Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 20, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 20, 1896
Page 6
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**! -7 n r T»« r»»«k Halt Five beautiful dolls, lithographed on cardboard, eight inches high. Can be cut ottt and put together by the children—no pasting. Bach doll has two complete: suits, American, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, German, Swiss, Turkish and Indian costumes. All parts'being- interchangeable, tnany combination* can be 'made; affording -endlesi amusement and Instruction. A. high ; c1as3 series of dollsj patented and manufactured.for y» exclusively and' hot to be compared with ;the." numerous | cheap.paper doll»,on the .market, i",.-, .,- . How .TTo^Get Tliemr , • Cut from flvebutiildb'irr»p'p«rii bfSorii" Sueli Mince M»at the head of the fflrl holding pio. Send thoae ,wlth ton cent* In .illver—wrapped 1 a paper-and your (nil name and address, and w« will lend the.dolls postpaid.' Or w« will •end them free for twenty bonds of tne girl. Send only the heads to avoid extra postage. MERRELL.SOULE CO., SYRACUSE,'*).' Y. AN ELEGANT BUTTON TREE with each package of AN OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE WITHOUT COST."; ,, •••» , 'rr~. «-•; >'*--\ - - ' • -T 1 . r" *'* : > V """''• "i! ' f *?,r~ i -WHERE DIRT GATHERS, WASTE RULbS." r GREAT SAVING RESULTS FROM THE US;E OF ' i HID BEHIND UMBRELLAS. «ow • Turtj- of Younif People Managed i Wlthoat Dttth Jlouief. 1 Among 1 the jnany storips of seasidiS | :and movntain resort now being related ] l»y returning 1 summer girls one of the • .Ijnost amusing in., told : by a,sprightly ' . ]«lajnsel wliofcas ju»t come home from an Atlantic coast Watering place. .One ; *ftcrnoon she was of a party of young imcn and women, duly cliaperoned, who .Ijound themselves In a curious predica- iment, from which a qulck-^vitted chap- ,«rone rescued them, thereby'laying an- iotflher debt of gratitude on the etoul- 'ders of the young people. Growing tired of the smooth .water in which they had tbeen accustomed to dip, they.deter- mined on a trip to an island some distance out, having: learned that the bcau- jtiful beach there wae generally swept ,by the heavy rollers they sought. A party was duly organized, a saUinfj ressel of small size was chartered for the occasion, chaperon* we're secured, jtnd one morning bright and early a »tart was made. Every member of tho. . party had his or her bathing suit when ihey boarded the boat. The trip to tho ifeland wus made without incident, and Abe eager young people rushed tb the oeoch to ilnd a strong wind blowing- jnaliore and genuine combers rolling in. •It was at this stage that a predicament .that -had ambushed itself in the sands - «rf the island became manifest. .There ,-were no bathing-houses on the beach and there was no cabin on the boat. "How many umbrellas are there in ,the crowd ?" demanded she. About ten wcne. instantly In evidence. Tho girls took half of them, the gentle'.men the other half, at her direction, »nd In less time than Lt takes to tell it Jeznininity -was a couple of hundred yarcw down tnet)eacti rrom imaEculinit;y/ and two charming girls, screened from] ,the vlow of -the men by the Interposition of the umbrellas, were Investing, themselves In -fhelr bathing (suits. When they finished,.and it didn't-take them long, they held the umbrellas, whlle-.the other ladies did Mcercrise. .. Thero iaro' tome, .persons ;who are never Eatisfled unless making a nodse. For them the 1 bicycle Is too slJeut a 'steed, nnd they have •been endeavoring to. fin d" sonic'iinethod "or'racket-makio? wliUo rldliig.-^The iatast.'for. the noise- loving rider i* th'e big g-ongr attached to 1he rear v.-heel, which' clangs liko a street car. gong 'and. inakea -timid 'persons fenr that they are about to be run down by a trolley car,: This is only one form of nuisance.- Tho other is a rubber bund attachment to the fra.rao of Ihe wheel. Tho rubber, bands arc used for: the reason that wlien the wind is blo>ving- nnd the rider-Js-pedaling Ire its direction tUc'bands ect up a humming sound tint is really hideous. Several runaways have been caused by the buzzing of the rubber. - - topper In the Tliinen. For several years ..past] the working chemists have claimed that native copper may be found in minute quantities In the tissues of every, known species of plant andSainimal. Since January 1 n commission, appointed .-by ihe British Association for the Advancement of Science has mn<3o 00,000 examina.tJons and 'chemical 'analysis by a great va- 'ricty of.'processes and has not failed to find traces of copper, in a single instance., They,found it l»,the colorins 1 : of flowers, in the feathers, beaks and eyes of birds, in the human brain, and blood, in the blades, grains and root* ;•* M'hent, in .the scaJes'Qf fishes andeei> c?^ '.n.6hort everywhere.: EFEECT FUSION. Division : by Democrats and Populists of State Electors, Thirty States Thus Far Included— Mr. Bryan Makes Speeches in McKinley's State. Chicago, Oct. 19.—The following table .compiled from information furnished: .by the .democratic and populist national-committees shows tli* porportion of electors on the national ticket in states where fusion has been effected. .. . States . Popu- Dcmo- ... - • lint. cratlc. Alabama"..' "••••i I Arkansas • 3 5 noloraao- i J Florida * « Idaho 0 3 Illlnoln.'.'... .N —•* ?« Indiana , ..»-| }0 Iowa ..."... » 10 Kansas « }» Kentucky 2 « Louisiana ?••-"• ii Massachusetts J }* Michigan * W Minnesota : ' •••.•• j « Missouri } " Montana J Nebraska J 4 New Jersey J North 'Carolina 5 North Dakota J Dlilo' ? V f, 0 18 0 PonnVylvanla J ! J South Dakota - ^ Utah i i WashlnKton ; * Wost Virginia ; J Wisconsin J'. » Wyomlnff ..-.-•--^ . . '- 1 Note—Fusion In Georgln pending. Kansas democrats pledged to vofj for Watson If It 13 seen he has moit votes In electoral IN M'KINLEY'8 STATE. KnthUHliwm itttirku the' Fourth Entry of Bryan Into Ohio. Limn, 0., Oct. ]0:—The enthusiasm which murlfpcl William J. Brynh's previous sallies to Ohio -during this campaign begin: to show itself a.new on Lis fourth entry into Mnj. McKinley'a state early Monday morning. Hia special train left Detroit at 4:45 n. m., und reached Toledo, 0., at 0:30, and the premonitory symptom of a busy day for the candidate developed there. Two or three hundred men in the Union station called (or Mr.'Bryan,'and,'arising from, his berth and making a hnsty toilet, he went out on : the platform and lallved'to them. Fifteen .minutes only were spent at Toledo. Stops were mado by -the train, which was in charge of Daniel McCouville, .chairman of.. tin- Ohio state central democratic committee, nt Perrysbur'g, Westbn, Deshler, Leipsic', .Ottawa and Columbua Grove. The biggest crowd was.atLeip- iiic, reached at 8:25. -Mr; Bryan.jnnde 4 short address there. Brief-remarks were made ut all the.other.places mentioned, with the. exception of Weston, and at each the. candidate was received with considerable enthusiasm. George A: Marshall, democratic candidate for congress, introduced: Mr. Bryan to.2,500 people at Sidney;, and the national nominee made a brief speech., PJqua turned out the, banner, crowd of the dny.up,tb that'time.'' 'It. .numbered about 6,'oOO, l! ihcluding many who came from near-by communities. During the 20 minutes spent there -Mr. Bryan wade a speech on'the money question, A number,of .his auditors wore yellow badges Eeeji so frequently among the' crowds addressed ; by the democratic; candidate bearing the names, of McKinley and' Hobart. But the. Bryan .supporters, .not, to be outdone, had dist.ribr uted.ia"rouua the^town.for service at tbe meeting,'badges similar in shape nnd color, some of them bearing'tbe words: "Goid^-Ni't," an* others' simply "Nit," At'Trby 'a .couple-of: hundred people heard Mr. Bryan talk;from the;ruir platform .of. his private car..,- ••..•'..-. . '. Brian, on HMUI»> Ftog Order. Several thousand 'people .welcomed Mr.'Bryan at Lima: 1 He rend extracts form Chairman Harina's American flag letter, published Sunday and in commenting on it said: "My friends, it, Is. the flrst time that I know of that I have ever agreed with the chairman of the .republican national conn mlttee and I want to, sign my name to his latter and ask all those -who believe .In. the [fleas set forth there to display the flai? on the 31st of October, because there is not a thins In that letter butwhat wo .advocates of free silver .Indorse. Now note what no gays' That he wants tho flag displayed by all thoie-who on the-sa of November Intend to vote for the nreieryation of our.natlonal honor. We advocates of free silver believe In having? a financial policy :mado by the American people for the American people. Can you support the honor of the United- States?' He .wants those to display the flag who are for 'sound money.. 1 wo -who believe In the money of the constitution arc Cor a sounder money than those who want to change our currency Into pounds, shillings and pence. "Bo> that I 5»ln in that request for three reasons, first because every thing that, he ask* In that letter we belldve In and therefore we have as much right to display the flag on that daiy-as any republican has, aim •wo believe that .wo have a good deal more 'moral right, to do It.in this campaign. I Join in. the letter for another reason. I do not want them to mark the advocates of free silver for slaughter on that day. "My friends, if coecion.U going to be attempted for heaven's sake let it not be attempted by using the fla#. as a means of pointing out the men to be threatened. -If they want -to find out who shall .bo slaughtered let them take 'some other emblem than the nation's emblem under which to do their nefarious work. Thero Is anothef- reason.why I Join In thatroquest. 1, want -nome- flags to' float, on that day which do not mean a government by syndicates and for syndicates." ' '" • • ,. Mrs. Bryan Presented with a Bible., .' New York. Oct; 10.—The directors of the; .. Women's National Democrati« league called nt dembcratie, headquarters Monday. They had with them 1 a' jnoroiieo-bouiul copy of the Oxford edi- .lion of the Bible; which is to be fot- worded to Mrs. William.TeniiJngaBryai). Oh the cover of > the Bible, in gold letters, were the words: ,. -"Presented,to Mrs. William- 'Jeu-' iiings Bryan, .by the directors of the Worrianls •National Democratic league; yew' York,! 'October, 1396.^ :/Dry Goodi Firm Amlgn*. .:..' Watcrbury, Coin., Oct: 19.— : E: T. Turner. & Co., one of the oldest arid largest dry-goods and department stores in this city,', assigned: Monday. morning, Liabilities .unkp"w&.).-'.',- . , ,: .-.'. '•. Gladness Comes W ith a better understand ing of the transient nature of the many physical' ills, \yliich vanish-before, prpjj^rof- forts—gentle efforts— jricaiiant efforts— rightly directed. There 'is comfort in 'the knowledge, that so muny forms of sickness are not due to any actual disease,- but simply to a constipated condition of tho system, which the pleasant family laxative, Syrnp of Figs., promptly remoyes. That is why it is tlio only remedy w'Stli millions of families, 'and is everywhere esteemed so highly by all who value good .health. Its bene.flein) effects are flue to the fact,' thut it is the one remedy which .proraptes internal cleanliness without 'debilitating tho organs -on .which it acts. It is therefore all important, in order to get its beneficial' effects, to note when you purchase,- that you. have the genuine article, which is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only and sold by - repuii. . If in the enjoyment of good health, and the'system 'ia r'eeiiliw-, laxatives or other remedies arc then not needed; Jf afflicted with uny actual disease, one may be commended 1o the most skillful physicians, but if in need of a laxative, ono should have the best, and with the well-informed everywhere, Syrup of Figs-stands highest and is most largely used and gives most general satisfaction, . , Chicngo, 'Oct. 10.— While Michael Mahnnuk, treasurer of a Polish society, vnis returning home early Monday morning accompanied by George Maurows- ki^ tliey we're 'attacked by six highwaymen who attempted to rob Mahnnuk of .$200, the proceeds of-a dance given by the society Sunday night. MaurowskJ shot William. Spnvik, one of the robbers. in the groin, whereupon his companions fled. They were pursued by the police and three' of them arrested, th~<? remaining two escaping. ' MWI"-""*'*"** +• f fmir-ot 1 . iNew York, Oct. 19. — The. stearner La Rascogne, which, arrived from, Euroi.n Bunday, brought 2,50p,'000.'.frahcs gold, The postage 'rates, for bankers' Jong Flerling was reduced from 481',/j to 481. The rate for di-niiind renmins at 484V>> •8truck nntl Killed by the rur«. St. Alarys, Ont., Oct. 1'J. — Kichard Ilnys »nd his sister Mary Anna Buys, who resided on a farm near this place, were struck, by a train .while driving over a crossing. Both were instantly killed. .Origin of Billiard*. The origin of billiards is obscure, but th« best authorities on the' subject declare that the game was brought, from the cast, by the Crusaders. It was.cer- tainly .'played by the ...early Knight* Templar and the Knights of Malta, nnd In medieval times was exceedingly popular among, the ' monks In tn* monasteries of France and Italy. THE MARKETS. in! Provliloh'i, Etc*J , Chicago, Oct.' 18. , FLOUR— Active and much higher. 'Quotable as follows:. Winter-Patents. J3.GW9 3.SO; straights, »3.40©3.60; clears, «-8«|8-«>'. Beconds,,-n.76®2;00; low. grades...^^.^ Spring-Patents, J3.SO©4.00; straights, J3.10 03,30; baker's 1 ,' $2.605)12.90; low grades. »1.60Q TC; Bed Dog, ».20@1.40;Tlye,.W;00®!!.20. ; : -WHEAT— Excited and' higher.. October.' TT'/4ia7S%c;' December. 78V4®79%c; May, 830 ''' ' ' ••'•' • ••• - •• .. CORN— Active nnd higher. No. 2, 20MQ Uc: No, 2 Yellow, 26«@27Hc: December; 27@27%c; January, 2T»c; May, 30031C. .; OXTB— Active and higher. ...No.. -2 cash, 90 1 9Wc; December. 19%®20%c; May, 22© 23c Samples higher: No Grade, 13©16c; No s;.-14ii0t7Ho;.No. 3 White; 18@21c; No. 2, 18%©:9c; No. 2 White, 21@22c. RYE— Firm and higher. No. 2 cash, 89o and No. 3, 87^6; December delivery, 40&c; May, 45c. ••'-.. . ' BARLEY— Good steady market; good demand Common, feed Barley, 26H©27c; very poor, 25S>26c; malting common to good, 2S@30c. and choice to fancy. 32@38c. , LARD-Tradlnfi fairly active and prices hlKher Quotations ranged at J4.45@4.47!4 to? cash; <4.40®4,42tt for October; M.4MJ 4.42J4 for December, and J4.60®4.62% for January. • MESS PORK— Market-moderately active, and prices higher. Quotations ranged at 17 17 ¥-©7 75 for cash; J7.17Vi@7.20 for October; $7.25@7.32^,for December, and JS.150 8.35 for" January. -••••••'.•• BUTTER— Market ..firm at 9®18c for creameries, and 9@16o for dairies. LIVE POULIT-Y— Quiet. Turkeys, C© to; Chickens,. 6W@6c; Ducks, S®8Wc. per pound; Geese, per dozen, J4.00@6.75. WHISKY— Steady on the basis of Jl.IS for highwlnes. _ ." • New York. Oct. 19, , FLOUR— State and western flrm; south-. era flrnv.and quiet. : . ' ' WHEAT— No. 2 red opened active and cx- citeaiand 4i3>4V4c higher on decidedly higher . cables, better west, heavy foreign buying and local covering; icll %@V4c on realizing, rallied l@lttc through manipulation, un- lettled at 4%©4%o over Saturday. No vem- bsr 84yi@84%c; December; 86%@86 9-16o; ' jinuan? 80%@S7.^o; May, 88y.@89 9-16c. ' CORN— No. 2 moderately active, stronger, No.'2, 32Mi@38Hc; October, 33%c; November, IH4c; 'December, MV4®34%c; May, 37@37Wc. OATS— No.' 2 quiet, nrmer. Western. 2» @31c; December, 24%c; May, 26%®27c, PORK— Firm, , New Mess, J8.2G®9.00. . L^ K r>_Flfmer. Steam rendered, J4.85 nominal. . BUTTER— Fair, demand, flrm; talk of 20c for fancy. . Western Dairy, VA&12°; do. Creamery, 12@19c; do. Factory, 7@Ui4c; Elglns, :i9c; Imitation Creamery, 9®13c. CHEESE-Steady. Part Skims. ZVt® 6%c; Full Skims, 2@2y.iC. • EQOS— Moderate demand, steady. Wett- ,ern, ".I-. 1 live Stock; • -,-•. - •.'•-•• Chicago, Oct. 19. CATTLE— Market, for best steady; others lower. Fair to Best Beevesrg.HO© ,e,15;,;Btocker»: -and Feeders, W.SO@3.6o;- Mixed" Cows and Bulls, J1.26®3,75; Texan, |2.40@3.2E; Fancy, {4.25. HOGS-Market 5©10c hlghar; , closed easy. Light, *3.10@3.57tt; Rough Packing. |3.00@3,1E; Mixed and Butchers'. «.W-65: Henvy. Packing and Shipping, |S,20(&<3.60; 1 ' '"•• • ' LEGAL LIGHT GOES OUT. Death of Chief Justice JllchardHOil of United Btntei Court of Ortlmi. Washington, Oct. 19. — Chief Justice William Adainn-Bicliardson, of. the 'United States supreme court b£ claims, died nt 8:05 Monday niorning of cancer 'Of the stomach. He had been confined to his bed for two months. When the peaceful end came his daughter, Mrs. ; I>r.:MjigTUder,.his only child, his Bon-in' low", 'and several members of the court were present. The court of claims ad- iourned in June last to meet Monday and the last official act of Judge Rich' nrdson was to announce the adjournment. I At the meeting of the United Stale* court of claims .Monday, for the first time since its adjournment for the summer recess, Associate Justice Nott announced the death" of Chief Justio* ! Ilichnrdson and the court immediately indjoumed until next Thursday. Tiie . funeral:'.of Chief- .Tustice Richardson will itaJke place Tuesday in this city. [Judge Richardson' was born In Massachusetts In 3821, was-praduated at Harvard and:, subsequently became judge advocate of Massachusetts. He revised the statutes of the statean3 waaappolnted by the legislature to supervise the annual publication of the Itws of Massachustts, whlch ; offlco he' continued to nil with satisfaction for 2Z years. - In. 1868 he became Judge of probate and -In '18S6 was transferred to Washington as assistant secretary of the treasury. He was sent abroad by the government in 1871 as special financial agent and nego- •tiatcd the first contracts entered into in Europe for the nale of United States four per cent, bonds. In 1873 he became secretary of the treasury and resigned that position in JS74 to accept a seat on tho bench of the United States court of claims tendered him by President Grant. In 1SST. he became chief Justice of that court,which position he held until hla death. Judge Richardson was the author of numerous publications dealing chiefly with financial subjects, among them "Bunking Laws of Massachusetts," "Practical Information Concerning the Debt of the United States," and he prepared and edited a "Supplement to the Revised Statutes of the United States" and a history of the "Court of Claims."] ____. DEED OF A DRUNKEN. BRUTE. Butcben BU Wife and Son with a Largo .Corn Knife. Bluefield, W. Va.; Oct. 19.—Marion Kenhard, who lives at Banger Creek, in Wise county, killed his wife and a K- j ear-old .son Sunday night. He failed to injure his young .daughter. The weapon- which he used .was a large corn knife- .'.'.,' . . •••;.' Keuniird had been drinking heavily for weeks. He name home after dark Sunday night. The family had retired. He awakened his wife, and a quarrel followed. Kennard then went to-the porch, where he took down the corn knife. Returning he struck his wife, almost severing her nond, then with a blow he Instantly killed his boy. ••"•• After'sleeping oft'the effects of the liquor Kennard told his neighbors that K tramp had murdered his wife and child,.but the daughter who escaped related the facta. ALEXANDER SALVINI. The Talented Yean* Actor May Succumb to'Hli Freient Illneu. ' • Alexander Salvini, the actor, w.ho is lying-'dangerously . ill at his father's home, llonte Catino, near Florence, is familiar to thousands of Americans for his special personation of i)umas' hero, U'Artngnan, in "The Three' Guardsmen."' Mr. Salvini has looked forward to a career of greatness upon the stage, and his, hopes have been /encouraged by most of the critics. He has been the foremost among young men who essay the drama of romance, and his/ability in that regard has been universally conceded. In his attempts at "more pro- lound study he has been less'fortunate. Aa Hamlet he was perhaps,a llttle'too theatrical, and his lack,of repose was commented upon.' At the tame .time, his ..conception of.,the. character,\va» original and in isom'e respects worthy. The young Salyinl is about 30 years old and 'his earliest recollections are of Jhe theater. It wa» his Intention to take his father's 'place in tragedy, and' it was not. impossible .that hill genia«. might have broadened with nge to the desired scope. . In.. physique there waa nothing wanting. A young giaat of, marvelous inherited strength he had the' force and the presence to'follow- "Othello," "The Gladiator" and the other tragedies so well'presented by the;elder. The young man never completely conquered English. His foreign! accent was just perceptible in most of! his stage speech. It was especially] prominent in his Hamlet, and this fact somewhat marred the dignity, of hi» work in'that play. • f . Warnlnn Ajtalnit. Train Kobbcni. Among, the inventions recently dfr posited : lor patenting purposes in France is "an alarm for traina in case of nn attack by brigands;, having for its .object to enable the engine drivers to warn passengers in all the compartments of the train when he tetm tl» brigands."; . . Bt, Lawrence River. . For seven -years the St. Lawrence! river gradually decreases in d«pthj : then: for seven years It gradually increase* Inj flepth, the difference in level being five' feet., Why it doe» so no one has yet dlH soTered. Deatn of a veteran. Wchmond, Ind.. Oct. lO.-Maj. William L. Jonn died at his home here, aged 91. He was born in Butler county, O. Without A Rival. Asaposidivecureforsprainsibruises, and :pairis of all kinds, Salvation Oil hae'no equal.. Mrs. "Frank- Juif, 513 Gratiot Avc., Detroit, Mich,, writes: "I used :Salvation Oil in my family andean say it has no rival as.a l)ni- men't;'it'-certainly cures paius. I ; 8p].-ained; my chide and it cure:! 'me and since tben I have always used it for any pain* arid bruises." Sa'lvalicu Oil i« sold forbnly25 cents. So oilier remedy will dp the work as promptly.; How Are Your Kid "Bvtrhmve your buck acbef Dr. Hobbs-, Sparagus Kidney Pills . T, IND . by ' Ben l : i«hrr, 311 Fourth St. mud Jinn t. Coulion, 30* Mtrkci Si. FASHIONS CHANGE BUT POZZONF^ Complexion POWDER BEMAUn AJLWATS THE SAME. The flntirt, purat and «no«t beautifying I toilet powder ever made. It i> lootb- ing, healing, healthful """l_I)»rm, le " : anil when rightly UBed IB IHTIIIIBUE. If you have never tried POZZONI'S £?*** IT IS SOLD ETEBYWHEKE. ,-. •, I-.-™*.™/ J>LOOD rUISON.pormanentlf '. : 7 Hol<!urcdlnl6to84d«V«.ToucoObctreatt<5li» '"^horaoloriamoprl^nnderiaraoeuaraa- fty. lfyouprcf«rtocoi»6li*roT—"-— racbaKte, l( wo tali to cur*. If you have ukea m>i» ~Mff, Iodide potash, " " " , an<l Mill have achM mat ..ury, lo.uiao pocamit ana mm a»vo OUWM am -.1 me, MucoulYktclwaln month. SoreThroat, ?itnplc». Copper Colorea Spot*, Ulcer* on i:i/ i»ttoi tho bony, Hair or Eyebrow* falling ' it to thto Setondnry ULOOD .For"™* rotn">r»nt«o tDCnro. We •oltclttbtnKnt — •lite care* ana ciiuUdom the world for • , siKp wo mnnotcuro. a'liU dl'«aaa bn» nlwtn .MI;><K» Ihr skill of tho mo«t enanent phyil« .in:!, r S50O,OCO-capiUJ behlad 'our -uucondl* ' ™«i:«:r»iow i wrlWen .cunr»n- .,««* U> «U* «H SOfT- * Bmla ower. »die. V'^toCulntM, E»«t MaUiood, Kerr- rae», Atrppbr, Ulmlom, VnrJcocele, , drain" ot tte-'OeMratlra Organs, •*^*j£oTc««rtl« s T?«t^«L^^^^^ff ^n^Jtoa^fy le^W ^s«^^iiii fxFZtoa. .UX3ANSPOB.T. IND. ;|;.-.'A D.LDbEWER, ;• -. . . AUolrf»cturet<|f.; ;:...; / . .:• Ladies' Hiie ,, \Vholesale 163 State Street, : ;. ; CHICAGO. The Leading Fur Establishment in .Chicago for Huth Grade Fun. Artistic WorkmaiishlpTn Remodeling Seal Garments at; very, moderate chargm. .• Goods sent on.approval. Correspondence solicited.. . .-.. .-..:.• . , K.N I" c. a I trm«ly- for Cl«Bt. ijBon I Wb'/M, nnn-»lo» ,'t |.o*>tgM. or anr iiimmm* _ „„ _____ ..... l *on, irrti»Hon or deer* lfi«T««ii:cio.inlon,, tion of mucous mem- . for •br eiprew, prfpalj, 41.00. or 3 OOT.tli*. V. Circul«r wbt on rwu««« Greatest Discovery or toe I9tli Century. Dr.TeagTie'* . Medicated Air . For the Cuw of Catarrh, A^tlimm . and all polnonaiT DUeiHt, It bal ro. eQLal tt Blek and Nertoo* Hud•Che, 1,000,000 PSOplB die annually fiom tht >Bbon>. named Kedlcatf llr «u«»^ to core joa. 4 Drag Co., llelmoad, Ind., U. a. A. ANTAL-IV1IDY .These tiny Capralai fin snperiot ! ..to Balsam of Copaiba, " I ICuhebs or Injections and CORE IH 48 HOOTS the same diseases, wi incorivenieiica. ' Sold *y J osl ah Bacon, condrictor. on tne P. ^ & B. R. R-, say» "Brazilian Bulm cured me of inveterate catarrh which ,1 bid for years." Brawhan Baltn kills Cl* years. r catarrh microbe, making ••rBo»;«l cm* . -..-.— . • . • >•- •":'•.;••,.•, :.-'•'-'':•'-".' • l \./ii'-"* '

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