Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 20, 1896 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 20, 1896
Page 2
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l^^^^^^PPSpiiPSp^P^^f^P^ CANTON EXCUKSflON. Round TrJjp Fromi'Loeninapoi-t vJa Special Both Ways. Thursday, October 22d, a special lo\v mute excursion to Canton, CXh'iio, will be ruin yiift PoTOnsylvjml'a limes'. $4 round trip tDrom -Lon!a,UMix>rt. Spec-M train wiffl leave -.t:;i3 p. m., ceoytKil time, Thursday 2iM. «milviiiiK at Canton at G a. m, Odtdber 23d,'«ilvans opportunity to stio H<xa, Win. 'MeKSwiey aird take part lu Uw> day's exorcises. Rehmiinj: 'Jrom Oiwutoiu,'(ihc.specM traitil will leave 32 o'clock woon, cwiti-nl ttroo, Friday, October 23d. Tickets valid only . ou Uiosc special trains. The Darlington, Wls., Journal, says editorially of a popular patent medicine: "We know from experience that . Onamberlflln's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, Is nil that Is claimed for It, as on two occasions it •topped excruciating pains 'and poesl- Wy saved us 'from an untimely grave. We would not-rest easy over night -without it in the house," This remedy undoubtedly saves more pom and suf- ttering than any other medicine to the world. Every family should keep it lii the house for It Is sure to be needed •ooner or later. For sate by B. F. KeeaUmg, druggist. CONDUCTED EX- 'CUBSEOXS TO CALIFORNIA. Via the Chicago, TJniton Pacific & North-Western line leave Cblcago every Thursday. Coonfortaibte Tourist Sleeping Cars, low rates, quickest ttoe and the best of caire wad attenitton, are «lvaifltagefc..secured by 'those who join those excursions. For full particulars apply to your aeairesit ticket agent, or address W, B. Knfekern, G. P. & T. A., Chicago & North-Western R'y, 'Chicago, III. Subscribe for The Journal, 40 cents a oonth. • • . THEY'RE "ONTO YOU," BEN! Thioro ore many glaring laicooatet- eaeles to ;lx? found .In- the column* of most of the free silver', sheets. On JlHTch 12, the' Pharos, at Logiansport, i>rlnrt«d tb'e following 1 ; which Is directly oufposito to .Its caiinpalgin lisscmtions: •• -It is au>t at «iffl proboWc that the inex't'lKrasc Vill luive a'aan.Jmity favorable. to the 'free coiimge.'Ol 1 sHver at a ratio «yt 1C 'to 1. When it becomes a domoiiisitraitttl fact that there Is' no dan" w.r oC this country adopting the. silver itniiclai-d in conducting the business of liho country, prosperity wIiM como «ffata in.u'd, with lower taxes on tlbe necessaries of TM'e, overy kind of tais'imss will-l boom jugate.' ."— Richmond Teleigvnun. IF TROUBLED WITH RHEUMATISM READ TBJS. Annapolis, Md., Apr. 10..1804.-I have used Chamberlain's Pain Balm for rheumatism amd found It to be all that is claimed for It I believe It to be the best preparation for rheumatism ana deep seated muscular pains on the market and cheerfully recommend It to the public.— Jno, G. Brooks, dealer In boots, shoes, etc., No. 18 Main St ADSO READ THIS. MechnmJcsvJJle, St. Mary County, Md. —I sold a bottle of Obamberlaln's Pain Bnlm to a man who had been Buffering with rheumatism for several years. It made him a well man. A. J. McGIll. For sale at 50 cents per bottle by B. F. Keesling, druggist. "Boys will be boys," but you uun't »fford to lose any of them. Be ready for the green apple season by having DeWltt's Colic & Cholera Cure In the ' ise.—Jno. M. Johnston. When Baby -ma nick, we ga»o her Wlien «ho WM n Child, nhtr crtft) 'or Ontario. Then oli« DHC»I»O Jlisi, ulin .-hniu TO Omrtorin, IT'S NOT STRANGE That people prefer to buy cheap, NOT CHEAP GOODS but BEST GOODS CHEAP. It shows their common sense and in this instance their appreciation of their luck. Merchandise disaster, Bankruptcy to the Merchant, means luck, reduced prices, about HALF REGTOAR PRICES to the consumer, Such is the^case with the OTTO KRAUS stock. The Clothing and Shoes were the best the quality and variety immense, It would be strange considering the hard times if thepeop e diftnotbuy staple goods appraised and sold at about 50c on the dollar. A. G. JENKINES, Assignee .^TX) H L WITH 'EM." Editor Boqp, of flio Admmce, may bo - in'tcamgent in W9 use of phrases some. times, but ,Dtooo can accuse hlto of not t)eJ»g foroable 'af-ter tM» brainy editorial -wMch oivpcaretl to a recent Issuo of Ms paiper: ' "To-beH -srJWli a Voter TVTIO will sacrifice principle for pai'ty In tltnes like the present. The patriot -will take the •liiortest cut amd rote for Bryan and free silver and help by word and act to defeat the gold standard." The 'famous -tramB-coatlneDtal train rla the CMcago, Hade® Paclflc & North- TT€^tern Itoe, .learea Chicago ait 6 p. m. ev«ry day. to.th« year rfa the Ctol- cago & Nofrtlh-WestcpD R'j, and makes the trip to OaUfounia In only three day*. Double diwwtasr wo™- Sleeping caw, Buffet, SmoktoS and Lltojary cars, dining oars and free recMning cUaJr care awj features of the perfect tealo. Agauta of eomneettng Hues sell tickets Vila The Gbtogo & North-Western R'y. Illustrated pamphlets and full informaitlou !wffi foe furnlsbed on flpplicaJtlon to W. B. K'tttskorn, G. P. A T. A., Ohloago, 111. If your children are subject to croup •watch for the flrgt eymptom of the disease—hoarseness. If Chamberlain's Oough Remedy Is given.as soon as the cMld becomes hoarse It will prevent the attack. Even after toe croupy «ough has appeared tie attack can al- traye be prevented by glvmg this remedy. It Is also Invaluable for colds and •whooping eough. FoV sale by B. F. JJeesHng, druggist. Hon. John G; Williams,' one of the prominent members> of .the Terre Haute tear, Tvill remove to IndianaipoillB 1m- meaiately after election to continue the practice of law. Pbteon Ivy, Insect bites, bruises, •calde, burns, are quickly cured by De- Wltf a Witch Hazel Salve, the great pile core.—Jno. M. Johniton. Biirgillars entered the St Joe county tofl'ffinairy, knocked down, thte suiperln- itendenit's son and rol)bed the superintendent of $80. It doean't matter much whether sick headache, blllounneoj, Indigestion and conatlpatlon. are caused by neglect or by unavoidable circumstances; DeWitt's Little Early Risers will speedily cure them alL-Jno. M. Johnatoc. Tneorles of cure may be discussed at Jensen by physician?, Dnf the sufferers want quick relief; and One ijinute ,0ough Cure will give It to them. A .-t&tf) cure for children.' It Is "the'only termless remedy that produces 'Immediate reeulK"—Jno. M. Johnston. whole system to drained and undermined by Indolent ulcers and open •ores. DeWltf0 Witch Hazel Salve jpeedlly heals them. It is the best pile cure known.—Jno. M. Johns ton. •: T IRED MOTHERS find help in Hood's 'Sarsaparilla, which givea •them pure blood, : »£ood appetite and new and needed STRENGTH. Thto di'plitfh'erla epidemic in Delaware Is practically stamped out, , betuig -file only point still giving trouble. Don't trifle away time when you have cholera morbus or diarrhoea. ^Igbt them In the beginning with DeWltt'B Colic & Cholera Core, You don't have to wait for results. They are Instantaneous and It leaves the bowels In healthy condition.—Jno. M. Johnston. Quite a n.THn'bei 1 ott counterfeit silver quarters, .bearing tlie dates 1802,'93 ami '94, -Wave recently been circulated at F\t. Wayne. If you have ever seen a little child In the agony of summer complaint; you can realize the danger of the trouble »nd appreciate the value of Instantaneous relief always afforded by DeWltf s Oollc & Cholera Cure. For dysentery and diarrhoea It Is a reliable remedy; We could not afford to recommend this is a cure unless It were a cure.—Jno. M. JotMton. •Lee Man, a versatile writer, has re- sl'gmed.Ws.ediltorlal connaottani... with the Watoash Tribune. ',.-'•' Dr. Herman "Von .Gotsctooldt, who suddenly left Hamowttd, committed .suicide In- Chilcoigo iby taking morphine. : IS IT CURABLE ? A Question. -Offten Askad' -by Hh'ose Af- fliltotied Wlltth HOas.- Is a. drained join* curable? Is locm iufla-nvinfttitoin; •om'aiWe? . Of comrse, if IKivpemly 1aw*«id. ' So ts .pIJos. ' Peqpte ofiteoi Ibccamo nvflllctefl with jjilJ'as nmld i aisk9orac-"eln i oin/lle" nihvay,s persistod in, the wrong 'nionlt 'iiin'd' tialtnuRilly 'Iho them ' by ittSHtae 'Klicnii tliiot tlvoiir case JlliilP^ FOUGHT FOR HIS LIFE. Whey la tiuru.di6--eoura}re o.tlici's, nan! *tai«wd-isease t'hat can, In every case by cuvreCul 'ami siidiMiftil Hniimdlllug IK atowed too «up Hie omfriw of. 'Khttitsaindis Vlio uiHglut IVee thoms^flnXK of tlhe tiromblc IB u few days. F"y?iin;nDi'(l Pile Cun-e-wUl cure it'lic uiosi aiBgamrvflitcKT divse of JienKon'lioJ'ds' in an mstonteMngty ata't itllanc. the oongdstxxl .pnrte, reduces mt> miattei 1 liow -tlbe tafliaminia'tlon amid stops/tilt adlilliuig or 'litcilitae mt oineo. ' ,Tli'oiwnnds who 'Iwul resorted to ex- poniaive •snmi'tenl itncinitanonlt lliive been cured 'by Illtoe PymimUcl Pie Curo to a mnm|bfflr of tastsuncw persous wlio luul spent inowtiUs to a 'hosplital under a pile ,It Is «, a^iiicdy tlwi.t noiae nwd fena: tt> even ta-fflie most nggirtivmtctl, swwlleni ami 'lnfl:imied Itomonrlioilitol tumons. If you mire afflicted wiiUli 'Unis stub- too™ dtecnise yon ««n master It miO muster it quick]?'. Jlhte famedy Is uto loaiiser na experiment, but .1 mddilcnl oartntaty. lit is mmnuCaictwipeid by the Pyimimild Drus Oo., of Ailblom, Miicili. Orugiglsts sell tt nit 50 courts per 'box. It ll's bocoauiing' tlie nrodt popular pile cure .fills country Oiais ever knomin nnfl drugB-isrts everywlicre nre ordering It f or itilMBr crasHxrane-rs. WORDS XJPQHEBB. /Thosna» E. Watjsoa will not go to .Kiansus, ,.He senit.HiIs itolegnum to Abe. Stelnibereer: "A'n'.uJeemtcd thwat'w» prevent my 'iippatotiments. I «ira:i.flly vegirot th'ls. Illie inllldiille-of-th.cvi-oi>d Populists Jwvve any symipnihliy. They 'hare been sold out n-nd' miMiiir party •nuuto a fooUnat • for the Deinocriitilc .poMtlciilnias to wipe iChclrTeot tm umder t'h'elnypocriiticiil pi'R- •••tonsc of ' pati-1'otisim-. 'The--fusioii'lsts- liaTO mlbii'iinloncd prlnci'jv'l «»<! gopc into 'n. •woA scRiimWa at' Hie -plo counter. If BIT\-;UI is defwiteid, « will 'lie Hie faiulit 'of the ti-iiidws wL.li'is pai-iy and ours 'Wlio •linive'J'tJnon-eid tflie SI'. Louis' tvwl to\<*\~ to force the to vo,iie 'foil- SewiM, the bond , 'Che inn:tlwwil- -b^nikor, ,tlon pin tocnilt mncl '«M!d dto.nfie' alre."' •'•' ' In tilte eon,neatloni n siwdnl from iSteuibou. cou:u,tiv s.ays: "The mW'dle-of ithe-raad iPopallsts of Steuben county. :-iln a series of resoluiOkins 'have made •formwll deiclwraition' of tfielir purpose to support Brjiniii Mid Wniteon, the nominees of 'the St. LaiDils conTention, con.- (UttloninMy uiwn Mie ^VJtliidvawnl of SL>- waffl. Tho .resoloilitons domiounce fusion '•with amy par'fcj-, wod pledge-allegliuice to thte Populist State «teteet. Tlie mid- aie-of-tUe-rond- Popudiste n.re strong iii Steailbeu county, and tn«' resolutions mlop'tod 'have caused n sensation." ; A ixditical dispute between Lawrence Bunk'htet and Ohnrles Goldsmilh, both colored, of Anderson, drew Jolm Patton, n friend 'of Goldsmith, -Into tJw affair, -which resulted in Burbluirt be- l-nig Sli'ot, the 'bullet passing Into, his body near the heni-t. ration lias been aiTested, A PARMAL BLOCADE of 'Ulie iii'nto avoiuuo for esoaaw of refuse timrt Vtie ISuimain. isj-sibem is u'titea-ly sub- vapsfiive ol rqgulnii-Ltiy (among tto other organs. Lelt coostlipflltioiii' bedomt c'ln'omlllc, 'aud', (toaminig 1 'flue tmjnenent diaagei 1 of toflaon|miatii'on of tho iliom-els ainid tliteii- total ote'tructloa ocourLDg, Jaundltiee to almosst certato to .onsuo, the dliver to llaWe to 'become engorged, itflite Mood 'aiad untac fife pote'aned-by tJie bile, .wafldhi inlteD vStliates thfe Juteos of 'ffie atwnmicli,. «ind dther .unli'appy cou- sequeueeg tfoilow. HiodMtttar's SlrannxSi Birtiteiis ai prttme todte alfieiKiitlve,. pre- vcnlts 01- irwrnBdits these results-'and :t'lndf cause, as IBbo. case mmy require, iaud Ife also eUgawBy ieffl'ca,c!licnis lla oiTCi 1 - oomlllnig- flaituDence, liealrt'buim., «iD.d vari- nlble ns weffl, ns coBistlpnitial' aetfoni of •Mile boraiels. 'Tt ranwvs nerve poiwer, improves (the 'nuppeltlllite, stays the pro- Biess of etamty dieoa'y, ireHH'ares ithe in- ftrmitiles of og«, and Is a appeUzer. .Th'e secret leaked out on Saturday at Hartford City that Miss Pearl Wright, proprletoress of the Fair store, and WilHam Ho.ll, a clerk In her eonploy, 'Mid 'beem moTrled for nearly one year, .'the wedding occurring at Ohio. . Old people 'who require medicine to .rognilaltfo the Ixnvete 'and. kidneys will fluid.(!he truerc-m'edy In Electric Bitters, Tlhlis niediiciiine dot* riot ktteulaite aim! caniialBS inio wUlskey mor irvttoer toltxixi- ca.nit, ibut nqte as'a tomiic and alt«ratl.ve. It aidts mildily oa lihe stomach and ibowieflis; olddHtog strength and giving tone to -the argons, thweby aiding Nature 'in th|c performance of tlhe f unc- .tioiis. Bl«otrlc Bittters te vm excellent uippelttl^er and alUdis dlgestton. Odd peo- .pto flridi Jt just esaitHy wnait they need. Prfllee flf ty counts and one dollar per bot- tlo.ait B. F. KeeettlJae-'s drug Store. .Tlhe Union Chapel SoMlers' Women's AM society, .organized' 3n 1862, for the relieif of wounded! soldiers, recently held n reunion Ha 1 ' Wayno' county. There are still « number of survivors, df whom Mrs. Ssuwh Iliff Davis Is president. ; , ' • . ' BUOKLBN'S ARNICA The Best Salve in the world for cuts, bruises, sorea, ulcers; salt .rheum, fever Bores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, .corn* and:all skin eruptions, and poslr lively cures piles, or no pay required. It, Is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or. money refunded. Price 25 cents per bor. For sale by B. F. Keei- BISEASE8 OF THE SKIN. The intense "itching anil smitrting hid (fcnt to eczemo, tetter, salt-riieom, ana othes diseases of the skin is. instantly allayed by Applying Chamberlain's Eye and Skin Ointment. • Many very bad oases have been permanently cured by it. It is- equally jfficient for' itching piles and a fevoritorem' idy for soro nipples; chuiiped .j:nmte,;chil- jlaine, jrost bites, and, chronic eoro ' eyes, For.ealo by druggisla'nt. Eo.ciintn jjcr bos. . . . Try Dr. Cady's .'Condition Piiffucrj; tli-:; reju'it'whiita'horsonecds.T.-hcnin'L'odcniidi-. ' 'ireju'i " . Topic. 1 Wood'^ar-Ci THE SHAKERS' .IDEAS OF MEDICINE. Now a d'aj^s \vlh«n a .man goes 'to Ms doctor-, lie te usimlly told •tlM.t.toe has some urilicflntl of dJ'sease wi'tlv a long mimic, flHjd"wliien he leaves tl>e oflici.- lie docw not know wlwliber it ite St. Vitna Diunco or consuniiptioiii itliat is giun.d'Wuny unictorniMinig bis hteaJUi. It is Dlierefore rofr«gMng to talk with the .SMmkffl-s. for tliiair very StaiplfedtTv canim'aiud'S eoiittdefflice .aud respect, and we Jiave the funflnar sa.tasfla«Won oi kaowLng itthnit they '-hiove devoted itflieim- selves to the •study of diisense a-ud Its cin-e for more than, a lunwlixxl yeui-s. 'JDh'e vcineraWe oM man whont the will tor isnnv ^-vns onOy too fitod to discuss Ms pet subject'. He saild «!MH sbrange as it inigfli't seem, very few Aodtans i-enlllxe that -tJire'e qu«rtens oC ttos most prevalent diseases iwre a-U nititnlliutiaWe to foailtj- digcs-fcloo.. •He thea wenlt oil' to'smy •tDisit a chl'ld of averaige iiiitcffligemce krovn-s tiltet putrW meat or decnyiiiuig veBdtaiblcs aro . pollsonons, 'autt 'intusib 'be avoided, nad yet «iese •smme foods, even i,C taken 'into tlhe storaoieli. to t'be fresliest possi- <UKs oonidBtfioo,' sooa decompose unless di'Kes**! ivnd albsorbcd. ' In suelU oases tllic .resulting poisons eu'ter tl* system, -n"lnein.iacilKi6 JMK! i»ins weakness nmil delbilffi^ swa follow as aJinibui-al coimseiquentfe. It w,is. wcognitton.' wf '(Si'ls that led tlie i'SUfliker® to devote their onen-giteis to tine perfection of a' proaucit which would stihnrtate tto digestive ongojns aimd assist .t'hom toiierfonn their proper woirk. 1 The Urs* sjimptom of dfsordeix?<l <1i- •gesttom' is loss of laippeffte, «:ud the Shaker Dlgestilve Oord'M Is wonfler- f.uMy. effi<;lienlt In- suppliyiinff a^y dcfl " oSeniey in IMs Tespect, at'the same time lit reSetves ail dilstipess after eat ftrtg. Fur.t3ienn)oirc, «.' was carefuBy ex- pdaiinod 'by our venoralbiw friend, ilt -Ha wbsoJUrteliy Itorrntass. Btitter cvUdoaoe of fflio Shakers' coQifl- dcmce in 'flt coullld .not .be found, tWan Jn.lMe fa'dt tlhait .tiUcy 'Wave placed 1 10 cant aaimiplle WoWkBi to tlhe 'Wands ot oM dmTiggil^tis, 'flssuired) tWat -If once tried ft iviEl proidiuco suidh! Umimedlaite, and iriairked beneHit thia* It will "be continued.' • , . J. W. Fisher, of Lagranige county,' plowed up a, copper coin, 'about the size of a silver dollar. On« side Is Inscribed, "Specie payment suspended May 10, 1837," White .on the otTier sldt- was staimped "Substitute for ters." , • TWO LIVBS BATED. Phioobe Tlhtomwus; of Junction City, HI ..was itxAd 'by tor dowtoi-s she Uiiaid Consuimpaoni n-nfcl '.t'liaft 'Cbwe Wfl,s mo liope tor lior, but two batttes of DT. KM'ttg's (Nsiwi • Discovery complotfily' cuiiled 'hieir nmd slie say.s ft ssivca. her. : lil'e. Mr. Tlton^ns Beeens, 139 Florid;!, St., San Fmninictecoi, 'suffened from a dreadful colfl, .n/ppiwi.cliHjig Cons.iump- tion, triad wJtJUlout i-esutt everytlilng olse ! fflieni lK»ugih't. .one ,. bdiiblc of Dr. KUng'« N^v Dliseovery «nnd in two- .wddk was curea. He to • imtutially thanilaful, It is such results of which these rare wvraplos, itliait prove tlte woo- dlarful efficn.cy of ' t'bte' medicine in Oomgili's aiml Coads. .Free ti-ftil botttca «.t B.. F. KeesMmK's <Jn>S store. Rogu- IJIT size 50c and SI. Mrs. Mnrtln .McAulnicli', cjC Riissia- vMle, i.n.Jured ; some months ago whae •stopping off a mortog ti-ain, died ; on 'Saturday. . . . . • ' : TJhls Is the day of antl-thls, and antl-' that, but what '.people need most nowadays Is, the irntl-bllious medicine, Slnir moms Mver Hegulator, the King ol Liver Medicines, 1 and better than pills. "I have used no other antt-blllous remedy for six years aind know from experience that for ladies of a constipated habit nothing equate it."—Daura V. CraJg, Ellenbury, F'la. True Whale Attacked by a Jasper Whale .and a Swordflsh.. After » Turrlble Strbcicln tbo Succninbll to Itn Fierce Anl»g- • oulitn—A Ncver-to-Bu-Forgot- ten Encounter. 'A whale fight is one o£ the most remarkable sights seen "by-sailors and ocean voyagers. .The combat o-£ the miffhty leviathhiis ol the deep is grand and impressive. In fact, those who have been fortunate enough to witness a whale ligbt will ever remember the unique scene. There are three actors in a whale combat—a true. whale, a jasper whale and a sword.fish.' It is necessary for a true, or sperm, whale to cora<s to the surface to breathe and blow, while the jasper whale is .like any other ftsh in that respect. The Hay of Biscay, that generally turbulent sea, which has swallowed thousands of ships, was, on a recentlrip of the Union steamship Mexican,-as smooth as a mirror. It did not seem possible that this peaceful sea would ever lash itself into t.he furies of the gale. The passengers ot the Mexican, were startled early in the morninj? by the lookout crying- out: "A whale flght, right ou the starboard • bow!" Everybody became at once excited. The captain eased the-speed of the boat, and headed directly forthecombatants. 'The .steamer was stopped when within a short distance, from whence all could view this trag-ic scene of ocean life. 'Twas n wondrous scene that met the g-aze of the on-lookers. A mighty sperm whale was lashing the sea with its tail until for yards around the water had become milky white. Fiercer each moment became the struggle between, the sperm whale npd bis two deadly opponents. The manner by which the jasper whale and swordfish attack the spermer is a rather peculiar one, and as to why there is that deadly hatred between theae monsters of the deep remains unsolved. 1 The jasper whale grasps the sperm whale by the lower, jaw, while the swordfisii is dealing- deadly blows to th« victim underneath. As the moments pass and it becomes necessary for the upermer to come to the surface to breathe, the struggle becomes mo** A TERRIFIC ENCOUNTER. . acute. Eelentless is the hold of the jasper, and equally .rs cruel are the : darts of. the srwordflsh as that mighty ,'weapon enters deep into the vital parts 'of the dobJDed : .whale, for not one in ten 'thousand.ever;.escapes from this enr counter. The spermer at first simply lashes the water in indignation, but the lashing increases in Jury until the sea •becomes milKy white. .This was the 'condition of'Affairs'between the fight- ,ers when the Mexican.stopped within, •hailing distance of tijefight. With subdued excitement the'crew and passen- igers watched the proceedings. . Faster, and faster became the lash- jings of the sperm whale, and louder Vechioed 'the strokes on the water. Sev : : eral tunes, the spermer, with a mighty ,effort, rose clean out of the sea, half 'dragging the jasper, that, hod hold of !hjs jaw, out of the water with' him. He 5was out but for an instant, giving him, 'ihowever, an opportunity^ to; tfain. a, jbreath of air sufficient -to. allow ita to ; 're'ijew with greater energy the struggle '•{or (life. On went the , .combat. It '.seemed as if some unsefei power of na- jture was forming mighty' eddies and (whirlpools around these-great occupants of the sea. Long was tine fierce Wnd unabated struggle. The last time. jthat the sperm whale rose from the 'water, which must have. been, aa hex- Jculean effort to accomplish, the'.whale •bled profusely from the sides. Down |flgain he went with a dash. Alewmore 'terrible lashes were dealt the water by ,'iis'tajl, and then there was a-gradual Diminishing 1 of the strokes. : Fainter and slower became the atruggle for life. All could see that i,th«: great leviathan, that had fought tnobly and bravely to escape his deadly .^enemies, was now rapidly passing 'away; Death was near. From a milky Jwhite color the sea was fast turning •into a. blood-red hue. A few mighty •gasps were made by the doomed Ash and the feorocious sea "battle was over. !Hc lay 011 the surface of the Bay of Biscay, surrounded by his own blood, •bereft of life after as gallant n. fight as •was ever made by inan, brute or fish for '.the preservation of life. ' So impressive had been the scene jjthat. it. was some moments before anyr 'one moved from the position they had occupied for the past hour. The snl- :emn silence'was broken by the captain ixinging the engine-room bell, which 'signaled the boat to start on her voyage fat- full speed ahead. That ocean fight ''will live in the memory of those who •saw 1 it as 1 long as life shall last. - Tl|r»on» C»TIT Prescription*. i A doctor in the highlands of. Scot- ijand, whose patients are scattered over In wido district,, takes carrier pigeon* iwith him on his rounds and sends hia (prescriptions by them to the apothe- jcary. He leaves pigeons, too with dia- itant families, to be let loose when, hi* i«ervices are needed. ',..'., Induced by tho use ot coca, opiate or nar- ' cotlc compounds in bad, decidedly bad. They undermine health and Bhatter the constitution and the patient is eteedlly growing' into a worse condition—often resulting in the terrible slavery and zninery of tho cocaine and opium habit. Sleep induced by the use of Hood's Sarsaparilla docs not perhaps come as quickly, but it comes more surely and more per- mauently through nature's great restoring and rejuvenating channel—purified, vitalized and enriched blood. This feeds' the nerves with life-giving energy and builds up the system and constitution from the very foundation of all health 'and life—the blood—pure, rich, red blood. • It II Sarsaparilla s la the One True Blood PurlHer. All druggists, tt. w . ... T-IMI curellverllta.easytotake, HOOU S Pi I IS easy to operate. 25c«nts., C. C. COOK, GKEES \1I1XE. ILL. GreenviUe, I1L, Jan. 19, '86. Pepsin Syrup.Co., Montltello, I1L: Gentlemen—I nave been troubled with biliousness, sick headache, sour stomach; constipation, etc., for several y ears as the result of close confinement la.my office. • I sought long and tried many remedies for relief, but was disappointed until I tried your Syrup Pepsin. It gave me immediate relief, and since I have been using it my general health, has been Improved. I can clieerf nlly recommend It to aty. one suffering from the above com' plaints. It Is a Bret-class remedy. Yours truly, C. E. COOK- For sale by B. F|. Keesling. THE Munson Typewrite! Is e Good Macbine. A bleb gUDdaid ot exMitehee. 'Man} vttff of ttie "MunsOB" oohiMw It THE|BEST. You will Una it» Y»luabie tuktant In jcnt ol- floe. Address tor parttcdUu* THE MUNSON TYPEWRITER CO MANUFACTURERS. 840-34* W«t Lake St., Chlc*r>> IU> fiTrado J0 4 B Mo FOR THE jj. BLOOD, NERVES, LIVER K j t 4 B. B. B. B. cured :•:'-' ach Trouble andParoJ^:: it since the war. ' Muneie, Ind. [ ha J 4 B B B B are pnre:v vsjj put up In ca-sules,sixty in a bos. Thirty days' treatment in:a bos. Price *1 per box,.or PTS for-*5. Manufactured by M. C. BRAGG, Connersville, Ind. For sale .by.all druggists ' FOB SALT; EYB. T. KWWLING, Drnfl». The Logansport Humane Society (INCORPOEATED.) 1 For the Prevention of Cruelty to; Women Children and Animal* E, s. IUce-Pre». Geo. W. Walt«r»-Seo. J J HIId«bnui<lt-IreU. ; W. M. Bl»hop— HamMie Offlcer. G«oWW»ltere, J.J- P**kedJu»tlce, v • Mra. W. D. Prttt • . Mra. J. N. i Telephone No. 80. Be; ort cafti olonieltj to Sscretsn. ' ,A,.rV;^k:: ; :,';.;-'^

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