Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 4, 1954 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 4, 1954
Page 10
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Pf Ji^f' ?*-; 7*" ' f; -r> ^, M w r L s I A R , HOPE, ARKANSAS Saturday, September 4, 1S84 s V^ Pft&flt ?4&1 Between ft A, M» and 4 P, M. - - ' . > Sdtt*' Auxiliary will ttSti on Monday ?i30 ». irt. .The rxecu ttee *will jnfeel at 7 p. Ha studettts are eflfcfe alislliary and arc , S.'C, & Of Church \vlll afternoon,' Sept. 0, Nlb'*i»ck-' IrMft* home of Mrs, . John Card . , k ii, £. 'JTooley Will bring the entitled IusVCoESds«,For,!GiUcs",walJ be J *~' fl'jby Mrs. Cteorge vM " ........ .J. C. CaMtpn and itef ^Bailey assisting. £BI Robefia<ilowaril will enter- A.rthadale ( Hefner and ',*jtx>ujs"" D6an Good of 30, jjvithj, a .dance nt the on Friday <nl- rs of the ot red <. couple*--* —•^ * - • 4 . il,.Jrv willibo host at y&ehesi'sal dinner for the Hofner- Monday afternoon at 0 o'clock ,he First Baptist Intermediate 1 and II departments) along with their larenls, will have a picnic at Fail- Park. •'JtWMM BAD . HD HE LIVED . £V:Ji, L?> '"WAYNE-MORRIS 1 ' BLVIRLY GARLAND; : fl Final Chapter of ,^. fGunfihters o Cot . . i"?*wM ,-i . lf ,&. fcjMft&feN;* |'/!^A'^>. ' \, I9M>' - *t>.A JOINS , I^*I'« M ' Tuesday September 7 The Beta Rho chapter of the Ep- ldn Sigma Alpha will have their irst monthly meeting *at 7:30 p. n, Tuesday, September 7, at the \oMo of Miss Belty Allwhite in . -Poplar- Grove 196 Woodmen's Cirle will hold their regular monthly Dusiness meeting on Tuesday night, pt. 7, at the W. O. W. Hall. All members aio urged to be present. ,W. S. C..S. Circle 1 will have a meeting at 9:30 a. m. Tuesday in .he home of Mrs. Lloyd Spencer. \tfs,*^Roy Jones will assist Mrs. ipencor in the duties of hostess. The VFW Auxiliary will have its egular ^meeting on .Tuesday night. September 7, at 7:30. All members irp urged to attend this meeting Hostesses will be Hardean Davis and Mary Keck. at' 2:30 p. m.' Wednesday, He school! wll at 1:30 to 'discuss 'plans f6r coming year She urges all mem- >ers to be present, Gootd wedding party on Saturday iiigltl, Sept. 4. Motiday Scptembtr 6 Girdle 3 of the W. S. C. S. of the First Alethodist Church Will meet at 4 p. nt. Monday, September 0, in the air-donditioned church basement with MiVi. Carl Robarls and Mrs, Lillian liarnilton as hostesses. At 4 p. rn. Monday, Chc1e 2 of the W S. C. S will meet with Mrs. F. C. Crokv The, First Baptist Woman's Missionary Society will have a state mission day of pi ayer on Monday. The first session begins at 10 a. ; at 12 o'ctock a pot. luck luncheon will bo served, and then at 1 o'clock the second session of pro- grarn and prayer will begin. Mrs. 'Lloyd. .Kinard will entertain members of W S C S. Circle 4-in her, home 'on Monday afternoon at 4 o'clock. Assisting Mrs. <inard as hostess will be Mrs. L. Poleet. Wednesday Sept. B Mrs. Jack Brown) president of he Fulton P, T. A. (i has announced he first meeting of the school your T.hursday Sept. 9 T.he Ladies Pentecostal Auxiliary slaving a mevituife at 2 p. m. Th'ui;sday. ' Thursday Sept. 9 'n ; 'Thursday the 'Intermediate? of'-the Firfat Baptist Church'will m've an" informal banquet in the church fellowship hall. Cominuea irom fage One an adolescent pimple on our society. It is spreading adolescent cancer. y the time these kill for-thrills een-agers explode, it Js to late. Neither -he storm sheler of psy- chaitrj r nor the electric chair of- ers much, of a re^l goluiion then. It isn't a repair jot. Ills a proh- ern of prevention, Some folks feel hat if you switch a child often endugli when it is young you won't lave to pull an elpelric switch on t later, but that, makes it alto- Mendes May f e Top Smart Too Active B JAMES MARL6W WASHINGTON ,/Tj — Pierre Mendes-Francc, French premier ant' foreign minister, is nil active map, swift and smart. H-.- may ffcicl ho was too active, too swift, and to smart. He must lake ultimate responsibility for the French Assembly's killing EDO — tho Europenji Do fense Community — ahothcr name for the idea of a single European orniy. ' • Killing EDO put tho Western Allies in n moss. Monties-France may have^felt this put France; in a better position to bargain with them and therefore from the French viewpoint, was shrowd business. But the Allies reacted quickly: Lhey want out of the mess in a nurry. The solution, if they eve;' iind one, will lake months or onger. In the end the French may wish they had bought EDC in the first plncc. Mendes-Franco showed his speed oarly. He was in ofl'ico only a month when he i?ot n truce with the Communists in the eight-year- old Indochina war. Then he quieted the turbulent Tunisians, long under the Freeh thumb by offering home rule. Next they turned to EDC which called for France, West Germany. Italy. Belgium, Luxembourg and The Netherlands Id givo up their national armies and pool them in a single European army under a unified command. The United States and Britain urgently wanted EDC not only be cause it would unify defense against Russia on the Continent but would bring West Germany, with'her'manpower, into that defense as a Western military ally, i Although Ihis meant letting Germany rearm, her manpower would be in a u.'ngle' army with her neighbors. She could have no national army. The French themselves had proposed this four years ago. They signed an agreement on it. although there could bo no EDC until the French Parliament and those of the other fiyo nations approved. But in those two years no French premier unti! 'Mendes-' France wanted to lake a chance on a" vote in Parliament. The French politicians had developed:. (A) fear of a Germany rearmedjn any way.;. .cB) fear that even though EDC..was under unified command the Germans someday would control it: and (C) a yearning to keep a French national army. . . Since Russia didn't want an EDC piN-a, raa.r^ne.d Germany, the Communists ,.iil.;the.'jTreYsnh Parliament fought it too Nevertheless, Men- des-Franc«'put-tho 1 question up to the Assembly, The vote was no It might have been different if he himself had pitched for EDC or even maneuvered a delay until support for EDC could be built up. He did neither. In letting the Assembly wreck EDC,- he may have figured: Rather than face the prospect of. no'EDC at all, the British, under American prodding, might now bo willing to join EDC, which they have so far refused to do. Jf that was his reasoning, he may have been sheeted by what reason. Since then he has been dating Sara, though I'm sure he doesn't like her as much as he does me. I deeply regret breaking oft and have been trying to find a way to get him back. We had had many prevous misunderstandings, but he always came back, even though sometimes the rift was my fault.® He has told mutual friends that this lime I will have to do the apologi- ing. It \yould hurt my pride too much to apologize at this late date. J. E. Answer: What your case boils down to is that Roger finally got tired kowtowing to you. You thought you had him well broken in- jlo the routine of catering to your I outbursts of temper, and the lization that he finally developed' a will of his own has come as a great shock to you. Well I'd like to give three cheers for Roger. Lassies whose only interest in a man is the joy of lording it over him, are not my dish. Your chief concern throughout the friendship with Roger has been to assure keeping your pride. Well, you still have that and it may have to suffice for a long time. Some day you may realize _ that there's naught but cold com-'* fort in the words. "I won't give in" Saying, "I was wrong, and I'm sorry" is not the belittling action you consider it, but an adult, considerate approach. Try it sometime. Hats are really hatsjthis fall, deep ami head-covering; for the most part. Egyptian; toque (left) by Sally Victor ?s red-and- black wool jersey, rerembrpidcred in. blue •vyool yarn. Deep cloche (upper center) has rippled brim of bright golden lorig- l napped yelour. This''Alice May design is posed on a turbanned 1 bandeau of matching;gold wool jersey, has topaz-trimmed cord. Sally Victor's profile beret in natural leopard fur is designed with sculptured curves, worn with matching fur necklet. Deep cloche in white soleil (lower center) is by John Frederics, has jet buttons as trim. Egyptian helmet by Sally Victor (lower right) is smooth red felt, has a band of matching red plumage framing the face and extending forward at the sides. gether to simple. Science must find a way to detect early in life the children with dynamite caps in their brains, and society must share with their parents the responsibility of seeing they are helped to go right at a time when they can still be helped — before they explode and blow their own lives, and perhaps other lives, to pieces. Who wants to go on being half- afraid of his neighbor's teen-age kinds — and, often, his own? End advance for pms Thursday.... Sept. 2. MAIN & COUNTRY CLUB RPS. • Tonight Ojily DOUBLE FEATURE BARGAIN NIGHT* A Whole Carload for only . . . 50c! JOEL McCREA FRANCES PEE CHARLES BICKFORD "FOUR FACES WEST" ZACHARY SCOTT DIANA LYNN LOUIS HAYWARD "RUTHLESS .- MEN" 'WILD WiFE" CARTOON SUNDAY & MONJ5AY • FIRST HOPE SHOWING M - : IN THE STERLING HAYPEN COLEEN 1. Bwgs Bwnny 2, Sports Novelty PRESCpTT NEWS Monday — September 6 .. The Women of the Presb'yterian Church' will meet on Monday; [ as follows: Circle 1 will meet tit 2:30 p. m; in the home of Mrs. Wallace Pemberton. . • Circle 2 will meet at 2:30-;p. m. at the manse with Mrs. E. TJ; Cass and Mrs. E; M. Rowland hostesses, Circle 3 will meet at 7:30 : ,-p. m. at the home of Mrs. Al Daniel: Schools To Operats Half During First-Week OAy . J. E.. Smith, superintendent., of the Prescott School announced this week that all schools ii;! Prescott District No. 14 would operate only one half day during tlj^e first week of school. Classes will begin at 8:30 a, m. and-school will be dismissed at 11:30 a. m.. each day. Miss McSweehey .Hostess to Beta Sigma Phi The Beta Lambda Chapter of Beta Sigma P.hi- held the Regular meeding Monday night at the home' of the president. Miss Barbara McSv/eeney. After the opening ritual, roll was followed: West Germany — Sl:H occupied by the troops of the United States, Britain and France which retain a veto over the German government —- hns'. anounced its wants both independence and the right to rearm, 'somehow.' The British Cabinet, in an emergency meeting yesterday, decided to push for limited German armament, and Secretary of State Dulles, who called the French defeat of EDC a tragedy, said this week the Western nations owe it to West Germany to let her have sovereignty and to iet her rearm to some degree. At the moment three courses seem open: 1. France could reconsider and agree on EDC. 2. A smaller EDC — mini: France but including West Ger many, Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands and Italy -- might be set up. 3. Or Wfot Germany might be allowed to rearm —perhaps within agreed limits — and become the 15ith member of NATO, the North Atlantic Trsaty Organization, of whichs ,the United State France and Britain are members. Mendes-france may have . foreseen the unhappinas of the Western Allies and because of it try to strike a bargain that will please the French. He might be willing to buy No. 1 without :i bargain if No. 2 or No. 3 appears likely to happen. get nlOID IlOOIll inyoitrliomemth low-cost fir plywood l)lllll' IHS (/HAVE KIW PUNS See us todoy^-for eco- noniical, quality-tested lir plywood and easy» i)l4uis for 8 j»pp|er» plywood biitit-ins. REPAIR LOANS available for all type? of Hptne improvements and repairs. BILL WRAY SUPPLY CO. Phone 7-2348 S. Walnut called and minutes were read by the secretary, Miss LaDon Colting- ham. The nominating committee gave their report which was accepted, by the sorority. Tho new officers are: Miss Betty Bryson, president; Botty Cottingham, vice president; Barbara - McSweency, secretary; La Don Ccttingham, treasurer; and Mrs. Gerald A. Stewart, sponsor. Plans for the Ritiuil and Jewels Degree and installation of officers were discussed and completed. The Arkadelphia Chapter was extended an invitation to attend .this ceremony, which they accepted. This will be held Friday night at Herman's Cafe. The next regular meeting will be September 13th. Mrs. .F. O. Gunlhor, .Misses Marilyn and Judith Gunthci' arid Joe i 3 . Peavler' of Okmulgei;, Okla., who are the guests of Mv and Mrs. Fred J. White, were the Ttiesday luncheon guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. 3. Haynie in Little Rock. Mrs. W. P. Cumrriings and Mrs. A. W. Hudson visited Mrs. J. V. Fore, who :s a patior.t in St. Michael's Hospital in Tpxarkana on Tuesday and wove accompanied home by Mrs. Torn Ross Young of Malvorn, who has ypent the past few days with Mrs. Fore. DOROTHY DIX Change ot Companions time, or fear that he might find himself "tied down." ONE WAY TO PUT IT MANILA Iff) Plumping for a strong anti-Communist pact • f . Southeast' Asian countries, Pauitp Manglapus, Philippine undersecretary o ffoPeign affairs, put it this way: "We are for coexistence with honor and equality. We do not rel ish the coexistence now the fashion in Eastern Europe. That is nothing else but the coexistence of the squirrel and the oear. "The oear can eat the squirrel any time he wants." Dear Miss Dix: What does one' do to get out of a rut? I'm 21 and have been going steady with a group of girls who always seem to do the same .things. Night after night they go to the corner spa and sit there drinking cokes all evening. I'd like to go dancing, skating, bowling, but naturally don't want to go alone j £j£ £ „ h husbandi who| f"!:^ 0 ^.. 1 ..? 61 ., 81 }?: ° £ _ my Pba0 yl thinks she is an angel, let them con- Dear Miss Dix: After 25 years of wonderful marriage my husband is dating a very dear friend of mine is married and has children. interested. None of us has a friend, and I'm sure we never will have if we just continue to sit around drinking sodas. J. B. C. Seek Intelligent Friends 7 jtinue or leave my husband? MAUDE S. Answer: You would gain nothing by breaking up a quarter-century . ,. ..,,,,, marriage over your husband's ro- ^r^ 0 ^ 3 !!! 1 ? ^'1^; m.nce, g which Jill be of short du- stir yourself and get into some healthy activities. Is there a church in .your neighborhood with a wide-awake young people's group? Most churches welcome members to .their clubs, even if the newcomers aren't members of that particular a;-" also -the? poa^ sibilities'df .the Y: W. C. A. Mem- ration anyway. You can either keep quiet and let him come to his senses alone, or tell them that if they don't stop seeing each other, you intend going to her husband. This is a threat that seldom fails, since women have much more to lose though infidelity than mdri: For bership in this'.organization gives participation in just about every'|dY e '!A»ed"'Man sport you could wish, and will soon j , " have you associated with girls an-1 xious for stimulating diversions. | Don't spend another night at that corner spa, but get busy making some connections. Your girl friends! I wager, will soon follow you example. a better understanding of the problem, read, "The Revolt of the Midby Edmund Bcr- Dear Miss Dix: Five months ago Roger and I broke up, for no good DIAMOND : ,f ¥ * • + • • * Enjoy Our Fine Foods SUNDAY ..If 1f\ DINNER I.IU the family and eat Sunday* inner with us. II us for Reservations." size table reserved. - . We Specialize In Party Service. „ Anytime DIAMOND Cafe & Cafeteria Mr. and Mrs. Rodney H. Hamilton of Fayetteville arc 1he guests of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Hamilton. Miss Dolores Escairc has returned from n two weeks visit with Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Heath in Bly- Iheville and Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Luttrell in Maiden. Mo. Mrs. Bob Robertson left Thursday for Columbus, Ga., to spend the holidays with Lt. Robertson, who is stationed at Ft. Bcnning Ga. ' Mrs. Jewell Vick of Freer, Texas, who is the guest of Mrs. Alta Grantt, spent Monday in Lewisvillo with Mr. and Mrs. John Vittitow. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Hart and Al have returned from Orange, Texas, where they visited relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Thomas of Charlestown, Carolina, are spending the week with Mr. and Mrs. Harry Keolty. Mrs. W. L. Isom has returned to Spartanburg, S. C. after a visit hvith her daughter, Mrs. William O^tes and Mr. Dates. Dear Miss Drx: Can anything be done to help my romance? I met Greg at a dance a few months ago. He was very attentive seemed to 'like me, took me home, asked for my telephone number and promised to call. He never did. A month later we met at another dance, which I attended with my girl friends. Again, he was gentlemanly, courteous, interested — took me to a nice place to eat after the dance, then home. The following week I got up enough courage to call him and invite him to a party given by the June graduates of our school, among whom I was number ed. He accepted, apparently with enthusiasm. Once more we had a wonderful time together and again he escorted me home, said goodnight with reluctance — but no word since. Could I call him and invite him to another party, or just forget the whole thing? M. C. Answer: If a bona fide party, dance or picnic comes along, you mighMempt fate and call the young man again — as much from feminine curiousity as anything else. After all, you certainly can't lose anything at this point, and you stand a chance, at least, of having another very pleasant time. His reluctance to make a date with you may be due to several things, such as another girl, school, business, family obligations that limit his Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Johnson, Mis? Virginia Johnson and Mrs. Thell Banning motored to Rock Monday for the day, Mrs. L. D. Kinney of DeQuincy, La. has been the recent guest of Mr. and.Mrs. C. G, Gordon. Mrs. Allan Johnston and Pete of Shreveport were the guests Tuesday of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Bemis and Mrs. C, F. Pittman. • Mr. and Mrs. Harold Parker had a§ their Tuesday guests, Mrs. Lewis Cyr and son, Gregpry of Harlinger, Tej?as, and Mrs. John D. Parker of Hobbs, New Mexico. Mrs. Cam McGuire has returned from Houston where she was e f uest of Mr. and Mrs. Lee McGuire. Mr. and Mrs. William J. Dates announce the birth of a daughtei, Isom on August 30th at Cora Donnell Hospital. SERVICE-REPRIR Pick-up and Delivery ONE DAY SERVICE Beat the heat — have that fan repaired at JOHNSON'S ELECTRIC. •We Specialize in Residence and Commercial Wiring JOHNSON ELECTRIC Carl Johnson C. P. Rettig - t • Apple Sauce LAYER CAKE with fruit icing •Brown Sugar Fudge LAYER CAKE CITY BAKERY Main WANTED TO BUY NICE, FAT YOUNG HENS We need hens now. If you have a laying flock why not cull them now, and sell us your non layers? We would like to buy several hundred at a time, but will take what you have. s * or D e '' ver y Date Hope Locker & Processing Co SOUTH MAIN STREET BARLOW Welcome To Our Air.Conditioned COFFEE SHOP Hours are ... 6:30 a, m. to 2 p. m. 5:30 p. m. to 8 p, m. Open 7 days' a week Comfortable rooms for permanent guests. Rates you can afford. Make your^Jhome at; the BARLOW. Allen Electric Co, ANNOUNCES A NEW POUCY! Now you eon have your Home Rewired to meet modern conveniences and new fixtures. All on : 12 Easy Payments No Carrying €hora.e«-10% Pawn Payment Monthly Ee$tim<it§$ ALLEN ELECTRIC CO. Bonded 1 14 S, . '* r ' , ^te.inber 4, 1 954 NOBODY WANTED T P' M ME ON THE f'HONE . .. WELL VOU'RE WANTED ON THE PHONE )M _, ..„__ IU. HAVE TO LIE DOWN ON THE SOFA FOR A FEW MINUTES RIGHT ^TO TH' SECOND BASEMAN'S OUt OUR WAV •v J. R. Wil!l«mi VIC FLINT fty M!eha«l O'Malliy and lit • -.->'>-. -«-.-''" > '*' LEF=T BAYONET HOLP 1 MEAW AS VOU VE GOO&.' WE'RE <3ITTI,\J' A"=> MAMV DOGS Af~> AW INDIAN CAMP AROUMP HERE.' Answer to Previous Puzzlj, o Morocco Musings • . -:: • ->. r^**r*.t- 'ff "f f C*«b?Tl^b£7«7 fc v-*/^ll^ 1 PON't UtfE ITA TROUPLE'S J.IK6 COLO WATEP% VOU VIC. 60Mfeft5PVJ S£T USEP TO IT ONC£ VOU" WAWTS TO STOP VOU PRO/V\ TBSTI- PVIN©. AKJP THEV M6AW ACROSS 4 Craft 1 Morocco's 5 Golf mound capital is - 6 Letter of the 6 It is on the alphabet, Mediterranean 7 Br itish money and Atlantic ol account 8 Go by aircraft 9 Pace 10 Scatters 12 Lets fall 13 Tendency W ^2r^|9?j!3fl,f ^^±±b=fe^ 11 Idolized 13 Cylindrical 14 Leaser 15 Erected 6 Compass point 18 From 17 Poem 20 Venerate 19 Harvest 21 Expunged goddess '20 Regrets 24 Pilots 28 Wicked 29 Artifice 30 Plant 36 Is borne 22 Great fright SVriativeof 23 Pilfers Rome „_ _ 24 Winter vehicle39 Preposition 51 Pinnarl'p SlwZlik 505 92 5 Biblical weed 40 Not as much S CoS'town SlWormhke. .26 Silkworm 41 Unit of leneth r n «.flv» insect 32 Musical comedy 33 Indians .34 Elevate 1 35 More expensive 37 Revolved 38 Newspaper officials 40Tairy fort 43T"ortuguese title 44 Pedal digit 47 Complete • ;'51> Dress 53 Fi-jghtens M It has a healthy i climate 42 Asterisk 44Dur a Uon 45 Verbal 46 Lampreys 48An«r 49 Crimson WASH TUBES YOU WEEU 00 MI £A>V, POTTER'. PO MOT BUT JU5T WMT > ..XOKXV 1 ,,8UT FORGET > .. 1 ,, I'LL <3ET \6erTIU WEETH'YOUfc ... KMOW, ._ I5.LAJJP fOU. 50WBTHIK)(3 length (prefix) THAT WEPPLIMS THE BBEG THB NOW LAST THIN6 1 PO , MV FWENU6 WAIT HERB I OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoopk OT ME / I'D JLJSTA? S Vyy,WORD,TW(SS6/ DID YOU DETECt A -CRASHING THROUGH T Me= LII^B'A MAM OR ANIMAL, IMHEADLOMS F LIC5HT ?-THAT MAY H£ OUR ESCAPIMS ByEdgorM ,- - BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES S5 Fragment EfiStaggers f^sfc'&s&S i 2 Arabian gulf f^ppfip rs* "~^ *i ^f.i>f/f//t.mh* f\\K>'T MOCH CARNIVAL By Dick Turner iUGS BUNNY i^(\THl|ilK'*.': BACK HEWB, . A 6POT / By Herihfcergei ,DE/\L,HOPIN SUMPIN HAPPEN. "I'd give you bys fare home, but tlie smallest you've got - " is a five-dollar billl SIDf OUNCES By Galbrairh i . "Hey, mom! What does 'repossessed' mefin:?" 5WEETIEPII By Naciine Selxer THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYHI .RTTHWKP 1 '* . "I'm J&sglnning to I jpwgbtte whit you mitpl g fecial gl g\ r)i| wffAatt±U6 Sweetie, pwt It

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