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The Houston Post from Houston, Texas · Page 21

Houston, Texas
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Sunday, October 3, 1909
Page 21
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fuirui. jvvTjTjijuTjvvvxruvxrLrLn A BUM MITT : KctchcJJ's Right Is Said to Be About Gone. 1 ASKED A POSTPONEMEN ! ' I la the Meeting With Johnson, but Coffroth Befttied and Declared There Will Be Either a Fight or a Forfeit. When Stanley Ketchel and hla manager, Wlllui Britt, arrived In Friaco Thursday night they lost no time In taking Fro moutr Coffroth to poitpone the date of the fight with Jack Johnson to October It Just whv this-delav waa aousht no body seems to know unless there Is some-thing the matter with Ketchel's hand, which he disabled In the recant bout with J'apke. Hut at any rate promoter woi- frdth AftAf a finnfiilltntlnn With JolWSOII, Informed Ketchel and Brltt that the fight would take place on October 12 and that If Ketchel was not ready to go on then Joimeon would receive a tuw iorien. wlilrh Pnfrrnti hl,i do Ketchel will have to meet Johnson on the original date or loae the above aum, together with a i-hance to win the heavyweight Chan.-plonship. Johnson la very decided In regard to this matter. He saya tie has acted In good faith with Ketchel and Brltt ejin win De m tne ring on me piviiiic duy ready to defend his title. The negro declares that as this match was mado 1-st raring Ketchel has had plenty of tui'p io prepare tor it, ana is nuimi unreasonable demand for a postponement. When Ketchel left New York Just after his bout with Langford had been called off he waa apparently In splendid oondl-tion. Tie said he waa absolutely fit for Lungford and declared that he could not improve on his condition ror me juiiubwi mill. He left this city last Saturday and did not stop off during his trip to California. With three weeks left for training purpurea before tackling Johnson. Ketchel s reauest for more time has caused ennaMrtriihle sneculatlon. Brltt, It is said, told a lending sportlii man iKKt wnnk that Ketehel'a right har !3 waa Vona" aim! that If he met Langford the latter would surely win. For that reason it has been pointed out mat wnen the bout was called off Ketchel and Brltt lost no time In starting for California. If Ketchela hand is really useless It Is foregone conclusion that Johnson will beat him easily. The big negro Is usually rendy to take advantage or most anything, and as Ketchel doesn't appear anxious to fight him on October 11 It is but natural for Johnson to refuse to make toncesslons, feeling as he does that he will catch the Michigan pugilist under a hand loon. Johnson is after money and Ketchel's S5000 forfeit is not to be overlooked by him. It is apparent therefore '.hat Ketchel will have to fight Johnsu'i aocordlng to the articles of agreement signed last spring. WOOL WINDER BAN FIBST. In the Autumn Handicap at Hamil-' ton Ontario. (Associated Press Report.) HAMILTON. Ontario. October 3. Wool Winder won the Autumn handicap here t oday . 6lx furlonirs King Avondale, Ida D., Wnodlane. Time 1:13. Mile on turf The Earl. Great Jubilee, -Alice Mack. Time 1:41 1-5. Steeplechase, two and one-half miles John Dillon, Class Leader, Butter Ladle. Time i:08 4-5. Antur" bRndlcnn m'le and a quarter Wool Winder. Pinkola. Care Adsum. Time 2:06. Mile and an eighth Wool Stone. Lexington Lndy. Pocomoke. Time 1:53. 81 x furlongs Stromeland, Apologise. Ballv Preston. Time 1:13 3-5. Mile en turf Banlves, Broadsword, Do-rando. Time 1:43. HANDBBIDGE IN DRIVING Finish Won Seelbach Hotel Handicap at Churchill Downs. (Associated Press Report.) LOUISVILLE, K, October J. A good card, having for Its feuture the Seelbach Hotel handicap, for 3-year-olds and up, E.AT We sell you will look like it was MADE FOR YOU aqd not for some one else. We show such an ar- ray of NEW STYLES that every man can be fitted here. NEW COLORS are too numerous to mention, but among the more prominent we are showing are the Caflawlbsi, Cadtoi BIk We Have tee BAT Yoe're Loosing lor Ebonsta Hall (Cm "a 1 EETAHL STOKE B MAIN EXCLUSIVE 04TS SPECIAL TONIGHT INCF THITLAXiro j Farewell Performance RAUSTARK ir Sunday Night Prices 25c, 60a, TDoaft Mew r (o and slow no mant. T - at a mile and seventy yards, served to attract an enthusiastic turf following to the Down track this afternoon. In tha headllner the winner was returned In Hanbridga, the latter being sharply Impeded going to the first turn and having to drive at the finish to 'win from Tom Havward which had t red setting tli pace. Old Honesty came from the rear ami waa tiilrc Flv and a half furlongs Bendouble, Johnnie Rlaka. Marbles. Time 1:07. Mils and a half-Mamie Algol, Maid Militant, Ked Hussar. Time :tt - Bis furlongs Rowland Otis, Autumn Rose. Ladv McNallv. Time 1:14 8-1. I Seelbach Hotel handicap, mile and sev. enty yards Hanbrldge. Tom Hay ward, Old Honesty. Time 1.44 W. Six furlongs Laveno, Ben K. Sleet, Gal-lant Pirate. Time 1:14 4-6. Mile and a sixteenth J. H. Reed, Stone. man. Warden. Time 1:48. JOCKEY CLUBS INDICTED Hughes' Anti-Betting Activity Will Close Race Tracks. (Associated Press Report.) NEW YORK, October 2. Governor Hughes' renewed activity against betting at the race track, It was said today, had resulted In the Indictment by the Kings county (Brooklyn! grand Jury of the Coney Island Jockey club and the Brook lyn Jockey club, charged with aiding and abetting the making of gambling books. Though the customary grand Jury secrecy still pervades the case, it was generally reported that the four Indictments re turned yesterday had been swelled to inirty, including certain orricers or me clubs named, one Important poltoe official and several private detectives In the employ or racing associations. No warrants had been served tonight, but general opinion among racing men was that officials of the racing associa tions would be asked to appear In court Monday morning in henalr or meir ciuds. Philip Dwyer is president of the Brooklyn Jockey club and Schuyler Parsons is pres ident or the Coney island jockey ciup. W. K. Vanderbllt, who Is abroad, Is said to control 90 per cent of the Coney Island Jockey club stock. The action, as generally Interpreted today, is the most drastic since the passage of the Aunew-Hart anti-bettlne bill. Many were of the opinion that If prosecution Is successful every track In Kings and Queens counties the rich Metropolitan district the Umpire City track at Tonkers and the Saratoga; course will be iorcea io ciose. 0LAMBALA AN BAST WINNER. Favorite, at Prohibitive Price, Won in Canter at Belmont. (Associated Press Report.) BELMONT PARK. N. T.. October 2.- Olambala, at the prohibitive price of 1 to 10. won the Municipal handicap today. defeating Moquette, the only other starter, in a canter. With the withdrawal of Fttaherbert, the race was robbed of all Interest, as Moquette, Hildreth's other representative, had no possible chance of defeating Olambala. Fitzherbert was withdrawn because of the great weight concession he was required to make to Olambala. The champion steeplechase over the course of about three and one-half miles resulted In an easy victory for Sir Wooster. the second choice. Six furlongs Bandrlan. Herpes. Radium Star. Time 1:13 3-5. Mile Imitator. Jen Trovator. Seymour Butler. Time 1:39 1-6. The Municipal handicap, mile and three- fourths. I160O Olambala, Moquette. (Two starters.) Time 2:68 3-5. Champion steeplechase, B.uoo. three and one-half miles Sir Wooster, Rampart, Thistledale. Time 7:41. Six furlongs Dr. Barkley. Dr. Heberg. Emperor William. Time 1:13 2-5. Five and a half furlongs Interpose. ?'om Melton. Lord Baltimore. Time :0 1-fi. POLE DEFEATS HACKENSMITH. Kansas City Han Won Two Straight Falls at Taylor. Houston Post Special.) TAYLOR, Texas, October a Harry Polk of Kansas City threw Hackensmlth of Dallas la two straight falls, catenas -catch-can holds at the Taylor opera house tonight. The event was for a SlOi) purse and the gate receipts. Alter tne maicn Hacxensmitn waittea o the front of the stage and announced: I was defeated by the best man. The exhibition was spectacular front start to finish, and any man's game most of the time. In tactics the men were well matched, hut Polk showed greater strength. First fall 21 1-4 minutes, second 8 minutes. Manager Barton of Dallas announced a challenge by William Demetral an Pols accepted. PLUNGED THROUGH FENCE. Two Injured at Milwaukee When Machine Turned Turtle. (.Associated Press Report.) MILWAUKEE. Wis., October 2. Fred Schwader of Milwaukee, driving a Petrel car. and his mechanician, Charles Paulson of Kenoshaw, were seriously injured while racing In the ten-mile event of tne Milwaukee Automobile association's annual race meet at the Ptate Fair park this afternoon. The accident occurred after the finish of the eighth mile. As Schwader waa driving his car around the turn of the first quarter he lost control of the machine, which shot past the grand stand at an awful burst of speed and, rounding the turn, skidded off the track and through a fence, turning over and over and going down an embankment. MURPHY UP AGAINST IT. President Hermann Takes Exception to Cubs' Protest (Associated Press Report.) CINCINNATI, Ohio, October 2. August Herrmann, president of the National baseball commission, said today that he has received a letter from President Murphy of the Chicago National league club protesting against the 500 fine for trying to coax Pitcher Pfelffer away from Toronto. "I don't care to discuss the vituperation of President Murphy." said Herrmann, "but I have forwarded a copy of Murphy's letter, with certain recommendations, to each of my colleagues on the commission. The lines are closely drawn. Within a few days we shall know whether organized baseball Is to b run by the National commission or by Murphy and the Chicago club." THE HOUSTON GUN CLUB" SHOOT. A Big Purse for the Harris County Amateur Championship. The Houston Gun club will convene In weekly session this afternoon, beginning promptly at 2:30 o'clock. There will be a number of ten-target sweeps and the 100-target special event for the amateur championship of Harris county. The entrance fee is STi and tha winner will receive the entire purse, less the price of targets. All amatur shooters residing In Harris county are Invited. Otto Sens Is expected back this morning from Waco and SDeclal Invitations have already been extended to L. N. Moeser and other prominent local amateurs to e present. There will also be a number of special events for bee-lnners in trap shooting and a larre attendant e Is anticipated. MADE MOTOR CYCLE KECOED. Both Spencer and Gustafsen Seat Distance of Englishman. Associated Press Report.) SPRINGFIELD, Mass.. October I. At the motor ycle aiadlura this afternoon. Charles Spencer and Charles Gustafsen, both of this city, established a new twenty-four-hour world's record, 8penoer riding- 1089 milea, 1 yards. In the twenty-four- hours, bettering the only known reo-ord of 775 miles, 1340 yards, established by H. A. Collier of England on the Canning-ton track. May 8 and . 1909. by approximately 816 miles. Gustafsen rod 1043 miles. 2 laps and 1M yards In the twenty-four hours, being 4sI- miles behind Spencer, and approxl-aaMIr SU milea ahead of CoUlra mark. HOUSTON DAILY POST: SUNDAY : MORNING. OCTOBER 3. 1009. - -- - -nnrnnrrr rrr- FARMER SQUAD Defeated Austin College at College Station, 17 to 0. ' HAMILTON WAS THE STAR Made One Touchdown on a Sensa- i tional Fifty-Yard Bun and Kicked Two Goals From Field. (Houston Post Special.) COLLEGE STATION, Texas, October ".-Tie Agricultuial ad Mechanical college opened wht prciriei tr be the most successful football season In her history by defeating Austin college hers today by a score of 17 to 0. The Sherman boys put up a plucky fight, but werd outclassed In speed and weight. Hamilton wait the hero of the day, making one touchdown on a sensational fifty -yard run anl Klik-Ing two goals from the field. Among jne umer Agricultural auu :ir iiumai imn were McDonald at quarter and Bteli berg. who replaced mm at tno rime position! both making fast loirf runs. Taylor at half made some long ducu. iho work of the Agricultural anl team, although rather ragged, thla being tuo first same, gave Indication tnat tne team that beats Agricultural and Mechanical for the Southern championship will have to go some. AUSUN WASOUlWl':iUHBJD. McDanlel, the Indian quarter for Austin college, shone -1 up well in punts, and Captain JohiiHon was especially strong In fieft-nslve work. Gillespie and Moore went down wtl! on kicks and Mebane wjs the star In the line. Austin college weighs - only about 160, but have some good men and are coached by an oil Dartmouth star. Both teams used several substitutes, tV.o farmers' team replacing about halt their tcnm late in the game, but the suo-stit'jte m-n puved equally good in the geme. The game opened at 4 o'clock, the Agri cultural and Mechanical receiving and defending the east goal. The first ten minutes or play was occupiea in an ex change of punts. The Agricultural and Mfc;h-.iinl tried the bucklner game, but after carrying the ball some twenty lng duel Hamilton had the best of Mo- Daniel, as the Indian did not get into his swing until late In the game. The farriers tried only one forward pass, in this half, and were penalized fifteen yards, tlte ball striking the ground. Ham ilton took the ball on a. straight pass to nair, and circled Austin s end, going nrty yards for a touchdown. He tried goal and was successful. A few minutes later tlu farmers recovered the ball on a tiort kick, and being held on bucks. Hamilton kicked a Held goal from the twenty-tlve-yard line. Half ends without li.rlher scoring. jne second naif Austin receives, de fending the east goal. Johnson returns the ball ten yards. Agricultural and Mechanical recovers the hall on a kick and Hamilton goes twenty yards around tackle. Taylor bucks for the same dis tance. The ball is now In striking dis tance oi AUKtins goal, ana nugei ducks across for a touchdown. On the punt out ball is missed. io goal. HAMILTOM AGAIN DROP-KICKBU. Austin college makes her first substan tial gain with a twenty-yard forward pass. Agricultural and Mechanical re covers the ball and McDonald goes for a long gain on quarterback run. Stein berg replaced McDonald at quarter and makes two twenty-yard runs. Mebans cre-ited a sensation by breaking througn the Agricultural and Mechanical line and tackling a man behind the Una Hamilton attempts a kick, but la blocked. A twenty- yard forward pass puts the nail agi 'i In striking distance and Ham ilton makes another wonderful drop-kick. J- lnal score 17 to 0. At no time In the history of the Agri cultural and Mechanical college has there been such enthusiasm and spirit in ath letics anil under the leadership of Coacn MeMii.'ii and Captain Hamilton. Agri-cult jra! and Mechanical feels confident of winning everything In sight. The Austin college team did not come In expecta tion or winning tne game, and put up a plucky fight, and for their sire and weight made a splendid showing. They piay tneir old rivals, Trinity university, at "Waxahachle next Wednesday. The lineup was as follows: Austin. Position. A. and M. Gillespie Ift emt.Legget, Dunlap jinson iert taeme i retcher Rigler Left guard. Smith, Fosgard Gray Center Thompson Hoyle Right guard Llilard Mebane Right tackle Barrus C. Ward. Moore Right end Carnn McDonald. McDanlels Quarterback ....Sternberg jnnnson. parser. Morrell Fullback Rugei Adamson Left half ..Taylor. Davis Clayton, Cleveland.... Right half Hamilton T. C. IT. DEFEATED POLYTECHNICS Overwhelming Score of 42 to 0 in First Game at Waco. (HokUoh Post Specuil.) WACO, Texas, October 1 The first football game of the season was played here this afternoon between Polytechnic and Texas ihrlstlan university and resulted in a score of K to 0 In fa-or of Texas Christian university. From the very first It was p'alnly evident the visitors had no chance to win. While thoy put up a plucky fight at every state of the game, they were no match for the veterans of the local team and their line was torn to pieces time after time, and long runs pulled off by short end brushes. A frood part of the equate had been played befnre they were ever ahlo to inaKe the first down. tTp to today some doubt had been entertained as to the kind of a team tho Texas Christian university would put up. Tho exhibition this evenlnK. however, dispelled all the shadows ami proved conclusively that this year's eleven was fill y equal, If not superior, to that of last season. With six of last year's men already In tho game ami Inn more who probably will return, the team will be a close contender for all the honors this season. The forward pass was used to great advantage by the local team and several clever trick pays retted good gains. Most of the long gains were made, however, bv short end brushes. The work by Mas'scy in kicking goals was a feature. The line-up: T. C. U. Positions. Polytechnic. Brattan l-'ft Guard- Puckett. Kel'ls "... l-eft End ., Shard Pyburn Left Tackle 'Lancaster Massey, Wade... Center Ashburn Mllllcan Right Ouard Glass Yates Rlcht Tackle Howard Wright Right End Henderson Baldwin ijuartrrlack..Pope, Conner Ritter. Tyson. .unu tiar....mce, Mnurlil K. and J. Husti.R. Halfback Wilson Pallida, Swlnk... Fuilback Lemond Bowman also played left tackle for Polytechnic. Anderson also played quarterback for Texas Christian university. FOOTBALL ON A BLACKBOARD. Novel Idea to Teach University Team the Game. tHtustan Pan IrscaaLt AUSTIN. Texas. October J. Tha University of Texas plays Its first football game next Saturday with Southwestern university of Georgetown on Clark field. The men are rapidly rounding Into shape. Bertram ages on Thursday and today shew There's 1 . : --Lsg that Texas will In all problllty have a very strong team. The men appear In the pink of condition. While only eleven men are on the training table at present, others will be sent there during the coming week. At present Feldhake, H. Leonard, Walker, Trultt. RamsdeU, Barclay, all old team men or scrubs, who have payed in regular Karnes, are on the training table. Two nights each week the men go through strategy and blackboard practice with the coach. This In an Innovation at the university In football circles, but It Is apparently very successful, as the men are coming In touch with the same In splendid fashion. University Defeated Mutes. (Houston Pot Special.) AUSTIN, Texas, October t The Uni versity of Texas met the Texas School for the Deaf In a practice game thla afternoon and defeated the mutes by a score of 6 to 0. The two elevens scrimmaged about twenty minutes, and during that time the university used many men, and attempted Its new forma of tackling, blocking, etc. w rule tne men worKeo hard, they showed the laok of football seasoning. This Is only their second scrimmage. Soccer Victory Was England's, t 4tsc-iatd Press Report.) NEW YORK, October S. The Pilgrims or Soccer football team of England, In Its opening match In the United States, defeated the all-New York eleven 4 to 9 at the Staten Island Cricket club grounds today. The feature of the game was the commnauon wora or me visi tors. Stevens Scored Against Nassau. Iftortated Press Report.) PRINCETON, N. J.. October 1 Al though Princeton won her opening- game of the season with Btevens Institute here today, 47 to It, the fact that the visitors scored twice came as a distinct surprise. The locals ro lea up eigne touchdowns by literally walking through their opponent's line In two strort periods. Harvard Used Forward Pass. (Associated Press Report.) CAMBRIDGE, Mass.. October 2. The successful use of the forward pass and the end runs of Corbett gave interest to today's same at the Stadium In which Harvnrfi defeated Boudwln 17 to 0. Dur ing the first half Harvard gained almost at will. In the second halt HarvarJ used many substitutes. First Accidents of Season. ST. PAUL, Minn., October 2. inrae football players were badly hurt today In a game between Hamblen university and the St. Cloud Normal achool. The injured were all Hamblen playera. Klru. ruarterback. had three ribs broken, Butler, left end, had an ankle broken, and Sweiter. right end. suffered a dislocated shoulder. Bt. Cloud won, IS t" . Peacock 11; Southwestern 6. (Houston Post Special.! GEORGETOWN, Texas. October i Peacock defeated Southwestern today by a score of 11 to 6. The Southwestern stars were Henderson. Snipes. Sanson. Moore, Downs and Stark. For Peacock. Batestnan, Sien, Singer. Lambert an-i Halton played stellar games. Chicago Won on Purdue's Errors. MARSHALL FIELD. Chicago, October i Chicago had little trouble In rolling up a total of 1-3 points on the Purdue team In the first half. ChkAs;o'a two secies camo as a result of mistakes by Purdus and he locals were qulok to take advantaga of them. Pillavant Won Marathon. tAsttciattd Press htton.t CHICAGO. October S Lk J. Pillavant of Hamilton Park today won the Illinois Athletic club Marathon race from Highland Park to Chicago, distancing Sydney Hatch of the Illinois Athletic club and other contenders In the race. Vanderbilt 28 ; Mercer University 5. NASHVILLE. Term., Oetober 1 Tha Vanderbilt university football team defeated Mercer onlvarstty of Macon. Ga., today. 2S to a Msroar'o only touchdown the Absolute Certtaiiatty ok g3 Copyrliht 1909 by Hut Sobaffha- ft Msr. was made near the close of tho first half, when B. Poole went through Vanderbilt's line, blocked Neeley's forward pass, secured the ball and carried It fifty-five yards back to Vanderbilt's goal. Vanderbilt's attack on straight and cross bucks was telling, but their attack and defense wa weakened by the abtence of Morrison and White. HIGH SCHOOL WON TOOK FIRST FOOTBALL GAME OP TEE SEASON. Houston Heights Team Played Hard Ball, but Was Outclassed Next Game October 16. Superior team work won for the Houston High school In their game with the Heights' picked team yesterday after-nooon, although the score was but 12 to 0. The lack of practice was mainly responsible for the showing of tha Heights team, as the high achool boys had been In the harness and working, running-signals and kicking for some time. On the part of the Heights It may be said that their work In the first half was very creditable Indeed, keeping the hUrh school lads from scoring at oil. The ball was In the high school territory for the first half, but the West Enders cou'd not keep up the pace and long practice had Its usual result. In the first half the gains of Jefferles, left halfback, were a feature, and also the kicking of Hales. The forward pass was essayed four times by the high school, but only once with success making three unsuccessful Attempts to gain on it, while the Heights was successful the same number of trials out of six times. The game for the high school boys was a tryout for the general team, as they used a con? Iderahlo eouad. Thos making the best showing will hnve a chance on October lfi at Allan acedemy.-The line-up of yesterday's game was as follows: Ragland.... McCalne C Charlton and Lehman . .L. O Lyne. Swank and BartitT Cheaton L. T C. Rockwell Smith L. E.Pean and Weeden rV. .,1.1a Tr 11 T, -.,., nr,1 T... I...I I llank..'.'.V.'.V.V.'.'.'...P.. T...". Hettegast ... 1 ...... I. n 1 . n.a o. iiaii-n. ........... i. rj. . . .ouis iiib kiiu Lehman Wacv Q. B Cummlngs F. Williams, Capt.R. IL....Cushman and Farthlnic J Hale F. B McAshan Jefferles L 11 Burrell. Cant. Twentv-mtnute halves were played, with the following acting as officials: Heferee, Keaton; linesmen, Blaine an.d Sparks; timekeeper. Brown; umpire, Sverup. College Football ( Associated Press Report.) At Ithlca. N. Y. Cornell IS; Kenasseler 10. At Annapolis St. John's College 85; Roc thill College 0. At New Haven, Conn. Vale 15; Syracuse 0 At Cambridge Harvard 17: Bowdoln tA Princeton Princeton 47: Stevens 12. At Philadelphia Pennsylvania 1; Dickinson o. At Cleveland Case 13; Denlson 0. At West Point Armv Si.'; Tufts 0. At Columbus Witienburg 0; Ohio State University S9. At Chicago Chicago 40: Purdue ft At Minneapolis Minneapolis 41: Iowa, 6l At Hloomlngton- Indiana IS; Depau S. At Providence Brown 14: Colgate 0. At Chniapaaiir-llllnols S2; Milllksn s. At Evanston Northwestern 0; Illinois Wesleyan 0. At Carlisle Carlisle Indiana 14; Buck-nell At Atlanta Tech 18; Gordon ft. At Montgomery Auburn 11; Howard O. At Blanksburg, Va. Virginia Polytechnic t; Clemaon College 0. At Andover. Mass. Phllllpps Andover 0; Worcester Academy 0. At Exeler F.xeler la; 1-owell 0. At Worcester Holy Cross U; New Hampshire State 0. At Mlddletown Norwich S: Wesleyan At Amherest Springfield Training School 4; Amherest 6. At Nashville Vanderbllt ; Mercer S At Hartford Trinity 13; Worcester Polytechnic 6. At Clinton, K. T. Hamilton ; Ho-bart 0. At Athens. Oa. University of Georgia, S; Olympian . At Lexington Washington and Let 14; Roanoka College a . ...... ......... . Getting the Best When one buys clothes here a perfect assurance tat' appeals to one. Even though you may profess to car nothing about "style," still you liko to feel and know that your clothes are "right." Hart Schaf f ner & Marx and Rogers, Peet & Co, Clothes Are "right" to the not, they wouldn't be here. We make the strongest -claims as to their general excellence, because we!; KNOW clothes and we are ready to substantiate every claim we make. ' ; f These clothes cost a little more than the orriinary ., "hand-me-down" kind. They're worth all they cost, r Prices starting at $18 Stetson Mats The Aristocrats Of hatdom stiff and soft models; the shape that fits your head and becomes your face is here at $4.00 and $5.00 SUNNY SOUTH Shoot- Id January Will Attrtct Many to Houston. WILL BE NATION-WIDE Professionals and Crack Riots Frost Over tho United States to Attend the Bit; Event in January. One of tho aroateet sporting events la the shooting Una held In Houston to tho Sunny South handicap to be held sis days In January. This gathering of a hooters from all over the United States and Canada formerly was held In Brenham, last year being the first tlnee Hoaston has ever held the same. The shooters last year wen oom posed of professionals from all cities In the United States and Canada, bankers, merchants, real estate men, SDortsaaM and retired capitalists. Houston now has the Bunny South handicap permanently, and under the management of Alt Gardiner last sear was declared by all to be the greatest success of Its kind bsld In ths South. In fact, there Is only one other shooting tournament that excels It the Grand American handicap. Shooters who have attended both meets claim that the Sunny South last year outdid the Grand American as far as payina; for good scores went Several shooters from Iowa were so enthusiastic over the financial end that they promised to brine a special car of sportsmen this year from that States GOOD PURSES THIS TEAR. This year, Mr. Gardiner says, wtU eclipse all other efforts as far aa purses are concerned, be promising 13900 added money for the six days of shooting ) a day. This event brings men of money to Houston, who are not slow in taking advantage of the many opportunities offered for Investments. Several land deals wtra made last vear. besides a number of ' game preserves were leased along the gulf coast The mild January weather made a hit with all from the blissard-swept States of Iowa, DrLota, Minne sota. Nebraska and Illinois, and today there are living in Houston two families who were enticed here by the mild winter aa a result of the shoot EXACT DATE NOT SET. The exact date tor the Sunny South handicap has not been set, but It will bo for six days In January. The severe winter weather In the North puts a stop to almost all kind of shooting and It is with keen relish that the sportsmen of that part of the United Stales look forward to the Sunny South handicap. After the six days shoo tins; over the traps most all of these North-err era take out nonresident hunthig licenses and spend two and three week.4 In Texas shooting ducks and quail, eaoh oi the local sportsmen doing their part In taking out hunting parties. ENTERTAINED FY OTTO SENS. Last year Otto Sens gave the Illinois crowd the duck shoot of their Uvea on the bay over decors. They had never seen such bags of canvaabacks as they secured on (hat trip. "Dick" Merrill, -formerly of Milwaukee, but now of Corpus Chrtett. entertained quite a number at hla lodge at Corpus Christl. In tho party were "Pod" Holkea of Ohio. Fred Bills and Mr. vletemeyer of Chicago and one or two from Missouri. They had excellent luck shooting ducks . and have already written asking for the date and program of the Suony South. Some have written asking the date, saying they wlahad to brine: their wives and ba here a week or two before the date of the big snoot and wished to make arangemenla accordingly. MANT CRACK SHOTS TO COMB. Besides these, the beat, shots In the world. Including "Billy" Heer of Kansas, who Is recognised as the best trap shot In tho world, and others will attend. The managers and shooters from all the owerent Dowoer nrma ana anas 21 . . ) most minute detail If they and up by easy stages to .:j':y: Banles, also tho oil msarafkotarorsV wff oe ners xor inis snoot Houston of late has ad-rmaoed m thai shooting game In tho last rear mere thaua it has over done before. Thla part ts f participant the advantage ? being et fern the open sir for sereral hours and en gaging In one of the cleanest sports thaat b enjoyed In tho United States) totes. (jAMbS blHtUULtl) nrrEBEST becto xaxlvlzlj IB 6CS00L ATtTLKTlXZk . School Hare Been Divided Three Sections for Iadoor Sato , . ball Games for Gida. . iJ: lively Interest has seen i the students of too poblio i 1 sties thai year, nam B. W. director of th athlotla MOTtOes, been busy orgaAladns; and ' rations for tho year worst A i for th Indoor baseball games t few played by tho girls during tho Call be 4 been made. Asia basket ball tho esjns have been divided into three si art a the view to saving long trtpa. Th 4ta-4 of tho ramea have been sec bat the 4W given Is not necessarily th day o4) which tho game will be played, but To4 Indicates th week. Aa far aa posslh- -the schedule will not b lasaafaae , 4 and only something extraordinary wUI tv allowed to be a cause for iiastiiualin t game. The game will taae plae at aa tervals of two weeks. The official game will be . An effort will bo made thla year to I thla year to oa. a tho oloso sTi J I and nTotTaa.: tne contests soon arcer day's session of echoo! wasting of time before tha ; Fallowing ts the acedul at tha tests, according to sections: , SECTION Sherman, i..u.., ., Re October 4 Sherman vs. L Lamar .fft Lamar: Jones vs. Reagan at Reagan. October u Hharman vs. Reaamnat asm man; Jones vs. Lamar at Jonas. November I Sherman v. Johea tm Jonea; Reagan vs. Lamar at Reagan. November 8S Sherman va. I anaar am Sherman; Jones va. Reagan at J December t8herman vs. Hem Reagan; Jones vs. Tamer at Lamar. Decern ner is Herman vs. Jones tsl Sherman; Reagan va. Lamar at T aur, stuienoor. SECTION B. Austin, Dow, Hawthorn. Rusk and laxfe ' book. Oetober 4 Rusk va. Dow at Dow: Ana-tin vs. Hawthorn at Austin; Lubbook, -no gam. October U Rank vs. Ltrbbock at Zaat book. October IS Lubbock vs. Austin at Lubbock; Dow vs. Hawthorn at Hawthoraat Rusk, no game. October 21 Rusk vs. Hawthorn at ' Rusk; Dow vs. Austin at Austin. November I Lubbock vs. Hawthorn at Hawthorne; Rusk vs. Austin at Rusk. November K Lubbock vs. Dow at Dow, November SZ Rusk va Dow at Rusks Austin va Hawthorne at Hawthorn Lubbock, no game. November 29. Rusk TO. Lubbock at Rusk. December S Lubbock vs. Austin at Asa-tin; Dow vs. Hawthorne at Dow; Rusts, no gam. December It Rusk vs. Hawthorn at Hawthorne Dow vs. Austin at Dow; Lob-bock vs. Hawthorne at Lubbock; Ruasf . va A-mrm at Austin; Lubbock TO. Doe at' Lubbock. These games may be finished either be -fore or after Christmas, a may suit th convenience of the parties Interested. The championship finals will have to b .-postponed until after th . hotldaya, . SECTION C " ' "" v C',i) AUen. Pannln, Longfellow and Teytetv ' October 4 Fwnnln vs. Longfellow M Fannlm Taylor va Allen at Allen.' October IS Taylor va. Fannin at TsrysBK Longfellow va Allen at Longfellow. . November 1 Fannin va. Allen at ArHtf Longfellow va Taylor at Lomrfeliow. November O Longfellow vs. raantit -Longfellow; Taylor va AUen at Te ! December 6 Fannin vs. Taylor at 1. Bin; Longfellow vs. Allen at , AUe-y December 13 Fannin vs. Allen at 4j Longfellow v. Taylor at rarlen ,. -.,. PARIS. Oetober L-ltrs. Sharlda-s American woman, was eevarely . today when an electric antomob . , which she was riding, skidded and Int a tre. . 40

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