'vived by a AN ASHBY STORE-WIDE CLEARANCE of All Odds and Ends and One-of-a-kind Suites BEGINS THURSDAY, FEB. 19 SEE OUR ANNOUNCEMENT IN TOMORROWS TRIBUNE MkJlsftbu ruRNiruRij co: Add ine and Alcatraz s'-l ! M ?! Pi i u lr I Hubert . his ile. ' a ai suit for d d.lV. He Ife t ' d '!,. M see V III r 1 1 or I tber Won:; wrh o!her plain that boa L. M Her complains that Lli.ihetb, forced him to l-rloWjcr at dances, in a ivoice be has on file to-s.-i-s be would take his i r'ce ,., )., r re,j uest and oul.l r- inse to d.inci. with t h.m dance witii any an but sin would d.mc.i men. He also com-bis Wife lli-glect.il the widow. Mrs. Margaret Whitaker, and i'ix sons. Charles A! Wlili.im J.. Karb- C. Wesb v It., Arthur A. and Kit-hard I: . all l.wiu- in Cali-1 ! ti i.i . I'uiural s"iices will tin held Thursday afternoon at 1 o i l ,.U at i '.": Telegraph avenue. Interment at Mountain ii-iv cetiot-ry w ill he loivat arid ti fused to h.ne iiii-iil- it regular lioins. .itol declared lhat he w I- a "fool" and she W as till ouhg with him. The Miller home Is nt SI Vo-seinii,. avenue. They were married M iiih ti, I'.'IM and si parateil Feb-l aa i v t'.. I.i si . The "Why" of the Roos Boot Shop -'S th.it we have IiMrnrd to hold to the deep channel of sound principles and s.ifc quality; to buy only from the hest manufacturers; to know st le and to cct the new things first. That is our customers return again and again; that is hy they arc assured that shoes from the Roos Hoot Shop arc the hest quality and the most authentic style. New models for Spring are here for menT f or "w'omc nTand for the )oungcf memhers of the family-too. tix-iior Uuuv5 Fowr It.m.m Shirt fot iMcn tnd It'ptnm clnh htirrirt Shi for ll'omrn Sodality Will Hold Whist-Dance Party Arrangements have been per- Whist will be r.lnved in tho club-1 Nelson. Vivian Jordan, IVtrB rooms of the St. 'Joseph's Athletic Wilklns, Naomi I. Corker, Sybil O . :M.jlins, Auria Dvlne, PatrlcV club, Tenth arid lei. ana oaneinn win oe ;a tae l-vih-! nasium. Supervisor John F. Mul- Dunlan. Ferlsa Fitznatrlck. Cn fected for' the pre-lenten whistjlins and tleorge V. N"l.n will .! vieve Valladon. Helen Clifford partyand dans.int to be held by the chairmen of th evi nine. The Catherine O'Connor. Nora Co PntrjcU'i church tomorrow ntrrht.' following rlels wi -eoro- It-tb' env aed r'or'lell S'on The world takes a man at his own value and the clothes he wears declare that value! SIX-STORE BUYING POWER Outfitters to Men, Women and Children Full value in the Spring Models of the Strand Suit! WEEK'' Of Our Clearance SALE "LAST THIS looks like an Advance Spring Style Show all but the price. That plainly says "Last Week of Sale." Figure out how many pairs you will need for Sport, Street and Dress Wear and save on them NOW! 500 NEW PAIRS ADDED VALUES TO $10.00 FASHION'S most inspired shoe creations 1 Our higher priced sale groups in final reductions to $3. Sizes, of course, in some lines incomplete but all materials and sizes in the offering and so many styles that you're sure to find what you want at great savings I Opera, D'Orsay, Paris Strap Styles and Ribbon Ties. Suedes, Satins, Patents; Cuban, French, Spanish Heels. FINAL PRICE MEN'S SHOES ALSO BLACK, v i'.KOWN HIGH & LOW MAIN FLOOR ALL THREE STORES mm KATJCHINiW WOMEN'S HIGH-SHOES ,3.00 VLri to $10 00 KlnJ ami" Clclli Top 525 FOURTEENTH ST.. OAKLAND ALSO A I' 825 MARKLT ST. and MISSION t 2.nJ. SAN FRANCISCO, 1 1

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