The Houston Post from Houston, Texas on July 14, 1918 · Page 41
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The Houston Post from Houston, Texas · Page 41

Houston, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 14, 1918
Page 41
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....M.--i'.-.- .-.'-.',',:' UnUAY MORNING IULY :,. i 91 60.-p,:. ,4 v: MVEHOW.QlCr.-r- - iP,; - " " : ' (fclga to RecraH 4S0 New Ken . .. J?c 'poaed Tbt Timet la Dcferenca v ""-to Other Canpalant. Work Em , j! .Befwi to XepUoe Thow ,Wko J : M V-r vf. r t f i ""'TO Peotl sMrepersalp Wma Utee e the Houston TJC' C-A. U , redrafting. hew :tMmber? to ,t -.the' phtca T.ftfc4' -member -now saTtlng ' tt r ,tn and and e At -the , i laaj, BtMtlaf .if this, committo . -.snebar, r;T6rtw4. ? Additional r-. ' part wtn b mad At rioon, Monday, at " " ta iT. when Jhe oomtnlttee meet tor a ' . ' Iuacheon e comparison: of results, , ' - "HarTyWlllcockaon 1 general chairman :. of the work. Working with him are H. , CVM&y and J. M. Worsham. Mr. May ; .Jim for his assistant Swing Boyd. 7, B. , "Shorty" Lubbock, It C. Kerr, John Era, I ? Wry and Verne Perryman. Mr. Worsharo's 2t"rlW Jtr A. T. Wanabroutrh. O. H. ..Miller, U 8. Vickrey, M. H. Bcblrmecbar and pill Turner. - , l hi, report submitted at the laat luncheon of the , mmmlUM W.VTirfmr . showed that innuuotvoi Mr. J. j.txuiey toner ou) try 'In 1U tlfflearf peril.' ey enlisted at different Ira., and with th ecopttlon of Jerry Coffey are In Jtence. ' fne " i iln I .w i I f.mllv hum ( f 1 l Tl . r..f tha T. It C. A", to conduct a rocrultlna I T. B. Coffay anilataU In tha navy on ampatcn on a larca acala. but thla waa I pecambar la laat and waa aant to Great ivr inunioB. now m dthmu. Before enllatina .ha waa.. wall known.. la utet-unve were kept intact, however, an a wonuiif tnoucn in a quiet way. ,w wits tha mi I headauartra com Deny. Sid division, ai .- navy or air foroea on thla aide and ctom I Camp Losan and waa. a corporal in the -m: trie Atlantic. - Oeneral Secretary Paige la I v- . . ; . - ft. large tVench baae.- vjj - ",0n Oall ' r WYCt -ai I tJ a Hand, tta Boulevard, girl; SJ. ha had aeoured 14 aew meirw 1 ' aaaoelmtloivi ' Mr. Vlirkrava I id that he had aemlrtul nln valry between the May and Woraham keener. They will devote the month to recruiting I ( Theae three stalwart bay are tiie oen- oroee la growing keener. tae- remainder of W H. Coffey choaa the army when he .jLMtera are belna received dallv bv aaao. I aecioaa us lane up armar ne eniiatoa id omioi men wno are now wun ine army, i r wmywiii u vi . iiyi. Artilleryman in Line to Go 'VC Across , . .1 i.'; f ;. t p 4,. j ' T t t . f Telegraph SuwrviiNojv -sm Signal GrpsV; : : 1 motorcycle detachment when, thaudlvlilon left Uouatan for Kranoa., Ha alao la over- aa. ESnllatlnar a short time aa-o in tha aw. JTy Coffey Is now at Goat Wand, off Ban Franciaeo, training to become a Jack tar.- He' left Hduston. two weeka ago last Saturday. ' ' - Day ana -night a Utue , red-boraerea I 1 . I I ' I.' ! D, Khiiardt,'70 Polk, gfVi; Mr.'ond Mra. y. and Mlll '"''- "4 fr- Henry Chartes I - no. 1111 lumbU, boy; Mr. and Mrs. Hudaaa U.i Bpterei Stlt Pranklln, - boy; Mr.-and Mrs. C. W. KlUough, 1M Pak. ard. boy; Mr. and Mra. C. . Ashley Jr., it West Seventeenth street, boy. - Julf II Mr. and Mr. H. a Keaman. Beilalro, Texas, gtrL . -'V-j- . COI-Orl0. July- L. Emmet and- vuiu uitk.n im, lUyou. boy. July a Kerry and Loovenla Holtg; 1111 nutn vn. ) boy. ... July I WUl!s and Carmen Aleg. end Cora Bcott, UM fege. ' hoy; Leon Hadley. boy. "--WMlia and Angelina McKlnler. Ilea hxe) " ' 1 1M Austin, boy. 'I: Jjjly T-John and arj Jhnaov 1 Maury girt. . . . July i l-ouia km! Nicie Osiday; t.n Bowling, boy. V : ' Totui number tor WrU reported, u, White ,.J t-y , '.-si----' '' i .y. J.jii "Afit Colored 4 .-. 'r .1. ' T'.'i ' ' -Boys ' s I j ' "u.. i .........k 1 John M. Holt. dty baalltt officer. Th'e Red Croaa auruTary of tlmoe Metb-: Mlhit church of Houston MelghU will meet next Tuesday ati Copths McenorUi hurch sod will spend the 'day eewtng. Every member of the auxiliary la . rged to be present ? ' ' Jerry Coffey t : Navy. "mother1 flag" with three star. .Imin.. to the passerby that the little home on naa given its share to de- Who Inline Bailer faUTinar ban at PhlladalphU I when he decided that tool tame ; compared, with- the war game. Therefore, like inllllona of other MtirloUe I young men he enlUtad. On May 1 he waa I called Into the service, and aent to Camp I Btanlev. where ha was plaeea in uie suoui I cavalry, troop A. At this time tha United States waa lust besinnlng to raorganlaal cavalry units, realising that "mounted I troops will play a big part later 'pnr in the war. "I like the army Ufa find there'a a dash and a thrilfabout It that can not) Thomas street tend democracy a Interests against raviamng advances oi me Docne. the I y v I v4 V ' - 1 Dunncr ' Recruitinff JDiye aEflingtoa ; Wallace Perkini Of Houston 1 a member of battery A 141st field artillery, stationed at Pamp Bowie. Fort Worth. Thl regiment will adon be across with the other legions of Old Glory and 1 expected to give a good account of Itself. Perkins enlisted In Houston August 1. 1817. and waa aent to Bowie for training. Shortly after arrival- no was aaaigneor lo his present regiment. ; Pyiyate Wiliiaa ,0. galley nliated in the. signal eorpa in Housten laat April and la now fh-st clasa private in service" company 17, staUoned i at Washington, D. C. rata Halsey waa connected with flia Western Union -Telegraph 'company a district supervisor for Texas. Louisiana OkJahama He Bred With hla aiater, isa Sara, C. Halsey,' and brothers K B. Halsey, at Sl Tuam avenue.' . jfAi' - In his laat letter Private Halsey wroti" that hla company had the honor to enter tain the famous French "Blue DerUs" ! Washington. They acted aa escorts f. the visiting troop while they . wore the capital , Houstonian Aerial Qurinc - Instructor .'V. With y Headquarters Com-. -I ; panyin France. t. .it 4ii iuiu iwiauiu I"of?nerly employed - at tha Chronfcle haiUdtng as ,N electrician. ' enlisted i-Ua Before enlisting prtitgnal corpa, during tha recent drive for recrulta aod was aent to. Ellington.' Hit trady ospaclally flu him for work in the mccJUnlcal squadron. " He formerly lived at,SS.,Stanley atreet, . . ,':- -V:, Ml Who. waa formerly'-employed by' M. Zaz. la now In Franca with the headquarters ifantry. He waa inn RnwU wIimw tha Texas reglntenta were trained. Candidate for Judge of County Court at Law No. 2, Harris County -r Trained at Travis, Now in :l ' France - ! . i.s-- I William Dom'a , dfrttouato'ir tar howW France wttkltom P?" "0th Infantry. He I the brother " ny, ooii nenaerson ava- fue. Hla laat letter aald he wa about woutyaiA iw- service overseas. . Shipment.'ofr Large 2 otocK or yiotning T. A. Landers of Lander ft Green has Juat returned from a trip fcagl.' While thara Mr. iMdera mado 1 arrangemenU for tha prompt shipment pi an iratnenae gcoca oi tail and winter dotting. -cone traded for many month ago., Mr. Lan- der I vary much elated over tha aound bustnaa Judgment hi firm displayed in ' placing IU orders eight to ten months nan. ' aa thla policy effected a avlngX to ofi merchandise. J -..Vi' tt .)j s,.' - Keturally this aaylng ytA ba pataed oi to their customers, ft, tauidera say tht it la almost lmposalbla to" buy do-, alrabl clothing for next eprlng-aadeure mar a tha, woolen mid ajr working on rvarnmant voohtract jiwWoboir .leAuxe., will be taken care of first s ' : ; "5 ,' Mr. Lander- says that ihe retail hud. ness conditions of Houston comnare verv T.ivofnbiy wit : . thA1!a...n-.-ii.-l,x".i-i;. ' ,v.r- iWm. :.tCaptafai;Tom:B.t:Fa:ulk Of Houatoota Aojw an' gunnery ftt.Poae field, Mlaslaslppl.- H. attached tip tha. SMth aertal SqOaflron a teachw army,' flyer how 'to pump h Into; imagiBary .enemyajs,cltte--oon be rtej when' they get to the: front, thla Bicture .Cantaln Faulkner had. i received . bis bars. - His aon, Tom rulkner ,..llvea ln HouatoH . i ReceivedTiTtacdVn Reix. jDavtd , Daly, manager-, of the ' Hoiist Hectrlo. eompany, 'went'no tha 'city I, 8traifj'f-aaaeurd't'opy tha report of Xmar lnflOn,,,trVct'lon pert -In which It Was recommended t! Uharaitea'toVa, '1,-oant fm hf :refu.- su-. , vaiy wua , naiustiay . mgnt mat had not had time to look over the "rer and therefore could', make no tomm Ih report will b studied earefujly I Mr. Haly and other, tractkMt .olnclais a It I probable that a hearing orf the ret will be held la ter.' Mayor Amerthan that the city wag-ready to givnt h. ung if the -traction oonpaay wanted oiu-' The mayar ha also aaked the eHy Peru fer ntore data o. the tiallaa yst which Is said to have more mileage mora oar and wet la valued for less tl the Houston system. . He wanta all t Information, on- the question that It la p In announcing my candidacy for the ffice'of Judge of County Court at Law To. 1 of Harris County, I realise that the oople of this county are entitled to now - what I have done to merit their ipport I wa born at Shlloh. La., on the 1st y..of January, 1S7. My father moved near Jefferson, Texaa, when I was IS ,-ara of age, afterward settling In Shelby ounty, Texas, where I lived on a farm itu; 1899. My parent were poor and Ith (even boy and four girl to sup- ort,'none of u received very much edu ition aa tuition was high In Louisiana here we lived when I was a child. In. 1899 J wa appointed assistant post aster at Tenaha, Texas, serving three ars'.ra; that office. In June. 190J, mo to Houston, where I 'took a 'civil rvlcexamlnatlon for poet office clerk, id was appointed a clerk In the Houston st offjoa on July 1, 1902. In thl post n I served until September, 1911,' when resigned to accept the position of Chief obatlon Officer of Harris County. idled law under Major John ' Townea . who tauiht a night law school at 3 court house, and waa admitted to the r on January 29. 1913. My preparation r the practice of law was made after had ft wife and two children, and .while wa working at night in the "post office. From - September. 1913. to December, i as Chief Probation Officer or thl -unty, 1 represented the children of the anty' In the Juvenile Court, and It was y policy In handling children to en-urag them and give them ft chance, d Instead of throwing them 'Into prison id thereby making criminal of them, und them position and home. The lld'ren of thU county, the newaboya and e friendless little waifs on 'the streets und .In m a friend, and I enjoy and predate their friendship. I hkva tried to live a clean, sober and luatrlou life, loyal to my government i my friends, and In thl race I have HI will or critlclam for any one. I am t the candidate of aay faction, but if those of the forgo cities cted, wlU be the servant of all tha pl. , s I do not believe that It I advisable a person holding or asking for a local 'clal position to ak tha member of bar to Indorse him for that position, I do not want any lawyer to feel that it obliged to him because ha 'did in-e ma, nor any one' to feel that 1 t ba Influenced In anywiae oecaua be equalled." b wrote home. H I I years old and hla folk reside at till Gentry street. . ' . . 40 Children Bora During Last Month . f . The following birth were re posted to I the health department during the month I ending July IS. 1911: WHITC June It Mr. and Mr. vHobert R. Schmidt. 140( Bingham, boy; Mr. . and Mra. A. Jakob. CUnton.- Texas, airl. June SI Mr. and Mr. A. H. Oouiar, I 4214 Koehler, girl. - June 17 Mr. and Mra. Kalpn W. Nea- muth, Houston avenue and Aurora, boy. June 25 Mr. and Mra. Owen M. Wat. klna 1812 Bell. bov. June S7 Mr. and Mr. B. M. Fuller, ne June z Mr. ana Mr, uoorg w. Adams. Near Shipyard, boy; Mr. and Mrs. Walter L. Cox. 2704 Milam, girl: Mr. and Mrs. Delon Mendoaa, Cottage Grove, girL June 29 Mr. aad Mr. J. B. Lftwaoav 441 West Seventeenth street, boy. June so Mr. ana Mrs. mkiw Jtiourrar. 1801 Fulton, boy: Mr. and Mra. JohnaO Nagal, Terry. Texaa, girt July l air. and Mra. J. u. Winn, toil Avenue C, girl. July 4 Mr. and Mra. Walter R. Ryon. 2214 Chapman, girl. duly Mr. and Mrs. Walter Biros. 1807 State, girl; Mr. and Mra. Joe Sorotino, 401 Waverly. girl. July 7 Mr. and Mr. Stuart J. Gor don, 450 yarrow, girl. July 8 Mr. and Mrs. F. Brown. 222 West Twenty-ninth street, girl: Mr. an Mrs. W. B. Priest. S6Q1 Runnels, girl; Mr. and Mrs. Otto Sauer. 4909 Washington, girl; Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Heyne, 1C01 Louisiana, girl; Mr. and Mrs. John A. Wolfram, 1212 Wagoner street, girl; Mr. lBOlyBMIrirind Mn' JCk Lonforth' h ntver vd th kaowledse thui July 10l. mnd Un. J. O. Dyewa, 416 aln4 b hr lu?y nA work to lUlchmann fflri; Mr. and Mra. Charles cute anyone, nor have I nought to twUt the law to gain any personal end. These books have strengthened our laws end simplified the rules- which prevail In our courts, and thus prevent Injustice as well as fniscaiTtan 1 af iostloa. As ohatrnian I of the committee on eriminai law of the State Bar association last year, X recom- mended If specific changes fn our crim inal statutes, all of -which were unani mously adopted, and a committee will be appointed to recommend them to tho next legislature. I copy the first three I paragraphs of my address, which the Houston Chronicle declared was one of the outstanding features of the three days' session: i 1. "For the nroteftloti of oar women and children, tue wife and child dcMrtltn law should rerclv the cairfnl . aitvottoe of tk next leulnlntr. A mm wilta a wlr. r with wtrt Miid cbUdrva.- aliould. If he will not olaiiurtly. Ie made to Mipport tliem accord I im to hi iuna: sod onr wnC law should bo Hnwutleil no aa to afford a aoeedT aod effectlv rtmcdr for ouinport. and making It the duty pt tli diutrict an I cuuDtr attorneya to fna. without tajr. the Drtitrtm aaklus for as allowanctj for oou-opDort." 2. "We alao rvcommeed tint the 'ana-Deeded sentence statute he kiwuded so that oue conrlctfsl of seduction can uot receive ttM stm Deeded seoteoce. No man should te permitted to walk out of the court house. Dractlcallr a fr man. who. with his art sod wiles, has debauched tho mlud of a purs Slrl and tben deAled twr.'' 3. "We also think the penalty for hlk-imy sboiiM o incmiscil. One who wlliruJlr commits biffamr iHt onljr connuits au uu-necessanr and ilellberate crime, but wronir bis rcsl wife and stains the name of lili chlldreu. ami bv (lie fraud he commits niMto. somebody's vood sister or da iu: liter he fearfully wrontrs the latter." Answers v Are Given ,to' Two Questions With Reference to Campaign Issues; Attitude Stated ' on Laws Affecting Women and Children. ;. NO. 1 WHAT HAVI YOU DONI TO ENTITLE VOU' TO TH VOTE O' WOMEN During the 21 year I have been a lawyer, I have mad a life work of criminal law, and have been in thousand of cases. My. book oBorinilnal law are cited and 'quoted In hundred of cases by the highest courts of thl Bute.- I MMBaMBMnaaanv-'l I i "! J that It Is signed by many of the beat member of our bar. and the same would. I have been fully signed by the entire bar,' '. so I am informed, had I not requested -that the circulation ba stopped: , Hon. C. T. Branch. Hoostoe. Tessa ' " .- Dear Sir: We. toe usrteralned member , of tlie bar of Harrla meaty, Teus. nepert. fullj anllrlt rou ts bream s sandidats for tbe ooaltkHi nr Aawirlat Jnallc ef tee r . Court or Criminal Avueals of the State ef i. Teiaa. ami a. a reason for thla reoeeat we . dealtr lo eiuma to roe and to tae paaile ' rrnrrnllr our ballet of row (silent aai . ftt-atlou for tbla poaltloB. V. brllere that onr -eonrt of erlauaal ' '. aniM-ala .IhiuM b. compoaed of the very t " lilabrKt lesal talent poamaed by ear BUM, anil iMt lu tue aeiectioa or eanoiaatas par kicIi noaltloa thoae with a full knowledn ' , of tbe true orluclnlM nnderlrlng onr rent ... of sorenimHet. and with a full snowies - ) of tit. oruper enoatraetloa to be elves ewf i written ronatltntlon. sa wall aa the powor ,, , , to falrlr. honevtlr aod correctly coo. true our atatute.. abonlil be aelected to aU auc-, . iK).IHim: ami kwiwlns 4-our eminent snail, cation. In reaiM-rt to all tbeee foadaaiestal matlera aod our aopetior knowledge of the ' Intra of our laml. aa well aa toot tree Bae. . t)r-a and alncere life, we believe that the t "' Htate'a lct lutereat can ba aarvsd by year " balnt- elected to that position, sad Vkar yon iioiilil be wllllnc to saerlSoe your per. wmal feellns and your hxratlve seaitle la tlx nractlc and lv to tae guta this , aerrlce. i ' . . . The areat soathera portloa ef the gtaea, ,.. the acrtieo of yoor reatdeeee. has ao genee. x-otatlon ansa eltbar of the Ulseor enerta,. , of our Stale st this time, anil we belters " , that the rteianrrsrr ef oar Stat will rav ' on la that, we are. entitled to tbe nelew ... tlon of one BMmber of this areat conrt. , We earaestlr and alaeerelv saree to give ' TM 1 our lorak and nont enonretlc support - ' la the event Tou become a casdldate hr.. V; Baaaartfuily (Sbnwd) Geo. S. Walton) Sorman Atklasoa fom B. tawta U C. Kemp R. V. Oalbenoe K. T. Baldwta S. B. Ml . Q. love Iweed goats Edward H. Bailer Merer C Wagner Joba O. Lojrae ' H. V. riaher rraak Asdrews Ml. I Jackson llafry W. Freeman W W. Mearbas It. J;. I also called attention to the necessity I for amending the Juvenile law, and during I the special session of the legislature, by 1'hlllp Tbarp itt Hnn ft. rav T Warner I unite u- .-I .Z ,... ,.. ... U- I Nlchol, I Dy mat session, wnicn sirenginvnea inai -Oar Omasa San Sch warts A. B. Wlawa . Uorray B.- toss Coke E. Boras ' d a. Pbelos Ixnla 0. PhekM A. ti. HetdiwnfeMar C. B. Daw vf,., L. U. Baltow,..': .,- John B, Xark Tbos. W. afeaefo ' .Ml S. B. Ehrteverth t'fr.''" B. I. Hobo..:., J.A.-y'-: B. u. PalsMr f P. H.' Brlnnt Uamblen Pattiaoa Law la real It. S. Ceehy .V' law as to boys, and made It apply to girls who formerly were treated as, ordinary criminal. The conflicts In the opinion of the court, aa well as the conflict and omissions in the original law, made It a difficult task, but the new law I simple and clear and ha been highly commended h failed or refused to Indorse ma fori by tha press of this city. I believe in office when trvina- cases la mv court conserving our youtn insteea , ae.iro,- llng them. The final end of criminal law lis the prevention of crime. I have helped many a boy. and fur- I Dished free advice and service to hundreds of -onr people. I have been for many I years a sustaining member of the Y. M IC. A., because of the great work It doe I have never attended college or the State University, but received my legal training attending night school. I have earned my living practicing law for , five years, and have held my own, I think, fairly well with those who have had a college I for boys and. young men. I do not charge education. I my memory with specific Instance of vr t. m.,.!. nn. I charity or help. - ' m I nrh.tK.i- ah.t I h.v. rinn. mtltbaa ana iwau i. v. . nave anown eacn ouier tor to votM of women ta for them tft year. He I a splendid young man. and 1 1 am not afraid to submit my cause tot I consider him my friend. Judge Murray I vote of women. Let fairness and reason R Jones was elected to th office to ba their guide. 1 believe that the ijroaaa , r I wUl do their own. thinking., and. that BW which I aspire two year ago. My oppo- WOrk In the law. and e.peclalty to Pr. nent ha never been elected to thla office i serve and protect young womanhood and by the people, neither have I. I am not I young manhood, will weigh more with able to announce In all the newspaper or ,n,m ,nRn lne w " "T P"Maajj do very much advertising, and even If I leader. have livedTiera-Ig-.year and the people of Harri oounXy ar famlllar couia i ao not mina u anouia o aoneiwlth my work. . ' .v ; - at thl time when money I so badly I In connection with the above, I submit nandad for other and mora ln,.rt..t n.. to petition presented tO Bhg Whllsy , . ' II waa assistant to Jwdg Crooker fat the pcae. I consider on of the best, reoom- Dutrtct Attorney ,omoai Whlti poution mendation I have to be the Act that j was unsolicited by ma; in fact, I, did those who have known ma longest aad (not know it wa being circulated- until It circulation - waa rissauly, completed. Whll. t nnuld MS MlMllv Hk .v u..... I have filled every position I aver held of my friendti lB'W-ig.ilJ faithfully and have left, each on volun- juon, I aipreclab n a.hljrbty tha ,1 can israr. t i not re i rain iron aaaiajt n here as.evl- I appreciate what my friend hay dona Idence that my Hf Tanbiir of the W. J. Waldea John A. Mob ley f. J. Arautroa It N. Attlasoa R. H.' Keller , W. W. Klrhpa trick CHarbe Warokea A .''Battsyi .., 0. W. Thar .. lacobC. Bala win B. M. Bsraana B. K.iOora",.- -' IfcHard, 4'W.Xiwla ape w. wairner Jofca B. Bafkett s R H. Mlkw - '-):'.'; ij'7"; t.Kj.V.-.t-.-' fx a Ja rWW- J. H. Olbaoa. J. W. Lsefeett D. r. R. U B.' Bryaa -Jafr 7 & 'o-'. " , I. . Talnehet i , - A. "a.Vay.isnr - Ewdte-- r., B. a rattessos - . - Mar, a Boylat WWW. Cktrk . :-Kobert V. Cole-' :-t ;' e. H ' Onrri.r Kobt. t, Cnmphell men H. Holland . P. Hamblen B. Hoaa Elbert Unlierta Wharton Bares Wlnaton McMahoa Cbaa. C Ulchaal rf". a. 1 Lgwltaor W. W. Waadar t. u. iMaa M. J. Howard V. .Harvey John M. Cobb -11. Kahn f. A. Pariah II.-W. Onrothar Thomaa li. Butts ft. B. Keagln 1.. M. Willi. J. A. WatHoa (J. A. Kalla D. K. Ixilile K. A. Llildell H. M l"a W. U. Hulns A. J. RcbnltMl r. h. Bander ftU !( ' 4 and are doing for me, and UMh good I bar at Houston had beoh uob.'.aa ;to people of the county elect me I will do I give ma tha eonOdeno amd eataam - 'of an in my power to prove wortny or tnetr I those wno aigned JUiapatltlon. .Thla ptt-trust Respectfully submitted, ' J tlon wa a retieat toto. aavyou ' will e j. diaib bmith. I from reading it. o nt or a position as Subject to th golf on of th Democratic la member of tho highest -court la criminal fcaawa u uu- cnaia. ana i think it appropriate ts call your attanllon to tha fact Primaries. .(Political Advertisement.) O. L. Platans y m. amiiiipna ieitaua rtalay Hlsnasalta Boyd HsUNnasfelder m Carletoa garter Jotia . I Mtevena ' L V. Jlardwny r. ralnMr Hutcbeaon I. O.' Baittley men ta tOaaiD , Whartoa NOs HOW DO YOU STAND ON LAW AFFECTING WOMEN ANO"' v f - f-f' CHILDRENT HMf'''' I am In favor of laws which benefit or protect women and children. I have furnished precedents for Indictment which have stood the teat, end prosecuted nd aided In the prosecution of many which were for violation OMnlwr and other statute. I am espeahkfy i i ' fervor of any law which ha for ta ah' t th bettornlent of th condition of ti s who work.' I have loved children aU mr ' life, have four little patriots at bora. an4 . I will help to sustain ow preoent law and advocata saw ona. .-'ji.: w.-. .j . .S'' '..Branch. . '. -; (PoUtloar Aavtmiit, , ' "v: ,-t 'V -A

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