Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 2, 1954 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 2, 1954
Page 8
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•t I *J}*- ^ . *o -'^ \z~~~t, ytr , J l-^-^*^!^j^^^^^^^^^^^< f- * r - ^ HOPE STAR, HOPS, ARKANSAS tfi'urtdtty, September 2. 1954 GGLY MAPLECREST FARM \2 to 2 Lb. Average Lb. J-V V fe,V,..- • ™* * '»*JI. vt i ,) - - ______ i, 'l^ ; *«f?^ A-^*". •» . ».»',»•-1», i><;,*v , w, ,, .f« ,. j j , ''•' . . , . fc. You'll wont-to stock'up for the long labor day weekend with jsy-to-fix foods for that labor day outing/ so visit your neighbor- K>d«.Piggly Wiggly store and see tor yourself the low, low prices f.fbp quality nationally advertised foods, and the smiling courteous ryice Piggly Wiggly folks offer you . . . Remember, too, you save avou spend with "S&H" Green Stamps on every dime you spend at p?v _r »i * • » j * * f , jgly Wiggly. ( PRICES, EFFECTIVE FRIDAY & SATURDAY, SEPT: 3 - 4 WE WILL BE OPEN LABOR DAY /• r •,.-'. MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 6th For, The Long Labor Day Weekend FRESH GROUND ALL MEAT Lb. SWIFTS PREMIUM CELLO PKG. Lb. WILSON OAKWOOD HALF or WHOLE Lb. SLICED RA-CORN Lb. Pkg. OWDRIFT l CDIIDV I'-V'"- JLLSBURY V'i, «,. ±If'_i > J-* ,.fi£ j-'-^t i^—^^ K> ' ; , ii,Myl/t, V, j ^ : ' ,»' m: •"*•;• -.•*'• *t ^* 1, t t 1 - 3 Lb. Can 5 Lb. Bag 46 Oz. Can END OF THE SEASON CLOSEOUT SALE BEACH Reg. $1.69 SMOKEY BAR-B-Q Reg. $4.98 1.19 fiRIMC 9 I UHILLv L 50 FT. GARDEN 3 SPORTSMEN 1 ||01EN FOODS SNOWBOY ',*•«,* "l.r .sf 'III •it «i MELLORINE Gal. If/f i IhJKIST 49( ICE CREAM Pints 25 c ppfl Jl^lr I vJrfLHF |b fcrJUipFiii 2T5WI6T EEN PEAS WE GIVE "S&H" STAMPS Can 10 Oz. Ctn. C 19c GARDEN FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES CALIF. VINE RIPENED Lb. CALIF. WONDER BELL Lb. ICE BERG LETTUC Lb. 154 734 CELLO We Reserve the Right to Limit Quantities 2 ^^ ^PW ^^^^^P ^^(^^ ^^P^ '^(BF ^P ^P T|^^ ^W ' ^^^^W PICNIC SUPPLIES STUFFED OLIVES 9 INCH PLATES HI-NOTE TUNA KOBYS POTATOES GOLDEN AGE DRINKS EVERBEST STRAWBERRY PRESERVES APCO CUT GREEN BEANS 2 N °c™ 25c ?• 39c 12 For 12C 19c 2 No 303 *So i <4f Cans j£a«^\» 6 For 59C 12 ° z ' 9O.T Jar &mS\* 59 C VAN CAMP PORK & BEANS No. 300 Con Thucsdoy, Sepfember 2. 1954 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS BITTER SAGE %SSM£2%} fc ye fe»nc r : By Frank Gruber XXVIII A heavy fist banned on the office door and a hoarse voice shouted. "Miss Lily—come out and see what's happening." Lily exclaimed in sudden anger, biit stepped past Tancred and pulled open tho door. ''What is it?" she cried to the bartender who had knocked on the door. J) "It's outside, there's about a hundred farmers come into town . . .they're going to vote!" Lily whirled on Tancrccl. "You knew?" "I spent several hours riding around, talking lo some of them. Legal Notice No. 2038 In the Circuit Court of Ilempulead County, Ark. U / . J. O. Luck ..- Plaintiff vs t Universal Ilealty and Investment Company Defendant WARNING ORDER The defendant, Universal Healty and Invi.'slmciil Company warned lo.appear in this court within thirty days and answer tin: complaint of the PldinlilT, J. O. Luck. Witness my hand and the seal of said court this 1 day of September 10?M. a (SEAL) * Garrett Willis Clerk. W. S. Atkins, Attorney for Plaintiff John P. Vesoy, Attorney ad Litem Sept. 2, 9, 10, 23 And so did some other ptv>i'!f. .-M Miller's side. I thou.uhl U;>.--y weren't going to show up, but liu-v did." He started to go out. (.lion stopped. Her eyes met his. "This is it?" "I won't be here tomorrow." The door was open nnd in tho saloon proper were pouring . a stioam of men vote." toward the front The farmers did the trick. Tomorrow there'll be a new council, a inew sheriff, a new judge. . ." | "And a hew mayor." a new mayor!" Miller Tancred on the shoulder. "T-iorc are going .;-to be some changes in Sage City; It isn't go- i •>.;.; to be Jacob Fuggcr's private town any more. I'yo got to go homo now. We're having a meet- in.!,' later." "I figured you were in when I saw the farmers." Miller starting off, slopped. "By tin; way, I don't think I saw you door. Lily laughed. "All ri;-,ht. then." He nodded and went ;.'iit When Tancred reached i.'.u> 'T didn't.. When I (here was too much there." "That's got of a ready crowc a fine business." Miller office, but at least 2o or still outside, some on horses. in farm wagons. All were armed. street, some of the farmers hu-i chuckled. 'Well, your vote wasn' already gone into tho mar;;har.s!needed, us it turnod oul, but don'1 let uny of our frionds know you didn't vote." , "I won't," Tancred sai.l Ihey were quiet, but thoir eye-;, Mi || r .,. ]eft tho print shop aml were defiant as they InccM Hu-jTuncrccI, drawing a deep breath, crowds that had poured out of;,,,„„, : , 1Kl th . l;w out his cai . petba , saloons on both side-; of the .-.irr,..).; i, oni umli:1 . the cot U( . s ,, eppecl to 1'ancrcd pushed through th..-;u,,. wy |j ,.„„, look down his co;)t crowd of Texas mrn ivid to\vn,--: (l . 01I1 lhe ,, ail on wllidl it hung on and without looking f.i'-m- uu'n ;;!Ur- people and crossed to th crs. He rccognl/ed one: of the as one ho had spoken lo that noon. "We didn't think it to come in one by one, told Tancred. "We met town and came in in a Luke Miller came into lhe prin 1 , shop a few minute's before invert nnd found Tancred silling or. the cot. "We won," exulted Miller. "We won by a margin of 27 votes. SfRVICE-REPRIR Pick-up and Delivery ONE DAY SERVICE Beat the heat — have that fan repaired at JOHNSON'S ELECTRIC. We Specialize in Residence and Commercial Wiring JOHNSON ELECTRIC Carl Johnson C. P. Rcllig WANTED TO BUY NICE, FAT YOUNG , We need hens now. If you have a laying flock why not cull them now, and sell us your non layers? We would like to buy several hundred at a time, but will take what you have. ~ Call Us for Delivery Date Hope Locker & Processing Co. 11'..' pul it bat);, left the shop. H was almost dark outside and no one paid any attention to Tan- i:ri:d as he walked to the livery "^'nL.lal.ih'. Mo entered and found the '• °l i attendant forking hay for the hors es. 'Here's that $100," he said. The man's mouth fell open. "What $100?" "The price of that horse," said Tancred, pointing. "That's what you told me it was this after nun.'' The liveryman backed away. "I wasn't counting on selling any horse, not to you." '•you said $100,'' Tancred pursued. "That's more than the horse .-' '.vnrih. but I'm paying you what you nskeil. And here's $25 for a ;-.ackiK' any saddle .you've got in ilu> place.'' The man hesitated, then suddtn- I'ugying, got a saddle anil into the stall. Ten minutes i a t o r. hi:-; carpetbag dangling from the saddle horn, Tancred rode down the street. The cowboys churned in 1he street, shouting, I'irinjj their guns :.l the .sky and at store windows. Taitcn.'d was oblivious. He was ;• stride hi.; horse and no one sin- '.;leii him out J'oi attach or r.buse. He rodo north to the railroad li-niv..-;. crossed nn;l fjde clown tho M;•'-•*. past the hou.ie where Laura .-•or Jivoci. Ho did not see. her, not glance at Uu: house us he by. Hunched in the saddle, he out oil town. SOUTH MAIN STREET Check These Extra Savinos at PIGGLY WIGGLY ~ EVERBEST BLACK RASPBERRY 10 Oz. Jar 35c TOILET SOAP LIFEBOUY 3 SS 29c TOILET SOAP LUX 2 Bath O J- Bars Z.DC LIQUID LUX 39c 12Oz. Can Largo Box DETERGENT RINSO 30c WASHING POWDER RINSO 29c Large Box NABISCO OREO CREAM COOKIES 38c 7i Oz. Pkg. EVERBEST HAMBURGER SLICED 160z. Jar ' WASHING POWDER RRFF7F Ul\i-a».^i£, Large Pkg. SHORTENING SPRY 3 Lb. ( Can « WASHING POWDER SURF Large Box r TOILET SOAP Reg. D Bars LUX FLAKES Large Pkg. TOILET SOAP V/ LIFEBOUi 2 Bath Bars NABISCO PREMIUM 1 Lb. Box We Give "S&H" Green Stamp? tode Dave Helm had lived so long in Texas he had gotten out of, the habit of walking." Luke.Miller lived less than two blocks from Fugger's Store where he had received his instructions and. his .directions, but lltlrn mounted his ho^se outsidq the store and walked it down South Street, then right, past the Star printing office and, counting, to CLOUSE REFRIGERATION SERVICE PHONE 7-3369 Large Enough to Serve Youl Small Enough to Know Youl Watch Repair Guaranteed Pre- j School Special. Bring your watch in Kesth's Jewelry For Complete Parts and Service for New Holland Balers and Ford Tractors Phone or Write Fallin Tractor Co. Magnolia, Ark, Pho. 882, 689 & 1140-R Bee-T-Mite Bettle and Termite Control Service Owned and Operated by Guy Grigg Hope, Arkansas Phone 7-3445 109 S. Main All Customers are Insured Let Us Install That BROKiN GLASS Have that broken auto glass replaced today. We recoQ' nize insurance claims. If you need good Used Parts for gars or truck?. See ys now. Gloss & Salvage Co, W«tW"' ' Stevens Has No Intention of Resigning WASHINGTON (UPi Army Secretary Robert T. Stevens has no intention of resigning as a re suit of the criticism of him in the Army-McCarthy reports, a close friend reported toJay Stevens had no immediate com ment on the reports. But there was a possibility he might comment later after studying the volumin ous documents. Unofficially, Stcvons was dc scribed by associates as belong "in fine spirits" and not overbj Upset by the reports and the many criticisms pointed at him. Stevens fully expected investlgat the fifth house on the right. It was a square little house of no more than three rooms. Itwas nicely painted and reminded Helm of the houses in Missouri that wer«» so unlike the Texas homes. . .and which lie. had not seen for many years. Helm dismounted in front of the housn and, stepping on the little veranda thai was raised a fow inches from the ground, knocked en the door. A man opened the door and looked inquiringly tit him. "Is this the residence of Mayor Miller?" Helm asked, politely. "I'm Luke Miller, yes," was the reply. "I'm sorry, Mr. Miller." Helm said. "There's nothing personal about this. It's a job of work, that's all." He drew his revolver. Shock hit Miller. • Helm raised the revolver and fired. . .To Be Contitiusd) ing senators to direct some o the criticism and blnm'o in his d rection, a close friend R.nid. While still convinced of tho truth of hi.-, side of the tangled controversy the soft-spoken Stevens was saic to admit frankly that the Army hnd failed to put over its case adequately at certain points in Ih lengthy hearings. . I am opening d USED CAR LOT Located at 223 t 3rd For A-1 U*dd Cars see JIMMIE FEILD You'll enjoy our delicious SALADS SEA FOODS FISH Prepared and served the way you like them. Daily Lunches 50c and 75c * DIAMOND * A CAFE & CAFETERIA . V> > v ^ * 4Vl«-ll\ I «•)&•&. TT 1131 Salad Dressing Quart .,' Maxwell House & Fblgers 1 Lb. Can .10 Fre Zert Mellorine 49c 2 GREENIES JELLO Box MILK PET & CARNATION 4 cans 45 C Cans | J PRIDE OF OZARK Sweet Potatoes IN SYRUP 2 sj 39c PEACHES HUNTS Sliced and Halves 3.19 No. 2J DOZ. Cans FLOUR LIGHT CRUST 25 Lbs. L 45c L i° 85c 1.95 Lettuce 2 Lbs. ic Irish Potatoes No. 1 Mesh Bag C Carrots 2 Large Pkgs. 25c Cabbage Lb. 5c TALL KORN BACON Lb. 55c SIRLOIN/T-BONE.. RIB STEAK Lb. 45c Chuck Roast 33c Lb. Stew Meat ib 19c VELVETA CHEESE 2 Lbs 83c Ground Beef 3 Lb S 89c Wi DELIVER ^PB^ ^1^'^^ , j^il^f SUPER MARKET DIAL 7-4501 Prices for Friday, Sept. 3rd pnCjaj^rdqiy, Our 5t«re is £e«ipletgjy ^T 4th HEY FELLAS! 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