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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 9

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 9

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Extracted Article Text (OCR)

HFIVI LEASLD VIRE NEWT Vy-i vm.nms Harry PetersoN? stirriwj Tales jEarly California Exclusively in the Tribune arSOClAttO PQESS fynfurh Chuvti UNITED PPEfX-INTERNATIONAL MEWr-UrVtR'ALrCRVICt CONSOLIDATED PRCTC OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, WEDNESDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 4, 1925 9 NO. 35 VOLUME CII A Mi of city Hqul'I FarmeT Re eroucrinj. Bay Point Family JapaneseMinisfef Of Justice Dies CHILDREN IN nflirv nnnur San Juan Farmer Denies Oil Strike PAN JUAN BAUTISTA, Feh. 4. Humors of an oil strike on the J.

If. Lavagnlno )lace on the edge of town was refuted today, when tho owner said that in boring for water the drillers had hnppend to Park Directors Approve Rifle Range at Sequoia From Bull Attack SlOljKSTO, Feb. 4 Wnttor If. C'avlll will recover from serious in-iuries infllctcdl.y a mad hull on his ranch. It was said today hy his physician.

-Ilo was gord. ilm chest was 'crushed and three ribs were l-i-, CltTKCIIFS OS BETTIXC. gam-hllng "a p'ro'Aing nnd serious nien-a-ce," Scottish churches are uniting for a campaign "nil kind of hcitine. I liv It C-sFf KKXX1 tV. 1 By Raiio to Thu Oakland TRIBUNE nd the i Chicago Daily News.

I K-o. 4. Seiniijik.T Yu- kola, minister of Justice, died to- d.iy after a tliort illnesa ot lnt'lit- l-irn Escapes in Collision BAY POINT, Feb. 4. Mr.

and Mrs. James T. Trlbby'of Bay Point and their small son were cut and bruised Iasft night and their automobile was ajudly damaged when It struck a box car at the Southern Pacific Bay Point crossing! None sustained serious injuries. Whether WA AVIATOR KILLS SELF IN BERKELEY kaiu rnuit INNOCENCE TO "sxv rf5 Q)UJ. are the box car was In iiiotHni or was standing still with a section projecting over the crossing is a pioot question between the, Tribbys and railroad officials.

Call Oakland 325 for EE fiome Test Police Probe Shows 'Orgy'i Was But Loud Ridicule of I Ex-Officer of U. S. Flying Corps, Despondent Over Financial Reverses, Ends Life in Gas-Filled Room XLANS for a rifle range forllie new Sequoia park were approved by the park directors at their meeting yesterday. At the same time. Superintendent Lee Kerfoot announced that he will turn pheasants and six peacocks loose in Lakeside park.

Park board members expressed pleasure that the birds will be in one part of the city and the rifle ranee in another. Women and Girl- Workers of the Civil War risked permission to erect a bronze piarqiie or statue of General Grant at Twelfth and Fallon streets on February 12. This was granted. The park directors, whose resignations were all demanded recently, diil not mention the subject at the meeting. Playmates Made.

Ill While Playing at Wrecked Still Kxpress Co? to Fifteenth and Mission streets are two pawn tickets on a Murlington watch, and -for which was yet due the Burlington Watch Company about In suit rase is deed to Wyoming land and notice of due. and my insurance ticket Is there. It seems to me that I could become I was going to say a good bill let home accountant figuru up the expense of mv burial." HEN labor savin? equipment is to toKKKKLKV, Feh. 4 Despond ent over financial reverses mid shattered nerves, diva Harris, .1.2, former first lieutenant In the American flying forces during the world war, killed himself yesterday In his room at hoarding house at 2231 Dana, street. Ills body was found shortly af(er o'clock Inst nlKht nfter been panls of the.

house had smellnj washing'she can gather together and offer her a Maytag with which to do it. Then there will be no question unanswered no doubt in her mind about washer her home must have. She'll find the Maytag twice as fast as others, and much more thorough and careful in its washing. The secret, of course, is the exclusive Gyrafoam principle. Call Oakland 325 and we'll bring a Maytag right to your home.

Buy as the expert buys. Test it a'asj icith it. The only obligation is the one you owe yourself. Phone Oakland 325. LOANS FOR HOMES Banker Acquitted of Embezzling Funds pMico first tlioiiKht to be.

"Imriy jazz" parly. In which fifteen minors were, said to hiive in a wild ory. has turned nut. to" ho nothliiK of the suit urn! all hut thn-o of tho chil-tfivn have vindicated. that h.iiipfiioil, according to flic iuvt of 1'ollcn Ins tur .1.

McDonald wns that tui'lvn children it tho nelKhhnr-. were havltiK an hysterical time over the nannies (if two hoys ho had hei imie srk alter drink-tun luii classes of wine. When the tii ifhhius called the police a nil the morals diund arrived, (ill i the hlliln were taken tn the detention home and rhaiKed with being cli'liii'iweiit minors. 'I'he still found on tho premises Proved to he nartM of an old mill be bought for great industrial plants, guess work, theory, or claims play no part. Facts, and facts only, determine the decision.

Experts test before they buy. In the purchase of a washer, who be better qualified to pass on the merits of the many fine washers offered, than the housewife, herself. She's the expert. Naturally we turn to her with the Maytag Gyrafoam We ask her to compare the Maytag with any or all other washers before she buys. Further than that, we ask her to actually do the biggest, most soiled PAN FRANCISCO, Fib.

4. ly. A. Tfie hnmp. is the happiest that is paid for." I Crowell.

a banker of Ituso, North li.ikota, was funnel not guilty In I he 1'nited Slates iMsirlrt court here on a chaise of miyaTrpruprhitinf; the funds of hl.s tinnl in connection wlHi certain transactions with the Federal Farm Loan Bank ot Harris is cieiliie.l with havlnc brought down three (lernian platn'f during the war. lie was isoha rt oil from the army beeause of his physical condition, his nervi havinv been shattered. Little. Is known of Harris in Rcrkclcy. He eamo to this city some months ai-'o in an attempt to (linage in work as la Federal vocational student at the I'nlversity of California.

Most of the Information concerning the yountr flier came from the Oakland and Berkeley police departments. On several' occasions Harris has been picked i sis a 'prowler'1 when found wandering the streets dtirimr early morning hours. that had heen dismantled after Ni'-k Ahood. 2fiS8 i fmnhotf Vntifh If you would have your' home paid for, follow a sys-l tcmatic plan to reduce the deht each month. If you I oidy pay interest, you will to pay forever.

A I monthly payment of $39. will pay off a loan of $30001 house, was avenue, owner of th the Wrisht Is Sent to Jail roti hted of violating i ist vear. The two youths who drank the CROCK F.TT, Feh. 4. I'leadincr vine and the third who served It polity to lakintr the automobile or to th, in are l.eintr held at the -f- M- MiCulloiiKh of Crockett tenlion home.

The other twelve without the owner's consent, Tony Deferred Payments you'll never miss Ask to sec the new Maytag Ironer, too I leased after being reprl- i'i in ') vears, if you borrow i tided. Soto Of Selliy, was sent enreii today by JuHtico of tho Peace Ray Htatiilish of Crockett to pay a fine of 1IM) and servo lit) days it; the county jail. here. Our charge' is. V- of j-apern lound in Jburis' room showed him to have a homestead in Wyoming and have dabbled in oil Ktork.

Slow returns from the latter investment are said to have, made him despondent. Pawn tickets for a watch were found In his room. Deputy Coronet and no renewal expenses. Ask fur folder, "Loans For I ii Carnegie-Rockefeller Betrothal Announced ALAMEDA COUNTY! Bodies of Missing Girls Found in.L. A.

iS aSc.KI.FS, Fch, 4. The bodies of two cliildren. hcheved to 1. of the. two Martin sisters, who dappeari several months; were found today buried be-' math a weeds In Imposition p.

The bodies appeared to havo t.e. placed in a kind of sacking. to th" poll.e. Outstanding Maytag Features Frank Ib'ri; is attempting to find friends and relatives. Following Is the note left by the v'nr veteran, written on a piece of brown wrapping paper: "I really bate to encumber jo.u with this body, but it can do no more than cause a little, excitement and the I', s.

War Veterans ran pay for the burial. In mi old (oat in HIV bed roll 1 1 1 -1 setif hv A topi ii Xm ASSOCIATION H0 ctvttt K-n i ct in ivn 563 SDOIEMU BY ASSOCIATED PRESS LEASED WIRE TO TRIBUNE 1'UltK, Feh. 4. The en-1 Basement ot Stillman Km kefeller, son of the late William fj. Rockefeller, Miss Nancy I Carnegie, da lighter of Andrew C'ar-tieirle II.

is a iinou neeil ST OAKLAND Pfione Oakland 8500. ma 1 Washes faster. The Gyrafoam Principle creates a more highly energized, turbulent and continuously effective water action. No idle water. 2 Washes cleaner.

The Gyrafoam Principle mixes the soap evenly through the water, and forces the super-cleansing, soapier washing solution through the meshes of the clothes. No idle suds. 3 Largest hourly capacity in world 501bs. ordinary family wash per hour. 4 Most compact washer made-takes floor space only 25 inches square 5 Cast Aluminum tub can't warp, rust, rot, swell, split nor corrode.

6 Easil adjusted to your height, and height of tubs. 7 Clothes can be put In or taken cut while washer is running. 8 Tub cleans itself in 30 seconds. 9 Metal swinging wringer. Low.

Swings into 7 positions. Adjusts itself automatically for handkerchiefs or blankets. Automatic drainboard. Instant tension-release. Allparts enclosed.

Reasons for World Leadership un Lasy lerms Ijj VxIaVV PACIFICSTfVTES For home without electricity the Maytag Gyrafoam is available with Multi-Motor sttachment. TU fimotu Hytt Gtsoilo Uqx, Washer What is theXheck" Seal Gyrafoam WITH CAST ALUMINUM TUB THE MAYTAG COMPANY OF CALIFORNIA 326-30 Thirteenth Street x' i. When you build or buy a home you rwant to know that the electrical installation is made by an electrical contractor who docs complete electrical wiring, installs convenient connections for electrical appliances and uses standard wiring devices. 2. When you need electrical appliances, you want to select an electrical retailer who Bells quality electrical merchandise.

The "Check" Seal identifies such contractors and retailers for you. Before ydu build or buy, insist on "Check" Seal electrical wiring. When you need electrical appliances or equipment buy where you see the "Check" SeaL ami hakuisov strekts Telephone: Oakland 323 The ONLY Authorized Distributor Never Kiss A person tvith a cold Restless Sleep Due To Gas On Stomach PACIFIC When Gas Is Removed, Sound Sleep Comes perfoct thst tfi -irs Inve developed no Hay to i pto, I' doos ail tlint in'i '''-T-y. tt checks the cold, ft ri the poison cntfpl ty It toff 3 th cntli" ist'ii wttli tw.i t- of hlch oril-r. It rcs'or, vifn'if.

This Is (he w-k w.iv Your en lo UN i't f. M'l-llotis have nmii' to 'j, tin l.ti.-iv il, docs. (ilice o'l 11... i I i' ts -u wl'l nl if' 1 i to I i ht 1 Colds are preid by klsnlnir, by Miorzins and by roughs. lvnre of thof frerinp.

He careful If you have tlicni avoid them if you haven't. A rold tnonn d.mper and dl. comfort. Nulirdv knows what th rnd bo. Millions aro wrecked by colds.

Vet a rold rnn he broken In 14 hours. The 'ever nnd henduohe will tiid. und I.n tiilppe rnn Mi.ppril In 3 i It Ii folly to colds, and uthprs to nvold way wltfnniFs c7iiicara lirotnlde.ytiinlne. It Is so aurc Unit ELECTRIC COMPANY IAN FRAKC19CO LOKfi IIACB OAKLAND rOHTtAKO IIATTtl irOKAWt It 1 r. WrWlt rm i At 1, Mini I' n.ov.

I I'. Is. I eiti I t- it d-i it ti n4 a SingW i rf I-- fmt. I i .1 1 ll I- I In Pluributori for Qm General Electric 'Vftr 'f TT I- inc. n.

oti'l i. lost at the ut i.l a t', ii.h I.iin a ns tn 'hour's discomfort; I tl I I the 1 i.t ti'l Hour ijr-in tfoi lo 11 tjnti-iu. InUstht'l Evacuint hiisr to th fiililie a ll.i'iM AH dnifslMS Ri.poit fim Firl'lin rep.T..lal e. t'- f'om "'til finds l.oi.tu.ii hi. it n.l i.n! snl tjr lliwi'l I liiti llrt every druifglst cunranteea f.

So reliable that million of liomea hivn l9ptej it. Ho ll.l II." CASCARV flefor vou build, buy or rnt gt "Th rUrtricAl How for (iouMhnldfn." TbU booklvt ran hd lit from any lf Oriral con uVW of rttalltr who diapUri th "Chtok" fitfj of by writing our trfirut oince. I I II I- hit. it I'I 't nttp St tl I A ll, ,1 ll I 1 1 n. "Vv.WJ i.t.

I'll! w'-l. IM-iiins iin il-itn lit tl-A Intr.tlli.l t'Nrt Bii.t t' i hi -r it kn.iwn I lli-nVi. ms i I I I I. (1 I. Ct RJ Dos Ill hitft-! I pi, -'I- AiVt 'k I'i.

A. C. (. .1 I II ti, Tll 1 1 IT I Mi I I ig nr. I I.

lit' I. AltarUa I II II- I.illll st'lra ABE MARTIN EVERY DAY In tho OnklanD CrfOuiw i I to l.i ill. I tl-' Ii rfc- 't in i.f i-n 'il I'. Pkl 'l' l-t. I i-mii i'k-1'1 lil'irl ni'" ll t.iui nut

lr.l ii "I'I tt'S n( a. Mil "till ti4ttr, lin-i ll I'iiiii: pl ii. OAS, lima rvl-rlna In 11. A'llvrlla Is 'mllF intiiahla bn I'KOMCT Is li- or t.i iiTiri ilia alimliiatlaa Biatatsiot lilKiua Ibiuma lb tsiwal. lrt tm i.i AllrOka I I.IIH Has 'a -in' i, .1 ft CLinm A.ll-rl.a Is a irinlna In tin.

nnril M.I'H'1 l- ami iB- Iwina nl a III 1 1, ail ul II k. o. .14 l.aliat a-wh'. Is Oakland bf llaa-nnl loua A'iiin-oial..

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