The Facts from Clute, Texas on March 26, 1999 · Page 32
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The Facts from Clute, Texas · Page 32

Clute, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 26, 1999
Page 32
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4 THE FACTS Wwkend Friday, March 26,1999 ENTERTAINMENT Marilyn Manson concert unites family M any rumors have circulated since Marilyn Manson's Houston performance March 21; I'm here to dispel those rumors because, ladies and gentlemen: I survived the Manson experience and I'll tell you this, no animals were hurt during his show. "You have to go," my Mom told me. The Antichrist Superstar isn't on every parent's wish list for their kids, but cool is cool and I've been blessed. As we stood in front of the Compaq Center with our tickets in our sweaty hands, we were frisked, metal detected, searched, harassed, told to "move along" and pushed through thick glass doors. Even though our seats were in the nose bleed section, we had a perfect view of Monster Magnet, a comical band of losers trying their best to make decent music. No need to say, they fell way short. Space Lord, Monster Magnet's best song, wasn't enough to keep the fans from chanting Marilyn Manson's infamous name until they left the stage. As the set was being THE SCENE BY JESSICA M C MICHAEL changed and Pink Floyd blasted over the speakers, my sister did her homework, I tried to watch the action going on backstage and all talked amongst themselves in happy and peaceful tones. The set change lasted close to an hour, but was well worth the wait. Except for a humming glow behind the stage's curtain the Compaq Center was as dark as a morgue; and then Manson entered. He was "crucified" on a gigantic, lighted plastic cross and brought to the front of the stage where the fans were going into fits of joy. The song was played so loud I could barely make out which one it was while Manson strutted around in the manner wljich we have all become accustomed to: Sweetly evil. But don't judge this action too harshly, there's more. After a few old and new songs were played, the cross was set on fire and as it burned on the stage like a cryptic warning of what was to come, we knew this was a concert to end all concerts. Bombs of glitter were expelled from the set, covering the first few rows of people and making them look like gold lightbulbs. We sat in numbed anticipation of what came next. Throughout the show Manson was constantly changing outfits, from pretty boy cop to a stilt wielding spider, and all of this moved so fast it was hard to keep up. Manson asked the crowd how it felt to be the beautiful people and the fans on ground level went absolutely mad meshing and singing and squishing themselves closer to the front of the stage. I was deliriously happy not to be among them. He spoke at his Antichrist podium while ripping apart a Bible and throwing it into the crowd. People were scrambling to get this momento while Manson sang and colored lights flooded the stage, distorting his figure. The show was over ... or was it? As we left the Compaq Center, leaflets were being thrown at us that read, "After death, what?" The leaflets also contained this all inspiring sentence, "If you are spiritually lost and die in that condition, then you too will be doomed to a burning hell." My sister finished her homework, my Mom was proud, my Dad spoke of the good ol 1 days of Alice Cooper and I was truly thankful. Marilyn Manson brought my family together. No animals were hurt during the writing of this article; it doesn't matter what you've heard. TTT Upcoming concerts Saturday: Sheryl Crow with Eagle Eye Cherry @ Aerial Theater. April 25: Buzzfest '99 — Collective Soul, Eve 6, Seven Mary Three, GPR, Better Than Ezra and more! Facts' correspondent Jessica McMichael is a student at the University of Houston. Thrice made: Dickens' tale had several versions Q. My husband remembers a version of A Christmas Carol in which, at the end, Scrooge brings gifts to the family of Tiny Tim. Please, can you tell us how many versions of this classic tell the story this way, their names, their dates, and who plays Scrooge? — R.M., Amarillo A. There have been three versions of Dickens' story — the first, in 1938, had Reginald Owen playing Scrooge; then, in 1951, Alastair Sim was the mean-spirited man, and, finally, George C. Scott played him in 1984. In all three, Scrooge was redeemed and wound up bringing gifts to Tiny Tim and his family at the end. Q. I saw the 1981 movie ASK DICK BY DICK KLEINER Endless Love starring a young Brooke Shields. Her lover was an exceptionally handsome young man whose last name I believe was Hewitt. He was great in the part. Please tell me if he has a film career in other movies, as I CHEAT COUNTRY/WESTERN DANCING FRIDAY - 3/26 ! KEVIN STINSON SATURDAY -3/27 ANG1E BECK & The Formerly Shenandoah Bnnd Hour*: Thur». -Sot. 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Endless Love was taken from a novel by Scott Spencer. Cruise made his screen debut in that film, and he is credited. Q. Is there a family relationship between James Mason and Michael York? — J.H., Ingram A. No. One of my favorite actors was John Payne. I say he made more than five movies. My friend says he made less than five movies. Also, in what year did he die and how old was he when he died? —- J.A., Mesa, Ariz. A. Your friend is a mine of misinformation. Payne, who died in 1989 at the age of 77, made more than five movies — we stopped counting at 36. Send your questions to: Ask Dick Kleiner, do Ne\vspaper Enterprise Association, 200 Madison Ave.. New York, N.Y. WO 16. Due to the volume of mail, personal replies cannot be provided. Q. Can you please settle a bet? Newspaper Enterprise Assn. -•; V -• •'• N i'' •' ' •• ' L '. *•' »v_ v .^ <• .-'• FRIDAYS- D.J. SATURDAY, MARCH 27 Blui- Attitude Wi DNIMUY, MAKOI 31 - M.irk M.iy & ITie A);it<itiTs THURSDAY. 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Everywhere I turn, people are saying that the new millennium starts one second after midnight Dec. 31,1999. That just isn't true. The correct date is Jan. 1,2001— NOT 2000! Allow me to explain: There are 100 years in a century. The first century encompassed the years 1 through 100. The second century ran from 101 through 200, the third century from 201 through 300, etc. Get it? Abby, please urge the media to put this information before the public. Someone once said it takes one small spark to start a prairie fire. Perhaps this one "spark" of information will ignite the candle of wisdom — and shine some light on an important fact your readers need to know. — "FATHER TIME" IN THE U.S.A. DEAR FATHER TIME: I'm embarrassed to confess that I'm one of the guilty parties who referred to 1999 as the "final year of the century," so thank you for providing me an opportunity to set my readers straight. You are one voice in a chorus of individuals who want the public to be made aware that the year 2000 is the final year of the century, and the new millennium begins on Jan. 1,2001. I hate to be the one to say this, but you're swimming against a tidal wave. Although you are technically correct, when people see the first digit in the year change from a "1" to a "2," they can't help but think a new century has arrived. DEAR ABBY: I know you receive thousands of letters, while selecting few for publication. I am distressed that you saw fit to publish a letter that has anti-Semitic overtones. It pertained to the inquiry made by "Confused in Canada's Capital," regarding a person who used a death in the family for self-serving purposes to create an educational fund for his daughter, when he was "easily able to pay for his daughter's education." The writer then queried, "Is this a Jewish custom?" Your response, "No, it's not DEAR ABBY BY ABIGAIL VAN BUREN a Jewish custom" could have easily been enclosed in an envelope and sent to the inquirer. To have exposed your millions of readers to a false stereotypic characterization of the Jew was an unfortunate error on your part. It was not simply an innocent request for information, and in my estimation you unwittingly became a "partner in crime" by publishing this nonsense. The Jewish community is owed an apology. — DR. STANLEY M. WAGNER, RABBI, DENVER DEAR RABBI WAGNER: I am Jewish and I disagree. I give the overwhelming majority of my readers credit for not adhering to false stereotypes. The son-in-law's behavior wasn't typical of all Jewish people. To quote an old Yiddish proverb: "Every village has its village idiot" — even ours. Read on: DEAR ABBY: Regarding the letter from "Confused in Canada" about the son-in-law who placed a solicitation for money for his daughter's education in his father-in-law's obituary: No, it's not a Jewish custom. It's a shanda (disgrace)! — LOYAL READER IN PALM SPRINGS DEAR LOYAL READER: Right. As I said in my original answer — that letter was a first! For everything you need to know about wedding planning, order How to Have a Lovely Wedding. Send a business- sized, self-addressed envelope, plus check or money order for $3.95 to: Dear Abby, Wedding Booklet, P.O. Box 447, Mount Morris, III, 61054-0447. (Postage is included.) Universal Press Syndicate RIVER tjrf<O£M ''iRcceptions [.Bustticss Mcctingj ktoil Partiesj£ Intimate A Coastal retreat combining the best of old <S? netv. Wide porches overlooking the river to a cozy room with a wood burning fireplace. Reservation*; i jjp fend St., Frcepf Z33-7979 PUTTING ON THE DOG? Canine or Feline, we'll make your pet the "Cats Meow!" EXPERT GROOMING FOR ALL BREEDS OF CATS 8 DOGS! CALL FOR APPOINTMENT &p 1Z30E. Mulbeny Angleton • (409) 849-0072 r-i Icehouse 'Jiiir c' r (frifle FRIDAY. MARCH 26 Jl Try one of our DELICIOUS 1/2 LB. BURGERS served 11 "2 and after 6pm daily NEEK SOUNDS KARAOKE CONTEST ^ THURSDAY NIGHTS Inly3 weeks left' to become a finalist in the big cash payout < Saturday STEAK NIGHT 409-649-0064 • 2106 N. V«la«co • Angleton, TX I

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