Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 28, 1954 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 28, 1954
Page 3
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A R , HOPE* ARKANSAS ttstwesH 8 A- M. and 4 P. M iieniar fe'Ctaftfe § of the First its an- hunt won* g Triple J»rd§ram! *- ^ * Si* *?*" TV t* * •* /- ^* - - • -'"- _^ - -^t* Savage THRILLS as Indians Go ton Warpath! and Harrell Hall serving as host- c-ssr^S. Bring your favorite dish. ol««t than dessert, and be at HIP park!promptly at CMS p. m , as 'we will fist before going on the treasure Muff. All business will be dis- iterisefi,!ot <-xc<*pt the roll call Snd J £$$ing of pledges. Members, If ybu\had a birthday in August, don't fArgft to bring your birthday and weight pennies for our Life fund. -'$' AlSO • i \.i& %,L. v-, . - t <r v.. - . OD,AH-GUTS GUYS ( NORT H X EST " ?1^-/'Surprl5e Attack" Bunny Cartoon" into the fight the Marabunta ^, 1 , a living hori"o,rtwenty ^, two'iriiles'wide! II* "" THE ^ THe .Tpanette Hunker and t^ou De- Jttie .ttiniiir G. A 's will meet nt .he home of Mrs Chas. F. Reynci- son, nio Stiiith Main, for a missionary pi OKI am, tln> Jonnrtle Hunkei A.'s will be in charge! of this meeting to bp held nt 4 p m Monday. Cifelo "> o£ the W S C S. of tho First Methodist Church will haVo an annual picnic at Fair Park at 0 15 Monday night, Aufiiiit 30. The Sehior Ladies Auxiliary o£ the Uni$ Baptist Chinch will moot at 2 p. m. Monday, August 30. The Urtity Baptist Willing Woik- crs Auxiliary will meet at 7:30 p m. Monday, August 30. The V. W. A of the First Bap tist Church will meet in the home of Mis. Homer Bcyeiley for a pot- lyck supper and missionary program at 5:30 p. m Monday, August 30, Tuesday August 31 Hope Country Club family pic nic will bo held Tuesday. August 31, at 7 p. m. : Clubs Liberty Hill • The Liberty Hill Home Demon Stration Club held its icgular mon thly meeting August 17th in -the home of Mrs. Irvin Belts Mrs. Lester Kent, president, cal Jed the meeting to older The grouj icnjoyed the singing of "Let's Have Fun " Mrs.-BettS read Isaiah 41:6-8 anc led in 'prayer. Mrs. Clyde Huckabee read the minutes of the last meeting am gave a treasurer i cport. 'Mrs. S C Huckabee gave a shoi report on gardening Some woithwhile information on DRIVE H*"™ THE THEATRE Main & Country Club Rds. ' Open 6:30 •"Starts' 7:15 • Tonight Only • A GOOD DOUBLE FEATURE A Woman is Soft & Warm . . . and Deadlier Than Steel! . Joe! McCrea Veronica Lake in "RAMROD" a PLUS • Wayne MORRIS "BRINGING UP MOTHER" Cartoon • SUN, & MON. • Story of the Royal Mounties! PARKER BARLOW nbrafi; 0i$^r6'.30 9- m. to 2 p, rn, *Sfe,^^'- .5-30 P- w- to 9 P. m. « ,.7 i; flfimanertf gyests. Rptes you yam- hp/ne ot the Boyle Continued rrom fage on civic wounds, Mayor Elmer E. Robinson has appoincd a committee to oreinizt! an annual four-day festival to honor the cable car. "We hope," said a hopeful com- member, "the festival will BITTER SAGE Co&yrigHt 1954 by Distributed by N 6f ub6r. by NEA StrvlcS, Inc. By Frank Gruber pome day rival thi Mardi Graf, In New Orleans." It looks like the cable car, 91 years after its birth, will remain as permanent a part of San Francisco's scenery as its celebrated I'SO-ME THING AFOOT— (That's her own foot screen j actress Anne Baxter is holding. (She's showing off her latest conceit—a pearl ring worn on her toe. She thinks it will start a new fad. Her 1953 conceit- smoking a cigar in a Hollywood night-club—did not start a ne\V fad. Letters to the Editor U'his is your newspaper, Write to it. Letters criticizing the editorial policy or commenting upan ta efts in the news columns, are equally welcome. Every writer i-nusSt sign his name and address but publication of nume may be wltnheld if. requested. XXIII Luke Miller returned to Sage City on the Thursday morning train. On the train was a pale, drawn-looking man in his mid- thirties. He wore a gray derby, a gray Prince Albert with a gray silk vest. He also wore a broad belt with a holster that contained, a nicklo-plated, short-barreled re* volver. i; 1 This was "Eric Straterrfeyer, whose reputation was known throughout the West. Mrs.' lAike ' Miller^'and' Wes Tancred, who wore "at the depot, did not see Eric Stratcmeyer, (Their eyes were on Luke Miller muttered. Eric Stratemeyer gave him a sharp look and slid the cards out of his box. "Queen wins, seven loses.' 1 he droned. Bleek's money was on the seven. He reached out. "Pay me." "Seven loses, friend," Strale- meycr said. Bleek's reaching hand became a fist that darted across the table and exploded on the point of Strat- emeyerU. jaw. The gambler crashed backwards over his chair. He scrambled clean• .and ; the cheap nickel-plated revolver jwas somehow in his fist. ' i The gun roared an'd; a spot ap- I.L..V..I ^j^a >v 1^1 l_ VJI1 XJLmt: 1V1JI1CI . , .-. ftT-l>11Y11.tt. i whose arms were loaded with par- P earoti m %e center of .Bill Ble.sk s eels and two or three wooden box- forehead. Seek swayed for an in- es. Miller set the packages downi slatlt - thcn hls body saggcd to the on the platform and kissed his; lloor - Mr. A. H. Washburn, Hope Star, Hope, Arkansas Dear Mr. Washburn: The second annual summer Pop" Concert presented by The lhapel Choir of our church on" last /Tonday night was well received, his youth choir, under the direc- ion of Mr. Earl Bailey, had the privilege of singing to a large con- regalion. The large attendance as made possible by the wonder- ul lot of fine publicity your paper ave us. I want to express to you ny deep appreciation for your generosity. Sincerely, ; S. A. Whitlow Pastor wife. "We'll have a paper this week," said Mrs. Miller. "We're ready to go to press as soon as the press is ready." Inside the plant of the Star Miller stripped off his coat and rolled up his work." sleeves. "Let's get to Dick Powell Real Big time in Movieland By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD UP)' "Maybe you'd better read the proofs of the front page," Tancred suggested. Miller caught up the page proofs. He had barely glanced at it, then he exclaimed. . "Mayor! Me?" He read on and as he read a gleam came into nis eyes. Finally he. looked up and drew a deep breath. "It's great!"- cried Luke Miller. One of the delivery boys brought a .bundle of newspapers into the Fugger Store and deposited them on the counter where Laura Vesser worked. She read Tancred's article, the frown on her face growing as she read. Then the newspaper was whisked out from under her eyes by Bill Bleek. "For the boss!" Fugger had begun to total the results of the business of his various enterprises. He looked glumly at Bleek as the la'tter appeared with the newspaper. "So they got out a .aper, after Log of a Stratemeyer looked coolly around at the stunned witnesses. •Well" ho asked. No one said a word. HIPPED—Maltha Rotha. Brazilian runner-up in the recent "Miss Universe" contest at Long Beach, Calif., shows.off the hips that some people say cost her fiibt place in the beauty contest and may ruin,her .movie career. Miss Rociha says she cquld lake ort some of the weight, but says no one in Brazil has complained. film columnist's wanderings: Ran into Dick Powell, wno was relaxing at lunch after having spent y 2 of Howard Hughes' millions on "The Conqueror. He is bullish over the film's chances. But Avill it sit on the shelf, like many of the Hughes epics? "I don't think so," said producer-director Powell. "At least I not. Right now 'Jet Pilot' is ori the. release schedule for Noycm ber. That would mean I couldn't get another John Wayne' picture out until spring. , t , "But I'm hoping'Howard will release 'The Conqueror' first. -For one thing, there's n lot of money in it. And if we wait too' long, it will have to compete with other all!' Fugger took the paper and began to read. A spot of red appeared on his checks, began to grow. . "So Miller wants to be mayor," he finally said. "They were pretty closemouthed about it," said Bleek, "but. I got a hint of it a couple of. days ago." "Why didn't you tell rne?" '.. "It * was just a rumor and I couldn't check it. They offered the, sheriffs spot, to John Bailey, butVhe turne.d.^.it down." "T'Vioi'a'.cT'' c/Vmnfllin ft nV Lee Kinnaird came into the Tex as Saloon and saw Wes Tancred at the bar. He was watching Lily Leeds, who was at the back of the room talking to the piano player. Kinnaird walked up to Tancred. "Bill Bleek just picked a fight with Eric Stratemeyer." Then, as Tancred looked at him inquiringly. "Bleek found out that a fist's no good against a gun. He's dead." "Jacob will have a hard time replacing him." "He's already been replaced," said Kinnaird. "Stratemeyer. Or, didn't you know that Fugger sent for him?" Tancred shrugged. Kinnaird continued "Fugger sent a telegram to Stratemeyer. Laura Vesser told me about tt." Tancred's eyes came to Kinnaird's face and the former marshal did not avert his own eyes. "Fugger's deep.. Could be, he wanted it to leak out that he'd sent for Stratemeyer." "Possibly." "You've heard of Stratemeyer's reputation." "Who hasn't" "T don't suppose it's occurred to you that Stratemeyer's being here has anything to do with you" , UP. YOU CO—An Ashland, iKy., contracting company '.painted this.90-foot flagpole in "I wouldn't have left Texas if hadn't," replied Holm. He %yas I lean, rather handsome man in 111 mid-thirties, a nun who minde. .his own business as a rule an^ 'who was let alone by the wil Texas coboys. Smith nodded. "They don't kno\ much about you in Sage City?ij "You've got a Bhcriff hcrir "Not yet. They're voting tomoi row. There's n marshal, in a I named Gorey." "I've ''heard of him.' "You're not nfraicl of him" "Of his gun, tw. Of his badge yes." "Gorey takes his orders fron Jacob Fugger who owns Sag City!" Helm did not comment on J "And Jacob Fuggcr does \ I tell him to do," Hone Koh Smith went on/ with a note o| importance in his voice. " Yol L B haven't got a thing to worrr about. Helm. Not a single thing.' Smith slapped Holm on th back. j "I'm taking yonr word for i | but I've been around a long time: That's because fve always beer] i careful." His . eyes narrows thoughtfully. "This election ft morrow ... any chance of it go! ing against Jacob Fuggor " Hong Kong Smith chuckle He closed one eye in a huge winfy At 7 a. m. Marshal ChucV| Gorey hung up a sisn outside thi marshal's office. On the sign wai scrawled, "Vote Hero." Gil Packj ard, Luke Miller and Lee Kin naird came across the street. "Gonna vote bright and early,' Gorey remarked. £ i "That's right," said Miller cnlmi They followed the marshal intcij s office. A wooden box stood or| orey's desk. Beside it was ij ack of ballots. "Help yourself,'} aid Gorey, indicating the box an 10 ballots. Saturday, August S8, '19§4; ci w hour. They put the painter <, : in-a bucket'scat attached to the . .-table of a truck crane boom. '•'He. was hoisted'.to. the top, and (lOV/ercd. slowly', as. ho painted. morale building was given by Mrs. Jewel Shields. During the recreation period Mrs. Huron Light, Mrs. Lester Kent, and Mrs, Jewel Shields received game prizes; Mrs. Shields also received the surpi'ise package. The hostess, assisted by her daughter, Linda, served refreshments to the above mentioned and to Miss Dorothy Williams, Mrs." L. E. Huc- kabec, Mrs, E. H. Byors and Mrs. A.. A. Fuller. The next meeting, will be with Miss Dorothy Williams on September 21. big pictures like 'Helen of Troy' 'Land of the Pharoaha 1 and '.The 10 Commandments.' " Quite a changer of pace, ,this Powell. Having just engineered one of the costliest films, in history, he now returns to acting in three- day TV pictures. Encountered Spencer Tracy at MGM, where he was finishing up "Bad Day at Black Rock." jOno of the best informed people on movie figures, he was whistling over the money being racked up by "Gone With the Wind." This delighted him, because it gives him a chance to kid his pal Clark XXIV Several, days before election Packard appeared before the town council of" which he was still a member and demanded that there be at least one voting place north of the K & W tracks in the "civilized" part of town. " The councilmen looked toward Jacob Fugger who made a nega'-, tiye gesture with his head. TKet , There's"' something about this counc jj voted five to one against' Bailey I can't put my finger on," said Fugger. "A man named Straetmeyer came to town today," said Bleek. "You sent for him?" Shover Springs The Shover Springs 4-H Club met with Mrs. Joe England August 12, with Phillip Gilliam presiding. The secretary called the roll and read the minutes. Seven girls five boys the leader, and five visitors were present. The "Arkansas Traveler" was led by the song leader. Martha Rogers gave a .demonstration on making pillow cases. Phillip Gilliam told about his 4-H Club project of. raising corn. Jnnette Fiwher and Butch Beck reported on State 4-H Club Week in Fayetteville. Raymond Aaron gave a report on the State Forestry and Coit- servation Camp at Petit Jean. Butch Beck.and Linda Sue Aaron will give the demonstrations August 24th when the club will meet with William Waldren. Gable. Framed in Tracy's dressing room is a picture from Gable. It shows the king pointing to a clipping from an old Shanghai newspaper. The clip is a favorable re view of his biggest flop, "Par nell." The caption; "50 million Chinese can't be wrong. ' Whenever "GWTV" sets a new record, Tracy always'sends Gable a wire with'a sentiment, hke: "Congratulations on the great business j'cr youn picture. Sure glad you have 10 per cent of the profits." Gable, of course, worked oil a straight salary during his 19 years at MGM, and that still rankles him. If he had had 10 por cent of 'GWTV." he could have reJUred ong ago. •• "Nobody knows that." "Three people today told me that you sent for him." Fugger made an angry gesture. "Stratemeyer hasn't been in here and he isn't going to be. He's going to deal faro for McCoy." "And what about those gunfighters Hong Kong Smith's bringing up from Texas? What're they going to do?" "Wherc'd you hear about them?" snapped Fugger. "Smith likes to talk." That evening Bill Bleek went to McCoy's Saloon and he gambled. He sat in the faro game of Eric Stratemeyer. Stratemeyer was widely known for his prowess with a gun, but 'it was also known that he ran an absolutely straight game and his table had a good play. Bleek played for five or 10 minutes and lost. "I'd better not lose this one," he t ''.Rowdy Rwcsons" * "A Boy, A ««n, A Bird" Rocky -.Vlouni; Plans for making an educational booth for the Third District Livestock Show was the main topic of discussion when the Rocky Mound Home Demonstration Club met for the August meeting at the Hope Fair park. A committee composed Barl Dudley, Mrs. F. J. Bruce, Mrs, Claude McCorkle, and Mrs, E. V. Juris will complete the plans for the booth, Mrs JuiiSj pieMdent, presided during the short business session. Each member ib to biing a tea towel or apron to the next meeting to be sold at the show. Tiavelmg Bingo wat, played dur ing the afternoon with prizes going to Mrs, Norman Taylor, Mrs. Clif- foul Messer, and Miss Barbara .Fuller. The surprise package was won by Mrs Jim Chambers Others attending weie Mmes. Five Sentenced ; at Fayetteville J FAYETTEVILLE UP) Circuit Judge Maupin Cummings tpday sentenced five men including tyree soldier escapees who wore Captured Monday armed robbery DOROTHY DIX A Widow At 32 Dear Miss Dix: My husband passed away two years ago, leaving me with three children, aged 11, 9 and 3. You may think it's a horible thing for me to say. but his death did not leave me heartbroken. He had not been a good provider. He went out alone three Packard. Tho voting was to be held in the only public building,, in Sage City, the courthouse, which also contained the marshal's office and the jail. Packard then demanded that the saloons be closed while the voting was in process. He was outvoted again,, five to one. HQ made one last request, that his faction be allowed three representatives at the polls. Fugger thought this over for a moment, then agreed. He did not see how j he could do otherwise as the voting had to be public and too many people would take note of the fact if his adherents only were allowed to watch the ballot box. The same day, Hong Kong i Smith's fourth trail herd of the | season reached Sage City. It was also his largest, with no less than 30 of his Texas gun fighters accompanying the herd. The cowboys who had brought up his third herd were still in town. They had just about squandered their salaries, but there was a whisper of free liquor on Election Day and i" The cowboys whooped and su they intended to take full advan- ! rO unded him. "I'm sorry, boys, Smith announced. "I didn't'expec you until tomorrow and the bank's ! closed for the day. But come in 'bright and early tomorrow and I you'll have your money ... and ifree drinks the rest of the day!" i A roav went up and guns banged. CRAZY LEGS —In his new Paris collections, Jacques Fath stresses femininity. One of the stressers is stockings like these, with black Chantilly lace medallions appliqued on nylon.' Hong Kong Smith rode out t his newly arrived herd, thre miles from Sage City. Packard shook his hea We'll wait until the polls arc ft'icially open." £• j -^ "They're open now." '' ere," said Packard. Fugger was to have three mer Seems to me I did hear some- ling about that," Gorey said, uess they'll be along. But if you ant to vote, go ahead, nobody'; topping you." "We'll wait," said Luke Miller If we expect to have others vote iroperly, we'll do so too." Corey's eyes narrowed, iree going to sit here all &"5y' The city council voted to have tiree representatives of each slatt f candidates preside over the /oting." "And you fellows picked your ;elves as the representatives" "Anything wrong with that' Wilier asked. Gorey shrugged and left th marshal's office. Five minutes la ;er Jacob Fugger came into^J office, alone. , .^. -,.. ; . '' *** j v ^You fellows' don't trust anyone do you" he groused. "You, least of all," snapped Luke Miller. Jacob Fugger bared his teeth ii a wolfish grin. "Well, well, if i isn't the mayor," he sneered "Anyhow the man who dreami about being mayor. But I don' think the dream will come true Leastwise, not today." Miller's eyes flashed and about to take up the challenge but Packard gave him a cover signal and the newspaper publish er turned his back on Fugger. (To Be Continued) verted sisters, the difference being that it's a bit harder for the shy one to break the ice. As compensation, she has the assurance that he,r friends usually stick, while the more glamorous gals lose 'em as fast as they make I Smith mounted his borse and prepared to ride back to Sage City. As he cleared the .c^.ip, he discovered that a cowboy was riding after him. "Mr. Smith," tho man called. or four nights a week did not pay ' em ' Yourchildren should be a tre- "I'm Dave Helm." ' any attention to the children — i n jmendous asset'in helping you from fact, they have never even a.sked new companions. Since you aren't matrimonially minded to anyj" great extent, don't worry about! 1 making friends of eligible males, H. H. Higgason, Orie Byers, Raymond Byers, Wayne Turner, and two visitors, Misses Edna Vickers an.d Barbara Fuller. Nine children were also present'. The Sgp,U'mb,er meeting will be in the home of Mrs. Juris on September 15, with Mrs. Ivan Bright las e charges. |' The three soldiers, who escaped from the Fort Crowder, Mo. stpck- ade Sunday and held up a pnan near West Fork, Ark., Monday^ received the following sentences^ William Fisher Jr.. 21, Batavia, Dhio, five years: William Ginri, 30 DeQueen, and Davis Nease |: 24. Hereford, Tex., five to 21 y^ars. All three pleaded guilty. I Le Roy Hifiginbottom 16,|;;,an escapee from the Tpxas state.re- fomatory who shos and wou§q? a Sheriff Bruce Crder here June;JO, was sentenced to 10 to 12 years.in the state penitentiary for assault with intent to kill. He also receive^} u 10-year sentence for a robbery ill Madison County. ;•' Leroy Williams. 33. of Tv«38. Dkla., was sentenced t-3 from to 21 years. Williams ro Union Bus.-; Station here- for him. My family is constantly telling me, "Whatever you do, don't make a second marriage!" Since I am only 32, I feel I would like to marry again sometime, although I haven't gone out with any men since my husband's death. My family also tells me that- I n.ey!e.r?fwill make friends because I'm thfe|quiet type, I don't drjnk or smoKe- Do you think my future* is really as blealjr 1 'picture it? Smith pulled up his horse. "You got my message" but concentrate on meeting poo- pie in general. Don't pay so much attention to your family's gloomy forebodings, but d.o., exercise corn- Picture takers, most of them amateurs, snap about five million exposures per day, according to current demands lor films . took Fpr Compaions Answer: Your family probably feels that since your first marriage was so unhappy, the second might be equally unfortunate. You're an older and wiser woman now, and should have the judgement to profit Irom past errors, making sure pf your ground before marrying again. However, first you,will have to meet somebody, so your immediate problem is to make friends, ypur quietness, in itself, wouldn't be a drawback to meeting people, and certainly your nonsmpking and* n,o,n,drinking habits wouldn't keep you from making the right sort of friends. A quiet person con make Ji'iends us well as eau, her marriage again. mistake in H j! Dear Miss Dix:' .Bob', whom I been dating for tsyo months, believes that tsvo people in love should think exactly alike on all subjects. I agree with him that sweethearts should think alike conserning love, but not such things as music, books, etc. T. L. Answer: Your Bob would have a difficult time .finding somebody who thought exactly as he does on all subjects Such 'identical minds do not exist. And wouldn't it be a boring world if they did? Every wife ' (or husband) would be a facsimile of her partner — a vertitable "yes" lady in everything. By all means tell the young man when, where and how you differ with him. Only iu this way can ho UB coaxed tp a change ol mind. DIAMOND Enjoy Our Fine Food? SUNDAY ..-I PINNER L • • « * t * t * 4 t « .« •Bring the family and eat Sunday^ T^ Dinner with u?. ^ fCall MS for Re»ery§itipn?. Anyf sl?e table reserved. A We Special)*? * In Party 9eryipe, A Anytime ** W DIAMOND J Caff if Cafeteria t**+%ttt*t' • Lemon CAKES White layers topped^ with lemon sauce and '••••• seven minute icing. JOE'S CITY BAKERY - : * 216 S. Main SPECIAL VINE RIPENED TOMATOES Ib." * U, S. NO, T PEACHES BUTTER BiANS PiAS Ceme QMt and See Uf ^ RUSSELL & SON 901 Wfit 3rd Street •LON01I SOMEBODY'S ON THE PHONE EVEftY TIM El WANT TO" USE IT-IT'S OUTRAGEOUS Little Monaco ACROSS 3 C '1,6 Principal !V town of I " Monaco j! ' 11 Vocally „ . i2 Mountain ' £ nymph . .. U Everlasting q j (poet.) . a ^ 14 Tendencies , r ,Q It! Greek letter !, , 17 Born f££ ID Whale . \l° (comb, form) ,,./, DO Permits. „ ~ 22 Bone;.- . . - ;£2 US Feminine • ,"{!£ iiickhame-- 5- v 24'Coino-back - ' '- 2'7-Male.dter •' -. ' L'8'Peer Gynt's ; •mother' • 29-Distress signal •: 30-Se!ne v •' JT™ 31 Makelace . •.-'•! 32 .Moccasins . j(, . 34-Mosl unusual: : : 38 Depart : 39 Plant part. ... ,. 41 Altitude (ab.) • .'. 42 Above (poet.) 44 Blackbird' 45 Greater in 1 stature 48 Antenna bl Slop YI 52 Monaco's monetary unit ijj"" is the -French 53 Strayed 54 Taut DOWN 1 Substance 2 Ole'ic acid-salt - orrclativeof ;ither uge vat dradise oops rrival (ab.) "ollish leepiold ght valryman rangest nnprey reels (ab.) teriiity ostiire , '••'• nvs loosely, nploys '..'-' 'jaU'.fliix enerablt" I- , II a-. z -; . . .*. si 51 43 35 • J '^ 21 U 30 * Answer to Previous Puizle r ' ' f A E B O N •s P A T A P TA K U 0 e A K 1 A T O e R A T £ P , T E P •S • p. A £= J^ 5 ^ r E 5 S d 9 3 £ 1. N r E £ 5 O M <S P • E O P S. Z. A ±4 U A © 'S N P B e B 3 E , E T > > r B E e c T C E E F I- i T ! A i M E & X $ •4 j'-j = C 7 1 V f 1 x U < 5 a A c A T A M A R A N p A M |£ N N U t> H E R e p H p E E P 29-Sta.tion (ab.) 38 Pierced with 32 Its gambling herns 'casino is like 40,Unitof wire ' ,a — - measurement : 33 Horn 43 Log. float •3.4'F-ishe.ggs' 46 Gibbon - '35'vS'p'ots.' 47 Cpmpass.poinl .30 .Bridge holding49 Before' • ... 37 Feline animal 50'Op'eratcd ;.' M :' || i & / ' T/ 5 , - n il u, % 36 "ft " 8 % m ^ b 12 IH % fl il ^fy 15- W 52. 54 7 .y yfy '•'///, •m 'Cl '^s II w • 6..; • .-( j% *• W '9 fl 9 . -•••.•'-""' **••• 10; .. V ' .V ; ~ ';•' 35 W 4t> < Zl ;'.' IS-- ,', HO ' , CARNIVAL By Dick Turner •'I- want something just a shade'too expensive for me to dry!" SIDE GLANCES By Galbroith 1»M >y M* fcrtia, (p«. T M tif V I ood«**,*MtrosW*» v WW! »nl«hi m»Kt»wr H 0 P I, «A R, K A-N S A S OZARK IKI DOKT WORRY, DAGWOOD-- J;!' l t>AV VOUtLGROW UF> AND (SET MARRIED .-^— AND HAVE A HOME J <->'' OP-SOUR'OWN AND ' RUN IT THE WAY YOU WANT IT J. ft. William* OUT OUR WAY VIC f LINT CLEAN- 1 'CAN SHE -THRU 'EM-&O£>H.' EXPECT A <3UY TO BE ALLL)e> . TAKIM' 'EM \ OFF AKJ'~- THSM OFF OCCASIOMALL.Y . WHEW VpU WASH , SO PEOPLE WON'T , WEAKIMG EARK GLASSES/ WASH TUBES fjA-Y Wk& 5WIK1S 'd LOOK ir A 6Ht)Ul.!>., MRUNE- I VACHIMER.V '•"•'<, . N.-.ft«i. ! 9..*if i iCQA. *. -• '• c*»f. itft'«»'NFA 9*fin**.'tiM. With Major Hoopl« OUR BOARDING HOUSE /rVB HEARD WEIRD .TAUS5 ABOUT OUR ABODE •ONB ANCESTOR:. S, COME5 . RlS TOUPEE/—'STILL AMOTH&R POT.EP 1SJ FACT IT FINALLY FLOATED H»v\'ACROSS THE BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES v«\to vo^v< BUGS BUNNY By Herihfcergei FUNNY BUSINESS ALLEY OOP EH? YOU' MEAN , THOUSHT60ME- NOTHING'S LOOK, VDU NOT, OOOLA, ' x AREN'T \ HAPPENED / WOULDN'T I'VE GOT THE ''HAPPENED , BEFORE N0\tfl' FOOLING \ MACHINE \ J^E/WOULP 1VORKING POCTDR j "Caused by a fur coat—my husband hit the colling, I told him I bought one!" PIE By Nodine Selzer ",M V , f j*<~i THI 5TORY QF MARTHA WAYNI "They yeed tP call him Upky Slmpwn beferg I " • ^^li^iilM'4-M>^i.^ii^t4 .,\^&^L:.f ,/.\l«alsa>"w4v«i'vr ,V'-, •• --^-

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