Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 2, 1954 · Page 19
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 19

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 2, 1954
Page 19
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A «^*«^f£^ ; ">y -v- -% • ,_/~c,~ BK^/s^^^S H 6 P I S T A ft, H 0 P t, ARKANSAS ASSIFIED Qfflc* Say Before Publication TrtwVattoft wofk. cobb Mftttfeis Co, SotlEb. Washing. Phone Bay* liSO 2.00 2-50 3.00 3,50 wofk. pnper hang- iftg, pluhibirtS, sceptic tanks in country, cement, brick laying. T, L. ChfatnblcBs, -ttox 188, Rotltc 4, Hope, Ark. ' . ' ' 1-31 Funeral Directors Female Help Wonfed , free to work 6 nights a week. Must be at least 18 years 61 age. Apply in person to King's brive-in. 30-6t <sr« lor con- lfr«OU«ir of skip- thd one-doy ra«. odvertlsltio copy Until S p. m. for OAKCREST FUNERAL HOME INSURANCE . , . AMBULANCE ND & HAZEL . , , PHONE 7-2123 AD-1 Mo. . , . reserve fhfe Hoht to I odvertl»em*nt. of' fof BuWleoilflft 'ond to Ob|«ttisnobl« >• odvertlilna s?(SU jfiiif w7*dtt .... .„ or mart it'«f fiflufe* «ucH o»-r -. ' i Humbert count as one word* jpe Star will not b« tespttn- * for effort In Wont Ad« unle«i ore called t6 our oHenHon fIRST Insertion'«« ad and th«n ' ' i ONWheorrect Insertion.-* 7-3431 Jfonuory 1MT 16/192* 1. ?W :,'-;,« .Tlf. m-T4'Sou»)i -Walnut """" '' ly affcfnoon by JNQ CO.' 4 " * Pr««Went- 'Building - ' StrMl Editor-*,»Publlrt»t ditor —«*• Monog« «'o« tccend. class* of . March . ArkoitMi, f ,1B»7, of »*)• >udl»,,Bur«ou:>f. > vance):< in Hopd and nefohborlng & "j STT" "^r:'^5 gj.' "."nil..",'.^.11"'."'."'.'.".' 13.00 na11,«In - Hempstead, Nevada, •fe, Howard, and Miller coun- '" '^" ' 85 ,.., 1.60 ,... 2.60 ..... 4,50 3,25 6.50 13.00 ntotlv«: aruf.^t T^nn.;-i505 Texa» BiaaijWa«as42, Texgsj 360 N. ^• Aj ..CWcaoo.l,,!!!.; W.E. 2, Mich.; ^Oklahoma ,Clty JZ, Thi Asioclatcd Pr«i: Pfess Is entitled ex- use for republlcatlon 1 -—vs fprlnted In this 'fdi all AP ' n«W* BUS §2.00 HOUHLV possible doing light assernWy work nt home. No experience necessary. Write CTftOWN Industries. 7159 Beverly IJlvd., Los Angeles 30, Calif. 1-21 HfiRMDON CORNfiLIUS tiCffitAL ASSOCIATION Largest and,Oldest in South Arkansas. Call 7-5505 for our agents A234 Mo For Sale CAUTION Don't overlook the Pre-Labor Day TIRE SALE "Get a new tire & tube for less than the i-egulaf cost of a hew tire at Oklahoma Tire & Supply ONE Waitress. Phone 7-0941. White's Drive-in. l-3t Real I state for Sate M ONE ttf Hope's nicest neighborhoods. 'this attractive comfortable 3 bedroom home is located on a spacious 90 ft. x 150 ft. beautifully landscaped shady corner lot. With largo living room and djning area, nice kitchen with Inultins ahd breakfast area. Big roomy closets, all In excellent condition. screened 10 x 16 porch is Leaders in the Major Leagues gust like 'a family room. Thn house is. newly painted with n new 20 year roof. An excellent buy for those who want a homo By The Associated PresS AMERICAN LEAGUE Batting Norcn. . Now York, .340; Avila. Cleveland. .33(li Minoso. Chicago. .325; f'ox, Chicago, .322: Bauer, New York. ,311. RUNS Batted In — Uoby, Clove land. 108: Berra, Now' York, 102- Minoso, Chicago, 101; JcnSeh, bos- ton. 97; Mantle, New York, D4. , Home Runs — Doliy, Cleveland 28; Mantle, New York, 20; Williams. Boston, 24; Hoson. Clove land and Sicvers, Washington. 22 . Stolen B.ises — Jensen, Boston 20; Minoso, Chicago. 11: HiVera Chicago, 15; Fox, Chicago, 13 Busby, Washington. 12. " '' Pitching (10 Decisions) —Corisuo sra, Chicago, 1C-!!, ;!!42;' 'Lemon Cleveland, 20-5, ,f!00;"F ellcr, Cle veland. 11-3, .780; Morgan and Reynolds New York, 10-3. .761 Strikeouts — Turlc-y. Bftllirnoro Musial. St. Louis, 34. Stolen 8a§es —Bruton Milwaukee 28; Fondy Chicago log Tcmtl )le Cincinnati, clug Moon, St. ..ouis. 16; Jablonski, St. Louis, 9. Pitching (10 decisions )••>- Antonelli. Nexv York, 20-3. .!17n,- Hughes. Brooklyn 8-2, .800; Loes. Brooklyn 11-3. .786; Nuxhflll, Cincinnati, 9-3, 750; Wilhelm, New York 9-4. .692 Strikeouts "- ttadcliv. St. Louis. 155; Roberts, Philadelphia. 154; Erskine. Broklyn. 144; Antonclli, Mew Yo'rU, 120; Spahh. Milwauke, 118. Railroad lank cars Used for various purposes may be lined with lead, nickel, rubber, wax, zinc, tin 300 Scheduled to Die Labor Day CHICAGO (UP) The Notional Nashville Evens Series WithHope The Legionnaires took a fl-5 de _.. .,._ — , foal at the hands of the Nashville I if statistical probabilities hold true.jmost ' * t. i ~ . ... . 1 -I ,~- n »M r. It.-., 11 11 fjnfl i^o»> *tct1*£J Safety Council estimated today that 300 persons will be kidded intraf- fic accidents during the Labor Day weekend. tlnimfny, Seplfiiitb'pr ?.'. 1054 Extensive trios on high sped rural roads increase your risk. if you do go sorr-.owhoie, start in plenty of time so you won't be templed to hurry and l.ake chances. Keep your speed about the same as other cars on tho roaci. Pas On the basis of past records and! infi and being passed is one; of the j: dangerous 'hii;hwny mancu- Cubs last night in Nashville in the second game-of the playoffs of the Little River Valley League. The Legionnaires and Cubs will square off 'for the final game in Nashville On Friday night. • this would menn about 12.000 per sons will be injured. Ordinarily, the council said there are about 35 injuries for every fatality. The council's estimate covers the period from G p. m. Frriday to vers. or midnight Monday. The council offered eight "lips" '!or motorists who want to cscn.no death or in- Juniler is 07,000 miles in diahiet- jury: S er ' , Stay close to ho'.iK- if you can. HUNTING SEASON is just around the corner. Get your BB GUNS now. Western. Auto Associate Store close to Uptown and grade school: 14S ; Trucks. Chicago. 13:5: Wynn, Liberal financing available. Lo- Cleveland, 128; Pierco. Chicago, cntcd at 319 North Elm — shown 1940 FORD, radio, heater, airfoam cushions, ..undercoat, Phone 7-3776. .new tires. 28-6t I'M'"dividing my bearded iris. Choice rhizomes 1 'from ten cents to $1. Arthur Gray, Ozan, 28-Ot radically new inner-spring mattJess and springs. $25. 204 N. Hervey. Roy Johnson. 31-3t REFRIGERATOR, 'gas stove and furniture. Call 7-4555. 31-6t by appointment only. % BLOCKS from uptown, we can offer a bargain to a big family. Nine, big rooms and hali, 2'/ z baths, screened side porch, 100 x 200 ft. lot, plenty of storage and all furnished for only $6,500.00. Could be converted into 3 apartments. Financing available. AT 600 North Washington, this three bedroom home has a new roof and recent paint job. Located on largo shady corner lot in a nice quiet neighborhood, it is a real bargain at.only $3,750.00. Can be financed. •'.' FOSTER REALTY COMPANY PR. PHONE 7-4691 31»3t REGISTERED Guernseys.' Bred heifer cows, bull calves. Hale Guernsey Farm. Prescott, Ark. l-3t GOOD, gentle saddle horse. 'Sad- "dle and bridal included. Phone 7-3761 or 7-2437. Cline Franks. Good Used ' TELEVISION SETS „ „•„."»;. Real Bargains at 7" J'AI^E'SCAFE 'Washington, Ark. 2-Ot t do'cke?* .spaniel: old, S^meese" West -df "Ozan, Highway 4. BEAUTIFUL two-story homo . on 80 acres. Joins city limits. Will sell home ahd 13 acres. Good terms. RANCH type two bedroom home on 8 acres, in city limits. Good price. ONE of the best black land farms in County. Small down payment, balance 20.years. 5%. COMBINATION farm,and ranch on highway 07, 10 miles Hope. Gooc grass and two overflowing wells Good price, smnlLdown payment, balance 20 years.-5%. J30 ACRES on Highway No. 4 neai Airport.'$35.00 per acre. -SOUTHWESTERN .REALTY & "•INSURANCE CO. HIGHWAY 07 ,:EAST. PHONE 7-44oa , , :;' •-'•!,. 1-3 2-3t' Help Wanted N'S BODY SHOP 'Singer Machines DO'YOU want spare time work? Man -or woman, young or old. don't .waste your time, it is valuable.' Supplement -your income or, pension,,. Diversified interesting wofk. No selling or soliciting. Operating route of new type venders. Accounts established for you. To qualify' must 1 have good character references, 5 to 0 hours a week to devote to the business, * $475 ' to $950 working capital required, which is fully secured:- If you can start at once, and have, the above quqlifications, write to Box 80, Glenwood, Ark., give phone number for prompt , |n,t ervlew - i-et Etf-BO* toeaMHj^-"" "• ' »? lj f 1 ?W T" Tf • ^6vda^ft^ci)f-week ;*t,*Qpej>8tQrs'. . . MoctelJames PKilco Air-Conditionen One of Arkansas' Mott Complete TV Repair Shopi .ALLEN ELECTRIC CO. -phone 7.2629' 114 8, Elm 20; Harshman, Chicago. 115. NATIONOL LEAGUE Batting — Snider, Brooklyn, •34G; Musial, St. Louir, .343; Mays '•few York, .342; Mueller, New York, .334; Kluszcv/ski, Cincinnati, 327. Runs Batted In — Musial, St. ,ouis, 117; Snider and Hodges, Brooklyn and Kluszewski, Cincin- lali. 110; Ennis, Philadelphia, 100. Home Runs — Kiui/.ewski, Cincinnati, 41: Mays, New York, 39; lodges, Brooklyn and Sauser, Chicago, 35; Snider, Brooklyn and AMERICAN Cleveland New York Chicago Boston Detroit Washington Philadelphia Baltimore LEAGUE \V L Pet. GB 93 37 .720 91) 41 .687 W, £fi 41) .042 10 57 7'j .430 "37 57 74 .435 37 r,4 70 .415 40 44 87 .336 50Mj 43 90 .323 r.2!i Yesterday's Results New York 4, Cleveland 1 ] Washington 4. Detroit 0 Boston 7-3, Chicago 2-6 (Only Games scheduled led) TODAY'S GAMES Cleveland at New York • Detroit at Washington ,f Only S games scheduled) Notice NATIONAL "MEN if you are willing to give up your 'holiday to investigate this opportunity you may be the man I am looking for. I am prepared, to -teach eight neat appearing, intelligent'men a business where they ean expect to earn better than $100,00 per week with no layoff iperiod. Must be willing arid able to work eight'hours daily, six days a week. This is no soft .job,: but you are well paid for \Vhat you do. We. prefer married men with cars between the ages of 25 and 55. If you i'uel you can qualify, please write to Sales Manager, Martin-Parry Corp. P. O; Box 1222, El Dorado, Ark. for an appointment." 1-Gt PARENTS interested in kindergar- New York Brooklyn Milwaukee Cincinnati Philadelphia St. Louis Chicago Pittsburgh LEAGUE W IJ Pet: GB 82 ten schpl?!,; Phone 7-3079. South Shovel St., 2-3t For Rent TOP'S "^•liwU 1 * * H, E. Luck Highway-67 West LUCK'S USED FURNITURE CO. "" Edge Pf Pity UmlU Weit 50 Gallon Water Barrels for Sale Phjne 7;4381 Hope, UNFURNISHED 4 room duplex. P'rivaie bath and entrances, Gar age. 801 S. Main, Phone 7-5837. •-:•-. 26-6t UNFUrtNiSHjBD 3..room apartment Private bath. Rent reasonable, 1311 West Avenue B. Phone 73696. 30-Gt 2 ROOM furnished apartment upstairs, 'Close-in. Bills paid, Mrs J. W. Turner, 418 S. Elm. 31-3t pairs. Mew and Parts. 67 W«»t 7-2767 H»pe, Ark, Inter Mini At CUSTOM SLAUGHTERING Beef put and wrapped for deep freeze. Beef for Deep Freeie g5 to 35 cents, Ralph Montgomery Mkt, Phone 7-3361 79 75 G.'i 00 00 50 40 43 r>2 54 07 71 71 70 no .cm .003' 3'Xj ;581^ 3Vi .4S2M8 .465 21','-, .458 23'/> .424 27 .348 .37 Yesterdays Rosults Clucago 9, Brooklyn 5' Philadelphia 5, St. Louis 2 Cincinnati 9, New York 7 Milwaukee 3, Pittsburgh 1 TODAY'S GAMES Brooklyn at Chicago' Philadelphia at St. Louis Only games scheduied> COTTON STATES LEAGUE (Play-Offs) ' ,' ~ . . W L :: ; Pct. Greenville 4 .lj;KBOO Meridian 32 .600 El Dorado -2. 3 .400 1 4 Monroe .200 Yesterday,'s Results Greenville 6, Monroe 1, (Greenville wins best of seven playoffs series 4-1) Meridian 9, El Dorado 6, (Meridian leads 3-2 in best of seven series) Today's Games Meridian at El Dorado (Only Play Off Game) 2 ROOM furnished apartment, private entrances, garage, adults preferred. Phone 7-2119. 1002 West . Ave. B, 31-3t FIVE room furnshed home. Apply Middlebrooks Grocery, Phone ,7- MATTRESSES Piy Ssrvlst DAVIS Fwrnlturt I. Mottwi Cy, 3791. 31-3t THREE room apartment, nicely furnished, bills paid. 204 Bonner. 1-tf THR.EP room unfurnished apartment. Private bath and private entrance. 408 E. 3rd. St. Phone 7-35530. l-3t F.QUU room house, unfurnished. Large garage, nice yard. 112 W. 18th. Phone 7-4426. 2-61 Fights Last Night BytTHE ASSOCIATED PRESS ALBUQUERQUE, N M Art Aragon, 148, Los. Anaeles, stopped eWWNWBTHN SHAMS SOUTHERN Atlanta New Orleans Birmingham Memphis Chattanooga Nashville Little Rock Mobile ASSOCIATION W L Pcf. GB 90 58 .608 . 89 HS .605 M. 78 06 .542 10 75 72 .510 14'/. 70 74 .486 18 02 85 .422 2V'-i 62 85 .422 27'.:, (iO 88 .405 3(1 Yesterday's Results Chattanoga 6, Memphis 3 Atlanta S, New Orleans 1 Little Rock 9, Nashville S Mobile 10-4, Birmingham 5-13 Today's Games Little Rock at Nashville Birmingham at Mobila Memphis at Chalanooga New Orleans at Atlanta. M'NOR LEAGUE By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS American Association y^ Toledo 5 Columbus 2 . $ Indianapolis 7, St. Paul O* * LouisviU9 10, Charleston 0 Minneapolis 9, Kansas City 7 Western Leaoue Denver, Pueblo 1 Wichita 3, Colorado Springs Des Moine? 7, Lincoln •« „ Omaho 4. Sioux City 0 ft-' Mario Trigo, 142, Ciuillo, Mexico, Philadelphia •— Geovga J[ 140, Philadelphia, outpoiut wod Pavis, H3. WiUadelph fi. West Haven, Cpjirv- -Jerry Luc? RODEO • RED FOLEY • FREE Yall Come! SCHOOL KIDS DAY Monday Sept. 13 AH Schofll Kl(',l Admitted to the Folrgroulids COME EVERY ClillUron 6 Admission to Grounds fs^il rnAhll/HM CUniAfC AMERICA'S CLEANEST DON FRANKLIN SHOWS MIDWAY SHOWS tu^xi-S-SLIDES-SWINGS-SHOVVS-lOO ATTRACTIONS RADIO-TV STAR FRI. SEPT. 10, SAT. 11 AT 8 P.M. The famous star In person with TDRL1N HUSKY - your counlry cousin, PETE STOMP HU. .PORTEIl WAGONER and the OKLAHOMA WKAXGLERS. FREE SHOW DAY H CLUB .GRANDSTAND 5 Ble Vaudeville acts Sunday and Monday at .8 P.M. In front of arena grandstand FREE if you get your tickets from j-our favorite merchant downtown Tcxiirkuna. HOMER 5 DAYS-Tues. 14th thru Sun. 18 at 8 p.m. Champion rldcra and rodeo prrformcr* - Wild Lulls. Hacking liorsts. Riding mid roping - Thrills and spills. TL cirrmcTC HIGH POLE ACT The SIEGRISTS WITHOUT NET .Toe »nd Beue In n thrilling chilling spine tingling r.ct lilsli-up "" ] ° ALL'FREE! 2 SHOWS NIGHTLY 7 and 10 P.M. -BIG PARADE:4:00 P.M. FRI. SEPT. 10 - MERCHANTS DISPLAYS - LIVESTOCK EXHIBITS STARTS 4 STATES FAIR GROUNDS TEXARKANA 10TH ** Hie name that • MOW ty p|u$ {ax and your old tire, size 6.70/15' BLACK SIDEWALL . , ONLY $16,29 WHITE SIDEWALL FORMER LIST PRICE $23,80 FORMER W/B LIST $29.20 /orW-Fompu^ Fqctory^Ntw, RpyqUQuolity I Tiri Air Ride principle originated >y r> U,f , Rubber. A genuine U, S. Rpy«l- for the first Jime «t this prke, , •O HOPE AUTO CO. Phont YOUR FORD PEALER fQfc QVER 30 YEARS HOPE, ARK, W, Thursday, SeptemW &.' 1954 BLONDIE HOPfe STAR, HOP i, ARKANSAS f .,_ to* BECAUSE S TH6 COFFEE IS IN WHY IS IT THE OATMEAL JAf?,-)( ALL MIXED I KNQWJUST ,~J_X \~ up? WHERE EVERY-. THING is AP TER PEOPLE AR6 V ISN'T THERE D MARRIED AS LONG <^SOME.WAYOF ALWAVS GEf MIXED UP THIS WAV ING IT ALL OUT If CM* YMI* OZARR FHECSNL.V WAV II WOULD BE TO GET A DIVORCE, GET MARRIED • AGAIN AND START IN ALL OVER Animal Antics Ah«wer to Previous Puizle" OUT OUR WAY By J. R. William* ACROSS 65 Abstract being' 1 Large; shaggy- 66 Communists haired • DOWN mammal j signalling 5 Feline . dev ice creature 2 Great Lake 9 Carnivorous 3 Requests i« mam , mal 4 Staggers la « »i 5 Fondles —— ——• -• ' 14 Domestic slave « £ rult <M nk 28 Female sheep 47 Shop ' ISCorw 7Rings ' asabe11 <P>-> ' « South IBlTnitn* 8 Spotted 30 Important American ! reluctance animal metal 'ungulate i 17<Bread sDread 9 Sma11 lsland 31 Hindu 50 Wfl s borne. I id Man's narrU 10 Heavy blow .garment^ 51 Asseverate I •20-VictlmS^f • H Beginners 32 Exude, 52 East Indian . j .1 letttev- ' 19 Persia•'.•'' 35'Fur-bearing 'Island :• , ',. , H ^*J ' ' O1 f^.t"Att\r' liStts-i** nv^in^ntr- /turn CM f~\** ..'u...: ^_1.~ " ! mother , 29 Get up 33EVer (cpntr.) 34 Tidings ; 36 Small draft 37. Mutilate 39 Soothsayer ^1 Boundary (comb; form] 42 European .• ' ermine 44 Capuchin ;.. monkey 45 Louse egg 46 Short-napped" fabric 48 Land parcel i 50 Rodent j 53 Kind of type ' 57 Ellipsoidal 58 Egg (comb. '"• forr/i) : 60 Brazilian state 61 Remove 62Op.erated iWCWlled 64 Goddess of . disnbrd' CARNIVAL 21 GreekJetter, 24 Dress edges words) fabric 25Chair . 38.Taws. 55Ang|ere.d^ : ' j 26 Group of 40tumtjit '56 Vulgar.iellows i singers 43 Oriental porgy 59 Mover's' ; truek ; ft w WE WOULD KICK OVEfe THEIR CTAM OF FISHIMC-i WORMS THEVDyELL THEIR, HEARS OFF--I'LL BET THEV HAVE MI •[* fc--i—.i ifii^./ r IA^> iiiilv'EM COUMTED.' WHV MOTHERS. GET (SEAV OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoopte By Dick Turner T. M. R»I. U. S. Ptt. Olf. - L> Copr. 195^ by KEA SiryTct, Ini. AROUMDTHIS TOTT5RIMSI BARRACKS 'MY FEET ARE FLAM \ VSlELLjHAMb ' THE LUCKiV X ALOWS' MV SUIT Hi-EPHAMT 6UMB FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershbergei . ."Dprii't mind the waiter, J. C.t—he's listened in on —.,,._.. y of :our conferences the board made him a visg,president}'' SIDE GLANCES Py Gplbroith '• >»M to ttf* JHr«i«f. |»«. T. M «•« W «. PI 'I don't »«9 why ypu don't vyant to g9t m»rrl««k-yeu'H bl plinty loniisim following » o»r»tr Uk« thli!" " w w « . ,"| Ipist ir»y husband and she found him! Now what <J9;l!;<ip1 SWEETIE PIE By Nodine SeUer "Bpn't worry^he 49|»n't bits!" VIC s ^j*M \f6LLfe, It SOUNjSfc TO MB Vl i eufc mu wBAsa. WASH TUBBS ICAM'f »E PUT AS KCJOVV THS CM CERTAINLV WORLDS ROOM Y6^. J THE P1ACB COULP TAKE C&R6' , A t3R6r\T I OF A FEW TOUplBf^! Y eUE&W.y I COULD FLYt'enVM:: ••on. i " vTwrib' up to,*! t HM^V-\roophfem BOOTi AND HER BUDDIES BUGS BUNNY ALLEY OOP _^ ma ^ K y lf ^»y;lj^y'.^E'J mm • '-: : A : - V;; S;"^y.',' • ;'• 'i;r:/W- ( i^^1:t^ •'.."•' ••••.'••"••-- '• -^'.-^.••v^'.v.^..-v:'t.^;.ffei^.j.';, ,.:..'yyy;fetfa^w-^:v^^.v>i'^bt : i;a.;.te^^yj^iS^ AtkTOIg^UFr^^al^HI .KTC MK$ ftwnncv/sJ.^MEEiii HIXRY '•''''••.^^•f : '•;••*•• "••';' i ^ : *^!iK?^ STORY OF MAirrHA WAYNI SHORT - ; "' ^i'-'^^ifS^^^^-^^^i^MI^^^MM^^K AW4-W5

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