Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 21, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 21, 1896
Page 8
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Always Lead, Never Follow -THIS Our First Grand Fall Opening Sale ^;r^^^^ Will Be Continued All Next Week. • • - '- - °»>"""'* to "" oiue °' *•" """ b " reoi ™ THE CAMPAIGN Grist of Political News by Wire. .«,.„» .ST«t week will h« special drens Roods and cloalc LJCvUvLwK' XJLCWJtVllB\^AAAv v*vx t ^ „ Ladies heavy all wool cheviot Jackets, DRESS GOODS Double width illuminated Persian effects only- 40-inch black silk and wool Secilleon, only 19-inch all silk velvets worth $1.00 yard, only $1.48 3 75 3.48 9cyd S6c yd 58cyd Au, Ul Hnv bargain, we 1-aven't spaee to mention, Render this sa.e lasts a,, next*.*. GOLDEN RULE Popocrats ^ave Given Up Hope of Carrying Illinois. Editor of the Only Silver Paper in Chicago a Convicted Felon. Special to Tho Jonnuil: Clrtcaso, Oft. 20.—Rv.p'1'bliwi.ns here ;uro .fjron.i'1'y ciK.'ou'mjjuU over today's •resistrafion in. Ohic:i«o. It slunvs tuat every Sound Money Dcniocra't wi-11 vote nf,',-il"st Bryao-. Democrats at Illinois State headquarters privately concede the hopelessness of their oam'pai-gn and 'haveipr-'icllciilly closed their wortv. Tlvey wJll tuni their aittwniou to Mich- IiKllijuuK They Iw-ve sent their clvioC o£ spealicrs' -liureau to MLch- •ifr,-ui to mana«c the or.'Morlcal cam. 'ua-ifru in the sadcile. The first day's experience has been decidely discoid- afrlii's. TeLesrams indicate that ex- President Harrison's stumping tour, wlilcli 'bega,u today, lias tjioroughly Ind-lnma, and that the gener- It is Not Our Fault : II you have been- paying too mucli for your clothing, liats «nd furnish- in gs 'heretofore, but: you need not do it-any louder. Wo told you in 'tire -beginning -that we intended selling clothing cheaper tlioin It 'has bewi sold heretofore, and if you will c;>31 and see wlKit we arc do- ta" and set onr prices, you will not wonder at the business we arc doing. \sk some one Unit -hns been liere-they won't be hard to ftnit-wln-it the NE'W AND ur-'iO-DATE CLOU'ITING- HOUSE is doing. It *akcs dashing iwid iliu-sti'iing to pluck trade from old line competition; that is what we have done, and are still in the fray to maiuwin the victory. MEN'S SUITS * At fk.'iii and $.1.00. The ?5.00 fi)Ms come in black Cheviot.-; also. M.MI'.S all wool suits .•['.' ?7.50; in Ui'is lino you find powerful values, other houses' price. $10.00. $10.00 SUITS BOY'S Hi. our house me.-m ttc same suits, only better fittin.cr, made and u-inimo.1. 't.)uu flic ehpap tailors charge you $15.00 for. SUITS Ages 4 to 1-t years, from $1.00 and upwards. KXEP PANTS from 2ij cents up. . le Globe We Have Won The Hearts of The People. The Globe' NOT ALL SILVER The Farmers Have Done a Little Thinking for Themselves. foremost Men's and Boys' ; " appreciation of our ef- I Rpsult-Thers Will be riany Votes Against Sliver in the Country. | la testimony of oW gratitnde and to thoroi'ghly io- troducc our Uno^t grades of equal »o ouBtom inado Givv- jnen's, we otter a' follows Men's Plaid Suits $8 oo Newest novelty All Wool Cneviotc This peerless offer la for one week only bes;Juninp to- ajorrow and end- Corner 4 th and Clarke!. These Suits are All Wool, Winter weight, made up by Artist Tailors Men's Plaid Sul's .00 Fashions Craz?, Perfect Fitting, Every element of fineness that goes into high>st grade out-to-order Rar- ments is in these suitd. There here Black and Blue Men's Beaver Overcoats These .are fa^hiiona,Wy c«t.''a»d well .s»ade Oveavoats, warrantod to flt, to and to bold color. Well let you «he Judge ot their value. $5 All \Vool Black & Fancy Cheviots Hen's Suits. An exceptionally well woven cteV'tot, made UP especially for our paitrons, and dupUoa'ted at the prices nowhere on this pla'niett We warrant thcmi fast colors. To delight the Boys and their Mothers we wII' sell Knee Pants at 15 Cents jitra good weight, »eat patterns, (or boys' aged 4 to 14. Ihe (Me The Globe Corner Fourth and Market Streets. The .Globe PROTECT YOUR EYES. The Hlrchberg Optical Co., Tte well-Knonn Speslu'.lsU of -Tisr To-t n. i>. A. U 4.UK us ngent tor their celebrated Speotaoles and Bye Glaaiea, every piUr guaranteed, D. A, HAUK has complete assortment and Invites all to aatlsfr themselves o[ the great superiority ol these KOOJsover anr manufactured, at the store of D. A. HAtTK, 3ole agent for Loganspoit Ind. No Peddlers Supplied. $2O.OO Will Buy a Winter Suit •OF;W. D. CRAIG. 426 Broadway, Second Floor. New jackets added to the big cloak «ilo tomorrow.—rfirade Palace. Tickets for the-beneflt cmtertadnment ol tlio K.R. Y. M. O. A. on sale at C. W. dravcs's book store. Dress plaids, be «, yard; 86-Inch ,»blges, 5c a yard; double fold plaids, •I'gh color, this week at 10c a yard.— Trade Palace. How is Your '.liver? Avoid medl- ciucs contalnm* mlaeral podsona. Use Dr. Habbs Wttle Ltrer Pills. Purely vegetable. For sale In Logansport by. »en. Fisher and Jota F. Coulson, drug- TALKING PRICES THE PILLING PRICES MAKE BUSINESS GOOD AT 412 BROADWAT, * * * Women's nice seamless rubbers, new and pointed toes, new 'OG goods. Price ••• 23° * • * Women's storm seamless rubbers, as good as some ask 50c for. Pricey. .28c • » » • " •; Women's Aretlcs, nice new. goods, good value at $1. Our price 59c Women's kid button shoes, patent tip, nice pointed toes, medium heeto. an' 'Mic Fopocnifs nre shu-ore iu tnhlrii-tiait nllthe Uanners nxc silver crazy, aiid wiU vote to innlic timo* st:ill ismlor for Hiemnclves'by attempting t'Uc I'cat ot loglslatinj? valoie into >Ulic stiver ot the .si'fcer trust, .ta»?y are destined to be -treated -'to a -huge sui- pi-lse ivtoen 'tih-e bnllots iwe counted in itho i-ural jwccincts-. , Down. 1n Oan-oll 'Oownllij- tlift Pojw- crats wo cMtorin? every .farmer, and •'here is how very .reflfliMc tlielr cl:u!iiw nre: V-eSterdny arternoon.Behuy.Oor- 'uiell, a farniej- wlu> jives ireiiir Oimdeu, to CiMTOll eouiurj-,. was -in--Li>p.'! 1 u*-]iort nnd pntd The Jouu-Jral office a crJl.-- Mr. Cornell hitrodticetl hlmsem: a lid. so 111: "I thougflilt I'd drop In ancl-leryoft know it'hat tlie.Souu<l Money helloTore nre not •all kJllcd off iu. OaiToll county. I have suhvays boea a Domocrniti-riCTOi'-voted a Re-pulblitiin ttolwt in my: life, tout I'm K to do it Uh-is tUmo. .We _'lwve a cjl'inb In the Onmdon .jjclgHiiborlwoil, and one of ttoe best -«x«ilcers .In the country, and'we <w« maktag. a caim- patgn tiliiroi'igfl]''all tlie-couniUes around. Everywhere wo go we have W-g crowds.".' , "Arc there rrtany more Souind Money Democrat :•» your- sedlTon- of the con»n;tiy7"'wias a-sk-ed. "Weill, yon Kin just -bcit -thca-o are." toe answered. "Dn-. ChaTlcs SchoM Is our spealcor, -nnd he's a good one too. Tflien there are Six of ms in- tine glee- clinb -n-dio 'have alm-iys been Democrats. Tlhwt's taie k'lnd 'o-f a button- wo MO •wearing now (naitl ue sliom'od.tt.MicKi'n- -nod Hottart button in. (the Inpel o£ Bis coat). There nre ;fl£ty Democratic farmers that I know ctf w-ho declare openly -that they will -not vote the sliver ticket Wo'velhad enough' Of 1Jie Democratic cry of Tn-ee' this and.'Free' that. We'ixs going to vote for McTCfnley and protection. CCt'is dono more for us than over 'free trade' ditd or -TYoo,Silver' ever W.W1." i ' . J>r. SchoU, wttio is Ulie l«>'der of thn andi .Is one of the former leading Dem- oerats of CaawU county, awl he is worming w-Iit)U' mi-sOilt nnd ralnto against party of-rcipudlatlon awl dishonor. He is one of the kind ol Demo- qrats ithnit Wlhlc Bryaai declared in, als speedli nre ffine "stoiimmHiiSS fmm " tllu OTatlic papliy." That's • itlve bind of "^kHmintnps" tbc'-Rep-uibMcan parts Js.-k>okIn K for, a-nd >at's.jretit"tag 'em pw- ty-flast^hose days. The neprtbMcan ip'arby \fOL tt-'adc Ed Hwifons -for men of' tire class Hhait Dr: ScflioH represent,. «nd throw, in a few Hor,tons for good Prloe .65c Women's satin calf button shoes; r good serviceable winter shoe. Price 98c Women'* Vlcl Wd button, shoes, pat- tint, leather Price tips, nice dress shoe. .OSc Infant's embroidered leather mocco- sins, Just the thing tvs the little <met Price .•.• 1BC Mfen's rubber oveiwhoes, nice 86c goods; a bargain. Price Also please see onr Une of flue drew .shoes. The most rtyllih «ud| beat fit ting goodi eTer brought to LqgMsport L!TO.-W^;;Plliing;.4^1Eta«adinijr. Wi^^^fei^^S^^^^^^^i' als' tMiitt o£ soldiers, touring in g'an, GUIS aroused that state. The Fo-poci-a.tic campaign of misrepresentation; proceeds. Tirar determination to nmlxo falsehood the chief nnwimnitlon till election- day 43 demonstrated by tlu> official announcement of the. F->pocii-atk: silver orsa.ii in Chicago, whoso -iwinapal owner 'is under sea- tenee to the penitentiary for sending obscene literature through- the mail Tilts organ publishes the odious Press- Icy 'letter from Boston*, -referred to in these dispatches yesterday. In spite of 'the fact that Chairman Haiina, ha.s denounced it -publicly in every newspaper in the country as a fateeihood out of whole cloth. Ohifliirmia'ni Jtuios also continues the effort to fin-ay class against class, and stir up -bitterness aimonp the working people by issuuip to the ne^vs-paper.-^, for publication an 1-nflaminJltorj- state- mien:!: In which- -lie charges t&a.t- .em- ploj-cs are -be'rag coerced into tihc sup. pon-c of "McKlnlcy. Although, this sfcitamont h.'i-s been reji-eatedly denied and .proved ffllse in evcrj' case where th« c-hiu-ge was specifically made, nnd il-nvostignitio-n is made possible. Kliffht -H«v. G-eoi-RC. L.' Seymour,- ibish'Op of 't'ho Episcoiwl clwu-ch Dlo- ceise of Son'lJhcrn Illinois, today joined in *lie puWi'c osjwossion in favor of Sound Mon«?', ma.do toy Bishop Newman o* the 5I«thod!«t church, and ATdhlWshop Ircliiud, and MouseJgnor /enlMger of the Bonmit Catholic cliurcl], fhroush a letter to the- State RepU'Wican eomiuittc'c of Illinois, y .Ti-Mible broke out In the Fopocratic camp today over the discovery of ambitious men. that promises '" ot certain official position's of high grade are being freely -made, and it-hnt they are be-' 'ing duplicated in a way extremely cm-' baiTdsslng to those who have- "put -up" to! secure the first pledges. This Is especially iMustrated 'in' the discovery .that the .position, of Minister to Franco, which, was promised to Marcus Dally, the Montana 'silver mine owner, has noAw been repledged, tn:s time to Daily's bitter pollticail en-eniy, W. C. Clark, aawtheir llonta.na. s;:ver mine <yw.n<s-. It is understood that a contribution, of .fTO.OOO was obtained from Clarli in addition to ?3o,000 -already given the campaign, fund. Jlr. Clark's ambition being to. sihiluc in- diplomatic circles as a "silver king." BOY'S LONG PANTS SUITS. ?4.00 anrt m>; uses 1* to 19 years. MEN'S WORKING SHIRTS. <>.> 'uul up Tlie best unlaundried shirt in Ix>g>ansport for tlio money, 85c each, or 3 for 51.00. EXTRA HRVVT WORKING PANTS, from 70c up. ONE PRICE ONLY. To one :i.u<l all, anil that the lowest to be found anywhere. Call trad get our prices. :=: THE HUB :=: Berwangcr Bros & Co., Successors to HARRY FRANK THIS 15 YOURS. We want you to understand that we are running this laundry for you and lhait your wishes are to be regarded In every particular. We will give you just exactly what you want if we can find out what that Is. Perhaps you believe that it Is impossible to have yew laundry work Handled without Irrigation and annoyance. We are sure that you are mistaken. May ye have an opportunity of demonstratf-air It? HADLEY BROS., £ueces«on to D mpbell Bros. The other- members, of the glee club wli'ich Mr.. CoiBKffl tells about are 1 Orlando Orlvoo'd, Freil'Koonite, Fred Ar- mtok, Ch-aa-ley Tos/h,'amd-:ScQiiyleir.-Eay, •with Deil'Aitklas, a-*a!l(Jht-oult. Rfr publi'can, a^ ittie sevetith, .jn-emlber. ilhese mwi airenll fanners living to the. ylcMlby of Onmden, and tne? are giv> dttg 'a" great'' deal of tihete tbne '.:to,-the ciaaisc for they'be,HW^ Dhat tliey arc doing themselvea a'good tura., wtben •<HieyW *o bd'np -back an^adlnitob- whiose poWcy' lis-'Souwi Money, CAUSE OF TEMPERANCE. The White Ribboned Will Soon Be Here. Protection; and Prosperity. country lifts never been-**, thoroughly aroused. « Itepnb.; oughy arouse. Moan meeting at/PtoplafGwye Monday, •and ia, parade two mites lowg. ,.The. wwrd! 'fcune' '. ' The* comimfttccs wMoh are for this W. C, T. U. State convention •whlc'h will meet in this city tttie latter ptwtoC the week arce -working luard, and it. is thoiiglit everything will be' in shnipe- by the opening 'meeting, to be heM Fritoy morning.. MM* of the delegate are expected' to be Here .by ThuKday evening It Is tnougM tlw* at leadt 250 delegates -will be to --at- teEdlaaee. Among some of the most dm/lnent persons *o be here. are:- Mrs. Lema W. Bock, of Bloojninffton, president of. the indflajMU State Union; Miss Mary Hadley, o* Btoomtogton,, .vice- Mw. Mattle O., -o# -.Marlon, recording'secretary,/and Mrs. Ixnietta F. MoWhtotiar, .poite;. treaiwirer. : , •'<• R Daieh,,.of MFSS MAB ALVA MESSENGER BEVERIDQE COMING. correspondiai- tore, and is ra . The sen-ices are. to 1>e held In Uie First Presbytca'iiMi church-. is A list o-f ttoe . commWtecs that are -nn-flnfflng tor the conventtoa: RewiMinp secretary, Mrs. JVBary J. Wash^nrn; chaimmft enter- committee. Mrs. Esther Gra- Bi " ker; Mrs. W T. Giffo, Sabbath meeting* in 'ritercbes, MTO. GoCty; -the press,.Mrs. CrafWiitord; pages and ushers, UTS. Me- -Bliheoy; -nmslilc,.5tiss Grace Baker; fln- aoce, Mrs. Cm-wfortl. _^ The deOcga'tes will ho welcomed very klriddy toy the citizens of Logiaasport. . ' (Remember the entertainment given by the Clara Schumann Todies' orctea- .tra-18 lor .the, .'benefit of the Young i ..OhrteUan asspclatloa. :.•.:..-, Thursday Night at the Rink, Indiana's Gifted Orator. Thursday at the rink anolfoer i-xceUenit speech -for Sound Money and jfcKiiitoyism will be heard, the orator bc-iag Qualt aible young lawyer, and Cai> famed speaker, A. J. Beveridge, whose eloquence is n grea.t factor tnis year to Indiana's figiht, Those-who mtss tWi, address will regret it, and tiwse who, aDtend-will hare reason- for self-oOtt- gratufcitlon. It is said Mr. Beveridge- surpasses himself this year. Tlini night at the rtok. renwanlbcr 'the date. nnd that todies are welcome as r aiiiss Arn-oa Kuster, rwenty-one yeaw old, of Ft Wayne, Is under arrest, «CT- of iirfantlclde.

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