Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 21, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 21, 1896
Page 3
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Let The Whole World Know The Good Dr.Miles' Heart Cure Does H EAP.T DISEASE, lias Its victim at a dlsi'.dviuiTuro. Always teugtit th*t l)o:irt tiisonso .Is Incurable, ,-wben tho .symptom* become well deflnod, tlio patient become:-. ;ilarmod and H nervous panic takes plncc. jv.it wlion a sure remedy Is found and :i cu:-o effected, after years of suffering, tlmrc is croat. rejolclns and tleslro to "lot tho who'.o world know." Mrs. Laura Wino- Jnccr, of Selkirk, Kansas, writes; "I deslra •to let dm wliolo world know what Dr. Milos' T\r IViilpc' Heart Cure has done for Ui, I'l.UCi me _ For ton yoara I had pain In my heart, shortness of breath, palpitation, pain in my leftside, oppressed feeling in my chest, weak and hungry spells, bad dreams, could not lie on either side, was numb and suffered terribly. 1 took Dr. Miles' lleart Cure and before I finished tho second bottle I felt Its Roofl effects, I Joel now that I am fully recovered, and that Dr. Miles' Heart Cure saved my life." Dr. Miles' Heart Cure is sold on Ruarantpa that first bottle benoilts. or money refundoo. STATE f NATIONAL BANK Heart Cure Restores LOOANSPOBT, OflPITflb - S2OO.OOO J. P. Johnion, President. 8. W. UUery, Vice President. H. J. HeltbUnk, Caahler. DIRECTORS. I, T. Johnnon. B. W. Ullery. J. T. Elliott W. M. Elliott. W. H. Bnldor. Buy »nd •»'] Government bunds. Lo»n none? »n personal security and collator •la. 'Issue special certificates of deposit* bcarlnt : per cent. IntoMit when left ore r**r; 2 per cent, per annum when depop- ited six month*. Boxen In Safety Deposit Vaults of thli tank for the deposit of deeds. Insurance Mllctes, mortgages and ether valluablei, ranted at from JS to Ut r«r Greaieit Discovery or the 19th Century. Dr. Teagrue's MEW RKMKDV Me.llciite.l Air Kor tlifi Cure of • Catarrh, Aathmit and all .Pulmonary Diseased, It hius no eguul ">t SloKund Nervnua Htail- . ncbe, 1,000.000 i«opl« r die annually from I lie above named ill.spasen. wnj nuBer and die, , when Medicated Air la icATE o%* «nBr*nteet to care jou. Hedlcutv \lr •! Drag Co., Richmond, Ind., D, 3. A. CHAS. L. WOLL, •:-: UNDERTAKFR •'-: N». 417. Market g /eet. .C»H» attended to pronptlr. day « mtral 0nJon and Mutual telephone*. Office, No. Id; Kesldance, No, 12L & STRAIN, Undertakers &Embalmers. 610 BBOADWAI. FOUGHT FOR FREEDOn. Two Youths Use Guns When Arrested. Jcflin and TJOO Ouoliiiiiii, who until a stout t'inno wgo resWod 1 In. Oils city jiind Avlio have 'been wanted at Craw- fordsvillc for sonic tlmo past, wore nv- rcdtctl Monday at Prnnktort after much cxclteinoiut. The boys were wanted -to answer -to tlie cli-arsc of larceny, auO when put um1«r arrest tliey tlrcov revolv-ers and oponeil lire. They werc flwilly w-rrestecl by Officer BlTd, who staited toward the Jail WlCli Uiem. AVhcti they were ne«r their destination they set upon the officer nad took his girn away from him. He held o-ne, aad tho other, who escaped, wns chased to a ihnrn, and was flna'Wy forced to surrender. , There 'has been, Ji ffajig of robbers working this seotion «C the coiuitry for som-o time, and every effort has been made to capture them. Tho 'big sale on cloaks is a grimd snc- Don't miss it.— Trade Palace., cess. Catarrh Is a constitutional disease . and requires a conBlitutlonal. -remedy like Hood's Sarsaparllla, which purl- fles the blood. M«ny a day's work U lort by ,*lck .he««*n«iae cawed'by Indigestion and itomaeli troubles.. DeWltfs LUtle . Bnrly Riser* are the most effectual pill for oTercoTotmr §nch THE RAILROADS A Lack of Cars Prevents Increased Earnings. VOLUNTARY RELIEF General News of Railroads and Rail road Employes. .1. l). Van, AVtoikle, soneral super in- •traideut of Hie Big Pour, iviusurkcd yesterday tliti.t had'the Big Four cans to till .its wdcrs tho earnings would bo iu e.vi/ess of last .year at the -present tiiiK*. but tlio coTjidl'Lions are .muth different, than in October last year. Last yc;i.r the Western roads had no business, :uul woaihl lot theJr ' cars rim through without brrakiug t>wlk. Now •tlioy hiwe i>lonty of hwsluiws for all their curs and will not lot them go off their own linos. Another -trouble to con'tend with is tluvt at tho scaiuoan.1 ears aro not uoloaitcd ivs promptfly as tlK'y should 'bo, owln? to .the fact that steamship-room is short of l-hc domaml. The rt«|K>rt -showed yosloi-day thai 'tho Blp Four, .011 its own system, n.t local stations, wns 1,091 cars short of IllliJis •Its ordrtis. r>ii.S short of fill tap orders for the •Kfin'.iiwha DOMINI toll, 242 .for tho Contra 1 Stairs Dos.iiKi.tch, 310 for the White HIM; anil 1U<! for tho Hmplro line. The slvortaso is by u.o means ooulinod to tlie. Ri'ir ]-'our. Last Friday tlic Vnn- daiia cullod on th-o 'bnJTWflJwlli 1 - to furnish 1,200 empty en us. Y-ost.o:-d-a.,v the ra-nhaivdlo lost, in one lot', twenit^'-flvc cars for the Enst. not boing a-blo to furnish Hicm, and imyiiry sltows tliiat every Imlia.ua.pol'is line is now short or ca.rs to (ill orders. .R. F. Smith, superintendent of the rc.nwylvn.ni'a Yohmhvry ReUo.f Dc- partniL'uf. yostorday sent out his bulletin for September, which' shows that *liere wore disbursed in (loath benefits duri'iifr I he ntontli on nut-own t of acc'i- donts, .?''..2r>0: onmccount of death from natnra.1 causes, $7,250; in." disaiMcinent 1>ono.fits for accident, ,?5,7G1.25; !u sickness bPTielHs. ?S,300.SO; nwklnpr the disbursements of-the month, !?24,{iG2.03. Of tlio membership, 024 men, or their IciRal representatives, drew benefits. In tli« eJpji'ty-seven'. month's- .since or- K:i-n.iiwd !?1GO,71(5.00 has been disbursed In death Tren-efi-ts f.roin. acvMonts.and $478,757.78 on • deaths from, natural ciuises: in dibble-meant benefits froiri a;c.ci(li>nl:, £tJ50,Ofi4.10: in- sickness bone- fits, .<SiiG4.M3.20; nimkins «-W|];l'.;Of•?!,;; CM .003,77 disHnu-siocl to YuiW-i'' members, or. incase of death, to their legal •Hell'*. A mNjG TRAIN. .• Ono of the iiiiw te-u-whcel type of locomotives -biult. for -the Yandnlla; by the Fifct.silni.rfr locomotive -works, last week hauled 110 «iip*y ears from Torre Haute to Brazil. These locomotives aro pnaranteod to Irani S50 tons over any Rrade on the Vandal la, lines, and last weelc one of ttiouo hauled n. Lra,in .of nine hundred tons from Indi- aiKii>olis to Tare Haute, nnd made schedule, tliuo for :i thorough frci-gbi train. W.-C.-Arp, -superintendent of motive newer of the Va.nda.lia, says h-e is confident that it te the best, engine .yet built for fvoijrh't service, betas not onJrv a powerful engine, but en.paMe ot •in-akin sr fast time with heavy trains. TO 1 EO.UA.TJIZE PAY. •Am oirdcr Id's 'boon, Issued on Dlie Indi- an'aipc'lis division, of the Ponns.ylv.inla •Hue's rlin-t will equalize the. pay of the .pas.«enfrcir conductors, ' Formerly the eaitd'iictws OIL the Chicago division would mm every day 'between Cliioaco i.iml Lccrausapont, sianl-nindc"bipr money hB'e tflie conid'uctors on-'the Indianapo- •IIs iliMsion. wouVcl lose sorcrai days n imoiitli. 1/ndor 1'lie new rfe, thie Indi- apoHis divisiwa "conductors take turn about «ii the Chicago division. None ni<o coiiid'uctors'-is 'alliow^d to m'ako over. Will-try (lays a month, and' this pajrs each ubout $1.35 -monthly. They •make ?4.oO 'a. trip. RAlLiROA'D NOT10S. Harry Crasnn, of the repair track, is off duty on account of Illness. Charles Siojrnwmd. ot the -tin' shop is off "duty on account -of a slrsnoss. Geon-ffo M-uller', uiftht mn.n -at the coal docks 'is off duty on accownit of illness. Wnlter Hooker, the ParalMWKlle brakeman, is the <fa.ther of n seven-pound -boy. Workmen w-ere yesterday engaged In wlii-te-w.ishlwg-tlie fences cnclosl-ng the shops. Tony Bender of the blacksmith; shop Is Jfoiup; to Louisville soon for n week's visit Avl-'th friends. •\ViUlani Delvlm -of the tin shop ha» returned -to'^wor-k aftea- a few days' 'visit with friends in KoKomo. CMS. Hfli-tw-l'ck has resumed work In. -the roundhousa after a few d'ays' Iny.-off on 'account of an accident. Thonms Shn.nnhan wae off duty yesterday to a'.tend the treaaiaj? of his icee tx> Mr. Ryn,n of IndtenapoUs, . MetrJbers of ..the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, Ijocomotlvo Fire-. men and Trainmen residing In Sun- Packer Railroad Hospital at Sun/bury with an-a.mibulaucc wluich.tost !?2l)0 and $30.79 iu cash. Tho ass«Hl>ly room in- tho second story of tho R. R. Y. M. C. A. buildlns F, F. ntldi-utli.iincl V. K. Hendrieks, VaiKliUiii offleKiis ar, Torro Haute, we hero on coiin-pauy's business. Joltn Boii'dci 1 , ODjri'no InspiKror, VTOA sliruek pti tlio hotid ycstcrdiw by a llnlc •undor an on.jrln-e and s'.iybily Injured. Leonard Weeht's otiicc has-bom eoiu- plot'Od anJ is uowroacly for occupancy. It is a ,no;i:t a.nd co.nvl'oirtiiibli 1 littlo. stnie- .Tosopli A. Hartor of Kansas! City. Mo., a. former onvploye or Ilio froiijht- ollieo, is in tlio ci-ty, tlio £"cst; oil' rela- t ivos. J. W. Flotfher, pnssen«cr coJiductor on tlio IiwllivwiipoEs divlsio.iv of the ivdlo, is off on a two weeks' vacation. Tlw 'SiiU't-a Fo lino crosses eight •statw, am! itlio Coimpaniy paj-s in taxes to such state iuruiTally a» npsregate of $1.300,000. Tho now-.winter upifonns for tho laii'haiidle tra.lnmeni, ihaKgasemciii, nt- rivoil .V'^s'toi'dny, and all aro woll •pieased 'witli ihein. Knigrh't, cnutncoi'.'aucl D. TV firentn-a for tlio dl'K, aro speuillus .a few dsvys dncks at Ewdish Lnko. Tlio Railroad K.ni'ployos' Home at Jh-lcnjro now has soventoon In.ruatos and sovernJ a-ppltaitions on file. Donations to the lastlitntion In Soptonibei 1 ?570.43. AVoclit loft his vest, liaiifiinff 43, fruardc<l yo,storda.y and wlic.il h-o went h> put it. on foiuKl .that sonic one had voliovod liilin of his wa,tA. There Is n.o. cine to the tlticf. .Officials of the Pciwi^j-lviujin. • lin-es •\vost frive but littlo credeiK-e to the rc- l>oirt that the Pe,iinsylvajiia people will he one of the •bidders' fl-t tlio cointng sale of tho Ohk> Southern. Work lias lx>en commcnoexl on tho construction ot the Bchtou. Harbor & SoutUo:i:sterni ron-d. As DOAV projected t extends only from Benton Harbor to Xappanee, Ellihart county, Indiana, The sick list amon-srst the Panhandlo fl-romoo mnd c-nffineoirs is smaller at present titan it has 'boon for years, there ibeinp but one flreiwan and .one enfrinoe/off duty mi (tccouivt of ill- aos-s.' Jacob 'Birble of the lathe room wn* •iphtly injra-od yestard^iy while oper- m.tlnjr.tihe drill press. He was drililn^ .hole In '.a-tart' of iron when- the drill broke'-a,nd tho .piece fell out, crnsh- ,UK Ws'hand badly. A fe\v of tlie fretebt cur rcpali-d's aro ...•orkltiK .extra time to repn.lT tlio sur>]ns cars, thn.t accumulated durinjT tlio that tho repair tracks wore bolns This pave rise to a report lmt the can- rcJMvlrers were on full ime ajraiii. WHEEL STOLEN. H. H. DeWolf Suffers the Loss of a Bicycle. The fate of IWbert Jlomit, a youn:; ni'jui of Howard county who stole a. bicycle- and rodo it Jjnto. Illinois, does not seem to IMI.VO a very dl'shonrtenliip effect, on othci-s who are inclined to ride other .peojile's wheels off. H, H. Do- •\Vol-f yesterday left his bicycle stand- in'S In front of The Journal office while- h-e rransacted business in -tho office. He was not atosoflt from-' the sidewalk more: than flvc. minutes, -but when he •went to pat the wheel it was gone. It was a ladies' wheel, made -by tlie Buffalo Oydinff Co., No! 07rjS; coll spring nn'der the saddle,, fraine black enamel, Tliwe is no clue to the thief, 'but If •lie, or possibly she, is. arrested, It is to bo hoped -that he or she. will g-et what the Kokoino thief received. Tliat yomiK -man entered a plea of guilt to tlvc charfre of laTeony pla.crfl nga.tnst him, and was sentenced to a term .of two. years In tlte penitentiary, with 'a ilno of five dollars add«l. Bicycle tli,leves h-a.ye been aikoRether too jium- <n-ous thils yea.r. Inr fact, tih'e code of morals seems to have beau sketched by some follows to' 'exclude t.ho t-ne-f t of a wheel from- the category of siu|. Coumly Audi'tor Cy Powell starts out today on. a tirip -thait. will talce him- Into every comer of Ui-e county. He will personally dclivw the poll oooks and tally sheets that will T>e u.sed in tlie election of November-^, \andlt will talie hiitt at least three days-to visit the forty-six election inspectors iffi-l luuifl tlie supplies over to them. M'KINLiElY BSCOKT GUABDS., Attention.! Meet totilgflit at the rink' at 7:15 sharp in full uniform for night By order . • . . FRANK SCHLEffGEIR, Cn-pt. • The Trade Pailace undcrweaf and ho- el«rj ; trade this week has never been equaled 'bof ore to our 'history. No wonder, the way Roods. iSee them. Union 1 • Suits'. . slftugiiterlng such See the Gents' Ywk 'Bne-twheat flour at Roth- Republican Meetings. speakings will be held at the following places In Oiiss county: Wednesday eveninj?, Oct. 21, Royal Coater/D. B. McCouucll. AVodunosday 'evftniu-g, Oct.. 21, Red sdiool house, Xob'le tow/nsh-ip, M. A, Qui;uin. Thiursdiiy .ndgiht, Oct. L'2ud, Broadway rink, Logajisport.— A. .T. Bovcridgo, or Thiuisday evening, Oat. 22, Baptist sdiool 'house, I-Ian-isoin townsUlp, W. T. AVi!l-son'. Ttairsddy evening, Oct. 22, Shady Nook, Olay tO'Wiishlip, M. A. Quimi. nhui-sday eveiilnig, Oct 22, Pleasant Hill sc'hool house, CliJiton townsMp, D. C. Justice. Friday .evening, Oct. 23, Onward, Itoftert J, Loveland. FrMai}- evcuitng, Oct. 23. Harness school house, Deer Creek township, M. A, Quiimn. Friday cve.ntag, October 23, Harness school house, Deer Creek township, D. B. McConnell. Friday oveniioiff, Oct: 23, Metea, W. T. Friday even in?, Oct, 23, Palmer school house, -Washington township, Cap! Frank Swiga,rt and S. T. MoCon- noll. Satundny evejilng, Oct. 24, Lucerne, 'M. A. Qulan. -Sa'turdn'y even'I-ng. Oct 24, Walton, W. T. Wilson, Saturday evening, Oat 24, Georgetown, Orlando Powall. Saturday evening. Oct. 24, Twelve Mile, George -W. Fum-k and George W. Wallters. HOW'S THIS.. We offer One Hundred Dollars re ward for any case of Catarrh that can not be cured by Kail's Catarrh Cure. F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O., We, the undersigned, have known F J. Chejioy, for the last 15 years, and be- l!«ve him perfectly honorable In all business transactions and Cnnnciallj able to carry out any obligations madr by their ftrm. WEST & TRUAX, Wnolesale Drug "^glsts, Toledo, O. WALDING, KINNAN & MARVIN Wliolesale Druggists, Toledo, O. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken inter nally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of' the system Testimonials sent free. Price 75c p« bottle. Sold by all druggists. ONIjY ONE LINE THAT DOES IT. There is now only one line- operat'Ing through double daily sei-V'i'ce from Mis- soud Elver points to California, and that Hue is tlie UnJon Pacitic. "The Overland Limitsd" is the fastest train In-the West, -and its cquip- •m-cmt of Free Reclining Chair Cars, •Buffet Smoking -and Library Cars, Pullman Dining and Sleeping Cars is unsurpassed. No other line offers equal facilities for California travel. For further par- ticulairs send for advertising matter ot the Union Pacific, the.Original Overland Route. Jais. D. Welch, General Agent, room 35, Cai*w building, Cincinnati, Ohio. TOURIST SLEEPING CuVRS TO CALIFORNIA DAILY. Every diy '« thc Tcar Tourist sl€C P' i-ng cars'are run tbroug.li fnom Chicago to" California via Hie C]i'i<- v flgo, Union Pacific & North.-Westem Line (CMcago & North-Western, Union I"acfflc and Southern PaciJlc R'ys). Oaly ?0 for completely equilpped doiible berth: from Chicago to tlie Pacific 'coast, For tickets aad full information apply to agents of comne-cttog Itaos or address W. B. Kniskern, G. P. & T. A., Chicago & North-Westera R'y, CWcago. AFTEIl^ 7 Ob'N SIUSCCkVLE. A muslcale will bo giiven at Wie Baptist clitu-ch Tlmirsday aXlewioon at 3:43 o'clock T>y Miss AIMaim -McJfmllcn. She will! -be assisted'by Jlir. Crawtoixl, or- rtisit <tf t'he Episcopal clmrclv, Mr. Miom, cflioinnaster .of tno First Preslbyteriaini ohrurch, and Mrs: E. B. McConneH, -mexzo sopntno. Admission 25 cents. • . THAT TOYFTTL FEELING. With the exhilarating sense of renewed health and strenf&h and internal cleanliness, which fou|ws the use of Syrup of Figs, Is unkiRwa to the few who have not progiyssed beyond the old- time medicines and the cbeap substitutes sometime^ offered but never accepted by the well-informed. BRYAN AT MARION, On account of Horn! WiMwini J. Bryan being <at Jfarloa, Ind., Wednesday. October 21st. the reomsyrmniffi llite wiil sell excitrsflon-tickets to Marlon n-nd re- tuirn on that date at oiw "Tare'lor the round trhp. Tickets good returning October 22d inelnalve. fioney Saved HOUSBS FOR SALE. AH the.lwuses on: KHie south slda of Comid street fcetawwi Third street nnd »Uey west of First sM-eat. TxiffansrKM't, 'i!j;!ns '«"'•« P- c v°- & r '- R J T ,Co., are- for sale. For prices etc., ap- ''li.''S. : Pu'rccU, claJm igcnt at the By buying faE clothing of us. We have the largest: Kne of Overcoats and Ulsters to select from in the city. Bought tC hard t)m« prices, Cheee goods will be sold at prices that wJ!l save you money. - .Come in on<l ive will con-vtoce you that we mean what we say. Men's Overcoats and Ulsters $3.50, $4 and Upwards Youths Overcoats and Ulsters $2.50, $3 and Upwards Children's Overcoats $2,50 and Upwards The above statement ap- plies with equal force to our line of Men's, Youths', antf Chll-dreu's Suitiinge. Good, every-day, serviMuiible, suits or fine dross suits as desired. Read the prices. Meu's Suits $*.00 upwards Youths Suits 3.5O upwards Uhlldreu's Good Ail-Wool Suits, Jots of tliem i'ur..... 2.OO upwards Boys best knee pants in America, all wool double seat and knee will nut rip, at 0O cents. Men's Clay Worsted Suits best in city at - - $7.50 Men's AH-Wool Pants 1.25 Full line of Baits, Capsnud FurnieWng Goods, aa low as any bouse in Cass county. REMEMBER we carry a full line of sizes in all grades of gooos, and can fit you withoutdalay. •JOK GUARANTEE IS GOOD, YOUR MONEY BACK IP TOU WANT IT. J. D. Ferguson & Jenks S22 Market Stfei-t. REWARD Of Health and Happiness The Indiana Depurator Company has placed in Dr. J. B. Shultz office at 417 Fourth street, one of their instruments, for the treatment of Catarrh, Asthma, Hay Fever. Bronchitis and Consumption We do positively cure the above named diseases also Rheumatism, Sciatica, Skin and blood diseases. It you are afflicted or have friends who are afflicted, do not fail to investigate at once. See testimonials of Leading Physicians: also testimonials of patients cured, on file at office Parlors of the Indiana Depurator Company at Dr. J. B. Shultz' office 417 Fourth Street Logansport, Ind AH Kinds of Drawings Made by GEAB.WHEELS.|r •_[= BYRONIB. GORDON, Spiy Block Lx>gansport Natural Gas Rates. Partial payments annual rates begin Octo ber 1st 1896, I Consumers lesiring to avail themselves of the annual rate, on the basis of six payments, should arrange to have their stoves connectea by^thatdate in order to be on time. Logapprt & f aiash ?i«y Gas Co, 317 & 319 Pearl Street.

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