Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 6, 1954 · Page 12
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 12

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 6, 1954
Page 12
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•asa*g B . r &;a«^^ 'fW'n'S."J , - '^*t-p/* ;ft^ MOPE $ T A ft , H 0 P f , A ft K A N S A S Monday, September (5, IFifP 'fty Before FumicatfdK ."$& 4, J.OO , *J liS fc' 3.SO ID,. 4.00 W 12.00 *4S'*il|2 .wu > 6,00,, 18.00 i PISPLAY . f, .......... SOe per inch .otwv* ore Jot con- lftserJTons, (freoMlof w skip•as will fak* fhfe *n<s-d&y tote. t tidily classified advertising copy i.b« bcccpted Until 5 0. ID. for ' day. IfUNEltAt, HOME tt , . , AMBITLANCE 2ND As HAZEL . , . PHONE 7-2123 AD-1 Mo. TF or efts ftUmB&irtWtirtt os one Wdrd. e,Holie.SWr 'Will not be resport- "!W efror* Irt 'Wont Ad« UnlMi ore • colled 'to our attention KlRST irtsertlori 'of rtd and th«n *(LY flle'ONE'lncorrecMnsertlon. «r of:,Hop« 1199; Pren 1927 ' January \t, 192* every weekday afternoon by PU UBLISHING CO. Palmer, President . Wo.hBum, s«tyiTw >•» The Sfor ButldlnsT '-" South Wolnut tpe,< Arkantat H. Woihburn, Editor & Publliher ^'Jone., Monoglng Editor \;'< Davit, Advertising Manager ir)osm*r, Mech. Supt. J*««'«f»ieond clan mattor at wO(Heo 'at. Hope, i Arkaniai, t, : of March 3, 1897. •i ofJMe Audit Bureau of t,, Clreulatloni ^ , ».,,» Isafascriptlo'n Rates (payable IrTacK &7J7 ?, 'vance): By,carrier ln<Hopa.and neighboring irfii /» — , 25L . ,T~~- "i ' 13 ' OD ,| ( *ln Hempstead, Nevada^* ',Howard, ~and Miller, coun-.- T,«m'f*lr'85' ""!""."!!!"r']'.6o ,.:. ^2.60 , 4.50 ft, moll—<*• Onths, 1,1.',, -6.50 --f V.. .'." 13.00 ,_.. Advertising r Representatives* ansas,-Dallies,'-Inc.; 1602 Sterlck- j.$4Memphls 2, Tenn.; 505 Texas K/Bldg., Dallas '2, Texas; 360 N. hlaarifAveij 1 Chlcooo I, III.; 60 £. IS)-.}iNewS'orkjl7, N- Y.;-1763 «*---' . Blda,,\0etrolt 2,. Mlth.; ... » ^,T. ig C(fyv 2( nb«rs «f« Th«> Aiiactated Preu: ir/g5ocloted Press is entitled ex- /ely'to the use for republicatlon '''.the local news printed In this T, as well as all AP news West"" ED FURNITURE CO. pfpityUmitfW^r 1 -Water Barrels for Sale " Servicei Off«r«d MJSffBfiSS-tehovfltlon and tonef- spring ttofk Cobb MattreHs Co. South Washington. Phons • Mat. 44f A. A. EAST, u tf8ll digger, 208 AVP B., See C. A>.Bennett. 0-lt Funeral Directors HERNDON CORNELIUS BURIAL ASSOCIATION Largest and Oldest in South Arkansas. Call 7-550.5'for our / , agents » ., , , . A23-1 Mo. For Sole CAUTION Don't overlook the Pro-Labor Day TIRE SALE Get a new tire & tube for less than the regular cost of a new tire at Oklahoma Tire & Supply REFRIGERATOR, gas stove and other furniture. Call 7-4555. 31-Ot GOOD, gentle saddle horse. Saddle and bridal included. Phone 7-3701 01-7-2437. Cline Franks. Good Used TELEVISION SETS Real Bargains at JANE'S CAFE Washington, Ark. 2-Gt 20' x ; -30' frame building. Pittsburgh water heater. Call 7-2763 or write B. C. Clark, 218 Prichard. 3-61 CLEAN 1935 Ford in good condition. See Arlis Smith, Emmet, Ark.. 4-3t BROWN'S downtown "Brown Derby" Cafe,..-. newly redecorated, arhple" seating capacity, fully ,, stocked, good living for man and wife-team/: Sec Brown at Brown's 82 Truck Stop. Stamps, Ark. 6-Gd; small monthly payments- buys > 2 bedroom modern home;«!acre''land. call, 7-4308. 6-3t Help Wanted DO YOU want spare lime work? Man * or woman, , young or old, d.Qn*!t waste i y9^rctim^i^ltt,-is val- 'y^Jjle. Supplement yoi/r income pr. pension. Diversified interesting work. No selling or soliciting. Operating route of new type venders. Accounts established for you. To qualify' must have good character references, 5 to 0 hours, a _ week to devote to the business', $475 to $950 working capital required, which is fully secured. If you can start at once, and have the above qualifications, wrtye to Box 86, Glenwood, Ark., give phone number for prompt interview, - > l-flt Notice "MEM if you are willing to give up your holiday to investigate this opportunity you may be the man 1 am looking for. I am prepared to leach eight neat appearing. Intelligent men a business where they can expect to earn better than $100.00 per week with no ]nyof( period. Must be willing and able to work eight hours daily ( six days a week. This is no soft job, but you are well paid for what you do. We prefer married men with cars between the ages of 23 and 85. If you feel you can qualify, please write to Sales Manager, Martin-Parry Corp. P. O. Box 1222, El Dorado, Ark. for an appointment." 1-Ct PARENTS interested in kindergarten school, South Shovel St., Phone 7-3070. 2-Ht For Rent POUR room house, unfurnished. Large garage, nice yard. 112 VV. 18th. Phone 7-4420. 2-Ot GODBOLD Apartments. Nicely furnished 3 rooms and breakfast noqk. Private bath and carport. Vt block from town. Adults only. 321 West Second. Call 7-3314. 4-3t TWO bedrooms, unfurnished, close in. good neighborhood. Phone 73205. 4-3t Moroccans were sipping drirks. Authorities said no one was hurt. The con- on late join "RIO DE JANEIRO (UP outlawed Community Party's tral committe today calleu workers who followed the Pesident Gotulio Vargas- to with them "in defense of social laws already concurred'.' and to defeat the "American dictatorship of President Jr. a Cats. Jr. . A new manifesto!- published in the Communist. newspaper Imprcn- sa said the United Stales had placed Cafe's government m pow' ; -SAIGON. .Indochina (UP French officials announced today the avacualion of Northern Viet Nam had passed the two- thirds mark. ' Of 373,000 per sons who have signed up for movement 1o Frceo South Viet Ham, 24",.000 h.-.vc Ml by air and sea. Another aSO.OGO are awaiting evacuation. '"THAT'S MY BOY!"—On steeds generations apart, father and son meet to provide this eye-catching picture. They are Chief Thomas K. Yallup, of Toppenish, Wash., head of the Yakima Indian Tribal Council. He is visiting his son, Cpl. William Yallup of an Army armored unit, in training at the Yakima (Wash.) Firing Center. Corporal Bills "steed" is an M-48 tank. THREE room unfurnished apartment, porch, completely private. Sec Alex Franks, 503 W. D.- vision. Close-in. 6-3t ANOTHER house for rent near Brookwood School. Call 7-3390. G-3t UNFURNISHED apartment, 3 large rooms, privte, bath, corner 5th and Spruce. Call 7-4350. 6-3t Braves Closing on Brooklyn; Indians Gain By JOE REICHLER Associated Press Sportswriter Pennant lever, a contagious malady that raises hopes higher than temperature, is raging all over tho state.of Wisconsin aaain. UNFURNISHED 3 room apartment; $25 a month, bills naid. 808 W. 4th; Phone 7-3152. G-tf Wanted 10 BOYS . to deliver heralds on "Duetfln The Sun" starting Sunday at the Saenger. Contact Saenger Manager C-tt Male Help Wanted OVERSEAS Jobs. High pay. South America, Alaska, Europe. Travel paid. Self-adderssed, stamped envelope, brings details. Dept. 44-A, EASTLAND COMPANY, Box 1406, Los Angeles 28, Calif. 6-lt Singer ntal machines J «•• i.pJSJ (vr »w, |f» »•»• 's §upp|y CQ, , 7^2381 . New Hope, Ark. Hsur» Lost 1TLE for 1949 Ford, lleturn to Alfred West, 310 S. Washington 'for reward'. '" ' 4-01 Deserts cover about a third of the and area of the earth. Fall Line" Just Arrived ee The Newest In Mem Wear As Low as $54.60 Tom Word lows , Main Street Tailor Shop Jyers Wotcirmelon Stand rCURVE & Shovec AMERICAN leveland 'Jew York 'hicago So'ston Ipet'roit iVashington hilndclphia Saltimore CUSTOM SUUGHTIRINQ Beef cut and wrapped fpr deep freeze, ^eef fpp Peep Freeze 85 to 3$ cents. Ralph Mpntgomery Mkt. phone 7-3361 MATTRISSIS R*pullt or Made into inn«rtpr(ni Work OMftr»nte?sl , «-w Qni Day 8ervl9« r FMrnityrt & Maltrtn Ct. I1Q f, ^! CROWN WESTERN SHARK •f JNvirylfif fl Intoror FiM r inf RiliM f l^-leaks f'New ond \t ops • Gjs-Cam t fflUi I ^« *p"9p | 9 i/ Af f i , TWF««"*-H™™IV ' - JJWBpv 1 c TiW^S' ^R*'^m^' .«J&y^^r? ' ?&V3&&r£A '> . Davis, Savoie Collide Tonight From Konoshu to Slursuon Bay,iking, w •om Sheboygan • to L;> Crossc, ex- Carter ' Atlanta Wins Southern Loop Pennant By The Associated Press After taking their 1-Hh Southern Association pennant, the Atlanta Crackers today eyccl a quick wiu-p- up of the post-season playoffs,'their tender, holds a decision over Pad- backed by a pilchinj; staff that cty Do Mnrco, current lightweight | became, unbeatable the last nine NEW YORK Iff! — Teddy (Red Top)' Davis of Hartford, Conn., and Armand Savoie of Montreal, a couple of willing fighters who have bowled over some chapions in the past, collide- tonight in a IB-rounder at New 'York's St. Nicholas Arena. Davis, a busy scrapper now rated the No. 4 featherweight con- News Briefs i ROME (UP> A six-foot electron mictoscope developed by the Radio Corp. of America and though which can be soon the living virus of polio v.-tri put on exhibit yesterday. The wonder device wns unveiled on the eve of the third' International Poliomyelitis Conference. Cancer of the liver is most com LONDON (UP) — The Soviet Communist party newspaper Prav- mo n in the tropics, da said today the "basis of cor-' reel leadarship" is to give orders and then "check up" to see that they are obeyed. Pravda, according to a Radio i Moscow broadcast heard in London,) NATIONAL LEAGUE e\y /York irdoklyn [llw'aulcee 3 hilade]phia incinnati t. Louis hicago 'ittsbiirgh W 34 81 79 G4 65' 61 5fl •16 L 49 49 54 69 71 74 73 89 Pet. GB .632 .600 4 .39o 5 .431 20 .478 201/2 .452 24 .426 27V- .341 39 1 mfsvyumfwy Yesterday's ^Reults • Brooklyn -7, New York 4 Philadelphia .^.Pittsburgh fl St. Louis 6, Chicago 2 Milwaukee 11-9, Cinc-iniiuti 8-7 Today's Games . Pittsburgh at Brooklyn f2) New York at Philadelphia (2) St. Louis at Cincinnati Chicago at Milwaukee (2) LEAGUE W L 97 39 U2 43 37 60 59 57 45 44 no 74 70 77 90 92 Pet. GB .713 .631 4U .635 101*': .440 36 .437 37'/> .425 39 .333 51'; .324 53 from citenrent has gripped all Wiscon- sinitcs as the Milwaukee Braves are making another thrilling bid tn overtake the New York- Giants and Brooklyn Dodgers; the National League front runners. The Braves took a long stride in that direction yesterday, capturing two comeback victories over Cincinati 11-8 and 9-7 while • Brooklyn was salvaging the finale of its three game series from the Giants.' As a result, the Braves ".today arc five games off the pace and only one behind the second' place Dodgers with exactly three weeks remaining. New Yorlc and Milwaukee have 21 games loft to play and Brooklyn has 19.- The Braves meet the Giants and Dodgers three more times each. Milwaukee used the'home run to overcome .early Cincinnati : leads. Trailing 6-.j, the Braves tallied six times' in Uip-'last, threa.'-inn'ihgs to win the openerV Two-run-homers by Jack Dittmer and Joe Adcock were the big blows. . Behind 7-1 in'the nightcap, the Braves roared back with seven runs in the seventh to sweep the twin bill. Eddie Matthews who had liomered earlier, Dal Cranc'all and Dittmer homered in the inning, each with a man on. Ted Kluszewski'j homers, one in each game for Cineiyaati, raised his league leading total to 44. The Dodgers, sparked by Junior Gilliam's bat and Carl Erskine's relief pitching, whipped the Giants 7-4 to slice 'New York's; lead to four games. The Cleveland Indians opened up a 4'/a-game margin on the runner- up Yankees drubbing' the Chicago White Sox 8-2 while Washington was handing New York its sec ond straight defeat, 5-4. Bosion's Red sox swept past Detroit into fourth place with 12-5 and 7-3 victories over Philadelphia while Baltimore was edging the Tigers 4-3. while Savoie bnat Jimmy days of the season. whon the New Yorker was 135-pound champion, and outpoint- ed Sandy Saddler, the featherweight ruler, in two non-title bouts. Dumont will telecast the 9 p.m. bout. said the "chock-up system" must be constantly improved in all sections of the Communist party and government organizations. Y<e8terday|s Results Washington 5, New York 4 Cleveland 8, Chicago 2 Baltimore 4, Detroit 3 Boston 12-8, Philadelphia 5-3 Bolt Figures to Win More Meets AKRON, Ohio (« "I'm about to win a lot of tournament's," Tommy Bolt of-Houston, Tex., said today as he headed home with the $2,400 top prize in the $15,000 ,Rub- jer City Open. The .boys around the press tent were saying 36-year-old Tommy's )erformanci!, here was one of the all-tim'e great-feats of golf us he won with a 265 score, 23 under par, ,o defeat his nearest competitor :>y five strokes. -Th(3..big talking, oint^was ,.• .the Texan's 03-64-127 for the final 36 iples, 17 under the card. He was in only one trap during the 72~.ole route: His. next stop is the celebrities SOUTHERN .ASSOCIATION Atlanta Mew Orleans Birmingham Memphis Chatlunoga Little Rock Nashville Mobile W 94 00 31 79 73 01 83 Cl L 51! 02 «a 73 7D 91 .Pet. GB .018 .592 4 .544 11'a .520 15 .4!)0 19'/> .421 30 .414 31 .401 3 Philadelphia's Phillies won their sixth straight, knocking off the Pittsburgh Pirates 12-5. The St. Louis Cardinals snapped a seven- game losing streak, defeating Chi cago fi-2. Bobby Avila, Cleveland's scrappy second baseman, rapped four singles in five times at bat, drove in two runs and scored another in Sox. Avila bosted his baiting average to .334 tying New York's Irv Noren or the league lead. Eddie Yost's single off Johnny Sain with two o.ut in the ninth scored Ed Fitz Gerald with Washington'^ winning run. The Yankees had tied the score in their half of the ninth on Gil McDougald's homer. Gilliam, on a 14-game hitting Yesterday's Results Atlanta 8, Mobile 1 Birmingham 8, Now Orleans 3 Chattanooga 7-4, Little Rock 2-3 Memphis 3,4-4, Nashville 13-2 (1st game 11 ining?) 2nd game called end 5th curfew The Crackers came down the stretch like Native Dencer and took the prize on superb pitching by Glon Thompson, Leo Chris- tanlc, Dick Donovan and Dick Kelly. I Donavan pitched thu pennant- clincher yesterday, a six-hitler which throttled Mobile (1-1 ."The bhj righthander homcicd in the sixth inning to tie Jack Harshman's league record for round rippers by a pitcher during the ama/:ing nine- game winning streak that nailed down the hunting. Four, of the triumphs were at the expense of tho runnerup New Orleans Pelicans. The Pels lost to th'rd-placa Birmingham yesterday 6-3, giving Atlanta a four game lead. Everybody finishes up today.with Labor Day doubhcaders at Birmingham, Atlanta. Chattanooga and Nashville. Chatlanooga and Memphis took twin bills from Little Rock and Nashville. The ;,Lpnkouts topped NEW DELHI, India (UP) Prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru will leave for Communist China Oct. 16 on a two-week visit, it was reported onoificially today. Nehro has said phblicly he will leave "probably" ubydl mid-October. Philco Air-Conditioners One of Arkansas' Most Complete TV Repair Shopi ALLEN ELECTRIC CO. Phone 7-2629 1,14 S. Elm ED JUSTUS STUDIO have moved my sludio to 109 S. Elm Street (Formerly Keith Jewelry Location) Phone 7-3890 RABAT, Morocco (UP An hnknown terrorist threw a prcnade last, night under the veranda of a European cafe where some 101 But it never got off the ground. "For the past 3 ; ,.<. years, I have been living off my ASCAP (payments when a song is formed). They tell me there are more pianos being sold than ever before, but people clun't buy sheet music. My music publishing firm doesn't make money. "But I don't think you can knock the songs you here tad ay. I thin:? event in \Vashington, Sept. 26, and cu "; f . ew - Little .Rock'7i2 ; ' : a : hd' : "4-3.''and'Mem- songs- like 'Tennesea WalU'-' and phis won the opener from Nash-j 'Godnight Irene' aru as good as yille 14-13 in 11 innings before tak- ihg the nightcap '4-2 in a bob-tailed tilt sliced to five innings by the with no show of bragging Tommy told the press: "I'll win that one. Fred Hawkins of. El Paso, Tex., finished , second at 270 for $1,800. • Ed 'Fiirgol of St. Louis, the national open champ, finished three sub-par rounds to tie three others at 27G for $560. Beaumqn Sets New Home Run Record R'OSWELL, N. M. — Huge Joe Baurnnn, a southpaw swatter. holds the all-time record for home runs — a mighty 72 for 13il games that should stand for a long, long time. Joe, Roswell's 52-year-old, 240- pound first baseman clouded three last night to better the record by jus that number as Roswell closed the regular season by splitting 'a doubleheader with Artesia in tho Longhorn League. Bauman, who broke into professional baseball in 1941, has spent practically all his slugging years in the deep minors or with semi' pr clubs. . Atlanta clinched the pennant before a throng of 7,233 paid which boosted the season attendance over the 300,000 mark. Their 14th championship made the Crackers the winningest team in the annols of the minors. Los Angeles has copped the Pacific Coast League crown 13 times. Top Radio Programs NEW YORK i/t'l Sulcclcd programs tonight: NBC 7 Hollywood Bowl Con- Berlin Has No New Hits But Not Worried By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD M —"Irving Berlin hasn't hod a new hit song in 3;'_> years, but he isn't complaining. Some songwriters are. They i claim that their established talents are passed up by the record companies and disc 'jockey,i in favor of unknown writers of novelty song The issue has even reached the courts. But Berlin is staying out of it. "Sure, I haven't had a hit sinco I did 'Call Me Madam,' ". ;:aid the veteran songsmith. "I put out a couple of :;ongs that f thought were pretty good. Ono of thorn, 'For the Very First Time,' was recorded by Tony Martin, and 1 : ccrt; 8 Donald Vornecs; 8:30 Band of America. CBS — Meet Corlis Archer; 8 Gunsmoke western; 9 Mr. Keen ABC 0:30 Longo Ranger; 7:30 any you can find. Sure, there are a lot of crazy songs, but we had 'em in the old day.-i to. "I wroght things like 'Sa'die Salome, Go Home' and 'When Yiddle Plays His Fiddle.' A ^uy comes along with a trick title like, 'Ye;;, We Have No Bananas' and it's a hit. It's cute. Why knock it?" Berlin will doubtless get back in the hit column this fall when the new film "White Christma:;" is released. He has several new songs in the show. He believes three — "County Your Blessings," "Love, You Didn't Do Right by Me," "The Best Thingo Happen While You're Dancing" — have hit possibilitis. ?'But how can you tell?' sighed. "You never know what the public will go for I had a song in Annie Get Your Gun' which was meant to be only an introduction to another song, 'You Can't Get a Man With a Gun.' I needed something for Frank Butler to sing to Annie Oakley, telling her the kind of a woman he wanted. I called it The Girl That.I Marry. 1 Nothing much happened to it at first. "Then Frank Sinatra did a record of it. Before anybody knew it, the record had sold a million cop< ies and the song was a big hit." thought it was a good ballad. streak, walloped his 13th home run Howard Barlow concert. Today's Games Mobile at Atlanta (2) New Orleans at Birmingham (2) Memphis at Nashville 12) Little Rock at Chnttanpga (2) By Thp /Delated Press AMERICAN ASSOCIATION Toledo 9; Charleston 0 St. Paul 2: J£av»a(i City l Cojumbiis 8; Louisville !5 Indiana»)pl.is a( 'Minneapolis (2), postponed < , WESTERN and'came through with a run-producing single in a three run seventh as Johnny Podres outpitchcd Johnny Antonclli in a southpaw duel. Seixas, Hart-wig Meat in Finals BEY ED CORRIGAN HILLS, N. Y. Pueblo 3-4; Cplprado Springs 1-C •\Vifhita j2; Penver \ Pes Monies 8; Omaha g Sioux City 3; Liacpln 2 are t |pjr 55-OQO piUjpts in fapwp and d.sOry prod.. MBS 7:30 Under Arrest; Distinguished Artists. Boyle Continued irpm fage One to do, play was anything he didn't have to do. why Labor Day is such Congress is out of session. 4. Pick up a fallen leaf from your lawn and study it all morning. Then spend the afternoon figuring out how you would improve on it if you were a tree. 5. Ponder the fact that in the whole history ol tho world a wife is the only form of animal life that deliberately seeks to work, and then only in spri'iK and autumn when sho is seized by a mysterious urge to clean her house. ', Horses don't work except under duress. Cows don't really work at forced on them, but it can be en- met"blon"d 'Rex""Ha'rUvIs;!"a"Vecond"|joyable if remake a game of it. . string Australian, today for the Na- f Here, for ocampl", arc a Uvw tional tennis championship of the'things Von can do to lighten it: United States. By all odds and lov-ie, both finalists should be sitting in the Spa- 1. Spend the day in bed reading how-tp-get-ahead books. 2. Get out the old love letters cious stadium of the West Side your wife wrote you when she was Tennis Club watchiiu; tw^> others i courting you, and road them aloud battle it out. Neilho-.- wos'.'regard, to her. An interesting family dis- ed as having a chuneo in eainin^ cussion will ensue on how people's having the finals. Seixas was seeded No: 2- behind Tpny Trabert on the clomesti cjist, but that was merely a courtesy bi'c-ausc he played pa the Vavis Cup team last year, qne took him scrjously until h" poljshed off TORI Brown In the Quarip»''fJrtals. tjier« went cp to win his ' rna.tpb yesterday o| Ha«iijtu;i . ,,# ^ •. *' qualities and opinions change through the years. This discussion may well go on through Christmas. Several Christmases, 1 3. Write a letter to your congressman and tpll him how much safer you and the neighbors feel ,since he went to W4shington. While at ct y«H mi l llt 9? k him JWl awt ttpt ye^r.'s in- b» work for most people {hey.all; they really enjoy turning Vie ihave to take the day off Jt'sfe'^ss into milk, and dq--it with a •-" • ••• • • •• — '-- -- minimum of mental effort. The thoughtfkl' look pn their faces is just an act. Th«:y'can make milk even when they're lying down loafing. The theory of the busy bee and the hard-woi'kirig ant is a legend. Science has found plenty of bees who are, downright lazy. Some of them are not only shiftless shirkers they are £*lso alcoholics. It's. true. Jf you brpod in this theme long enough, you will conclude that, ofter all, work is unnatura, Far from worrying over how to spend one Labov Day off from your job, you will begin to resent it that you don't have 305 tabor Day holidays that won't keep the alarm oing PECIAL VINE RIPENED TOMATOES Ib. U. S. NO. 1 PEACHES PUTTER PEAS ' v Come Out and See Us &SON 901 We$r 3rd §tr§§t HUNTING SEASON Is just around the corner. Get your GUNS Now. Western Auto Associate Store CLOUSE REFRIGERATION SERVICE PHONE 7-3369 Large Enough to Serve You! Small Enough to Know Youl Watch Repair Guaranteed Pre- School Special. Bring your watch in Keith's Jewelry For Complete Parts and Service for New Holland Balers and Ford Tractors Phone or Write Fqllin Tractor Co. Magnolia, Ark. Pho. 882, 689 & 1140-R Bee-T-Mite Bettle and Termite Control Service Owned and Operated by Guy Grigg Hope, Arkansas Phone 7-3445 109 S. Main All Customers are Insured Let Us Install That BROKEN GLASS Have that broken auto glass replaced today. We recog- Viize insurance, claims, i Jf you,peea 1 good Used Parts 'for cars p'r',trucks. See us ihow. ; .' .-.-;• Gloss & Salvage Co. West 3rd Street Pick-up and Delivery ONf PAY SERVICE the heat — have that We pecjglife in Residence «na Commercial Wiring JOHNSON ELECTRIC Jt) , Sepfefftber 6, 1954 H b P t sr t ftope, ARKANSAS SLONDIB LOOK, DEAR, )•'! I WHAT ARE YOU C?OING HOME At THIS HOUR ? if CM* Yfttttf OtAWCIRI I'M A MESS "HUSBANDS SHOULD NEVER SEE THEIR _, WIVES WHEN THEY'RE \f HOUSE CLEANING.' f\ OUT OUR WAV By J. R, Boys and Girls ACROSS ! and Harry 4 Little— — Muffet 8 Female saints (ab.) 12 Poem 13 Notion 14 Existed 15 Actor' Chaney 16 Direction 18 Thing 20 Soil 21 Anger 22 Close 24 Prepare food ' 26 Transmit 27 A girl 30 Temper, as steel 32 Trader 34 Promise 35 Taro roots 36 Boy's nickname 37 What bo Ji and girls learn to do at school 39 Leer 40 Places 41 Musical syllable 42 Girl's appellation 45'They rear girls and boys 49 Receding 51 Consume 52 Baking chamber in a stove S3 Region 54 Australian ostrich 55 Learned 56 Impudent 57 Little Riding Hood DOWN 1 Indian weight 2 Scent 3 Referred to 4 Chop fine 5 Sacred image 6 Calm 7 Posed 8 Take an oath 9 Rip 10 Formerly 11 One of. Adam' boys 17 Led 19 Annoyed 23 Finished 24 Worn on boys' heads II 15 18 Z yt 40 34 it E 3 Jj 12 19 bi Sfc fi m. w P \ CARNIVAL Answer to Previous Puzzle R A R E S U E= t* L. B 6 * A O B N T A K B 1 N C H B O N S E£ R 1 A 5> T A A T R B T E '/4,'fy 3 & E R V A B S R e % '#'', \ R R e E P 3 st 0 C 9 £ s, * fflj f w ? *.% V C E S r R > E ! N X, f * j&j ££ 2! 'ft R A N C B e 'fa T B R R O 1^ T O R o R A ^ ^ T E A L_ T K e A i B • R E 0 F i. E F V, 1. 1 t U E T e I F M t B L ? T - E : P . ' S C S J B i E £ P 9 E? ? B ? U . S i 25 Single 41 Handle 26 Frozen rain 42 In a line . 27 Catch phrase 43 One of Jacob's s maker boys (Bib.) 28 Foot part 44 Chills 29 Gaelic 46 State 31 Consents 47 Domesticated- 33 Worship 48 Shirt front 38 Reach for ornament 40 Play part .50 Enervate H 3 b Ws ^ 3*7 5 W/, ib JH 50 W 56 b Li M IP £ HS 7 0, h 31 J5 WA >«__. 1 26 SfSfS k 8 W ^ Si y) MM » 10 II • • i n 51 *. 51 By Dick 28 » V7 V6 '-t Turner DRIVE OW.' THEY'VE C3OT iSfSOVE <=>Q FAR/ ISA CHURCH PICNIC/ BORJO THIRTY YEARS TOO SOOM OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoopto HEH-HEH/ Kfeep COOL^LDHW/ I THAT fLA6T /.A5T MISHT V/A5I MAD/- T. M. »«. U. «. P«v Oil. . Ctim 1»5« tr NIA ,Sir»lc«. Inc. WATCH!MS \toO PARADE AROUMD 15 MAKIM6TH HAIRS. MY HSAD FUNNY BUSINESS By Herihbergei can go along with a practical joke, Prentiss, but • fjelieve me, this one wasn't practical!" - ! SIDE OUNCES By Golbroith "J >7T»™ i,-^^ ' ! I ' -v'-l!\ W^'i. '"Over here, lady, if you want to feed him a lump of sugarl^ SWEETIE PIE By Nomine Seller "I brought my tws boy frltn^f alongi Dad! Vow know gnt wauld make thg niofett LADDY LOCKE'S VIC FLINT WHAT ABOUT THIS. <IT& JM MV AWP I TARS IT WBtLTALjiKHBKa .... NOt 6BfrWS INTO AWV TH6. WOMAN WHO ARE y<3\J MPt. CAN SIT ASJP TALK I'VB ©OT LOTS ) TELU VOU/ ATTORNBV4 WASH TUBES YEAVvR.BMPWINiV THEM WE PLAN TO BE OKI TrtB I'LL COME ANOTHER WEEKyPOWN THIS WEEK, MIS SHEUBX VER/ MPORTWOT THM* I SEE VOU AMP POTTER OM THE 301» Pty FOLLOWINS YOUR HE 6MP WOMDER WOUT? "HNT NIGHT RECEIVES THEN VOU CN(d PL.V DOWN WITH J/V/. HE LEFT TODW, AND HE PLANS TO RETURN IKt THE BACK. 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