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Tuesday, October 20, 1896
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Always Lead, Never -THIS- Our First Grand Fall Opening Salje Will Be Continued All Next Week. uji :•. ':-;••.?!.>?. To .eeonimodate tbe pay day customer, who haven't had an opportunity to get some of their .Next week will be ipeoial dres§ goods and cloak week. , ' I Ladies-black kersey cape, a beauty, only '|a»L«8 Ladies* handsome double cape, bouele or Kersey cloth only Ladies heavy all wool cheviot Jackets, only DRESS GOODS ,'•,-• ' . . -c:j ; ; _ Double width illuminated Persian effects, only , i«c yd .('.:) 40-inch black silk and wool Secilleon, only 19-inch all silk velvets worth $1.00 yard, only And many bargains we haven't space to mention, Remember this sale lasts all -next week; GOLDEN RULE 30s The Globe We Have Won • The Hearts of The People. The Glofce is already recognized as Logausport's most foremost Men's end Boys Outfitters We are deeply grateful for the unbounded appreciation of our efforts by tfcejpubllc. We shall endeavor to always merit -tine esteem and con- fiden*e with which' our fellow cit'zcus have sa abundantly honored us. In testimony of oar gratitude and to thoroughly in- t.oduce our finest grades of equal to anstoin -made Garments, we offer as as follow* Men's Plaid Salts $8.00 Newest novelty • All-Wool Cheviots Thi» peerless cCer is for one' week «nly beginning tomorrow and. end-. Cbrner 4th and Harket. Tbe§e SuitB are AH-Wool, Winter weight, made up by Artist Tailors Men's Plaid Salts $8.00 Fashions Craz,e, Perfect Fitting, Every element of fineness that goes into highest grade cut-to-order garments i» in these sulU There here Black and Blue Men's Beaver Overcoats ..These -arc fasMotmJbly cut amd well wade Overcoats, wwnnunted to fit, to '. wear amd *o hold color. WelE let you be «he Judge of «tolr value, • $5 All Wool Black & Fancy Cheviots Hen's Suits. An excepttania'lJy well woven dhevlot, moid« up especially for pur paltroas, amd duplicated olt the prices nowbepe on thite pOaaet. We warrant them fast color*. To delight the Boy».*nd thetr Mothers we will sell Knee Pants at 15 Cents «tr» good weight, oeat patterns, for boys' aged 4 to H. • lie'GWe; Tte Globe Corner Fourth and Market Streets. PROTECT YOUR EYES. The Hlrchberg Optical Co., Tbe wWI-Known Spsclallsts ot tf«w torlc kiva ap D. A. H A.CK a> agent for their celebrated SpeotMlM and Kje filum, ererr pair Ku*nntaed. D. A. HACK ba* compleM ontortment and Invite* all to tatUfr themselves ot the great suparlorltj of.these goodsover anr manutactared, at tae utore of D, A. HA0K, Sole ageot for Logaonpoit Ind. No P"ddler» Supplied. $20.00 Will Buy a TALKING PRICES THE PILLING PRICES MAKE BUSINESS GOOD AT 412 BROADWAY. * *. *' Women's nice seamless rubbers, new Good .Winter Suit i ^ p ^ ^ ^ ; 96 . .^ OF- W.D. CRAIG, 436 Broad way i Second Floor. And stiH the rutto iDkavaaes at the Trade Palace. Kg wile.' WJ M. Kenney, o* Bocihester, Is In ,. Dela-ware «nn«iiy .t'Ws week. Bead the Bee Hrre ad and attend the joputar price flipeatog this week. Ttopular pitidtt sale ;ln our wrap de- Kartonent aU fchto weelc.— Tbe Bee Hive. ,TV*i1» aioaarcii. shirts worthi ?2.00 tsrg# «to«» 75c:— A. G. . Jeniklnes, ' . :Don't ml«s those $4.08, $7.60 and $0.08 JacikeU: Thfy are genuine PKilace. Women's storm seamless rubbers, aa good as some ask COc for. Price... .28c . • •• • • . Women's Arctics, nice new goods, good value at $1. Our price 50c Women's klcT button shoes, patent tip, nice pointed toea, medium heeli. Prloe - .8»c Women's'satin calf.'.button «hoe»; a good serviceable winter shoe. Price 98c Women's VJcl kid button BOOM, patent leather tips, nice drew »hoe. 'Price ....'..:........;'.... .*8c Infant's embroidered leather moccof sins, jtwt the thing for-the little one*. Price ............................l»c Men's rubber ovewihoes, nice new goods; a bargain. Price...........86c Also please se«> our line of fine drew shoe*. The most styllih and be»t fit* ting goodg ever brought to Logansport Line W. Pilling, 412 Broadway. CBAIRMAN Issues a Ringing . Appeal \t to: Democrats....-. ; CAN'T VOTE FOR BRYAN Electors Not Nominated by Dernb- • - - ; . . crats. . .. ,, j' Democrats Absolved From all .Allegiance. :'' i - R. Holt,'dlinlii i mn'n.:of the Danwcwrtjc; State Central commit-.- tee-unitll.-afew days ago, whan-;he.son.t' tii lite resifiina'ilon, has seat .out a.'letter 'to Democrats jof 1 t!he 'State docjfljrin^' his opposl't'to'n? to Mr. Bryan:''The;let- iter, 'white-it-Will not create a sensation';', equalto'thait caused to «Mr.'-Sl»eeriii's- vigorous Declaration, wtll .cause tfwra- saridis of iemiocra-ts to realize <tjhBt au.'l effort -Is really being made to turnithe.- entire' party, machinery arid 'alli.-.'over. *o the PopBiltots. The State •'' Central- ooramiMJtee, under thfe load of'Ohailrman Maitflp,> aucceeiaied Mr,. Holt, placed' five Populist electors on,tho.ticket; -and: remover'five Democrats. , JVfartilB. ,1!he"n lfled" the electors In fnll'aslboilttg: nomflaa'ted by the Democratic: <MmvBfltlon.. The P«puJtet 'jshalr^- imian did the .same, -a-nd this Is tho elec- ItcmU ticket tbait pc«mo<a-ats: on<| Poptr-' lists are asked to vote tor. . It m!l|glhlt.ibe Added that *he com*lta<a.tion' hs eduBBy.'. 1 obnoxious to the Populists,'anid'';thejr also ratuse'to support''.!*.'-' v ' v: '' i 'j air. Holt's latter will; mowoiw'9 Journal.' ; '"' : ; THREE FINE MEETINQS. Sound Honey Speakers Cordially Treated by Country Voters. 'JLihere was a good ami hospitable' Kjpowd aAvuiting Judige D. Bv McConndl!. and AWy Goo. Gflralble at Amoka last inSSht. Thc^cliool buKdl'ttff was filled.. AT* refimintoed dnjrlng the ialg, and tsherewere many .tW-ngB ;to noake thta imeottag one of the most 'IIK ! tereslfilmig focomtlly iveW In that -part :6£< itlhe countj'. Mucih. good wafi. accoj])- iptlslheitl. ;• ••'•'.. . .' '•• ..-';•- \ . present wlGMn : the:.soh6ol house .'to hear Mamtln A. Quinn talk on SouinU 'sioneiy, and about.that fnramto.e'r iflaffled to gain a'dmiu».n<;<>. ,Tbe.'.band> was .oult.and; made good^Bttr; patriotism, 'WlJlch -was kept warm b.,y;. •the'AmGricani-" utiterances ;-of,- 1 th«.:tlo-' qiwsnt nod 'forceful young speaker, n it: ^ias one;of .tie fcest inieeittng» evor helidi at ClijTmeTisi, and good 'auithorWes-s that . mucbi^gipod was done.; - ,-.',•. .-• -.w flle scbpol 'hpuee at .. New .W.av was crowded, last ' . night., when;- '*he Sonata/. Money speakers,; S. .T..'M«O«n; well, Fra^ ^Swigiart nnd-Jo'hji'O. Me;Gire^or, arrived for the meelttng ;to).tU4' cause" «f 'M'CKlniley, .The people could nfat all find seats.Many stox)d'.«ndothera werev'statloned iat-d«x>rs and-wlfldow^ dtuniog itbe(entlr e •'. meeting,;. wlilcib-'W.i •fuM ; of'<(8Dt!btslasin' ofld' good/ ..for...*lits 'cause '.ot - Miss 'class '• a pleasant, eyealnit; j . night. Is the Situation as Viewed From All Sides. ricKinley is Sure of Three Hun- '",'\dred and Two Electors. Some Specimens of the Vicious- L '- : "neis .'oii the Popocratic Managers. Cuicngo, 111., Oct. 10.— Special.— With increastod vigor the dosing -foiltmaght In the campaign' wns entered upon at the RepuWtean N'lrtJonttl Jieadquarters today. The leaders were, very much enfcouraged 'by Tol'Ograni» from alml08t ( oveiy 'section of the cmmiry, conflnn- .Jj>g.*helr esW'mnte of 302 electoral votes certain for McKInley and Hotoa-rt, given to the public througli yestxjrda.y morning's 'newspapers. _ A number of telegrams Jiavo 'been received from states that were hereto•'{•ore -vcignrdcd as somewhat doubtful,. •assuring the committee of tlMdr elcc- ^•toral votes. . . Every elcm-enlt of doulbt thjit might. luiive etttei'ed 'iiito the tabulated state- meult -maJciBg i»p the 302 electoral votes was 'eliminated by tlio tol'eigrams an4 •nssnraraces received. The reports In- di-eatod in every instance, great encout- agenieot, renewed efforts, aod splendid progress. The reports from the Pacific slope states were especially gratifying, TJvey showed thiat raipld gains have been made since the speakers scut out liy 'the 'Republican National commiltitee invaded' 1 tliait fldd. Reports from states, south of tuo .Ohio rivxv, which laave formerly given.' their -votes to the ^fat•.ODal ticket, are equally , «nd assure McKInley ana Hobart itUc eledtorall' vot»s of \Vcet Vlr- , Kentucky u.n<l probably North and Teiiuessoe, wltii more tba» ari oven finance in> Mtssoutii. -There" -Is giw;a : t activity itoUay among nUnois Kqi^blicans and Sound Money Democrats to preparation for Illinois day nt Canton. All Indications point ito nii enormous ontipourtoig of. people from this. state on W-ednesd'ay. One Jinterestlng fcalture •!» the ]toge.proporUon of Democrats wlio will be there. ' . - Reportw received -today fi-aai West- .«r n aiind same Soutbern states Indicate great dlssaitilisfaction among the Popu- IJsts'.fToim the itrtiatmen* that 'has been "niecordcd'T-hcHaas Watson in ursing his retlremeiat f rom tlie Xational Popocrai- .tC 'tlieket There te evMenice tltat th« geniiilinie Populiate 'w'ill now support McKInley and Hobart. Reports 'have I'-ateo been, received from Central ana some Southern 1 states Indicating an increased dtetetrminia'tio'n on tlie part of ISound Money Democrats to secure, the defeat of Bryaii, amd their coTuma Is .steadllly giMiwlag 1 In 1 volume and ac- tlvitiy.- - - - Something of sensaition. was created 'iii!t' the Republican National headquar- 'ters this afternioon by tbe receipt of n publication now betag cn-culated In ipamiphlleit form as Hrom-it:he South) pma- Ihn. (Neb.) Daiily Sun 'of October 1st and 3d, .,1806, which isuppoits Bryan and Sowall, vilcl'oiisly attacking the Indlvld- ''jai members of General Alger's. party "of "'old soMlers. The. article refers to th'e gonewiis as "A carload of old bummers, called generals, -now touring the couaitry at the exponse of Haniwi, tell•Ing the -people how to vote." -Deslgnat- tog them) as 'ISkinners" and: "Those Wued-'ipups styling themselves generals, Wh'o Wave sold every atom of mannood did! possess." And again, a lot of old secona-linBid, run- bummers living off the- people," etc. .-Information has been ocecedved thai *hr6ug(hont the West -another another is -being circulated to thle form of & Wtiter wrJititan by Samuel 'I. .Press- a«yi '<if 'Bodtou, allegtog that Mr. Hanoa ritnlted to him Dhat M McKtaley -was etl ths etandlmg army wfll be 1n- tireasei about. 250,000 men; that strikes aikt'rfoite will toe suppressed by force of arms,, and .that Jalbor wlU ,be regulated by ,«hie'. bayonet; Chal-rmajn, Hon- ua of course denounces thite oa felse in '&y- respect. • . : .' Tlite "Grip of Gold,' aderedlited to the UMitten '••••Plnandal News, whlfch 1 tos rfbeen' proven''to 'be a forgery; th« F6r- ; sytBe letter to B. 0. Beit of Ft Wayne, lad.; already: denounced OB a "fake," amd: the repeated ^seentlons '. ttoat \-em-. •ptoyerii are coercing empJoyes. are ag'aifa^ibefling.ptwhed. to the fwmft by.'ttio •Bryaio^inajniagers as & ladt 1 resort to ar: 'ray;... labor against employers.; : . It i& Not Oiir Fault been paying too much for your clothing, hats and furnish- but you need not do 11 'any longer. ..'. We told you in. the 'beginning tha t we intended selling clothing cheaper than ilt'lias -been'sold heretofore, and 1 f you will-call and see what we are doing, and get our pi-Ices, you will not w the business we are doteg. Ask somo one that has beon< here—the y won't be hard to flnd—what the NEW AND UP-TO-DATE OLOTHIN G HOUSE is doing. It takes dashing amd luustl'img to pluck tradie from old 11 no competition'; that Is wbat we have done, and arc still -Im the f tvuy to maim ait the victory. MEN'S SUITS • ••'•--. ..V<"-';-< •-• . At $4.50 and $5.00. .The $5.00 suits come lid black Cheviots also. - •; Men's-all -wool suits at $7.50; in" this line:"you. ftnd powerful val- : ' ues; other-houses" price, $10.'00. $10.00 SUITS •• .:•'•- our hoiwe mean. the.6a.ine suits, only better fitting, made and , trimmed, tlmt the cheap tailors charge you $13.00 for. • ' •'.'•-• -* - - . . • • •TJ/^T^fl'-'-OTTTT^fll • - - . • • - • • JDVII D D U1 J. B ' Ages 4 to 14 yairs, from $1.00 and upwards. KNEE PANES from -25 'cents up. ,••-".-'BOY'S LONG PANTS SUITS.; • $4.00 and up; ages 14-to 19 years. ' • ' > " -. • T MEN'S WORKING SHIETS, 25c .iiu<l up. Tlie best unlaundricd shirt in Lopansport for the money, 35c each, or 3 for $1.00; EXTRA HRiVY WORKING PANTS, from 75c up. , ONE PRICE ONLY. To one a.ud sill, ami tliat the lowest to be found anywhere. , . Call ood get our prices. :-: THE HUB :-: Berwanger Bros & Co., Successors to HARRY FRANK THIS 15 YOURS. We'want'yon to understand that-we are running this laundry for you and that your wishes are to be regarded In every particular. We wlfl give you Jurt exactly what you want if w« can find out what that ta. Perhaps you believe that it Is Impossible to have your laundry work liandled-without Irritation and annoyance. We are sure that you are mistaken. Hay we bare an opportunity of demonstrating it? HADLEY BROS., Eoccesion'to Campbell Bros. MISS MAB ALVA MESSENGER America's Most Brilliant Young Harpist, with the Clara Schumann Ladies Orchestra at First Baptist church Wednesday evening October 21. Vader the auspicies of the R. R. Young Men's Christian Association. . ADDITIONAI. LOCALS. Fresbi c\gig».- j Rot)hermel. EnJt Jackets awl Jersey coats for grocers and outsdOe workers.—A. G. Jenktoee, assignee. Call BWd get a good hat, shirt, ties and. underwear, of Dowenter, the hatter and furnisher. New designs da Misses' and Children'* cloaks.. Spectal opening by Mr. Altman today.—The Bee Hive. ! Mocho Castor gloves are la demand jjow, ; D«wenter cam fit yoai out in any .style of gloves you may want Wtiiii't !p4y yw> to wa ^ e y 0 " boy ' s waist wlwn yow can buy a good one for lijcl—Ai G. Jonlktnes, assignee. ,La,«t Friday tbe Indiana Syood trf Hhe OiwAwrfMUd; Presbyterian dliurch closed.. It8. : session! at .Jtortlnavlllle. Aonoog other. *hlin«s tt was decided /that i ciwreh should be estaMfctoed next year at miaUainaipoHB, : ; aind «ie work of church estension ehouQd be ' .en«iseticaUy carried out all over tiie state in future. . : On a suit of men's overaBs and }ack- 1 dtos you can save almost lialt—^A. G. ' Jenktnes, assignee. . • | 15 ceinte for boys' and girls' caps, were I 50c, atoo ai few lett at 5c.—A. G. Jonkinos, asstgnee. • , . BttnB «he cttlMrea and send tflie misses.'to sec Mr. AltmaaW Bne afgarments. Today onfty.—Ttoe Bee Hive. Tbtere 'wlHl be a murtcale at the BroaflWay MeOhodilBt dhtacb. txmlsbt, arranged by the League of the. church. Bom, to Mr. anfl Mrs. 3, B. Mewener, of McKlnzie, Tei, a daaghter. Mrt. Messener was formerly Miss Stella Irons, of thte city. ' '• The O«(o Kuans stock*'of clothlnip and «hoes appraised at atanost $45,000. Every dollar's worth inust be closed out.—A. G. JenkJnai, (uwijnee. '

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