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Roseburg Reviewi
Roseburg, Oregon
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Evening Roseburg Review. Vol. V. ROSEBURG, OREGON, SATURDAY EVENING, AUGUST 9, 1902. No.

139. Company several years ago. The Booth- EDWARD VII, REX AND IMPERATO TALKS ABOUT OUR SCHOOLS OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ARE YOU PARTICULAR ABOUT YOUR COFFEE, TEA and SPICES-r- If you are, call at CURRIER'S GROCERY and ask for the X-MONOPOLE BRAND KSSfftSS CURRIER'S, Roseburg's Leading Grocer OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO level and all have eqnal rights and privileges. The establishment of an aristo-oratlo form of government could be no better begun than by the abolishment of the pnblio schools. Better education of the masses than in tbe past is now necetsary aa tbe conditions of life are constantly growing more complex, and nothwitbstanding a great commercial or industrial growth, the real resource of any state is the intellect of its people.

A welt-rendered vocal solo by Miss Blanche Riddle closed the exercises of the evening. TODAY'S PROCHBDIN08, The Institute this morning followed CASPABI KELLY HANGERS Also Signs, Buggies and Frames. Furniture ICBPIIUJN'O No. 414 Stephens Street Complete LineGBQEBlESA NeW Stock Eggs, Buns, Butter, Pies, Bread-Fresh Daily HAMS, BACON and CHIPPED BEEF A full assortment of Canned Goods. Fresh Vegetables in season.

Country produce bought and sold cash or trade. OPPOSITE THE DEPOTv F. B. RISLEY CO. Successors to McGhehey Kirkpatrick and Hacks, Cornices and Gilding and Pianos Polished.

A. SPHOIALTTT P. 0. Box 512 'DeVaney's BAKKKY I UK CKEAH PAltr.OIW FINK CONFECTIONERY 1 1 let X) e(ejef A brand new line of Fancy and Plain Shirts JUSl rvCCClVCU Underwear, Keckties, GloveB, Etc in any style. lVe keep every ureful novelty in the Dry Goods Line.

OUR ASSORTMENT OF CANDIES IS A HUMMER If you have timber or farming land Or city property that you wish to sell, or if want to purchase a ranch, tract of timber or city property, call on or writs to the Roseburg Real Estate Room 5, Marks Roseburg, Ore. KELIABLU K8TIMATES MADK OK TIMBER LANDS The Swellest Place in Town is opposite the depot, in the New Hendrick's Building. Kelly Company will furnish tbe money (or tbe survey of tbe grant, but will be repaid by tbe government upon the presentation of proper vouchers In ao cordance with an act of eon gross passed several years ago. When the lumber company has completed the survey on the land grant, and has deeded it to the United States, scrip will be iesned in lieu of it, which can be exchanged for any ollu government land situated anywhere that is worth and selling for $6 an acre or more. This exchange may be made either for timber or for grating or prairie land.

Tbe surveying party left here and will way of the Upper Rogue river road, passing through Crater Lake National Park, on tbe other side of whlob tbe surveying will begin. The party la desirous of completing the survey of the mountain portion before October, as the snow will begin to fall soon after that time and greatly impede the progress of the work. THE LAST OF HARRY TRACY Countenance Burned With Vitriol He Was Buried Without Ceremony. Special tOTHB BlTIBW. 8lcu, Aug.

9. Just two months after his escape over the walls of the state prison, the body of Harry Tracy, tbe convict and murderer, arrived here this morning. He was buried without cere mony in the prison grounds, the oounte' nance having nrst been burned with vitriol beyond all possibility of recognh Honor even semblance to humanity. Tbli ii to forestall any attempt at steal ing body for exhibition or other purposes. Prominent Merchant Shot.

Bpeclal to Tub Rbtibw. Chicago, Aug. 9. Walter rttuddlngs, a civil engineer, shot and killed Pres. Walter Scott, of the Illinois Wire In the private office of tbe latter In this city today.

Studdinga has ben ar rested and the police are Investigating the affair. General Funston Is III. Dbxver, Ang. 8. Gsneral Funston la confined to his home by illness, said lo be the result of an operation in New York for appendicitis.

It is feared that be may have to submit to tbe lacce again. Timber Going Up In Smoke. Jons Day City -Forjst fires which are destroying thou-ands of dollars worth ol valuable timber are reported from various parts of Grant county, the vorst one of which was raging until a day or so ago, aod probibly is yet, near Bear Valley. -Here hundreds of acres of splendid pine were going up in einoke, leaving only chirred stnmpe. White this Are was in ao unsettled district re mote from transportation, it was accomplishing immense destructior and sheepmen were being forced to mrl om the vicinity.

Two other small. are retiorted, but details are somewhat meager. It is charged that these fire) are a le-solt of malicious Incendiarism whose object can only be conjectured. J. Mathews, Wardtoo; L.

M. Snplee. T. P.Simpsoo.Glide; E. Thompson, Yoncalla; Geo.

Bacon, Wilbur; Fred Qoff, Oakland; Geo. Crane, Mel-roeo; L. W. Chase, Bandon E. L.

Cannon, Lnrley, were recent arrivals at the McClallen. W. H. Jamieson arrived here Friday evonirjg from Winchester bay and left this morning for Salt Lake City, where he goes as a representative In the Grand Lodge ct B. P.

O. Elks. He reports the local colony as having enjoyable outing at the seaside. The T. 9.

Townsend Cie.mory Co, at 44 Second Portland, will pay highest market price for eream. Will aell yon cream separators and take yoa cream la payment. tf. Crowned King of Great Britain Today Ceremonies From the Ancients. 8peoul to the Biviiv.

London, Aug. 9. The formal coronation of King Edward VII, as king of Gieat Brittain and Ireland and Emperor of India, tcok place today according to tba announced program. The king walked without assistance and suffered no fatigue from the ceremony. Qaeen Alexandria was also crowned, the ceremony being attended by the regal splendor of ancient times.

There is much rejoicing over tbe continued improvement in the king's health. The city was gaily decorated for the occasion but not elaborately as for the original ceremony which was to bare occurred on Jnne 25th. The ceremonial) of the coronation proper wen held in Westminster Abbey and were nnder tbe direction of tbe Archbishop of Canterbury. Admissions were sought and secured by a number of InSentlal Europeans, but Americans were less fortunate. Seats were procured for Justice Brown, of tbe United States Supreme Court, ex-Attorney-General Griggs and J.

Plerpont Morgan, although it was stated that no foreign millionaire could enter, and that no Americans unconnected with one of tbe other Embassies could get in. Mongolian Visitors. Special to Tat Baviaw. Maw Yobk, Aug. 9.

Prlnoes Cbnng and Cbea arrived here today on the steamer St. Fanl. They are visiting tbe United States in an official capacity. Pendleton Blaze. speolal to Thb Rbtiiw.

PtNDLiTox, Aug. 9. Fire here today destroyed the Schulti brewery. Lots $20,000. Many Killed in a Mine.

Pueblo, Aug. 8. A most disastrous explosion occurred last evening at 6 o'clock at No. 3 mine at Bowen, a small camp about 10 miles north of this place, In which 13 lives are known to be lost. Tbe exact number of men working on the night shift and in the mine at the time of the explosioo Is nnknowo.

Tbe mine was worked by the Union Coal Cjmpany, of Denver, and is a slope-mine, situated on tbe mountain side, and about 400 yards from the tipple below. The explosion occurred abont 800 from tbe month of the elope, aod was caused by fire damp. Aug. 8. Thirteen men are koowo to be dead, aud there are undoubtedly more victims from the mine exploion at Bowen last evening.

Only ccven bodies have been recovered so far, M. M. Ca-sidy, Jose Sanchez, Frank Groats, Arthur Meyers, T. Arthur Berg. These in tbe mine and dead are W.

U. Elliott, Felipe Sent L. P.Johnson, U. Creech, John Kenneal, and Joe Gordon. It is tbe generally ac cepted theory the accident was caused by a "windy" shot explosion 1200 feet from the surface.

Its force blew two bojfr-e out of tbe mouth of the mine. Eight hundred pounds of blasting powder at the mouth ol the mine also exploded. Booth-Kelly Co's. Big Survey. Grants Pas's, Aug.

8. H. C. Perkins and Fred Menech, of Ibis city, have obtained the for surveying the military road grant, comprising portions of tix townships lying dlrectlj on tbe summit of tbe Cascades between the headwaters of the Des Chu'es and Willamette rivers. The work to be done tor the government, but directly for the Booth-Kelly Lumber Company, which recently setured snortlon for tbe purchase of the big timber tract of the California Company, which purchased It of the Peogrt Presidents Campbell and Ressler Speak of Educational Matters.

The attendance at the opera house Friday evening was tbe largest daring the county teachers institute now jnst closing. The vocal duets of little Maud and Rudolph Patterson delighted the audience and solos of Miss Maud Monk-bausand Miss Georgia Jacobs, and the recitation of Miss Kate Fullertnn were each well rendered and cordially received. Prof. E. D.

Ressler, the newly-elected president of the State Normal school at Monmouth, then delivered an address on "Tbe Treaanres of a Trained Mind." He said tbe question bad been much discussed whether mankind Is In reality happier than tbe lower animals. He did not discuss, deny or endorse tbe theory of evolution, bat expressed the opinion that if true, physical evolution bad reached lis acme of perfection In man and larther development is in tbe uatare of mental advancement. In hie conception, books and reading constitute one of the treaanroa ol tbe trained mind. Among other things, the cultured mind finds pleasure in the appreciation of tbe fine arts, the beauties of nature and especially In the compan ionship of other men of intellect. Tbe nature of a man's private conversation alone is often sufficient to show the ex tent to which he possesses a trained mind.

Thinking and studying are among the greatest mental pleasures, and the power to think logically and intelligently Is the chiefeet treasure of tbe trained mind. Tbe strenuous commercialism of tbe present, which maker the acquisition of wealth tbe paramount feature of life, is not commended. For humanlty'e pleas ure, preservation and advancement the intellectual features should have prece dence over the material. The speaker might be criticised for failing in many Instances to give credit for quotations included in bis address. No accusation of plagiarism is intended, but an edqeatur holding a position of prominence in the state Is expected to exact and give credit wherever due when ha makes a public address.

After a vocal solo by Miss Uatel Perry, tbe rendering of which merited an en core, President P. L. Campbell, of the University of Oiegoa, was Introduced. His address was upon tbe work ol the public schools of Orojon. Compared with other Oregon is still very young, especially in edncational mat ters.

Yet, rapid advancement is now bsini made, and within a few years no less thin 1,000.000 people will reside within our boriers. In our educational work tnucb his been accomplished in the past few years in syitematiiing the school work of the state. Uniformity of work in the several countios has been reached by the aloptioa of the new manual study. The elementary work of the grades in tiu.listrlct schools is followed by tin -hoot course of three or four years and this leads up to tho work ol tin state unlvorsity. Spe cial professional wjrk is provided for In the four state norm il schools and the agricultural colleite.

There is now a demand, the i.wni-r aiilel, lor 000 new teachers in this state each year, and thle the norm il schools are unable to fully supply, and still tlis call for professionally traioed teachers is steadilv growing. The agricultural college is making its iorliianca felt in improving the m-stholi ol farming in Ibis state, while education In the higher branches is well proidod I lo the state university. Ills talk was upon the state schools only, and dil not refer to the private or denomlnail insl schools and colleges. The public schools up to and Includ ing the state university are open to all, rich aod poor alike. While the charge Is freqnently made that the university Is maintained by the state for tbe benefit ol the children ol tbe rich, he says that at least 80 per cent of the students there are Irom the families of what are known as the common people.

In fact the pub iio school system is of the broadest de mocracy, where all meet upon a common NORMAN CO'S A specialty of everything in the line of Candies Ice Cream that keeps your palate on the jump from the start Cakes, Pies, Donghnnta and Fresh Bread Daily. Our new place is an eye-opener. Call and see it. "pt the published program, the publlo school directors, B.

W. Strong, W. Wootley and others joining in the dis cussion. The attendance was much lighter than before aa a numbsr of the teachers have gone home. Among the later registrations are: Chas.

H. Jones, Salem; Bailie Weaver, Canyonville; Marlon Haynes, Myrtle) Creek; Alpha Turner, Gertrude Hampton, Dora Leake, Mrs. W. A. Smlct.

Bote Parrott, O. P. Coshow, Luetta Chapman, Roseburg: Carrie Mowery, Lawrence Hunt, Oakland Geo. Bacon, Wilbur; Pres. J.

H. Orcutt, Drain; Mrs. S. D. Chapman, Glide.

today's rsoaRAir, Music. Primary Methods Arithmetic F. Rig-ler. On Schools J. H.

Ackerman. From Directors Point of View Messra. B. W. Strong, W.

8. Brltt, F. W. Wool-ley. AFTBRNOON.

Home Influence F. Rlgler. Proper Relations of Teacher, Directors and Patrons General discussion by school officers present. School Law J. H.

Ackerman. Good Advice Pres. Ressler, Pres. Campbell. KVININd BISBIOH.

8 p. at opera house. Piaoo Brilliant," Tba Misses Beard. Recitation Selected, Ray Henderson. Solo "The Tale of the Bumble Bee," Mies Haael Perry.

Address Supt. J. H. Ackerman. Solo "When tbe Robins Build Again," Mrs.

G. W. Short. Address Pres. J.

H. Orcutt. Will Hold Our Territory. Tacoua, Aug. 8.

The military reservation at Haines Mission, in the disputed Alaskan territory, is being enlarged by surreys to six square miles, Indicating tbe government's purpose to maintain a large garrison Ihere. Thin taken to be a confirmation of America's design to resist tbe attempted territorial encroachments of Great Britain la Alaska. Pistol Practise I IwcotiiiiiR more popular women. The reason Riven is that woman should know how to use the pistol for self protection. The theory tthouM carried tanner, wncre a woman is in tUngcr from assault once she is in dniifjer from disease every day of her me.

omen have not only to run the risk of disease which threaten husband, brother, and ton, but they have also to guard ngainst diseases which arc pecu'iar to womanhood, from these disensco Dr. Tierce's Favorite l'rosjrintion will effective. defend women, Tjo use of this preserves as well as restores the womanly health. It corrects irregularity, dries weakening rains, heals inflammation nnd ulceration, and cures female weakness. "I cniinot my rnoiiRh fi.r Mr Pit-rcf'.

favorite Pr-rrii(tif)ii and 'Golden Mrdiml lincovcry mitri Mrs, Ms M. Tult. of W. Frnnkltn Mrtti Cr.iwfordtwtllt?. I cmill rmrdly nnlk alone do my homework when I heard of your won-iiwriil medicine.

I uied five (kiiUm or tnch nnd everal vtali of Pleafutnt nnd enn fuiy sin a well woman. I thank fir. rierre for his advice fur he hclprd me (o live. May many Ihotnand women fnke my sdvlrr nnd when in turn health or iiftVrinff from any frrnale trouble lake lir. I'lerce'a wonderful medicine." Sirk women, especially those suffering from diseases of long standing, are invited lo consult Dr.

1'ierce, by letter, free. All correspond en re is held as thrtlv private ana sarredly confidential. Address lr. R. V.

JVrce, Buffalo, N. Y. The People's Common ene Medical Adviser, a book containing urtH pages, is given sway. Send 21 one-cent stamp (expense of mailing only), for the look in patter rovers, or 1,1 stamps for tbe volume hound in cloth. Address Or.

R. V. I'iercc, Hnff ilo, N. V. OcWttt't untie r.Mity Camping Outfits Tents, Sheet Iron Stoves, Reflectors, Hammocks, Guns and Fishing The Largest and Best 8.

K. Sykes ops 9 9909039999909 The Best Store in Drain TO BUY GOODS AT IS 9 WIMBERLY'S A carefully selected stocc all line and low prices for reliable goods, show why our are steadily increasing. WE GIVE BEST VALUES FOR THE MONEY. All are invited to promote their own interests by making their purchased here. Everything for personal or home use.

BO VEAR8' EXPERIENCE Trade Marks Designs COfVtrGMTS Ac invention 19 Fmhably naientahta. Corjiniunrr. tlnitrlc4l0'nllleiitfI. Ilnrxfbook on ratcou cut free. OMmi kfurj fir vecurtnx pleni.

Patent taken thritih Mnnn A Co. recti tprvM untie, wit boat chTge, in to Scientific American. wen It. IjitwI ri inm ir aiv J'uirnal. T-rm.

13 a ww: fnar BonUM, 9L. bJ toj lt r.rt(!clcr. HUNN York To whom it May concern Those having Farm Linda or VII lage Property for sale or exchange will do well by calling to see the now real estate firm on Jackson Street N. J. Cummins Co.

REAL ESTATE bought, sold or exchanged tor Eastern property. Also government land locators; cruisers alwai-s on hand, estimates, etc. N. CrtJIHINI a uo Fisher A Bellows Co. want roar butter nd "srlll give you dry toirf.

grotaries, boots, shoes or anything we have for d-iw..

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