Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 20, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 20, 1896
Page 3
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BE OF GOOD CHEER. Victory Over Exhausted Vitality and Impaired H'eaMfo Am Ai»urnncc to SaffcrcM TI»»t Hiwlth »n<l H»pplnoM Mny Again He Thi'lrn. ' ;'. There are many causes that combine 1 to leave men and women in a shattered condition of health—nervous, listless languid, vitality and vigor at a low ebb and the tide still going out; 'full of gloomy forebodings and almost without hope of any change for the better. These causes need not be particularized. The condition only need be considered. Is it possible that this drifting away from health and vigor THE An Agreement That Settles Much Hooted Question. IN THE NECK. •McGlnty's" Yell for "Brine" Was Ct$t Short. cau bo arrested? that a .turn in the tirlc: can be ac- comiKiM.^-L. .'iid an inflowing created toward vitality, vigor, heal Hi and happiness? It is. Dr. Creeno. of 35 West 14th St., New Yorls City, the well-known specialist -,..-• jo nervous and chronic diseases, is the discoverer of the D greatest and most efficient nerve and blood remedy blessed the Jering. Dr. .m-a is a modi- n clod and pro- most eminent remedy hw MEN PAID IN GOLD. General News of Railroads and Railroad Employes. The Joint traffic managers have approved the following recommendations oif the Joint Passenger Committee, ,wh!Icli settles a finest tan. which has caused more or less trouble in- rate matters: Tteut the clua-rge for special care shall not be less that-eighteen full first-class one-way limited fares for «ufl> such car for the distance traversed by :it; •and for more ttan. eighteen persons liotdtag .one-way tickets OT twetnitiy-flve persons hoMtog- roiwil- ti-lp tickets an •addMonal fairc nt the same Mite shall 'be dhwged for each admit or 'Iwilf fare for wiclj, child tuwler twelve -or over five years of age; except thai if occupied' by parties 'in ex-' cess odLeJghteen, si>cc!inl care way bo mwed<?fe,way on the basis of authorized favcsior each -admit and liaiK i'a.w: for .each. clriW under twelve or ovoi five ycairs of nse, provided tflie minimum amount!;* not-less'tilmai llie value of'elplltoc'n. full, flrst-ala W' c,ni>-wav Hmlltcd fares. No -mililcsige wM be i;4- low«l 'f ov tbe. cars of j.rivatc parties. Elmiployw oC cliartewd .private cars, namely,, coaidiiietoiis, cooks fl.ud.-porters (•not private servants), will be rogardod n.s toil n employes n.nxl- c«i.n-ieu-f,ree. RAITVROAD NOTES. Artilwii- Wllloy 'has' ro.turn.Ml ' from Chicago. The car shon*; men 'have, been put on Dull time, sta'ty (hours that has ever weak and suf {Ireervc's Nerv cine rcuocntno scribed by the «vcV bcin known which cures disease like it, and weak, tired, run-down, nervous and dubilitutcd people are amazed at its almost magical power to make the cick well. Ih'is is the opportunity ol a lifetime; seize it while it is yours. Get tack your health, jour strength and vigor, by using .immediately this re- marKitble medicine. Dr. Greene's Nerv- ura blood tin- nerve re-nody. It will •urely make you well. So rositivo.is its discoverer, Dr. Greene, of its grand effects that he*invit«s all who desire, to consult him free of charge, in person or by letter. STATE NATIONAL BANK MJGANSFOBT, IHD.i Oflr-lTflL • 3200.000 J. P. Johnson, PmW«nt. a W. tninyi VH. J. Heltbdnk. < .The next time J'l^u Fliutii'a., otlienvlsi better known as "ileGintiy," wants to lila'lici' (for Bi^ain «^ flfltj'-ccut dollars, he will be sure 'ho Is standJus on solid .ground Ixyfore 'he kits his vocal organs loose, Flnnlni was gotnR home Saturday night In a fairly -mellow eonditl'on. He .mouiitefl the plktforai oC the last car up at -11 o'clock- and in&tend of go- lug Jnslde and takliiifi n, sent, stood on the platform wiliei-e 'tlie cool breezes ^•wiM fan. Ills fevered brailiiHpa,n. He Iliad seen: tiro Irnniease tornwit of Soumd Money Betmocrats, fl.ntl It had opened up 'his viuil of Brtae; .so 'he was caililing oil 'his favorite at every other brea.tlhl.liie drew. At tflte comer of BlKilith street the let go all 'hold on tl>c OTilliiig snrroaiinding tlie pladfoorui and, thvt>wl!'ng • up both linmdB, wild: "Hurray for Br— - — ." • T'ho salty part of 'Itie iifliine seemed to stick la Ws WUroat, for lie'uerer com- plotrtl the Briny can. The ear gave a sixlden: liwvlv aiitl "MicGtaty," wJiilo ho didin't go fi"!''« to " 10 ^"tt'O" 1 °* : Mlie sca> wenit d«\vn on the Qmrd, cold ground, -over thta .milling' of the street. 1 car -pint- form-. H« struck In Hie. middle of the track, anfl tilw hinups-of dhe ground lilt lifan with sucli force in the nwk that he was rendered linconsckms for almost nui hour. ' He wns carrlcxl to Ilio ynrdii.ii fa-out of ..T. p., Ferguson's rcsl- 'dcinic-e. and WoFs armlbu'lanco was.&um: •m'onekl, as it "was tlwugJi't at flrst,.12iat -ho was toiilWd.- Dr. '.Stewart took: him In charge, Iwvever, atffl after working with «m- for some time', su-oceelded . restoring Site to consciousness. He siiffere<l a. number oit 'bruises,. but was mot injured. "McGtaly" Is .the. same follow whb tried to ran. the wlia-com- ilnig horae flroro -tiho ^-Rlclxmond Hall- Men's .meeb!injg'so:me ; weelcs since, the defendant WQS grajited the custody oif the-towo.'minor children, John. E., ng-ed nve yeai-s, and 1 Lola L-, aged three years. Republican Meetings. Republican speakings will 'be held at the following places to- Cass county: Tuesday •evening, Oct. 20, Young America, M. A. Quton. •Wednesday .evening., Oct 21, Royal Center, D. B. MoponuelL Wednesday evonimg, Oct 21, Red ecliool liouse, Noble towmshlp, M- A. ,. Oct. 22nld, Broadway rink, Dogansport— A. .T. Beveridgc, of Thursday evening, Got 22, Baptist school 'house, Harrison township, W. T. WJteom • . :• Thursday evening, Oct. 22, Shady Nook, Clay townsfoiilp. M. A. Qulnn. Ttbnrsday eventnig. .Oct.22, Pleasant Hill school house, Clinton township, D. C. .Tustice. Friday even-ing, Oct. 23, Onward, Robert J. Loveland. Friday evening, Oct 23. Harness school house, Deer Creek township, M. A. Q.ulimn-. Friday evening, October 23, .Harness school house,. Deer Creek township, D. B. McDonnell. Friday eventog, Oct. 23, Metea, W. T. Wifeon. Friday evening, Oct. 23, Palmer scliool 'house, Washington township, Oapit Frank Swlgart and S, T. McConnell. Saturday evening, Oct. 24, Lucerne, M. A. Quinu. Saturday eventag, Oct. 24, Walton, W. T. Wilson. Saturday evening, Oct' 24, Georgetown, Orlando Powell. .Saturday evening, Oct. 24, Twelve Mile, George W. Funk and George W. Waiters. Honey Saved 9 are .es of By buying fall clothing of us. We fcaye tbe largest Une of «k ES coats and Ulsters to select from in Uiecity. Bought at h*rd^ prices, the«e goode wiU be sold at prices that will save you nwr Game In and we will con-vlmce you that we mean -what we! : f . /•" Men's Overcoats arid Ulsters $3.50, $4 and Upwai Youths Overcoats and Ulsters $2.50, $3 and Upwai Children's Overcoats $2,50 and Upwards . The above statement op-plies with equal force to our Mem'« YOTJtihB', nmd Chll-dren,'« SulttagB. Good, ev<_, --.-.»• eerviceolble, mitt* or fine drees suits ae deetoed. Read the prta*-,*• Suits suits . l 35Qupw*rd» i-»*^ "•" - Boys best knee pants in America, all wool double seat and kn«* will not rip, at 5O cents. Men's Clay Worsted Suits best in city at - - $7-5° Men's All-Wool Pants - ....... 1<a 5 Full lime of Hate, Caps&nd Furnishing Goods, as low as any house la Cass county. • • REMEMBER' we carry a full line of sizes In all grades of good*. tod can fit you without delay. JOB GUARANTEE IS GOOD, YOUR MONEY BACK IF YOU WANT IT. J. D. Ferguson & Jenks 222 Market Street, „ f. ''». Joha«on. D 8/W?uSw. 4. W. M. BUIott. ,W. H.« . . BIMott «nld«r. Bur «nd : b»'I «o«y Vn p*™ .3?-Tssue -peclal certlflcatM Ot . KS'rln«'I jHifcent. Uitertit ^rhen toft on« 5Sri"? peroflnt 1 !^ «nnum when depoi- Deport V.ult. of thli -For Your Prolec- v tion »« positively state that •tl>l« remedy does not contain mercury or any otner Injunoas drat- ELY'S hREAM BALM senses "I taste »uu »me,l. • IT WILL CURE. gamp e« 100, by anil. GHAS. L. WOLL, :-: UNDERTAKFR ••• H» 417 Market tf tout, • »ttended to proiiftly. 4*7 •• nMH Cnlon and Mjtu.1 M»f^- Office. No. U; Re»W«no«. No. in. KROEOER & STRAIN, Undertakers &Embalmers. y -..-.-'•-' 810 BROADWAY. plj-iug the depots fl.t more important .p'otate with diemlteil flre oug-lnes. Last week 400 car loads of grapes were shipped ova- the-Mke Sliore road f-om. m»o CUftiutaTiq'ua 1 grape -belt. Grata traffic oa the' Wutoash Bnea Was more tiluin donUed in *he last *vvo wodas, and every car the company can commiantt is promiptily lloaded tind eve-ry regular f i-cdgnt cr-w Is 4n service. aiho Ijake Sluore will thte week re cdl've ton of the nmv ta.rge passcangw tocomoth-s wlilcli It -bias contracted for. Seven carloads of limited' States troops .passed .west oven- the Pennsylvania lines .•Saitnmta.y «n route from Nenv York to Now Orleans. E. A. Ford, general pnssemger agent oif too Pennsylvania and Vandalla Tines, .lias under the rulin'gs of th? .Total Tlrafllc AssociaMon, DOttfled' pas«[- cmger amd ticket agents tliat passengCT retotlons w^lUi the Toledo, St. Louis & Kansas City, wdll bo suspended, on •arid after Oct 22 'Ulio National Blwrtrte HeadUglrt Company of Indianapolis Kis recent',? received orders for Jiwdliglits from Um the Missouri, Kaneas. & Texas, the Honston & Texas Cenltral, the Delaware & -Hwlson,- the Chicago, Ro'A Islanfl & 'Pacific a,n!d ilhte St. Lawranee '& AidlTomtaiek roaids.. If 'another ; Railway Men's Sound OWoneiy'domonstMtioa Is gl/rcn'' here, ifclie famous ewgJneof the Terns Haute celebration, «nd wMdh WJis roade a feature of the Imxlia.wipolls meeting, -will be brought here, providing that permission can'be secured to-run 1* it upon, the street railway -track. The Ladles' Auxiliary to the B. of L. E., gave ft:"Ha-*l Times" social at McCaffrey's Jialil last nlglit, which was fun oif meiTlmcnt for all and a success to more ways than one. Tins affair was well -attended and costoraei were all suggestive of the owme. THe most woe-begone, poverty strrickcn were cwntostants for prizes. -Reffreshr ments were served, T-ralnmon, shop imen and all enuployes of 'the Pennsylvania company at Ft. • Wayne, were last week pafld for September -seiTlco In gold. Paymnstei Fredei-lc states tttiat fee cmct amou-nt paid out to gold was $84,040. At man"? other "pollute tue paymiujtcrs hive been paying out, with bffls, ten and twenty doillair gold pieces. The -pay train ^a tire renjusyimnda line genei-ally own'les •mor« or less of the yellow coin and ipays off any employe who desires It In thiiit currency. . WANTED S •22COO ; Wanted, : rrea'outttt. 'Protected Ca« com«. One .f o"ra eomed coo»«ntlve w«. ^ , . ractot/P. 0. lS71,. STATE CONVENTION. Indiana's Chistian Young Men to Meet at Crawfordsv.Hle. : jA Irnl'f-faire mite IMS 'teuu secured town itlliio raJil-iwid'S for.tlJe eouvemtlon vt the Koning- Meat's Chi'isitiaiu association at Craiwfordsivilto, Nov-omiber 1022; Aimoug.-those on flhe program, ore Fiwff. Giwitaim Tayaor, df CDitengoi who was at itlic Terr'e Baute convenitiou last year; T. S. McFhetoters, of . tlie noitionaJ commii:ittee;. L. D. Wishai'd, oomimTftoe; C. K. Ober, .field seca-etaaT of -the: Intei'nffitiomial comui'ilttee; G'fflbert A. Beaiveir, -colHege secretary of . the Inteimaltiioin'n.l coraimWee; .Tames 'N, Burwick, itSne ralfflwnd- evniogeCist, form- ci'lyoff tllrls city; A. M. Wrlgnt, secretary, off -the ctty department. FtWayne, 'Mild' .Fwunlk W. 6iber,'mainiagiug editor of-Men, .-Plr.egiden,t George S. Biir- iroaigtos, df Wabash college, will .con- duict tlie 'blbte studies, and A. G, SHwk, of. tflils : elty- wiffl-h'aYC-chlnrge-of the •inusfc.. One wcek'ilram next Sunday -miilii 'be observed-'as «i genoa-al day of prayer for tbfe convention. THE DAY IN COURT. Number of Cases Dismissed and Others Decided. Uttwro \TOS a faliily gwd day's busl- raess.-dion-e to'.the.Olrctrtt.court) yestw- •day... The caaise of .-lt:was-oio poWtlcal TnoetingB df oonsequenco on. erther side. The defendants 1m itlw.case of the State •vs. Harry Flbher, Ini.wlilcli a jury returned a verdict, of "guilt on the" Charge of imallofous trespass, has moved for a new trial o£ tto-cnse. Tlw eouir.t has not yet iiua«d' on *ho motion. 'Hhe divorce aiRpfll'ciaitJI'oin df Hannal Powell vs. Siklney S. Powell Aviis dis- imlssed. ' . The suit of the Citizens' State bank rsL Levi B. Bundy et all was dismissed The eiaiit -of Lillian, M:. OMitus va. John Ray et al was dismissed. In tbie case of 'Martin McHale vs. James COnlway db al, the court gi'antod-ttie motion ot: def end-aot for a dlmmge of venue. The divorce suit of Otto A. Hopper vs. Jessie M. Hopper was dropped from tihe floctet. . . • ' The snilt of Reuben.: E. Overman vs. Ctoules D. Billmam was dismissed. Dora B. Rodgers was 'granted a dl- voroe tfromi Charles ;M. Rodiffers, and HOWS THIS. We offer One Hundred Dollars re ward for any case of Catarrh that can not-be cured'by Kali's Catarrh Cure. F. J. Cheney & Co'.. Toledo. O.. We, the undersigned, have known F J. Cheney, for the last 15 years, aad be- leve him perfectly hoaoraMe In all business transactions anil financlallj able to carry out nny obligations made Drag by their firm. WEST & TRUAX. Wnolesale gists, Toledo, 0. WALDING, KI>'NAN & MARVIN Wholesale Druggists,. Toledo, O. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Inter nally, acting directly upon the. blood and , mucous surfaces of th« system Testimonials sent free. Price 75c pe bottle. Sold by all druggists.. ONJA' OOT.LI> T E THAT DOES IT. There is now only one line operating through dotfblc daily service from Missouri River points to California, and that line is the Union Pacific. "The Overland Limited" Is the fastest .train- In- th« West, and Its equipment of Free Reclining Chair Cars, Buffet Smoking and' . Elbrary Cars, Pullman Dining and .Sleeping Can? Is unsurpassed. No other line offers equal facilities for California travel-. For further particulars send for advertising .matter ot the Union Pacific, the Original Overland Route. Jas.D, Welch, General Agent, room 35, Carew building, Cincinnati, Ohio. TOURIST SU3ERING GABS TO CALIFORNIA DAILY. •Every day in .the year Tourist Sleep- Ing cars are run through from Chicago 'to California- via the Chicago, Union Pacific & •North-western Line (Chicago & North-Western, Uniom Pacfflc and Southern Pacific R'ys). Only ?0 for completely equipped double berth' from Chicago to the- Pa-oiae coast. For tickets and full information apply to •agents of connecting lines or address W. B. Kniskern, G. P. &,T. A., Chicago & N-orth-Western.R'y, CMcago. . . Of Health and Happiness The Indiana Depurator Company ha» placed in Dr.J.B. Shu Itz office at 417 Four th street, one of their instruments, for the treatment of Catarrh, Asthma, Hay Fever. Bronchitis and Consumption We do positively cure the above named diseases also Rheumatism, Sciatica, Skin and blood diseases. It youareamicted or have friends who are afflicted, do not fail- to investigate at once. See testimonials of Leading Physicians; also testimonials of patients cured, on file at office Parlors of the Indiana Depurator Company at Dr. J. B.Shultz' office 41 7 Fourth Street Logansport, Ind All Kinds of Drawings Made by *i^ismrv^t>^'r~~— ^- purcbaeina power of tbe fltcfcel. Isihbwn In the fact that one can now buy a Long Havana RMer Cigar with Choice Sumatr-Wrapper for Five Cents ThUChjSrUi— . .• Man> a day'a work to lo«t by «!ck cauaed 'by Indigestion and itomach troubles. DeWltt'n Little 'Btrly R!*eni are tbe most effectual pill for overcomhJK such dlfflcnltlM.*-Jno. M. Jotwrton. ' 8,000,000 aold In Indiana In 1893- The Record of 1896 will b« greater. Drug Company, Indianapolis Sole Distributer* . . .Ctartea Mnrand'a. oif Jackson Oatrtor, 0., and Miss Bmimia. TruimftTi of tli'ls islty were -miairiried at the parsonage of the Market.street M..E. church 'by tlhe Rev.-TV. R. .Wones. Tlwy will •reside at Jncljson Ceatcr Vhere the '.groom is .tateresited to the store mam- fatrtuirimg bustoess. • . THAT JOYFUL FBHLING. With the exhilarating sense of renewed health and strength and Internal cleanliness, which follows the use of Syrup of Figs, Is unknown to the few who have not progressed beyond the old- time . medlclnea and the cheap • eubatl- •tutee sometimes offered but never accepted by the well-Informed. BRYAN AT, MARION. '. .On 'account of Hon. WiHi-am J. Bryan Wn'g:ait-Marian,-Ind.,'WBdnosday, October 21$t, the Pennsylvania, line will sell excursion tickets to Morion and return on that dlate at one fare for the Toundtrlp. Tickets good returning Oc-' tober 22d'lnclusilve. Oatarth Is a constitutional ddwaae 'aad req.uircs a constltutlonaJ remeay .-IMte' Hood's SairsaparUla, whlich purl- flea the blood. BYRON B. QORDON. Spry Block Logansport ^ Natural Gas Rates. Partial payments annual rates begin Octo bdr.l8t.IQ96." ' Consumers desiring to avail themseWes of - theihnuaia,one.. should arrange to have their stoves connected by.thatdate in order to be on time. Lopsport & laia^ Valley Gas Co. 317 & 319 Pearl Street.

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