Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 21, 1896 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 21, 1896
Page 2
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WOMEN VOTE FOR PRESIDENT •For the first time in the 'history of mils country an opportunity Cor women to publicly express their choice for prcsixleut is offorcd. The method Is unique and will result In showing on Nov. -lib just what effect tiuo woman vote will have on national affairs. A manufacturer v/ilio has business relations with most of fli-o prcuntawit uowspflipers in t(he United Stoics, proposes the plain «s -follows: All woino.il ovw IS iu-e on-tltlod to one vote. The votM by states will be shown in the papers au every Wednesday ami Saturday until Xov. 4th. Women arc requested to read more than one, side at the question, and act upon Dtooir own " judgment. Write the name of candidate I>B a- postal card aud wdtc your own nanws mud address clearly, also city ami state. On tiho lower left hand corner gJvo the Mime of a linker or grocer who knows you. The precaution is 'to prevent flooding tho 'inin.ll TriBh fictitious votes. N«mes anknown to grocer,or-.banker will thrown ottb. 1~>c very careful to write cksmrly and au 1 acknowledigoinemt of the receipt of «ich vote will t>e « to the fair voter. Send -the postal to postum Oca-eal Food Coffee Co., Battle Creek, Mich. It is urged that every earnest woman, will not. hesitate to -expend a penny to register her preference at this mosrt tateresUne period of Nwtlomal 'history. mis wmpony tas a national reputation and pledge their integrity and honor to report the vote exactly as. received, without fear or favor. A sworn statement of the fluid vote polled up to 7 p. m. Nov. 4th will be published NOT 7t!h and the vote as it progresses' wi-1! be shown on every Wednesday and Saturday between now and then. CONDUCTED EX- 'CUBSDONS TO CALIFORNIA. Via the Chicago, - Union Pacific & Narcli-Western lime leave Chicago every Thursday. Comfortable Tourist Sleeping Cams, low rates, quickest time utwl the best ol' care *nd aittomtion, are ulrantapes secured by -riwee who join ... excursions. For full particulars npply to your nearest -tJ-ekcit agent, or .,,l,|rVss AY. B. Knlskern, G'. P. & T. A., Ohie.-i^o & N'oi'thrWostciKU • tt'y, Chi"I- Old OLD Q who require med-loine to flic bovals -and kidneys will jliuMihe true remedy in Electric Bitters. 'Jllsist mc-.dW.inc does not so6m.nhi.te .wd confetti* avo,whii*key uor otter Hiitoxi- 'but a-ats (is a -toinitc Mid aUtca-si-tive, It niets .iiiilMly on HIP stomach and •bowdls. iilddltog scrcngl'li and giving tone to tho orga-us, thereby aiding Nature in the-porfoa-irwn-eoof tire functions. Electric Elites 'is -an excellent -iiiad nUds dilgostton. Old people -IVL'd lit just exactly whoit they need. Price lifty oonifcs and one dollar per bottle ant B. F. Koesltag's drug stare. Tho famous tome-continental train via the Chicago, Umlon Pacific & North- Western line, loaves Chilcago at C p. in. every day to tho year Vta. the Chicago & NorUh-W«storn K'j, and makes the trip to California In only three days. Double drawling room Sleeping cars, Buffet, Smoking and Mbwiry ears, dtolng cars amid free reclining chair cars are features of the perfect train. Agents of wnrwcttne Mow sell tickets vda The CWoago & North-Western R'y. Illvifltrated pampMeta and full information <wiiil be furnished on application -to W. B. EoS&kern, G. P. & T. A., Chicago, 111. '•Boys will be boys," but you can't afford to lose any of them. Be ready for the green apple sea*Jn by having DeWltt's Colic & Cholera Cure in the ..ino. M. Johnston. CANTON EXCURSION. $4' Round Trip From) Lognineport via Pennsylvania L.lmes, Special- Tiifiiu Both Ways. Thursday, October 22d, a special low rnite excursion to Can-ton, Ohio., will be ruin- viia PeiHn.syih'a.n.I'fl' limes. lf-t round trip -from Logan'sport. Special train will leave 4:35 p. m., ciwtrnl time, Thursday 22d, .amlviiug nt Cattton at G a. m., October 2M, g-lvimg opportunity to 'see, HOJI. Wm. McKMley JUKI take part in the day's exorcises. net'iiralng from Oiiitbton llluc spcd«a train will leavo,12 o'clock onxwi, contra! time, Friday, Oe-tolbar 23d. Tickets v-aJTd only ML llvcMC special -trains.' I N » th( v.rd SubBCiibe for The Journal. IT'S NOT STRANGE That people prefer to buy cheap > NOT CHEAP GOODS but BEST GOODS CHEAP. It shows their common sense and in this instance their appreciation of their luck. Merchandise ms e aste P r P Ban k ruptcy tc , the Merchant me*ns e OTTO KRATTS stock. The Clothing d Shoes were the best the quality and var- on the dollar. A. G. JENKINES, Assignee __ — ^^^^•^•^fc Tho.peoplo of ithc Dlstdcb of Columbia ore getting ready to n»k Congress to suibstituto a crematory for tlie potter's fleUd at Washington, uind it is believed that the -plan wltt be approved. Theories of cure may be dlacoaaed nt length by physicians, out the auflereri want qolck relief; and One Mlnnte flongh Cure will give It to them. A M(e core for children. It Is "the only faannteM remedy that produces imm«dl- «t« re«nltB."-Jno. M. Johnston. A ^exiagtoa (Mo;) paper is aiuthorlly /or tho statement that a mule standing in Main street in that town, -the other day, seized the left ««r of a little girl •who TW9 passing and, tore 1t Trom her bead.. rnne whole eysteni la drained and 0 Ddennined by Indolent nlcera and open •ores. DeWltt's Witch Hazel Salve jpeedlly heals them. It is tbe best pile «ore known.-Jno. M. Johnston. Tho -guns of the mow British battleship Victorious are capable of discharging 30,000 .pounds of metal in four min TltOS. -Discus tin-owing is coming to supor- cedo hammer tb.vo.wing In athletics. The oM Greeks -used to throw the discus at some mark, instead of throwing it as far as possible. So the new way does not lnrita.be the custom at Olym- pl-a, H you have ever seen a little child In .'the agony of summer complaint, you can realize the danger of the trouble and appreciate the value of Instantaneous relief always afforded by DeWltt's Oollc & Cholera Cure. For dysentery ind diarrhoea It Is a reliable remedy. We could not afford to recommend this M a cure unless It were a eure.-Jno. M. JohnMon. Boston's shipping men and nier-, clinnitg are Jm a state of race over the frequenit grounding of vessels endear ortag to approach their city, aril .they •are almost fosgetting to talk politics, so-vehement Is their desire to persuade tho government to deepen- the channels lending to their magnificent 'harbor. Poison Ivy, Insect bites, bruises, •caldfi, burns, are quickly cured by DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve, the great pile core.—Jno. M. Johnston. An election bet TVOS made in- Jopltn, Mo., tlie other day that McKinley's majority in Pennsylvania would bo greater than, Bryan's combined majority in the three states of Missouri, Arkansas and Geongia. Don't trifle awny time when you have cholera morbus or diarrhoea. Fight them In the beginning with DeWltt'3 Colic & Chofera' Cure, You don't have to wait for results. They are Instan- taneons and It 'leaves tbe bowels In healthy condition.—Jno. M. Johnston. It 1s quite a number of years since quail have been ,as plentiful as they nro this yiaur Ini Southern Indiana, G REAT SALES prove the great merit ol ;Hood's Saraaparilla, Hood's Sarsaparilla sells because it accomplishes CHEAT CURES. BXJCKLEN'8 ARNICA SALVE. Toe Best Salve In the world for cuts, braises, sores, ulcers, Bait rheum, fever tores, tetter, chapped bands, chilblains, corns and all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles, or no pay required. It Is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Prl=e 25 cents per box. For sale by B. F. Kees- Ung. Ballots J-a reflnsylvauUu thJs year will bo more like barn, doors than, blaiv kets. in some counties the voter for president will have to choow> among sixteen long columns of-names, and no- wlicro will -he find less -than cloven. In Philadelphia there -have been so .inamiy factfonnl fights that the election authorities Imyc found It..necessary to prepare thirty-eight dteHmot kinds of ballots. A 1'ArJTIAL BLOCADE of itlhe -innto aw.nnio for eswiipc oil! refuse from- ifli-e Iwiman wyslem Is ultoly sub- of rqgulntriity flminig tbe 'olihcr " Lett corastitixtiuioin, becom.(; , mnk.1, IcftTlng the immcncnt ptf iliui(l-aim,iiiia.tioai of tlie l>owcl<3 and itlneiiL- iWteift obstn-ucttoini ocauring, jaunkllce Js almost certnin to onsue, tlho OlJvor is lialblie -to become engorged, idlio blood nmd unln« are po teamed- by tihe bile, -^Ibllcih also ratotes the juices of HWe atoroaicli, ami oH^oi- untnappy coii- sequenxMs ifolltow. Hoiatdfcbcr's S-lomuicli Hiftitars a prime -torite aEceraittve, pre- venlts or nemiedliles these resuta nn'd t'hkAr ca.uee, -as rtihe case mny require, land' lite nteo SlgmolUy efflcadHous to avw- cam'iling flnituHiencc, ihoaitbwrn, and vani- «Ibl® na -srdll m coDBtipnitecl action, of me bowells.. Tt iPeaews nerve power, imiprorcs Ulic wppettlte, sttays the progress of dairily diecay, reUkwes ifiho In- flrmffltiics of iage, mind' ie a 'lion.lthy •appetlaer. Cus-tomary as it is.to speaik and think of Queen victoria's peaceful reign, as a matter of fact England has been, engaged ta thirty-seven distinct wars since she ascended the throne. Some of them, indeed, were small affairs, but., cduntlDB losses on both sides-, SPT- era.1 himdred thousand man must have perished in-tho ettort-a lilghift- sue- ccsssful one-to kee]> Great -Bi'i-taln's «:i-g (lying in nil parts of tho world. TWO LIV3J3S SAVED, •lirs. I'hoobe Oihioimnis, of Jimction CJty, M .,wnis itoM by toer dooto-s sflic llra'd Comsuimipaon nnid tliatt Iflici-e w-as m-o 1»l>e -for Oner, but two bottles of Dt. King's Cvaw DtoccA'ca-j'- completely cured her WIM! she ssiy-s it .wed tor life. Mr. Thonrtas Eggor-s, 330 Floi-Wa St.,'Siiin,'Fi'niincteco,, suffei-ed f-rom «• dreadful cold, a/ixiviion.ciliSng Can-sump- tion, tiniafl wiifiuout ix'snDt everything olso Hflnan bougflit -one boiliblo of Or. King's Siow Discovery aiml ia 1 ;. t^-o week wjis -cured. He is m-turally tlioniMnJ, I't te suoh results of which these arc s™nii>los, itliat .prove the woai- dlcrful eflicflicy of tWs medicine in Gouglhls aind Colds. Free 1i*Jl bottles o.t B. -F. K-oesllng's tlmg stow. Begu- lairafiieSOcand?!. Tho descemlnnts of .Tacoo Koycr, a Prench!ma.n who settled on the- site of the present city of St. Louis,' met. nt Atoroa, 0., last week .to raase pla-us for an effort -to prove their right to a large •tract of laaul .HOW in tho heart of the cltiy. Tlie liwid .is now worth- $00,000,000, and 'they claim that their .title is, indisputable. BeprfiseDlatlves -from Indiana, IlHnois, Michigan and 'Ohio wore pres&ut at the meeting. BE CONVINCED. On receipt of tea cents, cash or stamps, a generous sample will be mailed of the most popular Catarrh and Efey Fever Cure (Ely's Cream Balm) sufficient to demonstrate «ts great merit .Full size 50c. HLJT BUWXCHEBS, 'C6 Wflnreo St, New Tonk City. Catarrh caused difficulty In speaking and to a great extent loss of hearing. By -the use of Ely's Creain Balm dropping of mucus faas ceased,, voice and hearing haive greatly Improved.-J. W. Davidson, Attorney-at-Iiaw, Mon- mou'th, III. , . younj girl'i lift there comes a t«n« •when the 'careles* innocence of childhood change' to 'he modest, blushing maidenly self- consciousness of ap- Ipvoachine maturity. The eye is brighter ; tho form is rounder: tliLTC is a touch of shy coquetry in the pl.incc:— the (fir! has become a woman, Slu: has entered thiU critical period so full of liappy possibilities, yet so hedged about with the phy- I sical sufferings and It danfjers peculiar to her sex. It hns been swo ihatlobeawomaiiia tosnirer. Toooftci this is true. A woman's whole nature is so bound up in the ^ special functions of her womanhood that any disturbance of this sensitive orpin ism throws the whole system out of harmony. "Female weakness causes nine-tenths of all the wretchedness which women endure. It can never be permanently relieved by ".local treatments.' That is (generally an expensive, L-mbamis- inx useless, make-shift. What is needed is DrPierce's Favorite Prescription to reach the innermost sources of the trouble and reitore health and strength directly to the internal organs. This stops the weakening drain* which sat, life's foundation ; hca£ all ulcerated conditions, spvesthe Iipxmenta elastic power of themselves to correct misplacement of internal organs and imparts tone.viRorandvitality to the entire feminine organism. In a word the "Favorite Pre- .eription" makes healthy, happy women. nr Pierce is the Chief ConsultinR Physician of the ln™llds' Hotel nnd Surgical Institute, Buffalo NY. He has made a life-study of wo- m«?» peculiar ailments. Over ninety pagM [of hij irreat worlc, "The People's Common benM McdS Advislr," aredevoted to the cons^m. tion of diseases peculiar to women, buccessiul i«ni of hSnc-lreatiuent are therein lureested, SttWngit unnccessnryto employ a .nhysician, "r to Submit to his "eMniination« rt and the ped, but.Renerally useless, "local trent- Twenty-one (21) one-cent stamps, to DANGERS OF CITY LIFE. Tale Of a Man Who We .it Out to tho Chicago Btook Yards. Tried to Cro»» the Street, But Wan Int«- foreil nrllli by u OruollnS Army of If OK* ami Mennly Trcnted by tbo l'orker». ptniary Mtilical REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS Reported for the Journal by F. H Wipperman, Abstracted W. Harness to Wnn. II. Sprinkle lots 23 and 24 Tliomas !«W, Gulvestou, wnr- iTHiD-'tj', .$DOO. AV. H. McCoa\l1o P. M. Sprakcr n. 42 tit, s.02 ft. tot 20 .TolMi Tliillou's 1st ndd. w. fiiklo Gtli st., ibdt- Brond^vny <iml North: erts., q. c.. $100. Win II. Mansnis et M. -to W. H. Hoppe 1-t. lot 20 o. p. city, 21% ft. just . of s.e. cwner Tl*d ami Marlint, war- nni'ly. $f!,000. Ctiy oif Log!UM»nt no E. R Closson fllii-M) *. of c:ijiKU amid n. of lot 3 l>!-k. e. 3d suld., q. c., ?100. A. A<U\iius to Geo. AY. LoozciLby I. s. \v. . . % iu e. % see. 7, Boomo tp. SlierifC's . V, n. •*'. V, They All Come Back A drove of pigs about 200 .strong:, was winding slowly out of the main en- iriincu or the Chicago stock yards the other day, attended by ••)• number of hog lurs, 'who, \vjth the 'assistance of. jrooiii staves,, were walloping the swine, now on UK-one hand .-indcowon the other. :iS a means of showing them the way they were to go. The route laid out for them was clown Forty-First, street to Halstecl street, njid north to the bridge, where they were to bo transferred to a r.cv,- pen. It is an unusual tbing 10 drive stock of any kind out of the yards to transfer them' but for some reason this had to be done. The drove drew itself out to the. length of a block, while pedestrians gathered on the sidewalk to witness the unusual sight. Among the spectators was an elderly and dignified looking gentleman, with eye-glasses and a silk hat. The pigs thoroughly enjoyed their temporary freedom. In the street, says the Chicago Inter Ocean, were several puddles and a quantity of grain which had leaked from a wagon, so they were in no hurry. At Halsted street, on the corner of 'Forty-First, the street car tracks were being repaired, and a. score or- more of laborers were, at work. Into tlie midst of these men came the ndvance platoon, two lines of trolley cars which cross each other at that corner being obliged to stop. The dignified gentleman took advantage of the break in. ranks and attempt- e<Tto cross the street, when, a vigorous application of broom handles by the rear guard sent the loitering pigs pell moll to join the others. In the middle of the crossing they cauglit the dignified man, who made erne frantic leap to gain the other side, and then, finding himself surrounded, began to pelt his tormentors with his umbrella. He was overpowered by numbers, however, and it was plain that unless the drivers came to his res- "There are fads In medicino as well as in other things," said a busy drugplst, "but tho roost remarkable thing about Hood'3 Sarsaparilla is that customers who try other remedies all como back to Hood's, and this is why the enormous sales of this great medicine ••• keep up and continue the I f\ whole year round, steady • \J as a clock. "Why is it?" "O, simply because Hood's Sarsoparilla has more real curative merit thnn any medicine I ever sold." This is Of daily occurrence in almost every drug store. Hood's Sarsaparillo has cured more sickness, and wade more happiness through restoration to health than any other medicine. Hood's Sarsaparilla Is the standard—the Ono True Blood Purifier. .,, arc the only pills to tako HOOUS PlIlS with Hood's Sarsaparllla. C. C. COOK, GittEENVim'LE, ILL. This Is the day of antl-thls, and antl- thart, but what .people need most'nowa- days Is, the Mtntl-blllous medicine, Sim- .moms Mver Regulator, ' the King 01 Mver Medicines, and better than pills. "I !have used no other anti-billons remedy for six years and know fron^ experience that for ladles of a constipated habit nothing equate It"—laura Y. Craig, Elleinbury, Flo,'. ' ,. Engineer So-niford of the Connecticut •shell flsli commission has received no- tlflcatio'm th'a;t the natural oyster beds ia the vicinity of Bridgeport and Stratford, 3,700,acres in extemt, have been covered with sand 'by the recent hurricane -and the oysters destroyed. The beds comprise the greater part of the public oyster grounds ol' the state, and •the loss caused -by tht-storm is estiraat-^ ed at $50,000. , .... It doeen' t matter much whether sick headache, biliousness., indigestion and constipation are caused by neglect or by unavoidable circumstances; DeWitt's Little Early Risers will speedily tore'them' all.—Jno. M. Johnstov Apple growers ini Missouri, as a. general th'imfc n'ow^weigh -their fruit Instead of measuring it. - Wb«n Bttby WM sick, we gt.™ . When «he \iu » Child, «he erlnd 'o n|< to Cwrtorto. ; >wt.i)KnCarton. . 12 Deer Creek tp. Neffi to Saralv A. Z.i miner o % u. o. V,. •»- w. % see, 12 Deci tp.. wm-iinllT, $1,200. . x to Thomas A. Jones lot 25 Win. Houkec's 1st niM, Shulitz- itown. w.iiTiUiirj', $150. A. Y. Ortis to Isaac Bu'iiii?.%mcr. lot adjoiiii-np Wsilton,, wirrnnty, $75. Win • H. Kenneia *o Kreis m^os. 15 jieres of s. w. V, #*• 22 Boone tp., q. c.. $100. .ToUiti H. Lux iro- AMI Bail}' n«d .1- C lot 2 Aifild-nson's add w. s. $250. CT-olin H. DIK ito XaiMiSiJO Kerns ana •wife lot 3 Atkinson's add, n. s., war- ra.nity, $250. • _ .Tohu H. Lux to A. 'M. Prltohdfct and •\\-life lot 4 Aitaotasott's add,.n. s., ^-ar- niimty, ?"05. • John, H. Lux to Jesse E. Apt auid wife lot .5 A'tkinson's adH, n. s., warranty, $«CO. , ' •Relbeteca Graves et al. to Sara'h fc. Thomas rt. n. e. % sec. 22, Jackson tp., 13 5-6 acres, q. c., $100. •Rdbeecn, Graves et al. to Mai D. Mc- Ktoney 32 1-3 acres In n. e. % s® 0 - 22 ' Jftckeon <D., q. c.,?100. . BnAara. Groves et al to Pllney A, Graves e%'n. .TT. % sec. 22, Jackson tp., •and other lands, q. c., ?100. 20 mortgages aled aggrega-ting $7,800. A~WOKN-OUT PAD. Medicines," "Blood-Pui"iners" ami "Tonics" an. Old-Fashioned. Idea. - (Pure Wood, strong : nen-«s and mus- dtes, flann- lienltby (les-h cam, only come from-wholesome food well digested '"Blood .purifiers" and "nerve tonic*" do '•not reach tli* cause of the mischief. The stomach 5s the point to -be looted nfitor. The safest and surest way to cure nay foiim of indigestion, is to ftiilcc rtfter enV-lii incnl some harniiless- preparation whilclt will of '•itself digest food, miwa is a.i». cxcc-Hcnit -preipiiration ol •this -kin.fi ^omaioswl- of vegetable cs- scn«!S,-'pure'.pPi)CT». G-oWem Seal and fruit salts, sold by drug-gists under in'a-ine oC Staiirfs Dyspepsia TaWei's •ami these tablets •taUnffl aitw meals assi'st disesitioa woti-fl-erfully because; tli«j' win difeost tbe food- .proinpfly before dt has time to ferment <uid sour ami the weak -stomach .relieved ami assisted 1u UVte way soon- becomes' strong ami vigorous Jigainv Stuart's pyspopsia.Taib'lc.ts fli-e supe- rior''.to <iny'secret patent medicines because you know what you are taking Into your stomach. They/are sold by •druggists everywhere at 50 cents per package. '•-... , , . •;:'.^VriteStuart-Co., Marshlall, Mich., for .book on-;8tomicn diseases. Greenville, 111., Jan. 10, '95. •epsln Syrup Co., Montltello, III: Gentlemen—I nave been troublea with biliousness, sick headache, sour tomach, constipation, etc., for several ears as the result of close confinement D my office.' I sought long and tried many remedies for relief, but was disappointed until I tried your Syrup Pepsin. It gave me Immediate relief, and since I ,ave been using It my general healtb las been Improved. I can cheerfully recommend It to aL-y ne suffering from tie above complaints. It Is a first-class remedy. Tours truly, C. E. COOK- For sale by B. F|. KeesHng. DISCUSSING THE SITUATION, cue his pride would be doomed to the jncrcy of the bystanders, who were already laughing at him. 4.S he turutid to retrace his steps a huge mother pig threw her bulk ngainst his legs. Up in the air went the old gentleman's feet and down oil the flanks of several porkers went his back. For a moment the crowd on the sidewalk waited! for a rare spectacle ond them ft roar went up as the old gen- tlemtm was borne several yardsdistant, with the small of his back on that of a ponderous hog. Immediately a group of pigs gathered around the man's eilk hat. One of them poked his nose into the thing and tossed it into the air. While he waited for it to come, down bis companions stopped to inspect .the old fellow's spectacles, which had fallen on tie crossing. Meantime- the dignified gentleman was rescued by the workmen, who had been trying vainly to drive the piga from around the trolley cars. Gathering up his belongings the old gentleman sought 'refuge from the jeers of the crowd in a neighboring barber shop. • intenooi Robbery In Pwl*. An Englishman has just been robbed by an: Ingenious trick in a Paris cafe He entered into conversation with I well-dressed stranger who began play- Inj? with the lever of a seltzer water siphon on' the table. Suddenly he turned the stream on the Englishman a shirt front/jumped up appligizingpro- fusely and wiping off the water with his handkerchief. Then he left the cafe .'and the Englishman found that hi! pocketbook with $800 in bank notes bad gone with the stranger. Bati Kill » B»by Boy. Three big rnts attacked the two months-old boy baby of Isaac Asher, o Baltimore, gnuwiug its face, head, and jieck to such an extent that it died in a short timo. The mother of the chili 3 had gone to market, and the father hai left it sleeping" on a bed in a room on th second floor, while he went into his stor downstairs. But a short time ha elapsed -wjicn. Asher heard tho iflfan crying, as though in pain, lie humc upstairs, and its he entered the child room three large rats jumped froml* boy!s couch and scampered off. Tried It on tho Dock. ' William 'Taylor, of Marysville, Va has witnesses from bis own home and from Lynchburg to testify that on a pond at his place a huge bullfrog seized : a half grown duck, swallowing its head, and then choking to death too late to be ot service to the duck. WatchM for Police Bond.. , Watches are accepted as security for fines by the police courts of Knoxville, Tenn and 40 unredeemed onra.held for two yearsi are; to be sold at auction by "the city-..:, •.;'.'••;•''-. : .: '. THE Munson Typewriter Is a Good Machine. standart ol ««*U«noe. JJ»W of the "MuMofi" conilder It THE|BEST. You mil find it B valuable ssilMaUn io« of- noe. iddreuforputloiilui THE MUNSON TYPEWRITER CO MAJTDFACTCBKB8. 840-94* West Lake 8k. ChlwCOi T& - FOR THE BLOOD, NERVES, OVER * KIDNEYS. . 43. B. B.'B. cured me of EC.-, n and Bowel Troublj. Mns. HAS> Y AH Milroy, Ind. — 4 B B B B are pt -^ly resets*.:«•- £ Put up in capsules, olxty in a oox.., Thirty days' treatment in a box. j, Price $1 per box, or-is for $5. •>, Manufactured by M. C. BRAGO, r- ConnersviHe, Ind. • For sale by all druggists. L «e»i«*a-i«< FOB SALB BY B. F. HM8MNG, The Looansport Humane Society . -(INCORPORATED.) For the Prevention of Cruelty to Women Children and Animal* K. S. Rice—Fre». O«o. W. Waltern-Sec. J. J. HlWobmndt-treM. TT, M. BI»hop-»nm» n « Offlcer. • '« VIM T C H»Cle». F.C.OOolboOfh

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