Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 27, 1954 · Page 13
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 13

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 27, 1954
Page 13
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# .14- Jf^i-HI ,/P gl^;!^;^^ M0i»i STAft, A'ft frfrflft t *AMMatte»ilffiff^-*'«f^^ yjp*-"*j||r'ft^'||;^^ g ^H|H^ ASSIFIED "tttf ' tW* $1* i "tsw?-Bgj*; Tl! f , JMV-.jdW. 1.5 ted atwvftfsw ,ief, wtv- lons. IrCeguldr. At 4 skip* tofie ihe one^fay toft.* slfl«d adverllsthU cow d ufltil 5 p. m,, for fonewind doy. u . r««v* the flgM te aft «*tfv«ftlte*rtint» of-, tiafjofi dhd to.rtjrtt fiohoblB.. odvortlslno sub; *' „, *^. ~ . os 6h* WOfd. , Hep* Star will hot be fesbftn- ifis)r»,errt>r» jn Wont Ad« unlc»» rui» aw called * to out attention (teT-flRST Ip»ertl6n of od and then 'ONI-Y *li« ON^ Incorrect insertion. •i PROSPECT 7-3431 «u— - CAUTION . overtook the Pre-Labor Day - TIRE SALE del & tlew tire & tube for less than tile regular cost of a new 1 tire at * - Oklahoma 4"ire & Supply. TOR SALE PORTERFIELD GROCERY AND MARKET 1 Gledn stock & fixtures, Othef Business 723 W. 3rd — Phone 7-2723 2d-Ct 1 MILK cow, Call or see T. W. Ridling. Phone 7-2957. 26-3t 307 ACRES good pasture land. Good . fence <and .plenty water. W. C. Gentry, 119 So. Walnut St., Hope; Ark. 27-lt Hope Star ,11 ,„ • , • GENTRY .Hardware Co., stock and fixturesr Sec-W. C. Gentry, 119 South WalhUt St., Hope, Ark. 27- ^.f Meo« ^oniolldat«d January 18, l»2f ffshed every- weekday afternoon by . H. WothBurh, ! . . «5 Th«' Sidt BUlldthg "*"" '' 21 2-1 4 South WelrtUt 'Str«»t Hope, . ArkaMi*' J«i,»H.' Woshburn, 1 ; Editor *'Publhtor •III 'Hi Jonet, Monos|n a -.Editor -OiM.'Dovii, Advartlflng MonogM lotge W. Hosmer;"/Mech.K Supf. ntered as second, clow- matter at "'•it Office otjiHbpe, Arkoniot, ,th» Aft of Match 3, 1897. Kof,v.th'»7Audlt Bureau, of IS*!.-'.' 1 " ClrcHloHoni i ;'Sub'scrlptlon Rater (payable In ad- t ' i. vange): y ^carrier In Mopa and neighboring > •*-, towns— r- . ....... M ...... .......... ........ , ,25 ;......... 4| ..... ^.« ......... »,.,, 13,00 In Hempstead, Nevada, tte,— Howard,^ and, Miller count^ >' , . i s , , , , month ................. .......... .......... 85 *,months ............ :. ................ 1 .60 ;'monthsv.t>....... ..... . .......... .'. ..... 2.60 ' 4.50 > t t/nonth ..,ff,«...'.\..... .......... , ...... 1.10 montlwiy^ ...... V. .............. 3,25 nfhsfl&ify. ......... » ......... ,-6.50 y ytd/;..,mi." ......... ; ............ 1 3.00 V AdV»rt|ilrig Reprcsentotlvei: sas Dallies, Inc.r 1602 Stcrlck :; cf MempMs .2,vTenn.; 505 Texas «|dg,f.Dallai! 2j Texas; 360 N. h*/m.AChicagoi,l,flll.; 60 E. BH^York 17^',N,^Y.; 1763- 'ii BWo.« . Detroit; 2,*- Mich-;. "Ok|ghomo r City, 2,, ' - j e' : .Associated Press Is entitled ex- fjvely to the use for republicatlon .all -AP news aper, FOR SCHOOL BUS S«rvk«sOffered renovation $ad infief- ipfing *tofk Cbbb Mattress Co. ""' SoutB Washington. t*lione Mar, 4-tf -Q- beans. Chickens and meats sliced. Sandwiches.—3 for $1, Bert's Bar-B-Q. Candy Ave. 26-3t Funeral Directors OAKCREST FUNERAL HOME The Century Bible Class dropped he R. A.'s 1.1 to 9 last night at K- Park to take the first game of a New Orleans- best two of three series for the Atlanta ,iltle League title. The R. A.'s i Birmingham INSUftANCfc AMBULANCE 5tkD & HAZEL . . ..PHONE- AD-1 Mo. TF CORNELIUS BURIAL ASSOCIATION Largest and Oldest in South Arkansas. Call 7-5505 for our '" < " K agenls ; t A23-1 Mo. Wonted TWO Waitresses Soptember 1. Apply In person. Diamond Cafe. 20-3t Notice staged a 4-run rally in the last inn- ng that fell two short as Louis Anderson grounded out sharply to Harold Douglas at first. The two ;eams will resume this series next Tuesday night at 7:00 p. m. Box Scores: CBC Moore, 3b Robinson, cf Turner, ss Douglas. Ib .... Messer, c J. McLarty, rf T. McLarty, 2b Taylor ,p 4 PEOPLE. $5.00; all refrigerated air, innc'rsprings, foam pillows. C. E. Boley "all new court." Trailer, $1.00. Referonres, Citizens And National Bank. A-14-'m Wanted To Rent _ L » HOUSE, contact Jess Pendegraft from 8 a. m, to 5 p. m. Telephone 7-3711.' ' 17-tt Salesman Wanted _ __ s _ Bluff Merct.'Company wants jSalesman and collector for established route. Car necessary. Good •Contfnission. If interested see, T. ' G. Anderson a't, tfhe Oaks, Cabin -No 6 between Monday and Thursday after 7 p. m. ' • 25-3t For Rent LARGE 7 room unfurnished house. Conveniently located near school and churches." Two blocks from town. Call 7-2450. 24-tf UNFURNISHED 4 room duplex. Private bath and entrances, Garage. 801 S. Main. Phone -7-5837. "26-Gt 4 ROOM • house and bath, water, lights and natural gas. Experi- ! Road. Phone 7-2253. ' , 26-31 PIANO tuning repairs, regulating. Free estimates. Factory experience. M. L, Rciter, 423 Main, Texar kana, Tex. 26-31 Eagles Still Looking for 1954 Win By RAY STEPHENS LITTLE ROGK 1/TI Philadelphia's powerful Eagles, still looking for iheir first 1054 exhibition triumph, ty their luck again tomorrow night when they inter the Chicago Bears in i profossiona football exhibition hery. A crowd about 20,000 fans is :pe.cted eft War Memral Stad r ium for the sixth annual pro jjame despite the heat, says stadium Manager Allan Berry. It will be the sixth appearance in Little Rock for the Eagles, No 2 team of the National Footbal League la.st: year. Chicago, whicl boasts five Arkansans on its roster will be playing its fiv'st ga/ne in UNFURNISHED apartment 4 'rooms^nd bath neaf^town. 210 South "Hervey.' Aya^Dle Aug. 1. No children. ,3$,,,S,f,, McDavitt, ie 7-2116. 26-tf ' becjroom, private bath. N. Elm. Phone 7"339l". ~" ' 26-Ct 4 room garage apartment- -Also , garage. Available f Sept. 1. Phone 7-3497, , 27-Ot A « .*.*.* t ORDON'S BODY SHOP V"* ft. -fr * J; *^V ^ * *0* *•,«>*• •+ ft II II !fctji|fttt/ Genuine Singer s, and.riental machine* II^GJER .j^S 'TOP'S ^^r'"^. *Tf* *f ri iJi 1 'Glass Cut-and -' ^-** ' Installed, Cornplets Rp- P«v«. ^/' .f.&glk- gf Ijff. . L»>'^'' Hl ^*»x & wwt n k| , ^Kil *• \ *rt<jSd»v *•• • Npy Eating At New Fall Line Just Arrived :8ec The Newest In Mens Wear As Low as $54.50 ;;Tom Main Street Tailor Shop Arkansas. On the basis of 1953 records Century Boys tickRA'sto Take Lead SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION W -L Pet. GB Memphis Chattanooga 1 Little Hock-; Nashville :"-' Mobile '' < 86 95 7G 71 55 57 61 70 67 72 GO 81 59 .610 .599 V/2 .555 8 .504 15 ' .'82 18 .426,25 84 AW.l Simpson, If White, If Cannon, If Totals R. A. Smiley 2b ... Roberts 3b Cox Ib Ward c Henry p .... L. Anderson ss Halficld If Jones (41 rf Barrett rf B. Anderson cf ., Walters (4) cf Totals AB .....4 ...... 3 .... 4 .... 4 ....4 .... 4 .... 3 .... 4 .... 1 .. 1 .. 1 ....33 AB ......4 4 4 4 2 3 3 1 .......1 , 1 ..1 28 ; " R 0 1 2 2 1 3 1 1 0 0 0 11 R 1 1 1 2 0 1 1 0 0 1 1 H 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 4 H 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 0 0 o i Fights Last Night By TE ASSOCJATED 'PRESS - -Yesterday's Results GhattanooRa - 6, LiUhf— Atlanta 4, New OHean? 2 : Birmingham 5, M oblle. 3. Nashville 8-4, Memphis 7-3.. - 2 Today's Games ' Chattanooga at Little Rock Nashville at Memphis Atlanta at New Orleans Mobile at Birmingham COTTON Greenville El Dorado Meridian Monroe Pine BlufC Hot Springs STATES - w 79 b'2 53 47 33 LEAGUE L Pet. GB ID .672 3D .609 55 .525 171/2 67 71 M .398 32» .294 45 .Yesterday's Results Hot Springs 5, Pine UlufJf 4 Greenville 3, Meridian 2 (10 .Innings) > Monroe.2, El Dorado 1 Today's Gamed .CLeague playoffs;. NATIONAL LEAGUE ' \V ' L Pet.. GB 78 45 !G34 75 4D .005 3',' NEW YORK Bob Provizzi. ISO^.Nevv York, outpointed Clem Florio, 157—, New York, 8. Brooklyn — Bobby «Moore 163', Nevvr/.'k, stopped Larry Villeneu 162>/ 2 , Providence, R. I., 3. Liverpool England W-iily Thorn 147, Great Britain stoppsd Gil:ert Lavoinc, 145 Franco, Ip for Exiropean welterweight championship. New York Brooklyn Milwaukee St. Lou'is Phiiadeiphia Cincinnati Chicago Pittsburgh Thomson Is Reedy for Giant Series By EARL WRIGHT United Press Sports Writer Bobby Thomson tho gangling Scot who hit one ol baseball's most dramatic home runs in .1951, an- jBars to have, his oig . bat ready 'or, the weekend invasion of Milwaukee by the two teams .involved in that'his'foric blow the Giants; Dodgers. . " Thomson'.s three-rim,,tipmer in the ninth ;-Wnin^;bt,,tJit*j;r)nal 1951 two-hit pitching. |« n « ol Bi " In other American League night Maestri: cambs, the Baltimore Oriolcr j Jerry Lynch snapped a 14-game losing ilrcak by Pittsburgh runs as Laurin Popper, beating thfe Boston P.ed Sox, 5-3. and the Chicago White 'Sox split a double-header with the Philadelphia dsopped the second game. 4-1 .but dropped-the second .game, 41. The Pittsburgh Pirates beat St. Louis Cardinals. 2-1, in the the 71 : 51 .582 5» 59 •19 46 64 GO 7(5 79 .475 19 if, .472 20 .392 30 .?6B 33 Yesterday's Results Milwaukee; 3, Philadelphia 2 Chicago 4-1, New York 3-2 Pittsburgh 2, St..Louis 1 (Only games scheduled) play-off., game, 'against - the V ndgors made baseball history arid gave. New York the National League pen' nant. Bobby, ; who ]s\fiiertfd a broken ankle last spring,"' started games for the"Bravbs lor (lie first time as Milwaukee swept 1 three from .the Phillies to warm up fur Friday night's meeting with the Giants. Milwaukee, winner of 2;> of it last 31 games, has two games with New York and begins lour with Brooklyn Sunday. Thomson got two hits Tuesday and three Thursday as Milwaukee edged the Phillies, 3-2, to trail the lirat-placcj Giants by 6'/2 games and second. place Brooklyn by three. Hu has 11 hits in 22 times at bat lor a .500 average. While Bobby tested his ankle in left field, the Glints allowed the Braves to • pickup . a half-game by splitting a double-header' with the Cubs. New York won the second; 2-1, after losing the first, '4*3. ti snap a seven-game winning streak Johny • Antonelli of the Giants boosted his record to 19-3 in win ning the nightcap. While the runner-up Dodgers were idle in the National the second-place New. York Yankees defeated the. Detroit Tigers, 11-2 but again failed to gain on Cleve land in the American League. Aft er New York won in the afternoon, the Indians kept their margin a 4>/2 games by scorin;; a 2-1 nigh triumph over the, Senators on A Smith's homer and Early Wynn's nly National League night game. Errors by relief Pitcher Marv rissom and Second Baseman Davcy Williams helper) the Cubs core twice- in the eight to win lie opener at Chicago although Willie Mays got four hits, including lis 38th homer,, for the Giants. Ralph Kiner's 20th homer was the mly run given up by Antonelli in he-second game. Danny O'Co'rinell provided the de nisive blow against the 'Phillies by singling -with the bases loaded in he 'bo'ttorn of the ninth at Mil- vaukee. Smith broke a 1-1. lie at Washington by hitting M-iury McDcr- •nolt's first eighth inning pitch for game-winning homer. It gnve Philadelphia appears to be tha; odds-on favorite, but the Eagles? have been unable to find their; scoimg punch so fai tlilh year. j Copyright 1954 by Frank Gruber. Distributed by NEA Service,-Inc. . -j -, * i ••'•..-••".••••., SAGE By Frank Gruber i j t^j- j, , Byers Watermelon Stand S-CURVE & Shovei Philco Air-Conditioners ' Qne of Arkansas' Moit Complete TV Repair Shopi ALLEN ELECTRIC CO. Phono 7-2689 ,114 8. Elm XXII Lily Leeds came out of her office, looked at Tnnered. "You scared Manny Ef appending," , Lily added, sarcaFtically, "so ,you think the Texas men will let you alone," I Kinnaird's eyes showed surprise as he . .watched •. Lily Leeds. "I've no fight with Harpending," Tancred said, shortly. "That's what you think," retort- d Lily. -"You humiliated him gain yesterday. He's a gun-fight- r. If you back down a gun-fighter e can do .one of two things. He pn run away ... or ho can kill ou Harpcnding has no place to un to-" i'He's wanted in Texas," Kin- aird said. T^npred drank the dregs of his eer. He nodded to Lily and walk- d off, heading for the door. For a moment Lily's eyes re- into his face. "It does.-.matter. can't get it out of my mind. mained H. E. Luck Highway 67-West USED FURNITURE CO. Edge of City Llmlts,W?«t v 60 Gallon Water Barrels, for Sale ' Phone 7-4381 Hppe k , Ark. laird's words penetrated and she lasfred him a look. "What do you mean." x Kinnaird shrugged "Eric Strate- neyers : corning to Sage?" ; Her eyes remained cloudctJ moment, then suddenly narrowed. 'How "do you know?" ; Fugger's sent for him." She darted another look at the loor, through which Tancred had CUSTOM SLAUGHTERING Beef out and wrapped for deep freeze. Beef for Deep Freese 26 to 39 cents. Ralph Montgomery Mkt. 'Phone 7-3361 - MATTRESSES R*pUlIt or Made Into Innertprlng V Werk 6|*r«nte»i* Vwww Oflt Pijy Servlot »p*» PAVI5 ;fwmifiirf ft Mottrtfi C*. 1« ¥>lm ^ WOWN WESTERN SHARK .. H«Rf, Jooks * New and Clothing .fr.Synj t T<?ps • Gas ^qns • f '.Punk fj?d§ f qnd Hems, REAVES the door, then Kin- ;one. Tancred. crossed the tracks. The street was dark, lighted only here ind their by reflected light com .ng from a modest.home. He walked for a block and saw someone coming toward him. Taiv cred slowed his stops and wa tehee 1 a rectangular patch of Ik'ht from d house. The person ahead cntcrec [he light and he saw that it wa: Laura Vcsser. She stopped "Hello" "The street's not a safe placi for a girl at night" he said I \yajk every night," she re plied. "They keep pretty well 01 the other sidp pf the tracks." She paused. 'I haven't scon you her before. 4 — "I haven't done much walking.' •• She~pointed--over her shoulder t a house 'I've a,f90m with Mrs Martin. She works at the store.' employe don't hear*! him- me" City?" know yoi . , mid I'v complain < quite good t t * 3 few steps in s: Tflncred a s k e d going' to stay in Sag . "I've no other placo to «o." Sh §hot ft look at him. "Are you go ing t# s^ay 'heroV" "Jl'rjqi not s\ire." "You don't bjay at»y place vcr: do ypu?" She was unable t out of her if silenced him. They watoec to" Mvs. Martin's house. "If doesn't matter." Today's Games New York . at Milwaukee fright) Brooklyn at St. Loui-i (Night> Philadelphia at Chicago Pittsburgh...at-- Cin'cinati (night) A M E,R I'qAN ' L EAG U E i Cfeveland Nev/ 'oik Detroit.* , Boston (j>L Washingtdn W 90 83 53 54. Pi VV dOllXlljg VW*( . JJ J. Philadelphia - ? ,> ! 42 Balti{go|e L 33 40 40; 70 6!) 72 83 • 40 W, Pet. GB .720 .683 41/2 .(548 ' i) .440 .439 .336 48 .317,501 ever you go there's always some* one who knows . . . oh, they anay not know you. but they know about you. The-nfght before last a man ame to see Mrs. Martin. He plays guitar and he'sings. He sang ; a ong about Sam Older . . and ou . ." ; ; She paused, then asked: * "Why did you do it, Wes?. Was'it . like the song says'?" "No!" he exclaimed. "It's a lie t's a lie that's grown so big that t's become the. truth Sure, I kill- d Sam Older I've killed a dozen •nen, perhaps two dozen. It was 11 I knew." His voice became biter. "I-had a gun in my hand before was G years old. We grew 'up vith guns, all of iis. In western Missouri, where I lived, -they were aiding into Kansas in '54- and the Kansans were raiding into Mis- our. My father was killed by a Kansan when I was 8 years. I was 4 when the war started and I oined up with Quantrell 1 when I ,vas 16. We robbed and were rob- jed. we murdered and were murdered. Then, suddenly the war ended. I was 18 years old in -'(15 and he only life I knew.was .violence. I got a job in a print shop in Lex- ngton. But they wouldn't let 'us alone. The Yanks wens in the saddle and they made things miserable for us. Somo of the boys-Sam Older for one—became outlaws." He paused a moment. ; 'I was arrested twice for being an Older man — months before I actually joined up v/ith him, I was kept i-.i jail for six weeks the second time. It was too much. I joined up with Sam, in late '66." Yesterday's Results : New York- 11, Detroit 2 ' .Cleveland ^, Washington 1 > ., Baltirkbr.e..;5, ^ Boston 3 S-l,; Philadelphia 1-4 was 2!) Wynn his 18th victory and Cleveland's 23rd in its last ames. The Yankees, battling gamely ngainst the I pace, scored six runs n the eighth to clincn Bob Grim's 17th triumph. Grim became th !-irst Yankee rookie pilcher to win .hat many since Johnny Allen did it in 1932. Bob Turley hcul the Red Sox to even hits one of them Ted Williams' "Oth homer in breaking Baltimore's losing streak. Ted's blast gave him a total of 3B1 and a fifth-place lie with Joe DiMag- gion on the list of all-tim'e league home .run hitters. Sandy Consucgra scored 16th victory and the White their ninth in 10 Dairies in cip'erier. The Athletics von icpnd on the three-hit pitching of Charley Bishop and the hit- J : Today's v Cleveland. a,t.,. Washington (night) ''''Detroit ''at Naw YoH: (night ) ••'Chiqago..: at- Philadelphia (night) I Baltimore' at Boston - tCU Has Only One Way to Go in Stand ings BY LEONARD'SAF.FIR FORT WORTH, Tux.. (INS) A football team that descended in Southwest Conference from first to fourth to standings last 'place footed "Sir Ronald Clinkscale, re converted from left halfback to quarterback In TCU's 1953 fina Spring training report? fron Frogland say the 175-pound' senior who clocks 9.6 fov the 100-yard clash, is the answer to Martin field generalship woes. .The 20 year old' product of Fort Worth i: the only regular returning' back. What .appears to: .be -anothe: settled spot on TCU's startiti; 'eleven is Henry (Hank) Crowsey 205-pound fullback graduate fron the freshman rank.i. ; According to Martin, boys like Clinkscale, Crowsoy. Capt. 'Johniiy Crouch end, H^ighj; .Pit,' . center and Ray Hill,, taitiide, ''will fiave to carry us .this- fall." ... ; The'-.learn was hard hit with isses in the matter, of .specialists, ost were six of the ;seven top round gainers, three of the foiir ading pass' catchers' and the top' wo punters. ' . : To overcome the .problem, Marn will .be using a flock of sopho- lores. The newcomers to the var- ty are headed by Crowsey and lined by Charlie Curtis, under- .udy to Clinkscale, James Swink, arid Pollard and Ken Wineburg, alfbacks and ends O'Day Williams nd Gleen Hixon. TCU embarks on a tough schcrt- le with Kansas, Oklahoma, South- rn California and Pcnn State long with its six conference tilts. However, Coach Martin has this o say: 'We have a tough schedule, but ve'll have greater battle and de- ire .to win this year." SERVICE-RcPRIR He stopped and exhaled heavily. "Yes, "I rode with Sam Older. That part of the song is true. But the rest isn't.' Sam was no Robin Hood. He didn't steal from the rich and he didn't give to the poor. IJe didn't go around helping poor widows. He ... ho • was one of il^e worst of Quantrcll's men. He kS,l- ed without compunction. When ttxe< hue and cry went up for him became like a a mand dog. turned on his own 01911. Thats when I Killed him." **• jj He paused again, his moujth twisting' bitterly. "But it was ?;a fair fjght—- as fair es such things can be. I had tha edge on him. Older was a good shot with a revolver. Ha could draw' fast and he practiced. Dave Helm iind Dick Small were there and they know . . . they know iliat Older wept for Ws g"» 'tot, that I didn't draw mine until his had cleared leather. . . Paye Helm and Dick Small know, but they couldn't tail?. And, soon it was too late. Ti\o legend sta»ted and It grew .Like the song." She said, softly, "I'm glad you told me." A smile was on her face a,s sh^ went Into the house. (>T« 1ft in three years is lucky in one respect '.It can finally take an ogtimijistic viewpoint to the coming season, 'anticipating ,; the : cycle oa, the** upswing. ! Te^as Christian''! Homed Frog? under "the tutelage of sophomore Coach Abe Martin, embark oh--a ^pJit-T, campaign with no place to go; but up from theii 1-5 conference. record and 3-7 sea son's mark. Martin, who last year dropped the double win" and spread for mation used so effectively for 1' years' by L, R. (Dutch) Meyer has 11 assets in his system this. season that he didn't have in hi debut. They're lettevmen'. 1 'We've learned a lot about th> splil-T," says the affable Martin 'and we're hopeful of winning ou share." The ne^ly- acquired qonfidenc of the toad mentor rests in fleet Let J|f Install Tb«t BROKEN GLASS Hqve that broken OMtp glass replaced today. VVe recog- nise insurance claims. If you need good Used Pgrts for cars or trucks. See us now, W YLIE Comfortable rooms for permanent guests. Rates you can afford. Make your home at the Your car is at Hudson Dealers on powerful new HORNETS, WASPS, JETS PRODUCTS OF AMERICAN MOTORS \ Enjoy instant-action power, low-built hug-th?'road \ ride, beauty, luxury in any price field you -choose. and other fpeoUlMtlna* ana «*«!«'«• «*J««» t» t 11 ' 0 " n«h»«$ ?P!ls«. *" BIG .TRADE-IN JAMBOREE AT TOL-E-TEX COMPANY EAST THIRD STRUT , , >' V « . J •—- trlrfay, August 27, S f rlday, Auguit 17, OZARKIKJ WAIT RIGHT HERE I'LL GET DRESSED IN TWO MINUTES SAVED MY Ol D TUXEO&-1 HAVEH'T v DON IT FQft T'EN YEARS- I'LL-PUT IT OH FOR A LAUGH former Mississippi * Southern ., football stai, pitched league victory. Pappe Duke Snider- of Brooklyn the National League baiting lenit at .36 against Stan's .343. DAD'S HAMBUftGER STAND Will be closed from 2 p r m. Friday and all day Saturday for the. latriils'Mo attend' the funeral ot Mr. .Goss s son in -Malvern, Arkansas-, . n Iv J. ft* WKHiim VIC FLINT SAP- AsOLd" WINP&AGS Answer td Previous BATTERIES as low as -$9.45 Exchange. 60 FUWT IS R3UOW- IN© ME. I'VE ©OT .56lVEWSA$eU CffcEWT. H6 SAIt? THAt IP H.MT SAW MB IN COURT HI CURIOSITY WOU. Match 'Em Up OP 6/-GSTO GET (4- F«OM IT ALL/ ACROSS 1 ——and Mike >t- - and circumstance 8 Aid and — — .12 Much DOWN 1 Legislative Western Auto Associate Store Repair Guaranteed Pre- School Special. Bring your watch in 1/1 My 16 18 Comes forth 20 Worms 21 22 i . cnitc'asts OP/W AM TO A Keith's Jevelryl ' Bee -T- Mite Settle and Termite Control Service . Owned aiid Operated by Guy Grigg WASH TUBBS vCAPTAiims* um&mtis®& THEY WEEl. PAV V HOW^ ABOUT THI^ . WV 6WABL1NO PE6f WITH. NICK, . WELL IMDEEd IF | 6MAUL I6LAMD THK ' »O(Wr\r*w n\i *^r»i» »***•!'T*^ »••»*• i i^*> r •• 1^1-—•-. SWJCHO, w^ itu oo i wtrm* !$ MfcKE US 50M6 CJUI TO SOME SECRET PLACE WITHIU THI5, ' 35 "Revised' ;;36 ; '•' nickname : 37 Lilth • : 39 AVind' Indicator Hope/Arkansas Phone 7-3445 109 S. Main AH Customers are Insured POTTEFt SEE. THBR6 EXPL05WE IN THE C^RIBBEAN THAT UEEP CERTAIN OOPS TO TKWU ARrAEi? FORCES. Wilh Major Hoopk OUR BOARDING HOUSE 40 Good Queen ' 5AV SOME E'SAD.FRIEMD/ HAPPVTO MEET """"b^f^f NlATIVE Of THESE HILL5/— WE'RE 1^^ B=AI n Mr LIMIMS IMTHAT 'CRUM6LIWS "~'^ A tM <-LUSC ^ H M e A A UMTeo^ MD ^f A F ^ET F UL PEL HE5H ^H7x?loFF H $*»*&!&*„ AT SUCH TALES (Y\Y- .vgor 1 and vitality 42G10ssyYabric '45 Reykjavik, l..J^:,.i^B Pick-up and Delivery ONE DAY SERVBCE Beat the heat — have that fan repaired 1 at JOHNSON'S ELECTRIC. 49-— to the thione 51 Regret 52 - deamp BOOTS AND HER. BUDDIES We Speciolire in Residence and Commercial Wiring 53 Lampreys 54 Lemon 55 Ru'ssisn news agency 56 Malian'city 57 New Policy (ab ) JOHNSON ELECTRIC Carl Johnson C. P. Rerfig By Dick Turner CARNIVAL TO BUY WOVER WA5 S •, WASN'T ( PRETTY TOO. I UIVBLV ' , WILL YOU WATCH WOVEBJ WHILE I MAkE A PURCH/i FUNKY BUSINESS 6:30 a. m. to 2 p. m . 5:30 p. m. to 8 p. m Open 7 days a week ALLEY OOP ^^ SHE'S BIG AvNP STRONG,, HEALTHY TEUTONIC MAIP/AU RlfiHT> I CAN'T 6EE HOW/LET'S NOT YOU FIGURE SHE'S PISCU55 IT ANY EITHER VULGAR OR BLOWZY IN J r«>^ ANY WAY/,/ !rf all the 'tiriw honking about genuine Americanism! ' ' mor» American-than asking for a raise?" By Galbraith SIDE GLANCES "Goodby, dear!--! hope you make the 8:151",. , 1 ' > - 'i^^-.,,-,-.. ,.. -r- 9> " ...'..'. .'__. . „ ......'... * •(• '»•• «WIETIE PIE By Nadine Seller •JJ JU, I " \T! -^M'M^M TH1 STORY OF MARTHA WAYNi few. limi «£« *nftb tot \K9\ntt\9 bt my right'hftnd m»ri f?r fill mun9lf>nlngi v M l got a pail in th9 9<?hopl p NICE, FT XOUNG We need hens n'owi If^yb.u have a laying fiock \iyhy \ not cull therri now, and : sell;\js your non layers?;;. We ' would like, to-b^;Veyeral' hSnd.re'd». at a tjrpe^ but ,• will take whdf'you have!. ; '';>' •;<''§' ; ;'•' : Coil Us for (DeliyeVy Pbte Hope Locker & Pr \- •:•' SOUTH ivi AIM STREET Welcome To Our Air Conditioned COFFEE SHOP Hours are H0PI, ARKANSAS

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