Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 20, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 20, 1896
Page 5
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pyg|g.ffl;ffifrHffi,^ Celebrated STIFF, SOFT AND SILK. . Fall and Winter Style*. DEWENTER Unless it fits, neither do you want to pay double it* value, If I make your clothes, I make them fit, but I don't charge fancy prices Suits to order from $20.00 up, HARRY 0 TUCKER h«ur Byunim flt Uie rink to- THE FIRSI nATlONAL BANK -OK- LOGANSPORT. .INDIANA. CAPITAJj 82BO.OOO. » J Murdock. Tnm. W. W. Ko«». *" 3, V. Brookm«y«r. A~t. Cwh. DIBKCTOBS: - H - . w son B»r.kln(f In nl: ItH Depart.nentR.promptlj> ' n B d a(e a ty e 't U " y Cu?t n omer. and StoolchoW.r. DAILY JOURNAL .TUESDAY, OOrOPBR 20, 1896- York .Buckwlioa* flour.— J. J. R- Kmus stock was lieavlcst In. 'men's sbirts.-A. G. Jeokliwe, flss+gnoc. ,Mr. Aultman with misses' and children's iJickerts to our amnexr all day to<lay.— Tho Bee Hive. •Excitement Increases dally in our doak department. New wraps arrtv- loff dally.— Trado Pnla<:e.. We want to show you our TWJW plaid puff scarf* .They aw Ji<*>by. Dewenter, the "hotter ood JurnlsTier. . ThOTe was a sone eorrtee last Siimday night at the Broadway Presbyterian ctodh. The «wnt TVS« a moat pteae- aimton<e: Take pcnflll- anQ Paiper ' and. figure yotir saving o tt a iblM of goods from the Otto KratB>ti»k.-A, r = a Jej&i-nea, assignee. ....... \. " • ITJio Rev. C. B. W«fllbora of the Qombeitamr 1 Pres(byt«rtP» chuixih delivered' a ledttrre Suniaay night on "Tbt " ' "'''' "' ' Frank-Klenlly 'treaited m. a tancb last nHfeat at til* Just opened edtaibflnhlnent at the west, enid^of the Market street brtdge. ..... jin union tliere to stpanetlh- When you onwe try our unloa suit of undsr- • wear, yWwUl! c-ry ninlon forever.— Dewenter, the'hatter aDd'furndeher. Seq Mr». ; Dwikloy, of CJhlcago, today at ,tbo .Trade Paiaoe, the art teacher;/ . AH ^wtrdKastog etnmped j-oods or <irt inaitertal wfll bo taught of cnarge. Don't jutes it «peedi«9 mud« wb Woodvllle, in county; :Sata«Iny nigh* *!7 At ' torney George Ga-mlblo and A*t»iincy Freidjtlcik LanflJs, -were effeotdve and pleased the people, a demand (bavtog trendy. 'been, made thht the apeaifcei-9 mate a return vUsIt to WoottvlUe. Petor WnJtoft*, Popootoit candidate caindiMlate *or Jotot Ropresenitattilve fyota Ca«8 awl MlamJ' counties, has ' i)een Ln iSotrtlwrin Indtania speaMuB to the cause at 1C to 1, wto'm he 'honestly favors 32 to 1. . Tho «aot that ho lHas not (been working 'here sit home ig evidence that tie .cansl'cJers Ms race .Hopeless. He to CWTOC*. .. ' - __ Awarded Highest Honors— World'* Fair. ' ' MOSt PERFECT MADE. A cure Grape Cream-of Tartar.Powder.. Free from Ammbnia, Alum or inyoiher adulterant 40 Yeats the Standard. Men's suits a-t $2.90. ifS.OO as r prevised are rcmiUy a wonder.—A. G. Jenkins**, assignee. Wrlfjlit & B wide >wlll open their con- fisotltanary, Thursday, Oct. 22nd, at 321 PeaiH street •with «• choice Bno of canidres, faincy t>oxes and novolties. Knowing 'tlhnit tlie arttdle is good a^ti the latest style is a satisfaction you ialways (hare when (buytof? hats or ,fu-nn,Ishines of Doweritior, the -hatter, K. E. Overman* tttie piano dealer, vrna injured Fa-Way ia a fall from a bugfeT, the vehicle bains overturned ..by a sMo- .Uorse. The d-rivar's- shoulder w.s Hon. W. D. Eyaum stands with Hoo. S. P. Slieoi'to., and aU pramlneinit and aUle Democrats, for a 100-oent dol- for .Ui« pcoiplo as. weM .as for the mUMwnnlros. He«r Mm tonlgOit at the . . Suulflay nigilit nt (too Wheaffland St., M. E. clwirdli a tomperaaice meetlinc was pi-^en, special fionff services and apipa-oin'ia'to addircsses 'bdMig .the fea- tnm-es, wWdi wea-e enjoyed. -toy ft large crowd. WUteoni & Hiiina»li.reys yest^rdfliy put itheiir coujpoaltors on fuH -lime, full tp(i,y. , The .connp«siDlff roam is mow wai'k'tog ton liouirs a day -Instead of ^IgTi't, as "has been the case for the last ftrar .momths. •Thfl R«v. N. EVIedmaD,-a converted Jcrwlsli KaWbl, spoke ; on -"Israel's Misery" it the Germami Lutheraai chiiuiolr S«nQn.y night.' .The address .was on interesting one, and «h*re was a 'good crowd present, .... There was no game of 'ball Sunday ios advoTtlsed 'between the one-aimed -irnen and 'the on<>-legged cdtlzens, tho oneJ«gS<xi gentlemen falling to ain>ear Bit tlh«park, TMore was a crowd of ouc ainudred .pa'esont to see Able game. WJ11 -SwJgnrt and sister loft SnoOay mornUng for Delaware, Ohio, where Ifoo ;farm«r (Is to 'be married itomionwv ovientog: A joly crowd otf (the young g«nitle- imen frlflUds of 'ho pro$a>ective, .groom tamOe lite rriisomble f or lilim while w«it- Inc for the-train. Hon. W. D. Byrauim, th'e original Ma- ttonoi Ddm|oicra.t, who braved the hlss- e's :of the frenzied members of the Indiana Pemaarattc convention, and- n-fter- wiawte took -the XnJtioranl OhaHrmansh'lp of the iSouina Mon'ey Democrats with •Faimar nmd' Btiokncr at ttelr hiead, wiiU speak ait the itak''. torflgJit. Tlw people should not miiss this address, It wfll 'be one of the 'best of a series of Sound Money , 'speeches 'by of 'botlb!. ^oiund Dollaa- parties. ~ ./ HOUSES FOB SALE. 'AH' flue hwi.ws on; itlhe 1 south; side of .Onnal at.feoT between TMrd street and niUej- west of Filrsit, street, Logan-sport, •Ind., IbalonBinis toUIhe P. C. C. & L. Ry. Co., n.re for sal*'.- For •prices etc., apply to L. :g; Pnrocai, claim agent at the .sillatilou. ":••'. . . KETCH AM TO TALK, . •. ••:*.• • - ' W. A. -Ketcham, Attorney Oener al of Indiana Will be Heard Wednesday Night. ' An fllble address o'ntbie' Sound side of th« issue wtll.be that <rf Att*-. ney General W. A. Ketchuim at the rinik Wednesday night, October 21,. ;It will be a ndtoble : iaddre8s,.aind ooe;thlat all •who feed Hhe need- of coovlcfclon- eltoongtaienlng because of ' the silver mjs-s*atem«nt8, will do'well to heai arid heed. Go to the rtok Wednesday aflgW and hear an exppeltilon by a legal aurtlhiodity, of the. potots at issue. Have a County TicKet iitt - ' • Field. -'vl- IS NOT WITHDRAWN Nominations Certified to .County. Clerk. . ' ..",/ j Democratic Scheme .to Get Rid oj( it a Failure. Ohailrmian Biwwn of the • Populist County committee has a card In thfc Aklvaoce givilinls the -liiiipa-esalon tfhhit thj; Populist county ticket has noit T3C&I1 centilfled to the Countiy Olerk. Thi's IS not tlie fadt: The Paw requfcesi the cauril'v filialmnan or 'tihe dwil'iunan of * • • • . .•'V-. . . .•** i^'l . ithe oooverotbon to mnke tlie certlfi<ia.te. No other iHigiht 'is given under ilic law. Any uwm wflw.falls to perform thlp duty violates the law. No couhitj- '^prq- .nillitttee IMS uny discretion in the'.|ino.t- t«ir. Wihon a canveniukai jiajourns'iBhc tl'okot 'Is in.the field, and no one.^ut a candildiate, by nesligming, can prevent .(.he -pntotlnig of the ticket legally. Mr. Rrown, under the those in Democratic employ;to cerfttfy the ticket" Mr. Isaiith; Vt tha dinirmon of the conveoiitlbn.; 'announced Ms Intenitton of doing. ,hils"div •ty uTitter !the law, and made -the certl- flcate, anld the ticket ,w-151 be- piiinted;oh the trallioit • ' '2 • Mr. Brown aujfgeafis -that Uie' Popn- tlsits 'meet ».fl»r ' ' the ; Veleclion and re-organ Iw, font lie certainly, knows that thiose . PopuUsitfl who have gone over to .Demo- crocy 'Will rormaln 1 there, ana that-the Poipullats who -reseat tlio. surrender will not ngialn join forces wltt th(Js» Democrats who pretonded' to tio wlith them for the puii>ose of loadHnK'tilieiii into the Democratic camp. '.. •• • . The only thing left for thte real Popu- 1M is to vote against-the flpmWoe-a's orophnitlcJiilly as he can bj- votlnpTor McKWey, ond In, the future, '.gusird against ofllcffl-s Wlio will refuse .to do theh' duty. . • ..;• i '/A "iiifeilcale' iy'lll be given at Due Bnp- •Wi cinfeyii'ThmWlay atteraooe at 3:30 o^iociriiy Miss 'Mliiiisiim MfciMulIen. She wiiTl 'tie' assisted' by Mir. Crawford, or- f"ortlio Episcopal clrareW, Mr. iorn," clioiiimo.st«r of trie First Presdjyterin'.ii cliiirc'li, and ' ilrs - E.. B. 'mezzo soprano. Admls- cents.' The program will bs given, -.as, •follows.' Piano Solo-IV Nocturne ........................... Chopin Hiss Miriam McMullen • Votal'Sol*-WHb Verdure aad-Creatlon...Haydn Mrs McConnell ' 'Organ'&blo-Toiiciita ..... :...... ...... .........The Dnblns Mr Crawford Piano Solo— February .................. Tscf'alkowjKj ::,./.! ":••..:. Ml«s McMullsl . Vocal Solo— Selected ................ - ..... '• ........... •• '•".• •'• •••••'•. ••••Prof Mcbhoro •<• Piano and Orc-m D jtt-Cbarlrelt»<{fzanl)pr -P«rslfal ..... . .................... .-,..:.. .:...,:VfKK er . •-,:',<. .(.'MUs McMnllen and Mrs£IcConti*)1 Piano fiolo— Air d« Ballet .......... :. .............. Cornath :•:: . -.-:• '• . MIss-McMullen- • .' '„ , , Vocal Solo— Eomnncfl from Wm Tell ........ Rossini Mr« McConnell . . . ElnpaSoJo-VakeOp.12 ............. , .......... ....i-bopin '• • • • MUr-McMullen. .... • •• Organ-March. in-K flat ........... :...,...........« Costa Mr crawfordv '.v ,\ ' , A QAHE OF "PUSH.; 1 v ; Kokomo to Play Foot Ball Here Next Saturday. .The second foot 'ball game of the season will 'be played on thte gridiron at- iSpencer park next Saturday aZteiTiopn, 'beU'een the L. A. C. eleven; an!i,the Kokomo H4el» .sohwl, team', ; . The .latter eleven played ait Mtoaon. -last; fiat : urd^iy, and didn't-do a. thing to the' M'arloniltes. The score stood 38 to 0' In" f a,vor. of the Kokoimokee. „•• r The Kokomo team 'Is called, ;bj:..cour- : tesj- the High school team, bjit <i» n matter ot tru-tfh there «re.ibut four-.play- ea's Ito -the teasn -who are students 'In, 1 tlie Hlligih 1 school." T-he others' are athlete^, erf aH descriptions. ' Soone pif'theiri^iuje prof'esslonnll wre«t!lei l s, ptihers are" ^ox- ens wlio 'have "stood- up" .befor.e -ijiep T\*O are acknowledgefl 1 to ,-.be-,;-expejt; boxers, 'amd others yet have left a.'Bec. ' ord as oprlntei's that ••'mwfce#'the"ttim;a-.. toiir 100-ynird dash mark 'took sick'." i T!hn ( t ,1s the Mnd; of a Htgib' team, thei Kokomoe are .se^d-m That "cuts a very, eomall ch-unk, with,. the L. -A. C. team, ..however,. ; and ' If tlie Kokcono eleven senite'dte misli^ lime agaJnBt Logansport-buckers,' it-Svill • fl-Did tamt there are others -vvlho ire-iSKl^- the tactics of the grldlTOn,.. j - . HON. W. D. BYNUM TO SPEAk: AH 'Parties are Anxiou* : to Hea^r, the Fearless Champion. I.- Han.- W. D'Bjmum,fhfriaan.ofinerve. In the ehiamplonshlp of the caiise^O'f. Sound Money, a. cause lie kniew^, be Just, the man who defied the .-hordes qf, : sllverite grabbea-s at : Indianapolis,.'.and; who Is .TIOW lead'lnig 'the-forces^ot Paa-' .mor and Backner, wiffl dmw.ffi: : good-; crmvd, for all; tine peoiple are anxfoijs 1 Ito'•heai'":liim' a)Vesenlt.Ms'.. Side .of^,the money qiicstkm, and'.teH why;:he te ; a. Dieinocrat 'and .not a r Popoorat..;, rimkiwlffll be eomifordalble tonlghlt: . W'Ul.l'e an" eloquent'and' interesting ftd> da-ess, .aind no consistent Democrat oiv. Souna Money -voter of should -neglefclt txjiii^' are Invited as usual. Hon.. S. P. Shcerlnys in-Jreceiint. • numerous l«/fctera and'^wtofranifi--fr Democrate ail over '.the. 'coTjBite l y,'|cpu- pratulatlnig Mm on hils dieclaration'aad' asiklng for. copies . dm f-uli: • EcHtqrtpl comment Js so goneroi.and so^esrteiadod thsut the work of reproduction would fill several papers the size o€ The ifou- nol. AH tihe metropolitan Denifo'crati'c' papers commend. . i.O.r •-.:•" " . * ••('•'* stili -..r.v. / ?. « ,-.tf ••)•:•-• Consisting of a thoroughly reliable stock of General Merchandise, coming at a time when the common people are least able to pay full value for the absolute necessaries of the season A sacrifice sale^of such a mammoth stock as Otto Kraus was known to have carried. AGAIN I SAY, coming at this time when the machine is working on half time *,nd all classes of labor is poorly paid. BE ^APPRECIATBD AND THAT IT IS appreciated was evidenced^? the crowds in and outside of the store yesterday. ; There is nothing, even the most staple articles, but what was ap. Sraised at 30 per cent, less^han the lowest regular selling Sice While Clothing Suits Shoes and Overcdats were cut FULLY BO PER CENT. Figure out what 60 par cent means these hard times and investigate. - , ALBERT G. JENKINES, Assignee. lines g— Telegraptoitc Train; Order Xo. geop ' iby ' itenti'c-nif 9 Office, Loga'n^|ort',..'Iwcl. ) '••''-''Oototo ISth', 1SOC. ':'^ i //;'/ "To ConducitoT and En&Biwtif&y/.'. ".''"' '"Saitemd Sound Money '.Cftuib: '• "MeBMey and Hot>artVtl^Sjt/8gction Repiibltom party can har. 411V1S97, -to rnmito TVfoite . V Anarchy a and' Watson, nit Salt Creek tora'l votes. '. received,. 5:20 1>. •m.^ond-ue- tor, 'McKInltey— Etagineman;" /Hoiiart- Traiin 'coraplate KOT. 3d, 189ft" , ' ' ' ; Lewife, B. ..Bay, of tlie flrin o* Raj ..Bros.,;, 'the Market street .grocers, -'was stricken T*f heart 'failure yesterday al- *BWiio<»ii-ait 12:30 o'dock, amdi is lytag U" • ; tv;OTtolcal"COin<Mtlon ;iit Ms ;liotne on '•Eli-ant street. .At the time of the .attack, te -was ^busily engaged st 'work and fem oTor..the. coonlter as If dead. ettoeriDSton and Bo-1- called" and suoceefled in re- v.tb «roscil<wsness, and J.U.A syont.'iilline.lie.ivias removed' to his ''-; He pamalns to a .erltJ'cnl condl- It is ioped that he may ' t;; l^ "Morrte';'Ciark, aged elgMeen' years, and T\-ai coianninlcate Uo^'lU savelier from 'A .Water rabelved' at poMce cwvcys tare info.rmatJon Jhpi Mtornls -ran away tvcaa. his hiwnc-, a6l5-iJlactesoa boulevard, Chicago, fomr •. weeks ^go raid eame to Oils 'city. . He 'Ms moSJOT'tUat lie intended go- 'il»g'ito"01?.veland ; fr6m -here, but It is '' sitiUl.be here. Bis 'moth- 'terVia ainio'St crazy • over her. son's ab- -,..^.rfMa.ry^lalfertj- died afc^her home ; on' Wa'Shlnigbon etreelt iSnnday monntoj? ^' : 3":30 "o'clock, a?;e(l 71 j;enrs. |.'The iTOci'al'wIll'be toeld tom'orr'oV; morning .'ttt,'9 ( p'ciiock froro St. Brl<tgeit'9;CaitlK)l'lc etorch; services cohdndtcfl'-by 1*'o Rev ; ' ' 'i parity .of .Imiritsroen leC^Su;ft<Jay,'f or -'''" tor; a ten' tlrtJS" litot to-'Uiat reg •.•. . . thosiJ who'coinipose the paifty. ..Totoiy ; .Bui;Uli : iiflt, "V»M«; D.r/.T.-'G'/ K^gp ;"Eyi«ii : BoReirs,\I)r; Will noKer^'.of f-ex- ii- 1 vukelbo.r.1rind ..'A. j. uc- oj~*.. ~ Hon. Johnj;i 'Cn..ilA)iiii.l'a, -niil^li iivnde so h> ,£oi-':^«nid>"Money Saturd^l : ; wdll appear In The. .ToimMUMi •or/two. •' -• ; - -.- .\ •?•-•'.lolin E. Barnes'went to Sf -MgM' te|,corifer>-ith Mr, some .exiteuBive. l,mprov« ver academy at Ma\:ntuct ' Capt AleY Ilardv last nlpht. 3OOKS I propose making a specialty of Books and am strengthening my line at every opportunity. I have a choice collection of Standard Publications and adding to «t daily. Any book not in stock will be ordered av no extra expense to purchaser, The following list comprises a few now on hand. THE CHILD WORLD— By Jsiups Whitcomb Riley . (Rl ley 'a latest. Just from publisher) A GUEST AT TBE LUDLOWand other stories—By Bill Nye. (Jnst published) Bill Nyee Remarks; A\Tlndow In Thrums by J. M. Barrie: The Golden Fleece by Julian Hawthorne; The Murder of DeiicU, by Marie Corelli; Early Life of Abraham Lincoln, by Tarbell & Davis; Street Types of Great American Cities, by Prauiz; Sir Geor B e Tressa-ly, by Mrs Humphrey Ward; \ Lady of Quality, by Francis Hodgson Burnett; Mr-. Cliffs Yacht, by Frank R. Stockton; The Three Burglare, By P.rank R. Stockton; Love Songs of Childhood. Sonjr and .Other Verse. Second Book of Tales and The House by Eugene Field; The Herb Moon by Joht Oliver Hobbes; Vawders Underetudy by James Kapp Reeve; An Original Belle by E. P Boer The Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane; Stephen the Soldier of the Crosi by Kingsley; Rhymes of Our Planet by Will Carleton; The Heart of the Princes Osra by Anthony Hope; Cycling for Health and Pleasure by Luther H. Porter; The Sorrows of Satan by Marie Corel!). JUVENILE Home Occupations for Little Child'ren by KatbeHn*Beebe; T«r» Little Pilgrims Progress by Francis Hodgson Burnett: BeaMtol Joe by MarstiaU Saunders; The Little Lame Prince by Miss Mnlock; The Story of ^8.t 8 y;br Kate Douglasi Wiggin; A Short Cruise by Jamea Otis, * -.^. .^b..'., C. W. Successor to W. T. OIFFE, 413 Broadway. We Are Too Busy to Talk Politics In our advertisements, but we really think our stock is i6to i better than any other in the City- We have everything that Is desirable in Suitings, Overcoatings, Trouserings And sell at the very lowest prices consistent with best garments. Carl W. Keller Tailor and Draper. Don't Forget Us 311 riarket Street. We Save You noney and You Oet the Best Trv our Ladies $2.50 shoes they ^are perfect fitting, Up-to- Date style andfor wear tbey cannot be beat. LadlesV Dress 9boes for • •* Boys' School Shoes for - •> Girls' Fine School Shoes for • WE FIX THE SEAflS . . . . tha We can't do. E. M. Walden & Company 316 Fourth Street. fly New Goods Are here. C»ll and examine them before buying, ; AL. YOUNG The Practical Pearl Street Tailois

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