Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 21, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 21, 1896
Page 5
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Hats' Dunlap's Celebrated STIFF, SOFT AND SILK. Fall and Winter Styles. DEWENTER IllllWlWWilWillWiWIW »""'i»iiH»i»v""'"" • i ""'YOU DON'T WANT A 5UIT Unless it fits, neither do you want to pay double its value, If I make your clothes, I make them fit, but I don't charge fancy prices Suits to order from $20.00 up, HARRY Q TUCKER The Pearl Street Tailor. BARE HANDS Hon. W. D. Bynum Meets Popo- crats and Destroys Arguments THEY ARE IRREGULAR Enthusiastic Sound Moneyites Applaud Frank Utterances. •Hon. AV. I». Bymrm spoke 1o a riuk •full <vf people last iiigHif. Though a Turpl-o mfcbin-s liiirt -boon htuThnlly ai- ninwwl -to prevent ropo>crats from hem-ing wholesome truth, 'there was a bis crowd at MT. Byuura's meeting, tt,nd ifilio la.pplnnso was genuine and frequent, Mir.'Bynn-m solid among other Sale a THE F1RS1 iiAIIONAl BANK -OK- LOGANSPQRT, . INDIANA. CAPITAL »250,000. •DIRECTORS; - H w T _ Wllson . aK It. D.port.nenta promptly .Tomers and Stockholder. ReBerv. Fund maintain.*. DAILY J.QUMM PERSONAL. nt Marlon Elder iS. W. Brown was Sunday. • Ml*; Eva Fer-uson Is at Peru visit plaintiff. • ing relatives and friends. .Mtes Corn Baker 'is here from Frankfort for -a visit with friends. 3Ilss Gloy Anderson -im-s returned to her future home at Elwood. [Walter MoBeth was here yesterday from 'Monttcello visiting friends. George Henry has returned after a stay of several days «fc Montlcollo, Business Slack in the Temple of Justice. Business H> the Circuit court was very slack yesterday. There was the usual number of motions and continuances, Unit nothing: of -importance was done. , . , In -the Cleric's office tihcre was the following filer Current report of Rutns Magce, executor of the will of Katnarine Me- Gi'nn Ulod for examination. Current report of Eliza A. -Banta, pnairitlan oC Crni.c-c 1-Iildebra.nrtt, nled for cxaiuiinii Hon. Jacoib E. 'Jladavy vs. .Tohn B. Smith; rtcmrmd for an uccouuting and daffi. ;i K es in, the sum ot ¥300. - Goo-rge P. Chnsc, -attorney -for plaintiff. Allen iMcluirdson v*. Cbarl-cs S. Pn- rterbawlv et al; -writ o-n note, demand $100. G corse P. €hast, attorney foi "All we contend •!» that our money shall be nmLntiUiied sound. Our silver dollar ^ worth 100 ^nits everywhere. The Mexican silver dotar is worth CO cents. Not onlly will our silver dollar 'buy two Mexican silver dollars in New York or London,, but it will buy two of them hi. the Oty of Mexico. This J'n the hind where it is coined, and where it is a tegal tender for nil debts. "The sold ste'iula.rd is not 1'he gold 1 dollair. It is the pure (?old in the dol- Inr. It is not the coinage''that gives It value. The sold standard is the only stiindawl. You can't gelt •awxy from H, The world is anchored. to it. Chto.-v, Mexico and th« iSontb Anicncnn coun- tries'are all on tihe ROM- l>asis, renllj. Thie.ir trade Is measured on a go-Id, stad-mrd. True, fliey Iwuve no jjodd clr- cntaiHtis, butt it you^sk for $100 in ex- clwinsre at the CIry of Mexico, you will be 'asked wiltat yon will pay for IT. Tf you «ay Mexican' dollars,. you wlU be a«ke<l fox .$197 foi- a $100 drait. Klijxtat 1>aiek to ithe g-old standlard. "The>- call silver tlite 'poor man's time and all classes of labor is poorly paia. MUST BE APP B ECIATED AVT» THAT IT IS appreciated was evidenced by the : «ULLY6C1 PEE"cENT Figufe out what 50 per cent means these hard times and investigate. ALBERT Q. JENKINES, Assignee. •^^^^^^^^^^^^^•••^^•^•*^^*^^^^*^ 1 ^^ flan, four silver delegates, oil the. claim' that the four ousted ones bod not been, chosen by district The dele- (srntlon stood, 'ns honestly chosen, witn- our question, seventeen for sound money ami UiWteen ^r silver They ' knocked out) fow only Had' '• ilt ' been necessary, -fl.""!' wouKUwe ousted more. Under the un'Ft rule, the state was for sound itfooey. 1 Under tire unit .rule, wNJli four new delegates put on without jlgM or <by ithe expression of the peopfo represented, Michigan's voto -went to Bryan and 1>y this means he was nominated. Then'they call It a regular convention, "lit'Missouri, a sound money <le;e- lalte'-was ousted and' a silver' man placed in. his place, though the sound money'man had been chosen by a district convention by a unanimous vote. "They nsfc Democrats -to follow be' .Tohn .X. Potindstone vs. Calvin 5Ic- Craclien et 'al; suit on noies and foreclosure of moi-tpise, denm.ud i?TOO. Jl-a- ;ee & FiinK, attorneys. - A U1RUE 'JLVM OF A COXVEK SIOX. A.proniinent physician was ou the family of <a poor man Ji day or two ' Mrs. J. A. Berger, of Ft. Wayne, is tho guest of Miss Nctta Sellers In the city. ' : •Mrs Minmiie Klinslck came home yesterday 'from Indianapolis atfcr a long Tislt. Mrs John Jocksaa has.returned from MontlccHo after a short visit with relatives and friends. Mrs JoOm W. Kern of Indianapolis, is the guest of her sister, Mrs. J. B. glraltz, for a few duys. Prof. Hranter of the college Js at Delaware, OMo, to attend the Swlgart- OraVford -weddlBg. (Fred Prauge a.nfl daughter, Minnie, of Indianapolis -were .In the city Sunday, the guests of Charles Homburg and mottoer. Joseph Daeue, formerly of tWs city, and lor many years part owner of The Journal, Its editor-in-chief during the wnr and tip till 1873, 4s home from Washington, D. C., to'stay until the battle of the ballots is fought out. Mr. Dague i« Initho Pension department, ot th<e Government service, nnd, like ah loyal Indhmllans, has nevci- given rap his voting resldenice here. •Cards have been received hero aa- Bouncing tho wedding at Lafayette ot Miss Kaithea-mo M. Werriec wll!h Oart O Uango, to occur at the home of the parents of .the bride, Wednesday even- in- November 4th. Both the yonns people arc well known In Awarded Highest Honors—World's Fair. CREAM 40 Yeats the Standard. i>W »LjLjV- •»-"*- *i.«™ sickness in his family, ami was unf«t> u-nate. In 'his window was a BryJte picture. As tlie doctor'started to leav» the man said, "Doctor, I suppose, y<% see I am for Bryan.?" •"Yes," replied the physic-inn, 'wid 1 •Have ibocn- wondering why?" "Well," said the man, it is the poor against the rich." "Nonsense," said tho doctor, "I have •waited on, your -family for years, hn.vo saved your life and that of your wife and children. I come out here when you send for me and .you. have nerei paid m« a cent." "Well, I couldn't pny you, doctor. "I suppose you couldn't, 'but how do you suppose I have kept alive all this time? I couldn't live five mlmrtes on what you have paid iw>, nnd 1 had to keep alive or I couldn't come out and wait on you. I will tell you. A tern of my patients have aw-ed a little money. They pay me for my services and that is wha,t I live on. They really pay your doctor bills. Anfl now you tell me you are solng to vote to down them, cut off my bread and totter, and my -wrvleos to you and your fnmfly. TUat you are goln« to vote to starve we to dcathl" The ma.n- burst into tears. "I never saw at. that way,-doctor; I am going to vote for McKlnley." "I wouldn't take.-your word for anything" said'the doctor. "A man who would talk of volte? agnJnst ins best friend, can't be .tnistcd." "I m-ciL-n it -though, doctor," sn.kl the n«i.n. Swear me." "Hold up yom-right hand then,' said tine doctor. . Tho man tremib'-ingly held up h.s ml and took the oath, nnd as the doctor was gottin-g 1-n 'his- bwjrsy "° saTV him tearing tlie Biyai». picture from Ills window. Sec the lonely -dress goods in- 85e nov- olri.es at 43o a yard. Don't miss this sale—Trade Palace, Don't fail to so•cure a free lesson from- OUT art'teacher. Today at noon will bo solemnized the iiMim-hmo of. M. Bert Vincent ot I-ndl- .mapoli* to Mis* Lily Harrl*of tfthr city The wedding wHl occur, at the residence of the bride's parents at No; .80, Wn»l*toston street. .They will reside at'Indianapolis. ' ••• •mo-no-.' It Is ns- muich me fton. mull's money. Silver is used-'-In small transactions, and as th'o poor man's tran- ssaotiomis <rre usually small he -handle* silver. That is the very reason wliy we'lnsist that his ctoU'nr shn.ll be as gwxl as th'o j?o2d dollnir. "We now Jisivo nion-o silver than we wi'n keep in 1 circulation. Is 'there anyone who -ain't -get' nJl the silver h« wants if lie has the collateral? 'They say 'they want more money. The real desire Is not for money, bnlt for wealth, property. Money is not wealth. It is woMtih's ropi-esMubnttive. When we got so nvuch money ttot It ceases to reprir .sent collatem!, our money becomes worthless-. • "For every silver dicta.i.r m circulation there- 'are eight Idle i'n 1ho treasury Taiw, fiiey are represented t>5 ciamcates. 1C I wanted to cure this .illvw hieresy, I would wkthidi™w »» the ccrtl-ficaitps. ones, twos and lives, nnd force the sUver doltors irito cireuttotioji. you would hear more damning then | ithan you ewer 'Iveai-d before. "They ask, 'how .cam yon pay the Xa- ttomil d«a>t when, the gold in tho couu- toy fc not equal to 'the debt?', They want -us to -believe that the gold timt .•itoixiaid all goes to the bondlwld- The fact is, the National debt Is I propose making a specialty of Books and am strengthening my line at every opportunity. I have a choS: collection of Standard Publicat^s and add- hie to it daily. Any book not in stock w.'J be ordered 1" no extra expense to purchaser, The foSlow.ng li* comprises a few now on hand. THE CHILD WORIjO-B* Jan.e- Whitcomb Riley (Riley's latest. Just from pubiis-hers) A GCJ3ST AT TBE LUDLOW and other 8 iorie*-By Bill Kye. (Just published) cause ft was the '-regular' convention; and a ; ' 'regular' ptatifonn. You.' old Dornoeraics m Indiana v^re 'Siven- a sweet -morsel- -to swaUo'w. You will go •to the po.Us and IE you vote for Bryan •because he 1s th'o 'regular- nominee you'will tove to vote for five electors wlwsD you do not know; who aire for iiiotSiins 1 ithat Democi-ate ate for; who are no°t boundi by 'any convention, to vote for any specified candidate, who may vote for Peffer of Kansas for all you know. ' "in,'the-Chicago plaiWorin thcj- propose to destroy the Supreme court, the biflSvarU of-'-popular sovernment The}' not only ci-Mcise, thcj' seek to ovcr- tlwmv the greatest department of -our uorermmenit In tlhait eoDventlon they denounced President Cleveland foi- eu- •forcin? "bhe law. . "Mr Bryan leaves,tlie people to think that shoiild he ^he-made president he can be depended upon- not to use the force at Ms command to enforce the laws. Think o.C a president, .. to enforce the laws of the govemnienlt. ! -It fe contTa.ry to the-Democratic oi's. , not puid lii gold. During Cleveland's fl,r«t nuTnnih'istraUan, and • du-ring Hov- rlson-'s artrnta'isitrnitiom, not ft bit of poki passed ouit In. ina.yme.nt cm the National ddbt. The piiy menlts wea ' e nuule in a cnrrorto- «s good as goW and more cctovenitent. We mtend that It shall rem'aJn so. . .. "The regular interest Is pal<l with cHieeks. Tlie business 1* carried on with exchanges At tWe New Yorit •clearinig house •alboult .five per cent, of the daily business Is done' with ca-sli currency betag used,' neither -old, nor sfflvor. The dally bueln'ess thei-e amounts to $140,000,000. "If Ihfti was done wWh saver, In ma, itee evening settteroent it would require 0,000 mm, counltiing each, n: doJlur a second, for nil the 24 UOIU.TS, to count It. ,I,t would require 2,000 w.-gons,' ea'ch carrying two tons, to tooiwpowt the exchanges f rc-ro bawk to banfc. "Mr. Brj"an- tn^lslts that the people . i (N _ _^« /-I 1 Tj-lTl 'f\\T ' iTlf*. "Every man- who . has the gift of speech, every wain who can use a pen. Mould eniternn:s flfihJtfor sound money, law anil-order.". • Miss -aifninle Shmnah-ao of this city Mr. Johto Ryan of Inditoapolls wei TiriMrfi -in maiTiage 'yesterday morning at .9 o'clock at St. Vincent de Paul Catholic chwch 1>y the Very M. E. Camiplou. TBo torido ivas at tended't?y >«r sister' Aram end • he COTrinW white WilMam Holland o Indlaninpol-ls and Thomas Ryan of La cro stood w,Ith the groom. After tta a..d1nnei- .ww g*ven by tb -bride's .'jwi-cBts at. the residence on th -^orthsJde; owl it 1:05 o'clock, Mr. MM Mrs Byan left ^ r Indianapolis, whew j'they wlll.resJde. Many useful ant .beautiful'presents were received. Til .bride is the dau'ghiter of Mr. ;and Mrs ' She is very '& U should lie against Sound cause the .bankers w-re' for it. The lianlkers would -be most benefited by ilrop to 11 sliWer -basis. In their vaults they 'litaTc $280,000,000 to sold. Wttl this it-hoy could buy sltvcsr bufllion and coin lit into .fDCO,000,000 sHver dollars •ami Imvc iln their own pockets, ?2SO, 000,000 profits. Some one asks, 'Whs • do -Waiikors ,nut favor free .silver?' Be <-nisc they have we sense. Thej know ,tl«it a nation's. Ra-ataess depends win 'its iliKmciaJ Iintcffri'ty, They know-tbnit «. .panic M«>nld follow .the dluuigc of gtand-artlst, and they realize thnlt tlio prosperity of one can only be •sccural by prosperliry for all. ' "Thc«y say we shauld follow Mr. .Bryan's lend 'because -he wna refjularly noraii-naited. Tlie convention .was resn- .tar 1 '' I deny tiie a-e^ul-airl«y of .the Chi- c-vo conventtou.. It was conceived in fraud awl w-:is dlshonesft from hegln- mlnigto end. That-which is Iraudulent vltllatcs -all connected .wMli it. • "They say ithe conveati/on, was regu- Ina- the oonvcnitlon that oti&ted four MWilIgian delegates, tegulaTly eliosen on a'fiaiund money plaiflform,.- without apportion, .and placed, on *•--*•»«»•- WlIlttWD DU1WM1!*™"" ™"" - tar. among the youns peop.le o£ the cltj 'gh« is an ,accompllshcd / niusicVan..nn herloss.will.be keenly felt.', Mr.' By a is a prosperous business man; and tli miilon. is a Wappy one. Mr I^vis Ray,' who was prostrated JUVENILE Home Ocbupauon. for Little C. W. GRAVES Successor to W. T. GIFFE, 413 Broadway. We Are Too Busy to Talk Politics in our advertisements, but we really think our stock is i6to i better than any other in the City, We have everything that is desirable in Suitings, Overcoatings, Trouserings And sell at the very lowest prices consistent with best garments. Carl W. Keller ,d Draper. 3» Harket Street Tailor 1't Forget Us—=^ We Save You Honey and You Get the Best. . . at his l>l.«e ot bnrfmcM. on,'. Market street is reported much' improved, and .there is now hopes of his recovery. Mr. nwer siiftei-cd from liearUtroiible bcforo. • _ ' ' XheY.-M C. A. of. In-diwnn, will iiola a.fowwn flf CrawfordsviHe •Troui the 30t.li to file 22d of next >rnontly,%nd ali fillroails' IHI.VC consented to. • Rive iuilf fnre rate to that oily A larso number of prominent workers wiH be fcuerc. Mr. A. O. Shook of this city will Have <;li'nrgc Of the mnisfe. ' ' ; - Tlie report of. STjipcrintxsnaSnt for the monith cad ins October 10 ^ the fbM&wliip wrollment: High '287; 'Central, 789; SUtcen* 2GTI Elgblih Street, -10C;-W«t- e, 000; Southslde^lOO; Nort^ide, 130. total, 2,571, an increase over the month of 1895, o£ 63 V . ; fectntting, up-w-*"* they cannot be beat. Ladies' Dress Shoes for Boys' School Shoes for Girls' Fine School Shoes lor WE FIX THE SEAHS So the^ can not with. us. We do tha we can't do. rip . Give us » trial and yon will always s we acree and we don't a^re« to do an, tna we cnu i> uv E. M. Walden & Company 316 .Fourth Street. New Goods Are here. C?ll fore buying, and examine them be- AL. YOUNG The Practical Pearl Street Tailor- y^ij^yfe&fc^^-feS^

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