Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 6, 1954 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 6, 1954
Page 6
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tl I Aft, HOPE, ARKANSAS irmingPact K. •&>' fellf* MAftLGW Secretary of tts .today. In tha' toreigh, ministers ^ Southeast Asian defense al- foi be thd Asian ropfe MAf5, the Marth ' brie 1 notable difference: ske*of trie membership- of fo oTgal^atfoiw* There will 4 #6 oHbiheh Ih th£ mutiiat help in of at-, , e itJhlted Slates and almost Ugal Notice ... 'l»ftOBATB COURT gfven that Ihe • N AdmM- — ,~ -rs,t ,and i We Probate Couhty, Ar* and confir- 'Final, Setllement of l Eifccutri* of Ihe if i Ci v F> 'firwin, deceased. A6c6unting of -fifyh' JP.' 'Jdnes, Administratrix b« WllHani Carl -Jones, . all< persons interested in the estates ar.e ordered to and v file .excegtions Sbtty (00) Legal Notice A'iV-kJ^ VK***^** Vjf n Mr > n fti to^'the laxpay- •**•*•-•- paper is ACT 285 rtfeV of the' people >Seclion 3 of. ^as Amended t. Mo. 252 of (jS5nfe& the'. Markup on .«*{•"_- < _« liilu«u. ',< Pjrfces \ .pT Alcoholic "to fyevy'a Tax Upon lale Price 'bf Alcoholic ^to^.froyde for AliliiSU) _« <*».„* Tlk..„„,,.-, of the' Revenue" "Such s ,Tax;- and for Oilier I'lkf,"*^ •»-<•" the General 'Stkte. of A'rkan- BKrir' TlffofSectibn 3'.of Act all the countries of Western Europe, including Britain a-id France, afrS'-riiembers of NATO. It has it Irt all. Western Europe's desire for 1 aefeflse 1 against Russia was prae- tidally unanirnous. Not so with Southeast Asia or The eight nations repre- at Manila. be«idos the Slates, are Britain. France, Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Pakistan and Thailand. only two nations from the * of southeast Asia Pnk- istain and fhniland have shown * In joihlrtR SfiATS. Pour other, /Klatt nations have refused: l&lfa, /fldortfisla,' Burma, Ceylon. Those 'four may, go lo Ihe olher -..ttrjemdi Of making a ttohag^rcs- sfort pact with Chins. India, insist- trig ton "hdirtralism, argues S12ATO may irritate China into action in- sledd at discouraging hf>r. Indonesia Iries f to £ot aloft" with com- tnunism not otoly aboard but at home, lo. Sd SEATO will represent, much less lhan Ihe unanimous desire of Southeast Asians for defense against Red China. II will therefore la'ck NATO's rbunded conli- nchtal defense platting and the stronglh 6f ils united and huge manpower. The 14 NATO members agree an attack on one is an attack on all Srid they have pledged themselves 10 go lo one another's aid. The SEATO agreement will probably be''.mifch weaker. Dulles' first Ihoughl must be: Will Ihc Senate approve Ihe kind of Ircaty I sign at Manila? The i Senate mi?ht not approve one which pledged this coimtry beforehand to go lo war on the Asian Conlinent in defense of a SEATO member* the SEATO treaty the General , Arkansas of 1949,' a& e'dbby w )5eclion, 1-pt Act NO, t"W ( Acts;pf the General As'- of rlKJl. (Ark, , be and ttpn3,;liJr';T 1 }fwh6les£ilei-'s mostly likely will say something like this: If any SEATO member is attacked, the other members will then decide what action to take In accordance with Iheir parliamentary procedures, which is another wdy of saying: If the time comes', the ^ United Stales Congress Will have final say on getting into War in Asia. Whether such a trealy; which contains 'a certain indecision from the beginning, will be enough, to deter the Red Chinese remains to be , seen. Dulles ' seems have no do'ubt the United States would rush to the aid of ah ally who is not on the Asian continent. t Over the weekend he promised immediate American help to the Philippines if they should be attacked. But the Philippines, like Formosa and Japah, are part of the American defense line in the Pacific, Except for the fragment of South Korea, that line has not yet been extended into Asia. SEATO, nevertheless, will provide a framework for consultation among the eight nations sitting in Manila and some preparations for defense preparations 4 of NATO. It can be' the beginning for stronger agreements. Last spring,' when the Cdmrnu- nist-led Vie'tminh were smashing the French in Indochina, i Dulles tried to get united action in A&ia. (There . was no SEATO Ihen, although it had been talked of for years, - Britain therefore was not pledged to action* in Asia. It turned Dulles dpwji cold. That finished it. The Uriited SWtes wasn't willing to Chian's Plane from if^age One far has escap&f attack. Irt Denver, President fei- senhowfer's pr.Ms seerfctaYy. Jiimes C. HageHy, IWild .newsmen tfie President was -keepink in close touch with the 'situation at Quo- moy. ' ' Hdgerty said, t'ncfo has ben no change in Orders to th'e 7th Fleet to protect Forimosa, but, he dc- , dliHedrtd' say vtfiehAr, those Orde'rs aitr bHnd enoufen lo can for U.S. . HeH China's continued Ihreatsi to icy ado Formosa. tb the'retallers . CUVCT, iuvu'UijuurB W MII?« *-w*nuc*-B Si|bK4p^c^ withotit additional . . f'f jsr.Jtfereby levied and e, .s,ball-be-collecled as provided " Conlinued from Page pn« be Irying to Sslablish a conlrol of ocean areas 'around their shore, subsianlially beyond dither Iho traditional 3-mlle limit or the sdme times claimed* 12-mile" limit.. A spcdial clrcumslaJice in the case of the BHUah airliner was thai Ihe Chinese .Co'mmunisls claimed Ihey ihought they were shooting at. ChWese' Nalionalisl plane! They apologized o Brilain and offered lo pay damages. The incidents involving U. S. planes have broiight diplomatic stale- males each side insisting ils vers on is correcl. Some authorities speculated that Lhe Sovie allack yesorday jriigh have been order by Ihe Russian government wilh one eye on Ihe conference of Ihb, United Slates arid olher, friendly 'governments at Manila, opened today,' for th'e development of a Southeast Asia security system. Chinese • Communist bombardment of the Chinese Nationalist- held' island of Quemony in the lasl few days has been quite widely regarded as a show of power on Ihe part of Red China al a time when Allied counlrics arc trying to shore up Iheir own battered position in Southwest Asia. Whatever the move the . atlack brough an officiul satement from Ihe Penagon that tho U. S. Navy was alert to its responsibilities and- that fleet units were watching the situallon. The 7lh Floc;i is under orders lo help defend Chiang Kai- sheek's Nalionaliul refuge; Formosa. , As .clearly and conlinuously defined by Chinese propoagandal il is Formosa which is tho Coca) point for Far Eastern trouble! Whether the Reds will heat up the cold water .to the point of an invasion attempt, thereby .slarling a war with the United Slates, is much debated here, - ... , , .. go into to help the Frencn without British cooperalion. The resuit: The ^Communists got half of Viet Nt>m, 'largest of Indochina's three areas. After thaj,, disaster Ihe Unlled States pushed hard for SEATO. Today's _meeting is the producl of that push- „ -J-,.— ,_.---L, .-,.,. .-_-. ..,•-.-;->, V «.. BITTER SAGE <&pVf!flril i&4 by Prarik drlibah Ho few**!*- /?** titan Dlifflbiited by NtEA Servlfee, jHe. . •>/• rfOIlK UftllSei' XXIX Dave ftelrn lied his horsfeitd Ihc hilchrail al Fugger 1 s store ,,iirid, crossing Ihe sidewalk, knocked at the door Hong Kong Smilh opened >l. "it's done," Oavc said, entering. Hong Kong Srnilh look out a huge while handkerch'kif ftom his breasl pbekct arid trlopp^'a his forehead. Me looked at Jacob Fujfgfir. "Salisfied?" ~ "Ho wouldn'l havn it any oihPr way." Ftlg'ger sbld. "He kept crowding 7)ie-all the lime." , . • "Oh, shut up," said Hong kong Smilh. Ho gcslured to :Davo-ttelm. "Come on." The Texas Saloon Was rhoro crowded lhan il had ever been in ils four years' existence. They were slanding Iwo and Ihree deep al Ihc bar, but Smilh grabbed a' man by Ihe arm and whirled him awav. Anolhcr man he elbovved aside. And once ho reached Ihe bar he used his huge bulk lo shove a space clear for Dave Hehn. Helm sipped al the. whiskey and a warm glow spread through him. Lily Leeds stepped up on (he litllc' platform and began to sing. She sang, Ihc song of Sam Older and Wes Tancred and Iherc was a calch in her voice and a huskiness that had never been there came sllciit and listened. A- man stopped whirling a chuck-a-luck cage and a faro dealer covered his box with his hands and sla'red at the 1 - layout before him. Al the bar, Dave Helm listened to Ihe sbrig and Ihe knuckles Of his hand whitened as his fingers closed about the glass in his fist and finally the glass collapsed and he lei Ihe broken pieces fall to Ihe floor. Lily finished the song and for a moment there was a. dead si lence in the crowded saloon. Then a man clapped ami the others look it up unlil Ihe room viberated from Ihe concussion. Lily, her face taul, her eyes slony, walked through Ihe room lo her office. • She put Fdbtisto Demand Help With Drouth LITTLE ROCK (IP) — Orval E. Faubus Democratic nominee for governor, tomorrow is going' to Washinglon lb "demand" -Ihal surplus grain be turned over to her hand on the door to go in arid cotild hot. She couldn't go ihto the little roOm where Wise cred had revealed himself Tan- that afternoon. She could not go inlo the room. . .alone. Hong K o n g Smith boomed, "Mighty good sltigihg Lily girl mighty good." • Lily looked at the' strained face and the piercing eyer, of Dave Helm. "Ynu didn't like it?" "I liked 'your singing, ma'ani," replied Dave Helm. "I didn't like the song." ' Lily stared at him. "Someone else told me that." Her eyes fell to DaVe's hand. "You're bleeding!" Helm opened his hand and looked at the blood on nls pahn. "It's nothing, ma'am, just a lit.tle cut." Lily's eyes dropped to the floor, saw Ihe little chards of glass. Her eyes came up to meet Helm's once more. "Why don't you like tho song?" " 'Cause it ain't true, ma'am," Helm said, simply, "Sam Older was never no hero and Wes Tan- c'red wasn't any coward. The song is a lie, ma'am!" "You," said Lily Leeds, "are Dave Helm." He made an odd little" bow. "You know him," Lily said. "You talked to him today." "Wes Tancred, ma'am? Why, yes, he came along this afternoon and we had a little talk." Hong Kong Smith's huge right .hand reached out and struck Helm's s h o u 1 d c r. ."Wes Tancred. . .?" .'•• Helm wrenched his shoulder free of Smith's grip and faced his employer, a spot of color on each cheek. "Don't do that again, Mr. Smith!" he said, softly. "This Tancred you're talking about," cried Smith. "He's here in Sage City?" "Why, yss!" drought-stricken Arkansas meh.. Faubus, Lot of Trouble for a Small, Simple Chat nBy BOB THOMAS ; HOLLYWOOD Ml When Edward Murrow calls 1 at your house, he" doesn't just drop in for a brief visit the way it seems lo viewers. His friendly chals on his "Person are a major production. So wilh arc a major production. So did the, Bogarts Humphrey and his wife, Lauren Bacall. When I arrived at the Bogart mansion on the morning of the telecast, you'd think'there was a pocial gathering in the rc-ighbor- Jho'od Cars all over the place J jswung up the driveway and found the parking area 'filled with trucks -id big lamps, In one corner was a truck from the, telephone company, and workmen were climbing up and down Search for Bodies Continues , NORFOLK, Va. •:.?).— Search and salvage: operations were resumed here today :for the .bodies of six of seyen Naval reservists who por- ished when their R5D transport plane plunged into Chesapeake- Bay. One body was recovered shortly after the crash Saturday night. No other bodies were found. The identity of the one received had not been established. The plane the Navy's four-engine equivalent of the commercial DC6. fell into the choppy bay off suburban Ocean View only minutes alter taking off from the Norfolk Naval Air Station on the return flight to its home base at the' South Weymouth Naval Air Stpion at Weymouh.Mass. .The three crewmen of the plane and two passengers wore attached at tlie; South Weyrnputh Nas. The other two men,,;both' listed as pas- jsengers- were attached to the Naval Air Station at Floyd Bennett Field N. Y. . catlle- who' defeated Gov. Francis Cherry's bid for a second erm nomination a' riibrith" ago, :aid lasl week Ihe drought was orcing Arkansas farmers to .leave heir farms and the stale. He called for a federal ^public works jrogram and direct granls of surplus comrnodilies! He said lie would- meet Tuesday iVilh Walter C. Berger, associate director of the Commodity Stabili- :alicin Service of the" Agriculture Deparlmeril, lo set up a Wedhes- .lay conference. "I intend to appraise Berge'r of the situalion in Arkansas," Fauhbu's sadi, "ahd demand Ihal surplus grain'be-lurried over lo the small icrd owners in Arkansas." Faiib'us said surplus gfaihs were not being given lo cattlemen' anywhere in the n'atidn, but in Okla- tiom'a surplus grains aare being used for humans to eat; "If lliey can give il away for •uimans," he Said; "Ihey can give il away for callle." a ao-foot lower ith a big circular on top. Th»s, I found out la- was for sending the " t TV sig- to M°unta WiUon, whfjice Los Angeles stations send their picture ere tramping in and out t . «. ^. > , .yv"* . i Of th,e dpor, so J Jyst walked In. r^cogni#i;d nVe a "This was Mil 5 BacaU's h,e said. "AnyJwn$>r her arrow, J rieyflr. met the e $m, thou^, l^iss Ba- ows him w?H. $& gone pub- crawHng with him," wh'ile production began five ' CBS Three Killed in Arkansas Py The Associated Press A hine-year-old boy yesterday was crushed beneath the wheels of his 'father's truck, bringing to thr> the total number of holiday deaths, and to eight the violent dealh toll iri Arkansas^ for the Week which ended at midnight Sunday. Don Hause, son of Mr. and Mrs. L. S, Hause of Raymers Chapol, was crushed to dejUh when ha fell or juifnped from the bed of his father's truck, Eleven-year-olc| Robert, also fell from tho truck while trying to calch his brother. He received a. scalp injury^ Thirteen-year-old Jessie Lee Mu* l.qne of SunflQwev, Kan,, and her es-year-old gran<lfther. U, C, Harrison, drowned Saturday in Spring River near • Mammoth Springs Harrison was from Thayer, Mo. technicians cjjs.ed ijie place, awing pf Paris," he remarked- "I don't set the message of most of them. He put down his drink and announced he would havo to leave to get a haircut /or the lelocast and idiscuss working conditions with his cronies at Romanoff's, darted away in his Jaguar. Since Miss Bacall was also away tending to 'her hair, I prowled around the place in search, of information. J discovered that about 40 men required to put the Mui> row-to-8og«rt (conversations on the' air. Pour camera would be us,e'd -and they had stopped cownt- \f\& the Ui|U,ts. • p| tlje Murmw pickups r«- m.aybgi j^ m <m, »0 at the ' man. Um.es .we hays ' 1^. «!»:$* 28 Killed in Plane Crash in Ireland By SEYMOUR TOPPING SHANNON AIRPORT, Ireland W) The Dutch, and Irish govern- meets launched an investigation today into rescuers' de|ay in reaching the KLM Royal Dutch airliner which plinged inlo the River Shannon yeslehrday Th<» disaster claimed 20 lives — 11 of them American. Of the 2i persons who survived the crash of the New Yorkrbouncl Super -Consellation, 15 were Americans. Il was Ihe second crash of a KLM airliner in 13 days. A New York-to-Amsterdam Skyrnas- ler wenl down in the Norlli Sea Aug. 23. All 21 award, including 12 Americans were killed. Survivors of the Shannon crash lold of wailing anxiously more th,an Ihree hours despile the fact that Ihe big plane came down only two miles from the airport in the early morning darkness. KLM representatives and Sham non Airport officials, pieced together this timetable in starting thejr inquiry: ..-''.. 3; 38 a. m- The .plane loojc off from Shanno.n .A^PPrt after i| rqu^ line slop en routs from Amsterdam. 3:40 a, m. The plane „,„„_ jr»o the ; river neai 1 its mouth, within sight of the airpprt lights. 5:30 a. m. The mu4*cQvered Aavigatpr atoggered into the; WM operational pjfice »t Slianoe Airport t the 5:40 a. m. The iirpor* reporte4 receivin 7 a. m. The reached tfe? sinking plajne, ]| counted on him. Thai's one of Iheial Ihe rear. "Stepping." reasons he gol so lough wilh Fugger. He figured Tancred would back him up and he didn'l." "No Lee," said Laura in dismay. "You're you're wrong." "Why Mr. Miller didn't know wrong. I know who "Wake him up." M'Coy hesitated buc wont toward Ihe office al the roar. He found Monday, September 6, 1954 and a Texas man close: by sprang upon Kinmiird and smashed him on the head with hia gun. A roar .-.vent up and the Texans charged ilie jail, trampling Slralemeycr awake "What's alljkicking Kinnaird as they swar ft nd r*ld Wes was, I'm sure of thai. Besides, he neVer carries a gun." "He had one al Turkey Crossing!" the racket aboul?" the faro dealer asked. "Fugger wants to talk to you." Slralemcycr follower! McCoy in lo the salmon. "You," said Fugger. "I wnnt you lo go down to the jail and "No, he didn't. 1 mean, he didn't £ el Hong Kong Smith out." carry one. Please! I was there. I Stratemcyor fixed FiiK»er over him. Gorey marie no resis tance and inside of a minute. Hunt; Kong Smilh, only half-conscious was brought out. The mob paid no attention lo Kinnaird, bul svhen Ihey le'fl the jail, Kinnaird picked himself up. bleeding and bruised. with Father tried to get him to do! a col< J look " J haven't had much Something about the men. but Wes experience breaking people out of wouldn't. He tried to talk Father -) an -" Lee Kinnaird came along the bar. He was coatless and a slar was pinned on the le'fi side of his shirt. His face v%'as sober, his eyes like those of an eagle, searching for prey. He camn up to the group and said, ,"Luke Miller was killed 15 minutes 350." "Oh, no;" gasped Lily. "Fugger wouldn't dare." • "He dared all right." Hong Kong Smith pointed a thick forefinger at the star on Kin- iaird's chest. "You didn't waste any lime pinning lhat on." , Kinnaird said, "Fugger himself liasn'l gol the nerve to kill a prair- e dog and Eric Stratemeyer was in McCoy's ;all evening, so it. wa^ dne of your men who did the job." j "Maybe," sneered' Smith, "then again maybe il ,vas your friend, •vyhal's he been calling himself? Bailey. Shooling people when they arn't looking .in his line." He Stopped, as Kinnaird's eyes bored into him. "Or maybe you didn't inow your fine friend was the dirty coward," Wes Tancred. ' "So thai'.-.-why hs's left town!" r'etbried Kinaird. "Mrs. Miller "It proves only that he's gone," saw Ihe killer. It wasn't," he continued firmly, "John Bailey." Laura Vessel* was in.bed, but not asleep when Mrs. Martin came to her room. "I-I thought you might want to know. Mr. Miller, the newspaper publisher, -has been killed."' Laura gasped in dismay. She sprang- out of bed. "How how was he killed?" she asked, fearfully. . "I don't know rightly. Mrs. Miller- told the sheriff Ihal someone knocked, on their door and when Mr. Miller answered, He was shot down. But there's talk that a man Working for him did the shoot ing., . ." "Not John Bailey!" XXX A:half hour after Fugger's store opened in Ihe morning, Kinnaird came in. Laura was wailing on a Customer and he slopped by Ihe dopr unlil Laura had finished. He approached her Ihen. "You've heard?" She nodded. "What do you think" "It's not true—aboul Wes, I mean." "Wes," said Kinnaird, dully. 'You've known who he was all along Before you both came to Sage City" "Yes." "You agreed al Turkey Crossing to come here." "Oh, no. It wasn't like that. . . ." Laura looked at the sheriff in astonishment. "No, Lee. He told me >vho he was before he rode off, but that—that's all." Pain came into her eyes. "There was nothing between us, Lee." 'T suppose not," said Kinnaird. "Not if. you say so, Laura. Only , . ." He shook his head. "I liked him." He looked at her, thoughl- flilly, a litlle worry creasing his forehead. "You, Laura" "What do you mean" she aske.d, disconcerted. . '"You. liked him Or perhaps It's more than just liking him." "Oh, no!" ,,, quickness of her reply did mt relieve Kinnaird. He sighed -•--'•'-'\y,. "i don't think he should lett town." | vylvy not? He didn't do }t, ifcause of iUsvhis past, tiey'd -' Mm of jl." * that's just taj(. V Jt came out of going up against them. Bul father Wouldn't listen and Was shol before anyone could slop Ihem. It Was then that Wfes shol Ihem. He didn't pick the fight" "Thai sounds jiisl like here," Kinnaird said. "He wouldn'l carry a gun, he wouldn'l ftghl. Bul Miller knew who he Was and counted on him." "Falher didn'l know who he Was. Thai's the point, Lee. To Father, Wes Was just a man who took care of the horses. He told me after it, was all over who he was. . ." She winced and stopped. By morning Hong Kong Smilh was slupid from liquor. McCoj; Iried lo talk him into going to the hotel and get s 9 m e sleep, but Smith threw the bollle al him. Smilh dragged a r.hair lo Ihe door, pushed through the batwings and planted his chair on Ihe sidewalk direclly in fronl of Ihe door. HONG Kong Smilh focused his eyes on the wooden sign over the Boston Store and he raised his revolver. He fired. The bullel rhissed Ihe sign by aboul 10 feet. He depressed the revolver, took aim and fired again. Glass crashed as the bullel went through the window. He was aiming at the sign, when Gil Packai-'d dashed out of the store. He saw Hong Kong Smith across the street and threw himself lo Ihe sidewalk. Smilh fired a Ihird lime and again glass shal- tered, bul it.was the window of the Bon Ton Cafe this time. He aimed again, but the sign of the Boston Store seemed to elude him and he swung the gun around and brought it to bear upon the window of the bank. He gripped his right hand with his lefl and holding il reasonably steady, pulled Ihe Irigger. The bullel crached Ihrough Ihe window of Ihe bank. Lee Kinnaird, who* had' heard the shooting, while he was inside the sheriff's office, came out on the street. Swearing under hts bre a t h, he slarled across Ihe slreet. As he ' reached the side where Smith was, the Texan fired a -fifth time. The bullet missed Kinnaird by inches "and hit Ihe courthouse. Kinnaivd ran forward a n d grabbed the gun in Srnilh's hand. He Iried lo jerk Ihe gun from iSmilh's hand, but the big man held ori to it. "Lemme 'lone," he muttered. He jerked the gun free of Kinnaird's grip and swung the muz/le to poinl at' Kinnaird. The latter, not knowing that the gun was empty, • whipped'out his own revolver and springing forward, smashed the barrel along the side of Smith's head. Hong Kong Smith went over backward, rolling to the sidewalk. The blow thai Kinnaird slruck him was a hard one and Smilh, rolling over, groaned and lapsed into consciousness. Angrily Kinnaird s'tb'bped and jerked up Smith. He let the big man fall forward over his shoulder and grunting from the^, weight of him, carried him lo llie courthouse. Gorey looked up as Kinnair^l came in carrying Ihe huge Texan. "Who you gol Ihere" he demanded, Ihen recognized him. "Hong Kong Smilh! What're you doing with him" "I'm pulling him in jail." "You can'l! Nol him. . ." Kinnaird carried the big man into the cell behind the marshal's office and dumped him. "Now. don't you go making troo blc," Fugger complained. "I'vo had enough. I brough'l you here io town" "Let's Ret things ( straight.'.; Strh tomeyer said. "You' sent for me to do one particular job got rid of a mnn named Bailey. He's skipped town. Maybe I feared him out, maybe I didn't." I'm not .worried about that now." rij-ht, you've Sol another job?' You'll pay mo $!(JOO?" Fugger'' swallowed hard. "You drive a hard bai'jTain." "They tell me you do loo." ro- lorled Slratcmeycr. "You want me to gun Ihe sheriff?" Fugger hesitated. "I'll let you know later." "You do Ihal. Mr. Filler. In :lhe meantime, would you mind sending over Ihe S'OOO you already owe me?" Slratemeyer smiled, a cold smile that sent a chill run ning through Fugger. He nodded and virtually ran oul of the silicon. On Ihe slrecl he encountered Manny Marpending and three or four Texas men. "Harpending." Fugger called. "If you're looking for your boss, he's in jail/' "Who-who had the nerve to do that?" "The sheriff. I asked him to turn Smith lose, but he said no Texas men could lake Smith away from him." "We'll see about that!" cried one of Ihe Texans. Inside of 20 minutes, a score or more of Texas men marched on the jail. Kinnaird, pale but deter mined met them at the door. "Don't do anything foolish, men!" "We're gonna take your jail apart if you don't turn old Hong Kong loose in 30 seconds," shouted one of the men. Kinnaird drew his .gun. He was ready to make an issue of it and then Marshal Gorey appealed in the doorway behind him. Kinnaird hearing his step started to turn WXW WWWV- 0 W? - XXXI Gorey glowered at Kinnaird, but uncertain of his ground, decided to appeal to a higher authority. He left Ihe courthouse lo ask Jacob Fugger. Bul Ihal worthy had al ready been informed of what had happened and was coming toward the courthouse. He encountered Kinnaird coming out. -'You can't arrest Hong Kong Smith," he cried. "Maybe I can't," said Kinnaird, grimly, "but I did. I had lo crack him over the head." Fugger cried out in horror. "There'll be trouble over this." "For Smith. When he sobtrs up I'm taking him before the judge." Fugger brightened for an in slanl, bul Ihen looked suspicious ly al Kinnaird. judge?" "The only judge in Ihe county Judge Krafl!" Fugger winced- "Kinnaivd, I'll give you 10 minutes to cool off. get *lOrBllOOHlinyo//r/iome(f//h low-cost fir plyicoml IlUllt'llllS IEW PLANS See us today—for eco- J nomical,quality-tested fir plywood and easy- to-follow plans for 8 modern fir plywood built-ins. REPAIR LOANS available for all types of Home improvements and repairs. BILL WRAY SUPPLY CO. Phone 7-2348 S. Walnut Tancred rode steadily through the night, unlil nearly he staked out his hor.;o on the pliir Jo. Using his carpolbat; for a pil low, he stretched out to sleep on the buffalo grass. Hours later he awakened and was soon in the saddle. Ho rotlo steadily all lhat day to Ihe east and north and the following mrrn ing cut the stage trail. Ho followed il till late afternoon, w!ien lie- crossed a shallow stream and sighted Ihe stnge station a Turkey Crossing. He asked the agent ^V)i something to cat. The supper was plain but sub- slanlial, and Tancrod who had nol eaten for two days was grateful. When he had finished ho walked oulside and. after u momenl, found, himself heading for the mound of earth back of the sta lion, whevo Laura Vesser's fath ar was buried. (To Be Continued) You'll enjoy our delicious SALADS SEA FOODS FISH Prepared and served the way you like them. Daily Lunches 50c and 75c DIAMOND CAFE & CAFETERIA Monday, September 6, 1954 HOP! STAR, HOP*, ARKANSAS SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P, M. Calendar Monday Sept. 6 The Hope Band Auxiliary will meet in Cannon Hall on Monday Sept. 6, at 7:30 p. m. The executive committee will meet at 7 p. m. All parents of band students are members ot the auxiliary and arc urged to attend. Circle 6 of the W. S. C. S. of the First Methodist Church will meet Monday afternoon, Sept. 6, at 2 o'clock in tho home of Mrs. Dick Watkins with Mrs. John Gardner as co-hostess. Mrs. L. 15. Tooley will bring the ^•devotional, The program entitled "Jesus' Concern For Cities" will be presented by Mrs. George Murphy with Mrs. J. C. Carlton and Mrs. Dexter Bailey assisting. Miss Roberta Howard will entertain Miss Arlhiidalc Hefner and her rhmcc, Louis Dean Good of Toxarkana, with a dance at the Hope Country Club on Friday night,. Guests will be members of the ybridal party and close friends of 'the honored couple. Circle 3 of the W. S. C. S. of the First Methodist Church will meet at 4 p. in. Monday, September G, in the air-conditioned church basement with Mrs. Carl Robarls and Mrs. Lillian Hamilton as hostesses. At 4 p. rn. Monday, Circle 2 of the W. S. C. S. will meet with Mrs. JF. C. Crow. • Apple Sauce LAYERCAKE with fruit' icing * • Brown Sugar Fudge LAYER CAKE JOPS CITY BAKERY* 216 S. Main The First Baplisl Woman's Missionary Society will have a slate mission day of prayer on Monday. The first session begins at 10 a. m.; at 12 o'clock a pot luck luncheon will be; served, and then at 1 o'clock Ihe second session of program and prayer will begin. ; Mrs. Lloyd Kinard will enler- tain members of W. S. C. S. Circle W4 in her home on Monday afternoon at 4 o'clock. Assisting Mrs. Kinard as hostess will be Mrs. L. E. Potcet. parents, will have a picnic at Fair Park. Tuesday September 7 The Beta Rho -chapter of the Epsilon Sigma Alpha will have their first monthly meeting at 7:30 p. m. Tuesday, September 7, at the home of Miss Belly Allwliilc in Emmet. Poplar Grove 196 Woodmen's Circle will hold their regular monthly business meeting on Tuesday night, Sept. 7, at the W. O. W. Hall. All members are urged lo be present. W. S. C. S. Circle 1 will have a meeting al 9:30 a. m. Tuesday in Ihe home of Mrs. Lloyd Spencer. Mrs. Roy Jones will assisl Mrs. Spencer in the duties of hostess. The VFW Auxiliary will have its regular meeting on Tuesday nichl:, September 7, at 7:30. All members are urged to attend this meeting Hostesses will be Hardean Davis and Mary Keck. The executive board of the Garland School P. T. A. will meet at 9:15 a. m. Tuesday. Sept. 7, in the office. Little furs for the opening days of autumn are in fox, are for both daytime and after-dark wear. Dramatic white fox (left) is two-tiered, is designed with jeweled-button closing to leave arms free. Boa (center) is golden glory, newest of the fox mutations, is over six feet long. Color is actually a golden bronze shot through with silver. It's shown here worn muff and stole fashion but can be draped many ways. Flattering to the shorter figure (right), this two-tiered blue fox capelet is hooked for perfect joining in the front. And it's right for both daytime and evening wear. All three designs are by Reynard of New York. Game night will be held al the , Hope Country Club on Tuesday j night at 7:45. Hosts will be Mr. and Mrs. Syd McMath and Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Broach. Wednesday Sept. R Mrs. Jack Brown, presidon! of the Fulton P. T. A., has announced the first meeting of (he school year at 2:30 p. in. Wednesday, Sept. 8 nt the school. There will be an executive meeting at 1:30 to discuss plans for the coming year. She urges all members to be present. Thursday Sept. 9 The Ladies Pentecostal Auxiliary is having a mooting at 2 p. m. | Thursday. j Monday afternoon 1 at 6 o'clock the First Baptist Intermediate 1 and 11 departments, along wilh their Thej> I'll be back." Seller come warned Kinnaird. with n gun," Fugger . whirled away. He went straight to McCoy's Saloon. Me Coy was bUler about Smith. "Hs took a shot at me.' 1 "He didn't hit 'you." "jt wasn't his fault that ho dicjn't. He put a bullet through the bank window among other things" grimaced "We've gol to overlook what he's done We-we need, hint} %nd his engines?." "I suppose we do, fcut how far can we Jet a man gq?" f uigger §uddenjy tared hjs teeth ping to, grgue wit\j you, WANTED TO BUY NICE, FAT YOgNG HENS We need hens now. If you h'fjve a laying flock why .» not cull them now, and sell us your non layers? We * would like tb buy several hundred at a time/ but Will take what you have. ^ Call Us for Delivery Date Hope Locker & Processing Co. SOUTH MAIN STREET HOTEL BARLOW Welcome To Our Air Conditioned COFFEE SHOP Hours ore ... 6;30 a. m, to 2 p. m, 5:30 p. m. to 8 p. m. Open 7 days q \veek Comfortable rooms for permanent guests. Rates.yog , c.qn gfford. Mok| y9ur home at the BARLOW. '•H BY REFRIGERATION LAST DAY * • FEATURE TIMES • 2:00 - 3:40 - 5:31 - 7:27 - 9:23 THAT TALKING MULE NEVER HAD SO MUCH TO TELL . . . and you've never had so much to LAUGH ABOUT! T »e —CS DONALD O'CONNOR- JUUAADAMS A UNIVE«S»l.|Nt£«NATlONAt PICTURE « SHORTS « Tom & Jerry Cartoon News of the Day On Thursday the Intermediates of the First Baptist Church will have an informal banquet in tho church fellowship hall. Wednesday, Sept. 15 The first regular meeting of the Garland P .T. A. will be held Wednesday, September 15, 1954. Tuesday, Sept. 14 The Lilac Garden Club of DcAnn .will.have its first meeting ..of this season on Tuesday, Sept. 14. at 2 p. rn. in the club room. Hostesses will be Mrs. James Burke, Mrs. Carlton Samuel and Mrs. Jewel Burke. Notice The ladies of the Eastern Star will have a bake sale on Friday and Saturday, September 10 and 11. Persons desiring cakes please call 7-2073 or 1-3213 by Thursday, September 9. Pre-Nuptial Luncheon Held at Texarkana Country Club Mrs. Louis Dean Good, who was Miss Arlhadale Hefner prior to her marriage on Sunday, was honored with ;i luncheon Friday noon at the Tcxarkuna Country Club. Hostesses for the occasion were Mrs. Gerald Tcasluy, Mrs. John Walter Jones. and Mrs. Max Buldridgc. The feminine members of the bridal party were sealed around a lovely table centered with an j artistic arrangement of pink carnations. Guest list for the occasion included: Mrs. Louise P. Good, Mrs. Byron Denson Hefner, mother of the couple and the bridesmaids Joseph Gotten co-stars with Jennifer Jones and Gregory Peck in David O. Selznick's exciting Texas saga, "Duel In the Sun," which starts Sunday on the Saenger Theater's wide screen. A brilliant and versatile actor, Joneph Cott'en is one of Holywood's most popular leading men. Equally beloved by both adult and younger audiences, he has demonstrated his ability to play almost any kind of role. In "Duel In the Sun," Gotten playa the part of. Jesse McCanless, quiet' and idealistic attorney who sought to bring progress, as well as law and order, to the frontier cattle country. and junior bridesmaids; Dorothy Good. Miss Helen Ray Woods of Dallas, Miss Suzanne Hanncr of Atlanta, Miss Sara Lauterback, Miss Roberta Howard, Miss Caroline Hawthorne, Miss Lyla Brown, Miss Nancy Hays, Miss Byron, Denson Hefner Jr., and Mius Marsha Fuller, all of Hope. Allen ilectric Go. ANNOUNCES A NEW POLICY! Now you con have your Home Rewired to meet modern conveniences and new fixtures. AH on 12 Eaf Papents No Carrying Charge-10% Down Payment Balance Monthly Free ALLEN ;Wsfitts4 f*f\ CQ. She uses sex the way a hoodlum uses a loaded gun! MAIN & COUNTRY CLUB RDS. Open 6:30 — Show Starts 7:15 * FINAL NIGHT* F-I-R-S-T Hope Showing! Written In Blood and Fire! Adventure-scarred saga of a gunfighter, whose name struck terror through a thousand miles, of wilderness! STARTS SUNDAY * Poplar Grove 190 Entertains College Students Poplar Grove 106 and the Drill Team members enturlained Miss Mary Willis and Miss Jcuriullc Barr with a "going away" party on Friday nighl in Iho home of the drill loam captain, Miss Charlene Wiggins. Jeanette will enter Wayland College at Plainview, Texas, . and Mary will enter the Baptist School of Nursing. Games were played with prizes being awarded Miss Barbara Ann Powell, Mrs. Betty Fans, Mrs. Nettie Tittle, Miss Lucille Walls, Miss Wiggins, Mrs. Ward and Jeanette Burr. The circle presented the honorees with Ihe WOW chain necklace. Refreshments were served to Jackie Simpson, Patsy Maxwell, Ruth llartst'ield, Barbara Powell, Mary Willis, Jahelle Ban 1 , Nellie Tiitle, Bettv Fans, Bonnie Ward, ( Fay Willis, Nettie Wiggins, Lucille ! Virginia, on'September 3. Walls, Pat Faris, Nettie Rothwell, glad to learn he is now at home in Texarkana, aftor being a patinnt in St. Vincen't Infirmary in Liljle Rock for Ihe past three weeks. J. Finley Ward, Hope druggist, is now al home with Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ward, 123 Haven Road, University Heighls, Syracuse 10, New York. A recenl patient of. University hospital of that city, Mr. Ward will remain for some lime for further treatment. Mrs. Ward returned to Hope via plane on Wednesday. Coming and Going Mrs. J. H. Welch, Jr. and daughter, Ann, and Miss Mary Sue Mills of Ashdown, were in Hope on Sunday lo alterid the Hefner-Good wedding. Earnest J. Walters, Jr. of Bastrop, La., is the week-end guest of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Wallers, Sr. PRESCOTT NEWS Monday September 6 Circle li of the Women of the Presbyterian Church will meet on Monday evening at 7:30 in the home of Mrs. Al Daniel. Tuesday September 7 • Walter B. Mann, noted tenor, will be presented in a concert Tuesday at 8 p. m. at the Prescolt High School Athletic Field. The concert is sponsored by the Nevada County Recreation Committee and all proceeds will go lo the committee for the swimming pool fund. Thursday September 8 The choir of the Presbyterain Church will practice on Thursday evening at 7:30. ing the morning. Other guests included: Sue Bishop of Morristown, N. Joan and Nancy Bratton and Jane Nelson, Prescott Band Enjoys Outing < Sixty members .of the Preseott Band enjoyed an outing on Wednesday at Lake Greeson. Swimming, hikes, boat rid<»s and a picnic supper were the Events of the day. Chaperons were Mrs. P. A. fes- cane, Mis. Ardell Clarke,'Mr. and Mrs. Doug Easterling} Ur. arid Mrs. Jack Harreil. Mrs. Wallace Sage, Mr. ahd Mrs. Clive McCleland, Mrs. Shopp, and Coach dlyde Pcnnington The school bus Was driven by Earl Inccrsol. sAV&fo; six jsersons and Jn when rt tFflifr tier town Itt South First re&drt Stockholm feXpresS rails and at least- tUMied. 1 >' J V. Fore spent Wednesday evening wilh Mrs. Fore who is a patient in St. Michael's, Hospital, Texarkana. • Jack Gordon returned to Little Hock Wednesday after a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Archie Jolinson and oilier relatives. ' Mae Hays of Okolona spent a part of last week willi his grandmother, Mrs. W. O. Hays. Mrs. Stecle Moore, Miss Eskcrld- Ruth and Sammy returned, to Ihoir home in Dallas on Wednesday after a visit with her parents, :.Mr. and Mrs. S. 6. Logan. Miss Ann McSwaln and Mrs. C, D. McSwain were Iho guests of, Mis Mall Hill in Litlle Rock lasl week. Mr,, 44 ttevlL,, motored; -to. .tHtlft H^S day-for 1 thft-day/ ' - '" -*''• - Danncr and Miss Betty, * turned Wednesday Jfafti ado where ihcy were- thS Mrs. Ruby StewBrtt ~.:?LL' Mrs. JKd Hoka and chilli Aikadclphia wore the \ guests of Mr. and Mrs. son. . • '.. , ., Miss Nona Catherine Ea'fel Wednesday for #eXail{Siii she will teach school this Gilbert Buchanan left will allend ttie* University/6j k.insas. , • '„"?"*' - , - _- . Fi lends will be- g}ad 'to' khtJ, Maily CiaVk'e CannbK %ran l d ghter of Mr. and Mrs. Clar and 'a pateni at Plainvle slightly improved. Mr. and Mrs, Leo Robins to Helena, Sunday, where they visited Mr. and Mrs. John Barrow. Mrs.. John Robins will remain for an extended v;sit in Helena, and will also visit Mrs. Stella Barrow in Memphis, .(Hospital Notes Julia Chester Admitted: Mrs. Raymond Johnson, Fulton. Discharged: Mrs. Rcba Erwin, McNab, Louis Shaw, Rt. 4, Hope. Branch Admitted: Mrs. Johnny McRoy, Rt. 2, Hope, Patsy Mariner, Rt. 2, Hope, G. W. Mariner. Rt. 2. Hope. Discharged: Mrs. A. E. May & Baby Girl, Rt. 2, Hope, Mr. Roberts Sipcs, Columbus, Mrs. Helen Westfall, Rt. 1 .Patmos. Mr. and Mrs. Johnny McRoy of Route 2, Hope, announce the arrival of a baby girl on September 3. HIM. Admitted: Jerry Browning, Hope, Mrs. Connie Brockman, III. 2, Ros- slon. Discharged: Mrs. Myrtle Sias. Solomon, Kansas, Patsy Mariner, III. 2, Hope, G. W. Mariner, Rt. 2, Hope. The first Parent teachers Asso : elation meeting of the year will bel held on Thursday afternoon at 3:45 at the Park Elementary School. September 22-24 18th Annual County Fair Dates Nevada County'st Eighteenth Annual Fair is scheduled for September 22. 23, and 24 at the fair grounds in Presnott. Opening day of the fair 'will be accented with the annual colorful parade which is sot for 11' a. m. Wednesday, September 22. Indications from the schools and clubs in th6 county create the prospect of one of the best parades in Nev- acle County fair history. Information as to the parade float theme and instruction'will-be sent out to the clubs and schools within HIP next few days. Jim Nelson, president oi. the fail association announced that a larger carnival with a wider variety of entertainment has been signed up for this year's event. The American Beauty Show will set up on the fair grounds Tuesday, September 21, and remain Ihrough Saturday night, Sept 25. Ellis Stewart, manager, of tho 1D5'1 fair, announced that preparatory work on the fair buildings will get underway around September 12. and that the main building and stock barns will be in good shapo for the display and exhibitions. Fair catalogues will be distributed this week, the fair association announced. Visitor Complimented ' Hcle'ndale Lcdbctler invited a few of her friends to spend Wednesday morning with her and to meet Marilyn Gun.ther of Okmulgcc, Okla., who is visiting her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. F. J. White. Refreshments were enjoyed dur- Mrs. E, W. Adamson and Mrs. Beulah Johnson of Little Rock, were Thursday guests of Mrs. Finley Ward. W. R. Herndon, Jr. left Forrest City on Wednesday, to report to the Quartermaster Corps al Fort Lee, Cliarli-ne Hartsfield. and Jo Ann Mrs. A. A. Brown spent Thursday and Friday in Little Rock, On Tuesday niftht, September 7, j with her brother Erva Moses, who ' was a patient at St. Vincent's ln- Poplar Gruve guests Groves Tuxarkana. li)(i will have M2 and 537 from Pre-tuiplial Dinner Fetes Miss Hefner and Mr. Good Miss Artlnidalo . Hefner and » Bugs Bunny Cartoon * Sports Novelty 11 Tiies. & Wed. « F-I-R-S-T Hope Showing! "We'll shore the loot.. . the woman is mine!" t * # • John « PAYNE .Louis Dean Good of Texarkana, whose wedding was'solemnized on September 5. were honored with a beautifully appointed turkey dinner at the Barlow Hotel on Thursday evening at 7 p. in. by Mr. and Mrs. Graydon Anthony and Mr. and Mrs. William Koulon. The Iwo long tables were covered with a white damask cloth and centered with a Iqw bowl arrangement of pink baby bonnet asters wilh white lemon leaf. Greenery, interspersed with burning white tapers, exlended Ihe lenglh of the tables. Dainty wedding bell place cards curried out the bridal motif. The honorees' places were marked with two gifts of their chosen pat- lern. of china. Miss Hefner was presenled with a corsage of white gardenias. Dinner was served to 44 guests. firinary. Miss Tnwanna Green of Little Rock, has been tho sanest of her parents. Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Green. Mrs. Ludie Wright, and Mrs. Ted Eoby, Jr., and little daughter, Becky, of Odessa, Texas, are visiting Mr. and Mrs, Dale Hunt and other relatives. Mrs. W. R. Herndon' find son, Bill Jr., have just relurne'd to Forrest City after a weeks visit with j Mr. and Mrs. R. V. Herndon, Jr. Vena Mae Townsend of Spring Hill, a graduate of Hope High School, will leave September 12, for Searcy, lo enter Hacdin College. Richard Hunt is home after spending the summer in Odessa, Texas, where he was employed. Mrs. Bill Fowler and daughter, Carol Ann, loft Thursday for their home in Washington, D, C., after spending Ihe summer with their mother and grandmother Southward/ ^ . COTTON STALK PLOW UP Pink Boll Worm regulations require that all cotton stalks in the quarantined area be destroyed m one of the following ways: 1. By pulling and burning all cotton stalks. 2. By grazing to the extent that contents of all bolls are consumed. 3. By either turning under or discing under all stalks completely. 4. By cutting all stalks with a rotary stalk cuter, followed by discing. REASON: Pink Boll Worms pass the winter in immature or otherwise damaged cotton bolls which are left unpicked in the fields, Many of these worms die if these bolls are destroyed by grazing or are turned under and thus caused to rot. Regulations are that "Inspectors will check fields as soon as possible after January 31 and should any field be found unsatisfactorily treated in one of these ways, they will report this fact to the piosecuting attorney, requesting that an action be brought against the tenant or owner, or both. In addition, the chief inspector may, to prevent possible spread of the Pink Boll Worm, cause the destruction of the cotton stalks in saicl untreated field, the expense thereof to be charged against the owner, cu$todipn, or occupant, as provided by law." We suggest that cotton growers proceed to destroy : the stalks in one of these ways as the very earliest opportnuity, otherwise wegther conditipn$ mqy make, •it hard to meet the January 31 dead line.' NQTI: QUARANTINED CQUNTliS ARJ BIA, HiMPSTEAP, HOWARP, LAFAYETTE, RJVER, MILLER, NEVADA, ANB SIYJ1R. U, -8, PEPAHTMINT OF * STATIP Sept. 7, 1954 NOTICE O THE Every minute you arc driving your_ Car^o Street or Highways you are faceEfwfTn oi^s, or some other siqn that was placed JherjJ^fol your protection The Policeman-is'th""" 1 """" that the law is enforced arjd^^wejUr. cooperate with us. » ' < , /-»t ^'] u' W-'* V i* X^ All schools are^ now 'opertihg "ancl JpiL sincerely hope that you will use',every precci'ufi^jl possible, for the life you save fr\ay fye^OUri'j 1 ' your childs. ' - 'I'M/* »,. * " 1 Yours, re$f}ectf,^lJ^H*^j^§ Hope PoIice'DepartrnerjlCi " C. E. Baker, Chief „., $£% -",iN, r "V,£$ in'i-v" JK& < .' '£, «/|^ , ,i . •> L., '/s-fe,«b iJ3% *$ '"/i^lsStt-*/ ^-^'JV^?f« r^. -.r^t* Kf/-,,«» ' flu /i^T-aHfe !>: •--j.iJ3jai '"¥.£* ' ,,'47 *# ! (

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