Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 9, 1954 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 9, 1954
Page 2
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«5*: ; :> I A R', HOPE, ARKANSAS Thursday, September 9, 1954 YOWG HiNS «. H you have, a toying flock why Wfrrfi frew, and Sell US your noh layers? We IC' like 't6 buy SSvewl hundftd of a time, but * 'Calf Us far Delivery Date >e Locker & Processing Co. **>"' " 1Q.UTH MAIN Boyle *, Continued from £afie One floSsy eat <h the fall of Messina. Censure Jury from i»age while a member of the House tin- in Sicily. byHalkih;; the Jate Gen 'American Activities Committe in Patlon's personal pilot into f lying j a case involving L)r. Edward U. htrri bftdk to Algiers. , . Yoii guys .Condon, theft', director of the U. S. Jrqrn the 3rd Division probably Bureau of Standards. remember him. The 2 ! ':i-page mennn-andum is a Me hasn't changed much since (document which McCarthy sought tnt?ri . . Still sleeps late, has a ' lo usc ln the Mc'Cai-th.v:Amvy hoar- weakness foi hsidc straights and inKS - u was identified .then as a Efjfdfic Co. ANNOUNCES A NEW POLICY! yod ; C<ln have y^Ur Hdrwe Rewired rjneet moderA dohVeriientes and rtew fixtures. All on 12 Easy Payments lorryihg Charge-10% Down Payment ti** Balance Monthly 'Free Eestimatcs ELECTRIC CO. Licensed and Bonded l» *n r*V fc *• Phone 7-2629 hi«s hand .-i lornr. waituic, for gin. , He lias just turned 40 lhis slimmer and *; still a chow hound>< . . Stenks and' roast beef mainly . So he neve, R a,ns pnylJJ* "°" se to stimmar of a confidential FBI report to Army intelligence, but was never put into iho rocorJ. .Williams said that Nixon askod » c . ( «» bf weight, a slim 165 stripped. Ho £ a gbod sv/immci, and teUn a, Miiprisinply accttiatc vv^th age on the'tennis court. . . Takes his TV KiicceKEcs calmly anil -in slricla On Sunday night" h" ?oes to the theato" about a hoiu the letter produced, arid arguod that the presidential socrcey order then in effect was unconstitutional. While the House dirt not act .on .the constitutionality of the order, \Villiams nd it adopted unani mously a losoluloi a^Kint, foi the What's Lint como-> on Says he never knows who the dial lenders will be. I make it a I point not to" meet them a few-minutes .before camera time . . . .Eases them over tluv usual hill lettei liom tnn IBI Watkins said McCarthy could introduce an action of the House as a proper precedent, birc that a speech by Nixon or any other member of Congress was "not enough.' nervousness, also "If I'm com-! Thc commltlo recessed pt 11:45 plclely unfumilinr with what they , a ,,"?,,. ., ,, , , ., do, I get £ «me poinlorr. about thoir Willinms -said the .defense would 1 usintss ready at the afternoon session Then, they go on Th« «!,„«, ^ S° a ' 1C! ' d with its testimony on . he says is completely unrehearsed all ad-libbing That s wheie the old pcmpiiln anJ-rtiaiLlo- SKj'W^'^^^^W?^^^^^^ IEY8 A 1. W A Y :> f- I R S t • Q U A L I T Y ; !' n ; DEPEND UPON PENNEY'S TO BE THE FIRST TO BRING NEW LOW PRICES! LOW DOORS OPEN ' AT 9:00 A. M.! >W PRICED! \ Dutyj-' ft (. t l t i' I Overalls 2 Sizes 30 to 50 hard weorl fcr lading mi ' triplf ?t!»f htttg throughout I -•-— at all areas of strain i f fwHsutfpr f«r fverx yrork need I «nus», EFFECTIVELY FEAR POISE: t CONFIDENCE LIAPIRSHIP" fete, 2 is new belno formed ,Thi? ig more th?n s JHJ " , meiri jW HOW to iBtte j in leadership, . djsye ppoifnt, and cpn^rclin.fl 'thfs dinner meSln without ob- the remaining two charges that McCarthy showed contempt tor a Senate committee that investigated his financial affairs and other matters in 1951 and 19.32. and that he had been abusive of his Senate colleagues. shooting expei'ienco comusin, He has only one signal for thc panel . . watch for it. .when he versation is getting what he calls "BLUE"—meaning, off-color. . . It occasionally happens by accident because the panelist!., not knowing the business o fthe challegner, innocently ask questions; that cpuldd be; misinterpreted. For example, the time the challenger was a man who makes Pullman cars. . .lots of room for double entender there, so - T °hn yanked his oar, "What my line" is nly one of his jobs. He is also a vice president in charge ot news for ABC . .But he likes the program and so does his family. . . His wife doesn't always see it, "She sometimes gets sleepy before 16 30 ' he says, ' Yoa knou those southein ga}s." You'll enjoy our , delicious SALADS SEA FOODS m FISH v^(dR r ^ ) a nd s , e , rved the wfekyou. like Daily Luncl qtid 75c DIAMOND CAFE & CAFETERfA > ^ + ^ W • Apple Sauce LAYER CAKE with fruit icing •> • Brown Sugqr Fudge . LAYER CAKE JOE'S CITY BAKERY 216 S. Main • l inywrhome with low-cost fir ply.uw<l, Bljijt- I*' 1 fir plywopd'and easyt to-fellow plans fpr f jit plywood " Available for all t'ypw «f Itojfrflvemervts ?»d c«B BIUWRAY SUPPLY CO A*P IS THE PIACE Id RE-STOCK YOUR SHELVES AND SAVE ON QUALITY-FAMOUS Pantry Needs ^•^aiimm^*^'' '""''""''"'"' ""' r ' ft^***^^^ —,.,.-.. „ ....... ALL PURPOSE DETERGENT SAI1 Giant lite 49* HAWAIIAN CROSS BRAND SLICED PINEAPPLE IONA BARTLETT PEAR HALVES 20-ox, Can 3 1 29-oi. I Cans I 00 BLAZE O-GOLD ELBERTA SLICED PEACHES OLD IVORY OR PRATTLOW WHOLE SPICED 29-oz. Can 25' PEACHES 29-oa. .....Can NEW LOW PRICES-A&P COFFEE EIGHT O'CLOCK RED CIRCLE BOKAR 99c •&• 1.03 ^ 1.05 A&P VACUUM PACK Lb. Pkg. Lb. Can 1. TAKAY GRAPES 3 APPLES DELICIOUS SLJNKIST LEMONS POTAfbES 10 Save on Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Lbs 29c BARTLETT PEARS 2 Lbs 25e ^ 23c FRESH CABBAGE Lb 5c 15c KENTUCKY WONDERSL b 19c FRESH • 59c CAULIFLOWER Lb. Lb. Bag Head 23e Save on Satisfying "SUPER-RIGHT" MEATS SLICED BACON POT PIES ALLGOOD BRAND • i; y ' No. 1.-....' '....:; , ....IB. SWANSON'S BEEF CHICKEN OR TURKEY. SUPER RIGHT HEAVY CALF «QUND STEAK 'SUPER RIGHT,HEAVY CALF SIRLt>IN STEAK SUPER RIGHT HEAVY CALF CHUCK ROAST Lb . SUPER RIGHT HEAVY CALF HAMBURGER MEAT u SUPER RIGHT BOLOGNA SLICED Lb SUPER RIGHT . PRY SALT JOWLS u, 2 ?is z 49* 63c 55c 33c 29c 37c 23c Jane Parker Cake Spanish Bar Jane Parker Date Filled Coffee Cake Jane Parker Strawberry Fi* ,.49* 794 .Each A^ T E«H t- ANN PAGE ORANGE MARMALADE ANN PAGE GRAPE 4AM ANN PAGE PLUM PRESERVES Re-stock your Pantry Yfith ANN PAGE Quality Foods 2-lb. Jar 8.0*. KRISPY CRACKERS STAR-KIST TUNA * CHIISi RITZ NabliCQ........... ...'BOX HONEY 6RAHAM$ KSS,. „„.$ 31* IVORY $OAP ; .-. p '"± 5* IVORY SNOW a 39 ANN PAGE CREAMY-SMOOTH Peanut Butter ' 4 & 55* ANN PAQI Sqlad Dressing °r 49* IVORY IW--— --l'8 38* IVORY FLAKES Ja 29* SUNBRITE ci^n«tr .'..4 cm. 29* II YD AWED Jymbo 39.91 III rVff K|% T^m.elM , Coi . IVORY SOAP 3 SWIFT'NINO J |WI L. PRiln umci SWIFT'S 3-lb. ..• Con Thursday, September 9, 1954 HOPE STAR, HOPI, ARKANSAS SOCIETY 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P» M, or — sound motion 'picture will be shown at the Mope Gospel Tabcr- I nacle. The name of the film is 'Shelter in thfc Cumberland" .with la'Smith Atitrey. To'llie Austifi, J. I S St>t. Robert Taggart. who has M. Borden Jr., DSlein Jackson. aftc?!just returned from one arid a half members of their families. years of overseas duty in Japan. There were 90 people pre'setit-j i will join his wife, Mrs. Martha , . | Mrs. Gordon Klih|, the former Re- and it was decided to haVe ahbther JTaggart. in Hope. At ter a two' gina feasyc in the cast. No admis-! reunion next year on the Sion charge.'." . j jdatc. Calendar Thursday Sept. 9 , The Ladies Pentecostal Auxiliary is having a meeting at 2 p. m. Thursday. its regular monthly meeting on Thursday night at 7 o'clock at the Hotel Barlow., A success story will Tuesday; Sept. 14 The Lilac Garden Club of : DeAnn will have its first meeting: of this season on Tuesday, Sept. 14, at 2 p. m. in the club room. Holstesses will be Mrs. James Burkei Mrs. jLsOh Thursday the intermediates <f£ the First -.B.ftpUst-ChtireK; \v111 have- an i informal banciuet M the church fellowship hall, <\ •••'• The Hope B & PW Club will hold MAIN & COUNTRY CLUB RDS. Open 6:30 — Show Starts 7:f5 • TONIGHT & FRIDAY • «. UNIVEMM-WTEIINAtlONAt . Clause •. ays" : ' Dig That Dog" Cartoon bo the theme of the program, to be [carlton Samitel arid Mrs. Jewel given by the legislation committee. | Burke. Miss Clarice Cannon is chairman) • -' . ' • of this committee and members are Mrs. Cline Franks, Mrs, Char- Melrose Home Demonstration club will meet Tuesday, Se'plem- ley Taylor and Mrs. Eugene Smith, j ber 14, at 1:30 in the home of Mrs. [Jewel Still, with Mrs. H. E. Pat- tnrson as co-hostess. The Young Adult Fellowship Group of the First Methodist Chur> ch will have a wciner roast in the basement of the church at'resume activities for the year with 7 ; p. m.. Thursday, Baby sitters will a luncheon meeting at one o'clock Mrs. F- C. Crdw Hostess to W. S. C. S... Circle Two same leave. S/'Sgt. Taggart will report for duty at McGuire Air Force Base in New Jersey. On Monday .afternoon. Circle 2 of the Woman's Society of .Chris-* tian Service of the First MfethOdist Mr. and Mrs. I-terman Wprthey of Memphis, Tenn., were the week^ jend guests of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Watson in Washington, and Mr. and Mrs. Worthey in'Or.an... Chapter AE of the P. E. O. will church met in the home pf.Mfs-. C. Crow. Mrs. Erniest O''Neal gave the devotional using "Contentment!' ' as her subject. Mrs. Crow had charge of the program using as her subject, "Jesus' Concern for Cit- jies." Punch and cookies were serv- |ed during the social hour. be provided. on Tuesday, September 14, at the McEntosh Family Has Homecoming Homecoming was held at the Hospital Notes Branch Admitted: Washington, Mrs. Evelyn Hicks, Richard Dickcrsoh, Washington. Discharged: Mrs. Harvey Foster and Baby Girl, Hope, • JWIIa Chester Adfnitted: Sarah Jones. Hope. Discharged: Richard P. Hogue, 'home of Mrs. Herbett Stephens in hbmc' of "£n* Ves.Te McEntosli 'on!"° pc :, Mrs ' W1 ?» ton Daniels and The Hempstead County. P. T. A.;Blevirts. • S°"L? c";.!"! f AuXiin" daughter Cnjrolyn Susan, Hope, School of Information will be held in the First Methodist Church in Hope, Thursday morning, September 0, at 9:30. All officers'and com-; Garland P .T.~A. will be held Wed- mittee chairmen of P. T. A. units j ncsday, September 15, 1954. in thc county are urged to attend. Wednesday, Sept. 15 The first regular meeting of the Friday September 10 Hope Country Club open house for Wednesday' September 15 Brookwood P. T. A. will meet Wednesday. September 15, at 3 p. members and their families will be m. The executive board will meet held following the football game at 2:15 in the school office. All on Friday night. Hosts are Mr. and Mrs. Dale Jones and Mr. and Mrs. Roy Anderson. Saturday September 11 The Ladies Auxiliary of the First Pentecostal Church will sponsor a- bake sale on Saturday, September. 11,. at 10 a. m. at 119 S. Elm street. '"The-County-Glub "Back to School" dance will be held Saturday night,. September 11. from 7:30 until 10:30, for members and then- guests. Hosts-will be Mr., and-Mrs, E.. J. Whitman and Mr. : . and Mrs. Jim Whitman. Monday September 13 On Monday .night at 7:30 -a col- . BY REFRIGERATION • LAST DAY • FEATURE TIMES 2:00 - 3:47 - 5:43 - 7:39 --9:35 Ht killtd \ lilt Shsriff's "• brother... Mil I fie Hdi tUkt Vint t lilt In , Jean SIMMONS \Rory CALHOUN ^Stephen McNALLY | Brian AHERNE A COkUMllA fiCtUM SHORTS: 1. "Golfing With Domaret' 2. Pete Smith Specialty 3. News of the Day members are urged, 'to be present. Notice The ladies of the Eastern Star will have a ,bake sale .on Friday and Saturday, September 10 and 11. Persons desiring calces please call 7-2073 or 7-3213 by Thursday, September 9. Mrs. Jack Brown of Fulton will teach piano at Oglesby School to the first through the-sixth grades. Lessons will begiri. at 9'a. m. Monday September 13. She will 'teach lessons on Monday and Thursday of each week i'rom 9 a. m. to 4 p, Sunday, September 5. Attending the homecoming were Mr. and Mrs. Elvin Barns, Janey. Shirley, Kitty, and Becky of Longvlew, Tex., Mr. and Mrs. Morris Yarrow, Patty, Janet and Nancy; Mr. and Mrs. Lamar Duvall, JoAnn, Junior, Janie of Little Rock;; Mr. and Mrs. Orovcr Burns, Billy and Cliffy of Dallas, and Lonnie Johnnie McEn- tosh from Amarillo Air Force Base, Tekas. Birdie Mae Thomas, Hope. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. F. Tittle, '— Texarkana have a son, born at 12:23 p. m. Tuesday: The highest automobile road in h United States reaches the summit of Mt. Evans 14,260 feet — says the National Geographic ' Society. • FRI. & SAT. • Big Triple Program! the Most Famous Cavalry Charge in All History! '- of Me Lfiftcm m2& riuUTtt Jl»H PIERRE . GODDARD • AUMONT TIM HOLT RAYWHITLEY BETTY JANE RHODES ''Along the Rio Grande'' Huddleston Family Reunion Held On Sunday, September-5, the children of Mr..and Mrs. Benton Huddleston arrived home for a family reunion. Those'present were Mr. and Mrs. V. R. Cass and two daughters, Linda and Beverly, of Seattle, Wash.,; Mr. and Mrs. Fielding HuddJeston and sons; Lesley and Gary, of Stamps; Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Huddleston and ..children, Rebecca and Tommie of Magnolia; Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Hu'ddlestori and son, Mike of Rison; Reeder Huddleston and Miss Bonnie Hbuser of Arkadelphia,^ and Paul Huddleston of Hope... Reunion 'Weld^ISTear 'AWIhs '• • A picnic lunch and reunion was held Sunday, September |, ,2, miles, east ?><3f •• Atkins,; ^for rt the SelibBJi'dlr- ectors, teachers and students -* who attended the old Austin.' School. Attending were Mr. and Mrs. J. C.- Walters, Mr. and Mrs. Truman Smith, Mi-, and Mrs. '•"Harvfey Stout, Mr. and Mrs-.' Walteiv-Greer, Mrs. Daniel Long and son, Glenn, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Smith and daughter, Ethel, Oscar Stout, Carrie McCrakeri; Mr. and Mrs: Harvel Stout, Ethel Maxwell, Fred Smith, Ruth Walters Ragon, Ethel May, Burnice Walters, Eva Walters, Lo Mrs. Watkins . Hostess To Circle 6 Circle 6.oi the Woman's Society of Christian Service of the Methodist Church met Monday.at 2 p. m. in the home of Mrs. Dick Watkins. with Mrs. Jack Gardner as co- hostess. The Watkins was attractively decorated with arrangements of'flowers and foliage. '•'•''• Mrs. George Murphy, circle lear der, conducted the business session. Reports were heard-from the various committee chairman. Mrs. L. B. Tpoley gave the .devotional, and Mrs. " ' program, ies." Taking part on the program were Mrs. Dexter Bailey and Mrs. J. C. Carlton. !'The hostesses served a dessert plate to 13 members and one guest, Mrs. Dexter Bailey. Murphy presented the "Jesus' Concern for: Cit- Coming and "Going Mr. and Mrs." J.- M. Watson, of Emmet. have as their guest "Mr. Wat son's sister, .Mrs. Claud „ B£(t- eman of Jacksonville^ Fred KirtJy^ot' Downey, Calif. , Dallas Kirby of Bowie, Tex., Sol Kli-by- of Deyol, Okla., and the Rev. Claud Wilson and" Ruby Wilson of Paducah,' Ky., were the week-end guests of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Terry of Hope Route Three. •* Air". . Parish Watson of Houston spent the Labor Day -week-end with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Watson and their sister, Ruby Osburn s?!H. ffiijcGjreen of Houston'arrived last week-end for a visit t with his family. MT?- and Mrs. Horace Bateijian and son of Jacksonville, Tex,., Jift the guests of Mr; Batemah's p'arJ' ents, Mr. and Mrs. Zan Bateman FIRST CHAPTER OF NEW SERIAL 'MANHUNT IN THE AFRICAN JUNGLE & COLOR CARTOON, "FOOTpALL.NOW AND THEN" n * SUNDAY-MONDAY-TUESDAY * '-V **'•"(•«*:*•" ••YaSfei £wt/o<?f **•' •-•••— -——~ CHICKiN OF THE SIA TUNA Hi* Va ^C4 la'lsl .N«< V .-« »|«B WP *«|k v $» SWIFTS IfiWfi 3'/r«. M. oo With ADDED SCOPE of 1 WIDE SCREEN! DAVID OrSeL-ZNICk TKe Prodgcsr Whs> Gov? You ''GONE WITH THE WIND" IT'S TIME! ' '. to begin thinking about Jputting fall and winter clothes on our boys — Boy's Corduroy SUITS ./: : small infants sizes to size 7 SLACKS & JACKETS Small infants sizes to ' • v size 8. HALL-MCNEILL TOT 'N 1 TEEN 102S. Elm Phone 7-3661 THE SCHOOL BEL RINGING AT € ^LSJlZAIil:^!^^ Boys Tuf-Nut Blue Jeans Sites O's to 10's Boys 11 $2. Western Jeans All sizes . $2.98 Boys Gingham Shirts Sizes 2 to 18 $1 Boys Corduroy Shirts, the ' shirt buy of the year Children's Dresses See the new arrivls. Just the thing for school $1,98 to Legal Notice RESOLUTION i To Whorn it May Concern:, A meeting of the Board of Directors of Spring: Hill School. District No. .10 of Hempstead County, Arkansas, was held at Spring Hill in Hempstend County on the 7 day of Sept., 1954, at the.hour of 8:00, P. M. All members of the board had due notice of the time and place of said meeting and the purpose thereof, and the following members were present to r wit: Earl Cato, R. A. Sooter, Joe Raschke, Chester May, Horace Phillips. -Being a quorum. The following Resolution was adopted: Be it resolved that this school board in accordance with provisions o£ Act 384 of the Acts of the General Assembly of 1953, -will file application with the State Board of Education for a loan from, the Revolving Loan Fund • in- amount of $3500, to be evidenced by a Certificate of -Indebtedness and to be retired over a period' of 5 years from revenues accruing to Operating fund. The proceeds of the lopn will'be used for: Com-, pletiori of Grade School Building'! Ladies 80 Square Print Dresses. rived. Beautiful now styles Owen's budget price Ladies New Fall Hats in the newest creations $2.59 to Just ar- First Quality Sheers. Special 81x99 Type 128 $1.66 16x37 Towels Extra Special 4 For $1.00 Ladies and Children's Shoes Close out one big taBle $1.QQ Ladies and Children's Shoes Close out one big table Men's $1.59 Blue Chorrtfarcy Shirts, . Fall Cbrrfut'oy. Just $ 1.95 per yarH vdlue^ , " First quality , ,.,. ,ydrd New' (aingharri arid Chambrays Just arrived./36 inches fb « 45 inches witje, .. Per Yard Prints and Chambfays Special • 36 ^Yds. : $ii T , a- * , Costume Jewelry. See the he1& 'Qfr ' Big selection. * sw $2.95. Take One Rack Ladles Close Ladies Coats. THey - 36 Inch Hcoyy - J Domestic. Special andiTeachprs Residence. Septi 9{'f/ (> f{J ' •" • •••- •"••'? • -f^-l.t ?!> P- •DEPART MtNT ^ T O ? E T BUDGfeT —BONUS Regular 10c SCOUR PADS 2:15 'JOHN P. (OX DRUG DIAL WEV<3iyj| o* 7 r 461Z % ( LE STAMPS , THURSDAY; A*-Vx'S, _>•{ v» i'-Woyipfrfffik?. •J Swe^tfen* tfie fcfrpa (Limit 2) DRUG STORE ^HMRIJINB GREGORY PECK-JOSEPH GOTTEN (L-JNIj Y'qll Come! Tire Big Shows-Street P*rflde--Fri. Sept 19, 4;QO P.M, Exhibits — Agricwlnmil Pjyployi The RODEO Red Foley radio »nd TV ai«r In ptrjoa Vltll rETE STOMPKH. TUKtAN 1IUS- KV. y»»r efB^try wu.lu. FWTtK WAGON^B B»4 th« OKLAHOMA WRANUL^RS - Trl. Sept. 19 «uU Bui. 11 «( I y.»>The SIEGRISTS , 1= W>tlr tfiut -- J )»t »nd »e( OB 1« ».*o. IM '''*' K«mtr Todd Ch«mpl*i»blp U Big SHOWS ttt FREE GRANDSTAND SHOW in ertto ki «t 4 STATIS FAIR TIXARKAN_A •v. Thriftiest Buy lor Schooldays in Gay Tweed & Plaid Design 39 RING BINDER 2rn9 \9c Valuj Eraser Tips SENATOR PENCILS Desk Type PENCIL SHARPENER 19= 12i39 Bright plastic. ' * FILLER PAPER • 2 or 3 hple—Stock up ,,, RUBBER BANDS Assorted pock Slim Style WEAREVER PENCIL Reg. CO . . MV Deluxe Model PAPER-MATE J BAU PEN • HJ69 No leak or stain Applicators Take a GOOD LOOK MEDICINE r j CABINET Ves, it's tm|v>runi to 'tak^ inventory' * now am) rr£u/nf/> Be sure that your •"""' Medicine Calnntt is«iock*d ,»nd tfiod) for fannlj rmrrfieneifS Be sure >ou ha\e adequate supplies of fresh evtr>tja> drugs and tir^i ait} fluppli^k on hjnd r Foicttght tww can forestall vtcrry Uttr 1 -W i^nc/ rtfmqruhtr at^A} A before a uarn« ing sifin of sicknc» l fan develop into ^ something scnoqj, seejotfr Doctor i 14 COX.S HAS FILUED < OVER 'A MILLIONS < ^ PRESCRIPTIONS * VITA8VIINS JR. AYTIHAL VITAMINS & 'MINERALS o!10Q. *—"• Contains, B-12. 33' GLYCERIN, JNFANT OR ADUif f>, *s ff\. FACIAL TiSSOE SOCIETY QUALITY, BOX QF 300 (limit UM Toilet Soap REGULAR SIZE BARS (L.mit 3; . . , . *• VK * K! ifxrt^ 40-Hr:, PARBY ALARM «3IJ.l,ITTE "Super-Speed" I RAZOR KIT Cose RUBBER FOOTBALL CHFFliHF rubb«ir H« BOX of 40

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