Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 3, 1954 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 3, 1954
Page 5
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'. - 1 t •*£ , j ./ -A " *• ri _' w »•' t STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Friday, September 3, 1954 Friday, SepJembef 3, 19S4 " MARKETS <v,- '• Stills fc-12; e>i8.SO; One $18 ahd an- good and Stock heifers 8-11; Stock calves Hogs tops $2). 14-16; *i and corfimercial cows 9.50-11.50; few aver.'-tge to high commercial 12.00-25; tanners and cutters 6.509.-08; shelby canners, fi.Ott rfov/n; Utility arid" commercial balls 11.3013.00; tanner and. .cutter bulls 8.00* 11.00; grtod, and choicfc ST, LOUIS LIVESTOCK NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. 111. (fl „ Hogs 5,500; acliVt: on most hogs but eloicd dull: .barrow.? arid gilts mostly' f 75-8;5 higher; some laW sales 15 or more under' eat- » %&$%**&&., ^--ito ah Twi .. tttid by- the cf ihe, State 1 .« All 'Mtm- :ouse. Agreeing Jte 'hertby ttd- ,— — . tfertt to the Cort-' lots, « the State- of Al-kansas. upon bttfig tubitiitied to tho Ml;ot"uik SK»ts< for approval or Ion at itht, next general election 1 _.eplfesefttatlve3 and Senators, if majority, ol* the ««u>rs voting 11 m,:, at,, such an. election,, adopt fltrtendftnent, the Bftme shall bo- part, of tbe Cdnstttutton ot the ttkahfitfan to»wit; «T III, K« ad-valorem tax levied; apon property by the *(9ty. ttfebtjjorated town tetrS-t' may levy a tax tit property- therein at Its &,.'• for Hie purposes and -.. — . J* < restrictions now pro, . _, J,by-thie Constitution: except that ^'ft-here fthfr-Board of Equalization here"•»"•*• *»<* felted' has, for- the first — f?theias«esiments ot prop. ___ ' county*, at its mnrhet, Rd has.- certified such, fact as .J to. Section. B'. hereof, there- he tax-, levied < for any such local liana, iham be. a total tax for i4tmnx»er"ana Shall not exceed *.(6)?mills tor.tha county, eight l)>nilljs» for'.ahy.. city or Incorporated m, *«M .twelve'-(ia>-mills-for any hootx*district! on- each dollar of the — -• "value of th» property there, Jive otKtaxes* levied tby' im- vement'i district^ and' exclusive of tpu jltVitdt. totr local Improvements —'•-flg ^ttnd'-cjiies as authorized by plS/rSeettoiW 2V or, We Cdnstf- 'Provldea/'HoWever,, there shall* / „ aslfie; annually , an amount 3'; ih« /maximum amount, col- Wtjj.thi»^ Retirement' 'of each ..otiUtijidUie,. bonds during any *ol > -< l t5**the»'year of the col- , j)C,taxes ,wherein thqr aforesaid xlmiim rates have, become cf- *tlve.,,to,be ased for the retirement !#*aeh bondi »i provided by the,, w_ _ .and the tax shall ««, man Uiat necessary Such" annual 'amount until, jtefxtfeeiy- retired, or suf- hnve been set aside, for rice 2l.S(); scattered JoadV "choicn a, I and 2 21.3.vr>; nrpurtcl 2f.C ogs at 2t.7.*ii late t.iMcticn'l top l.3S{ no heavy hogfi 180-190 Ib .00-25; 150-170 Ib 19 50-20.50; so\Vs 00 Ib ddwn 18.0010.7^; over 400 Ib ).50-17.2r): fienerally'sirong to 23 igher; bo.irs strdnr.' to 50 h'.gher, Cattle 800, calves 500; small lots nd individual hend fullystcady; ows steady tc> strotut: veolers teady; very few god yearlings efs and heifers IB.flO-ni.OO; util- y. and ccimmercinl lieifcrs ' and mixed yearlings 13.00-17.00; utility '. sfter. th»- date Ocatlon ,that assessments .qualled* at market value ^county."'thaimaximum tax rates __iBK>vJB«dvmay- not be exceeded xcept'wheri necessary to prevent or •"- * ,-,-r—, ,_ benefits tp • jit, district are based; devalue *6t the-properly . te .oje.'countyn purposes. Hie. as- ors'iof the. district shall have the ..^^t^ti^MUtallze.,,^!! future assess- nents ;«3,benefiii;,>.ancJ r for*,this pur- e^pjayt reduce, tlie valuations to ^extent; that'-such valuations- have ^najibafa by^sftwwft,,^ ' '"- rtendment jw f SB* * \>f 70N,S..-JTh«..t ,, heroils- ^v" * </A* J * shall v not'be Xftrejcomptqd' Kioiy,-"" _^,_.,,_-. .—~— ,^ -.—ibyJ5crflntted tf . irdv-61 1 'EqMaliz8ltojiV,whfo1i shaHv imVT»yJitrfvn£rlket wallie < 4proper,ty - /i^Mfc&rWQti' otiTiwbUo' utn- ^ ff j|flW»^w's«sass. ?j$®* 1 " " ~" y tovaiue^ ,st»««?/JSBS fl^tehpsWt ls }S^&' '• fl -- vf?S ^^~iny"'(»\iin> f 'nre"iqual. 1 vu)u<v the- proportion fcffSiS7a^. 0 JU? cl'ty? tr.ai«d i town, or, Bcliaol, district --""'-'-" by anplylrm tjiere^ r •< off. market value «. ^pai:(t,rtctermines prop. , _. , Bbard* of s Equal- ieeitljat, all, property is • is. rcquteed by law to " ' tp ihls end shall .vhleh tlie tax as- county, has. (ailed to Board of i Etotta- ;tbe nssefsments 1 county "at us iK "thatrpurpose .ipm. according, to, nd Income therc^ o&ft prescribe a usq.by, it and i. vartou^ epjm- ;.-th»*B»arJc«t" value ot property; **•*"• 'not as-* Each any 'coun T , Its market tfie. Board *uch feet the 'time and ..General As* ' any of the atfepted nl frgnx prop««e«ed by- . rd «h«U' he talsen Cpun- Court , novo> Elth.ec Bdyerse Court to ef Arkansas where GoVenjor shall up- eiecto«»-as ot yey'seyve, a» de"Wp. t e»«hj and e d«te .of th«ir apPtot a sue. serve for which fh«U be y the Sfln 1100-20,00; i f ew high choice ahd J/rime 21.00-4?.00; cc-inrtiflrcial to low god 1.1.00-16.00; culls down to .00. Sheep HOO; spring InmliF weak, spots 25 lower.; bulk choice an:l rpime ig.00-20.fi'), top 20.r>0; most good and choicft 18.0019.00; occasional sales utility 10 00-17.00; culls down to 12.0; f.nostly 13.00-14.00, bulk, 200-200 Ib 21.35-00; main I extremes 10.00 aindbelow on very . ^ Brt . x..u..^ ^.^, ^-.^ ghi cullg . aged shoR ^ sleady . aughter eWes 3!(JO-4.00. Legal Notice PROPOSfetJ CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 45 BE IT B.ESOLVED by the House Of Representatives of the State of Arkansas, and by the Senate; a Majority of all the Members Elected to Each House Agreeing Thereto: THAT THE FOLLOWING Is Hereby roposed us 'an amendment .to the Con- Ututlon of< the State of Arkansas, nd upon being submitted to the lectors of the State for approval or ejection at the Vnexl general elec- lon for >Heprcsentatlves and Sen* tors, if a majority). of the electors oting thereon, at such an • election, dopts such amendment, the same hall become a part of the Const!- utfon of^the State',of Arkansas, to- wltj • - - «• SECTIdN ill The. Executive Department off 7 th(s«-S*ate''shoU .fionslst of a JoVernor, Lieutenant Governor, Secre- nry of State, Tceasurer of State, Atidl- or of State. Attorney General, and Commissioner of State Lands, all of whom shall keep their offices at the eat of Government, and hold their itfices for the term of two years nd until their successors are elected irid' qualified. SECTION 2. The annual salaries of such State officers, which shall be paid n monthly installments, shall be as ollows: The Governor, the sum of Fifteen Thousand Dollars ($15,000.00); the jicutenant Governor, the sum of Three- thousand, and. Six Hundred. Dollars $3,000.00); the Secretary. of State, he surti of Seven Thousand and Two Hundred. Dollars ($7,200.00): the;Treasurer. of State, the. sum , of Seven ."houaand 1 and" Two Hundred Dollars $7.200.00); the Auditor of Slate, the um of Seven Thousand and Two hundred Dollars ($7,200.00); the At- orney General, Hhe- sum of Eli;ht Thousand Dqllars ($8.000 00); and the- Commissioner of State Lands, the sum if Six -Thousand Dollars ($6,000.00). , SECTION 3;" .The-" above mentioned' jtate Officers shall' be elected by he qualified electors of the Slate, at large at the time qf the regular lenerali election' fop voting for mem-. >ers of the General Assembly; the, eturns of each election therefor shall >e sealed up separately and transmitted to the, seat of government by he , returning,, officers, not later than Jie last day of November of the ycae, in. which tho> election Is held. and 1 " shall be directed to the Speaker of the House <of Representatives. The General Assembly shall • convene n special session on the first Monday in December of tho year In Which the membdrtf of the General Assembly arc elected and shall be n !, session, lot a . period not to exceed., three days.i unless called tnto special session by the .Governor. At such session of the General Assembly,, and upon both Houses being organized, the-»Spoalter of the House of Representatives shall open and publish the votes cast and. given for each of the officers hereinbefore mentioned, In the presence of both Houses of the General Assembly. The id-son having the highest number of *otes for each of the respective of- Ices shall be declared duly elected thereto; and shall Immediately begin his term of office; but If two ir more Uiall be equal, the highest n votes for the same office, one of hem shall be chosen by.a joint vote of both Houses of the General Assembly, - and a mnjoilty of all the- members elected shall be necessary o a choice. SECTION 4.- Tho General Assembly, shall ine'et in regular .session of. six- y (60) days, which need not be con- inuous, at the seat of government every two years on the first Monday in February of each, odd numbered /ear until said, time be changed by aw. The members of the General Assembly shall' receive as their salary he sum of Twenty-four Hundred Dolars ($2,400.00), except the Speaker of the House' of Representatives, who shall recolvo as his salary Twenty- ive Hundred and Fifty Dollars ($2,150.00), for each period of two (2). years payable^ at such time and in luch manner as the General Assem- >ly rnay determine; and in addition o such salary the members of the Jeneral 1 Assembly shall • receive Ten Cents (}0c) per mile for each mile ravelad^ in BpljiS to end , returning trom uthe,' glflt ws government over the most direct and practicable route; pnd provided, further that when said members are required to attend an extraordinary or fapeclal session of :he General Assembly, they shall receive in addition to sjlnry hcrpln p>o? vided, the sum of Twenty Dollars ($20.00) per day for each day they are required to attend, and mllef age, at the same rate herein pro? vided. SECTION 6, There is hereby created „ joint ad interim committee of the General Assembly tp be selected from i(s membership, as tru»y ba provided by law, for the purpose of conduct^ Ing research into governmental mob- lems and making audits ot State agencies. The General Assembly shall f)x the; amount of per diem and expenses. f>t. committee members and Che compensation and expenses of the committee's employees, SECTION 6. (a) The Genera} Assembly shall from time to time provide for the salaries and compensation Of 1 the Justices of the Supreme Cowl and for the sajarles and ex? penses ot - the judges ot the Circuit uo4 Chancery Courts of this state; prpvlded, that such., sajarles end cojp. pensation of the justices of tbe Supreme Court and the salaries and expenses of the judges of the Circuit and Chancery Courts shall not be less than now provided by Jaw, . (b) The General Assembly^sjiali by law determine tho amount and methoc at payment of salaries to the Com- JsEloncr* pf the. Workmen's Com- n^atton Commission; provided, thai Calory of any Commissioner shut) bo Ie$s than now provided by (c) The- General Assembly shall by taw determine ttw mnoviot an4 method of payment o( salaries of county off WolalSt' Nothing herein shall be construed as abrogating any rights ot the ,- ., <,.- n ,-.-r- 0 ( ^ r jj 8n8as under ipple ol the State o initiative and ((ijp*, of tiie Cs s of Arkansas. Referendum arc? or the etev . F 4fl) TUot Section «3 o* ArttclB SIX M Hhe Constitution and, Section a o Awendmenl IX to th* C«nst|tuU«n of "" ---- ••' - o of «am News Briefs TOKYO (UP) 1'ho U.S. 5TII egimental Combat team will be •ansferrecl from Korea to tlie Jnited States this rrifihth as part I the redeployment 'ol American oops in the Far 13asl, it was an- ounced today. Other phases of the redeploy- ent hiclxide the v/itlidrawnl of stir U.S. infantry divisions from :orea ahd the transfer of 5th ir Force headquarters from Ko- ea to Japan. Only 750 of the 51h regiment's 000 men will return to the :ates with the organi/alion. The thers will be assigned to other nits until they hnvo completed ours of duty in .Korea. PANMUNJOM (UP) The odies of 250 Allied soldiers, in- luding 138 Americana and 93 of nknown nationality, will be ro- urned by the Communists lomor- '. in the fourth day of an ext- hange of Korean, war dead. The Allies will s-2ud the bodies f 600 slain Communists to nearby Caesong for burial. ; TOKYO lUP) 'Japan wants nother chance to question Lt. Col. Yuri Rastoverory former So- it spymayter here who "chose reedom in January, it was report- d today. Reliable source-3 said Japanese uthorities need sworn statements rom Rastvorov, photostat; of doc ments and other evidence to pros- cute three Japanese arrested' as nembers on a local- Soviet spy ing. . ' • Sunday & Monday at Saenger Some. Schools Now Ready to Close JOMESBOliO (XP) — While most >ublic schols in Arltartsas -ira ust getting ready Ir. open next week, ru^al schedules in northeast Arkansas are staittPg to close down. • These rural schools opened early n July. Now they will shut down 'or about two months so students can work in the cotton harvest :hey will open about Nov. 1. Schools that will shut down after today are a Childress, Dixie, faraway, Valley View, Bono, 3rookland, Cash, Bay, Monette and Nettleton. School officials at Lake City lave no yet announced their elo:;- DONALD 0'COHNOR ttlls "FRANCIS" to get going in a scene from' Univttsal-tntefnational's "FRANCIS JOINS THE WAGS." . Sunday & Monday at Drive-In Mr. and Mrs. Don Sallee. »* *** > in. '4&&pw»!iSSt?VfflBP>&«3jSG&HtB&*lt*?~~ s *, &. _•& ' "^^s ffft&SSiSfs' * i Settlers are attacked by warring: Indians in this scene from Allied Artists' - "ARROW IN THE DUST," in color by. Technicolor. PRESCOTT NEWS VALPARAISO, Chile. (UP) A izeable quantity of Communist ropaganda from Czechoslovakia was-discovered-when a crate abeled: "China - handle with are" fell and burst open while icing: unloaded here. The crate, which arrived in the iold of -th'.'e Noiwriecagntgt.errh hh iold,-, of ••- the Nprvveg-iari freighter Vlarti Bakke, was cvarnmed to he id with propaganda books and jamphlets. Mrs. Gunther Complimented Mrs. Fred J. White • entertained with an informal party at her home on Monday morning for the pleasure of her daughter Mrs. F. O. Gunther of Okmulgee, Oklahoma. Colorful arrangements of zennias were placed at vantage points in the living room. .Delectable refreshments . were erved to Mrs. Gene Hale, Mrs. Jona Matthews, Mrs. Jim Yancey and Mrs. Robert Hambright. An Reds Again Relay Release? of Herb By LOUIS GU1LBERT HANOI, ' Indochina (UP) officials F-rench source said he Communists ngainst have'de- aycd the release of Brii;. Gen. Christian de Castries, hero of • BienPhu. Today was the deadline for the xchange of prisoners in the eight ear. war. But the- 52-yoar-old general was not among the French Jnion officers and men released at Vietri today. Guatemala to Hold Elections Soon GUATEMALA. CITY (UP)— President Carlos Castillo Armai says elections will be held "son" n Guatemala for delegates to a onvention that will, draft a new national- constiution. In-his first speech since asum- ng sole power in Gatemala, Gas- .illo. said also hi? regime JF preparing a land reform law "without foreign ties" to replace the CommunisWine salute enacted ay the -'.'pro-Red.'; government ousted .ex-President Jacoho oi Ar'- Legal Notice PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 44 BE IT RESOLVED by (he Senate ot the State of Arkansas and by the House of Representatives, a Major- icy of all the Members Elected to Each House Agreeing Thereto: That the following is hereby proposed sa an amendment to the Constitution of the State of Arkansas, end upon being submitted to the electors of the State for approval or rejection at the next General Election for Representative and Senators, if a majority of the electors voting thereon, at such an election, adopt such amendment, thp same shall become a part of the Constitution of the- State of Arkansas, torwit: SECTION J,. from, and after the adoption of thl» amendment, the term «t office of Governor of the State of Arkansas shall be four years and we Governor- shall not be eligible to succeed himself <; Provided bow- ever, tills amendment shall not apply to the' person elected' as Governor at the General Election to b« held in 1954. SECTION >• After the effective date or this amendment, the Governor shall ba proh,iWte4 from .taMtiK *5 » cllv ? part pr using his office in favor of or «galnst- aflycandtdat* tor or o(fip», General *u, wvy Election, Primary except qnly where the Governor himself Is a >ftn4ld»te. ta wlH9h evwit, he wUl be BiitnprKed to ba. ftettv* in his own behalf, A violation of- this see* Uo» shaU b« a miadoinaanor from wlUoh tbe Governor 0J>aU have, no immunity from arrest, prosecution And IKW-. Vvaa. co»victi««. he 6b«U be fined no? less thaji ff|ve Thousand Dollars ($5.000.00) nor more than Twenty ttwusana Dollars (tto.. and in addition thereto, shall auto* forfeit his efjlcB «nd' the POWM ««\4 w»thority of the ' ia* Bh»U bt Immediately ito Ueutenant Governor conviction shouW f matically chjtiei, Mrs. H. H. McKenzie Hostess'.T-a • ;'j i Wednesday Club < •> - » j' ' M,rs, H. H. McKenzie v/as hos- ess to the Wednesday Brid^'Club at her home on.Tuesday afternoon. Two tables were arranged for the players in the game room which was decorated with arrangements of roses. .-. . -.-._'..-., • --. . J.; v The'high score Jaward: wa's.;.: won by Mrs. ?D. L. McRae Jri'^and' the cut prize by Mrs. ; Edward Brys'qp. A dainty frozen salad course was served at the close of the games. Members present included, Mrs. Guss McCaskill, Mrs. Harold Lewis, Mrs. Allen Gee, Mrs. Dudley Gor don, Mrs. Dallis Atkins and Mrs W. S. Regan. Bridge guests were Mrs. J. R. Bemis and Mrs. McRae Mrs. J. H. Langley, Mrs. Bryson and Mrs. Steele Moore of Dallas were tea guests. Mrs. Nona Matthews is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Jewell Harpei and Mrs. Mattie Bolls in Nashville Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Franks, Jimmy and Roscoe returned Monday night from a vacation in Galveston Texas.' Major and Mrs. Woodrow Gentry and sons, John and Jerry, who have been the guests of Mr. anc Mrs.' Charlie Thomas, left Monday for Washington, D. C. where Majpr Gentry will assume his duties with the National Security Agency. •'•'Mr. and Mrs. T.' H. Duke and Kathy of Little Rock have been the guests of Mrs. Jess Hays. Mr. and Mrs. J. T. McRae re. turned Monday from -Bossier City where they have been the guest o In the 1840's railroads mployed water boys to distribute ice water n passenger cars. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Virden have lad as their guests Mrs. Bill Hall and Miss Mildred Hall of Douglas Wyoming. INDIANAPOLIS IT) Eight- year-old Elsie Mae Campbell, who was left stranded last week by a [ruck driver near Bradford, Ark., 'inally has rejoine.l her mother, Mrs. Florence Campbell, 41, in Indianapolis. The two started hitch-hiking From Texarkana. Ark., last week They became separated, when they accepted rides in separate trucks after the drivers arranged to meet her. Elsi e Mae's problems began when hehr driver put her out of his truck just before he was arrested on charges of drunken driving. The little girl was found by a police officer .crying in tho middle of' a highway. Mrs. Campbell became worried when her daughter failed to arrive for the arranged meeting and appealed to police for help. Elsie Mae arrived here vesler- day on a bus. They now will continue to Bowling Grocn. Ohio the home of Mrs. Campbell's father. Mr. and Mrs. Mike Hartley, Mrs. Pauline Billingsly and Bobby of ulfport, Miss., Mrs. .Ethel Gordon and Mrs. Bill Dunn of Memphis, lave returned to their homes after a visit with Mr. and Mrs. C. .G. Danncr. Mrs. Coy Warmack of Willisville is the gliest of her sister, Mrs. Dallis Atkins. . Mrs. E. M. Sharp has returned from a visit with Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Duke in Little Rock. Friends of Mrs. Collier Johnson will regret that she is ill at her home. Friends of Mrs. Oscar Peachey will be glad to know her condition is reported satisfactory following major surgery at Warner Brown Hospital in El Dorado on Monday. I welcome the opportunity, to serve, you as Lieutenant. Governor, for another term! Sincerely^ Nathan Gordon Pol. Adv.- paid for by • Nathan Gordon. Morrilton Mother, Girl Reunited yesterday that denial of a work permit to the Dominican has beer upheld by tfficials in Washington.) Lando n originally denied the work permit application on Julj 24, because, he said, the part was] "to play a bartender in a Western movie," and "there are hundreds of well qualified actors here f could fill the part." Rubirosa Denied Entrance to U. S. LOS ANGELES (fF) International playboy Porfirio Rubirosa can't ftlay in a film with his current heart-throb Zsa Zsa Gabor, Herman' R. Lan'dt<n, district director of the U. S. Immigration and Nationalization Service, said • Apple Sauce LAYER CAKE with fruit icing • Brown Sugar Fudge LAYER CAKE JOE'S CITY BAKERY 216 S. Main SPECIAL VINE RIPENED TOMATOES ib.ISc * U. S. 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Tuesday in fho home of Mrs. Lloyd Spencer. Mrs. Roy Jones will assist Mrs. Spencer in the duties of hostess. Calendar Friday Sept. 3 The Rainbow Girls will 'have a breakfast at the Masonic Hall on Friday, Sept. 3, from G until 0. Monday Sept. 6 The Hope Band Auxiliary will meet in Cannon Hall on Monday jjfept. 0, at 7:30 p. m. The executive committee will meet at 7 p. m. All parents of band students are members of tlic auxiliary and are urged to attend. Circle 0 of the W. S. C. S. of the' First Methodist Church will meet Monday afternoon, Sept. 0, at 2 o'clock in the home of Mrs. llick Watkins with Mrs. John Gardner, as co-hostess. (jj Mrs. L. U. Tooley will bring the devotional. The .program entitled "Jesus'-Concorii For-Cities" will be presented by Mrs. George Murphy with Mrs. J. C. Ciirllon and Mrs. Dexter Bailey assisting. Miss Roberta Howard will entertain Miss Arthadale Hefner and her fiance, Louis Dean Good of Texarkana, with a dance at the Hope Country Club on Friday ni- it. Guests will be members of the ridal party and close friends of the honored couple. Saturday, Sept. 4 Martin Pool. Jr. will be host at the-r'chcarsal.dinner for the Hefner- Good wedding party on' Saturday night. Sept. 4. Mondny September 6 Circle :i of the W. S. C. S. of the i . __ . ' *r *^***^mi^^ Tho VFW Auxiliary will have its regular meeting on Tuesday night, September 7, at 7:30. All members . .., „ . are urged to attend this meeting 4 p. m. Monday, September 6. >n! Hogtesses will be H ardean Davis First Methodist Church will meet the air-conditioned church basement with Mrs. Carl Robarts and Mrs. Lillian Hamilton as hostesses. I ;tnd Mary Keck. At 4 p. m. Monday, Circle 2 of the W. S. C. S. will incut with Mrs. F. C. Crow. The First Baptist Woman's Missionary Society will have n stale mission day of prayer on Monday. The first session bcnin- nt 10 a. m.; at J2 o'clock a pot lutl: lunch- con will be served, and then ;il ] o'clock the .second session of program and prayer will begin. Wednesday Sept, 8 Mrs. Jack "Brown, president of the Fulton P. T. A., has announced jthc first meeting of the school year »t 2:30 p. m. Wednesday, Sept. 8. at the (school. Thrrc will be an executive mcel- ! inn at 1:30 to discuss plans for the | coining yeniv She urges all members to be present. •. • Mrs. Lloyd Kinard will entertain members of W. S. C. S. Circle •t In her homo on Monday afternoon nt 4 o'clock. Aswintiir; i'»1is. Kinard ;IK hostess will be Mrs. L. K. Poieet. Mondny afternoon nt 0 o'clock the First Bnplisl Inl.ermedir.te 1 ;m<l 11 departments, alons with their parents, will have a picnic at Fail- Park. Thursday Sept. 9 The Ladies Pentecostal Auxiliary is having a meeting at 2 p. m. Thursday. Tliurr.dav Sept. 9 On Thursday the Intermediates "f Hie First Baiitist Church will have an informal bnhauct in the church fellowship hall. Notice ! Mi--;/ W.indle Thompson will teach tli.- LLL class of the First Baptist Main & Country Club Rds. i OPEN 6:30 'FIRST SHOW AT 7:15 « FINAL NITE • OFDISBIO! AUDIE MURPHY DAN DURYEA 'Always a Color Cartoon Saturday Only Double Feature LOOK! * • Bargain Night • A WHOLE CARLOAD FOR ONLY 5UC NO. 1 JOEL McCREA FRANCES DEE CHARLES BICKFORD "FOUR FACES WEST" NO. 2 ZACHARY SCOTT DIANA LYNN LOUiS HAYWARD "RUTHLESS MEN" 'WILD WIFE" CARTOON f SUN. & MON, ; FIRST HOPE SHOWING ...WITH THE fUUMlHQ FURY OF WARRiNO INDIAN NATIONS I Si/' 1. Bugs Bunny N«velty '. ' ; , iLv, tL*'.iu f Tuesday September 7 The Bot:i Rho chapter of the Epsilon Si«ma Alpha will h^u-o llu.'ii- first monthly meeting at 7:150 p. m. Tuesday, September 7, at tho homo o£ Miss Betty Allwhite in Emmet. Poplar Grove Ulfi Woodmen's Circle will hold their ret-iilar monlhly business .mi'etinji on Tuesday nii'.h!. Sept. 7, at the W. O. \V. Hall. All tember 5. on Sunday morning, Sep- Arthadale Hefner Complimented Another pre-nuptial party honoring Miss Arthadale Hefner, was the | bridge party given by Miss Nancy Kay;; on Thursday mornins at the ibonit' of Nancy's aunt, Mrs. Lloyd I Sponcer. ! The living room and the dining ; ivun; IK M arrangements of zinmus n.'Kl dahlias. A corsage of wliite carnations and a gift of crystal were presented the honoree. . High score prize was won by Miss Nancy Shults. A prize wns also won by Miss Roberta Howard. A green and white color motif was carried out in the dessert plate and frosted sodas served to Miss Ann Clayton Booth of Little Rock. Miss Nancy Shults and Miss Carolyn Cox of Fulton, Miss Martha Wray, Miss Caroline Hawthorne, Miss Roberta Howard, Miss Gi- nanne Graves, Miss Sara Lauterbach, Miss Lyla Brown and the honoree. NOT CE The Banks will be closed All Day Moncioy, Sept. 6 LABOR DAY CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK FIRST NATIONAL BANK WMS To Have- State Mission Day of Prayer The Women's Missionary Society of the First Baptist Church will meet at the church for an all day meeting Monday, September 6th. "Tlic Dixie Jackson Mission Offering for State Baptist Missions Causes" will be the title of the clays program. "The Theme is "Land of Opportunity". The morning session will begin at ten o'clock. Mrs. Ben Owen and Mrs. Homer Beyerley will give the devotional meditation. A travelogue of Baptist Opportunities in Arkansas will be given by Mrs. Windlc Thompson. Those taking part in the Parade of Association.il Missions will be: Mi's. Ed Nutt, Mrs. Franklin Horlon, Mrs. Jack Hogg, Mrs. Herald Porlerficld and Mrs. Doyle Rogers. An Arkansas street visit will be given by Mrs. Burnis Gallion and Mrs. George Young. Arkansas Baptist Opportunities Among the Negroes will be discussed by Mrs. S. A. Whitlow and Mrs. Jewell V. Moore, Jr. After a pot-luck luncheon and brief business session presided over by the president, Mrs. Frank Douglas, the following afternoon session will be given: Special music by Mrs. C. M. Rogers, Jr., accompanied by Mrs. Henry Haynes. Discussion of migrant labor missions by Mrs. Koyce Smith. Mrs. Floyd Osbnrn will toll of the work amqiiR 500 deaf people of Arkansas. Mrs. Gus Haynes, Mrs. Arch Moore, Mrs. Fisk, and Mrs. Denver Hornaday will discuss "We Live to Serve." Mrs. Frank Douglas will tell of the new Baptist head- riuarters in Little Rock. A closing meditation and ingathering of Dixio .Jackson Offering will be given before the benediction. Sunday School Lesson By William E. Gllroy, D. D. When one considers work, there is a great deal more than appears on the surface. For one thing, in the Christian conception of St. Paul nothing is secular (I Corinthians 20:31: "Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God"). See also Colossians 3:17, 23. But one cannot associate much glory with drudgery, and it is a little difficult to see anything glamorous or glorious about some minor, routine job performed for hours, day after day, on an assembly line. The spirit in which one's work is performed is important. One may lake some satisfaction in performing his part in the outcome of finished, marvellous products. Like the individual player in a great orchestra, one may think of himself as doing his part in the great orchestra of industry. Also, there Is great compensation in the fact that even monotonous routine lias been offset by shorter hours of labor, which leave the wonder much more time for his family arid the real business of living. Nevertheless, the old debate remains whether work is a curse or "lighting .can take yisafs tttt a n blessing. The original Conception [Woman's age in thevname 1 and suggested that it was something of i off her husband to —"Just as tt improved by borrowing a tricks from the theater. "Property used," she a curse, associated with thorns and thistles (Genesis 3:19: "In the does in a theater. "For one thing, housewives Use l of thy face Shalt thou eat | too many bright overhead lights d"), dooming man to a fateWhy not have a forrtted light sweat bread ... in contrast to the blessedness of hidden under a coffee table? Old- some innocence that he had lost in cr actresses know the value of the "fall." But in the Old Testament that conception Was soon corrected. .To extract from the soil abundance and prosperity became a national footlights they remove the shad" ows from chin wrinkles." Peggy also advocates highlights to bring out new furniture or any „.._ ,..„„„—.* —» portion of a room a hostess wants and social Ideal. A glory was at- to emphasize, soft tights for the tached to work and craftsmanship from the days of Ttibalcain, "an arcas shc ' d rather- have ovt** looked. She also feels wohidtt instructor of every artificer in brass i should have colored lights in the and iron," to the era of temple- "omc mat go Well With their hair building.' ""'' ——-'•'—•-•The Jewish people believed and practiced that every boy must learn a trade.'It was not a mailer of chance that Paul, scholar, phll- and complexion. "For. genuine blanden," she said, "a Surprise pink ~ ' actually- It's n lavender-liver color gives a cool-warm fcling that sets them off bos I. osophcr, Jew and Christian, was a tent-maker, supporting himself! <Uut a brunette.••or. a drugstore by liis trade. blonde, needs a deeper jiink light. 'The blessedness of work, too, be- This als ° trill BS out the blues and came more emphasized and vin- greens in ilresaes, furniture or peries. Labor Day week-end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Phippin. Mr. and Mrs. Roy F. Prathcr and Mary Delia Prathcr of Little Rock, will bo the week-end guests of Mrs. Steve Carrigan, Jr. Mrs. Darlene Plumley and children, Spencer, David and Lana, of Lindsay, Oklahoma, are visiting Mrs. Plumley's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jay Sinclair in L'ewisville, and Mr. Plumley's mother, Mrs. Pansy Plumley in Hcfpe. Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Prossley and daughters, Mary Jo and Carol Anne, have returned to their home in Sheffield, Alabama, after a visit with Mrs. Prcssloy's mother, Mrs. G. B. Morris. ... S T ° DAY & SATURDAY 0 BIG TRIFLE 4 PROGRAM BY REFRIGERATION 'SHE'S GOT THE EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS TO' A NEW GUY... AMD THEY'RE ON THE VERGE OF A MERGE.' ACADEMY AWARD WIWF.R IN"BORN YESTERDAY"! ii Final Chnpto? Of Serial, Gunfighicrs of frhe Northwest' No. 15 —- "Trail's End" & Sylvester Ti:e Cat Color Cartoon SUNDAY and MONDAY SHORTS:,!. Ne*s 2. "Little Puppy" Cartopn Mi's. Edith Johnson Entertained Mrs. Glendon Williams complimented Mrs. Edith Johnson with a pink and blue shower on Thursday night. Mrs. Louise Goodwin directed the games. The last game played led the honoree to a bassinet filled with her gifts. After the gifts were opened the hostess, assisted by Miss Vera Williams and Miss Dorothy Williams, served iced drinks and cookies to 24 guests. Hefner—Good Weddinq Party Announced Miss Arthadale Hefner of this city, and Louis Dean Good of Texarkana, have announced plans for their wedding which will be held September 5, in the First Methodist Church of Hope. Music will be furnished by Luther Hollamon of Hope, organist, and Joe D. Hefner of Dallaa, brother of the bride-elect, soloist. Miss Helen Ray Woods of Dal las, will attend, the bride as makl of honor. Bridesmaids will be Miss Dorothy Ann Jackson and Miss Suzanne Hanner, cousin of the briJe-cleet, both of Atlanta, Texas; Miss Caroline Hawthorne.. Miss Sara Lautherbach of Hope, Miss Dorothy Good of Texarkana, sislor of the bridegroom-elect, and Mr».' Joe D. Hefner of Dalian, sister-hi- law of the bride-elect. Misa Byron Denson Hefner, Jr., of Hope, sister of the bride-elect, and Miss Martiha Ann Fuller of GatesviUe. Texas, cousin of the bride-elect, will be i'unior bridesmaids. Candles will be lighted by Miss Lyla Brown of Hope,. and Lucicn King of Texarkana. r>r. Louis Porter Good of Tex- irkana, will serve his son as best man. Groomsmen will be Gordon Smith of Thomasville, N. C., Richard Herbert Amling of Pana, 111.. Martin P-ool Jr., of Hope, and Ralph Autrey, Henry Moore III, j-wd Howell Mann, all of Texark- Ln&fej S. &£*' 's'U.'S^aite'KVTiB'jluAi'-L.i fes &»£/!foi$ii !,">&- Pat Cleburne Chapter Of U. D. C. Has Luncheon The Pat Cleburne Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy held a luncheon at the Hotel Barlow at 12 o'clock on Thursday. September 2. For the occasion tho table was de- roratod in flags and ivy. Hostiissos worn Mrs. Charles Locke and Miss '/.Kiiobiu Reed of Ozan. Following the luncheon a business meeting was hold with Mrs. H. C. Whitworlh, president, presiding. Mrs. J. j. Battle led in the salut« <o the flags. Mrs. WUhworth announced that the organization was rolebraling its sixtieth birthday. Small donations were taken to be sent to the building fund in Virginia. It was also announced that the state convention would be held in El Dorado, October 28, 27 and 28. Delegates will be Mrs. J. O'Neal, Mrs. Mary Duncan and Mrs. Whitworth. Pages will be Billye Williams and Sandra Robins. Mrs. Jack Atkins had charge of tlie program which was on the life of Admiral Rapheal Semmes. The state president, Mrs. A. E. Slusser, installed the new officers. The new president is Mrs. J. M. O'Neal. There were 20 members and one guest, Mrs, Jimmy Jones, present. Coming and Going Pvt. J3obby J. Phippin, of Camp Arkansas, w ill spend V ^\^^^^^ i '^^M$if' Hospital Notes Branch Admitted: Mrs. Myrtle Sias,' Solomon, Kansas. Discharged: Mr. Edward Chism, Mope. ' Corporal and Mrs. Harvey Foster ot Hope announce the arrival of a baby girl on September 2, 1054. Julia Chester Discharged: Mrs. Rcba Erwin, McNab, Mrs. Dexter Butler and son, Rt. 4, Hope. dicatcd in all that Jesus said. "My . . Father workcth hitherto, and ll. lHn ' a l ' eclhead ™* best colof work" (John 3:17). That work was; 1 , 3 one tliat m thc ^at« 's called what Jesus called His "Father's! 13aKtiinl Atiibcr — a kind of Dinky business (Luke 2:49). It was Chris- >" ellow ' n heightens the glints in linn work, and as such Paul commended it by precept and example. llc !' 1 . Klh ' i . ... Bul W 1 '"* 1 ." a ... . . * taka her . , . But St. Paul's Epistles are full «wn - liusbund is the most altrac- of references and commendations tlvc art ° bjecl m hcr livin S room? concerning work in the daily round of life. He had a message as a tent-maker as well as in the role of an Apostle and Christian leader. He found in work a wholesome activity and discipline. For him it had no clement of curse, and he had no use for slackers and . shirkers (II Thessalonians 3:10). out his , . fiastari A DIAM0 - ^- r * f% 1 Enjoy Our Fine SUNDAY DINNER *Brlnn the family and'; . Dinner Wth u», *Call us for Resar ^ size table reserved* . A We Specialkft'' ^ In Party sefvlee. • • • Cofe& Commuen rrom Page One visling mynterie.-? and hnr--thre« eliins memo into one. Elmer's ears recede into the background. Great little gadget for the hostess loo. Saves her old man arm strain from lighting dinner candles. By turning the knob far enough tho hostess can make the light so dim her guests may suspect how thin the steaks are but they can't prove ft unless they are caddish enough to strike a match and hold it close to the- plate. Peggy Clark, an expert who has supervised-the lighting of 30 Broadway shows,. ranging ..from. "Beggar's Holiday" to "Kismet," thinks most homo illumination could be Pick-up and Delive ONE DAY Beat the heat — ...,. fan repaired at-JOHN36N!§J ELECTRIC. ' , 0 , t *l*3 We Specialize in Heildeni and Commercial Wiring ' .'7',, "t-i*"' JOHNS© SERVlCE-REPfllR Carl Johnson ' .<C4r - WANTED TO BUY NICE, FAT YOUNG _ We need hens now. If you have a laying floc'lf^n) not cull them now, and sell us,yournpn v layei-s?'aA''' would like to buy several hundrccTat".'atV''—-"'" will take what- you have. Call Us for Delivery Date Hope Locker & Processlrtf i SOUTH MAIN STREET';**' f P*"'<?««* ^ f , it', '', x 1 ;^,,^ •P'/M ilj-#*,jt» mm nan -w»np pia. ,mm -..•» rfiS • -i - ""twJ 1 ' '.w^ -fLasaa* • • '^;&' r ^w:M O^tfTbhd -!*®rtM ,-;',-• A'5f^ , t ',J.*' M\5 V"-rv j W •- • 1 ^^'4i',5 . mo^ kave Shoet FORD Advanced Ball-JoM Susperision Highest liade-ih Value VS] Analysis of us«d car prices shqw rBcerit-inodel Fords letuin more of their original cost than any other cor. Scot-a Sheet LOW PRICED Rhe-ca^ V-8 ehqine |NO| Advanced Etyirhq [Tifo| Ball-Joint Suspension jjloj e-fh Value MOl 1 Soo|-e >W PRICED V ' ' - *\ *Vl X '- V ^4& %, /*' -;^rv«l JtfOT | /^V7tf#* YteTf !/ '.-.""&« i * fc " » / / - ' ;*',«''y \ J t j&*! af &&fr ;I| V*^X f f -^V,>t! * UIHO,^** V ,' ' <T?' T 7*W" - \ ' i. i ' • ' j£ > 'sf*''» X s ^-' >v& '^mtawfl*^',^ ' iT *' r ^S *$% •' **\$%*>** The styling and engineering refine- different models , ; , their current- styling trend , , , ments in a 1'esv cars have progressed model cars will puffer greatly by com- , eugineon-ing ad^jjni^.,^,.,^^,^ markedly in recent years. But some parlson and lose a'great deal of the for baiter performance apd'it&M*' cars have fallen behind. When tho trade-in value they should retain urable driving. 30, ,yow, $u} manufacturers of such cars try to normally, • "'the FoM you buy "catch up" by introducing radically Ford has been a leader in setting the its full shape «f Worth more when you kwy it. i i Worth more wh$n you TES'f DRIVE THE CAtt THAT'S TH$ BEST MAI, Wf» Y£A$ * HOPE AUTC. ^^f ?^^P '^9HPP^- ^^W - ^^^^^^^£ ^^S ^^R ^H(|^^ flWP ^^IS^F *|i Phew 74341 If You're Interested in an YOUR

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