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The Houston Post from Houston, Texas · Page 17

Houston, Texas
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Sunday, December 31, 1911
Page 17
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SPORiHIGC: f ; '"' ' ' "'l"",;'M'frT" .uMWw(MM,M....... nnjubuuuTj-'jix'-r rir.- meets , nnnwis. 1 --rrrt--rt.rwifirjvvTinr'rirrrr.n- Princeton Heads Gridiron for iWho in Golf and Tennis-TrackMeW loot Forward to Comingiympics. -m VA': ' v,vAFuii ReviewMlnorSports.- M, '-$ ? X 'SJ, ..... .... - - .. ...' i.a V. t iw:'.v' .a mm hands , tat ; aUdnlgnt and th dock boon th s( Ik thi aelUog etxon- V 4n to" be symbolical X the -tattta-d 'i sti fn Yg ywr while euany welcoming i; tjwj birth o the new. a .Treat year -the ,v; history asrort abail b. passed ':: - S&iBito Vim 55' r hi breaking world' rtoordt that win V- bruok Of iport Mm dirtac thl " thTuit iwli at nog. W, If thai tmt did not roult brakan Neorda at laaat it t laaTlaf fport on tho hlvaoM piano tt ba Yr known. "Clooalportr That la tto ojTttothM and thoTaJMTioaB tHa loadar ol tho world hi physical ww to JT."ffT!t oty brSSi of athletic. thora may lo thara Ja yot tho wajlctoo that tho A. A. V. la oootroQod br JPrt; tof gooda hrtereata thoro oro tatou r profoealonaJlaai In ooUaslato . athtetl to omo axftiO thoro aro aquanoMa dw eonroronooa and wan Miwam nni.- Oona-bat. daOIU tbooo thlnfs. tM frtM volamo ot oport la dn and f ajf Tho Amortoon and tho Brltoo itand Hone ta tho world aa tho raooa who haro Dut aporiiato tho naUenaJ carrlouHun. TlmaVo wtum tho Brttlah Hon roared daftaaee at aa tbo world ao ho roM tho Juntio aloe. But that time la pait and now tt la-tho piercing aoream of the triumphant Amarlcan oaclo that dosunatoi tao aron of tho athlete and the iportf- Aaaorhm haa ootoatoa tne wwra in tho Otrmplaa, aha haa tnht the world baaebaa and a doaan other gamM that tend to doTolop the raoa, and h ll the acknowlodjrod ruler of tho eporttaj world. Ono of tho hlf foarurea of the put Tear hi apart hae .been tho rapid advmnoMMnt of ezporlmontal dlrlaione oapeoUllr In the dwvolopmont of the aeroplane and tho automobile. Bat In every bran 06 of ath-ktlea thero haa boon some notabl foa-tnre. la itru hofatnd 1IU In financial praa- partbA bat Mnktec far aboad hi the qual-fir of flha game exhibited. baaobaQ puaed faniatli a awmaafal yoar fn ltU. The naior leaawe raooa were both produottva of the peatiat oaoltomaot. In tho. National, the older loan, tho one-otab ttfht of lilt waa by no maaai re-fumed. Cluba that had boon letharglo for years awoke. Under tho "brilliant nild-aaoo ot Broaaahan, tho Cardlnali wore brooaiit tato the raeo. Dooln moHeA a flue da at Philadelphia a team that had . It had swon aa ordinary break of look Blrht have flnlahed1n tho lead. Ciscnv nati. too. got up with a faat ttHSa At Now Tot MoOraw doralopod hit 1IU yoonastara ta a marrelaua, atxnulve flslttinc maohlna that ultimately iwept all before It. Chioaao aaw tho paaolnc of a groat oMh, tho team that had won pon- 1 the piartaas laaderahls of Chanoa But wtr Wtth a reramped Una up, CShaDce ptooaroa a pennant cemtonaer. au 01 thoso olmbs fought handily for the rag and TL H wai waa not until tne oiooo or tne faMon kt the aiaata flnailv dad tmt vlfltonr 1' thattl f b the American, the Detroit Timra daeniaed. and eoontod. made a brilliant . start and. Wltft a uurtoen-ganM ieaa W . by Jane t. Beamed certain of Tlotory. r There were never but two club In the 4- race, but tho wonderful fight of the .' Philadelphia Athletic to overtako Jen-. nlnge will long live In baaebau history. I The world- champion presented their Hne-np of U10 Intact except that Mc- Ins sea had replaoed Davie at flriL By July 4 tho Athletlo had passed Detroit, only to lose the lead on the road In a few days. Within a fortnight It had been recovered and never thereafter wai the team In danger. The Mackmen finished far In tho lead. The raoe for third place between every club In the league but the two leaders and the two tallendert, waa Wonderful. Athletloa and Olanta clashed In the greatest pitched world's series ever played. New York hopes hung upon the arms of Mathewson and Marquard. sad, though tho frreat Christy twirled wonder-v'.- ful ball, he 'found his peers In the ranks of Connie Hack. Outplayed at every turn ,. , bv the greatest ball club of the decade. New York had to yield the palm of no-tory to the Quaker City. The hero of the series was John Franklin Baker, the : .Athletloe' third baseman, whose mighty bat drove In two victories for his team. Tho Indian Bender was the premier slabs man. The series broke all prerlous records for attendance and gate re-ceipts. The enormous sums divided among mo players will probably revolutionise the plan of the aeries. Baseball In tho Minora Minor league baseball faced a disastrous year financially In many cases, but weathered through, only four leagues going under. Great races were stand In A -itlie Eastern, A I' ' leMKuea. Z , The Natlona: f'k' Antonio h No American and Pacific Coast National association met In ban November as the null n the San Antonio ball club and thn TATA , , leiiftue. the meeting being one of the , ' nnst successful on record. The most , 1 Important business was the redlvlslon of the class A leagues. The Eastern, fa-clflo Coast and American associations are ,:v now rated as AA with exceptional prlvt-- vSC 1S' S- The Eastern haa changed Its name i '.- to tho International. Another big devel- ojiment was the determination to scale ? aa!nry limits according to class. As yst . the ilan for doing this has not been de- Cli'(i upun. I'hangea are ripe for baseball In lll. Ecn In the majors thero will ha wnm v of new managers. In tho National Ufn- Oin. lnnatL and It is not certain whether tw'1 wlU retain Dooln at Philadelphia, aa the twp have had a falling out. Ten-jiey remains In control at Boston. Dut ainoe tho death of William Hepburn Russell the franchise has been purchased by Kwi 1". ,XeV8- ln, lhe American harry W nlverton, formerly In tho Paclfln Coaci. replaces Hal Chase at the hurf h. V-HislJandara. Clarke Griffith got to v Washington, vice MrAleer. resigned to dlrict the financial Interests of the Bos- at,n kholdor Jimmy Callahan, the great of the year, wll, supertede fr4,Hunh Duffy with the White Sox; George I ; Diiv.a, the veteran Athletlo, takes charm tft ' l-T"1??-. Stovall golnar to the rank f' 4 aril Ja .:Aton to aka Stahl re-enters baseball at Bos-o succeed Patsv Imnnn. Minor loaarue rha nun very much chan hw xll 'i . -1 j vgss utjvr Bea- aaabsll In Taxaa.,.' r rrhAragstipasii tVttsoA i . . i. 5i i. " "ub operating In v .sxexes raitu, uaie Gear's Sea&tort won the Texas 1 hague pennant' after aWt apurt ol wenty,rour' ' ia iC Wreoords Sstby any teaorTh5 1, fight Tr-'tos. and JnSeature Viood Nth. -flnan'clal "raVSbTwS - vw nooft There win .., J" S, igerial sV y$r , xfit.- o.-mrin league. itrunrld through a stormy year. Th .J:i"'ea spilt, nay vny winnlrfg the first haf aid Boovill.' the second A plsv-off !5? spilt. luy City wlnnuTg thV flrstnalf S &mvI the second a JL 12" no j acheduledT but Bay City preferred forV i s Xe 'thv gamos and Bsevlllo .has Jbeen da. 5 olarad peanaj' winner. -rWii.!?: ' .ChrtsU Abk' President intoai! MADE HISTORY Past YearA Great Season for c,'t short its season long bsfora the schedule railed fop aa ending. 1U WM its "rn uar and Its dabut. pfovod dl. trpliitjiiK I'roiimtfrs ftra) proposing Texas atloV liuiin if hut anmo of too territnrj- u.ey desire U the property of the Southwest Texas. Brnest J. Laal Is proposed aa president of the) asw circuit , . .v,1",?"" collegw'basobatt Bayor''won-,he championship. Glass developed one of the best dabs that haa. aver rsp-' Rented 1 Texas institutions Two' of w Mars were aent direct to tha majors. I here several fast teams, Austin d Southwestern both showing up "well. Texas has already become recognised a great recnxlUna: ground, for the big lru.-s. Prevlous-ao 111 thr Btatef Aad' already sent a Btelnfeldt, a Spbaker, a KaKer, a Vaughan and a doaen others the fast show. In tha past- season J-onni-, nark puiiej young Danforth from Y,e nine to put "him In - a half ooen ,Tuclal battle In the Amor-Joan race. Tl'iiev went to Corpus ChrlsH and irt.m thn c to the Bt. Loula Oardlnala Aril the Texas league sent up Its -full quota of men V "our big league dobs will tram ta Texas next spring. The Year In Football. -1111 has shown conclusively that the ns of mo, which were but slightly mortified in the paat season. Will not do. There has been a remarkable atrength-triing of defense and an equally remark-able lack of scoring ability by the offense. The game haa become a kicking one entirely and the eleven without a Jrod distance punter and a first-class rop and place kicker -Is helpless. Tha forward pass is a failure. There must b radical revision of the rules In some way It Is proposed to reduce the distance to the old five yards or add a down to the three already allowed. championships over the country are in little dispute, but present remarkabs phases. Princeton won the Eastern championship with an eleven that, oould not make first down against Tale and only made it three times on Harvard. Luck aided them, and a great defense, with the spectacular playing of Sammy White, who won both of the big games. There were several great elevens. Including ' ale. Harvard, Carlisle, the Army, the Navy. Brown. Wisconsin, Minnesota and Pennsylvania State. An Oklahoma Indian. Thorpe, playing half for Carlisle, Is recognized as the greatest player of the year and a man whose kicking la likely to revolutionise the game. ln the West. Minnesota won the conference honors, despite a stiff tussle given them by Wisconsin. They claim. Justly perhaps, the Western title. Sensations of the year were Moll of Wisconsin and the veteran Capron of Minnesota. In the South, Yanderbllt added another championship to her long list The Commodores presented an unusually strong club, beaded by Ray Morrison, which lost only to Michigan, and that by one point For a time It seemed aa If the two Texas institutions, the State university and A and M.. might wrest the title from old Vandy, but Sewanee's defeat of the Lonchnrns eliminated the possibility. State football was not up to the stand-. aril set In 1910, though several -first-rate, teams were In the field. Texas, coached by Allerdlce and Klx, won the Stats championship ln a brilliant victory over Moran's heavy Farmers. Both Texas and A. and M had very attractive schedules and It is evident that ln the future big games will he played many tlmea a season In the State at Houston, Austin. College Station. HallHS and probably Waco. Of the college who failed to qualify ln the flrvt two 1 his reason Southwestern, Baylor, Tolv and Austin all deserve credit. A. and M entered the B. I. A. A. In He. -ember and other lnstltutlona WlU probably follow suit. At the close of the season, as usual, Tha Post selected a composite All-State from the selections of various coaches. Track and Field Sports. Tho.iKli not approximating the great record of 1910 In broken time and dls marks, track and field men made many notable performances and ahat-lre l several records. Perhaps the two most prominent men of the year In track aiui field sport are John Paul Jones, tha . rack Cornell runner, and Matt McOrath, tho former New York Athletic club star. Joins' niont notable performance occurred in the spring IntercoUeglates at unhriiine. when he wiped from the slat t:.o mile recor.l held these long years by Ti.mniv Council. Jones negotiated tha distance lu -5. Matt McGrath hurled tho 16-juntl hammer S feet further than Hie GUtit Flanagan had done, sotting the new mark at 187 feet 4 Inches. Penile Wefers. 1 lie great star of by-rone. vears. found his rival in tho Michigan sprinter. Ralph Craig, this Benson Craig made the century in 9 4-t and speii over the J20, the prettiest rics on the truck. In 21:01. A Canadian. iecrge Gouldlng, oomea as a new figure in walking. His rec- a .... tries heat th rilrt tranlr marks of Clndei ' Murray, but stand I onlv as inaeor 1 et um. ovinias, iww doing the bent amateur distance run-nint; in America, set Ills best 1911 mark a 11:32 for three miles. Jack Kller, an Iri.-h American, Is 'he best 'of the amateur hurdlers of tie year, while Chls-holin of Vale lc,i'.- the college men over the ohstacled track. Dan Ahearn e-trthllshod a new American hop-step and lump mark, while ilrumpelt of the New 'York Vthletlc cillh heads the list of high lumpers P. .1. M l onald booted Ralph Kobe's shot put n ark of 1904 with SO fot-t 10 11-16 In.-lu - Matt McGrath add-, tl t I. Is hammer 1 rowing feat by ecllp-sstnK records wit' the difficult' "flfty- rlx", Ills mark Pc. g 40 feet 1 1-1 Inehn. A San rrnnei snedlgar, has entered " ith his Javelin hurt-inch mark. Alexandria Bay. r-- distance runner In .0 leading professional '.:; In th Intereollegl- " id world looks for-try ouu to be held v on June a. Of the ' of the year, all but are eligible to cbm- high of another vio-..:in team. the Dhmpic mini inc at a 16-feet Hilly Qucal mrded as th. America today .f Is of th" year. Cornell cleaned ates Inst soring The track ar.l ward to 1 lie !; 1 nil over the emit ' ITonilnent aniat' :' Ahearn 11 ml Gould'. I'e-tc. Prospects n" tory for the Alii- Golf .ind Tnnla Golf" nd tennl" ' inter "gentlemen-lng seasons. " ' 1 1. brilliant youi is rated us the n u gruvlling svaa-'f. aibroud and. tluni tioiiul champion.-, .ioff, lil If'l aroi.:-1 mi to hofiors. The sensation ! t urn of J'rom ' " , . rating In HUP 1 .polltun chann 1. : -l..nt)y In I'ravla played 1.1-. a-, n, while Albert .- t rn golfer, did M' The National ' l'-'htnan. H. H tratches at Apn"" ). the superior 1 cnts, though I' ' tra holes' in- t1" artl? regained 1 t Lie for Americu. The -estern tn rvckel. The Nnti ;' 1 -ilcs rest with ..stern open clian cognised aa the pre sorts." had flourish-. American . golfers, r. Charles J. Bvans, i:vans went through both at home and imlnated in ths Na-by Fred Herrea-work clearly entitle e year waa tha r. ers, who waa given aver won the Mt- p and showed brtt-. nrnament. v Walter ,ial consistent --.el, th young wast-... 1 work. - passed to an , Eng-iiuton' aenaaUonal : showed him-clear. is American oppo lioff forced him to 1 ..lis. "Ml Margaret National women' ' ' ' -A- VV V - as won by Albert and Sonthem open , v Smith, while the i n is Robert 81m giatV Tale, heaoV IN 191 1 SPORT the BIp Natlohi name mJ tjnaoipionsuip; inis years tournament being held at Houston. The largest entry of the c association's history played over the course of the local Country club. , . ,; la tennis, for the seventh time had the sixth ln succession, William A. lar-aed won the all-comers championship. Once more, he stands out clearly above every player. . Raymond Little and Gustavo Touchard, th Callfornlane, finally wrested the doable title from the hitherto Invincible Uackett and Alexanders ,The September matches with the British invaders held In New York city gave America the right to .challenge Australia for the Davis cup. The Britons wop but .one match, the doubles, while Lamed and -Mclaughlin swept' the visitors Cindly before them. . As a result rned, Morris MeLourhlln and Beal Wright sailed to Australia In November and are contesting for the big cup as the strongest team America has ever sent aa Challengers to the antipodes. Hasel Hotchkls retained the national woman'e championship,- while, paired with Eleanora Sears, aha also won the doubles. In Texas collegiate. ' tennis honors want to tho tennis team of Agricultural slid Mechanical college, who successfully defeated all comer at College station. .Boxing. Tha fight game can not be said to have really prospered m 1911, though Its devotees believe that Its somnolence during the year only Indicates future Success. The game received a big Impetus, however, by the passage of th FYawloy bill, legalizing tea-round boutn m New Tone. The Pacific coast, too, has oeaaed to frown on the sport There have ,been few really classy battles of th year, however, and not one to compare In Importance with -the Johnson-Jeffrie battle or the Wolgasi- Nelson fight In 1910. . Tho negro champion baa had no battles since historic Reno, but he has succeeded In gaining unenviable notoriety abroad. He 1 still the undisputed heavyweight champion, though there are undefined rumor that he intends to retire. The middleweight chaos 1 so unsightly that no one really seeks to settle the year's honors. Good middleweight are being groomed as possible heavyweights to pose as "whites hopes." Also, one "white hope" bloom received at least a temporary setback ln the defeat of Oklahoma Cart Morris by Jim Flynn, tha Pueblo fireman. Ad Wolgast retains the' lightweight honors despite adverse showing in many minor bouts. He Is slowly recovering from an operation for appendicitis which necessitated the postponement of a title battle with Freddy Welch. Abe Attell la along In the featherweight class and ha been compelled to seek bouts out of It. Johnny Coulon looks like tha best of the bantams, though there are other claimants. There Is a welterweight mtxnp, ton. Illuminated by the rise of a new star. Mike Gibbons, of Bt Paul. Gibbons bested Willie Lewis, the claimant so thoroughly, that he la regarded as the 01 tnam au. On Turf and Track. When Shilling rode Novelty In his great futurity of 1910, he was finishing the racing game In its big scenes of action. The sport Is dead ln New York, and there haa been little racing thla year off the tracks of Kentucky, Maryland. Canada and the far West. Meets were held at Lexington. Latonla and Louisville in Kenruoky, Windsor, Fort Erie, Toronto, Hamilton and Montreal ln Canada, and spring and fall meets at Plmllco, Laurel, Norfolk and Columbia. Governor Gray was the big Derby winner of the year, capturing the American and La ton Ian both. A u trust Belmont's Whist won the Hamilton, and Meridian captured the Kentucky Derby, -while It was a HUdretb horse, Zeus, that took the Canadian. Governor Grav was burned to death and Whist died of fever, both being Principal Shooting Zventi. Date. Plsee. Brent Jan. 1. .Daytos. . .Davtos. Kr...Tnatata cnams. Am. l..uueaxo. ill., worlds hoot ehame. trap ,'...W. R. Crosby Attested mm In a match shoot Jan. 5 . Houston. Tu.Snnny South handicap. Hnoarnn. T.a SI H hlh nrnea- slonal JAB.' 2S..Hotitoe. Tti.8. 8. H. burn amateur. 99 ttl.nS Ctw Oliln vinir ahot fhim- plonaliip Mar. n..Brln'. lf..Ohio win shot eaam- nktnhlo Mar. It. .New York .. fas. m.-Mlaseaaells .100-Tarvet National la-door rlOe eaam Artliur Hnbalek Indoor fine team champ, of tn West. ...Nations! amateur trap Kar. tS..Mw York aiiootiOK cnamp. at elaT birds Msi. 18. .Mew York . April S3. .Waahlnxton . . Second In tourney .... . . iBteroollealats pionshlp matter eaam May It. .Blsterrllla. W. Va... ..West VlrslBla eham- nlonshlD If ay . .Dayton. Ky... Kentucky State chani- Pionshlp C. A. Toung ... Ina t. .Oolnmbus. O..0hlo Stat champloo- ship ....0. Klttler .... Jab 18..WVmtagt. m Harry L. David June 21. .Oolumbua, O..Orand American haadl- cup Jon 38. .BrownsvllU. P .Interstate tournament. . .Interstate tournament... 10.. Omaha. Neb Tt. v.-Blrt. N. J..Sena1rt rhampiopahtp ot. 31. .Atlantic nir..vtej noan a ma war Kept 81 . . AUsstte City. . ' lioaan' ' i6o"T. ' nninteur Oct. Oct. 18.. St. Usals.... 39. .Chicago. Ill, Interstate T. 8. touraa- ment C. Middle Weat Am. trap... Principal Bicycling Events, 1911 Date. Jan. 14... lar. 30.. Kyt.::: fay 38.. nly 8.... uly 8. . . . July 14... luf. ... Place. . Buffalo. .Berlin.. Rvent. Winner. ...9-day International. . Clarke-Pre ...-day International. . katt-Stoi , Newark.. . Newark.. . Newark.. . Match race . . Professional open. . , Jackey .Prsak ... National champ ..Frank . Ji.kv . Revere. . Revere. , Newark . .. . atloaai cnamp. . , . . . Professional help. . . . National champ. . .Jacker . Newark . Matrh nice. . .Frank . Al Left .Frank . Jackey . Frank Ami. . . . x.vark Amateur chamn. ..Newark National champ. ..Newark Match race . .Newark National champ. ..Newark National champ. Sept. 8. tjn. . . . Sept s. aunt 10 Newark paaonal ensmo rrnoa avrainrr Hot 17 Newark.... National Frank hlats leot 17.... Newark.... Natlousl champ Frank Kramer. bee. 16 ..New York.. Jntimatlooal tCmy..Foler-Ciarke. Dee'! !!!:. Kift 0r. . . f nteroa ttona I 0-day. . Bntt-ato! I Sporting Baseball .... Football .... Boxing Automobile . Hone racing Wrestling ... Cycling Hookey Tennis Basket ball . OlHf Field Ramos . Bowling .... Marathon .. Polo Otnsr Total Billiard and Pool World's amateur 18.3 eaam. . Thrve-cuablon champloaahtp . Three-rushlosi eBamplonahlp ., . Werid's seofT champ. 18.3 balk ree-eusaioa cMmptonain Worm's earse-ewahma ensais . tn.M it - . .wIbmiv to. ia . . . . new xora. . . surtni m rw. ..... FI in. . rSrht" Nov. 9.. Nee. 18., bee. It Chzinpons BABTBaUr-Oesaey Meek, sairr. kn WTJXfl Jimmy Bloela. X. . IX Twe-sM Hartley asd Beltse. c-yivas Itaanees ef Cbleaga : All fts Jimmy AaMa. kOXIHO-sck Joliaeoa. beavywatgkt , Ad WoIkmi, llgiitw.ialit. Abe Attell. festberwelglit .. BlUJAhbS 1st sawteur. O.J- Oonxhn. ; llkswfesetaoslc WUltasi Boom. AlTO Sr Htrtotm, Ado fivl4 Bmee-bwwB Bread prist. .HlXINymnkO?tch. :lir.bAiiwlf iTH fi, Thompton VtAHAlfiON ffUNNEft-edar Hatch. Yunkera. a nabeblasea. n KOKJC B s Al fi4tan. AAT a I - fVa aTlrrlt. , WIMUINO C tt' iMSiels.. in. 1. 1 Ml Blekmrd Anst. VUV VI U Wll 1 an. A. XJtTBed. ' Little sad TawhaJW tdeuol).' " Has.1 Hotebkles. .- .'.J OOLP Harry Hlltsa, V , Iftss Msnaret Curtis.- ' aU C V CIXV rsni it mm-S) National raainiioa. .Clark, sad t'osfcr, ot.fajr. TCHF ewsre, . C BUdseth, . Jockey Ted K-me.e Driver Tonsay Mnrphyj , AOQt ' Ekeyf Bitm Flpke. " HQUAI4M BACOl'CTrYajik 8. TVhlte SQUASH TKXXI8 Alfred gtlllnsn POLO H. t. 'WBltiny, cspUlo Aoirien team. ARCH Eg Y M. ilmer Idonbl America.. H. fl. Tsykw (e4sx soaadt. K1 'srac4tr . wcitV vevniKii a IV Hone, ssleiiiullesiste. WAXKEB Joks Henry Muonej (cvasi to coast). 8KATlNO-dmiid. Lassy (Ice). rmt Itaeaa (rollerk. MOTOsCLaVtlasab ' Bosler. heavy losses for, the 'running turf. Messenger Boy won. .tag, revival of the Kentucky Endurance, . . Watsrvale war tha beat 3-year-old of the season, Belmont's horse breaking several Candlan records. ' The stables of James R. Keene and 8. C. HUdreth, both noted" figures on the American turf, were sold during the year. In harness racing tha year saw a pho-, nomenal number of fast trotters produced.. From start to close Ol the Grand Circuit seson forty-nine were, entered ln the 2:19 class. 1 . .' ; in most nocaoie twouru-orraaing per-fjj rormance 01 tne year was mat or reier Thompson, a l-yar-old gelding, who lowW ered the world's mils trotting record far, age and sex at thO North Randall track from the .;1H. of Peter Sterling (19vl to 2:0914.' ' , Thomak W.-Mtnrtphy won the largest amount ever recorded to a single driver In a season, I91.619.c His great trotter,' R. T. C, the "Plow Horse," never tost , race, missed but-one heat won eight races, five for Slf,0Ov purses, and closed the season with a net winning of (tl,9tfd to his credit. i. In trotting, eight; new world's records were made and four equaled. Uhlan getting credit for tlx of them, mostly over mile tracks. n pacing, but ten records were lowered and two equaled, though ninety-nine pacers entered the 2:19 caaas. Trotting looks forward to a brilliant future. SUch horses as Uhlan, The Harvester, Billy Burka'and Sonoma art ttUl doing great work. i'ij.O. Two Notable Vlctorlea if J- t Two notabl victories of the reay by' which America's offset Hilton') lot, achievements wsre made ln motor1. ttoaM lng and polo. It was the DUIs It", thai, sped over th thlrty-tnlle course at Huntington bay and bested the British boat Pioneer by. 69 seconds ln the fight for the International Motor Boat trophy!! Other big things ln yachting were thej Laroh-mnnt Yacht club's "race week.V thirty. eight boats crosslng the starting Una, the' sonaerkiasse races at mei, wsere ino Americans again trimmed thej kaiser's subjects, and tha cruise of the Nw Torh Yacht club. .' J ' Once more the Meadow Brook polo team defeated the Britishers. . In the matches at batnstead Heath, the Asser ter mounted, and playing with dash, downed the English men llant sporting spectacle , Auto Racing. Automobile racing has bad a though at present every Indl point tn It. failure In thm future. J. Perhaps the most sensatioeal raoe of the year was that of Ray HarrouB, who won a remarkable victory at the fndlan-a polls tracks In a Marmoa. Bruce Brcrern set a new record for 150 mO ta the same race at 1:59:12. v,i' 'WJ Savannah staged the bis; ante Vaoea of the year, the Yanderbllt, grand prize and Tledeman trophies being faxed there ln the same week. rff .w Ralph Mulford won the Vanderbilt In a I .oiler with an average of 74.M miles an hour. . ' ' i'' " Bruce Brown at thwbee,ef a Flat Winners. H. A. Woody 1. 1TI 11 J. McLean .1. ,.!. M W. f. Heer Guy Ueerins OM 000 Dan Pohlar ... Dan Pohlar ... . A.M..t n yds. I lftaVk 9ft 1 iW, ,3,484 ...... -' .tVit-SsT- n. rani Harry W. Kapler. X .ITS 300 . 1 . '.. F. B 8tepbenaoa too ,'...1.801 2.00 ....0080 94100 4890 28 If 94100 ....99100 ....14T 150 ".'.'.. 10100 ....St 100 98100 IPO S00 4830 .loivt 8 tat R. M. shaub .. '-!-' . ,ii..e .-: rtarrej wiwn . Hsrrv Kthler Wllllsm C. Ridley ..Guy H Kmerson .. Buckwslter Bucks-alter ' M K. . Spenetr ouns . . Diet. Tim. .l.r.1.7 days .2.118 day 1.-J3 mile 1:18 .Smiles BM 250 . 1 mile S01 4-8 .2 miles 4:50 2-S . , mile 0:58 24 . S mile :M Second. .Heltor-Oonlette. . alcrsrUnd-sloran .Ivar Lawan . Jes Feeler Clarke Kramer Kramer r'l.rk.. Je Fasler rrans araoMr.. u aav-tet-berv and fin.bril- kreat year, csUoa . .Al Uouletle (in Tr.1t.IJ.ckey Clarke Clarke .Al Uonlett . Al Ooulett.... Vl'toulVt'te! Frank Kramer. . . Al Ooufetw . Ivor Lswson Kramer. us Kramer Clarke Kramer. 1 mile l.oa . 2 miles . ft miles . .1 mile . i mile . 1 mile . I mile 4:27 1-6 9:64 1-6 1:64 5 5 1:30 2 5 2:66 4-3 4:U2-8 ltU . Iver Lawaen. ..I mile 3:08 4-6 . Moraa-Kramer 2.718.9 4 daya , Msauel-Oombs 2.119 4 daya Fkvtalitiei. 1906. ltHH's lvOT. 1908. ltOs. mo. 1811. Twtal. 11 13 13 It 31 4 150 7l M 35 12 Zl 1 3 8 2 3 17 419 1.' :t 7 n !i 3 1 4T 68 Championships Winner. SI F. Oonklln.. ohn Daly .Alfred. l Oro. Oeorf beers... l&o 1.11 ji,u Tmlr. . . .150 14 ,. . . . Ain-erto lie Oro. Vas. William Hoppe. (Ira ;VVliaalae-..iriO JOB a niy. . . vWbeeiw. . . 300208 .Al rfe.t...l0 14 ..Joan usv.i i naai r-reni, . I. v. r . uniwnn v isstsu ex ax on m 21 62 2A 22 t 4 22 8 18 21 29 6 . V . 8 6 1 4 . 4 .. m : iB J 98 119 I 144,', 109 1 carried off t! rand arise, sotting a new distance, . - H .averaged ur. ; n srhem of boMfmr that record for t "4. IB miles A revision Glldden too history belr tered the f. lulled ln the largest in id.. Beventy-flvo cars -aen-day run and seventy .our teen wHh perfect Indl- a new GlWden record. The tt Chairman Butler waa the four finish vidual death of 0 omy a clo, to mar the trip.' -The Max well entiV voa the Glldden, all three car of the t saving serf set scores, - The majority ( the machines were entered A nwr American rexord for" toad racing waxf ad by Herrlck ln a National at Sent ' Mosilca. "..His average, waa 74.(0 milea a Bouivti'itvtiV ' ., '''..,'." e Th rha ,: Ilowlng . sacclnot account of th remar' taken Not' nlasd rass t Me;progreaa of aviation In 1911 Is m, tne tew ior -rnoune: noaf aviation has become a reoog- lenoe has such remarkable prog- n siade aa In the past yoar. Tha death toll 'has been exceptionally heavy, ever 1 ot th world s oest aviators sac-rifkl their lives In the Interest of the srle- oi m th huest. for money. Long dlsi ice flights,-altitude mnd speed have bCi conspicuous features of the year apot , wlilla the development of the aeroplane hsg kept pace with the performance of th aviators. , ' In transcontinental flight of Calbralth P. Kodgers was probably the most conspicuous and meritorious event of the yer. ntauruns- from sneepsneao Bay race uses, n,w JUib. y. iu., DCiiriIl- brr Rodgers ' reached Los Angeles, Cnl 4 ' P M November E. He traveled fA ml lee in' the air, encountering adverse weather conditions in many section ef. the country. .Rodgers eclipsed the best 'prevtouetworld's record by 155 Bill, which was' 1263 miles, made by Jhvarry. N Atwoed in bis flight from St Louis-to . New York. His best day's eght'was 330 miles, from Kansas City Vmlta.'Okl. ,' Ones more the International aviation ieharapionshlp trophy reposes In the library of the Aero club of America, New York It was won by Charles T. Wey-roana, who wrested It from Claude Gra-hamerWhlte (n the International meet at the .Isl Of -Shebpy, England. July 2. -Waymann covered the distance 48.01 miles 10 l:H:S-l-6. averaging 79 miles an hour: .The trophy has been competed for three times, the United States being' auooessful 1 twioe and England once. In 109 Glenn H. Curtiss won the title at Rheims, ' France. The distance was 24) kilometers (12.04 miles). His time was 15:50 J-6. Last year the race was held at Pslmont Park. New York, when Claude Orahame-White was returned the victor, his '-time for the distance 02.01 miles blnsj-ti0r04 74-10. The average ln 119 was 4T" mlbs an hour. Weymann is only S3, years old. He was born In the Isle ef Haiti of American parentage. . The recant events ln Tripoli, in addition 10 the far more decisive lessons of the STench army maneuvers, have given a striking practical demonstrstlon of tha value of the aeroplane In time of war. The aeroplane and to a lesser extent the dirigible, have profoundly affected modern methods of warfare, and the science of strategy. :n particular. Tn this respect the latest creation of Olenn H Curtiss, the hydro-aeroplane. Is destined to play an Important part. The value of a machine capable of alighting on the "water will be Incalculable In naval- warfare, and future developments along thla line promises to place the United States In the forefront of this branch of the aviation science. ' ' Tha Collage Champions, Following are the college champion: Football, Princeton; baseball, Princeton; rowing. Cornell; track athletics. Cornell; cross country, Cornell; hockey, Cornell; fencing, Cornell; association football. Havarford: cricket, Pennsylvania; golf, Yale; lawn tennis. Harvard -Princeton; swimming. Yale; water polo, Yale; wrestling. Princetons basket ball, Columbia; la erosse, Harvard; shooting, Yale, Amateur track leader follow; ' 100-Yard Dash -Gwyn Henry, unattached. 120-Yard Dash Ralph Craig, Univer sity 01 mcnigan. 440-Yard Dash E. F. Llndberg, Chicago A. A. Important Records Broketi ISO-yard swim. Ohio Stat record. Howard Adas, sew record 2:38. old record 2:33. January 1. uiDcinnau. onto. ISSo-vartt twin. Tjuswerth. new record lT:4f- nldncord 17:45 4-8. January ayassT. B. w. 100-yard swim. Ohio State record, Howard Adae, new record 0.61 2-4, eld record 0:96, Jason ry It, Cincinnati. Ohio. 160-yard sprint world' record. Jack Oswalds, paw record 0:14. old record 0:14 1-5. January 31. Klmberly, Cape Cotoay. Five-mile auto speedway record. National ear. Howard Wilcox, new record .1:21. kt sscerd t:K. January 2.1. Lea Anselea. Cat. ' Fin-mil anto. less than 000 ruble hwae din-placement Knox. J. Nlkrept nw record 9:38 2-3. old record 3:88 8-5. Jsaasry 33. U Anselea. Cel. . . , . 1 World's revolver shoot tV-men team. 30 yards, rortlaad (Me rlnb. new ncord 112S, Jasnsry 24. Portland. Ore. American pinnae . for distance, Millard Kaiser, J sew rerora 75 reet 10 loeaes, jasnary, zs, aw. Louis. Mo. tHJlr lr. akatln V J. Shaom. BOW reeonl 0:18. old record 0:10 1-5. January 81, Boston, Masa. Hlsh lump, indoor Ice skating. W. H. Qrilaa. new record 4 feet 3 Inches, old record 4 feat 1 tech. January 31. Boston. Maaa. Ueartyr-inch rlns tanret. 100 sbeta , 38 yards, rine. W. O. Hudson, new record 2482 1 out ef SiSo. old record 2481. January 31. New York. Forty-yard swim. American. K. "Hnesnab. sew record 0:19 2-6. old record 0:19 1-6. February 1. Chlcaa-o. lit ... 100-yard breast stroke swim, world's. M. Me-Derawtt new record 1:13 1. old record 1:14 1-8. February 1. Cblcaso, lit . Blxty-ysrd swim, world's Q. A. Jobnaoo. new record 0:24 44. old record 4:20. February 1, aiio5ard' 'breast stroke, swlmmina;, relay. American. Chicago Athletic aasectaflon. new record 1:47 8-0. old record 1:6 febtwy 1. Ohlcasn. III. , . . . . Broad lump eo ice eaavoa. on VfjV record ii feet 2 inches, eld record 21 -f i fett T iBCBet, reot-uaiy . wnwi Mt7.k,j. Lons distance roller slutlasv Ksrl Petti t. new record 107 mUes la 25 bom. February 11. Kan- SOornrd swim. C. M. Daalela. new record LMiXd record 1:94 2-6, February 17. New Tnro'wlnaT54pooad welrht for Wight Jer bar. C. sVWalah. new record 15 ftls4 Inches. februarT It, New yora. . 100-meter swim. C. U. DwUla. sew record-l:xs 1-6. old record 30. February 30, haw Tork. , . . . saoouna low eawo i ,jw.J"JrT- r:.' .,V U. Hudson, new recora wa iww mi. gasrter mils Ice skatius. 16-tap jwurue. PJ. Kearaey. sew record 0:44. eld record 0:46. Fsb- roery 23. New York. , , Fonr-mea Indoor relay race. 1340 ysrds. Boston Athletic assoclatioe. new record 8:08 l-o. eld ntcerd 3:08 3-6, February 23. Boaton On mil suto, .New .Orieanatrack. Cleh Bran, naw record 0:62 2 5. old rsoora 0:63 4-6, February 26. New Orleans. Half-mUe Indoor run. John Derfae, sew reeonl vpT jj. old record l:3ti. February 26. South 121-rard swim. J. Looxwortb. new record 1 :0a, February 24. Sydney. N. 8. W. y lSb run at Knsllsh bmsnHy'Oew Oray, new record 1574. old record 1240. March 2. loa- 'lTeuD1eatn. bowllw. OloeeUnd Beads, sow cord 2uoa, March 8. Baffa lo, N. I. ,KSrS2' "kfoormile. 61. swiw erd 17:43 '-5. old record 18:04 4-6, March 6, Buffalo. Tl. J , 1W t. ' 23. it I-wo-men teaoi, ' "J tT.l . f. v ,4' Sew record 1 uffalo. N. T. ooo. uu iwvra . , old 220 yard sw breast stroke. Americas. Ulk N00M 2:i3 iT MarTh "i ttleai. lit z:J Aoru f. . . American derby. Jsrtaonvlll April 2. . lua res derby. Jnarea, Mexico May , . . . Breeders' futurity. Leslnstos., Mar 18... Kentucky eerby. LoamvlTU. Mar 8i...Coroaation derby. Kpsom Down., June 2.'.'.'.6ak sUhea Kpeeen lwn...... ...... 1. in... Latonla derby , ,L4toaia owe ...... t.. ... , Jan 15... Gold trookf race. Aseot Mesth.-j. Jus 11... .French aeror. null, rrsoew , 1 i . . . 11SIBII lOU otnv, ntiiw. ws Jslr 60!'.'.Malso's Lsttte Briae. Parts, av. Aug. 20. . Grand Prtt. fan a. mw....i..... Amt $1. MuBtcankry, DeanvUta.Fr.... e. Dtaie, Itewmaraet. mas. a.. as 25...0rand IMje e r"rt, r ,Fr. ........ uly l,...Caadlad derbr. Ft Erie. (ajl........ 3.500 bS l4.'.. Frontier haadkea. Wladait, Ont..,. 3.500 uly l8...CIclButl hoter&ndl,UMii.... 1.440 BELLALttE BOWLTJTCr TUX. Yound Men's Christian Association, champions oi th Addition league and el.; tha champion team for the fall season of all the leagues ef the association. v' f Rack row. left t rtrhtE. B. Wellhauaen. L. T. BeDmont Phya. vl, dlrechir,. Front row L. D. Fletcher. E. v. Bnepbero. s 00000 00 ooooBooeeesesoBoeoeowseeessoeoooeseeseseeoea MO-Yard Dash Mel. Sheppard. : t A. A. C. 1-Mile Run J. P. Jones, Cornell university. 1-Mlle Run Baker, Oberlln. 6-Milo Run George Bonnag, I. A. A. C. 10-Mile Run Louis 6cott, South Patterson Athletic club. 110-Yard High Hurdles G. J. Chisholm. Yale. 220-Yard Low Hurdles J. J. Eller, L A. A C. Run. . High Jump H. Grumpelt, New York Athletic dub. Run. Broad Jump Piatt Adam. New York Athletic club. Shot Put Pat McDonald, I. A A C. Discus Throw Martin Sheridan, I. A A. C. Hammer Throw M. McOrath, unattached. New York. 64-Pound Weight M. McGrath. unattached. New York. Running, Hop. Step, Jump Dan Ahearn. L A. A. C. Javelin Throw O. Snedlgar, Olyntpie Athletic club,. Ban Francisco. . Pol Vault Harry Babcoek. Columbia. Cross Country -W. J. Kramer, L. L A C. . '- : v All-Round CotnpetitoiH-F, Thompson, Prtn. ' Theo. Team Showing I. A. A. C New York. ' ' y. In Other Saerta, , : . American Bwinuners.. showed remark, abl progress -thla season.. Harry iHeb-ner lowered a world's record for the fifty yards, while Daniels retained the hundred and tha all-around champions ht p. MacDermott keot ud his great distance .work. Indoor and outdoor teams showed BDiandldlv.- v . Morton F. Plant's . Elena and Smith Cochran's Westward were th leading sallinr crafts of the veer. Willie Hoppa, : the master of one and Ivories, stands pre-eminent aa the world's 600-yard relay, tte mas ewiamlng taaas, N. Y. A. C. Winged Foot new mm- 4:677 M reeard 6:02 3-lTWrek IS. New fork. High res at Esaribm Wlltaiwa. Oeonra Grsy. new neVvd 21s. aid ncord 1574, March IB, Loodea Bagtand. lOO-mlle wvrtd'a SBteeaeM. T. MslaA Oiosleri, new record 1:14:36 1-6, eM record 1:16:31. Muck 19. Las Assets Cat. Hbm Mmp, Indoor. werM'a 6. C LsSHIK. new reeold feat i t-1 tochea. old record feet tWlaeaes. March 30. Csmsrids. Masa. 30-mll auto, rree-tsr-alt B.Burmaa (BvlckV stales so, jacsssanuB, Ante, one mile, stock ear. H. Wlloojt , CN-ttooall. new record 0:40:31, old record 0:44:6, March 90. Jaekaearellia. Via. e , Aoto. 00 Bailee. L Dlibew jpoae-Haittsrgl,' yw Mcerd AtlgSH. March Il.asdaOBvUlo, Ant. 64 Sills. Loots Dlabrow, aow reesed 3733:0. old rarerd 64:61. Marm U. Jackass till Fl - Auto, 304 sill. Lorta Plsbts w. new record , 2:4:12,014 record 6:023, March tl. Jseksea. srlmmina. l"4yarda. berk stroke Harry Bab-Mr. sew record 1:08 2-6. ol reeent 1:13, Asrll 1, St Louis, Ma Swtmmlns. 16 yards, beck stroke, Harry Heb-oer. sew record 6:4a, old reeonl 0:50 4-6, April I, St, Loots, Mo. i .. ' Mo. . ' Flve-sms bowlins team seorj. B. B. teem ef Toronto, new record 6034. Asrll 8. Tn BBSs, Twenty-foor-bour auto ma. D ralnsa (Fl). !, sew record 1401 milea, old reeora 1266 mists, i April V, Los Anselea, Vfy sno-mMt., nrfn. C. M. naniau. 3:28. old record 2:28 2-6, April 11, New Tork. Boston A. A. aiarainoa. miies, ar. Mar, new record 3:21:89 8-6. eld reoord t:M:34, April IB. Boston. . One-mil stralsbtawar sow. (Bess 300). Bob Barman, pew record 0:24:12. old recant 4:376. April 22. Dsytoaa, Fl. . - On hue strelshUwsy. sate, Bob Bnrnaa, MW record 0:14:27. old record 0:17:04. April 22. Day-tea. Fla. On mil etrabrtta way. to. Bk Barasn. new record :20:4o. old record 0:24:13, April 23, (Is kilo auto. Bob Barman., sew record -0:16.84. eld reeard 0:14-27. April 36. Dajtaas, Two-mil to. Bob Busu. set 4:61.38. eld record 0:56.81. April 36. Foor-ssil relay me. Cornell, asw record 17'm 4' el" record 11:08 4-6. April 2. Kll-delshla. Pa. lBteracholaatle world' reeonl alls raa. J. D. Mackessle. sew record 4:34 4-a. old rsoerd 4:28 t-4. May 30. Oambrldc. Mas. Twenfy-lre-mlle walkUw matck 8, C Bne-Seld. new record 6:37.-04 4-6, May 20, Klmbarley. Can Colony. . . . On mil run. a ma sear world'e recers. John Paul Jones, new record, 4:18 24, aid rarerd 4:15 t-6. May 21. Cambrida., Him msros throw, world's reeard. Msrlaa gherldls. new record 141 feet 4 3-6 Ineaea. eld record 19 feet 10H inches. Msy 38. New tork. On mile auto, world's apeedwar recerd, B. Bnnuan (Benai, new record 0:8&t8, aid record 0:36.S. May 20. IndlaMpotls. lad. On kilo sow. world's seeedway reoord. B. Batman iBeasi, new record 0:21 40. al reeard A . m . m.. e. Ill.n. ul (. las "Half' mil auto, warllaa54way record. B, i Bur man (Beast, sew record 0:14.8m. osi raosed I Qnartsr sib trSiM8esy ieess R BunBaB (Benai. saw record 4:04.14. May 34. a orl (Til speed record, motor Seat, .ttfaot .1... iVmi,.i (Iim Smith aew record mile per boar, eld record mUes, May 90, raona. iu. uuiJXAreeifiri.rwrM-MWMMa-r-i-i-i- ..... inr " .i Prinninal Stusiiias Eventa - , , U Wlnaee tWent. Bias. too 840 145 64. 1.1 J.; a' .- oareraot ursr fne ,-tuursr.. Bound the Worldv....,yncl ba .v.. fke Uanaser Batrhelor Olr) 000 SLertdlan. una tar. .. Cheriawya.... nnnrior Orsv lloratsnr tinf Standfast ... 8.000 .8.550 reoi .Sin I 400 Alcaatsra 11..... .e 1.000 aov 2. 500 Whist .... ,. MerMUa. . 1. . . i riKJOja u. v Hataar. l'Atout.. ..v; Comboum-...i.,,v.. v,.., yeoa aeroor teeay v . Js.ui. Meridian. .Plate Olsss. . .. . ,v., Num leroy .tiemne Oray. .. , . ,. ... , . .( Moatrose. ... .... ,',., ..i .,ue.te.t. Basss PoUt............ .. 0 CstSBett.. .K-.e..... .. .'. m,., . 10.000 ,(KM .000 fion aov. fitoce Palatrns.. .. a..,icsoa, ,i ,., 8. 7B0 1,000 6.' rr 1' captainr ur. r rea sssrsn. v. . , ,.- test blllisrdlst at 114.' ind lli bslk arret line. Alfred Do Oro. lost the three-tmsh-, ion . title last month. to John Pal y,i who lied twiea held the title 1 In 1910. But ' th Cuban reigned supreme in his c nose a. realm of pool and Do Oro sti holds the, ehamplonshlp there. ... c . , Ootcb, though tempted Out for ; world s title, match with .Hackenschml" won- easily -end- retains . the . wresn championship. - H haa again annu bis final retirement -c . -' ' Racquet, squash, skiing; walki"-ing, cross country running gvi and skattns; -had successful aeaeon ''i ''' ''i-'-ini-'6SS( m:- The death roll haa- been much r 1A sport of 1911 than for It 10. ) the big neaaee of the major or branches are on the mortuary list, tlon, of course, claimed Its bar victims and autotnoblling, too, 1 slaughters.' . - , r ' J- In the auto game the two too-' aent men to peas were not v peed mania.' Lewi Strang, t Case driver, whose reckless dai made him a marked man for was klUad while driving kt but miles an hoar. - Samuel M. Butler, man of the contest board of ti des tour, was killed la aa. aectu ths tour"" -1.' ,"-', 1 -; - - William Hepburn Rwjself, prestr. tha Boston Nationals. , was the prorntnent toes of the National I Stanley Robinson of the Bt Loui- tlonals, also died,' during the year. Robinson was one of the big niov pronto ting Mound City fortunes t diamond. Newtoa. and 'Muin' known turfnsen, eommitted sue eo did yeMahon, ' th . developed BatUlng Nelson. The mortality-list In all bran'' apart has been high aa usual, be lng startling In oomperlsoa wttn ysar .t . , ;. - , During 19 ltO-yard aaaateer Amirless SaT. 4. 30t-rr4 stsrdles. worleTs saateer J sew reesed 0:2S 1-6. iii teoard 441 a Raw let.'- ...... v j,- Jot, -i 1 64, - rk. M I tecfeea. Msy 30, New I tore. ' Anesra, jmw 1 it rr aa tmt terttaa. Mae SO. Mew XBOeuw Brio ao. way. suro, . aw uam,..a saoai. asw reoord aid, record I - Mir . Indlaassolls. IaT" Tre-mU raa, asaateof Astetlean n- Rereleer tarawt sheetta 04 abets at M y I. B. 430CBMB. asw record. 407 cor, t 86 eeore. Job T Ban Franc C.L Dssces throw, ja. s. saenoaa, sew race feat I Mi laeaea, l record lal feet 4 Jos 17, ratereoa. w. a. - Nine. Bisadlaar Samoa. Ajaarieaa tvee-. Mama, sew record 10 fast 1 lacosa, a Ws4d'feerd, as aril aiwtlasr tra'V. eTie.ta eia r. Motor Vwt.ssll saa, 9 o. - Dubuaas. Ie Motor VaL Bva-mll wn7B record. Iter aw Lssdlng Lady, OWvelsn July 4, Dunoooe, lewa. lng Lady, jlvinv sew ratora iu.i T arset aawoag Wiaaera, aw. , 'imj'miummt Ire tallleo. J7. Bewers (Wkkeraasml. n-w , rewrT-MSkfeldric l-"imy ..' . JferiSSLaf;' Oa kUe. aVInc start meter cycle J t oaler. sew record t:26 1-6. elf record t.w ; ,mWSiSttt. at (Bbs, aew record 1.-04, e(4 , rco4 !:, . Austsat t. ocraatoe. .Fa, . ' ., .- - . -World' tterk recori jaaelnst mare, or- isra. riu'zs ss.v jw n' t? "TwilSselrcBW t sew record 18 7.87, sM aWMrd l.-du-w. . gT.M!teertl:H ft, awptem' Wort' reeerd for yesrosw paeere. F. Perry. J. B. Masowaa sew see-record 2:20 8-4V Beptemkee 12, Le. PaeiBS stautSBS. 1 mue eecr he Oeeeae (eano, new reeard 2:04 1 . 3:pelM. saotssaber 33, Allsntowti Threwtna; 64 sosnd welakt, tmit hmM 40 fee 11 kachea. old tv laches. Beeemasv 34, Montreal. Twesty-mll sat, circular Borwmn. asw record 11:07 3-6. septeaaset to,- Detroit' - . ; Hi sua er throw. 14 psaaas. V reet s a n ill bus er throw, it bobbbV era 181 feet Inch. bea. Oetoke 2, New ! win t su mi ia ana BIcycM hawlad Baatsv P" Hans am ternrdTa (u rtooee 6, Newark. , .'01! Oct Bevotrs aetiul at t" -l3emhr .. Diets, asw reeora 1Q. BneuMOWId 'Tu-etee bewilnv. lUi taoe. i - " '-..."':.; " ll- (..... .pyrm ....AlcOt .koer .Byrae..., iieuee, . ...i..r s. .v,a, ...v.te. -ote .... . . Putt an ti. ,..,.t

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