Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 31, 1954 · Page 20
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 20

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 31, 1954
Page 20
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MOM STAR, HOM, ARKANSAS Tuesday, Auguir 31, &RlftGtr'L'ORAL:DESIGN--Ar, electrical engieer in th«« •afcEMtrtc^AbiwItories at Pittsfield, Mass., "gr^w" thli 1 __ Ijal J's'unflowet" While measuring electrical voltages. "Petals'* 5>Jihe v flower are -electrical discharges around two terminals • charged with an electrical voltage. BITTER SAGE *2 » - ' J9B4 b Prank Gruber. A Service, Inc. t C r «*•*!<• "Cmlc xxvr. •„ \ s 'Miller*. walked down South * ljie> cornar and lurried tb — 1;' •»,, < / go and vote* now," fd ?'ta,. Hudkhirj and Tancrcd, itavehH "'been in tow.n. long Vto, vole/2. Tailored said, City. He look the soulh 1-oa.d,', but once he'passed" Ilia last house, he turned to the'west and south, cut•Ung ncross the prairie.- '< Then a half curie i sod House loomed up before him. It was a rniserablc house, built of log 1 * and rriud, with sod sorting for!' rolling. 1 Miller^ ',what ',th'e r" nodded. softly. "So H?ns about!" Tho,'a C2 vote? rft>u'gh -to Swing it. About a * ^[ieople " voted bcifore they '£Up.' 'I thSnlt; we'd have i-bj* r40," maybe HO votes. on -a lolnl vote of pos- ISOO^and, I 'thought w<?'d swing 70"" of the total. But now He-»Jhoolf his head. ' ii;p ( ,>!any of,,tie twrmers come " stilf around." intf) to\vn when . J The Texas men push V * ' on your side.' t in^of hope cir^o to ?- !P* weih^d 'enough Mil,«.,„. ,_ men pjjsejSi p.. ..'•>- He paused ^ivevy 1 stable's got a dozen »ifoV more"- ' livery stable," :,' , Miller sud4en- t j>e shouted, proof of< our sub- single cow, As Tancrcd rode up, a man amo out of tho sod houro with lifle in his hands. " * " The man looked at Tancrcd hrough sliUed, red cycB. "I don't vant no (rouble. I'm pullinp< up lakes in o couple of -lays -and don't wanl no trouble wlth<,any- uie." "I'm n,ot going to make any rouble," Tancred said. 'It.s jufl, jVPll,. ihey ifl hnvinrj nn flection n to^n tdtlay and vvp're '-^dicing everyuody ( to coinp> in and^^voie " "Vole for who?" , "That's for you ,to df^cidc^ yoto or whoever you plcaue. The/nr^ain hing' is we want 'you to vote." I don't know nothin* , about t vo- in'," the ^man pdid, ,aisp(Htedly. Tm a farmer. Leant I thought I 'wa$"he made'd siiddeh,* ' feplle Hudkins-foltov/ed out 'Mil tha tos/1'ancred. "We can't but you and some caUilreaqh half o* you talk ' ;• astride"i>"ront- ' out' of Page ypft^y^P - -, AMOND •itable reserved. -Anytime ife & Cqfeteria »i 4 » »>»» "» " v Anyf Legion Seige Has Capital Jumping 6y HAftMAN W. NICHOLS ul 'gesture with his rjlfle he edst-'if those cowboy's' d'r let me, I had a crop of whedt started snd they turned 1 their steers -loofce on it'.' • , ^ •> ' , '.That," said Tancred. "is,.,what the voting's about. Some /of the. people in-tow^ want to put 'as, top Lo things lika; that. And y6ii can iclp, by volih'g." ' ( l Tho man cocked bis .head to one side. "Nobody cares about '' iis sfjuattera." Evqrybpdy 143 me "A group of people in town sent 'Taricred perifoted. iput a stop^to 1 Ja- coE>'*Fueler's' one-man rule'of Sajje County." t !'You Jacob I cou.ld, vote •squatter asked with sudden interest. "You can! 1 ', ' ' »• "And what'll Fugger do. to one who votes against him? 1 "^There's nothing h^ can do^ 13q- sides,' he won't know who's voted against him." <• • • .Tancred grabb'ed up.. h,is"",r.£}ns, it over. But remember-the . „,. 'clpse ,at ^ o'clock^ Got jr town Before then if you." want, to vote." By mid-afternoon Tanored had ridden 30 rnilea In 3 >vM<? p}rclej and hfld found eight farini»i's.»His circle had brought him clo&ei to again arid* his horse-told-him that he coukUnot much farther. * '* ,W9S a,. J\oi'tl "of Texas JpHghorns. He cji l <?loit 1o. the left and"80W that ho would pass a. cowbpy. , , 1'he man svas slumped in, hn saddle, up he A^ 1 Tnnc'fcd came id!y at mm tHul his eyes, bul suddonly they dirtoci bnck to Tnncrcd, : ii sudden shocks A Sljudflcr ran yn-ou^ji Tancicd Up pulled up his mount, "Tancred," s,iicl Pave • The' yea i facing Ta QunntreH's chtef rOminuiKlort, Tancred Jxad.fbe&j1 Vjthen Qldeij had faced WASHINGTON (ttt> ) — The bid capital is jumping like a jitterbug to the faucotls bat tie of dnjfiis add cow bells, the explosion of tiffccraekete and the loud lagghter of thou bands ot fun-rn^kers. The American Legion is in town. And although Washing ton. has seen its share of spectacles and even violence in ltd eventful history, it has never .sen anything quite Jike a Le gioh convention before. Other organizations come and make their speecnefc and leave wifhout even: slightly altering the city's life. But the LegWn convention Hits with A smack. It Is felt by everybody. It Is a unique American institution that has no real parallel for noise and gaiety and bigness and serious plirpose k The convention is thousands of cars that streamed bump er to bumper into the capital's broad avenues and normally quiet streets. It is a sea of Navy blue and gray overseas caps surging into shops, down the middle .of maih thorough fares and across the mall. It is 44-year-old Lloyd Wilkinson, a Lcgionairu from Denver' who Was quartered in the city jail for allegedly as sattlting , a -hotel maid and clerk, with a mop and water pitcher. It also is Legion' alres standing with their families at .the foot .of Lincoln's statue. The convention 'is 14 con tcstants in a drum and bugle corps contest receiver! first aid for heat exhaustion, overoxer tion, and in the case of a cymbal clanger — Lou Bonaan no, IS, of tStirflold. N. J. a sprained wrist. It is Helen W. Miller of the Legion housing bureau scur rying around until she found •.Pennsylvania sla,te police m quarters for 19 horses which Pennsylvania slate police Intend to ride Jiii tomoi row's mammoth parade She also found a hoine for 23 motor cycles belonging to Legion nairc policemen fiom Fort Worth, Tex. The convention is throwing the town a little out of whack. But it isn't 'complaining. The big show means an estimated $7,000,000 in summer Moldium business for local merchants. Scmerficld Wins by a Knockout NEW YORK t/PI Win or loso, belting Bob Satlerflnld does it sensationally Action plus is the motto of tho clynamito-iisted, china-chinned Chicago light heavyweight contender Either he knocks the other guy out or he winds up on the deck himself So far this year, 30-year-old Bob has had five- fights Me was flattened in two by Ezzard Charles in February Since then -he has racked up four straight victories via the kayo roiftc Frankie Daniels of Bakersfield, Calif, became More Relief in Drought Areas Asked LITTLE ROCK (IP) — The board of directors of the Arkansas Farm Bureau Federation is asking the U. S. Department of Agriculture for increased relief for Arkansas farmers in drought areas. The federation asked- for speed- No 4 last night at 2:44 of the seventh round at St. Nicholas Arena ier action in designating drought disaster counties and more liberal program concerning livestock feed A committee, appointed by chairman Joe C. Mardin of Gratb', drew up a resolution which was telegraphed to K. L. Scott of the Department of Agriculture. The telegram pointed out that "Arkansas is experiencing a third successfive year of drought" which will injure" the long efforts to create a cattle industry in the state." The directors also utged the in creased use of "the new ACP practice designated for drought areas. . . the seeding of 'winter grains, cover crops end leugmes." Last week the Department of Agriculture announced that no more counties would be declared drought disaster areas thus becoming eligible for federal aid until a department official visited them GOOD OLD COUCH NEW YOBK (UP) Pamela Conlon, eight, fell three stories yesterday when she lopj>lr:d out of the bathroom window of her home. She landed on an old couch in the back yard. Her only injuries minor burls- es suffered when she bounced from the couch to the pavement. About 3,7150 gallons of water are needed to raise a bfcef steer. Rock Official Dies LITTLE ROCK (/P) —James Keith a vice president nf \Vorthen Batik ! and Trust Co. of Little Hock, diocl ' n la Little Rock hospilal yester-<£ day. He was 61. | Funeral services will be si 9:30 < a. m. Wednesday al St Andrew's Calholic Cathedral MAN DROWNS LITTLE ROCK (/P) — A 34-year- ; old North Little Rock man J. Franklin Gage, 34 drowned yesterday when he apparently fell out of a boat from which he was! fishing at Willow Beach, near Li% tie Rock. ' v Ike Praises, Signs Atomic Legislation WASHINGTON Wt , Pr<!siderit Eisenhower today sign6d the neW atomic energy legislation ahd , de jlared it will speed,the time when ;he ato>n "will be wholly devoted" to peaceful purposes. The bill which ignited one of the c otthfcstcongrcsi olhalgfhptelfshes hottest congressional fights of the ye^,- overhauls thij 1048' Atomic Energy Apt.' Orjfe of the changes perrnits the., ( gov?rnm'dnt, —-*--., ( certain security safftguards, ; , to give nuclear information to Ameri ci's allies, • > • ". The new .legislation also, for the first " time, opens the door for de^ velopment of a private atomic po wer 'industry Within tha 'United States. Eisenhower, in a statement, took note of the warm debate in Con gress over these provisions; He said he feels "*ome misunerstandings" were revealed during the debate, and added. •'I want r,ur people to know that these provisions are designed even tunlly to relievo the taxpayer of. thp enormous cost of the, commer aspects of .the enterprise, while fully protecting the public in teresl in atomic eneigy, "In fact, IhcSe provisions carry into effect the 1940 policy deelara tion of the oHglhal Atomic Energy Act, that free rfompclitioh in pri vato .enterprise", should be strenght cned." Eisenhower expressed., confidence that the nc.-w measure will be a boon to public and private develop ineiit of niomia oher.gy. It will lead, he snid, to/greater national Ftrenglh, "Piosrams undfrtaken as a re suit of this new law,' 1 tho Presi clejit depl'ijecl, press moi'Q 1 whon llija now 'fancied wild, *'H*llo Helm exhaled. Wen a long Umtf $Yff £»„ He , his Had. "Huw 4)»ye>* things with yw?" , , i , sod," Ta'ncred replied, d, to toe herd, " ,4'J'ye h.eard 9 lot jfelm grimaced. ypu. t & v.'iU help us pro to the liino of energy wjll bn w|i«,>Uy rievotol to" tho coii tiuctivc purposes of ma.') t " .' Suppoitoi.-, »ny oni v n,nmcdiato fk't'l will be tu stinniliua the de velop/iient of eleciucUy (torn at unergy. But even the most optimistic £ue$s,sjs are that com- lly f«iii{,ib4e power fvoro at ornjc machines i§ . fe|lll several, years away. While tl»e basic objectives of the eagre were not questioned a number of its prov^ions yea into heavy challenge, especially in the , ^Uch of (h« ^rggment <o} th« weipe pf tbe, long&tand ing contrpversy pyer public vg. pr} power, with we bill's pppo prying "privstp monopoly" q( j^ 4«fcnder9 sa.yin$ it pro otcd "jCrey enterprjug." Qn, Jjcg ^Jr^t $ry» tSWiPWjh Mw Sep e t% m98?U^ Belied off Ij89 of «$ww;j{! JP fJfHTIOIIA NEW LOW PRICE WE GIVE S&H GREEN STAMPS DOUBLE S&H GREEN STAMPS EVERY WEDNESDAY, . ...So start today to save tv/o ways . .. by savihg as you spend with Low, Low J^j|ces; and V : a\- uable S&H ;.'(Sre'c'riwamp'S' ; :. : i . . at Piggiy Wiggly. IMPERIAL MRS. PARKERS TOLb. Bag Lb. Pkg. WHOLE OR HALF Lb. BEEF STEW MEAT Lb. Lb. DIAMOND For 1 KOOL ADE 6 " 25c DEL MONTE PINEAPPLE JUKE BAR-B-Q GRILLS 2.98 50 FT. GARDEN HOSE 2.99 NABISCO ORED CREAM Pkg. •Sfa,, 38c NABISCO PREMIUM CRACKERS FRESH CORN CELLO BAG 2 0 § Ears Bags SUNKIST LEMONS Lbs. EVERBEST BLACK RASPBERRY 10 Qz. Jar ' JELLY 39c SHORTENING .' SPRY 89c 3 Lb. Can TOILET SOAP LUX 25c Reg. Bon EVERBEST Hamburger Sliced Dili Pickles 16 Oz. Jar : 29c Liquid Lux 39c 1.2 Oz. Can Lux Flakes 30c: Large Pkg. TOILET SOAP LIFEBUOY : *i 'Reg. 'Bars.:; WASHING POWDER Large Pkg. SURF 30c WASHING POWDER BREEZE DETERGENT RINSO Pkg,: TOILET SOAP LIFEBUOY 2 Both Size .TOILET SOAP LUX " Bath Size 25c WASHING POWDER RINSO 29c Large Pkg, THE PURE BLEACH PUREX Pint Bottle ^^Jtklf

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