Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 21, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 21, 1896
Page 6
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In 18S5 and 1830 the number in proportion to--.thc population reached its highest. Mr. Saito observes lliat tlnrinp; these Grim Reminder of Death. A traveling crematory"will hereafter, accornpa-ny every German regiment m, time of war. It consists of a huge kind; of baking- oycn, mounted on four wheels.! It is said that the soldiers resent the innovation on the ground tho-t the ma- -hine in a -too vivid reminder ol the 'horrors of war. The inventor claims, i that the machine Will dispose of the.; Idllert in a few hours, but it is not im» Mr SaitO ODserves lllllt iiiiiiu;; mwao . KUICII in " it" Jj«««m -"• •- ; yca'rs there was a great rise in the price j probable that some of the wounded; ^j it- -^ooonrioa nf llfi>. In the caso - mio-ht bo cremated by misinJce. The; •f the- necessaries of life. In the »t Japanese vomen the affe at which iraicicle is most- frequent is about 20: it.e corresponding period with men js •ft.r Comparatively few women commit 1 the twentv-fifth year, but mig-ht bo cremated by __. „ Invention does not-find favor elsewhere,! Mid it Is to be hoped that such » grew' »ome object will not bp'rnrnp (rrneral. | Jtolibcd »t a I'oatlcal Meeting. [., Oct. 20.—Samuel Cnmp- ri«t.Li.n T III- . robbed -of $3,000 in money, note. j ^ertin^esof a.posUon theMnrion ' ' AN APPEAL. f } mmiii ' \ Chairman Jones Warns Voters Against Wholesale Coercion. Declares That Corporations Are Making Concerted Effort to Compe' Employes to Vote for McKinley. Chicago, Oct. 20.—the following appeal and warning, addressed "To tliu Amei-icau People," was given out Monthly night by Chairman Jones, ou behalf oi 1 the democratic national committee: "In view of the fact that tlip great c:or- ponulonsi, with scarcely ;m cxcuptioit. nr.d 'many of the largo employers of labor In tho Uniled Slates, are engaged in a c.on- ci'rttid elTort to coorco Uitfir employes into voting at the appi'onchlns election against llielr own convictions, T'deem It my duty to call upon all those who believe In the su- •pi'cmacy of the law and the untramineled freedom of the Individual In the right of exercising the hallot, to use thrlr utmost efTort to pi-event the success of till? most lint-runt act of lawlessness; for If this conspiracy succeeds, government by corporations will have succeeded government by the people. Corporations have no powers except those conferred specifically In the laws creating them. Tho rUjht to coerce voters, or to interfere with Amorl- cun citizens In tho exercise of their rights at the ballot box, are not named 111 any o( these nets of Incorporation, and when corporations undertake to exercise such powers they become law-breakers, and the good of society demands that they be re- bukec! and punished Toller Should Assert Hl» Right*. "During tho present contest, which Involves questions of the utmost moment to the American people, thousands of men have been compelled, by fear of loslnc their places, to join clubs ar.U march In processions In behalf oi a cause' which they detest. . Requests 1'roir, corporation bosses to vote the republican ticket, which are perftctly understood to convey a threat o( Oischurge In case'Of .refusal, uro' inarto every dny to men who dare not resent the insult. The corporations which thus appeal to force and fraud strike at the Very foundations of republican government, and the lovers of free WstituUons must' nrouse themselves to save tho.coun- try from its great peril. Especially should the worklnitmon assert their manhood rights. If they vote ihi>Ir convictions and in accordance with their interests, the democratic ticket is certain ut election, and in thai case the eiupioyu.L; Corporations will have no desire tn embark upon a policy br I'Uiilshment. On the contrary, they wll be eager 10 rnnollltu-J employes who tvi!l hav-c behind the assertion of their rights the vast powers of a federal administration In sympathy with those who toll. But should they submit to coercion, and elect an administration thru will bo the creature of the.corporations and moneyed interests of the country, those work- Ingmen whose entire submlssiven'ess is regarded with suspicion will liiul,themselves replaced by men who can b« depended upon to'vote as they are told. In the contest that Is rasing the salvation of the workiriKmen lies In the assertion at the polls of his rights as a free und Independent American citizen. Will \VorK Its Own Cure. "The perpetration of this attempted outrage upon free suffrage will work Its own cure An Indignant people. Jealous of their rights, will demand that the legislatures, state nnd national, shall proceed at once by rigorous measures to prevent the possibility of a repetition of such attempts hereafter: While tho metropolitan press, with a few honorable exceptions. Is under the domination of these incorporated con- cplrators, and Is basely .subservient to their wishes, tho country newspapers, us a rule, remain undebauched, and are still In Bvmpalhy with the principles of frovcrn- morit established by Washington and Jefferson, and Illustrated and maintained hy Jackson' and Lincoln. .They will cry out and spare not until such legislation Is hr.d as'will prevent another such shameful attempt at abuse of power. , • • Vigilance Nwded. *• "In tho meantime the success of th; present conspiracy must be prevented. The pending contest Is already won by an overwhelming majority if tho honest sentiments of, tho people are permitted to find free expression at the polls, and this the people are ready to have at any cost. The national committee appreciates the needs of vigilance. It has taken steps to Impress upon the people, and especially upon every democratic election oillcer, the great Importance' ol scrutinizing the marks upon every ballot and of carefully watching every act at or about the polls, to make mire that no Judpe or clerk of election shall have an opportunity to betray the eecrots of the ballot, if he would. "The national committee, backed by the full power of the democratic organization in every state of the union, pledges Itself, that every scoundrel, whether public officer 'or private citizen, who Is detected In any violation of the law, shall be vigorously prosecuted and Bent to the penlten- tiary, If possible. .^^ ' ^ "Chairman Democratic National Committee." • Adked to Dlnpluy the Flag. Chicag-o, Oct. 20.—Chairman Jones, of the democratic national committee, has issued an appeal to nil persons who fu- vor the election of Bryan and support the democratic platform to display at their homes or their places of business the American 'flag: Saturday, October 31. This is the same dny set npnrt by • suggestion of Chairman Hnnna for the same purpose on behalf of McKinley. .' WATSON'S LETTER. Wa'n Received ond Keferrod Back to Him lor Rnvinlon. Boston, Oct. 20.—-The Herald says: A letter was received in Boston Monday from George F. Washburn, of the populist national committee, who is on his way to:Chicago, which indicates that the long-delayed Watson letter of acceptance will -be (fiver to the public Wednesday. The Ipiter which will be given to the public- i* a very different affair from that which was originally sent, and which,' as a matter of fact, never did reach' Senator Eutlcr, to -whom it was addressed. • Mr. Washburn and Mr. Reed, of the national committee, charged themselves with the responsibility .ot.cony- ing- the letter back to Georgia to have B^me of.the dynamite edited out of it, and t his'lios been accomplished. New York's Registration. : New Yorlt, Oct. go.—According to the official-figures of the election.bureau, which w-;re made'public Tuesday, the total registration in this city for the four days is 330,970. • Attempt to Wreck a .Train. Harri'sburg, Pa., Oct. 20.—An attempt was made to wreck the second section of the southwestern express' oh the 'Pennsylvania, near Millerstown nt two o'clock Thursday morning. .It was composed of mail, cars and nobody wan hurt. The.pilot ;of,'the locomotive.wa» knocked 'off by severnl cross ties which had been fastened .to tlie^trnefc.;,;,. ; Gladness Comes W ith a butter v.nckrsttmcliny of tliu ti-un.sieutua.Un-c oC thu uiuny physical ills, which vanish bufonj pvoporef- forts—gcntlu ufl'oi-ts—ploaKim 1. c Jl'orls— rightly directed. There is comfort m tho knowledge, that so many forms of sickness arc not. duo to any actual disease but siiuply to a constipated condition of thu system, which the pleasant family laxative, Syyup of Fips. promptly removes. That is why it is tlio only remedy with millionsof families, smdin eve-ywherc esteemed so highly by all who value R-ood he-tilth. Its beneficial "fleets are due to the fact, that it is the one remedy wliiuh promotes internal cleanliness without debilitating the organs on whioh it aitfs. It is therefore oil important., in order.to get its beneficial effects, to note when you purchase, that you have the genuine article, which is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only and soJd by all reputable drag-gists. If in the enjoyment of good health, and the system 'is regular, laxatives cv other remedies are then not needed. Jt afflicted with any actual disesisc. one may be commended to thu most, skillful physicians, but if in need of a- laxative, one should have the best, and with the well-informed everywhere, byrup of Figs stands hi£>'hc:;t ami is most largely used and gives roost genpral satisfaction. NEARLYSMOTHERED BY VIOLETS Mil* Saillo Connolly liana Narrow E«oap» In New York. Mii-s finrlle Connolly, am actress, wns half smothered by tihe swMt breath of viok ts- the other nitfbt. She was able to be buto-f tlwvbed the next day to receive in i*:vson the congratulations of friends, though still nervous and upset over her extraordinary experience. YVb-rii not on tho road slie has been nt home m her snug flat at 1445 Second avenue, of which her si-Jtcr Julia is hoti«);cepor. Tho two sisters live entirely alone. Monday morning- am cx- prcssm,a.n delivered at. Miss Connolly's flat a huge box of violets shipped all the w;iy frof.i California in n bed of moist moss. There were n<:a fly .1,000 separate flowers. The ]jcr,ctrat'ruf>-odorfillcd the flats. Miss Connolly's bedroom lias 710 means of ventilation except adoor opening- into tihe froint parlor and. another communicating with her sister's bedroom. The air being chilly t,lw; actress, re- tirrtl in the inidstof her violets \vitih the windows all closed. T-ho next inornin-fr hor sister 'found her unconscious. A physicfan who was promptly ca,lled brought her back toeai-Mi after having dumped the vi-olets outdoors. These he said v.xire partly res')0;isible for this young- woman's condition. As they were cut flowers nnO in the process of decay they hnd added greatly to tihe carbonic acid in t.li<L' roam, Death ot Ucn.ii- mlii *"• 1'i'slcr. .Indianapolis, Ind.. Oct. 2U.— Hi;n>:i'-n F Foster, grand see'-etary of tin- ;.":•„•. o lodge of I. 0. O. F. of Indian" sim-r IK: I. IB deud. .H<> was 7''. yi-arvj^jvj-i-. , THE"MARKETS. , Grain, ProvlnlonH, Ktc. Chicago, Oct. !0. FLOUR— In fair demand and drm. Quotable as follows: Winter-Patents, »COffl 3 SO; stralBhts. J3.«S?3.(SO ; clears, «.8MaM; sc-conflB,. *1.75«JO.flO: low ffradcs, $l,i. r .®2 .00. SprlnB-Patents, $3.SO@4.00; stralshts $310 ©3.30: bakers', $2.500)2.00: low grades Jl-.J)® 1 75; Red Dog, Jt20@1.40: Rye. $2.00(i?2.20. WHKAT— Unsettled and lower, October, 75@76%c; December. 75%@77%c; May. SOHO 82 ^C COnN-Lower. No. 2, about 24V4«?25c: No 2 Yellow. 24V4@25c. 'December, i'5W3 26c; May, 28%igi29*4e. OATS-Actlve and lower. No. 2 cash, 19c- December,' 19<i»0%c; May, 21Vj«?22!*c. Samples lower.. No Grade, lS@16c; No. J, M'A@17Vi,c; No. 3 White, 18@21c; No, 2, 18J, ©19c; No.- 2 White, 21@22c. RYE-Rathcr unsettled, but withal er No. 2 cash, 40V4«jMlc. and No. December delivery, 421.ic; May, . BARLEY-Low grade Barley Ic easier: malting sold 'well' and. ruled llrm. Common feed Barley, Zf%®26tec; very poor. 24o; malting common to good, 27@30c. .and choice to fanr:y, 32@3Sc, MESS FORK-Markat moderately Active. and prices lower. Quotations ranged nt |6.72Vt@7.16 for cash: *(i.72V4l8!7.12«t lor •Octo. bcr; $G.95@7,15 tor December, and S7.8o!p.05 for January. • LARD— Trading fairly active and prices lower • Quotations ranged at $4.3o(ii!4,40 for cash- J-l 30(5)4.35 for October; H30S4.35 for December, and W.C004.B754 for January. BUTTER— Market firm at 9@]9c for cre*morles, and 0@17c for dairies. LIVE POULTRY— Quiet. Turkeys, SJ} 9c; Chickens, B«®6c; Ducks, 7M;@Sc per pound; Geese, per dozen, $4.00@6.00. WHISKY— Steady on the basis of J1.1S for highwines. _ New York, Oct. 20. FLOUR— W,ns firm. WHEAT— Less active, unsettled, declln- 'ing l%c on free local liquidation and •foreign selling, helped by the weakness west December, SS®S4%c; January, S4H«I> SS'^c- March, 87'/4®87%c; May, S6%@S7i4c. CORN— Easier, Quiet. No. 2, 330360; Do- cembcr, 32%ii3)3S 1 Ac ; May, 35«4@36c. : OATS— No. 2 dull, easier. Western, 229 isle; December, 23%c bid; May, 26%c nominal. PORK— Firm; New Mess, »8.60@9.25. : LAKD— Quiet, nominal. Steam Ren- dcr*ed, »4.7B. - ' BUTTER— Fairly active, flrm. Wost:- ern Dairy, 8(&12c; do. Creamery, 12M@20cj !|r»ctoi-y, 7@ll'/4c; Elglnn. 20c; Imitation 'iproamery, 10@13c. . •'••'' CHEESE— Quiet. Part Sklmg, 314@6fio; iFull Skims, 2fi)2i4c. ._ • BXJGS-Steady, fair demand. Western, ' " QUIETS DOWN. Whnal Slarhct rtt Chtc-mto Take* on Toiir. _ "IAvc Stock. Chicago, Oct. M; CATTLE— Market slow, steady. . Fair to Be»t Beeves," J3.40O4.90; Stockers and Feeders, $2.4003.70; Mlxe.d Cows and Bulls, J1.2S ©3.2B; Texas, $2.500)3.10. HOGS-Llght steady, others weak to 5a lowerT^Llght, ,$3.:5®3.S5; Bough Packliift WOO«8;iB: ; Mixed and. Butchers,' $8N10@3^«; ,H«mry Packlne and -Shipping. $8.20iS'3.»2V4; tfgi, $:.26«3.BO.;. ' V.; .. .;;;.' ...-.../ ' ..' , Oct. 20. — J^y comparison with Monday's market, for wheat Tuesday morning's trade nt.lhc opening- was decidedly tame. The modified to-.ie wn« purtly in continuation 0(1 ho cu,si';r feeling- which developed ;it .Mond.'i.v's close, but more espccinlly bi-cuuse'pl H pjnise in the udv«m;e ;>t Liverpool. Less was heard of foreign buying- 01- doi-K Tuesdiiy morning and it is doubtful if there were any of importance re- fidvod. Outside domestic inn rkels v.-c-vc nlso ml hor inclined to weakness, .1 fncl which hr.d some beiiring- on Hie situr.- lion. A Jew of the prominent profc*. cionals sold a little wjiosit in (ho mo;-n- ing, but their .'-•iiJes were not inlluea- t.iu.l. Jfriccs opened higher lliari Ihf-y closed Monday, soon Josiiig- their sip- .prcci:ition. December wheat, which closed Monday :it 77%, opened Tuoscioy morning 1 from 77% <o 77 Vi. declined to ~<j%, afterwards rallying to 77'/i@7~%. San Francisco, Oct. 20.— Lower oastr ern and foreign" markets affected local wheat market Tuesday, and there was n tailing- off of seven cents. At (he informal session, !):15 o'clock, December opened at $1.45, a decline Of 4% cents from .Monday's close. May was 3 cents lower. At the regular session, 30:15, December opened up ntS1.47, dropped two cunts, then rallied 10 $1.4G; May opened at Sl.Zl'A, de- dined quickly to $1.47'/ 2 , then recover-:^ and closed at $1.00. A firm tone prevailed at the final morning's session of the wheat market. The market \va,s very active and the transactions were larp-e. December advanced 1% cents nnd May 2 cents, ABBEY'S FUNERAL. Frlcndn a»<l Acquaintance* of tho Dead Tlieutrlcnl Manager Crou-.l the Church, New York, Oct. 20.—Funeral services over the late Henry E. Abbey, the theatrical manager, were held Tuesday morning- in the Church of the Paul-st Fathers, which was crowded with friends and acquaint uncos of the de:;d man who had. assembled to pay the last tribute of respect to the memory of the dead. Among- the. pall-botrurs were A. M. Palrner. Angustin Daly, D. O. MiM's and Walter JJnmroscli. Many people connected with the dramatic profession were present, also representatives of the Elks and other social 01-RttTjizn.tior.s. The chief mourner was Mr. Abbc.v's young- daughter, Miss Kitlie Abbey. The body, after the Cervices, wr.s taken to the Grand Central station and conveyed in a private car to Auburndale, Mass., where Mr. Abbey's - first wife and son are" buried. 13cll Telephone Caxo postponed. Washington. Oct. M.—Chief Justice Fuller announced in the supreme court of the United States Tuesday morning that as several of the justices would be compelled to leave Washington this week and as it was desired that the Bell telephone ease, involving; the validity of the Berliner patent, set for Friday next, should be heard before a full bench, that case would be postponed until the second Monday in November next, Inupcctor MetdHiRhlln Given a New Trial. Albany, N. \'., Oct. 20.—The court oi appeals handed down a decision Tuesday in which they grant Inspector Mc- La'ughlin, of the New York police force, ,a new trial and allow him to move fora change of veaue. CnstH-H Committed for Trial. London, Oct. 20.—Mr. :iud Mrs. Walter M., Castle, of San Francisco, who v,erc remanded last Tuesday under a qhurge of stealing a number of valuable furs and various, other articles and released upon furnishing bail in the sum of £40,000 for their appearance in court Tuesday, were again arraigned in the Great Murlborough street police court Tuesday rooming and fully committed for trial at the ClerkenwelV session, their case coming up Ko-'ember 2, Tho prisoners plead not guilty, and reserved their line of defense. The bail that was furnished at the last hearing was renewed, and the prisoners were set at liberty pending Uicir trial. \Vttnc tne HcHt Tool*. The former and the mechanic must be free to use the very best tools and implements, and the merchant and banker must be free to use the very best money and instruments of credit. -An honest and stable measure of value is Justus necessary to both a.s arc honest and stable measures of weights and quantities, nnd it requires no argument to show lint without these it would b* impossible to transact the ordinary business of the country.—Hon. John, G. Carlisle. Student Dies of Heart Dlftcnun. Kokomo, Ind., Oct. 20.—Will.ird Sellers, of this city, was found dead in a bathroom nt Ann Arbor, Mich. Heart disease caused his death. He was a student at Ann Arbor law school and 18 years old, > Gloversville, N. Y.7~dct. 20. — Three inches of snow fell in Wells, Hamilton county, Tuesday morning. A slight fallalso occurred in this city and county Tuesday morning, English ppotcunor Dead. London, Oct. 20.-Dr. -William Campion, presidentol Queen's college, Cambridge, U .dead. Without A Rival. As a positive cure for sprains.bniises, and pains of all kiods, Salvation Oil has no equal. Mrs. Frauk Juif, 513 Gratiot Ave., Detroit, Mich., "'rites: "I used Salvation Oil iu mv fcn-.ily andean fifty it has no vival as :i I'.ni- mcnt;' it certainly cures p- lins - J sprained my ?.nl«le and it i-urml m lind since tlien I have always usv;l i; for any pain* and bruises." Snhv.' ;i-Oil is Bold for only 25 cents. '•" ', remedy,'will .do the work us.pr WOMAN TO WOMAN. Women are being- taught by bitter experience that many physicians cannot successfully handle their peculiar ailments known as fcmulu diseases. Doctors are willing- and a,nxious to help them, but they are the wrong sex to" work -understanding]}'. , When the woman of to-day experiences suck symptoms as backache, nervousness, lassitude, whites, irregular or pain- ful menstruation, pains in groins, bcaring--<lown sensation, palpit:nior. ''all gone" feeling and blues, she at once takes Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, feeling sure of obtaining- immediate relief. Should her symptoms be neiv to her, she writes to a woman, Mrs. Pinkham, Lynn, Mass., who promptly explains her case, and tells her free how to get well. Indeed, so many women arc now appealing to Mrs. Pinkham for advice, that -a score of lady secretaries arc kept constantly at work answering the great volume of correspondence which comes in every day. Each letter is answered carefully and accurately, as Mrs. Pinkham fully realizes that a life may depend upon her reply, and into many and many a home has she shed the rays of hiippiness. •ions ere causetl l>y paitflbufieB,if!v«iiT1poran4«lf» i/v fih-'unken orimnK, and qr.icklVbutBnrcly rcvtoreJ iK,«t'i4»>"lio«<JIi>o"!<' 1 -y < i un «- TEMllyorrJcdfnreil racltn. J ! rJoc«ii.OOa|.ackiu«. Sliror*5.«OwU»a «rltlcn eu<.r«T.tr« tonnoT me*tTT,lirHJ,ri.V on . . . i^. ..*_*.-_„ i.n- 4iift>t fyn bivvlnB I^HAI tl> II n.l liiiidinc drui-sists FASHIONS CHANGE BUT POZZONI'S Complexion POWDER REMA1XS AMFAYS THE SAKE. Tho finest, pnrest and most beautifying toilet powJc- over made. It is sooth- I ing, he.iHng,lioaltbfol and harmless: ! and when vightly ««d IS IS VUUBLE. II you havo never ttica POZZONI'S IT IS SOLD EVERYWHERE. _ _ _ __ _ curcfl ID 15 toS5flays7 You can Tbotrcaul Jtv. Ifyouprcfpt tocomehcrowcwIMcOD. - 'lrocttopayr«JlroartlnresoiIboifilaUl«,iui(t aoob»'rEe, 1{ wo latt to euro. If yen hivo trko.l mercury, ToOlde potanh, and still bnT« nch«« and Mlns, MuconsVn tehee In mouth, Soro Throat, "hanlcs. Copper Colored Spots, Ulcer* on Jn.-Dartol Llic body, ItutrorEvobrows falllnr wt,"tetiiia Secondary BLOOD POIsqf :n ffuarantee to CCTS. We ioliclt too ttO«t obig >n.to euro* (ind.ciianonsro the world for m ~;ust > -we • lanttot'our «. ITM* dl?euo baft alwarv •miHcd the skill of the most eminent phyul- •s.nis. eooo.OOO capital. behind OBr.uuoonilfc ,-iE"T}»r»aiy. AD8olot«nroofiisene60ttlc<loa "-.;iS?tion. Adflrew COOK KEMEDY CO, :- : y.asonio Xcmplc- CIUC4OO, UX. tfter Tliirly Years'inperienci Bra if and Nerve Tonic loots Moth, In HO field, as a microbe tiller, baa Brazilian Balm achieved greater triumphs tbna in the destruction o« " " " ooinii . the comma baciUnf, the "cold death vonnofconaumptlon." This tenacioM paratite never-teto Jjoi it may tek* ireart, or, If thecondlbons »re favorable, only months, but the Inevitable result If the «ame, eventually to involve tho whole lung snbatance in a putrid, mass of nlceration. Brazilian Balm con- taint no opium or other narcotic to deaden the nervet which the disease •weep* on. It !» a constitutional renM&Y ">* lnstant! 7 attacks «ttd ae»trOT* thes« pillaging long motlM. Wherever the Wood circulates the» moat the Balm to destroy the tnicroW, Coheal ond reitore the broken dw- runted tieaties. Itt curea In Un» field- fcrnre beem aimply marvelons. Remd, c" > ii"£"Vnvs'"^Bruzilinn Bain cured. ; - of inveterate c.it-irrb vbich I h*<! lor'.-y.-.; ; 3G years."- Bi-azilinn Ealiii• kills.,,we.. : ; , ; '• Catarrh microbe, making » rM*.'*! cn J c **;-;''i>JiJ

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