Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 31, 1954 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 31, 1954
Page 10
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a<, •> - . ,•,» i ~ f » V 1 *^ i ^ '"^jiT »•" hu.-t :> I A R , HOPE, ARKANSAS Tuesday, August 31, 19541 r lait '.„• sePact fe^. r --i n: & *. Js aft Called a "m/tjor set i§ fight fcsainst commit tt*j**Ma*t night P^ fifltdpeah army 'AlUeraeefcted oti a when, after the the Com- trt take Ret .... AVJt? SCi«- Created NATO-North OM(ahizntion un- they Pledged tohelp -, In cie of attack Each f,,w6nl<! keep its own army bis a general staff mj|/ » ' hflS ^4 members „.„.._„ the ,JNAtO agree- "Ajirli 4,' I6«i the United BffWlrt, France, Italy, Can- leiglum, lABcWhbourg, Tha landrf t Denmark. Iceland, til, ' tftepce,, and in fcbruary 1952 ted" StfitPS « contributes NATO'S cost The ,fuit j 'up (bur fifths country has sis with NATO In hot'Included jire i^erc obvious rea- ""'ltaJn Jt and occupation f have; not re- .sovereignly , she 'can't she is' defense- hav-e a soft* spot 's have op- but rearrn- The 'Allies faded ftlet't Germany arm but tt^tufeveHt her .becoming 4to"htir ^neighbors some- e. 1950 'the Communists $far they were willing ig/elslori, with their at- ...jtnyltorsa • - - .nljitHs'-'later. on pet 20. lite* -Ticven. then .French xe-LJL —iju_ —i—i, ^which approval U ii/nfe ' t^ C .If ( ? ' X 1- Butoitean'-'army idea, Jfij 1 * European 1 De- •jelglumrt I/Uxenv 212,000 Veterans in Arkansas WASltlJfGTON Of) — Veterans Ldrtilhislratidn statfstics candidate here were about 212,000 veterans ivihg in Arkansas June 30. There were an estimated 20,850, 00 veterans of all wars living une SO, with New York having the reatcft number 2,0f)0.000. The VA reported that 20.662,000 eterans were living in coniinerilnl United Stales. Another 143.000 lived n tf. S. territories-find; possessions nd 45,000 resided in foreign Coun- ries. tandards 28.3; current receipts 5; checks arid dirtlff.-; 21. Dembrtstratlort of a completely new machine which mixes and spreads fertilizer will be held at the Moss Rowe farm, near Washington on Highway No. 4, at 9:30 a. mi, September 2. The demonstration Is sponsored by the Hempstead County Farmers Association. MARKETS ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 11). f\ HORS, 10,000; all weights anil classes 50 lower; aclive at de clino; bulk 200-2GO Ib 20.35-35; heavier weights very scarce; 170 390 Ib moclly -anco .price 20.00; 150170 Ib 1900-20.00. best light sows 1900-25 sparingly including oad 246 Id 19.25 and load around <<35 Ib 19.00; other sows 400 ib down mainly 17.23'1G75; over 400 Ib 1475-16.r>0;' late trade dull, some bids sharply under caily Cattle 5,600, ealvr-s 1,500; slaviRh :er steers and heifers opened moderately active, fully steady to L'trontj; co\vs opened steady but .ess active; bulll mostly 50 lower; vealers unchanged; few loads high choice stern 24.00-25; two loads iigh choice and rime 24.50; small lot prime 24.75; good to low choice stors 2000-22.25; good arid choice tieifers and mixed, yearlings 105022.75; commercial to low .good 15,0018.00; utility and: commercial cows a.5011.80, few 1200-50; can. nor 950; was expected to when the French did The French Parliament, rent with factions, balked Russia tried every trick to keep EDC from nists in the being .born Commit- French Parliament .thcf landf ' '' Eurp- count a'-unlfied com *cbooBfng , U Germany, all wore already «ut- wbevoas 'aUios would keen idlest; 'the 'EDC on^v , would v have - their "oyn p*K* W|J»X.M** ^ W f «,9j>^fif S -p jterfs6 .^planning . Wl952. thd sfx the jtlx of .f,'\1ffy 1$$ sfx EDC JM antufstortr signed , ;:tp 4 sftt>irup This 'flft; croft to EDC It Jn$JJexjslenco "until or.!)ll six "countries i, .tj^cst;Germany, ^.^.nWHlrgJ Tlie Neth- a've 'apttyoyal, The Ital- tk*4 */n,*nM-approve ,but following the Russian line, fought EDC approval French nationalists, Who ^wanted Franco lo keep her national army and not merge it in "EDO, fought it Hoo In addifion, there was French fear,of Germany rearmed under any, circumstanceb, and fear, 210 matter'how, EDC ,wa-j unified, that Germany would, control it Russia played on these .French worries The United States , and Britian looked upon EDC as essential for defense of Europe,, making use ot German „ manpower, ami ct the same^time keeping Germany <from becoming « menace as'she might •with' her own national army Altfrough/.F/auce had proposed EDC four years" ago and France agreed ( to set Up '.EPC t\s o years ugo, ..no, Ft^ncli'^premier chanced asking Parliament., 'with its hostile mood, to vote on it The French would have fe)t safer tied into *EDC, with Germany if Britain would joip^ EDC also Britain wouldn't "' ? At last'lhe present French Premier and foreign minister, Pierre Mendes-F,rance, decided to put EDC to a vote parliament First he 1,1-ied to -get the other five EDC countries to agree fo chDiiges in the 1952 agreement which would have made EDC moro a fiction than a reality , 1 He suggested, for instance, that EDC be on trial for eight 'years and that anyone of tho pix members could veto what the other five wanted to do Tho other five turned htm down. No lover of EDC, Mendes- F,rance asked Parliament to vote It did, ?abij night, againM. EDC That wrecked it and cutter.. c,ows . mostly 050 shelly cannors 0.00. down; Utility arid commercial bulls 11.50 13.00; canner. and cutter bulls 850- il.OO; good and 'choice vealers 1600-19.00; limited numbers higb choice andprimc 200021.00; com 6RAIN AND PROVISIONS CHICAGO: '• '/PI:. Grain* sank on ic Board of Trade today under moderate '.oiling pressure." Losses weren't large except for rye. wnich ,-as subjected lo profit taking fol- owing its recent sharp advance. Main rcnson for the market's ;eneral weakness was lack of stip- Jort from commciciul and export nterests. Wheat closed 1 to 2 cents; lower. September !62.]2»4-$2.13, corn. l'/tt to cents lower, September $165 1.6G, oats 1 to !','< lower. September 74 -74, rya 2'/ a -3 lower, leptcmtaer $1.29 %, and soybeans 43 lower, September $302 13.04. . .Wheat: None. Corns No. 1 yel- ow 1.G8; No 2 107-68 ; No3 [05%-06; No. 4 1.04;-' No 5 G364V 4 ; sample grade 1.59- i3J2. Oats: No. 1 heavy white SO'i !4; No 1 white 76-80. Soybeans! none. Barley ncminal: malting 1.30-48; ed 95-1.15 mercial, to low good 15.00; dulls down to v'ealers' 1200 8.00 Sheep 2,000; general trade steady, spots stronger on spring lambs; bulk early sales choice and prime 19.0020.00; bulk not sold; few lots to butchers 20.00 50; slaughter ewes 300-400. NEW NEW YORK YORK COTTpN I/PI' Cotton futures sagged in early dealings today as traders took profits, following a brisk advance into new seasona high ground on Monday. The market later recovered, on trade buying and local covering, although clis t.ant 1955 crop months lagged on the upturn. Late afternoon prices were 4!; cents a bale lower to 25 cents high cr than the. previous close, 34.39, Dec 3468 and March pet 3500 NEW YORK NEW YORK STOCKS i/Pl The Stock Market slumped'today with trad ing hitting a fast pace In the early afternoon prices were down 1 to 3{points in many sections "of the" list.tl '' ' Aircrafts were • unde' 1 -' sellinj pressure early in the .session, anc the stels soon joined' them as; sell mg targets. The .railroads a liltle laler tok ilieir' place'-';on .the sell ig side. : -. , All other major divisions of the market were lower. • POULTRY AND PRODUCE :CHICAGO !/Pi Live poultrj about steady; receipts 822 coop yesterday 1,443 cops; 105,OB3..;lb. F. O.' B paying prices unchanged to 1 lower; heavy hens 155-19;! light hens 14-15; fryers, .and broil ers 27-30; old rooster!! 13514 ducklings SO; captmcH'es 30-31, Butter 739,683; steady to wholesale firm; receipt 1 buying price unchanged to higher; 93 scor* AA 57.25; 92 A 57; 90 B 54,5 89 C 33.5; cars 90 B 5525; 89 C 5' Eggs easier; receipts 0,130 wholesale buying prices unchange to 2 loweTi 1 ; U S. oarge \vhites 41 mixed 40 U. S. mediums 285; Ui ^.':-C IS VALUE DAY to Check the Values on the Page Advertisement the Cooperating Merchants Sure to Check These Additional Values From of Cohomo inch Roynn '' * Six Shades in 44 Inch Coharna Rayon Pincheck m 4Fn§HlFi^^W^P^lF Ideal for suits and dresses. Regular Price $1,00 ON VAUUE DAY 69c Desegregation Starts in New Mexico Schools HOBBS. . N. 'tJt. !,TI With the possible exception of the kids who regret the end of Vacation everybody breathed cosier today aS studies began in earnest in Hobbs' desegregated schools. About fi.OOO :childron, 400 of them Nogioos and the re«t While trnopc-l back to class without incident yesterday, casing the fears of-adults that violence might come with the end of segregated schools. "I thought th'e.,pcopl3 would abida by (he law." said -;he Rev. William Carter, Baptist minister who loci the anti-desegregation fight. "There was no trouble whatsoever." said Charles L. Mills, super intcndent of the seven school system. Carter h.id predictor! last week that this •fouthenster.i New Mexico oil community of jbout 15.000 population would "explode into violence" if the desegregation plan was put into effect. MAN KILLE D RUSSELLVILLE, <VP) — Floyd Mason, 44, an employe of the state Highway Dept. was killed yesterday when a gravel truck backed over him. He was.directing a blacktopping crew two miles art of Danville on Highway 10. Yell County Sheriff Earl Ladd described the accident as "unavoidable." America's truck fleet has doubled in size since 1940. Hurricane Hits Continued from Page One cane Carol and its 100-mile-art-hour winds swirled out over the Allan tic Ocean today. 11 left behind a wel-hashed but not seriously damaged resort coast of North Carolina before, sweeping seaward over this bleak sile of storms and shipwrecks. No deaths or serious injuries were reported The Weather Bureau said Curol. so designaed wit'.i n tnird-leUev name since it is the third jnirri- cane of Ihe season, wm moving north northeastward at 13 to 20 miles an hour. Raging waves churched up by the wind caused the >:>u!k of Ihe damage. They tore oft portions of many of the fishing piers poking long fingers out into the ocean. The center of ths hurricane with its peak winds moved well off the coast and highest velocity along the shore was estimated at 75 miles an hour. Wind and heavy rain damaged powor and communication lines, Trcs and signs were blown down A ie<v houses lost 'their roofs and windows 'were broken. French Action Continued from Page One an alternative plan for rearming West Germany even though Allied diplomats have insisted that EDC was really the best possible scheme. It* means that the United Stales must gradually cut olf the flow of military aid to France under the terms of a congressional act bar ring deliveries if EDC were not approved. It means this country will reassess.,its troop commitments to En- jope since x ils pledge to rnainain "Its far share" injhe area hinged rearm being terporarily restrict The plan to give Germany its sovereignty, with only its right lo rearm beinfi tcm;;irarily reslrictd ed, is being pushed in tho hope that Francs' will narcc ot least to this slop. Administration Dfficials ?aid lhat once the sovereignty is granted, ah. international conference, will be called lo cievelon a substitute fnr EDC. Among the alternatives bo ing considered. 1. A grouping of tho six proposed EDC nations 'iincluding France, plus the United .Slates'and Britain, which w'oiild'riot hav-j'belonged to EDC. The grotto would control Germany's rearming. '2. A coalition of the forces of Ihe sxi European nations under the council of Europe which is a consultative assembly of many Euro pean powers. There are auto or nrsembly plants in '11 of the Males. • Lemon CAKES White layers topped with lemon sauce and seven minute icing. JOE'S CITY BAKERY 216 S. Main HOTEL BARLOW Welcome To Our Air Conditioned COFFEE SHOP Hours are . . . 6:30 a. m. to 2 p. m. . 5:30 p. m. to 8 p. m. Open 7 days a week Comfortable rooms for permanent guests. Rates you can afford. Make your home at the BARLOW. at's under the most beautifu car on the road? Co-op .. .an entirely new I6l-horsepower V-8 engine that one leading car expert~says—"May prove to be the last word in postwar passenger car engines." GRiff BORGESQN-CARS MAGAZIE Mpre Responsive—Mercury gives you the adviinlages of high horsepower without sacrificing economy, A unique 4-harrel carburetor operates on 2 bavvels. for thriftier normal driving and. svjtcjies ''vacuumalically" to 4 baiTejs wheiv frill resei've .power is needed. Smoother, Quieter,—]?ngine yibratiqn is virr tuajly', eliminaHed by using a Sbearipg prank- shaft with eiglii^^ntej-weighfsi Mthjist |han the usual si^, And, i'o>' even greater smooth- jiess, all maloj^enginei parts are balanced separately, then each engine is balanced in Operation, after assembly—^-a process reservegl I design (3.1") cu until now for only the: inp|tesipensive engines], J rniig.age. for Sffme i^ »_„ C_-.___ — ''- -' -• .A'lTll'i i»'j:»... 1 i. i --. ., ^,,. „.,! ,!. ' r fill fifl Vft Oil 11 riKf IT PAYS TO OWN A Pon't ml»s the big television hit, "TOA^T OF THE TOWN" with Greater EcpnpmysrTiivy lets you enoy the advantages of>liig]|' : ;1iors.epower without sacrifiping econpthy. •Pojrthis is one of the thviftiesj;-;V;8's ju ; vpup-"bc6nt)my-fainous history, And you can use regular gasoline. , Better Burning-^-Mercury's new V-8 uses a special high-turbulence combustion-chamber design to provide complete burning. fllEROIRY Greater Effi?lency— New short-stroke engine cuts wear, gives 29% more amount of piston travel. save on 'ujp^eep. 'fpr Sheer Ruggedneiss — r Mercu'i:y's oe^' deep-skirt crankcase extends /almost 3 inches belowthe crankshaft's center ; line— gives belter crankshaft and bearing. .support. You get an engine with far greater stamina. But reading about Mercury can't match trying it. Drive a Mercury— today! THE RECORD PROVES IT Sullivan, Sunday evening, 6;0p to 7:00- Statioi KCMC-TV, Channel 6. THE TRADING POST 311 $. Usurel - 4 *«)r "'" ~ U/*# Lri,, '^ ( - .-" e ^4 ,, MOP fe <S f A ft , H 8 l> 6 , A ft r? A N S A S 1 I Phone f-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 t». ICalendar ; Tuesday August 31 Hope Country Club Sic will be held §1, at 7 p. m. family pic- Tuesday. August Wednesday Sept. 1 'St. .Mark's Auxiliary will inept in hd homo of Mrs. J. M. Andrews at 7: So p. m. Wednesday, Sept. 1. The executive board of the .Tun- Jor- Senior High School P. T. A. will ncet in the home of Mrs. R. L. .. Sroach, 1115 South Elm street, on wVVodnesday afternoon at two o'- Iclock. Thursday, Sept. 2 FMrs. William Roulon will ontnr- vftain Miss Arthadalo Hefner and " n Good of Tcxarkann, with art finformal party at the Country Club Ion Thursday evening at G:30. § Put Cleburne Chapter of the Uni- |ted Daughters of the Confederacy 1 have a luncheon' at Hotel Bar- Jlow on Thursday, Sept. 2, at 12 o'- Iclock. ; -, - . and.-Mrs. Graydon. Anthony |and 'Mr.' and,Mrs. -William Routon jvvill he .hosts.at a dinner on .Thurs- |dny night at-7:30 at the Hotel Bar- flow complimenting Miss Arthadale Hefner find Louis Dean Good of Texarkana.. tained with a chicken fry Saturday evening at Fair Park for fheir children and grandchildren. Members of the family who attended were Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Boyce, Mike and Pat, Mr. and Mrs. CouftDodtet Municipal Court of Hope, Arkansas August 30, 1954. City Docket Johnrtie Shaw*, Johnnie Johnson, Assault & Battery, Forfeited $10.00 cash bond. • . Paul May, Possessing untafced intoxicating liquor, Plea guilty, fined $50.00. P. H. Rowe, Failure to yield right of way, Forfeited $5.00 cash bond. Minus Hill. Jr., Hazardous driv- Ollace Rider, Honda and Phyllis. ii n g. Forfeited $10.00 cash bond. Mrs. Tyriis Hawkins, all of Texarkana; Mrs. Charles. A. Wagner, Mary, Charles and Klonia, all of Knoxville, Tenn: Mr. and Mrs. Lester Boycc, Celice arid Elaine, and Mrs. Nellie Boyce Garner, all of Springhill. Coming and Going Mrs. Ruby Osburn and son, Jimmy, spent Saturday in Texarkana. Mrs. Ruth Griffith and son, Johnny, of Baytown, Tex., are visiting in the home of her brother, Cecil Weaver, and his family. Mrs. Bessie Dougan spent Saturday in Texarkana'. Mrs. C. S. Bateman of Jacksonville, Tex., arrived Sunday for a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Watson, and sister, Ruby Osburn. ' Mrs. J. B. Martin and daughter, Tina, and Mrs. Joe Martin have returned from after a weeks and relatives. Beaumont, visit with Texas, friends Senior Ladies Auxiliary Meeting ' ' Held Monday »The regular meeting of the Unity Riptist Senior Ladies' Auxiliary Jwas held at 2 p. m. Monday August '• 30, at trie church with nine mem- |A bers present. If- Mrs. Bainey Gaines. president of |. the auxiliary, presided over the |f meeting. Songs were lod by Mrs. iJohn Bill Jordan, accompanied |by Mrs. Howard Collier. Following prayer led by Mrs. [Riley Lewallen, Mrs. Collier gave ie devotional, using portions of tiro'llth-.chapter of John. Th'e'spe cial, a poem entitled "Does. Jesus iLive At Your House?" was read by Mrs. Jordan. Mrs. Jes'sp Sinclair led in prayer, and then Mrs. Lewallen taught the lession from the study book, "The ' Ministry :of Visitation." Mrs. Sinclair gave a report of | the last meeting and Mrs. Tom Anderson dismissed the group with , present were Mrs. Jordan, Mrs. Sinclair, Mrs. Riley Lewallcn, JH Mrs. J.,.1. Lewallei.i, Mrs. CpUiej\ Mrs. E. L. Lane, -Mrs..'Gaines,''Mrs. Frank Malone and: Mrs. Arider^ . son. . • :'•'•-.'..• ..••'' ':•'•'• Boyce Family Has Chicken Fry Mr. and Mrs. L: ' A ; JBoyce pnter- SN Minto Ross, Jr., is spending a furlough with his grandfather, Joe Ross, and family. SN Ross has just returned to the spending ten months states after in Japan aboard the USS Fort Marion. Alter IfTs furlough, he will report for duty in San Diego, Calif. Miss Mary Jo Ross spent the week-end with her parents, Mr. and and Mrs. Joe Ross, and family. Minus Mill, Jr., No State license. Forfeited $5.00 cash bond. Willie Mitchell, Improper parking, Forfeited $1.00 cash bond. H. T. Flesher, Driving car while license revoked. Plea guilty, fined $100.00; suspended during good behavior. <• Estie Price, Thomas Flagg, Jr.. Drunkenness, Forfeited $10.00 cash bond. John Mitchell, Horace Vines, Jr., Bobby Conley, Willie Davis, Joe Hollis, Jr., Grade Combs, J. D. Dempsey. James Jdckson, J. H. Harris, William Muldrow, Improper | lights on car, Forfeited $1.00 cash bond. Calvin McPhcrson, Wife and child abandonment, Dismissed on Motion City Attorney. State Docket John Thomas Moore. Jr., Passing in a restricted zone, Forfeited $5.00 cash bond. ' John Thomas Moore, Jr., Ohcs- ter H. s Taylor, Speeding, Forfeited $5.00 cash bond. J. W. Malone, Operating for hire without PSC authority, Forfeited $100.00 cash bond. Pre-Fab Transit (Raymond Jenkins, D-river), No cab card, as re- qured, Forfeited $25.00 cash bone- Clarence Roberson, Possessing untaxed intoxicating liquor. Forfeited $50.00 cash bond. Mark Trotter, Possessing untaxed intoxicating .liquor,. Plea guilty fined $50.00 William Biddle Speeding, cited $5.00 cash bonct. Bishop Motor Co., Lessec-Ship- cr being party to unlawful lease C6fltitiuea trftttt Pate tffte ;he engineer said admiringly, "Boyle, your lm>t 'im-uh' A'a** worthy of a Barrymore" The program got off lo a good FAWN LAKE — Bill, the'.three-month-old fawn beats young Douglass Starr to the Water. A pet of the six Starr children, Bill isn't caged in, but allowed to roam about the south woods area of Monticello, N. Y. However, Bill has'yet to miss a meal at home. DOROTHY Boyle start "Variety," the entertainment field, Bible of the it n fine pat on the! back All the letters-the network received—inclt.'v5i!U' th-' 27 I wrote In longhand rnysclt wei e highly In fact : v/e> thought wo rniglit last as long as "tlncte tom's Cabin until last week, told: for a half tiowr f*ancl qnfijl Have Jsor we were tilt the air Is And back exjbvClatit'y What} would happen nm<?? . " . knows the show-must-go-on tradijUh record show When tion Whatabout the go-off tradition? Frankly, t thauyrif tlte door would open and Brig Gen. BaW<J Snrnoff, hea'd df ftCA. wdifld followed by a battalion of' page boys carrying charhpalgne st-go-on tracts.u» «*tt *n*«he-M,^ show has K.liame. W*'fy<fu Jflltt 1! Auld Lnn/i Syno*?" the dool- and caviar then. tSarnoft wiping would away his tears. when we \\ or* "This is' the last on<<, kids Soiry You're t(JH-ifid» great, wondeiftil But you're only su-',th!nin4. and a sponsor wcttts this time for rnolh- er show Maybe we can try again at a Inter date maybe next summer" Well, if it was to be the last performance, I decided it .should be our best I did my part I managed to get in 43 "uh-uh," a new Hopeful Sophomore Dear Miss Dix: I'm 15 and will I ' . •,'.-^- . , be a sophomore when I return,:'to are, of paramount. Importance and Mrs. Ethel Watson, Jimmy Osburn and Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Watson of Emmet, spent Sunday in Washington as the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Watson. Mr. and Mrs. .Minto Ross and children, Molly,. Delma, Barbara, Susie and-Alice'have returned to their home in Phoenix, Ariz., after spending three weeks with Mr. Joe Ross and family. Hospital Notes Julia Chester Admitted: Mrs. Curtis G. Gar- BY REFRIPERATI.ON ' • Tonight Only • — FEATURE TIMES — 2:00 - 3:54:-'5':48'-- 7:42 - 9:.36 ner, Emmet, Mrs. Pat Stone, McCaskill.. .-••- '-.' V . • Discharged: Mrs. Thomas S. McKee, Rt. 4,'Hope,'Mrs. Byron Reed Okay. . ; . ,;.;• Mr. and Mrs. Dexter Butler, Rt. 4, Hope, have a son born Friday at 9:30 a! m. . . Mr. and Mrs. Curtis G. Garner, Emmet, have a daughter, born at 9:10 p. m. Friday. . Branch Admitted: -Mr. Henry Fenwick, Hope, Mrs. A. E. May, Hope. Discharged: Baby Scott Wood, Hope. Mr. and Mrs. A. E. "May of Hope, announce the arrival of a baby girl on August 29, 1954. Clubs Harmony. " '~ ><w ' The Harmony Club _ met in the home of Mrs. Geneva Boyd Friday night. August 27.', ;The president, Mrs. Lena Massingill Called the meeting to order. The devotional was given by the hostess. Mrs. Lena Massingill led ir prayer. The secretary, Mrs. Virgaline Crawford read the minutes of the last meeting. Mrs. Elsie Allen gave an inter esting discussion on Rebekah-Odd fellowship. After the" business session, Mrs Lillie Hill dismissed with prayer. Refreshments were served to th club members. Por- greement, Forfeited $100.00 cash ond. Trinity Packjng Co., Lessee-Ship er being party to • unlawful lease greement, Forfeited $200.00 cash ond. Kenosha Auto Transport Co., Vndow Williams and Dennis Pro- uce Co., Operating without PSC uthority in transporting an unau- Forfeited $100.00 norized product, ash bond. Kenosha Auto 1 Transport Co.. An- lor Williams and Dennis Produce Co., Operating without PSC autho- ity in transporting unauthorized ommodity, Forfeited $100.00 cash lond. • . : T. E. Douglas, pjjerajing-jfor hjre vithotit PSC authority 'und'er- 1 irri- proper lease agreement, Forfeited 1200.00 cash bond. , James Murry Killion, Operating or hire without PSC authority under unlawful lease agreement, For- eited $100.00 cash bond.| Wilson Colston, Failing^ and reusing to support minor child. Tried dismissed. Q. S. A. C. Transport and James .amitina, No cab card, 'as' required, Forfeited $25.00 cash bond. U. S. A. C. and Joe Lamitina, •Jo cab card, as required, Forfeited $25.00 cash bond. C. O. Miller, Inc., (G. W. "Siler. Driver), Party to improper lease school. My freshman year was ra- ;her lonely, and I want-so much to improve socially. Mother says I shouldn't worry about it, that I'm still young and that sometimes-"it. takes a while before one .makes friends easily. Perhaps she's right — she usually is — and I guess I'm just impatient. The popular 'girls at school rarely speak to me; few of the boys'even say "Hi!" I'm not entirely unattractive, but I'm not permitted to use lipstick, or wear high heels. Do you think this might cut down on my popularity?" TYPICAL TEENSTER Vital Adolescent Time Answer: This .plaint has been received from .many young ladies who recognize wisely the importance of making friends in high school. This period of an adolescent's life is so vital in preparing for social adult life, that I wish more attention would be paid to it by parents, older sisters or brothers and teachers. • • :•• Most teenagers enter high school completely bewildered. They are becoming new persons and have hardly begun to understand- themselves. Suddenly there's a whole new world of knowledge; to acquire — and none of it appears hv the school textbooks. Manners, groom ing, the hows and whys of clothes, getting along jyith schoolmates, : ting along*with teachers — all these give up his boy friends. E. II Answer: The one sure way to lose a boy friend, especially a young one, is to make demands. Your possessiveness is showing at a very early age little lady better learn to hide it if you want lo make and keep boy friends. glass high "To a '$& s «»y at lift MO fonminc at n^tli dffl said tentatively! nice fit sennit said "So loti^ fh«t Was all So 1 felt oddly -lonely alone down the ha teen-age girls who .had , liave raised radlOa pineU -You Heights . . . brought fresff'enedf "Id Afner ica in her hdui tff glveal written an immortal chsipttr in the his* toiy of the ttidusltj- and you shall be back, I promise you,, .if'retire* Studio audience a, !Sw fOfc, and fhie About 3 triillioit becorne available as 1.5 million NOTICE We will be Closed for a short time";lj8 x Watch for reopening date. ,.' .sJr MAC'S RESTAURANT /y\r. and Mrs. H, A. McCarty,-, must 'be mastered '.along with the fundamentals of-a-few sports and social graces. Isn't it'a tremendous tribute' to our youhg people that they-.face, tackle and ; surmount all these difficulties so well, emerging at 17 or so, confident, capable graduates ready to face almost anything?' .,'"" The younger teen-ager's plight haSr.been recognized by many writ- ers.iby,; authorities in the fields of cosmetics, clothing and personality development. I have a list of helpful books that I would be happy to send to you, or any interested person, on receipt of a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Some of the material would serve admirably as texts for anyone interested in organizing a class of self-improvement for teen-agers.'-Just ask for the "Teen-age Personality" reading list. were four visitors and one leader. 'America" was led by the song eader. Linda Sue Aaron gave a demonstration on making houseshoes. The next meeting will be September 14 in the home of Mrs. C. H. Beck. Butch -Beck arid Laura Sue England will give the demonstrations. Dear Miss Dix: I am 19 and have been married almost two years to a very nice man of 33. Frank didn't drink when we were; going together, but started shortly after our mar- .riage. When he drinks he's -mean and he fights with me -and my parents, with whom we live. When he's Sober he's the best man one could want. Last week, when he had been drinking, he came home and stait- agreement, Paity to improper -Jease agreement. G. W. Silei, Opeiating for hire without PSC .authority under im: proper lease agicement, Forfeited $100.00 cash bond. — U. S. A. C. Transport: Co., and James Lamitina, Possessing no bills, as required, Forfeited ; $25:00 cash bond. < U. S. C. A. Transport Co. and Joe Lamitina, U; S. A: C. Transport Co. and Michael Lamitina, Possessing no bills, as required, Forfeited $25.00 cash bond. • . Perry Woods, Assault with a deadly weapon, Tried, fined $100.00 -Notice of appeal. Perry Woods, Giving an overdraft Tried, dismissed. Civil Docket .••••-..'•••' Walter L. Sims vs. Joe Ervin, Action on account for $204.00, Judgment for Plaintiff by default. Walter L. Sims vs. Earnest Ridgdill, Action on account for $55;50. Judgment for Plaintiff by default. ed F TO»tigh"t wijih my /father and me MyJlather put 1 him" dut and said if I wanted to stay with him, I'd have to go too I don't want, to hint my husband, MARY parents, but I Jove my What can I do' Answei You ask for a place where youi husband s can go foi tieatment If he's willing lo change, there's no place better than Alcoholics Anonymous, who can be lo- ca^ed thiough your telephone book can scaicely blame your father for lefUhing to take abuse his own homeland even less can he be blamed for trying to protect you, The life of a drunkard's wife is a most unenviable .one, and I hope you can pers.uade;Frank to see A A. and work towards a.betler future. Dear Miss Dix: Since the beginning of summer I've been dating a boy. from .-school.-He. only, comes to see*jme once a week; the rest the time he spends with his boy friends. When I talk to him about it arid tell him he should take me out more often, he says he won't Shover Springs The Shover Springs 4-H Club me Tuesday night, August 24, in the home of William Waldren with Joe Mitchell England presiding. Roll call was answered by six girls and four boys. Also present 'BIGGEST LITTLE STORE IN TOWN" LUNDIGAN • CARLSON DAWN HERBERT MARTHA ADDAMS • MURSH AIL • HYER 'Herring 'When Fish Fight" Bow WQWS" • t Wed, & Thurs, • DRIVE-"' •^ IHtATRtL. Main & Country Club Rds. * Tonight & Wednesday • UHFQRGfTTABLf' 'WHiM****' •"*? W W»f i CHARITON KATY JURAPO • JACK PALANCE ; L -MMlU NlKW* C MUitU' Always 9 FOR SCHOOL WEAR • Poll-Parrot Shoes ring the bell for style, fit,',• comfort and wear . . . because they're pre- tested. Yes, actually test-worn by active i children to make sure they're right for your j children. See our just-right-for-scbool • selection soon.' Pol SHOES FOR PRE.tESTED Carrot 60YS AND GIRIS Priced from 4,50 .0 6.50 According to size, FOSTER'S ™ E;JIG DXY VALUE PA^ . .^ ..!••• •-. n . • ,.". DAN RIVER WRINKLESHED OMBRE PLAIDS i 2J9 In handsome plaids, ombre- shaded with black — new effect you'll like! Fine, famous Dan River cottons that machine - wash, resist shrinkage, keep their fresh looks longer, thanks to the Wrinkle - Shed finish- . . . these are excellent buys at Penney's. Pick up a couple, today! S, M, L, XL. ANOTHER BIG SHIPMENT CAN-CAN PETTICOATS Perfect Qdality Taffeta! Tiered Styles! Wide Sweep! Real value! Sizes S - M - L! Features, you <rffr the denim for cut arid free kles Boy's Big Mac's 1.79 CLOSEOUtrBlG CLOSEOUT! CARPENTERS OVERALLS • Not All Sizes! • Bargains! t Hurry! Hurry! PAINTERS OVERALLS 2.44 SHORT GOW f/' I From Higher Pricps! Lots of $Jyles! ^ 7 j*« Lots of Colony! EXTRA! EXTRA! STEP STOOL Thlt Beautiful Two.Tose Baked WIUURT? \ 'N' v ' ?.,.

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