Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 31, 1954 · Page 14
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 14

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 31, 1954
Page 14
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s&g * -•",<• t~y r (t *^ga} k i -" -"- \ „**£*-« /' STAR, MOM, A ft" RUN'S AS Tuesday, August 31, 1954 IOPES RETAIL MERCHANTS BRING YOU HOPE VALUE DAY lSf> L »V«'" «s i - KV"I VALUE DAY #, ONLY llll ^>. 10 m- , .<fe«-v*>fJi-*^* J '< »'v»"* SUKES Ranging from $T39.50 fi6 $459.00. For Value g; /Day only 1$ OFF JHOPE Siritsf lire Co. SfpEyALUEDAY SA + fcj L v Mff S"~ • '•" ' .^, , "' ' Polished Cotton Real Rul * n ' < fei- yd. ORGAN & "AT«* ,f ', 205 S. Main rSpEV^LUJEDAY !!!! Just-Arrived «* , 0RDUROY colors 1,95 values P»? WJ Puy"now f f<?r Falh - - sTfJ^^ffr K,00yd. PP>: • ' PAY HOPE VALUE DAY ONLY MM FREE CEILING „ .(Reg. 25c.per single roll value) Furnished with each > purchase of room quantity sidewall patterns. Hope Builders Supply Co. "Everything to build anything" Dial 7-2381 3rd & La. Tuesday, August 31, 1954 HOPE STAR, HOPI, ARKANSAS SHOP EVERY STORE NT MISS IT!-WEDNESDAY SEPT. 1ST Hope's retail merchants are cooperating to bring you many outstanding values for Wednesday . . . Hope's Value Day. Plan now to shop every store for these money saving values. Check every ad on this page as well as the Value Day ads throughout the paper. YouMI always save in Hope • on Value Day. The merchants listed on this page will be open all day Wed- nescjay for yoiir shoppng convenience. RING YOUR FRIENDS. e e YOU LL ALWAYS SAVE ON HOPE VALUE HOPEVALUE DAY ONLY ! M I 200 Pairs MEN'S PANTS * Summer and Winter Pants. Real value buys. $3.00 ROHAN'S Department Store HOPEVALUE DAY ONLY I!!! Dunlop Gold Cup Tire SPECIAL Buy 3 Tires,at regular price and get One Tire and Four Tubes at NO ) EXTRA COSt. COLLIER Tire & Battery 116 E. 3rd HOPE VALUE DAY* ONLY!!! I Mrs Tuckers Shortening , Extra Special ^ For Wednesday . Only 3 L,b. Can c B & B r Super Market E. 2nd and Hazel HOPE VALUE DAY ONLY MM 5 PC. CANISTER SET • Real value buy • Don't miss this • Extra Specjal $1.49 J. C. Atchley &Co. HOPE VALUE DAY ONLY MM ]/2 Gallon Delicious ICECREAM • Extra Special • Don't miss this 47c MOORE BROS. We Deliver Dial ... 7,4431 HOPE VALUE DAY ONLY MM Plastic Notebook BINDERS • Reg. 98c values • Buy now for school « Extra Special 77c SCOTT'S HOPE VALUE DAY ONLY MM Special Selection NYLON HOSE • 51 Gauge •'60 Gauge Regular price $1.15 to $1,95. Regular and knee lengths. Save during Value Day. Ladies Specialty Shop HOPE VALUE DAY ONLY i! !! Special Purchase of New, Dark, Fall COTTON DRESSES • Lovely fall colors • Sizes 9 to 15 • Extra Special $6.95 and $8.95 The Fashion Shoppe 112 S. Main HOPE VALUE DAY ONLY !!!! ,,'4 EGG / PELLETS vi • Extra special '', • Low price. ' • Buy now. 25 Lb. Sack L B. Delanev Grocery & Feed I 202 East 2nd Street- i HOPE VALUE DAY ONLY !!!! BLOUSES Nylon, crepes, cottons, in white and assorted colors. • Sizes 3 to 14 ' • and Sub Teens • $3.98 - $5.98 values $2.00 Hall-McNeill HOPE VALUE DAY ONLY !!!! Imported Linen CLOTH • Size 57x57 •' $3.75 Value $1.98 NAPKINS $1,98 HOPE VALUE DAY ONLY MM .. SURPRISE VALUES t House Shoes t Ladies Hose t /v\occqsins $1.00 '.Many other surprises too numerous to mention. BURKE'S HOPE VALUE DAY ONLY MH 2 FOR S SALE Men's Tiei • Four In Hand • I3aws » Clip on ( , Buy one at regular price and get one Free. HERBERT \.&it^ HOPE VALUE DAY ONLY MM Ladies Rayon PANTIES t Assorted colors f Size? 5-4-7 i Reg. 49c values, 4pr.$1.00 HOPE VALUE DAY ONLY ! !!! . •, Yi Dozen WATCHES • Drastically Reduced • Values $39 & $49. Cash Sale $29 and $39 MHOON'S Jewelry & Gift Shop 119 S. Main HOPE VALUE DAY ONLY !!!! Folding Camp STOOL • Limited Supply • Reg. 1,19 value • Special only 69c All other lawn and deck chairs reduced Oklahoma Tire & Supply Co. 110 E. 2nd Street HOPE VALUE DAY ONLY !!!! One Lot Boys Leather OXFORDS • Crepe, soles • t • Hurry for these $3.00 FOSTER'S HOPE VALUE DAY ONLY MM KITCHEN STULADPER * Folds Completely * Heavy Gauge Steel t Rubber Tipped Legs t 25i Inches Tall HOPE VALUE DAY ONLY ! ! ! ! BRIDGE Covers and napkins in pastel and rich dark shades. Just the thing for that special .party. 19c Ward & Son The Leading Druggist HOPEVALUE DAY ONLY !!!! Cannon Nylon HOSE • 15 Denier • 51 gauge • Irregulars •'Sizes 8^ to 11 ' , Lewis - ( McLarty HOPE VALUE DAY ONLY !!!! Extra Special WHITE HOUSE PAINT Per Gal One Quart of Boiled Linseed Oil FRii With each gallon pf paint purchased Wednesday. GUNTER Lumber Co, 500 to Be Indicted in Phenix, Ala. PHENIX CITY, Ala. (ffl A Sramatic now chapter in the tale pf vice and corruption in fabulous Phenix City unfolded today with a grand jury report expected to con lain more than 500 indictments. Special Judge Walter E. Jones called Circuit Court into session to fteceive ths first presentment three I weeks after the 1.88-man blue rib Pbon jury began its investigation of [.Widespread racketering. Picked terms of National [Guardsmen stood ready to arrest 1 the defendants named in the in dictmcnls, probably the greatest number over returned by a prund jury in Alabama. Until tho arrests arc made, the names of those in dieted must remain secret Multiple inlictmcnts against some of the gambling big shots were expected to account for many of the anticipated 000-odd true bills. A:; many as SO indict inents were believed iikcly against some. I Hloh Level f |i No place in Novlh Carolina's 1,224-acrc Mount Mitchell stats park i,s leas than one miln nbovu jea level, most of it much higher. Unemployment Hits High Peak LITTLE ROC K(4", Uncmpl- v mcnt in Arknnsis last innnih reached its highest peak since ,fuiy| 1950. " | There was n d-':cri:aso nf r>.101 non-agricultural jobs. compared, with June. j The Employment. Securiiy Di\i i sion of the state Labor Dcpt. reported total of 297, 400 non-agii- cultural jobs in July a dec.'oasc of 16,200 compared to the; ctifrcs ponding month a year ago. ' There wcriv 76,000 ••.jobs;-iA'-lfnauU < facturing plants i)>' tftil)/; i;•?. :di' r p J of 3.200 from the prcvJouiOrntinlh! , and a decline ot '6,700 'fr'aifi' Hie cor''- rcspoii'liiis inohlh a year ;ij!t). Vacation shut-lov/'is involving' about 1,900 workers in the loath-i industry mainly ^,-er<: i"-'.sponsiljl^ for the decrease in rnnnutanuriM 1 .; jobs frnin June to July. The ESD said sawmills and lor; gig camps added 300 workers anil furniture industries added 200. Textiles also showed & small general increase. ,$!$ . .. _ .i&jil/' ^'^T< MAKks SUE^INO £ASlER"-*iattress; maker Nathan Perlman,, of JBrdoklyri, N. V.. seems happy as he holds $2260 that's nil his. lie.foiinHfthe money in a bag at his shop and turned the find over to th# polic.e., When no ohe claimed the loot, it became his. Perlman" {.(Dbk the money td k : Pede"raJ i Reserve Bank, where the certificate'g.'recalled 20 years ago, w6re exchanged for new bills. PRESCOTT NEWS HOPE VALUE DAY SUIT VALUE, Power Source Wcdlie3 day September 1 Tlie U.S. produces. 42 percnnt of; The Session of the First Presby- the world's clrctric. power oulpiu.'tcrian Churcli will meet on Wcd- HuBia is second with 10.5 percent .nesday at 7:30. Thursday September 2 The W. C. T. V. will meet on (Thursday afternoon at 2:30 in the I home of Mrs. T. C. McRac Jr., iv.'ith Joe R. Hamilton co-hostess. For the Half Size . . . Youthful Styling \ The choir of the -Presbyterian Church Will practice on Thursday evening at' 7:30. Miss Ruth Brown Feted Miss Ruth Brown, bride-elect of Charles Garrctt, was feted with a mijipellnneous bridal .shower given by Mrs. Owen Garrett and Mrs. Guy Brown on Wednesday afternoon in the home of the former. The party rooms were festive with arrnnRements of late summer flowers placed : at ; .vantage points. Miss Brown wore a trouseau frock of irrc-c-n and white cotton and she was presented a corsage of green anrl while ribbons tied with mcasur- ins Kpoons. Games were played after whicl the liride-eloct opened the lovely : A dainty sandwich course 'was | servod to 43 guests. Says Young Actors Don't LearnTrade By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD UH "Someono iad to remain loyal to the thea ter" That was Eva Le Gallienne's explanation o£ Why she has never Soile a movie until jiow One of the great riames^ of the Ihcalcr, Miss Le Galliehne Is he to act as technical ' adviser dft IIIRO of Players, 1 * the biography of Edwin Booth Thd Shakespearean actor and brother of assassin John Wilkes Booth i.; being .portrayed by Richard Burton, Flat* Of "Tlic Robe" Miss Le Galliene Watched wltV carrful eye as Burton, dressed in a "Hamle!." costume, quieted a theater mob that was hur.'lng insults and waving banners thai abused actors It seems that al! of the acting profession, and es> pecially Edwin Booth, were de cried after the shooting of Presi deut Lincoln When the extras had endt:d their clamor, I asked Miss Lc Oallicnne how she hud been lured to Holly wood "It was for Sliahospnaro," she replied. "1 will do anything to fur icr my three favorites. Shakes- earc, Ibst'ii and Chkhov" She is not only advising on tech- ical matters but will nlso make er first screen appenrnnce in the to a fet. telephone Co-, IT'S M6S5S CALL—Mama dog seems to wear a hapfcy expression 6s she tries to feed her 16 new pups, There was so much crowding, that dwner Douglas Edwards, of Albany t Oa., asked Ms neighbors to help feed the pups with milk _ administered, > ^ through eye-droppers. " "•"*" , Telephone (Set *.dt£^at4fejt * * JJtfofe- &ti A 1 Stf$4 tonsas worRers are ^-5= fh§, pfiseiit wa^6 mSSgl m *3S**S $8 A WetSi/t" Watfen ^Sfdy,' &te¥&l$ fof Sottthwestei'fl 8eii'W&, Said ho rate LncteaSes iff ftf arc ctfnternplattsB/ He, Mm rftortT|feould be^maite WH,! raie^nWease. <?; night-Sttnaay. the kfter almost 21 continuous negotiations. This company opeil sourl,, Kalisas, Arkansas*' homa, TeStttf'and a 'AeariSi Louis; film She'll play with Burton in for his 'Hamlet' J disogve^ \yitf scenes from "Hamlet" and "lliclv many of the cuts he modern the ard 111" text And 1 didn't like the blond "That v.'JI not part of the bar-iwiu he wore It mado him. look gain," she admitted "But they loo old convinced me I should do il" The actress speaks strongly on mailers Shakespearean, and she had pointed comments to make "I thought 'Julius Caesar" was pood, but I illsafirecri with some things in it to For one, ,tn)ng, I clkln't think Marc Antony should about other films that have been.have been played os ;li boy After ! Wednesday Only Styled in that new/ crease resistant, satin back silk, and worsted faille. All fall wear is assured. Harlis Howard Receives Trophy At Lions Meeting At the regular luncheon meeting of the : Prescott iLioris « Club at the La'svsori Hotel on Thursday Harlis Howard, catcher of. the.Lions and.,-the;.|ea^liflg lutter';of jfhe 1954 Little 'League Ba'sebalf season, wad presented the trophy by Virgil Baker. ' ; Rev. Wesley Lindsey, a National Guard Chaplain, spoke on "What is Expected of a National .Guard Chaplain-' and showed a film of a National Guard funeral. Herman Bonds was welcomed as a new member. Dr. R. L. Turney was also a icst of. the club. Ed Cole of SL Louis and Charlie dirt of Pine Bluff spent a part of last week in Prescott on business. PROTECTOR—This imploring statue,,ealled "The Christ of the Abyss," in St. Lawrence church pt Genoa, Italy, will soon be .placed at the bottom of the Gulf • df! Genoa. The seven-foot-high statue is being placed there to protect' -divers and fishermen. made of the Bard's plays "I liked Olivicr's 'Henry V,' " she said "I think it was the best all, he was u miin ot about 40 and just a year later was having his affair with CleopftU'Ji 1 dldti I think of the Shakespearean films 1 havejho should hav"c 'bceii' - played so sen But £ didn't rare as much, athletically as lit! Was'^by Marlon Shcjcited tirando a.^fttt" of what ft wrong with t" J tors ,, ' "H6 Is a great tsteri marked, "perhaps thii ing actor since Jack But It is to bad thnt act! Brando are not given 4,8 ^ for more seasonibg Mtini .,* stage cxpcileoee \\6 piny 'A Strcclcnr jNome'd "There Is Virtually , no ^ this country any actors get Hitltf 1 Thursday guests •, of Mrs. Malt Hjtt in''Little Lt. and Mrs. Hafley Cox, who are enroute to Montgomery, Ala.-, where Lt. Cox will attend a Judge .Advocate School,- are the guests of their parents, Mr., and Mrs. Ernest Cex and Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Thomas'.' : - • • •...'' • ' Mr. and Mrs. Kcl. I. Rephan and Mr. and Mrs. T. S. Brown of Hot Springs were Thursday visitors in Prescott and Hope. W. E. Jordan has returned to hia home in Texarkana after a Visit with his daughter, Mrs. Harold Lewis and family. Mis Lela HaysJVIrs Lige Pcaice and Mis., J T Adams Ji , of Emmet attended a Delta Kappa Gamma workshop at Petit Jean last week. C D Dickinson has relumed to Little Eock after a weeks visit with his mothei, Mis Sam Dickinson Miss Amelia Hairell is recupeia- ting at hei home iiom 'dental sui- gpty Mr. and Mrs. T. U. Moberg and Miss Freddie Moberg motored to Texarkana Friday and Miss Moberg underwent dental surgery. J. V. Fore spent Sunday in Texarkana with Mrs. Fore, who is a patient in St. Michael's Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Hart and Al , are the guests of relatives in Oran- I ge, Texas. Mrs. Will'Kdd Dixon loft Friday i to join Mr. Dixon in Orange, Texas | where they will reside. >Mis E D Oldenbuig of New Oi- leans is the guest of her mother, Veuion Buchanan and family and other relatives. The Negro Community By Helen Turner Phone 7-6830 Or bring Items to Miss Turner at Hicks Funeral Home Mrs. C. D. McSwain and Miss Ann Mc.Swnin were the Wednesday and Senior choir of BceBee Memoria CME Church will rehearse Thurs day September 2. at 7:30 p. m. Mr. and Mrs. Roosevelt Williams and : family of Milwaukee, Wis., were the house guests uf Mr. and Mrs. K. J. HieUs and M. J. Wilson last week. Com iu-r-Compare! \Ve have America's lowest prices for spdans, station wagons, convertibles, We have Air Conditioned Nash cars for hundreds of dollars less, than our competitors. And we're topping everything wjth the Nash Challenge Deal I Seeing is believing. The ligureS are the proof, Check our low prices and high trad$ r ih iiUQwances. A visit to your Nash Dealer can save you hundreds of dollars, give you a far better automobile fpf far ks>s money—if you'll trade (his week! 6IRT RITTIS NASH MOTORS * ARKANSAS Donald and Dennis Frierson o£ Chicago, 111., are visiting their Krnndmother and aunt, Mrs. Josie Friqrsoiv, nnd Mrs. Francis Phillips, and; other ,relatives. James Stinson of Chicago, 111., is visiting his mother, Mrs. Cla.ssio Phillips, ,a|id other relatives. Mr; ( and Mrs. Bobby Weatherspoon •a'i'vl daughter, Mrs. Annie B. Yerger and Winfred motorud to Little Hock Sunday to visit Mr. Weatherspoon's sister, Mrs. Viola Fuller who is ill. Bee Bee Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star No. 412. will meet Wednesday night, September 1, at Bee- Beu Memorial CMIS Church. AU members please be present, at 7:30 p, m. Edward L. Smltl\ has returned to hijs home in Detroit; Mich., after sipending a 'few days visiting his mother, Mrs. Grac'tc McFad * den, and friends. MAases Jlosle L. -h>'ye " and qharUe to Pino A-, HOPEVAUE FOR WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 1st X ^Ju'V-M Hope Value Day is Wednesday, September 1st in Hope. , Hope^ jar^^st ?sf ^ and finest department store brings you Hope's biggest values. Shop ^ Aiu " always and save for the entire family, , • J NYLON MATERIAL Close out of this material. Reg. $1.69 values. For . . Value Day Only 50c "BQYS SLEDGE JEANS* ,,,•„. wvri;»* »»>rf|i j v^p j i- ) k». j ,«».'.| Here's a Red Hot School Special " I"* -Close'(Out. ^.Orie^gi^uVpf|J Sizes to 10. Get a Supply Now. • s '^ sieWe^hfrts./Val^ " >• "'T B i^^l J l*^j. J j/ ' ' "^ ^^HM ^MBk ^ ' ^^ ** ,11 •.•Urf'>^Aii4, rf>-l C Va" 1 I- * 4-,-iy I ,79 HERE'S A VALOE'DA^'SPECIAL LADIES DRESSES One Big Group of these Dresses that are values to $9.95. Buy now! $2.00 $3.00 $4.00 While you arc shopping our Ready to Wear Department be su/e to see the new arrivals in Drosses, Coats and Suits. Buy them now for Fall and Winter. USE OUR EASY LAY AWAY. $1.00 SELECTS YOUR ITEM, FOR LAY AWAY SCHOOLSftg|g Just arrived-jd&;pal|^ • prices. You save, at Owen * J f 's * f ( ^ 3$! BLUE JEANS Boys and girls elastic waist blue jeans. Extra special $1.00 MEN^S SPORT SHIRTS Close out. Only 27 of these Skip Dent sport shirts. 66c MEN'S ARMY PANTS : Type 4 army pants that are regular $3.95 values. Now only $3.00 ^—^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^M^MMMttMHMMHm^^ MEN'S UNDERSHIRTS These are ribbed undershirts and regular 49c va.lues. Special now 3 for $1.00 LADIfS SHOES • Close out pf one big group. Vglue? jo $5.95. Now SCHOOL DRESSES Big new arrival of these dresses. Extra special, 1.98 to 4.95 SPORT SHIFTS ! „ One big table of men's ar\d boys', sport shirts including nyl° ns - r # Close out price. • •*, $1.50 $1.00 BROWN SHEETING This is 41 inch sheeting at this „ special low price of only 5 yds. $100 HHHHMMHHHMHMMRMHMMH^ BOYS KNIT SHORTS These are regular 59c values, Buy a supply pow, Only 3 for fljpfr'r '- ," Heavy 'blui^rlajn 1 ' ' ^«v,-- A * l LADIES Qlose oyt of, one table pf .. , „., ' *- J sandqls., Values V$ $8,95, ^ ndqlg, VolMes'tq $2.00 i f , , /? w i m , , w ** ~, y - • vwn>W- t«^^n% this special*|avNto|!_f^)^ 2prs. .* f . Men's' ffll i ; * D F P A R T M t N T

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